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1st in International Experience—The Financial Times 2012 1st in Return on Investment—The Economist 2011 1st in Post-Graduation Salary Increase—The Economist 2011 1st business school to have five global campuses and the ability to rotate Created the world’s largest crowdsourcing event for social good— The Hult Prize The world’s largest graduate business school in 2012


growing the school from its single Boston location to a global network of home campuses including London. making Hult the first business school in the U.139 2003—The world’s most international business school In 2003. Dubai. 1998 Forbes identifies the school’s Action Learning curriculum as “highly distinctive. 4 . accelerated one-year Master degree program to train business leaders. The teaching pedagogy was different because it emphasized “action learning”—applying classroom theory in the real world. Little School of Management (ADL). Today—The world’s largest graduate business school Hult’s compelling vision of a practical and global business education has attracted many students from around the world. the world’s oldest management consulting firm. then known as the Arthur D. This methodology was honed over 40 years and is central to Hult’s pioneering approach to practical business education today. 2002 The Economist ranks the school the third-best business school in Massachusetts. 1964—A practical business education In 1964.” ranking it in the top five MBA programs in the U. *Based on Hult 2012 projected intake figures.S. EMBA.S.008 903 862 861 852 822 8 Indian Institute—Ahmedabad 9 10 HEC School. ADL focused on delivering a practical business education for managers. Part-time MBA) and 2011 Financial Times Master in Management (Master). 3 4 5 6 7 1. school is renamed Hult International Business School. Bertil Hult. practical education shapes our future as the world’s largest graduate business school. one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs.070 1. Note figures exclude online MBA and non-reported Master degree programs. financially supported the school to expand its teaching methodology to not only train effective managers but also prepare them to thrive on a global stage. after Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).Our History Our legacy of providing globally relevant.. Little Inc. 2003 The 2005 Hult’s one- year MBA program earns the accreditation of the Association of MBAs (AMBA). the regional accrediting body for all academic institutions in the northeastern U. Arthur D. 1964 1976 The business school is officially accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). establishes the Management Education Institute. and San Francisco and rotation campuses in New York and São Paulo under the name Hult International Business School. Hult has grown to become the world’s largest graduate business school. to be recognized by this prestigious international accrediting body.071 1. honoring benefactor Bertil Hult’s personal vision and commitment to educating international business leaders. which develops an innovative. Today.155 1. Booth 2. the school was established as America’s first corporate university. The world’s largest graduate business schools* 1 2 Hult International Business School IE Business School Northwestern. Kellogg Macquarie Graduate School INSEAD Harvard Business School University of Chicago. Paris University of Columbia Source: Annual intakes of ranked business schools from 2011 The Economist Which MBA rankings (Full-time MBA.S. Our growth demonstrates the tremendous demand for an innovative and practical business education. Bertil Hult strongly believed students must experience cultural differences and global business practices firsthand. Shanghai.

The school is ranked #3 in International Business by the Financial Times. Founder of EF Education First—the world’s largest private education organization—and educational philanthropist. President Bill Clinton awards USD1 million prize to Water. Hult’s flagship campus in China opens in the heart of Shanghai. Hult Global Case Challenge is renamed to the Hult Prize. Former U. and offers rotations to New York and São Paulo. 2010 Hult is ranked #1 in International Experience by the Financial Times. but leaders of the world.“ Today. The school’s fifth campus in downtown San Francisco is opened. rigorous curriculum. academic institution to be licensed in the U.E. success in business is as much about understanding cultures and globalization as it is about understanding finance and marketing.S. and unique campus network. 2011 Hult launches a one-year Master of Social Entrepreneurship degree. hult.S. Hult is the first U. With our exceptional faculty. 2009 The Financial Times adds Hult International Business School to its prestigious Top 100 Global MBA rankings. Hult International Business School is committed to educating not just leaders of business. revolutionizing the business of giving and benefiting One Laptop per Child. See Hult’s TV campaign on 2008 Hult welcomes its first class of students in Dubai. The first Hult Global Case Challenge is launched. 2012 Hult becomes the world’s largest graduate business 5 . opening new campuses in London and at the Hult Global Case Challenge Final.” Bertil Hult Chairman Emeritus of Hult International Business School. Hult’s London campus welcomes undergraduates and graduates.A.

Hult currently ranks #1 in post-graduation salary increase and #1 in return investment by The Economist. working alongside peers from 120 nationalities speaking 105 languages. European.-accredited degree. Sony. and Credit Suisse. That means that no matter where you decide to pursue your Master. then travel to Shanghai via London or São Paulo. Top-ranked business school Hult continues its rapid ascent in business school rankings. Hult provides you with an unrivaled. on average. and our students. Hult is ranked #20 in the U. while others have run their own businesses or created their own patents. The school also organizes the world’s largest business school competition for the Hult Prize (formerly known as the Hult Global Case Challenge) which crowdsources ideas from students all over the world to help leading companies and nonprofit organizations tackle a major social challenge. During your program you can start anywhere and go anywhere. Students could begin in Boston. intimate global experience. Hands-on business experience Unlike other business schools that are research-oriented. or One Laptop per Child. The school has launched the first marketing program dedicated to digital marketing. most of Hult’s faculty have real-world experience. You’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastest-growing economies and examine international business practices close-up. and crowdsourcing. In the Global Campus Rotation. Thought-leading education Hult is on the cutting edge of business education in several key areas: emerging markets. and the impact of social media. and over half of our students spend time on more than one campus (more on page 28). search engine technology. Hult students graduate with the ability to thrive in international business and adapt rapidly to changing global environments (more on page 8). Almost 90% of our students choose Hult because they are interested in this option. Nike. digital marketing. IBM. Unrivalled global perspective Today’s global economy rewards people who can traverse borders. you will graduate with a U. Hult International Business School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and Association of MBAs (AMBA). 6 . you have the option to specialize in project management concurrent to pursuing your degree.Why Hult? Why students choose the world’s most international business school: Global Campus Rotation Hult offers students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study. are able to recoup their investment in a little over a year. understand cultures. and operate in international contexts.S. Hult empowers students to develop real-world skills by completing a sixweek Action Project consulting for a leading company or non-profit like Samsung. and #29 in the world by The Economist.S. Many have worked for companies like P&G.-accredited degree American-style graduate programs have long been the premier standard in business education. This reinforces our mission to prepare job-ready graduates who can deliver results from day one (more on page 12). A U. or San Francisco via Dubai or New York. In addition. learning from faculty with American. currently ranking in the top 1% of all business schools.S. and emerging market expertise. social entrepreneurship. you can pick your home campus and then spend up to three months studying at two others. Hult is ranked #1 for International Experience and #3 for International Business by the Financial Times.

Hult helps map your path to professional 7 . hult.

Snapshot of Master Class of 2013 Pre-Master industry Financial Services 14% Manufacturing 7% Consulting 6% Legal/Government/ 6% Non-profit Technology 6% Consumer Products 5% Trade 4% Medical/Pharmaceutical 3% Telecom/Media 3% Energy 2% Professional Services 1% Other 43% Age of Hult Master students 4% 2% 30–34 35–40 32% 25–29 24% 22 and under 38% 23–24 Work experience 7% 4% 5–7 years >7 years Pre-Master function General Management/HR 20% Marketing/Sales 13% Consulting 3% Finance/Accounting 3% Operations/Logistics 1% Other 60% 3–4 years 71% <3 years 18% Regions of origin 16% 5% 29% 6% Europe Russia & Eurasia North America 11% South Asia Middle East 14% AsiaPacific 14% Latin America 5% Africa 8 .Your Network Just Went Global Hult gives you an astoundingly diverse network of connections and contacts.

edu 9 .hult.

An Intense One-Year Master 10 .

“Hult offers the best combination of top 11 . PricewaterhouseCoopers France. MIB Class of 2011 hult. global exposure. so I chose Hult.  I believe that’s what companies are currently looking for. Cultural diversity is a major asset at Hult—it is extremely rewarding to work with four people from four different continents. and active learning.” Guillaume Carnaille Management Consultant.

