Otis Scramble, Take Off, Lacking a Mission

0852-0903 EOT
0852:25 Take Off Panta 45 and 46 Otis AFB

0853:53 10,000. MCC: Send them to NYC, still considered a go MCC: Until confirmed its easier to get them to hold as needed
0858:51 29.000"


MCC: I told them mission was holding, South of Long Island

0903:07 29,000'

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Otis Scramble, Hold and then CAP New York
0903-0924 EOT

rx MCC: Need to put them over Manhattan, Coord with FAA. At least we have some kind of play


MCC: Fighters holding, trying to move closer to JFK, got bad poop from FAA


0906:22 29,000'

MCC to Boston Military: I've got fighters in Whiskey 105, and tankers, I've got Langley on alert MCC: Scramble Langley, send to same location—battle stations only at Langley. ID Tech: I hope they cancel the exercise, this is ridiculous

0909:38 29,000'

Whiskey 105 Area ^•^ 0913:08 *K



MCC: I don't like them there, I want them closer in

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Otis Scramble and Training, Initial Sequence
as of 9:04 EOT
As many as 10 fighters airborne • Two scrambled to go to New York Lead: M3 3401, M2 2433 Trail: not squawking • Two train to the southwest,

Lead: M3 5521, M2 1201



Four train to the south in flight of two and flight of two -Flight of two maneuvers west Lead: M3 0000, M2 1203 Trail: M3 0000, M2 1204 -Flight of two maneuvers east Lead: M3 5524, M2, 1201 Wing, M3 5524, M2 1202 Only two are armed and under HEADS control

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Otis Scramble and Training, Full Sequence
as of 9:37 EOT

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American Air 11: NEADS Notified, Location Passed
0838-0841 EOT
Boston MOS call to NEADS 0837:52-0839:58 Recorded at both ends

0840:00-58 Boston MOS provides location: 41 15N07346W


0844:12 NEADS establishes "Z"point [approximate] looking for Mode3, 1443 MCC: Headed 190 at 29, south, so we're looking for somebody, just start hitting up tracks around that Z point, around that area.

0848:04 Boston provides update: 40 39N 074 03W

Last radar return 0846:13

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