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1. Shifting of designs
2. Shifting of designs in opposite directions
3. Shifting of the designs and formation of new designs
4. Shifting of some designs
5. Shifting of one design only out of many designs
6. Interchanging of only two designs
7. Moving of the whole design
8. Moving of designs with the addition of other design
9. Moving of all the designs with the change of position of one
10. Reversing of designs about any axis
11. Removal of one or more lines from one side and addition to
other side of the design
12. To exist relation between first and fourth figures, second and
fifth figures and third and sixth figures
13. To exist relation between first and second figures, third and
fourth figures and fifth and sixth figures.
14. Moving of the design series after changing the places by
15. Shifting and moving of outer and inner designs of the main
16. Additions, Deletions and Replacements of Elements
17. Rotations and Movements of Elements
18. Rearrangements / Rotations of Elements
19. Additions of Elements
20. Deletions of Elements
21. Rotations of Elements
22. Movements of Elements / Similar Movements
23. Changes in Elements / Movements of Elements
24. Rotations / Deletions of Elements
25. Changing the Positions of Elements / Replacements of
26. Movements of Elements / Identical Figures
27. Interchanging the Positions of Elements along with the
Changes in Elements
28. Rotations / Movements / Replacements of Elements
29. Changes in Elements / Movements of Elements
30. Movements of Elements / Changes in Elements
31. Identical Figures
32. Rotations / Replacements / Interchanging the Positions of


1. Increasing the number of sides of the design

2. Changing of the number of designs
3. Shifting of designs
4. Disappearing of some designs
5. Disappearing of half design
6. Breaking of design into parts
7. Formation of mirror image of the design
8. Reversing of the design after moving
9. Moving of the design and disappearing of its some part
10. Moving of the main design and changing of inner design into
a new shape after shifting
11. Moving of the design with internal changes
12. Moving of the design with the increase of one design
13. Moving of the design with reversing of its part
14. Changing of place of the designs in a certain order
15. Moving of the inner designs and shifting of some of them


1. Difference in the number of sides

2. Formation of different shapes by rotating the same design in
different ways
3. Division of a design into equal designs
4. One design to be the mirror image of the other
5. The lines of the design in a certain order
6. Positions of the same designs
7. Difference in the bases of the designs
8. Two symmetrical designs
9. Relation between the number of sides of the design and the
number of other parts
10. Difference in the measures of angles of the design
11. Relation between the designs on a line
12. Difference in the triangles in the design
13. Relation in the number of designs
14. Relation in the positions of the designs of the same figure
15. Relation in the positions of two different designs