Our hands-on approach to learning helps you become job-ready from day one. 12 .

tools. No other business school offers such access to key decision-makers of the world’s leading companies. 2.Our LEAP Method Employers want graduates who are job-ready. 1. 3. Hult provides you with the theory. Professors encourage thought-provoking class discussions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences. each team will consult with company managers to make a business case for the development of a novel idea. Like most top business schools. Advised by a mentor (typically an experienced management consultant). and company visits. meeting venture capitalists in San Francisco. non-profits. hult. explaining the economics of running one of the world’s largest sports franchises. Experience. and trends to give you a broad perspective on business. Experience Experience is a crucial component of our LEAP method. small teams of students compete with one another to develop a business strategy for a major corporation. panel discussions with industry experts. Learn Hult’s LEAP method is an integrated approach to learning that enables you to put classroom theory into practice. exclusive networking opportunities. Hult’s Action Projects are designed to emphasize innovation and growth. Each team will present its recommendations to a senior company leader (typically a C-level executive or board member). “Learn. and the former CTO of Hewlett Packard and “Innovation Guru” Phil McKinney. speaking about game-changing innovation. Our innovative curriculum is based on three components. However. Hult goes beyond the theoretical to the practical. Dialogues with prominent business leaders offer valuable insights into how executives make decisions in a fastmoving. Hult’s global campus rotation gives you the opportunity to experience the international value chain in person. Hear firsthand advice from executive speakers like Steve Forbes on the choices they’ve made. Start your Master degree by learning theory and business fundamentals in the classroom. Translate theory into practice with insights from faculty with real-world experience. the mistakes they’ve made. Action Project”—LEAP. Action Project Participate in a real-world project for a range of leading global companies. and tips on securing your dream job. competitive environment with imperfect information. Over a period of six weeks. terminology. most projects focus on the paramount challenge facing a company: identifying new pathways for growth. Finally. Other speakers include senior executives from Real Madrid Football Club. unlike other top business schools. Hult faculty employ the case study method to illustrate how business principles are applied in practice. or fast-growth enterprises. We’ve designed our curriculum so that you don’t just study abstract theory—you also get hands-on experience. manufacturers in 13 . and retailers in London. Though the scope of Action Projects varies.

and participation in hands-on. It was a great company. and her clients have ranged from Morgan Stanley and the World Bank to small social enterprises. For the full article. they truly want to be global. Prior to Hult. But she managed it all with dignity and grace and was very kind and generous with her insight. I like to ask questions that do not have defined answers but really get students to think. What do you enjoy most about your job? The students—watching as they “get” it. She has been engaged in cross-border mergers. I felt stifled. compiled by Charlotte Clark. which I illustrate in practice through real examples and personal experiences. the worst was working in a job for a year even though I realized that the job was wrong 10 minutes after I walked in. They have deliberately chosen to leave their cultural comfort zone and cross borders to be part of a truly international community.* Who are your business influences/heroes? At my first corporate job. It is reaffirming.Meet your faculty Joanne Lawrence Professor of Global Citizenship I get a question a few days later that shows they have been thinking. Why should students study at Hult? At Hult. then it probably isn’t the right place for you. and alliances. Below are additional questions posed separately to Professor Lawrence. I try to have a guest speaker who can bring to life the issues we are addressing or an in-class assignment that gets students to experience firsthand what we are discussing. a senior female executive—of the very few senior women executives at the time— provided a wonderful role model. I think they thought it was pretty strange too. Students learn firsthand about globalization through rich and respectful discussions with classmates from more than 100 countries. let alone get ahead. and restructurings. but their solutions were very clever! I think they amazed themselves—which was the idea behind the assignment! What is the worst job you have ever had? In my corporate career. mulling over some of the issues we have raised in class. intellectually curious. just not the right one for me. She has extensive experience with transforming global organizations for greater economic and social impact. she taught at INSEAD’s MBA and executive education programs. Professor Joanne Lawrence has worked both in academia as a professor and in the corporate sector. What is the strangest thing you have ever done when teaching? Asking my students in a social innovation class to create a business using an aluminium can. Recently. Originally from New York. There are some you immediately connect with and it is a joy to watch as they integrate what they are hearing in the classroom into their own experiences. The lesson learned from that experience is one I pass on to students: choose your environment well. *These questions were originally published in the Financial Times. The following are excerpts from Professor Lawrence’s Q & A session with the Financial Times. It was then that I made the conscious decision to help mentor other young women as my own career progressed. Hult students don’t want to just read and learn about being global. please go to ft. She currently teaches corporate responsibility and social innovation at Hult. Her 20 years of corporate experience include being Vice President of Corporate Communications for SmithKline Beecham. It was too bureaucratic at the time. 14 . I learned that things weren’t always fair and that women probably did have to work harder than men just to hold their positions and stay in place. Professor Lawrence finished co-editing a book called Global Responsible Leadership: Managing According to the UN Global Compact. we start with considering what’s in the news that relates to our topic: it is amazing how much there is! We then go through some principles to create some context. too staid. the world really is our classroom. an immersion within and across a unique global campus network. If it doesn’t feel right and you are not comfortable. I love it when Why are Hult students unique? Hult students are inspiring. Finally. innovative projects. an international faculty with both real-world and academic expertise. Do you have a teaching routine? Generally.

Professor of Entrepreneurship M.D..A. He is President of Amdur Associates. Patel is the co-author of 101 Innovation Breakthroughs. PGCE. Berkeley As the Founder of Alibris. Professor of Operations M. strategy innovation. hult. treasury sales. Professor of Negotiations Ph. Professor of Marketing M. Santa Barbara Professor Newman has extensive experience with entrepreneurships and small businesses. Manchester Business School. and social media.A. Professor of Management Ph. Professor Merron has authored multiple books. Boston University. University of California. Cambridge University Professor Naim has over 15 years of experience teaching. Professor Yao-Cooper has over 15 years of consulting experience in market research. the Family and Parenting Institute. please visit hult... he has taught Organizational Behavior. She has also lectured at Harvard Business School. EE and Systems Sciences. Strategic Management.. Coca-Cola GB. He holds an MBA from Boston University and began his career at CNN’s World Business Today show. radio. including Babson College and Boston University. Columbia University. Her area of research expertise is the ethics of marketing to young people. Patel has worked at Motorola in the portable energy space and is the owner of six patents. policy.B. He has studied consumer and market reactions to new communications technologies for the MIT Media Laboratory and corporate and NGO clients. Courtin currently serves on the boards of directors of Kashya Inc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor O’Donnell is an engineer-turned-industry analyst for the telecommunication and media industries. computer systems. Vannoni’s current clients include a USD4 billion market-cap company as well as the Italian energy regulator. He has taught graduate courses in Operations Management at Northeastern University.. At Hult. corporate communications. and Mothercare. digital marketing... manufacturing. He has taught Economics and Finance at several schools. Northwestern University Dr.. University of London.A. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies.B. He also teaches international communications courses at Tufts University’s Fletcher School.B. Boston University Professor Vannoni has more than 15 years of international experience in media. Professor of Accounting and Finance M.B. Courtin has extensive experience as the CEO for a series of successful high-tech. Dr. Boston University Professor Amdur has over 30 years of line.B.. B. Harvard Business School. strategy. Unilever.A. The State of Innovation at the Firm Level in Singapore. brand loyalty. Harvard University Professor Merron is the Founder and Managing Partner of Avista Consulting Group. Julie Yao-Cooper. presented by the New England College of Finance. Materials Science and Engineering.. joint ventures. EE and Computer Science.A. Professor of Innovation Ph.D. he was elected member of the Board at the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia.A. and Simmons College. and Strategic Innovation.) Stanford Graduate School of Business.. Dr. and technical change efforts. Shawn O’Donnell.D. including UNICEF.. and corporate training. NGOs. Harvard Business School. and OpenNetwork. Boston-based companies. (Hons. University of Texas at Austin Professor Chartier has worked 21 years in banking at American Express. Professor of Marketing Ph.B.A. and education settings. Consumer Kids. M. Kellogg School of Management.A. cultural. John Newman.. and TV commentator on the ethics of marketing to children and published a book.B. With over 25 years of experience assisting executives in business.B. B. and economics in the development of new markets. staff. The founding director of the entrepreneurship program at Boston University. B. Professor of Global Management M.B. Professor of Consulting Ph. Hitendra Patel. He has also directed the MBA program at the University of San Francisco and helped pioneer the school’s Career Services. Agnes Naim. Patel was a senior leader and co-founder of the Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice responsible for Asia and Latin America. Professor Chartier received an Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. and Bank of Boston. Department of Education and the Department of Health to conduct a major review of the impact of the commercial world on children’s well-being. Dr. Rob Anthony. University of Bath. D. Harvard Business School.A.D.D. he negotiated alliances. and Greenovate! Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World. She works as a consultant to a range of governments.Learn from professors with real-world experience Hult faculty include: Nick Amdur.. he has also taught entrepreneurship at Babson College for over a decade. For a full list of Hult’s current faculty. and corporations.A. As a consultant. His research focuses on the intersection of technology. Dresdner Bank.. he has also successfully conducted over 25 large-system strategic. Professor Louie transformed it from a startup to a highly successful online retailer. A. Patrick Courtin. His banking expertise ranges from credit analysis to domestic and cross-border lending. Program. and education.K. government. University of California. and Huazhong University in Wuhan.B. and leadership development.A. Leadership. and executive policy experience in engineering.. M. Iowa State University. Bentley College. and partnership agreements in more than 30 countries.A.B. Wahyd Vannoni.A. He has consulted to universities and government bodies on the design and delivery of entrepreneurship programs internationally. Lawrence Louie. including Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization for Enduring Success and The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership.. foreign exchange. he has a broad practice in assisting global corporate clients in change management. She is a frequent press. Professor of Marketing M. Patel chairs Hult’s Innovation and Growth Action Learning Program in conjunction with the IXL Center. Professor Louie went on to become a faculty advisor at the University of San Francisco’s School of Business Incubator and direct the business school’s New Venture Center. She has served on government panels for the U. Professor of Finance Ph. Keith Merron.D. M. Harvard University Professor Yao-Cooper specializes in marketing. In 2005. A. As CEO. an operations consulting firm that focuses on enterprise and supply chain solutions. He has won many awards as an educator.D. Diplôme d’Ingénieur de l’Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité de Paris Dr. and quantitative methods. Federic Chartier. China. A. an organizational consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping organizations with bold visions achieve sustainable high performance and industry leadership. Prior to Hult. Columbia University. Occidental College Professor Anthony has pursued a dual career as a general management consultant and an 15 . and hedging interest rate risk. Boston University. Dr.

