Template  for  script–voice  clip     Focus:     Who:  (main  voice  clip)  Police  officer  Thuyen  Sangree     What:  (action

)  investigates  death  of  two  scavengers   Why  (because)  killed  when  an  artillery  shell  they  were  cutting  up  exploded  in  an   industrial  park  in  Danang  yesterday.       News    31-­12-­12    kk/var        An  artillery  shell  from  the  Vietnam  war  exploded  and  killed  two  men  in  the   Vietnamese  port  city  of  Danang  yesterday.         Police  chief,  Paul  Thuyen  Sangree  says  the  blast  happened  at  an  industrial   park:       (Voice  clip)  “The  two  men,  aged  44  and  52,  had  scavenged  the  175-­millimeter   shell  and  were  trying  to  cut  it  up  to  sell  the  parts  for  scrap  when  it  exploded.”            A  similar  accident  killed  three  men  last  week.  The  men  were  trying  to   salvage  materials  from  a  105-­‐millimeter  shell  in  central  Quang  Ngai  province  when   it  exploded.        According  to  Vietnamese  government,  unexploded  weapons  have  killed   more  than  42-­‐thousand  people  since  the  war  ended  36  years  ago.       -­‐30-­‐  

Comment: Note  the  focus  is  not  part  of  the   story  but  a  roadmap.    

Comment: Starts  with  what’s  new  –  the   latest.  It  tells  us  what  happened,  where  it   happened  and  two  whom  it  happened.   Raises  the  question:  what  happened?  Next   sentence  should  answer  it.   Comment: Introduces  main  character.   Note  in  broadcast  title  first  THEN  name.     Comment: Note:  present  tense  even   though  it  happened  yesterday.   Comment: Paraphrase  what  the  person   says  and  gives  new  information  about  what   happened,  that  does  not  repeat  what’s  in   the  voice  clip.     Comment: Voice  clip  moves  story  along  by   saying  how  and  why  it  happened.  Raises  the   question  about  how  common  this  is?   Comment: This  gives  context  and   background.  It  raises  question,  is  this  a  BIG   problem?     Comment: Conclusion  ends  on  a  fact  that   shows  it  is  a  big  problem.    Note:  how   numbers  are  written  and  dates  are   translated.  

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