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Or Loyalty

Chapter 1: The Surprise “Well I must go and fight” My dad said. My dad was packing his stuff to join the Confederacy to fight the Yankees. “Don’t go please daddy” Susie beg “Yes, don’t go please! Don’t leave me alone you could die!!!!” Mom beg crying “Margaret you know I must It’s been my dream don’t scare the girl” Dad said to mom “You’re dream was to die?” I ask “No, My Dream is to one day if I die, I do my country a proud” My dad said with such love that I did understand “Well bye daddy god be with you, and please do me a favor don’t try to be the hero of the day” I said My dad hugs me and my sister and my mom. “Yes take care husband” My mom said. My dad nodded. Then we heard some one knock the door of our mansion and the main servant answer the door and my dad went to the door there were 14 carriages of men inside going to war. I hug my dad tightly and he went inside the last carriage and the carriage start moving. We wave my daddy good bye. At Sun Down I went to explore our big garden that I always have said it was like 50 houses big. But my mom said I exaggerate. I spend my time there because there’s one secret place that from there I could see a perfect view on the Sun going down. Chapter 2: The Yankee Soldier I was thinking of daddy when Carl my body guard and my best friend sience I was 4 and he was 8 years old. “Miss. Katy there’s a Yankee soldier wanting to talk to someone who lives here not work here, and you’re mom and sisters went down town to buy new clothes and stuff to eat with my mom.” Carl said “Fine I go come with me please Carl” I said and he nodded. When we were at the house there was Darla our second main servant and she is also Carl big sister. And next to her were a tall young Yankee soldier and his hair color black as a black night but eyes amber with a touch of honey. “Yes?” I question “Well I would like to speak to Mrs. Wilder” he said “My mother is…. Not here. Perhaps I can help thee” I said “I am here on official business” he said “Sure this can wait” Darla said Then the Yankee soldier took a piece of paper and show it to me. I read it swiftly then gave it to Darla. I look straight at his honey eyes and said “My horses are not for sale and we would not accept thee offer” I said “Miss this note is for your mother and we need them for war not only that we will give you we will give thee protection.” He said “I talk to it to my mother” I said “Carl you can go back to your work you too Darla” I said They hesitated then went to the kitchen. “Now sir may you please leave but first may you tell me your name?” I question “Of course my name is Hector. Good bye fair maiden” He said and got my hand and

kisses it. Then he left. I went to my balcony and from there I saw Hector leave on his horse he saw me and wink at me and wave good bye. Mother came at night with my two little sisters. When I told her at first she didn’t agree but then Darla told her what Hector said about protects us. So in the morning she told Hector yes. “We are glad you accepted our offered” He said “But with one condition” I said “Yes Miss? “He question “I tell you which horses you can take” I said He nodded. And my mom too nodded. I show Hector to the stables and told him which horses he can take. When he finishes picking the horses they took them and Hector touched my arm. “Don’t touch me!” I exclaim He blush and look embarrass except in his eyes. “Sorry I just wanted to thank you” he explains. I blush and nodded. Chapter 3: The Stay We went to my mansion and there was my big sister was flirting with the Yankees soldiers! “Come sister” She said “Am fine and will you excuse me” I said stiffly And went inside Hector follow me to the living room there was mother reading to my 2 sisters. “Can’t they stay?” Susie ask “Yeah mommy” Lucy said “Well because they might not want to” I said “Yes my girls that’s why or would you like to stay Captain Hector with your troop a week or 2?” Mom said Hector was about to answer when the general who was hearing the conversation said “Yes certainly Madame it will be an honor” I smile and show the 10 soldiers to their room and Hector to a room next to mine’s and the general to our visitors’ room. Hector smile and after eating with his troop with us went to bed. The next morning I woke up it was a lovely day I got up and put a dress and went to the garden there in the fountain I found Hector reading. “Hello” he said “Hello what are you reading?” I said He blushes. Then he smiles at me. “Am reading a poetry book would you like for me to read to you?” he said “Okay” I said “But not here it’s not a nice view.” he said And took me to my secret place and began reading and I felt a melody inside me when I was thirsty I went to the pitcher of water and fill a bowl with water. Hector leans to me and looks at me and then raise the bowl to my lips and I drank then I did the same. I felt butter flies flying on my stomach. Then when we finish we went inside. Four day’s pass and the troops left only Hector stay to protect us like his promise and he was like family to us. Me and Hector are very good friends even Carl and Darla like him. Chapter 4: The Ball & My First Kiss There was a Ball and my family was invited to go to a rich ball and we went with the Yankees soldiers. At the ball the prince went up to me first and told me to dance with him a slow dance I said “yes”. He took my hand and led me to the center of the ball. His

