10 Ways to Power-Up your Resume

1. Do not display on your Resume fancy emails: Many of us these days have an email id by the time we are 12-13. Those days of life were really funny we tried emails with such peppy, funky ids. Many of us retain those funny sounding emails like showerofpetals@gmail.com, tigerforyou@hotmail.com etc. These sound utterly unprofessional. Create an email id that simply states your name. Use that in your resume.

2. Let your resume look consistent: Use a common font for all the points mentioned in your resume. Times New Roman size 12 looks decent. Go for this. You may have a slightly bigger font (Say Times New Roman 14) for the subtitles.

3. Avoid being egomaniacal: Don’t say “I did this, I did that”. An egomaniacal tone will put off the reviewer’s interest. Hence focus on the work done rather than emphasizing the fact that you did it.

4. Mention the titles of the Projects: It is very important to mention the ‘Titles of the projects’ and the technology that was used in it while crafting your resume. This demonstrates the interest you have in your subject. Your resume sounds effective and chances of availing a scholarship double. When

I will prove . A good. Avoid mentioning too many details: You can just mention the title of the project and the technology used in the resume. do mention it in your Resume. Don’t fall a prey to clichés: “If given a chance. If you have always scored maximum in your favorite subject. 7. Students with an adventurous. commendable academic performance is feather in cap. always. They are an asset to the University. 6. 5. openmind and congenial attitude are always a welcome. mention the title of the publication and provide a link to it if available. If you have had a consistent track record. 9. Submit the abstract of the project as an annexure. Give links to international publications if any: If your paper presentation of project abstract found place in an international science/arts journal or magazine. 8. it will vouch for your research capability in the desired field. If you are a thorough team player and owing to this there was a positive development in the work undertaken mention it without hesitation.you are talking about Projects in your resume never say: “I worked on a mini-project or major-project’’ always say for example something like “I worked on Optimization Engine Using Linear Programming” This would immediately grab the reviewer’s attention. Comment on some of your virtues in a modest tone: If you have an innate ability to take risk mention it in your resume.

Keep it sweet. Don’t fill it with hobbies or things that are remotely connected to your availing a scholarship and of course your line of academic interest. “I am passionate about”. Portray something unique about you. . I am sure these tips will certainly help you chisel a perfect resume. Keep it very goal oriented covering the major facts of your academic life. 10. Remember that a resume is invaluable and will make or break your chances of being called for an interview. Spend sometime pondering over the points discussed in the article and come up with a brilliant resume. Keep it subject-based.my mettle”. short and simple: Let your resume be precise and objective.

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