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Entering the Portal of Peak States of Consciousness

There has been a great struggle throughout the history of humankind to find that which turns the key in the lock springing open the door that sets the spirit free. Many practices have been put into place, much effort expended to journey within and without to this place where heaven joins Earth in eternal song. In each generation, a small percentage of souls reach this place; some venture near enough to hear the music of the spheres, while others make it onto the path that leads to the way. Shifting energies now open the way for many more to reach high vibrational states. These shifts have been created in part by the repeated efforts of many souls over numerous cycles of incarnations anchoring light by increasing increments to the Earth plane. This expanding vibration of love has multiplied exponentially to open portals in consciousness that were not easily accessed in the past. These portals exist as latent possibilities waiting for consciousness to enter their frequency and gain access to greatly expanded inner dimensions. They are now wide open to those of you who have chosen to incarnate to this dimension as lightworkers. So it is that those of you who have spent endless hours attending workshops and engaging in spiritual practices to raise the vibration of your existence now possess possibilities that were not previously on the horizon of humankind. Many of you have not yet recognized the exciting array of possibilities that are now waiting in the wings, ready to be activated in your present reality. These portals offer greatly expanded opportunities for the growth of your consciousness. The highest of these possibilities are peak states of consciousness you are now able to enter. By gaining awareness of these peak states and accessing them, you are able to take quantum leaps on your spiritual path. Signposts of Peak Experiences In the present moment, less than ten percent of those in your world have entered peak experiences even for brief periods. When you stay in a peak experience for a prolonged period of time, this is a peak state. A continuous peak state experience is a blissful and blessed state. In Earths future history, continuous peak states will be commonplace. We will describe here some of the signposts of a peak state experience. During a peak experience, moments are experienced with a heightened sense of awareness and aliveness. This sense of aliveness brings you into close communion with the life that is around you. You feel yourself surrounded by exceptional beauty. You experience a great emotional calm a peace and lightness. Time slows down and falls away, allowing you to come into a very present state. In this space, spiritual truths are obvious. Your mind is still and silent. You dont take on others emotional distress. The past can be brought up without emotions; there is no lingering sense of trauma. Youre not likely to abdicate your own knowing to experts and other authorities. Fear doesnt exist within a peak state. Your perceptions are positive and peaceful, lit by the warm glow of underlying happiness. There are many variations of what we are describing here. The important thing to understand is even those who have experienced great trauma and difficulty can enter peak states where troubled thoughts, emotions and perceptions are healed and dissolved. As you enter peak states of joy, bliss and unconditional love, all that is of lower resonance falls away, opening the door for further expansion into peak states of consciousness. The New Earth It is no longer necessary to struggle toward higher states of consciousness. The greatly expanded light on the Earth plane has opened many new portals to higher consciousness you may now enter through awareness, intention and allowing. You may enter expanded states at will by simply setting the intention to do so and surrendering to the highest vibration you are able to access. Even brief experiences of peak consciousness transforms your existence by bringing you into greater communion with your higher self and opening your mind to new possibilities.

One of the greatest breakthroughs of a heightened state of consciousness is the ability to perceive your existence across lifetimes - from the first flicker of life force within human form to the final dream of earthly existence. The entire history of your soul can be viewed from this place. Within this high vibration, you are able to access and interact with any you that exists anywhere in time. By bringing your entire arc of lifetimes into your conscious mind, you magnetize to you the gifts and understandings you have acquired across all-time. The high perception of a peak state is like standing on one of the Earths highest mountains, looking out over the world below. It can be likened to entering a space where all time becomes one eternal flow - a fabric that can be accessed or observed at any point in its existence. From this mountaintop of peak experience, you are able to take any past event into your heart and transform it with the light of love and understanding. You are able to view the threads of connection that exist between yourself and all others. You are able to clearly perceive the future, your spiritual progression, and the lessons that appear before you. From this place of higher awareness, you can embrace all that is known and not yet known, and magnetize your deepest desires. When you enter a peak state of consciousness, you are able to perceive any thought, belief, emotion, or attitude that is not in resonance with the peak state. This begins a detoxing of consciousness that extends into all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As you release old habits and beliefs, you begin to see your reality differently. In the blink of an eye, you view everything that is not aligned with your highest vision. The Past as Doorway to the Present Moment Healing all past hurts is not a prerequisite for entering peak states of consciousness. However, it is important to remain in the present moment as much as possible. If your attention is constantly drawn into the pain of the past, you will not have the level of stillness and attention required to access heightened states. In a past discussion, we gave steps to heal and release your past from moments of trapped emotional energy. We will offer that discussion titled Entering the Portal of Time Travel to Assist a Past Self, alongside this one. Angelic Intervention and Pre-Ascension Lifetimes It is important to free your past from moments of pain and distress. The willingness to love and assist a self that exists in a time when the light of understanding shines less bright allows you to expand your present-moment capacity for love and compassion. When you release trapped emotional energy, this energy is now free to travel into your present moment, greatly strengthening your spiritual purpose and focus. This is a form of what you refer to as soul retrieval. Understand that all moments exist simultaneously. The fact that you are no longer focused within a moment does not mean it ceases to exist. Each moment you have experienced is still very much alive within its own time space. This is true of past moments from your present life as well as past life moments experienced in all other time periods, whether it is 100 B.C.,1250 A.D. or 1920 A.D. (If your consciousness is expanded sufficiently, you may also perceive future life time frames, which simultaneously exist within their own space as well. When your consciousness evolves to the point that you are able to perceive past times and travel into them to assist past selves, you are entering a pre-ascension phase. We will speak more about this in a future discussion. It is enough to know for the moment that time travel in consciousness is possible. This is a form of what you call angelic intervention. Such intervention is common in your world. Many instances of what you might consider angelic intervention are simply other aspects of a persons soul traveling in consciousness to bring assistance and healing. All advanced souls have this capability.

As you heal and release past emotional problems, a greater amount of your consciousness is free to enter peak states of consciousness. As you enter peak states, you are able to further align with the light of spirit, bringing further healing to your selves across time. Peak Experiences and Oneness The light of peak experiences helps harmonize your consciousness by bringing all your inner aspects into oneness. This state of oneness is then extended to all others. As this crystalline clarity surrounds your consciousness, you see through the actions of others, and are able to view their true heart and desires. You may perceive that a persons authentic self lies hidden under a veneer of fear and misunderstanding. When you respond to the truth of a persons heart instead of their outer armor, you open a space for them to step into this truth. In this way, you view all situations you encounter from a place of clarity and purpose, and you respond from the depth of your spiritual understanding rather than superficial reactions. By entering the Portal of Peak States of Consciousness, you are able to perceive your life and all the universe from a very high vibration that penetrates each second straight to the heart of love. From this place, you are able to see your entire arc of lifetimespast, present and futureand assist and embrace the progression of your soul across time. As you access this crystal-clear perception, every thought, belief, and attitude that is not in harmony with your highest vision fades away. In this heightened state of aliveness, you transform the world around you as you move through it. Your greatest gifts to the New Earth are the gifts of your spiritual freedom and your highest vision. For more information, email or visit