arm went around my waist and my arms lightly touching his shoulders. We circle and dance almost all night long it was like a good dream. When Hector came up to us and told the prince “May I dance with this Lady?” “Yes of course, But ask her” The prince said “May we dance?” He ask me “Yes we may .Excuse me prince” I said I took Hector hand and we went far away the prince can’t hear us we went to the garden where the water fountain was and dance. He clears his throat, look at me and ask “Hey having fun?” “Yes” I said “Of course you have a whole line of admires and you dance with the prince and with your blue eyes look at every girl happiness cause he choose you” He said “How dare you and I do not look at girls with those eyes and he choose me because we know each other since we were little” I said “Fine, am not asking for explanations” He said “Hum, Well now excuse I got to dance with some one else” I said His hands went around my waist, and he held me gently and so tight at the same time . We stood just an inch apart his hands still at my waist and my hands resting lightly on his shoulders, his face serious but his eyes soft. I hate to admitted but I like it how he holds me and he looks at me I thought . I try to broke away from his gasp but he held me tight against him and Hector lean to me and look at me, he was so close that it was like my breathing was his and his was mine. He kisses my nose and then gave me my first kiss. It felt like a million butter flies in my stomach. I kiss him back with all the love, I have for him. Nothing matter I thought he loves me I love him it’s all that it matters. We were kissing his hands on my waist ant my arms circle around his neck we kiss some were serious .some were romantic and the kiss went from sweet to fierce to urgent and breath less. The whole universe stop for us two .We where the only ones in the universe .Then my brain finally kick in. And I remember he is the enemy. “Let go, how dare thee?” I said “Am not the only one, thee were kissing me back” He said At look at him with regret. Why did I kiss him I thought he is the enemy. I turn around and went inside to the ball. Then the prince saw me and went to me took my hand and dance with me. When we were leaving my mom told me to go look for Hector, I went to the garden and there I saw Hector kissing my big sister’s friend [Alexandra]. I clear my throat and Hector and Alexandra jump back. “It’s not what it looks like” Hector said “I don’t care what you were doing I came to tell you it was time to leave, Now excuse me I must go tell the others” I said “KATHARINE WAIT “He yelled I walk fast to where my mom was and then an idea occurs. Chapter 4: The news “Thank you, prince “I said “You welcome but you know for you I do anything” He said “Yeah thank you and visit us please” I said blushing I gave him my best smile and he took my hand and kiss it then lean and gave me a kiss in the cheek. I smile then kiss him in the cheek we didn’t notice but my whole family was there even Hector and my dad. “Hey My dad said “Daddy” I yell and went to him He hugs me tight and Mom looks at us surprise. “The prince got to my senses and told me I should come back home and leave war to

