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Motivation Letter 2 009

Mario Alberto Díaz Castellanos Manta 669 Col. Lindavista Del. Gustavo A. Madero, México D.F. Mexico City, March 26th 2009.

To whom it may concern:

Trough this letter I write to express my interest in applying for the international internships program that is offered by AIESEC, in the selection process that will start on April 2009. After graduating of Electronic Engineering my interest focuses on developing in my area, I consider that the program that AIESEC offers gives me the opportunity to grow professionally, and that performing in a different environment represents a challenge and implies developing new skills and resources, this situation is motivating because I think is an excellent way of growing. Besides professional aspects, the program is attractive for me from a more personal point of view, as I love traveling, meeting people from all nationalities, learning about cultures different from mine, an intense curiosity guides me to understand how a person who has grown in a different environment thinks and sees the world, and I also enjoy sharing my own culture with other people. I see that I could get all these things by participating in this program. I think I have the necessary flairs and knowledge to be admitted, I am person who gets excited with challenges, and that is the way I see this opportunity, I am flexible and I adapt quickly to new situations, which is important in order to live and work in a different culture, in a different country. During my professional formation I have acquired skills to do my work properly, and that is something that has been appreciated by the people I have worked with.

Motivation Letter 2 009
Finally I can say that I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply. I say goodbye appreciating the attention given to this letter.