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Entering the Portal of Your Higher Self

We see that your existence on Earth is often experienced with a kind of reverse perception. In other words, as your mind attempts to use linear explanations for how the universe works, you may find yourself attempting to view a multi-dimensional scene with a one-dimensional lens. Much is lost in such a translation. This is often the case in how you perceive your connection with your higher self. We define your higher self as the organizing entity of all your incarnations, which are occurring simultaneously in numerous times/space dimensions. Your higher self is aware of all these different life frames at once, whereas you, by necessity, enter into a state of forgetfulness of your other selves at the beginning of a new life frame. This forgetfulness is necessary because it would be difficult to remain focused in your present reality if you had access to your many other "storylines." Imagine the temptation if you held a remote control that allowed you through direct cosmic broadcast to flip through hundreds of stations, all playing different storylines featuring different versions of yourself! So by the nature of things, your conscious mind cannot know the full picture of your multidimensional existence. However, as your spiritual consciousness grows, you will come into an awareness of these other selves, and begin to sense their subtle influences on your present moment. It is not important for you to be caught up in learning the details of the storylines of your other selves. They exist as aspects of your present-moment self, residing in your energy field. You experience and interact with these aspects of your other selves in every moment of your present existence. Understand, some individuals have a peaceful, loving relationship with their other selves, whereas others have an antagonistic one. As you come into a place of "oneness" and acceptance with these aspects of yourself, you will experience a greater sense of inner peace. One way you can enter this place of inner harmony is to build a bridge within consciousness to your higher self. Remember that your higher self is greatly expanded and contains the essence of all your lifetimes in what you think of as past, present and future. It is within your higher self that all your aspects across time are harmonized. By harmonizing with your higher self, you are able to come into harmony with your other selves as well. Your higher self also contains the blueprint for all your lifetimes. It contains the story of each life from beginning to end, and it knows the arc of lifetimes that brings you into a place of oneness and completion. You may ask how there can be free will if all that ever will be has already occurred and exists within this organizing energy of your higher self. It is important to understand that all-time exists simultaneously. On the earth plane, there is a more limited, linear perception of time, but beyond the physical plane, time is a fabric all of one piece. The only limitation in perceiving all-time is that of limited awareness. Within this fabric of oneness, you have free will as to the pace and means by which you will grow your consciousness. Growth along a continuum is a given in your world. Your higher self determines the lessons you will experience within a certain framework. You have the choice of how you will respond to these lessons. If the lesson before you is abundance, you decide if you will learn about abundance through scarcity consciousness or through a belief that there is more than enough of everything you need. Some in your world exercise free will to resist what they perceive as the mandates of this authority of your higher self. This is a misunderstanding that arises from a perspective of separation. Your higher self is not outside your self, but a greatly expanded part of you that exists in complete harmony with all-that-is. It is good to examine your attitudes toward authority figures in your life. Ask yourself if you hold resentment toward those who by circumstance play an authoritative role in your life. It is not uncommon for resentment toward outer authorities to extend toward your higher self. This colors and, in some cases, blocks access to your greatest resource. There are religious interpretations that have been placed upon this relationship you have with your higher self. Unfortunately, some belief systems have once more placed the higher self in a place of separation from the individual consciousness. This is a misunderstanding. You are never separate from your higher self, unless you choose a path of separation. You never need another to serve as intermediary or go-between with your higher

self. Would you ask another to help you have a conversation with your big toe? This may seem an absurd example, but it is to show how unnecessary it is to ask others to facilitate a conversation with another part of your self. You're always able to bridge and strengthen your connection with your higher self. By exercising free will to still your mind, set intention, listen to and follow guidance, you're able to joyfully embrace your spiritual lessons as they appear before you. This brings you into alignment with your higher self, and through this alignment, it brings you into harmony with all your other selves incarnated throughout time. It also brings you into awareness of the blueprint for your present lifetime, which includes your life purpose. By entering the Portal of your Higher Self, you're able to harmonize with this organizing entity that contains the essence and vibration of all your various selves incarnated simultaneously in different life-frame dimensions. It is through acceptance of all your selves and building a bridge in consciousness with your higher self that you're able to understand your life purpose, and the placement of your current lifetime within the arc of all your lifetimes. Through this bridge you are able to share your present understandings and receive the gifts of your other selves, therefore accelerating movement along your spiritual path, and facilitating complete alignment and harmony with allthat-is.