Subject Class Level Enrolment Date Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skill

: English language : 4 Cekap & Kreatif : Higher intermediate : 39 pupils : 16 Sept 2011 : World of knowledge : Unit 8- Come rain or shine : Reading : Writing

Intended Learning Outcomes : 4.5 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently. Curriculum Specification : 4.5.3 Construct simple sentences independently ( three to five words) by looking at a picture.

Behavioral Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Acquire different words of the opposite meaning by playing a simple memory card game. 2. Demonstrate their understanding of antonyms by constructing simple sentences using the words learnt. Language Focus Previous Knowledge Educational Emphasis : Vocabulary & adjectives : Adjectives : Thinking Skills Moral Values : compare and contrass : awareness, sharing, hardworking, cooperation and environmental .

Teaching Aids : word cards. If a pupils fails to think of a words to continue or spells the word wrongly. The game will continue. 3. he will be out of the game. 2. 6. -To get pupils to recall different types of transportation.To get pupils to focus on the topic of the lesson. 2. The teacher will get pupils to look at Rationale . 1. pictures. The teacher will use example of objects to introduce opposite words. The teacher will tell the class that they are going to play a game. The teacher will explain the concept of opposite words.Getting pupils to share their experiences Teaching materials: Textbook Moral values: Sharing . picture cards. . The teacher gets the class to turn to page 81 of their text book.To give pupils an example of what is required to carry out the activity at the later stage. The first pupil must now give a word that begins with the last alphabet ie ‘drain’ 5. 4. Remarks Teaching materials: - Moral values: Awareness Presentation (± 10 min) Small X Large Long X Short Thick X Thin . -to activate pupil’s schemata. 4. 5. The teacher will tell the class how the game is played. The teacher will give the class a word ‘road’. 3. question strips. The teacher will get two volunteer to read the sentences aloud. Stages/Time Set Induction (± 5 min) Content Start the game with ‘road’ Teaching/Learning Activities 1.

Moral values: Coorperation Teaching aids: Word cards. 1. If they are not able to flip the cards with the opposite meaning. Practice (± 10 min) 1. The teacher will get pupils to tell the opposite words of the words given in the text book. 5. The teacher will provide examples of - enables pupils to relate what they learn with the real world in order to make learning meaningful. 7. The group that is able to get the most number of cards will be the winner of Production the game. If they are able to fine the card with the opposite words. The teacher will paste a series of cards on the blackboard. The teacher will play another game with the class. 6. 3. the teacher will close the cards back for other groups to flip. To enable pupils to . they are given the set of cards. To enable pupils to practice the content of the lesson by engaging them in meaningful and interesting activities Questions to provide guidance for writing activity. The teacher will first get the class to sit in groups of 4.the few examples given in the text book. 6. Group activity to promote cooperation. 2. 4. Each group will be given a chance to flip to cards at a time.

Moral values . 5. The teacher reminds the pupils that they have to hand in their homework the next day. 4. Teaching aids: Word cards. - gain more practice and familiarize themselves with the antonyms taught. sentence strips Closure (± 5 min) Tall X Short Happy X Sad Moral Values: Hardworking . Pupils are required to work on the task individually. 4. Pupils are required to choose 3 pairs out of the lists of words in the text book to construct simple sentences. -To recap what pupils had learnt in the lesson. The teacher will show the pupils a word card and pupils will say aloud the opposite word of it. 3. 1. 2. The teacher will do that a few rounds. 3. The teacher will give further explanations is any required.hardworking. The teacher is able to check whether pupils are able to master the antonyms taught.(± 25 min) sentences to show contrasting meaning of opposite words. The teacher will go around the class to facilitate pupils work. The teacher sums up the lesson. 2.

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