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Posted July 3rd, 2007 by Khallaweh in Crystals Crystal And Flower Essences Illumination Essence What Youll need: Bowl Or Jar Rose Petals Water Sunstone Moonstone Quartz Rose Quartz Apophyllite Moldavite Sri Yantra On Paper (Print it From the Internet) Mesh Cover Here is The Method Place the water into the bowl. Place the crystals and the petals into the water, also place the bowl over the sri yantra. (Remember to use the mesh cover to prevent any insects etc getting in) Place the bowl out in the sun for 1 hour and then 1-2 hours at night.(Remember to use the mesh cover to prevent any insects etc getting in) After the time had passed

..... see the encodings.. Call forth the ascended masters and beloved mary magdelene and ask that they encode the water with the divine illumination codes and energy templates etc.... Sit down at the table and place your hands over or around the bowl.. Now see the sri yantra spherically flow from underneath the bowl up through it igniting and illuminating the crystals.......go and get the bowl and sit it on your meditating alter or on a table.... remember to put it on the sri yantra. Yay ! I hope that this helps........ the codes and the sacred blessings and symbols within the water and its crystalline structure....... the light is so bright it is all you can see.. encodings..... also place in the sun and moon every now and then if you wish..... see the light and energy radiate even brighter and further out around you... divine light and the universal sound. You now ask that all of these codes......... Crystal Cleanser Essence(This One Is Easy) What you will need : Jar or bowl Small Cluster (Small Enough To Be Placed In The Bowl Or Jar) Clear Quartz Apophyllite ...... thank you......... laughter ! Khallaweh Ps. see the light shining so bright...... keep the bowl or jar on the sri yantra........... relax and start to bring in as much energy and light as possible....... See the water becoming like the sun... the bowl and the water... radiating from within... You now have a crystal essence...... see the energies and colours of the crystals emanating into the water........ Store around some crystals.. the suns rays etc will help to make the encodings etc even more powerfull and will deepen the encodings into the waters crystalline structure. be locked into this water NOW!.... now in a great flash of light all is absorbed into the water and all is the water.. I come with unconditional love..... Thank all who helped and slowly return from the meditative state.. blessings.... energies etc........... the water is the all.... see the sri yantra spheres rise up into the heavens Now a great beam of light from the very heart of god beams down into the bowl........ Also again if you wish.... is all one.......

.... If You Wish You Can Also Ask the Crystals To Place Their Energies Etc Into The Water.Red Paper Or Material To Place Jar On (If Possible Have A Pattern On the Paper Or Material.. DOR or deadly orgone radiation is created when the invisible sensitive life force energy. cotton... which surrounds and permeates everything is agitated and finally killed off by electromagnetic pollution. Also If You Are Lucky Enough To Have An Orgone Genorator Or A Tesla Plate...... Many people have also noticed that plants grow more vigorously in the vicinity of an orgone generator. wood. Dr Reich was eventually imprisoned in a federal penitentiary and died there. Some say that he died of poisoning! His be-loved work carries on… And. by the way orgone has the ability to keep negative entities such as the reptilians and others ... Reich fled Hitler’s Germany to continue his work in America where he came upon the same negative forces (FDA) in a different guise. You may See Them Appear Or You May Feel The Pulsing Energy Coming From The Jar And The Crystals.. etc along with inorganic items like metal chippings provided a matrix. Many people have noticed positive emotional effects in the presence of orgone generators. Also heres The Info On The Tesla Plate: Wilehm Reich– The Father of Orgone Biophysics: The Life Force Generators are based upon the work of Dr. Call On The Crystal masters (I Am A crystal master So Ill probably Assist you) And Ask Them To Help Create This Essence. Some people who have trouble falling asleep report that the can sleep better and more soundly with an orgone generator in their bedroom.. Mood and emotions tend to elevate.. insomnia and eventually degenerative diseases.. He found that by placing organic materials.... The tensor coil helps to put out scalar waves from the crystal when you program and meditate with the orgone device. Reich's devices are used to this day in hospitals in Germany where orgone therapies are widely available.. This Helps The Energies Etc Of The Crystals become Anchord into The Waters Crystalline Structure And Lattice) The Method If You Have Charged Water Already.. Reich conducted extensive research into the nature of the omnipotent invisible life energy in the 1920's.. Dr Reich demonstrated this in the 1930’s/40’s and discussed in his book ‘The Cancer Biopathy’. Use It... Repeated exposure to DOR causes dullness. which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy. headaches.. Wilelm Reich...... His books were ordered to be burnt by a federal judge… so much for freedom of speech... soil. Adding a crystal intensifies that process and allows you the opportunity to ‘program’ the crystal with your mind (emotional intent) to direct that energy towards a specific task or goal. Humans will feel stressed-out... It causes electromagnetic stress.. such as resin. Place The Water And Crystals Into The Bowl or Jar And place It Out In The Sun on Top Of The Red Paper Or Material... Reich was a true humanitarian who found he could produce amazing healing benefits using his orgone accumulators that he created.. He found he could attract and capture this fundamental energy when he combined organic (hydrocarbon) and inorganic substances in alternate layers.. All electrical appliances give off this radiation which is disharmonious frequencies to the human brain.. angry or shut down. Place Them Or It Around The Jar Aswell. For Those That Dont Know What An Orgone Genorator Is Then Here Is The Info.. lethargy... Mobile phones give off the most aggressive form of electromagnetic radiation known to man which interferes with subtle invisible brain waves.