“I received a job offer before I graduated. DTZ Zadelhoff Netherlands. and critical thinking skills necessary to make decisions in a rapidly evolving. and professionals relevant to post-Master career objectives. and NGOs. Hult’s Career Services team works closely with students in their job search. Initially. intensive Master of International Business.” Stephano Bosman Junior Consultant. problem solving. stretching the capabilities of for-profit and non-profit organization managers and changing the way we do business. Concurrent Project Management specialization Hult’s Master program offers a unique Project Management specialization. The team will aim to develop insights about the particular industry and business. MIB Class of 2011 Project Management Specialization available Enhance your employability with project management skills The demand for skilled project managers is urgent
and growing. develop a business concept. Career opportunities Hult Career Services has created a comprehensive program to prepare students to conduct an intensive and successful job search. It was an exceptional opportunity for me to prove real-world business skill to my future employer that has paid dividends. and Accenture. or Shanghai. including New York or São Paulo. The three courses (each 3 credits) required for the specialization are: 1. family businesses. and strategy. marketing. Hult’s Global Campus Rotation Program Our business school has been ranked #1 in International Experience and #3 in International Business in the Financial Times (2012).58. economics. During the elective module. Hult’s Project Management specialization will equip you with the technical and people skills required to manage major projects for multinationals. and internship placements. under the guidance of a faculty advisor. PricewaterhouseCoopers. Project Planning and Execution 3. P  roject Quality and Risk Management 16 . students focus on learning hard skills in international finance. you can choose to remain at your home campus or study at a different Hult campus. Together. companies. You can pursue your MIB in Boston. like PepsiCo. Meet the challenges of the global marketplace A strong understanding of how the world is interconnected through finance. designed to give you the wide-range of skills needed in planning. Dubai. and medium. operations. please see p. P  roject Procurement and Contract Management 2. operations. we provide exposure to industries. preparing you fully for your future careers. through fieldwork and hands-on projects. London. Ernst & Young. Curriculum combines hard skills with lessons in decision making and strategy Hult’s MIB curriculum delivers an understanding of today’s global marketplace. students will help a business develop bold and bankable ideas for future growth. you will also gain the analytical. Major multinationals. Hult’s Action Projects ensure that you have the chance to apply what you have learned in a true business setting. and managing resources to meet business objectives. organizing. To ensure each student’s job search process is both efficient and strategic. Hult’s Master of International Business (MIB) degree helps students acquire practical business knowledge with a focus on international and cross-cultural understanding of the marketplace. securing. Subsequently. cross-cultural world.Master of International Business Launch your career directly after undergraduate studies with a one-year. and this was thanks to the Action Project. campus networking opportunities. For program fee. and strategy gives you an immediate head start to launch your careers. arranging recruiting fairs. scope. We firmly believe that an international perspective is crucial to understanding today’s business issues. Recognizing that innovation is key to sustaining a competitive advantage and driving growth. San Francisco. actively recruit graduates who have strong business skills and possess international perspectives. This degree is particularly well suited to recent university graduates (both business and non-business majors) who do not have extensive work experience. Hult’s Global Campus Rotation Program allows students to gain critical insights into the world’s key economies and firsthand international business experience. identify breakthrough ideas. Master students must take additional project management courses (9 credits) in addition to traditional Master degree coursework. Key projects are expanding in scale. and build an implementation plan to present to senior executives and CEOs. A 21st century Project Management curriculum Hult courses in Project Management
 are cutting-edge and impart skills of current and future applicability. marketing. Action Projects give you great exposure Our Action Projects give you exposure to real-world companies as you work in small teams coached by a mentor to solve a business problem or think of growth channels for leading companies. Deutsche Bank.

Who is this program for? Candidates with zero to three years’ work experience who are interested in fields related to international business. Campus locations • Boston • San Francisco • London • Dubai • Shanghai Rotation options • Boston • San Francisco • London • Dubai • Shanghai • New York • São Paulo

Start date September Program length 1 year How to apply Tuition fee please see page 58

General Contact Online Boston Tel +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco Tel +1 415 869 2900 Miami Tel +1 305 648 9746 Asia Pacific Tel +852 2111 2399 London Tel +44 207 341 8555 Lucerne Tel +41 41 417 45 75 Middle East, Africa, South Asia Tel +971 4 375 3088

Project Management specialization available

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Master of International Business

One-Year MIB Curriculum
Toolbox Foundations September
Individual Skills


Module A Fundamentals October–December

Module B Advancement January–February
Financial Management

Module C Mastery March–April

Team Skills

Organizational Behavior

Operations and I.T.

The Social Environment of Business

Managerial Skills

Global Economics


Professional Career Development

Courses may be offered out of this sequence. Electives are subject to availability and may not be offered on every campus. 3 Global Rotation is subject to availability.
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Master of International Business (39 American credits) Courses Credits* Toolbox 3 Module A 9 Module B 9 Module C 6 Module D 6 Module E 6 Total credits 39 Project Management specialization +9
* Typical sequence

Module D Concentration May–June
Sample electives2:

Module E Global Application July–August
Action Project

• Corporate Finance • Behavioral Finance • Entrepreneurship • Disruptive Business Models • Change Management • Leadership • International Negotiations • Digital Marketing & Social Media • Advertising & Promotion • New Product Development • Data Mining for Business Intelligence • Business Forecasting • Technology Strategy • Doing Business in China • Supply Chain & Logistics