take care of my family” Dad explain “Oh my dear husband” Mom said Mom went and hugs him. Later when the hugging and crying we went home and the prince told me I was welcome anytime I want and my family too. At home we explain daddy why Hector was there. When I was going to my room Hector took my hand and whisper “I need to explain things … Well you see…” “Well I don’t need explanations and I don’t care who you kiss go to sleep now good night” I whisper to him As I turn he pull me back and kiss me in the lips softly I was about to close my eyes but then I remember he has a sweet heart Alexandra. So I push him of and went to my room and slam the door at his surprise face The next morning Hector told me that he needed to talk to me privately. I agreed and we went to the garden. He looks at me. “I wanted to tell you that are sorry that I hurt your feelings and I didn’t kiss her she kiss me you got to believe me.” He said “Look Hector first you didn’t hurt me feelings next you don’t need to explain things” I said “Really so if I kiss you right now it won’t hurt your feelings” he said “Don’t you dare thee …?”I was saying but hector stop me abruptly Hector kisses me softly. I kiss him back. He stop and I open my eyes. “Would you be my sweet heart” He said I nodded then we kiss again. Then we heard some one clear his throat. We separate like two kids knowing they shouldn’t do something but they do it and know they got caught doing it. “Well know what do we have here is he your love?” Dad ask me “Yes father” I said “And you son” My dad said “Yes sir I love your daughter since I first saw her. And I will ask for her hand. ” Hector said “Well that’s a surprise” Dad said “Oh I left my poetry book at my room,” Hector said “I get” I said “Okay is in my drawer the blue book” Hector said I nodded and went to his room I open the drawer and there was a blue book and a red book. I wander what is in this book I thought. I open the red book and skim pages then I read a page that said “Dear dairy: Today I met the rich princess I have a plan I will flirt with her, and tell her that I love her and on the day of the wedding leave her there or leave her pregnant. Why you must say dairy is because they are rich while there’s war they are there eating having a good time I must make them suffer and not only that there‘s the big (Anny)sister she broke my brother‘s heart so I must break her sister heart name Katherine ” I read the fifth entry. “Dear dairy: Today at the ball she saw me kiss Alexandra and she got jealous my plan is working but I must say I fell….” I stop reading the dairy and started crying right when I started crying Hector enter the room and saw his book on my lap. I look at him and got up where he was and slap him. “So that’s your plan. You never love me all that you said was a stupid lie” I said “No !I love you. You must believe me love” He said “Right so why it say’s it was your plan to break my heart?” I said sarcastically “NO keep reading the dairy it say’s that I love you” He said “No I saw enough it’s good that we aren’t going to get marry.” I said I started going out the room but he held me and kiss me I slap him yank away and left. I went to my room and started crying until some one knock on my door. “Hey, may I come in.? It’s me Carl.” He said “No go away!” I scream He enter my room. He look at me and said

“What’s wrong my sweet heart don‘t cry?” He said I look at him surprise. And he blush. “Look that’s really sweet but I don‘t think if I could love some one else.” I said. “I will wait no matter how much time I have to wait” He said “No don’t” I said He touch my lips inhale the scent of my lips the he lean down and was about to kiss me in the lips when his lips touch my forehead, and he hug me. “I love you even thought you don’t , I will always protect you no matter what” He said “No don’t go on please” I said “Fine what you say. Good night .”He said Then he kiss me softly in the lips and left quickly. I look surprise then Hector started clapping his hands . “So how many admirer’s do you have?” Hector said “Mind your own business and since you don’t love me well what do you care?” I said “I am sorry , I know what I did was bad but..” He hesitate “But what?” I said out rage “I was coming for revenge but then I fell in love with you” “Yeah right is this part of your act or revenge? You know what I don’t care it’s the same a lie!” “I LOVE YOU!! How hard is that to believe?” He screamed I went to the door and open it. He look at the door and sat at my bed. “Get out” I said “Why? I like it here you know I am going to sleep here” “No you are not” “Yes!” “No!” “Why not?” “Because I sleep here know may you leave this room?” “Fine good night” He said He got up went to the door but instead of leaving he kiss me in the lips! “Oh and let me tell you that I am not giving up on you I will fight for your love because I know you love me” He said His breath came raged and mine’s too. I push him out side and close the door at his face . I went to my bed and sleep. Chapter 5: Have you ever had a feeling when you did some thing bad? The next morning I was walking at the garden. Carl went and join me for the walk we talk, laugh, read a book then when we were heading back he said “So are you going to forgive him?” “I don’t know maybe not” I said “Maybe not?” “Well he told me some thing that made me thing about” “Like?” “Well he wanted to get revenge but fell in love with me” “Can I ask you something?” “Sure” “Do you love him or me?” “I don’t know I am …….. Confuse” “Well yesterday when I kiss you were you confuse? Did you felt any thing like love?” “Umm I love you but as a…..” He stop me abruptly and kiss me . I kiss him back. Then some one clap. “Bravo, really no don’t stop keep on going” Hector said “What are you doing here?” I said