They range in size from 1" to the large 12" x 12". televisions. The life-force energy of the plates can be measured by radionic equipment. but there have been some incredible claims and results in conjunction with Purple Energy Plates. sometimes called Purple Harmony Plates. the creation of Purple Energy Plates. cuts. The atomic structure of Purple Plates has been altered. animal or human. In realizing this. but with continual use of the plate.000-95. This energy is said to be beneficial to all life… plant. It can also be used on other organs such as the kidneys for example. Neodymium Magnet (rare earth magnet) and a Garnet at the bottom. micro-waves. and may help in relieving pain caused by muscular strain. aches and pains involve a sudden change to the normal vibration rate of tissue. in recent years. Although the Teslainspired plates have been used for over 30 years. The plates create a positve energy field around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. Electromagnetic Radiation. and may protect one against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment and from EMR producing equipment. you will find more information in the catalogue/website. and even the people you know. The Magnet works in conjunction with the Tensor Coil at the base to produce a toroidal spin of energy. He sensed the universe was "composed of a symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies played on a vast range of octaves". the energy level of an individual might oscillate (or vibrate) around 25. it will slowly increase to a steady 100. "To explore the whole range of electrical vibration. to give it a boost of healing energy. he sensed. All faith healing utilizes this higher energy. Thus. This is an excellent way to experience the gentle orgone charge throughout the body. Tesla influenced the production of personal oscillators that vibrate in tune with "the lumineferous ether". It is then filled in with an orgone matrix of energetic Minerals. would bring him closer to an understanding of the cosmic symphony"Nikola Tesla. the reading immediately increases to 90. In his book Beyond Ascension.000 cycles per second. The violet coloured plates are said to emit positive energy and affect certain objects placed on them. stated Nikola Tesla. Tesla understood that the cosmic symphony is resonance. The Energy Button contains an Amethyst Crystal at the top. It will not remain at that level. that plant will flourish. The plate energy will also do the same thing to plants. etc. such as computers. Burns. Nothing exists in the universe that does not have harmonic vibration. possibly indefintely. they are just now gaining recognition due to the New Age Era of miracles and spirituality. the luminiferous ether". The crystals are selected for their atonement with the colours and vibration of the first and seventh chakras. the food you eat. And Heres the Tesla Plate : "All matter comes from a primary substance. allowing the atoms and electrons of the aluminium to resonate in tune with the basic energy that causes the particles of every atom and molecule to be in constant vibration. The theory is that the energy around the plates helps to accelerate the healing and thus return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration. Joshua Stone refers to the plates.imagine owning an object that had the power to change for better the water you drink.000 cycles a second. they will remain in that condition. lizard. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminium have been altered. which in turn balances the respective chakra. It is designed to balance the energy body by placing it over each chakra of the body for a period of a few minutes at a time. When using this measurement.000 cycles a second. wrote Margaret Cheney. Orgone Energy Button The Orgone Energy Button has been designed as a personal Orgone Generator. "One of the most . mobile phones. When you hold a purple plate. They cannot stand to be in the vicinity of orgone. Science has proven that by projecting love or positive energy to a plant. It sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie.away. etc. Those who are not familiar with the reptilians who also go under the name of draco.plates can be worn to raise personal energy levels.

The Purple Plate not only cleared the food of all negative energy. There are many uses for the Purple Plates. By placing a glass of water on a small Purple Plate for approximately 5 minutes. Disc Plate. Violet is also the colour of the flame of St Germaine. The time spent wearing one all depends on the person . also known as the crown chakra. Place a small plate on the forehead to alleviate any head discomforts.8 cm) inches in diameter. but also energised the food. which is violet. Here are only a few suggestions. but don't underestimate the power of the smaller ones! This large one is excellent for the refrigerator shelf. the large plate carries more energy. Placed on the forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams. Place beneath sick house plants. and experimenting with the plates will let you know how much your particular chemistry is influenced by them. place on a Purple Plate for 12 hours. 8. I have seen them all. or water sick plants with water that has been placed on a plate overnight. 5. Plus many other uses… Small Plate. with the exception of fresh meat and fish. It is actually a free energy plate. Place a large plate in the refrigerator (centre shelf is best). Wearing a small plate will cause most people to feel an increase in energy. and I use almost none of them. or in your purse. perhaps 30 minutes or an hour each day. but may be a bit easier to handle if using on a painful area. 1. Under a bag of new groceries for a few minutes. you induce the high spiritual vibration of the seventh colour ray. Place under a glass or bottle of water for a while.41/2 inches x 23/4 inches. 9. Food. Others find the best results wearing them for a shorter period of time. With continued personal use you'll discover countless others. Many people use the large plates in their refrigerators to enhance flavour and freshness. does the same as the large plate above. To energise crystals. Place a small sized plate in a pocket or purse for more energy. or under the sheet of your bed. will stay fresh longer. 7. 6. or under a gallon of water to drink or feed plants. or joint problem areas. Travelers can carry a small plate to energise their drinking water. is the Positive Energy Plate. Easy to carry! . Some people sleep with a plate beneath their pillow to ensure restfulness. Now I put all my food on it and I continue to be amazed". Utilizing The Plate's Power. I am not one for gadgets. Place a small plate in your dog or cat's bed. The one exception I make is the use of the Purple Plate. Use the plate on an injured area of any living thing. or under the food dish. Create a necklace. and corresponds with the 7th energy centre in our bodies.extraordinary tools I have found to raise my quotient. 2. even when one has only slept a short time. No body contact is necessary. due to its size. and to calm illness and stomach upsets. and negative residues such as pesticides. Others cannot sleep with the plates nearby. 3. or in your favourite chair. Also place on the forehead to promote deeper meditation. attach to your pet's collar or under the water dish. There are so many uses for these versatile plates. which I am sure many of you have seen.1-11/2 (3. wallet or pocket. as they remain awake. Large Plate12 inches x 12 inches. 4. place one in each shoe.

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