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Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Part 1

Today we will describe some abilities that have become lost from many in the vast sea of their life journeys. As an infinite, divine being, you possess many qualities you attribute to the realm of angelic beings. You may have forgotten how to fully engage your wings, but they exist nevertheless within your energetic field. The body resides within the soul. While on Earth you may perceive the body as the container for the soul, the reverse is true. To understand the true nature of angelic presence, we direct your focus toward those artistic depictions of angelic beings. You see the being surrounded by what appears to be wings. This is one way in which a high-vibrational being appears to those on the physical plane. When the human energy field is fully expanded with cosmic energy, it takes on an angelic appearance. This comes into play when all the subtle bodies of the physical system are aligned, allowing the flow of cosmic energy to expand. This allows the "angelic wings" to unfold. The subtle bodies are the angelic wings that are sometimes seen by people. So who are these humans who are able to take in cosmic energy and expand the flow throughout their physical system? They are spiritually awake beings who remember their divinity and have released the limitations and veils that shackle sleeping consciousness. You Are Your Own Angels As you spiritually awaken, your attention is guided toward those actions you can take to further enlighten your existence. For the spiritually aware, such actions are undertaken not just for the sake of the self, but for the sake of all others. Understand, when one being awakens to its true nature, the entire universe celebrates. The awakening of one soul creates an energetic pathway many others may pass through. The energetic code for awakening enters the collective consciousness and is accessed through vibratory resonance via the Law of Attraction. The spiritually awakened being has a direct telepathic connection with their higher self that brings much guidance and information on how they can go about freeing their spirit. They may be guided to change their diet, to take steps to fulfill their life purpose and to assist others. Early on, the awakened being is guided to travel in consciousness. In these early travels, they are directed toward those points in the history of their own consciousness where they can bring healing and release. As a being heals themselves across time, they become a brighter light for others. We will stretch your beliefs for a second to explain how at a future point in your "arc of lifetimes," you have achieved ascension consciousness. To the extent that you are in resonance with this "ascension self," you are able to receive guidance and assistance from this aspect of your self. This is one way in which what you perceive as angels are aspects of your own consciousness traveling to time and space to assist you. As you become increasingly familiar with your inner landscape, it becomes easier to identify these vibratory fields. The Journey of Angelic Intervention To travel back in consciousness, you will need to bring your vibration to a certain resonance. There are different means by which you may attain this resonance. You may enter into a deep meditation through the breath, through self-hypnosis, relaxation, or other means. When both sides of the brain are synchronized, you experience the mind pattern that creates the resonance to enter the realm of the subconscious where your spirit resides. As you enter this realm, you encounter the "gate keeper" of your emotions. If there are any destructive or troubled emotions you need to clear, you will be guided to undertake clearing at this time. As destructive emotional energies are released, you are able to pass unimpeded through the gates of your emotions into the realm of spirit. In this realm, you are able to travel at will to the past or future, or to parallel realities within your present moment. As you enter the realm of spirit, your conscious mind fades to the background. Your imagination

appears to you in the form of a spirit guide that directs you to the location in time that needs healing and release. You undertake this journey surrounded in a golden light. Inside this light, you receive a great surge of cosmic energy that activates and expands your subtle energy centers. As your consciousness expands, you experience a tremendous sense of love and well-being. When you arrive at the point in time that needs healing, your guide will signal it is time to begin. The moment will unfold like a dream. You will arrive at the location of your self in this timeframe. This may be a past self from your present life, or a past life self that exists in another timeframe dimension. Wherever this self exists, know it is working on a spiritual understanding you are seeking to complete in your present moment. It is this common purpose that brings you into resonance with this self. Remember as you approach this self that you will appear as a high-vibrational presence. The form this presence takes will depend on the belief system of the self you're assisting. You may appear as a spirit guide, an angel, as Buddha, or any number of other beings. You may not appear in form at all you may just be a voice that speaks in consciousness. You have a telepathic communication with this past self, so you can reassure the self that you are here to help. This self is calmed by your presence. Let this self know you are here to help with the situation it is working with. Ask this self if it is ready to release the situation. If it says yes, you are ready to begin the release process. If this self is uncertain, you can communicate with it further to find out what concerns it has. When the self is ready to release the situation, you can begin to merge your consciousness. Within this space, you will experience the deep core of emotional energy this self holds around the circumstance that needs healing and release. You will recognize echoes of these feelings within your present moment. As you merge your consciousness with this past self, you are united with your higher self, which holds the understanding you are seeking to complete. Your past self is able to access this understanding of your higher self through you. Your consciousness serves as a bridge. The bright light of your higher self carries you and your past self into a place of love. In this high and loving vibration, past, present and future are healed. Once the healing is complete, thank your past self for its willingness to assist you in this release. Let your past self know it can always call upon you for assistance. Now, begin returning to your own consciousness in the present moment. As you return fully, you experience an emotional shift. The experience of traveling back in time to release and heal your past life has the effect of lightening your present emotional state and freeing a part of your spirit that was trapped in the past. This part of your spirit is now able to join you in the present. In this way, you are able to become more present with less of your attention drawn to the past. As you heal and release aspects of your self throughout time, you become a very bright light in the universe. That is because you are no longer a scattered star whose light is fractured throughout time. Through healing and release, you become one unified, brilliant light capable of guiding and assisting others making their way across the darkened path. When you reach this phase, you will find your self called upon to assist others in consciousness. Next week we will discuss this next phase within the Portal of Angelic Intervention. For more information, email or visit

Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Part 2 By DL Zeta

Posted by: Deborah intuitart2012 Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:20 am (PST) Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Part 2 In the course of your spiritual journey, you reach a time when you come into a new awareness that is able to perceive all the points on the map of your own consciousness that need healing and release.

This new awareness comes into being when you set the intention to embrace every aspect of your self and release limitations and judgments. This new awareness rapidly moves past pitfalls that once held you fast. Because this new awareness is connected at all times with the higher perspective of each event, it is able to recognize learning opportunities as they arrive in your present moment. In this way, you enter a new and more expansive time. As this awareness grows, it is drawn to those moments in the history of your Earthly journeys when energetic aspects of your self are trapped and held in time. In the past, you may not have been consciously aware of past aspects trapped in time, but on some level you heard them calling to you and responded by creating scenarios in your present moment to attempt to bring about their release. These subconscious attempts may create a bit more insight into trapped emotional energy and even a partial relief, but they rarely result in complete healing without the aid of conscious awareness. Your new awareness is able to bring about a complete healing by traveling through time to release this energy. As trapped emotional energy is released, you receive a great surge of energy in your present moment. Your focus and attention is less prone to scatter. This is the essence of true healing. When your awareness becomes able to assist in this healing, you will find many spiritual understandings suddenly falling into place. These are understandings you have been seeking to gain across time. Once this is complete, you are ready to begin the next phase of your journey as a soul incarnated on Earth. That is, you are now ready to undertake journeys of angelic intervention to help other souls in need of healing and assistance. Angelic Journeys to Assist Others There will come a time in your spiritual journey when you begin traveling in your nightly dreams to assist others in consciousness. At first, these journeys will be of a simpler nature, such as assisting a disincarnated soul that has lost its way. Or it may be traveling to assist an incarnated being who is asking for guidance and assistance. It may even be someone you know who is in need of help. You may recall from a past discussion that the human energy field, when fully expanded with cosmic energy, appears to unfold angelic wings. So it is that you may appear as an angelic being to those you are assisting. The form your presence takes depends on the belief system of those you are assisting. To some, you may appear in angelic form, while to others, you may appear as an ascended master or as a friend or family member who has passed over. Your ability to remember nightly celestial journeys is determined by your degree of lucidity. In other words, if you are able to clearly remember your dreams, you will remember parts of your nightly journeys to assist others. Practice in remembering and understanding the symbols of your dreams will help you tune into nightly journeys. Angelic Presence and Healing Incarnated beings who undertake angelic journeys to assist others have awakened to their divinity and have released limitations and veils that shackle sleeping consciousness. These are high-vibrational beings. When a high-vibrational being is present, all beings in the vicinity are able to step into this energy and come into a stronger communion with their own soul. As they enter into this connection, they are able to download guidance, information and healing as needed. There is the belief by many on Earth that angelic beings bring about healing and insight. In fact, angels serve as portals to the divine, providing conduits directly to your higher self. You heal yourself, but divine beings facilitate the healing. You may ask how you are able to assist other souls in consciousness. It is in much the same way that you assist aspects of your self in consciousness. (See the previous channeling, Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Part 1). We are aware that many lightworkers still have difficulty perceiving themselves as a high-vibrational presence, and we will address that here. It is this difficulty to believe in ones self that dims the light of many gifted souls. Each being is incarnated with the full spectrum of energetic capabilities. That is to say, each of you from the outset contains a field of potentiality that is identical to that of any other. The shape of your existence from the beginning is chosen by your soul according to the understandings you came here to create this time around. It is always within your ability to fully awaken at any point along your journey and choose to activate different potentialities. Those who have volunteered to assist other souls in their awakening process have effectively chosen to activate high-vibrational aspects within their energetic field. In order to align with these aspects and