“I live her too” Hector said “Umm am going bye “ I said Hector got my hand and lean into me and was about to kiss me when I ran inside the house. And went to my room. Then next morning a soldier came bringing Hector a message that said he was needed. He began packing his bags so that he could take his leave. “Please don’t leave” I said “Why you care? thee don’t love me do thee?” He said “Well maybe” “Maybe?” “Fine a lot ” “Do thee my sweet Katherine? I love thee too I know I shouldn’t have done that but don’t you see I was in rage at your sister.” “But still thee shouldn’t have done that” “I know that my heart. I love thee I will never hurt you again ” He said He gave me a kiss and I kiss him back. “I still need to go. I am needed there when I come back I will tell your dad for permission to get marry.” “Oh you will?” “Yes” “Fine good luck” When he finish packing we went down stairs and he left with the soldiered. I went to my room and start to cry in my balcony. A week pass then a one month two, three, four, five, six , seven on the eight month I gave up I started making myself be real I start going to parties with Carl and the prince. Then one day a men came looking for me he was the older brother of “Hector” . “Hello Miss. Katherine am Ian.” “Hello what do you want ?” “ My brother is dead” “And your brother’s name?” “Hector” I felt the world beneath me move I suddenly fainted. I open my eyes and found Ian looking at me. “What happen?” I ask “Thee collapsed” He explain “Oh really I guess the news really hit me bad” “ Are you okay? “I think so” He look at me with this expression that it made me blush. “What are you doing here?” a voice said We turn around and Carl and the prince come. “Am fine this is Ian he is the brother of …. Hector” I said “What!!!” both of them said I started laughing and the three look at me like if I was crazy. “So I just came to tell thee tomorrow we have the every year ball” the prince said “ Yes I will call thee tomorrow don’t worry know if you excuse me I need to talk privately with Ian” I said Then motion Ian to follow me to my private room where I discus meetings and stuff. I went inside with Ian and close the door behind. “How did this happen?” I question “Well we don’t know I just got a message my brother die in war fighting.” He answer “Oh Why him?” I said crying He look away then he turn around and gave me a necklace. It was shape of a star and it was gold but what caught my attention more was the star had a heart inside I push it and there was a picture of a moon. “What’s this?” I ask when I could talk again without crying

“It’s my brother I think he might wanted you to have it.” He answer “Would thee like to stay Mr. Ian?” I said “No I don’t want to cause problems and please call me Ian” He answer “Is no problem I will tell one of my maid’s to make you a room okay Ian” Without waiting for his response I ran the bell Carl came running. “Yes Miss?” Carl said “Show him to one of the rooms and tell one of the maids to put it at his best accommodations he is going to stay here as long he wants know if thee excuse me I got to go” I said I ran to my room crying clutching to the necklace Ian gave me I was in my room crying for hours and even in my dreams Ian came into my room and ask me what’s wrong I told him and he sang me to sleep. “Good morning!” Ian said I open my eyes and found Ian there wake up in my rocking chair. “Hey what are you doing in my room?” I said “Don’t you remember?” He ask “What should I ……….” I left off I didn’t finish my sentence because I remember what happen. “I thought it was a dream” I said but mostly to myself “No I wish it had been” Ian sighed sadly I was about to say something when some one knock on my door. “ Miss it’s today the day of the ball get up” Carl said “Fine Carl am coming” I said I got up I motion Ian to follow and he did .

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