Global Rotation Modules3


Investment banks.Master of Finance Hult’s Master of Finance program offers a relevant and rigorous education for professionals pursuing careers in corporate finance and international business. increase profitability. the role of the CFO and the finance team is expanding rapidly. Learn from experts in finance Hult’s faculty draws from real-world practitioners. Corporate Finance jobs and salaries have grown rapidly in the last few years. Students will be provided with a USD1 million simulated trading account. calls upon students to put knowledge and skills to the test as they become consultants for actual organizations working on real-world challenges. Gain a competitive edge in the world of corporate finance In today’s volatile economic times. you will apply course insights and appreciate forces impacting firm valuation. Hult’s Professor of Finance. and developing the communications and leadership skills needed for finance professionals to influence business partners. Hult’s professors remain close to the real business world. leading academics. Unlike at many other business schools. Experiential education for aspiring corporate finance leaders The MFIN program was designed with input from Fortune 1000 CFOs. Hult Pitch Book Action Project provides hands-on experience The capstone of Hult’s Master programs. you will experience the fast pace of a trading room and learn by doing. Global Rotation Modules3 20 . the Action Project. Working with mentors and presenting your pitches to experienced finance professionals and company executives. you will work in teams. serving as consultants or directors to some of the world’s largest companies. and a broad range of finance professionals. Study best practices with former finance executives and expert accounting professionals who have many years of combined experience in both business and academia. Take for instance Professor Dalko. and compete against peers. You will need to appreciate how behavioral finance and trading psychology affect shortterm volatility as you seek to pit yourself against colleagues and the market. In this Action Project. yet at the same time poor decisions quickly put the firm at risk. advisors. Corporate finance and accounting professionals have a bird’s eye view of the business as they “follow the money. Featured Elective: Trading program In this exciting elective. decrease expenses. and sustainably grow the value of the firm. Hult’s unique MFIN program targets the three critical elements for finance students —providing broad exposure to corporate finance topics and their interlinkages. the key skills acquired during the program will be tested in competition. They look at the best growth path for the company—whether acquisitions or organic expansion—and the best corporate structures and often provide internal consulting services to improve performance. Good financial decisions can maximize the value of the firm. to create a pitch book for target firms. acquiring the data and financial analytics skills required for entry-level roles.” looking for ways to free up capital. who taught at Harvard and was a national advisor to the National Bank and government of Hungary. While experiencing the thrill of a trading floor. Electives are subject to availability and may not be offered on every campus. One-Year Master of Finance Curriculum1 Toolbox Foundations September Module A Fundamentals Module B Advancement October—December January—March Module C Mastery March—April Module D Concentration May—June Module E Global Application July—August Action Project Introduction to the International Accounting Modeling and Analytics Financial Structuring Sample electives:2 • Advanced Accounting Finance Function Individual Skills Financial Reporting Team Skills Managerial Economics • Mergers and Acquisitions Corporate Financial Valuation • Large Investments & International Project Finance Management • Technology in Finance • The CFO of a Family Enterprise Internal Consulting • Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence and Control • Behavioral Finance • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management • Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Managerial Skills Professional Career Development 1 2 3 Courses may be offered out of this sequence. Global Rotation is subject to availability. and finance professionals use pitch books to present strategies to optimize the value of the firm.

Who is this program for? Candidates interested in obtaining a Master-level degree that can help to secure a career in international finance. Master of Finance goes East and West —available in London. Africa. you will gain an in-depth understanding of corporate finance and accounting.16 for more details) Earn a valuable credential to catapult you into international finance During this program. South Asia Tel +971 4 375 3088 Project Management specialization available ( Boston Tel +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco Tel +1 415 869 2900 Miami Tel +1 305 648 9746 Asia Pacific Tel +852 2111 2399 London Tel +44 207 341 8555 Lucerne Tel +41 41 417 45 75 Middle East. Shanghai. A Master of Finance signals that you possess a high degree of financial knowledge and skill. and the skills needed to become effective in finance roles at any 21 . and San Francisco Hult’s Master of Finance provides an extraordinary opportunity to live and study in three of the world’s major financial centers— London. You will learn how to crunch numbers. and San Francisco. Shanghai. You will gain a unique international perspective on global markets and be exposed to the most current thinking and practices in finance. Campus locations • London • Shanghai • San Francisco Rotation options • London • Shanghai • San Francisco Start date September Program length 1 year How to apply hult. Master of Finance (39 American credits) Courses Credits* Toolbox 3 Module A 9 Module B 9 Module C 6 Module D 6 Module E 6 Total credits 39 * Typical sequence hult. and persuade partners and managers to make the right decisions. tell the story behind the Tuition fee please see page 58 General Contact Online hult.

public relations efforts. branding. No matter where you choose to study. advertising campaigns. Hult’s Master of International Marketing (MIM) explores marketing on a global scale. A highly relevant education in both business and marketing Hult’s Master of International Marketing has been designed in collaboration with leading marketing professionals. MIM graduates continue on to industries and sectors as diverse as retail. Hult’s Master of International Marketing helps you harness your energy to think strategically and creatively about marketing in a global business context. You will learn fundamental marketing principles and practices from experts who bring a wealth of real-life experiences to the classroom. Consequently. and consumer goods. students will acquire a set of generalized skills in management and strategy as well as specialized skills in digital marketing. or London. leisure and tourism. Our Master of International Marketing program is available on Hult campuses in San Francisco. an exciting and expanding field. Hult offers an exceptional Master of International Marketing program designed to equip future managers with the marketing skills and savvy they will need to thrive in a highly competitive. Learn from marketing experts Hult’s MIM faculty combine extensive academic experience with in-depth practical knowledge. technology. Jump start your career straight from university Marketing plays a vital role in every major business.Master of International Marketing Clever marketing drives profit. rapidly changing global business environment. financial services. sales. every business manager must have an in-depth knowledge of modern marketing principles. brand building. Our Master of International Marketing goes global Study marketing in some of the world’s most active consumer markets. public relations. and product design. fashion. Global Rotation is subject to availability. Global Rotation Modules3 22 . One-Year of International Marketing Curriculum1 Toolbox Foundations September Individual Skills Team Skills Managerial Skills Module A Fundamentals Module B Advancement October—December January—March Understanding Advertising the Customer Module C Mastery April Module D Concentration May—June Module E Global Application July—August Action Project Pricing Strategy Sample electives:2 • Solutions Marketing • Strategic Brand Management New Product Sales PR & Corporate • Business-to-Business Marketing Development Communications • Foreign Market Entry Strategy • Digitizing Your Business Digital Marketing & Marketing Analytics • Digital Marketing Optimization Social Media • User Experience Design • Business Creativity from Digital Leadership Professional Career Development 1 2 3 Courses may be offered out of this sequence. Several Hult professors have managed their own marketing and communication firms or run major marketing initiatives for multinationals. A key to a promising career MIM graduates will understand the power of media in all its forms and have the critical communication skills to add value to any venture. product longevity. This combined business-marketing skill set prepares MIM students for a wide array of exciting careers that goes beyond functional marketing. advertising. As companies look to take their products and services into new markets and channels. Electives are subject to availability and may not be offered on every campus. Students that specialize in digital marketing will be able to advise clients on web-based strategies and techniques. Within 12 months. and pricing. with the power to make or break an enterprise’s success. You will be prepared to assist clients with their marketing strategies. manufacturing. and brand loyalty.

16 for more details) Action Project provides hands-on experience Conduct an in-depth survey of consumer preferences or devise an e-marketing strategy for a real-world company. Campus locations • San Francisco • London Rotation options • San Francisco • London Start date September Program length 1 year How to apply hult. Africa. students form small teams led by a faculty advisor to research real-life marketing issues and propose strategically sound and practical solutions.Who is this good for? Candidates with or without prior work experience who want to launch a career in marketing. Online advertising expenditures are projected to triple over the next five years. In the not-so-distant future. all marketers will need to have an in-depth knowledge of digital techniques. Hult’s Action Projects allow you to acquire practical marketing skills through “learning by doing. Hult was the first business school to launch a Master of Digital Marketing and has integrated the core components of that program into the MIM to equip students with the strategic marketing skills they will need to compete in today’s wired world. Digital media now plays a vital role in most advertising campaigns. Prepare yourself for the digital age Marketing has changed for good. South Asia Tel +971 4 375 3088 Project Management specialization available (p.” Gain firsthand knowledge during your consulting project for a marketing company or department. During the last module of the MIM 23 .edu/apply-now Tuition fee please see page 58 General Contact Online Boston Tel +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco Tel +1 415 869 2900 Miami Tel +1 305 648 9746 Asia Pacific Tel +852 2111 2399 London Tel +44 207 341 8555 Lucerne Tel +41 41 417 45 75 Middle East. and digital marketing has become a massive multibillion dollar global industry. Master of International Marketing (39 American credits) Courses Credits* Toolbox 3 Module A 9 Module B 9 Module C 6 Module D 6 Module E 6 Total credits 39 * Typical sequence hult.

