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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I am Christine Stanich.

The three of us represent the elementary education senior cohort, at Winona State University-Rochester, or WSU-R. Some years ago, our professor, Dr. Maggie Hoody, had a dream. Her dream was to create a S.T.E.M. camp collaboration between WSUR, and the Rochester Public Schools. In 2010, through the partnership of WSU-R and Riverside Elementary School, Dr. Hoodys dream became a reality when approximately 60 students were able to participate in four days of S.T.E.M. Camp while in summer school. This past summer, the members of our cohort, the graduate students, and the students of the Teacher Preparation Collaborative, came together to plan S.T.E.M. Camp 2012. Dr. Hoody informed us that we would have about 200 students. In order to accommodate all of our students, we ended up offering 18 different courses. The courses ranged literally from A to Z-algebra to zebrafish. We also had courses in basic chemistry, circuitry, robotics, water filtration, and many others. I had the privilege of teaching rising first and second graders about life cycles by using zebrafish. The things I learned from this experience were things that could not be taught to me in a classroom. I learned the importance of getting students excited about the S.T.E.M. disciplines from a young age. When the students came into my classroom, they were so excited to see if their embryos had hatched yet and how developed their fish were. The icing on the cake came at the end of the week when I had a few students tell me that they wanted to be scientists when they grew up. Mind you, when we asked them what a scientist was at the beginning of the week, none of them had an answer.

Good evening, Im Hilary Johnson, and at S.T.E.M. Camp I was fortunate enough to work with the budding 2nd and 3rd graders in a module entitled Secret Formulas. During this module, the students were introduced to the Scientific Method and all of its components. Each day the students were given the task of creating a specific substance and by the end of the week the students had formulated: paste, Cola, and even ice cream! The experiences that I had during S.T.E.M. Camp were all positive and theyve shaped my philosophy as a future educator, but I believe that the students were the ones that benefited the most. Each and every student at camp had the chance to get involved and be an active learner through science, technology, engineering, and math, and by the end of the week I was amazed to see just how much their confidence had grown in these four interconnected areas. It was truly a privilege to be involved in such a wonderful academic event such as this.

Hello, Im Jeffery Ubinger and I created and led the Bulbs and Batteries unit, which broken down, was an introduction to circuitry. This was for soon to be 4th and 5th graders in which they learned about open and closed circuits, switches, and even built their very own circuit tester. Students were challenged to become mini electricians and engineers throughout the module and I was challenged to learn to let them struggle and even fail. That is what I took from the lessons and what I plan to use moving forward. The idea that it is okay for students to struggle and yes, even fail. We did this through the I do, We do, You do model. Through this process, when we got to the You do portion, I had to learn to not jump in with the answers; even when they were coming to me desperately looking for them. Instead, I became a manipulative for them to use. I asked them to explain to me what their thinking was and I would draw or write down what they told me, asking questions along the way about why they thought were struggling, and letting them know if they were on track or if they needed to think about the process more. That is the beauty of STEM. Seeing those aha moments when the students thought a second or third time, applied that thinking to their work, and it clicked. They became that electrician, engineer, or scientist. We would like to conclude our presentation by showing you this short but amazing video of our students and our teachers all enjoying the STEM camp experience. Thank you and enjoy.