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President's Daily Briefing

August 6, 2001


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The Issue
On August 6th, 2001 The President was briefed on the Summer 2001 terrorist threat and its domestic implications. The Joint Inquiry was unable to establish the facts because responsive documents were not made available and key witnesses would not speak to the issue
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Community Activities
Briefing Development
- Threat buildup
"Summer [2001] brought a storm of intelligence warnings that blew longer and harder even than those of the millennium...CIA Director Tenet worked himself 'nearly frantic' with concern." Washington post, May is, 2002

- 5 July Genesis - 3-6 August Coordination - 6 August Presentation


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31 March - 11 September 2001
W = U.S. Awareness Week
Government Actions 10 Jul: Phoenix Memo 21 Aug: FAA Directive 6-7 August: PDB/SEIB 24 Aug: Mihdhar-Hazmi watchlisted 15 August: Moussaoui Arrest

U.S. Attention Late June: Worldwide Alert And other activities 22-26 June

Hijacker Plot .FourPi|0ts
•Nawaf al-Hazmi

Hijacker Activities Events Stages Arrivals Meetings VA LV Trips 3/24/C>3 Pair Pair CN 1st 2d 31 Mar, Hanjour, Nawaf depart AZ Assemble Trio Pair

— 16-25Jun, \f UAE Calls 1



7-1 9 Jul, Atta Spain Organize

23-31 Aug, Tickets Execute

Pair Pair al-Mihdhar FL NJ 3d NJ 4th NJ LV 5th NJ

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Public Domain Information
Washington Post, Jan 20, 2002 "Tenet dispatched an urgent request on July 3 to 20 [re upcoming Genoa meeting] to foreign intelligence services asking them to Qaeda members. Two days later his Counterterrorism Center called in the FBI, Customs and Coast Guard, as well as immigration and aviation authorities, to say a major attack on U.S. interest appeared to be imminent likeliest, by now, in Saudi Arabia or Israel, but a target inside the United States could not be excluded." "By late July, according to one national security official, Tenet had delivered so many warnings with so much urgency that some administration colleagues grew tired of hearing them.


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Public Domain Information
Washington Post, May 18, 2002 "The top-secret briefing memo presented...on Aug. 6 carried the headline, 'Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.,' ... primarily focused Qaeda's past efforts to attack and infiltrate the United States, senior administration officials said." • "The document, known as the "President's Daily Briefing, underscored that [bin Laden] hoped to 'bring the fight to America'..." • "Bush had specifically asked for an intelligence analysis ...because of information presented to him over the summer... one source said the 'White House was disappointed because the analysis lacked focus and did not present fresh intelligence.'"
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D m i Information o a n

Washington Post, May 18, 2002 (continued) "Sharpest focus remained on the Aug, 6 [memo] which Rice historic and analytic in nature...As an example...the memo cited the case of Ahmed Ressam..." • "[Fleischer]...said the heading...was, 'Bin Laden Determined to Strike the United States.' But sources...said the headline ended with the phrase 'in U.S.' Fleischer described the briefing as a summary containing 'generalized information about hijacking and any number of things.'" • "Rice.. .said the memo contains no reference to suicide attacks...focusing instead on 'hijackings in the traditional sense.' • "Some sources [said] that the FBI added the notion of hijackings to the document, and that it had not included such references in early drafts. 'Others said the report, prepared by the CIA, 'was never looked at by the FBI.'"
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Public Domain Information
NPR, May 23, 2002

• July 5th: Richard Clarke convened a White House meeting of the counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) and then met with Rice and Card, then again with the CSG plus the FAA, FBI and INS. Clark told them "Something spectacular is going to happen." Non-essential travel of U.S. counterterrorism staff was suspended. President Busk asked Rice to find out what was being done about terrorist warnings. • Aug 6th: Tenet briefed President Bush in Texas on a generalized terror threat, including Usame bin Laden and hijackings.
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Public Domain Information
Time, Aug 4, 2002 • Early July: Richard Clarke convened a meeting to hear from the Deputy Director, CTC on bin Laden's plans
- The presentation, according to an official present, was "very gripping" that al-Qa'ida was planning "something spectacular." - CTC released a report: "Threat of Impending al-Qaeda Attack to Continue Indefinitely."

Mid-July: George Tenet special meeting with National Security Advisor, Rice, and aides
- "George briefed Condi that there was going to be a major attack." - "Tenet couldn't rule out a domestic attack but thought it more likely that al-Qaeda would strike overseas."

Aug 6th: Tenet briefed the President in Texas
- Subject was the possibility of al-Qa'ida attacks in the U.S.


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Joint Inquiry Actions
• Document Search • Analysis Hearing • Subsequent Work


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Commission Task
• Get the PDB item and policy that applied • Require FBI and CIA to provide all information on content coordination • Require NSC to provide all CSG,Deputies, and Principals deliberations on the item, to include individuals agency files of all
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