Social entrepreneurs must be knowledgeable about contemporary global issues. Why is social entrepreneurship important now? Solutions to global social problems need innovative and entrepreneurial approaches more than ever. As a Clinton Global Initiative member. or government institutions. and political resources to support their project. Become part of Hult’s commitment to social change Hult is at the forefront of social entrepreneurship among the world’s leading business schools. and project development. Evidence indicates that social entrepreneurs are making a difference. calls upon students to put knowledge and skills to the test as they become consultants for actual organizations working on real-world challenges. and governments alike. problem solving innovation. Global Rotation is subject to availability. In some countries. not just in the classroom but in front of a real client. from increasing the availability of quality education for low-income students to fighting poverty in developing countries. political. The most important difference between a traditional business and a social enterprise is that profit is not the main motive. Increasingly. Global Rotation Modules3 24 .Master of Social Entrepreneurship Hult’s Master of Social Entrepreneurship is a highly practical program focused on how to apply business skills to important global social problems. At the same time. Learn how to deploy innovative business solutions to large-scale social issues. Pragmatic learning outcomes Hult’s pioneering Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) gives you the skills necessary to engage in successful issueadvocacy. financial. The enterprise must be sustainable and not incur losses. Social entrepreneurship is about “thinking” and “doing. Social entrepreneurship takes place in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. and adept at mobilizing human. central governments are reducing their expenditures on social issues. or environmental concerns as any profitmaking enterprise does. the Action Project. The scope of social entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurs tackle major social issues. They think about ways to combine resources in innovative ways to address social. either unable to fund expensive programs or concluding that traditional methods have failed to have impact. governments are looking into how social entrepreneurs are solving problems. Electives are subject to availability and may not be offered on every campus. What is social entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurs are often from the corporate sector or people who are business entrepreneurs passionate about social issues. One-Year of Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum1 Toolbox Foundations September Module A Fundamentals Module B Advancement October—December January—March Module C Mastery April Module D Concentration May—June Module E Global Application July—August Individual Skills Global Crises Social Innovation Social Impact Action Project Sample electives:2 Assessment • Entrepreneurial Finance • International Negotiations Team Skills Entrepreneurship Development Project Framing & • New Product Development Economics Bid Writing • Foreign Market Entry Strategy Managerial Skills Substainability Financing Social Stakeholder • Global Political Economy Enterprises Management • Corporate Social Responsibility • Change Management • Disruptive Business Models Professional Career Development 1 2 3 Courses may be offered out of this sequence. The program emphasizes building core business skills optimized for sociopolitical contexts. charities. solution-oriented. either via new ventures of their own or through existing for-profit. non-profit. needs are becoming greater and more complex. often in areas where government and international development may have failed. but the overall driving force is about maximizing social impact. Action Project provides hands-on experience The capstone of Hult’s Master programs. Hult is committed to tackling the world’s toughest social challenges through crowdsourcing innovative ideas and solutions from the world’s best and brightest business school students. and successful social entrepreneurs must build relationships with corporations.” and the Hult program is unique in placing you in a position to do both. Graduates will be empowered to act as effective leaders of change.

transferable in the for-profit or non-profit sectors. Graduates will be efficient collaborators and accomplished problem solvers and will always be asking the question. Students from business schools around the world compete in small teams to develop the best solutions to problems presented by a Clinton Global Initiative-affiliated non-profit. South Asia Tel +971 4 375 3088 Project Management specialization available (p. Hult awards the non-profit USD1 million as seed capital to help pilot winning ideas. Master of Social Entrepreneurship (39 American credits) Courses Credits* Toolbox 3 Module A 9 Module B 9 Module C 6 Module D 6 Module E 6 Total credits 39 * Typical sequence hult. Campus locations • San Francisco Rotation options • San Francisco • London Start date September Program length 1 year How to apply hult. “Why don’t we fix this problem?” Employers increasingly seek graduates with the right combination of keen business mind-sets. One Laptop per Child. Global career opportunities Graduates of Hult’s MSE have an exceptional knowledge base of key business skills coupled with project design and management in the social arena. global outlooks. Africa. especially in the development of 25 . This is a highly flexible tool kit. Solar Aid.16 for more details) The annual Hult Prize (formerly known as the Hult Global Case Challenge) showcases the school’s commitment to social entrepreneurship. Recent affiliates have involved Habitat for Tuition fee please see page 58 General Contact Online hult. or innovation Boston Tel +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco Tel +1 415 869 2900 Miami Tel +1 305 648 9746 Asia Pacific Tel +852 2111 2399 London Tel +44 207 341 8555 Lucerne Tel +41 41 417 45 75 Middle East.Who is this program for? Candidates with or without prior experience who want to launch a career in social entrepreneurship. and awareness of the ethical dilemmas facing modern multinational managers. and Water.

26 .One Global Economy. One Global Degree.

edu 27 .An International Perspective Boston San Francisco Shanghai London Dubai New York São Paulo hult.

Choose to stay on your home campus for the full year or spend up to 12 weeks taking electives on one or two other Campuses or Rotation Centers. Our global network ensures that your experience is uninterrupted and hassle-free. you’ll be able to put complex issues into context and gain new market insights. or Shanghai Rotation Centers for MIB students only: New York or São Paulo Module E Global Rotation July–August Graduation Remain at your home campus or choose to rotate to another Hult campus to take your Action Project (6 weeks). San Francisco. or Shanghai Module D Global Rotation1 May–June Remain at your home campus or choose to rotate to another Hult campus to take electives (6 weeks). No matter which Hult campus you are on. Home Campus Options: Boston. 1 2 28 . Dubai. London. 3 Graduation is only available on a home campus: Boston. Imagine starting your Master program in London and then spending time in Shanghai before graduating in Boston.3 Campuses: Boston. or Shanghai. Hult prides itself on being the full provider of the Global Campus Rotation. Seamless experience from Hult to Hult Our Global Campus Rotation is fully integrated into our curriculum. study. Each campus hosts different career fairs and panels during Global Campus Rotation to help you launch an international career. San Francisco. Not all campuses are available to all Master programs. San Francisco. Modules A-C Home Campus September–April Start your degree program on your home campus. you will use the same electronic library and the same Course Management System and will be familiar with the way our Career Services and Student Services work. You’ll mingle with Hult classmates from other campuses during your Global Campus Rotation and build valuable contacts as you study alongside new faces and learn from different faculty on our campuses. Immerse yourself in the world’s most influential cities Hult’s Global Campus Rotation gives you the chance to study in up to three of our seven locations. or Shanghai Rotation Centers for MIB students only : New York or São Paulo Global Rotation is subject to availability. This provides you with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the emerging markets of the Middle East and the powerhouse economy of China or to develop a broad network of corporate contacts across multiple continents. Capitalize on Hult’s expert Career Services offered on each campus to gain personalized professional job advice in the local market. Dubai. London. San Francisco. It’s a truly life-changing experience that only Hult can deliver. Dubai. Please refer to the program pages for rotation specifics. A closer look at international business By learning international business in a global setting. Please see individual Master pages for program-specific rotation options. Dubai. Study risk management on our Dubai campus and compare your ideas to those of regional thought leaders. Discuss a case study about the manufacturing industry in China and then go on a tour of the world’s largest textile factory. Campuses2: Boston. London. London. and experience international business firsthand in up to three continents. Unlike most business schools that offer their students study abroad opportunities through exchange programs with other institutions. Nothing can replace the experience of getting an on-the-ground understanding of what is happening in different parts of the world— international business cannot just be taught in a classroom.Global Campus Rotation Hult offers you the extraordinary opportunity to live. 29 .

marketing. This internationally acclaimed building has excellent facilities that include an on-site restaurant with a bar and outdoor patio. fund management. Strong school spirit Our intensive one-year Master program fosters a strong sense of school spirit. and drinks at Lingo—the list goes on. fund management. Within walking distance of historic Beacon Hill. Join any number of Hult’s student-run clubs: the Hult Finance and Investment Club. Asian Business Club. finance. 30 . Marketing Club. from alumni gatherings and networking receptions to Celtics basketball and Red Sox baseball outings. Boston also serves as headquarters to biotechnology. This is a great place to build business contacts. or Art Club. Consulting Club. consulting. The birthplace of the management consulting field. Latin American Club. publisher of Forbes magazine. down the street from the great universities of MIT and Harvard and America’s top biotechnology. as our campus is a magnet for an impressive array of speakers. nonprofit. America’s top student town Set on the banks of the Charles River with great views of downtown Boston from your classroom. family barbeques. our campus was designed by renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell. and healthcare firms. Families and partners are readily integrated into the student community and are always welcome to join activities. or supply chain at industry insight panels held on campus. or learn about trends and opportunities in pharmaceuticals. HR. At any given time you may listen to guest speakers like Steven Forbes. Hult Boston is in a prime location. Hult Boston is always buzzing with events. and a host of other key industries.Boston Hult’s Boston campus sits on the banks of the Charles River.

