Doug Oberhelman Chairman & CEO . what comes to mind? Maybe you think about tractors. trucks and engines—the stuff we make. tougher than our hardest ground-engaging tools. That’s all part of it. power communities and develop resources. It’s bigger than our biggest dragline. wheel loaders. That’s why the Cat brand is more than yellow iron. That’s why the promise of the Cat brand is to be a champion for our customers’ enduring success. Or maybe you think about everything yellow iron can do—build roads and schools and bridges. Nothing happens without our customers. The core of our brand is our customers. more powerful than our largest marine engines. and finding ways to make them more successful must be the basis of everything that we do. With them. but the heart of the Cat brand is simple.DEAR COLLEAGUES When you think about the Cat brand. who use the tools we make to change the world. Our customers must be our focus. Without them. and more responsive than our quickest skid-steer loader. we have a future. we only have a past.


It helps bring us together and direct the experience we provide to customers each and every day. We know this because we are guided by two simple principles: OUR UNIQUE BUSINESS MODEL 4 1. We are at our best when we help them succeed—and when we listen. A clear brand connects. In clarifying and communicating what we know to be true. our engines. 5 . Whether building a business that feeds a family or creating infrastructure that develops a nation. grow and harvest model. Amplify the success. It helps us grow in new markets as we spread the truth of our excellence and dependability. To design quality products and deliver dependable services. it helps us harvest the most fruitful relationships. we must understand our customers’ needs and align all of our efforts to those needs. all of our customers share the desire to succeed. A unique brand opens doors. It guards our culture and unifies us as we seed the world with the most enduring solutions. It helps us continually deliver customer growth. This focus drives our seed. Our brand has significant power—and potential—around the world. and our support—it’s in everything we deliver and everything we do. No matter the geography or size of the endeavor. Our brand is our machines. Our brand is also a guidepost. 2. our solutions. Understand the need. By aligning internal and customer objectives.OUR BRAND GUIDES EVERYTHING WE DO We all know the Cat brand is more than our logo. AND CUSTOMER SUCCESS IS AT THE CORE OF WHAT WE DELIVER The heart of the Cat brand—the unchanging core of our existence—is a devotion to the customer. they all want to make a lasting contribution to better lives. it supports our unique business model at each stage: A strong brand strengthens all of us.

” “Отличное качество услуг. my dealer has always supported me.” “ The people who support Cat products are 100% dependable. they back it up with great service. WE BUILT ON THESE INSIGHTS TO CLARIFY OUR BRAND “ I’ve been in this business for a long time.” . If I need help. that’s when they really step above all the other companies and take care of me—the customer—like no one else can.” WHEN WE ASKED OUR CUSTOMERS: WHAT SETS THE CAT BRAND APART? WHY DO YOU BUY CAT PRODUCTS OR SERVICES? THEY POINTED TO OUR PEOPLE ADVANTAGE. But through everything.” “ The people in the Cat dealership network are the standard setters.“ No puedo obtener esta accesibilidad en ningún otro lado. but most importantly.” “代理商对我们是很大的支持。 ” “ They fill my needs with quality products. Thank you for that.” “ Sie unterstützen mich – egal. though. Cat service is great.”  “ Hanno la più grande ed efficiente rete di servizi del mondo. wo auf der Welt ich tätig bin.” “ YOUR PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH. and I’ve seen it all. When things are good.

food on their tables. OUR SUCCESS IS CUSTOMER SUCCESS When customers feel the strength of our people. We’re a leading company whose history of success promises future growth. extending short-term value to long-term growth. success follows. A reputation for surpassing customers’ expectations with complete solutions. When you examine it more closely. engines and ideas to put a roof over their heads. measurement and accomplishment: WE ARE A CHAMPION FOR CUSTOMERS We are customer advocates focused on driving customer growth. When customers understand how Cat products and service deliver superior long-term value. This is the heart of our brand. success follows. success follows. 9 8 . When customers see how relentlessly we solve problems.With the powerful advantage of our people leading the way. and a brighter future in front of their children. WE DELIVER ENDURING SUCCESS Our ability to deliver lifecycle value. We not only support customer objectives. the core of the Cat brand is serving customers—the people who depend on our machines. it is also a plan of action. we are winners serving winners. and we’ve summoned six powerful words to summarize it: A CHAMPION FOR YOUR ENDURING SUCCESS It’s a confident statement built from the excellence of our people and our overriding commitment to customer success. we adopt them. It’s a pledge to durability and sustainability well beyond the near term.


At every level of Caterpillar. product designer. Call it a stubborn refusal to accept the ordinary or a built-in passion to surpass every expectation—the people of Caterpillar never settle and never pause until every customer succeeds. 12 13 . Every division and business unit that supports the Cat brand consists entirely of people committed to personal and professional success.WHAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL TEAM WITH AN UNYIELDING COMMITMENT TO WINNING This is not a goal. Whether you are an engineer. We’re committed to winning. Consider what this statement means: We’re an exceptional team. We’re unyielding. supplier. Our competitive fire burns bright because every customer’s success depends on it. dealer—no matter your expertise —we are all part of the one great global team that works together on behalf of our customers. it is a statement of fact. we’re fueled by a drive to succeed. finance professional. It’s in our bones.

on-the-ground team who stands behind our products and beside our customers A culture driven by what our customers want and deserve A LIFETIME OF BEING THERE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS 14 15 .WHAT SETS US APART A dedication to delivering the best-built. dependable products and solutions for a lifetime of value Unmatched.

Gains like immediate efficiency and uptime improvements are very compatible with telling a lifecycle.WHAT WE DELIVER TO OUR CUSTOMERS AN ONGOING PROGRESSION OF BOTH SHORT-TERM VALUE AND LONG-TERM GROWTH Think of it as building together—a way to unify our customers’ immediate needs with the kinds of products and services that will serve them over many years. unmatched rebuilds. durability and lower cost of ownership story. and an overarching commitment to a lasting partnership. Short-term value helps the customer better appreciate and rationalize our lasting impact. Long-term growth and customer success are made possible by ongoing support. 16 17 . An ongoing progression requires persistence and energy—and a commitment to learning from successes and building upon them. quality products.

down-to-earth. they depend on the same character qualities that we recognize as essential to building customer success. We exhibit a humble confidence in ourselves. RESPECTFUL We work to understand the unique needs of our customers. AUTHENTIC STRONG We are upfront. our products. and our solutions. we are passionate about always improving. and hardworking in all that we do. big and small. 18 19 . we embrace our role as the people who work with and for them.OUR CHARACTER Wherever our customers do business.

It is built one moment of truth after another.WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU A brand reputation is earned. The people who originally built the Cat brand were committed to customer success. and to sustain our own. on the floor. There is no job that will not benefit from your performing in this spirit. deliver Cat services. Today. we live and grow their brand—our brand—for the future. machines. It’s what we need from each and every one of you. 20 . We are winners serving winners. not fabricated. We champion customer success. We innovate and grow on behalf of our customers. and live the Cat brand. or in the field—whether you’re building spreadsheets. or relationships—every task that we undertake is an opportunity to pave the way for another customer’s success. support Cat solutions. This is truer of the Cat brand than of most. Whether you’re in the office. It’s who we are as the people who build Cat products.

COM © 2012 Caterpillar. CAT.CAT. CATERPILLAR. All Rights Reserved. PEDJ0126 Printed in the USA 100% Recycled 50% Post Consumer Waste English . as well as corporate and product identity used herein. “Caterpillar Yellow” and the “Power Edge” trade dress.BRAND. their respective logos. are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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