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I have always had an interest in observing the way things work, how to minimize the sources and the optimize the effectiveness and performance especially in industrial area. Since I was young science has been one of my favourite subjects. My interest in sciences, particularly physics, has developed throughout my time at school, and I enjoy the challenge of using scientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday problems. Last year I had my industrial training at Petronas Chemicals Fertiliser Kedah in Maintenance Department. I took part in the maintenance works and projects. One of the most important projects in that company is Plant Shutdown Event. During this event, most inspection, repair, replacement, alteration, and minor maintenance work can be done while the plant is in operation or on line. I and other companys employees, work on a project involving maintenance of packing and packaging line of fertilizer. This helped me to develop time management, problem-solving and teamwork skills, as we encountered several problems along the way, as well as having to cope with each other for long hours in order to meet deadlines. The scheme gave me a useful insight into the types of problems that engineers have to solve, and convinced me that engineering is the career path I want to follow.

After I have completed my high school, I proceed to the higher level of education which is Centre for Foundation Studies International Islamic University Malaysia. It is a preparation before students went to main campus of IIUM. After two year of foundation, I have continued my study to the degree level which is Bachelor of Engineering Manufacturing. During this study, I managed to get a scholarship from the government. Now i am in my last semester for my undergraduates study. During these four years of studies, I have learned so

many things about Manufacturing Engineering. One of the subjects that I took was Product Design and Development. For this subject, we had been divided into team. And throughout the semester, we had to complete all the case study in a team. A lot of things I have learned from this subject such as communication skills, team working, leadership and management skills. Apart from that, I have got good result for my thesis which title is 'The Influence Of Magnetic Field During Electrical Discharge Machining (Edm) Of Magnetic Materials'. The objectives of this research are to explore how the influence of magnetic field in EDM process can improve the machining performance such as material removal rate (MRR) of the workpiece, electrode wear rate (EWR), and surface roughness (SR) and to investigate how the Lorentz force law in magnetic field affect the debris removal during the machining of magnetic material. This research has developed me to be somewhat mindful with my work, whilst also developing a new perception into solving problems; enhancing machining performance and allowing me to think outside of the box. One most important thing that I have learnt is that there can be various solutions to any single problem. This is something that every Manufacturing Engineer should keep in mind.

I participate in several activities in and out of college such as educational camp and community service. The educational camp involved the primary and secondary students from rural area and I became one of the facilitators for the participants. Participants were exposed to activities that cultivated love, obedience, respect for parents and other families, as well as to build and develop their character, reaffirm their faith, and provide moral guidance. It was aimed to discourage children and teenagers from being involved in unhealthy activities like loitering, smoking, gangsterism, vandalism and drug abuse. The program provided the students exposure to techniques on effective studying skills, time management, discipline, and strengthening prayers using theoretical and practical methods. Other from that, I also becomes

a commitee in World Varsity Engineering Challenge (WOVEC) program. This program is formed to discover and in the same time creates creative and innovative future engineers with high-quality ideas. WoVEC is an international level challenge and it is open to all undergraduate engineering students in both public and private higher education institutions all around the world. This program helps me enhance my knowledge and skills.

In my leisure time I greatly enjoyed playing badminton and squash. I represented my resident college in the university games. Photography is also one of my passions. When I see something, I like it, I photograph it. I especially enjoy photographing scenery, portraiture and also lights.

Throughout my experiences of manufacturing engineering, projects and assignments related to this field, I believe that I have the academic ability, interest and personal attributes that are well suited to study Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technologies course at university. My achievements so far reflect my dedication to my studies and I am willing to take the challenges to be in this field.