Tel: +1 617 746 1990 hult. workshops. mock interviews. Common Angels. United Way. Class of 2011 Interiors designed by renowned architect Thomas Sandell. and Monitor } Top of Innovation Cities Global Index } Knowledge-based economy stems from region’s educational excellence: Harvard and MIT are close-by } Financial services center— global headquarters for Fidelity and State Street } Strong reputation for venture capital } Prestigious healthcare industry with 17 renowned hospitals Cambridge Harvard University MIT Charles River Boston University Back Bay Charlestown Boston Naval Shipyard East Boston Financial District Boston Inner Harbor Boston Hult welcomes candidates to visit any campus year-round and meet with our dedicated Academics.Somerville Vermont Hult Boston 1 Education Street Cambridge. Genscape.S. I can’t think of a better way to equip myself with both a practical competency and a global 31 . Kepha Programs offered MBA Master of International Business Project Management Specialization Option Boston business glimpse } Headquarters of consulting giants Bain. Philips. Student Services. and Genzyme } Career Day featuring company presentations. Demandware. snapshot of past events } Hosted Executive Speaker Steve Forbes } Visits to Google. and networking opportunities with Nokia. Iron Mountain. and . Boston campus life. and Career Services teams.” Molly Wu China. Register on hult. Microsoft. Massachusetts 02141 U. MassChallenge. I have gained the confidence and business savvy needed to get plugged in to the world. BCG.406 Ventures Northeastern University Boston University Medical Campus South Boston New York “My one year at Hult has been an extraordinary and unique experience. and Best Doctors } Hult Venture Capital Summit includes keynote speakers from IBM.

Study in the heart of San Francisco Hult’s San Francisco campus is located in Levi’s Plaza. to Startupism 2012. Formerly a dot-com headquarters. Hult San Francisco offers a vibrant. a fully equipped computer center. a video conferencing station.000 square feet. Epicenter of the high-tech world San Francisco’s Bay Area is the epicenter of the world’s hightech industry. 32 . all with high-speed wireless access. is home to an extraordinary array of breakthrough companies including Google. which featured keynotes by “Innovation Guru” Phil McKinney and savvy tech investor Steve Jurvetson. Silicon Valley. San Francisco is the place to learn about innovation—like this past year’s tour to Stanford’s Persuasion Lab. just south of the city. breathtaking scenery. The city’s entrepreneurial culture. Apple. The entire city of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are easily accessible: the campus is in walking distance from the financial district and Fisherman’s Wharf and close to the city’s vibrant cultural and shopping venues. contemporary studying experience—fitting for a city that leads the world’s high-tech industry. and economic clout make it a great place to live and study. and eBay. Hult San Francisco’s spacious and modern campus boasts four amphitheater-style classrooms. and stylish student lounges.San Francisco Hult’s downtown San Francisco campus. Even the events are innovative—from Hult’s co-hosted TEDx Food Revolution Day with local chefs and food entrepreneurs and the student-organized Business without Borders. student breakout rooms. Covering 45. adjacent to historic Telegraph Hill. a forum about global business.

Wells Fargo. Apple. People from all over the world with different backgrounds and open minds are working. Dwell Magazine. Class of 2011 Enjoy our newly refurbished and contemporary school. and Career Services teams. San Francisco campus life. Cisco.S. and Gap were born here } Hub for new global green technology industry Chinatown Nob Hill Financial District San FranciscoOakland Bay Bridge Pacific Heights Union Square Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall Mission Hult welcomes candidates to visit any campus year-round and meet with our dedicated Academics.” Vincent Veyrie France. Tel: +1 415 869 2900 hult. the students at Hult are an incredible source of knowledge. a culture. Register on hult. or yourself. Booz & Company. One of the main strengths of the school comes from its diversity. Cisco. founder of Wikipedia } Startupism 2012 } Business Without Borders forum } Retail industry panel including student fashion show to benefit United Way and YWCA } Company visits to IBM. and wine— beloved American brands like Levi’s. and Twitter } Consumer industries in retailing. learning. Programs offered MBA Master of International Business Master of International Marketing Master of Social Entrepreneurship Project Management Specialization Option San Francisco business glimpse } San Francisco Bay Area center of social media revolution } Home to Google. Pottery Barn. and Stanford Persuasion Lab } Giants baseball game at 3M Stadium } Executives from Morgan Stanley. Intel. snapshot of past events } Executive Speaker Jimmy Wales. Student Services. There is no day at Hult when you don’t learn something about a Haight-Ashbury San Francisco International San Jose Airport Silicon Valley “Along with the excellence of its academics. California 94111 U. and sharing together. and Microsoft speak on campus } American Fourth of July celebration hult.San Francisco Bay Fisherman’s Wharf North Beach Hult San Francisco 1355 Sansome Street San 33 . clothing. Facebook.

Covent Garden’s theaters. Central London at your doorstep Located in the center of London. With so many leading companies headquartered in London. The British capital is home to 100 of Europe’s top 500 companies. and more keep the campus buzzing with fun activities and top guest speakers from companies like Facebook. all at your doorstep. Hult Global News Online. Finance Club. Model UN. Marylebone’s boutiques. Oxford Street’s shops. with one of the most diverse populations of any city on the planet. The world’s most influential city Live and study in the world’s economic hub—London. You are within striking distance of the best that London has to offer: world-class museums and parks. As a Hult student. and Soho’s exciting nightlife. Hult’s campus is a newly refurbished landmark building that overlooks Gray’s Inn Garden in the famous literary and academic district of Bloomsbury. and Accenture.London Hult House is in London’s Bloomsbury district. 34 . Real Madrid Football Club. our campus is the perfect launch pad for a successful career in international business. Creative Industries Club. you will benefit from what economists call the “cluster effect”: the added value of studying in London where the close concentration of so many top academic institutions creates learning and networking opportunities. Student-led clubs like the Consulting Club.

and financial planning Senate Library Russell Square Barbican Museum of London Oxford Circus Covent Garden St Paul’s Cathedral Trafalgar Square Southbank Centre Waterloo Green Park St James’ Park Big Ben Hult welcomes candidates to visit any campus year-round and meet with our dedicated Academics. which has a diverse range of programs. London’s Mayor } “How to get recruited for your dream marketing job” workshop with BCG branding manager and recruiting consultants } Influential leadership speaker Marshall Goldsmith } Queen’s Julbilee celebrations 6 hult. Student Services. and Career Services teams. This is mirrored by Hult’s campus. snapshot of past events } Executive Speaker Richard Reed. London campus life. There is always something going 35 .edu/visit Victoria “London is steeped in culture and history. Tel: +44 207 341 8555 Programs offered MBA Executive MBA Master of International Business Master of Finance Master of International Marketing Project Management Specialization Option London business glimpse } Home to 100 of Europe’s top 500 companies } Top of Global Financial Centers Index } Most visited city in the world } Biggest economy in Europe.K. generating more than USD400 billion a year } 2012 Summer Olympic Games } Global leader in wealth management. Founder of Innocent drinks } Hult House Grand Opening } Company visits to London Stock Exchange and Bloomberg } Innotech Summit featuring Boris Johnson. Class of 2011 Relax in our comfortable indoor space.Regent’s Park Hult London 37-38 John Street London WC1N 2AT U. Register on hult.” Emily Bonnell Territory Sales PepsiCo Canada. which in turn is reflected by the diverse range of students that you meet. private banking. hedge funds.

