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Argumentative essay

Nowadays, the current issue in education system is the usage of English in Mathematics and Science. Many debates on the language for Mathematics and Science held among the government side and the intellectuals. For my opinion, I agree with the statement “don’t teach Math’s and Science in English”. There are some points to support my opinion. In Malaysia, we have many races live together. Bahasa Malaysia becomes the best language to unite the nation. In order to succeed this union, the education must be doing in Bahasa. As we know, Indonesia makes their language that is Bahasa Indonesia compulsory to all the citizens. That can be the way to unite the nation. The usage of English can be the extra education for the students. The second point is learning Mathematics and Science in English is only for commercial. But the side effect is the student can’t understand better the subject. It may effect s the result for students. It’s difficult to achieve the highest mark. The government make the decision to change the language form Bahasa Malaysia to English because want to make the candidates can be able to compete with other people for their job. The students have to compete with many competitors to get the job. The competitor will be chosen that have many extra such as can speak English better. The government’s wish is good but it will give negative effect to the village students. They will be left behind in their studies. After that, the third point is the student could not use their knowledge for their daily life. They cannot adapt the fact because they do not understand some term that use in the subject. They cannot explain the usage of something in science because the term use so complicate. Moreover, learning these two subjects in English is not the answer to level up the proficiency of English among students. As the president of Translation and Creative Writing Association [PERSPEKTIF], Goh Hin San said “It is like operating on the leg when someone is having stomach problems”. I could not agree more on his view. He is absolutely right because if we want someone to improve their skill of English, we must teach them with English subject. In Arabic language, they focus on the four basic skills of listening, speaking skills, reading, and writing skills.

For the conclusion. Both subjects are crucial subjects and having it taught in a language which the students and the teachers could not fully understand would slow down the learning process of the subjects. I think Mathematics and Science should be taught in Bahasa Malaysia so that we can produce more intellectual from Malay especially. It is true that English is a widely spoken language internationally but to have a good command in English does not necessarily means that we have to learn Math and Science in English. . the last point is Mathematics and Science are important subjects that would help develop Malaysia towards achieving its goal to become a developed country.Finally.