use them for the higher good of all, you must be willing to identify them as your own. In other words, to accept your self and experience your self as the high-vibrational being that you are. Once you come into this acceptance you can begin assisting others in consciousness. Next time we will describe nightly journeys to assist mass numbers of souls, in Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, Part Three As we have said, you will arrive at a place in your spiritual growth where you are drawn to travel in consciousness to release aspects of your self trapped in time. As you release trapped emotional energy, you are free to begin the next phase of your journey. That is, traveling in consciousness to assist others. At first, you will undertake these journeys in nightly dreams. At a certain point in your dream state, you complete the processing of your previous day and enter into a different location in your subconscious mind. This location in your subconscious serves as a portal or opening into other dimensions. Once you enter this portal, you move through time and space until you zero in on a frequency that is calling to you for guidance and assistance. Facilitating Miracles In the beginning, this will likely be a single soul that becomes lost in the process of crossing over. Or it may be an incarnated soul crying out for higher assistance in a time of need. When you travel in consciousness, you are aligned with your higher self. In this way, the person asking for assistance senses this highest octave of your energy as a high-vibrational being. This is not the only reason a person traveling in consciousness may be perceived as angelic. Often it is just the answering energy of the universe - the arrival of a being in consciousness - that brings a person into communion with their higher self. Their higher self is then able to download the healing and assistance they are seeking. In some instances, it is the belief that a miracle has occurred that their prayers and requests have been answered - that brings a person into vibrational resonance with their higher self. Once you have undertaken a number of singular journeys to assist others, you will find your nightly journeys taking you to scenes around the world where dramatic events are unfolding. In such instances, numbers of souls will be passing over. Those left behind are often in a state of shock and despair. You will find yourself at times assisting those who are passing over and at other times, assisting those who are staying behind. Journeys to Assist Mass Numbers of Souls There are times on the Earth when great numbers of souls are passing over to other realms. This might be the site of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or it might be the site of a man-made disaster, such as the event you term 911. To help you understand this form of angelic intervention, we will describe how many volunteer souls arrived on the astral plane to assist those newly leaving the Earth after 911. A call was sent out far and wide for angelic assistance to aid souls crossing over. This call went out well in advance of the actual event. When you journey to assist others, it can be in past or future timeframes, as well as your present timeframe. With 911, it was important for lightworkers to journey from a time before the event. After 911 occurred, a dark cloud spread throughout the human collective consciousness. This cloud temporarily dimmed the light of many high-vibrational souls as their hearts struggled to find love around this occurrence. For this reason, it was important for light beings to arrive on the scene not knowing what they were viewing. The souls they assisted arrived with visions of what they had experienced very much intact. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteer souls, they were quickly brought into reunion with their higher self and remembered their soul contract to participate in this important event on the worlds stage. Their souls were able to take quantum steps on their journey of becoming as a result of this contract.

At least a third of those angelic volunteers who responded to the call during 911 were first-time volunteers to the scene of a mass disaster. This event served as an important training ground for many newly awakened souls. In turn, these souls provided a great assistance and healing, adding their light to the brilliant glow that welcomed arriving souls with love and assistance. Angelic Journeys During Waking Existence Not all your journeys to assist others will take place in your nightly dreams. In time, you may find your self contacted during your waking existence by souls from all points in the universe seeking guidance and assistance. You can choose to begin traveling in waking consciousness by entering into a trancelike state through breathing and relaxation. While breathing and relaxing, bring your mind into stillness, your heart into a place of calm. Hold the person or situation you are assisting in your heart as you breathe deeply, releasing your hold on the physical world. Allow your imagination to gently guide you through the gates of physical reality and onto the bridge that leads from conscious to subconscious mind. Find the portal you access in your nightly dreams. As you enter this portal, set your intention to travel in consciousness to this location. Tune into the frequency of this location as you set your intention. In this way, you can begin to traveling in waking consciousness. Once you have traveled to a location while awake or asleep, you effectively have a phone number that allows you to always home in on this frequency again. Through the doorway of your imagination, you may travel in consciousness to any location in the universe to assist those in need. This may seem strange or unusual to you at first, but as you undertake these journeys, you will begin to remember many other times when you offered angelic assistance to others. Many times in the past between lives, in nightly dreams, and in consciousness during any number of incarnations - you have participated in angelic intervention efforts throughout time. Each time you journey to assist aspects of your self in time, or other souls in need of assistance, you deepen your experience and understanding of angelic aspects of your self. Over time you carry angelic energy more and more into your daily life, greatly transforming the vibration of your present existence to one of joyful service and love. By entering the Portal of Angelic Intervention, you are able to recognize and accept high-vibrational aspects of yourself. As you expand your beliefs, you are able to travel in consciousness to assist aspects of yourself emotionally trapped in time. As you clear your energy throughout time, you become a brighter light in the universe, able to travel in nightly dreams and waking consciousness to assist other souls in need of guidance and assistance.