Dubai Marina is also only a short taxi journey away. Hult Dubai’s impressive contact list means that our students get to meet with experts in industries from logistics to finance (the campus hosted over 50 guest speakers last year). com. at company visits and on campus. East meets West in Dubai Modern. logistics. As one of the most compelling cities in the Middle East. minutes from beautiful sandy beaches. with over 80 percent of the population hailing from outside the United Arab Emirates. all year-round. Microsoft. and unparalleled facilities. HP . an environment that attracts innovative companies and offers rich networking opportunities. Yahoo. and nestled between Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village. Home to more than 150 nationalities. Intel.Dubai Dubai’s ultra-modern city is the gateway to the Middle East. Dubai has also been reinventing itself as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan—it is the region’s center for finance. Google. industry building programs. fascinating. 36 . Situated within walking distance of the ultra-modern Dubai Metro. dynamic campus Hult Dubai’s new campus is located in Dubai Internet City (DIC). Booking. and Cisco are just some of the global companies with offices in DIC. The DIC also hosts the Majid Bin Mohammed Innovation Center. Hult Dubai is conveniently located. and safe. and aviation. shipping. a technology start-up incubator that aims to foster entrepreneurship. boasting a vibrant nightlife. Hult’s futuristic campus is bathed in natural light and is a hive of activity. Dubai is an important gateway for trade flow between the East and West. Dubai is the preferred regional headquarters for many of the world’s multinationals operating in the Middle East. Dynamic city. Hult’s Dubai campus. Hult Dubai is a gathering point for international talent. Dell. Designed by internationally renowned architects.

O.A. and Career Services teams. ‘What on earth do I need to learn this for?’ Hult’s teaching method allows you to learn and develop tools and apply them to a real business scenario.Hult Dubai Internet City P. Savola Foods. Class of 2011 Dubai campus life. Box 502988 Dubai. Tel: +971 4375 3088 Programs offered MBA Master of International Business Executive MBA Project Management Specialization Option Dubai business glimpse } Middle East’s leading city for international business. Register on hult. and Emirates Flight Catering } Indoor skiing } Camel safaris } Employer Branding Event on campus with Red Bull. snapshot of past events } Kayaking around the Palm Jumeirah island } Desert safari } Company visits to Emirates.” Jan Steinhoff Business Development Adidas Germany. 37 . Dubai Outsource Zone Dubailand India Oman “For the first time as a student I did not constantly ask myself. Student Services.E. and Qatar Foundation } PADI diving certificate courses } Exclusive recruiting events with GE and Ernst & Young Middle East 5 6 hult. founded on reputation for cultural tolerance } More than 80% of the population are expats } Major retail center with biggest mall in the world } Regional hub for financial services } Growing Islamic finance industry } One of the world’s busiest international airports The Gulf Dubai Marina Burj Al Arab Dubai Media City Dubai Knowledge Village Burj Khalifa Dubai Investment Park Dubai Metro Dubai Airport Dubai Silicon Oasis Saudi Arabia Hult welcomes candidates to visit any campus year-round and meet with our dedicated Academics. Dubai Duty Free. This makes the learning experience much more profound and gives you confidence to deal with the challenges of a professional work environment. 3M Innovation Center.

and the extraordinary Shanghai Museum. and student lounges. Feel the incredible energy behind the world’s most populous nation at our centrally located People’s Square school. With nearly 23 million residents. Hult puts you in the center of one of the most transformative cities on earth.Shanghai Limited Free Accommodation* Hult’s Shanghai campus. Footsteps away are Shanghai’s most famous shopping street. computer laboratories. Nanjing Road. Live in the world’s fastest-growing economy Shanghai is a city of breathtaking transformations—with towering skyscrapers springing up next to ancient lane houses and sophisticated boutiques emerging out of open-air markets. financial. while residential accommodation is a short commute away. Amazing downtown location Hult’s downtown People’s Square campus sits in the heart of the city’s commercial. 38 . Convenient subway and public transportation access make exploring the city easy. Our school recently won first place in an architectural interior design competition for its state-of-the-art classrooms. The ascendancy of China as an economic superpower centers around Shanghai. and social scene. retail. Shanghai is one of the world’s largest cities and is considered China’s most cosmopolitan metropolis.” Shanghai boasts unrivaled cultural status in China as the birthplace of new trends and life-changing ideas. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient.

snapshot of past events } Investor Jim Rogers speaks at campus grand opening } Company visits to Tsingtao Brewery. For full details on terms and conditions please refer to page 59. I learned more about the world in one year with Hult than I have in my entire life. hult. Swatch Programs offered* MBA Master of International Business Master of Finance Executive MBA Project Management Specialization Option * Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus are not available for China nationals. Class of 2011 Experience China firsthand at Hult Shanghai. Shanghai campus life. and the amazing cities you live in. you get to have some of the greatest experiences through the relationships you make. the knowledge you cultivate. Student 39 .T. and Dubai. London. Kearney } CEOs of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Sherpa’s discuss food services business in China * For a limited number of students only. Register on hult.” Arnaud Colin Project Management Hult France. San Pudong International Airport “At Hult. Jinling Haixin Building 666 Fuzhou Road Huangpu District Shanghai 200001 China Tel: +852 2111 2399 hult. and Shanghai Stock Exchange } “Job Opportunities in China” panel with top executive recruiters } Executive Speaker AirAsia X CEO } Hospitality and online travel panel wtih Hilton Hotel Regional head and A. the best-attended trade fair in world history Huangpu Nanjing Road Municipal Library People’s Square Huangpu River The Bund Oriental Pearl Television Tower Jin Mao Tower Shanghai Grand Theatre Shanghai Museum Yuyuan Garden Huaihai Park Fuxing Park Xintiandi Pudong Hult welcomes candidates to visit any campus year-round and meet with our dedicated Academics.Huzhou Assembly Hall Beijing Jiaotong Park Hanzhong Square Children’s Park Shanghai Railway Museum Hult Shanghai 4th Floor. We encourage Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s other campuses in Boston. Shanghai business glimpse } Biggest city in the world’s largest emerging economy } Center of China’s growing affluent middle class } Home to China’s largest stock exchange } World’s busiest container port } Growing pharmaceutical hot spot } Capital of China’s fashion scene } Host of 2010 Shanghai World Expo. and Career Services teams.

New York boasts the headquarters of 45 Fortune 500 companies and is a major hub for foreign corporations. which occupy 10% of the city’s private sector jobs. Culture yourself with a Broadway show or an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. The world’s media & financial capital Boost your career with experience in the world’s most influential city. Upload photos from New York Fashion Week or from behind the dugout at Yankee Stadium. New York is the global epicenter of culture and commerce. and Central Park minutes away from your classroom. Fifth Avenue. Visit worldrenowned destinations such as Times Square. Feel at home in the world’s most diverse city with people speaking 800 languages and all saying one thing: I Y New York. Check out celebrities in Soho or a late-night party in the Meatpacking District. The city that never sleeps Experience Hult’s new global rotation campus in central Manhattan.Times Square West 30th Street Heliport Midtown South Central Grand Central Terminal Kips bay Empire State Building Global Rotation Center Vermont Meatpacking District Flatiron District 5th Ave Union Square West Village Gramercy Park Somerville Cambridge Harvard University MIT Charlestown Boston Naval Shipyard For MIB students only Boston Inner Harbor New East Boston Peter Cooper Village Glucksman Ireland House Cooper Square MoSorley’s Hudson Square East Village New York Financial District Charles River Stuyvesant Town Boston Boston University Back Bay Northeastern University Boston University Medical Campus South Boston New York SoHo Bowery New York NoLita Tribeca Little Italy New York Public Library Hamilton Fish Park Wall Street Civic Center Chinatown Williamsburg Bridge Study and live in one of the world’s most powerful cities. Through Hult’s partnership with the pioneering Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. New York is among the most competitive cities in the world—if you can make it here. Global powerhouses including Goldman Sachs. 40 . The Empire State Building. Learn from the leading academics and executives on what makes businesses tick in real time. rotate to New York and study in the landmark Cooper Union buildings in Cooper Square. From the fortunes made on Wall Street to the trendsetting on Madison Avenue. and Time Warner are based in Manhattan alongside tech start-ups like Foursquare. American Express. Morgan Stanley. you can make it anywhere.

