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Abundance Follows the Frequency of Joy by Aruna

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"The way-showers of new earth humanity are on the cusp of a very timely opening, a change that will bring new hope, new light and new direction to a suffering global community. As the tides turn, there is a great intermittent silence. The silences is the lull before any great storm of activity as the energy precedes events in the physical dimensions. This silence can be likened to a time when the earth was preparing to ascend in ancient days, yet great cataclysm ensued and the massive torrent of energies collided into destruction. These ancient days marked the history of many souls on earth at this momentous time... What you are here to remember now is your ancient lineage, your dormant powers of creation and to bring these memories forth into your life on new earth as cocreator(s) of divinity. To make choices that are aligned with your soul's intentions and to honor the highest in you is your new quest. The trial and initiation period has drawn to a close, rebirth is underway, and now you prepare to embark on a new journey, a journey of pure heart. Where will this journey lead you ask? But beloved(s), the answer is already deep within you. Beloved warrior(s), you have the markings of greatness, your ancient roots assure this. But what is it that you truly long for? What is your vision? Your passion? Your contribution to a changing earth? What great and divine gifts are you urged to share with others? How has Source blessed you to bless others? What comes to you with the greatest ease? What brings you home, freeing you to fly? The answers to all of these questions reside in your heart and though you may not be assured of the outcome, be assured, the truth is calling to you. You carry the blueprints to your soul's destiny but you must follow the urges, the subtle voice leading you to your dreams. Choose not to overlook the simple aspects of who you are for the greatest wisdom lies in the simplicity of your essence. The new sun is rising and burns a fire within the plexus and hearts of all initiates preparing for a new way. The new rays will lift the downtrodden and disable the greedy who carry dominion over the weak. Find your place in the sun and you will fair well. For only those with pure heart and clear intent will bring forth the radiance of this new light. In the times to come there will be others who try to control the dominion of earth, however with feeble attempts. For the light from each awakened soul will shine too brightly for the mischievous and all who gather to claim their righteousness will carry humanity to the new dawn. This is your role as an awakened warrior of truth, this is your choice as a creator of God. Now is your time to shine forth, to claim your due and to seek out your greatest potential. You will be supported to grow your wings and to fly to greater heights. The dawning of a new age was heralded by the warriors, the light-bearers and the righteous. You have formed the brigade, now is your chance to lead the way. You will be the first to explore and experiment with new earth energy. You will be the examples for others to follow and you will hold the temples of new earth with your wisdom and knowledge of universal laws. The role you choose to play matters far less than the energy you carry, but this energy will dictate and attract your possibilities. When the tide returns completely you will find that many new opportunities present themselves and many like minds will gather for future endeavors. Heart-felt choices are paramount to your success, choose wisely.

Abundance will sustain you well into the shift should you follow the inner call and make choices that align with your soul's intentions. Abundance follows the frequency of joy and your soul speaks through feelings of bliss to remind you why you are here each time you feel a swell of emotion take hold. These nudges guarantee fulfillment should you trust in the higher plan. No longer shall you be required to make choices that are less than fulfilling for all that is less than optimum is fading with the outgoing tide. As the new waters come rushing to meet you, you will notice that for everything you willingly gave up, new and more aligned opportunities will replace them. This process is an ongoing cyclical system of creation that replenishes each soul with new gifts every time the outworn is willingly released. What do you choose to let go of in search of greater expansion? To embrace the new one must make room, leaving behind all that is not in accord with the highest good and greatest desire. What are your new desires in this new space? What choices can you make to align with this desire? For every action you take confirming your universal requests, you will be supplied with new tools to manifest. In your search for greater abundance you will find that, that which brings you most joy also brings unyielding supply from heaven. Your greatest contribution then can be found in your deepest joy. Warrior(s)! Take heed. Your lifetime is one of great challenge and great reward but the rewards of such fine efforts accompany the greats. Release your fears, your inhibitions and follow your bliss. That which takes a hold of you will carry you through, settle not for less. Your past will not dictate your future should you truly set it free, and all the riches of heaven are yours to behold. The new day has dawned and those who carry the light of source carry it for all. You are humanity's helpers, servants of God and vastly you shall be rewarded. Stay true to your inner visions of glory and you will find that very soon they firmly take hold. With love and admiration for your holy quest, I Am Aruna, charioteer of the sun god, bidding you farewell."