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Who is Mohammad

Who is Mohammad 1

Who is Mohammad

Who Is Mohammad ?
Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the last messenger of God. He received the last divine revelation from ALLAH (God of the universe), that is the Qur'an (the holy book of Moslems). He was sent to all human beings; white and black, red and yellow; Oh, you - human beings - I am the messenger of God to all of you, that heavens and earth belong to him, no God but him, who gives and takes life, believe in God and his messenger and follow him so that you may be guided. His followers (the Moslems) whatever their race is, are ordered to believe in all prophets, (ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad) and in all other prophets. All the prophets invited people to the meaning of the Oneness of ALLAH, the sole God of the whole universe. Say ALLAH is just one, ALLAH is the one worthy to be asked. He never had children, never born, no body at all is equal to Him or like Him. For those who ever heard about Mohammad, no Paradise at all without believing that there is no God but ALLAH and that Mohammad is the last messenger of ALLAH.

Mohammad's mercy and humanity
Muhammad (the messenger) has been sent by the Lord of the universe just as a mercy for all creatures. He taught his followers that ALLAH (almighty) would mercify only those who are merciful and a person who doesn't mercify will not be mercified by ALLAH (God of the universe), and the nearest human heart from ALLAH is the merciful heart and that the farthest is the cruel one. He said, "Mercify those on the earth, so that the One in the heavens (God) may mercifies you".
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Who is Mohammad

Messenger Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught his followers to help those who are weak and poor, and to share sadness with those who are suffering. He said, "The one who may work to help an orphan or a widow is like the one who struggles for the sake of ALLAH". He also said, "The one who cares of an orphan is with me in Paradise like two adjacent fingers". He ordered his followers to be kind even with animals. In one of his journeys, he watched a bird keeping flying around the head of his companions, he said, "who terrified this poor bird in her little chick?......return her baby chick to her". Another time he saw a camel with his tears going down, he said, "Fear ALLAH(your lord)in these animals, this camel is telling me that his food is little and his work is too much".

Muhammad's modesty
Muhammad, the messenger, was very modest. He used to sleep on a very simple bed with a palm-lufa cushion, and sit on the floor with a straw ground cover. He mended his old clothes and shoes by himself. He used also to sweep floor dust by his own hands, and to help in house work. He accepted the invitation of his servant and shared simple food with him. He used to stop on the road for any poor person who wanted to ask him or talk to him concerning anything. People were not prevented by any doorkeeper at his door. He said "Don't praise me too much as Nasaara (Christians) extremely praised Jesus, the son of Mary but call me servant of God and his messenger". He also taught his followers saying, "ALLAH made me a thankful servant and not an insisting tyrant."

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Who is Mohammad

Mohammad's manners
Messenger Mohammad taught his followers that the heaviest thing in one's balance on the day of judgment is good manners. He said that the main reason for entering paradise is fearing ALLAH and good manners. He said, "I guarantee a palace in the highest place in paradise for the one with good manners" God described him in the Qur'an (the holy book of Moslems) by saying, « and you are on great manners ». He also said, "I have been sent to integrate good manners, your smile in your brother's face is an alm, save yourselves from Hell-fire by saying a good word to your brother (all Moslems are considered brothers and sisters)". He was ordered in Qur'an (the revelation) « Get the extra (money)

from them as alm, order for good deeds and avoid the impolite ignorants » . Good people were described in the Qur'an « and when they are insulted by the impolite ignorants they would say: peace on you ».

Mohammad's advice
Messenger Mohammad advised his followers as saying, "Spread peace, feed he hungry, keep kindful contact with your relatives, pray during the night while others are asleep so that you may peacefully enter the paradise". He also said, "preach people and don't push them away". He said, "Be honest with every body and don't trait who traited you". He also said, "Mercify those on the earth, so that the One in the heavens (God) may mercifies you". He also said, "Treat others with justice, never be unjust, injustice will be darkness on the day of judgment." he added, "I have been ordered to forgive those
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Who is Mohammad

who were unjust to with me, to give those who deprived me and to keep on good relations with relatives who ignored me"

Mohammad's life
Messenger Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) lived as poor, he was never full of delicious food. His food was mainly barley bread, water, dates, and milk. It passed month after month with no setting fire for cooking in his house. his goals in life were nothing but to take people out of darkness to light, guide them to the straight path of the Oneness of God, purity and real happiness in his life and in the hereafter. As he lived as poor, he also died as poor. At the moment of his death he repeated, "keep on prayers and care for the weak." When he died his honorable body was wrapped in three pieces of simple cloth of poor. He didn't leave any money as legacy for his relatives .His shield was mortgaged with a jewish man for some barley. A person who wants to be one of his followers ,has to testify that there is no God but ALLAH, and that the Qur'an is the last divine revelation. He has to pray the five prayers a day, fast the month of Ramadan every year, give the alms of his money, and make pilgrimage to Macca once in his life whenever possible, and stop drinking, gambling, stealing, illegal intercourse, lying and all other dirt.

The poor to the mercy of his Lord, Dr. Yahya Azab

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