Buenos Aires. Enjoy a concert at the Sala São 41 . and entrepreneurial flair make it a force to be reckoned with. a popular acronym for the world’s most important emerging markets.000 other events held in São Paulo each year. Itau UniBanco (the tenth largest bank in the world). Brazil has become a world cultural destination attracting visitors from all over the world. feel the energy and excitement of Brazilian football at the interactive Museu do Futebol. Use São Paulo as your launch pad to explore Latin America with short-haul flights to Rio de Janeiro. and Santiago. the city is key for tapping into this important growth market. hult. With more than 60% of foreign companies based in Brazil having head offices in São Paulo. and see what the legendary Brazilian nightlife has to offer. São Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil—already the world’s tenth largest city by GDP and growing so rapidly that by 2025 it is expected to rise to sixth place ahead of Paris. All eyes on Brazil Learn from the brightest minds in business and experience this increasingly prominent city with Hult’s global rotation campus in São Paulo. Latin America’s largest economy Improve your resumé by gaining firsthand experience in Brazil. the “b” in BRICS. The host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Explore Brazilian culture—from the famous Carnival to the 90. highly skilled workforce. Brazil’s combination of rich natural resources. offered in partnership with one of Brazil’s leading business schools Fundação Dom Cabral. and Grupo Pão de Açúcar (the second largest retailer in Latin America) are just some of the major corporations with offices in São Paulo. AmBev.Jóquel Clube de São Paulo Transamérica Hospitality Group Jóquel Clube de São Paulo Transamérica Hospitality Group São Paulo Itaim Bibi Global Rotation Center Somerville Vermont Itaim Bibi São Paulo Charlestown East Boston Cambridge Harvard University MIT Morumbi Cidade Jardim Boston Naval Shipyard Coliseu São Paulo Charles River Financial District Boston Inner Harbor Boston Hotel Caesar Business São Paulo Faria Lima For MIB students only Vila Olinda New Cidade Jardim Coliseu Hotel Caesar Business São Paulo Faria Lima Morumbi Vila Olinda Boston University Back Bay Vila Olimpia Vila Olimpia Quality Hotel Moema Panorama Northeastern University Jardim Blue Tree Berrini Quality Hotel Moema Vila Uberabinha Jardim Panorama Blue Tree Berrini Vila Uberabinha Boston University Medical Campus South Boston New York Real Parque / Luis de Bragança Praça Ináco Pereira Moema Jardim Novo Mundo Recanto Paraiso Real Parque / Luis de Bragança Praça Ináco Pereira Recanto Paraiso Jardim Esplanada Moema Jardim Novo Mundo Jardim Esplanada Gran Estamplaza Cidade Moncoes Novotel São Paulo Morumbi Bourbon Street Music Club Gran Estamplaza Novotel São Paulo Morumbi Cidade Moncoes Bourbon Street Music Club Congonhas Airport Congonhas Airport São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the commercial capital of Latin America.

Accelerate Your International Career 42 .

edu 43 .” Martina Limoni Consumer Marketing Manager. Philips Italy. Master of International Business Class of 2011 hult.“The international profile Hult gives you is what companies are looking for today—it’s no longer enough to speak a foreign language.

and rate the city’s best locations. read reviews on latest restaurants. which aggregates real-time feedback on discussion questions and group presentations. Hult Tutorials on Demand Hult Tutorials on Demand (TOD) are short topic-specific videos. and text options. and share documents. engage in online discussions with your classmates. productivity and study tools. myHult also gives you access to the school’s Academic Gateway. iHult Campus App iHult. create groups. Android. Review a TOD video before class to prepare or after class for a refresher. general news.Get Connected Recognized as a leading adopter of technology in education. iPad-enhanced learning Hult was the first school to deploy iPad technology for graduate business students around the world and we continue to innovate with this learning platform. Students also have access to Hult Instant Polling. 44 . and a campus directory. ensuring everyone has a voice in the classroom. giving you easy access to everything Hult. and Blackberry. and media-rich interactive textbooks. Hult’s innovative learning platforms elevate your experience beyond the traditional classroom. which contains program preparation materials and exercises. available on Apple. interactive learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. you’ll enjoy a richer. Each short video walks you through a concept with practical examples. including event photos. With myCourses. Facebook. and seamlessly collaborate wtih your teammates and faculty. photos. Manage your course assignments in one easy to use integrated calendar. myCourses sends instant notification of course updates. You can check out our archive of Executive Speaker videos and create your own personalized events calendar. keeps you connected to information about your campus. Students receive their iPads on their first day and obtain custom training from Apple professionals on learning apps. travel. You can also get a sneak peak of your new campus and city. share news. You can personalize your course with email. Accessible via multiple formats (including iPads). View TOD videos at your own pace and as many times as necessary. and videos. myCourses myCourses is a customized learning system that enables you to access digital coursework. TOD videos enrich the learning experience by giving you an opportunity to review more challenging topics from quantitative courses like Accounting and Finance. myHult Meet your classmates before arriving to campus with our custom-built web portal where students can create personal profiles.

edu 45 .hult.

PepsiCo Michael Dukakis Former U.Be Inspired Hult’s Executive Speaker Series gives you access to the world’s brightest minds who share their stories. Garage Technology Ventures George Fisher Former CEO. We make sure you get out of the classroom and in front of some of the best business people and companies in the world. and valuable professional advice. Merrimack Pharmaceutical Guy Kawasaki Founder. presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts. is a featured Hult Executive Speaker. President Bill Clinton and Steve Wozniak. Forbes Media Jimmy Wales Founder. George Fisher. media.S. Presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Ian Davis Former Managing Director. Jonathan Reckford CEO. Wikipedia Jim Rogers Co-founder.A. Founder of Wikipedia. and social enterprise. Habitat for Humanity Former guest speakers President Bill Clinton 42nd President of the U. CEO of AirAsia X. Palladium Anil Kapur Formerly of the World Bank. Monitor Harry Markopolos “The Madoff Whistleblower” Ulrich Nielsen CTO. arts and culture. to Jimmy Wales. from industry mavericks to distinguished corporate titans: Jimmy Wales. “Frankly. thoughts on the latest business trends. a select group of representatives of business. Marc Biver CEO.S. Innocent Nalya Al Khaja U. answers. Our Executive Speaker Series is composed of open forums for questions. speaks to students on campus. 46 .E. founder of Wikipedia. academia. I doubt if [Harvard] has anything like the international experience that you’re getting with this incredibly diverse student body. BzzAgent Jonathan Rowe COO. Citigroup. Motorola and Kodak Dave Balter Founder and CEO. Quantum Fund Steve Wozniak Co-founder. Apple Computer and former President and CEO. Access to pioneering thinkers and business trendsetters From former U. government. In addition to our Executive Speaker Series. Michael Dukakis. Steven Forbes. Canon Middle East John Sculley Former CEO. GeneExpress Jimmy Wales. the co-founder of Apple. investment guru.S. Hult brings speakers on campus as well as hosts speakers off campus. Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Founder.” Jimmy Wales. Steve Forbes Chairman. founder of Wikipedia. civil society. Azran Osman-Rani. Former U. AirAsia X Richard Reed Co-founder. speaks at Hult Shanghai. Previous speakers on campus form an impressive roster. and Jim Rogers. Hublot Watches Scan this barcode with your mobile phone to watch an Executive Speaker event. McKinsey & Co. and the latest business practices and industry insights. Apple Computer Azran Osman-Rani CEO.S. you can catch thought leaders at TEDx Hult International Business School events held each campus throughout the year. Editorin-Chief of Forbes magazine. and McKinsey & Co. former CEO of Motorola and Kodak. Founder of Wikipedia Hult Executive Speaker Series San Francisco David Contrada Partner. Hult attracts an impressive array of thought leaders.’s first female film producer and Brand Ambassador. Grameen Bank Ronald Jonash Head of Innovation. Hult’s speakers also include Young Global Leaders (under 40).

hult. Founder Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient (left). 54th Governor of New York (right). John Sculley John Sculley. Nalya Al Khaja. Muhammad Yunus. speaks about leadership in London. Steve Forbes. speaks at Hult Dubai. speaks at Hult Shanghai’s grand opening. 42nd U.S. speaks with Hult Professor Hitendra Patel (left) about game-changing innovation. Co-founder of Innocent smoothie brand. American investor. and co-founder of the Quantum Fund. President. at the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge Final. at the Hult Prize Final (formerly the HGCC) in New York City. UAE’s first female film producer. Steve Wozniak. Co-founder of Apple Computer (right). Jim Rogers. presents at Hult Boston. best-selling author. Former CEO of Apple and former CEO of PepsiCo. Richard 47 . speaks at Hult London.Former President Bill Clinton. and Governor Mario Cuomo. Chairman of Forbes Media.

Your Future 48 .

“One year at Hult gave me a competitive edge over other candidates in my job search. Accenture Germany. Master of International Business Class of 2010 hult. I also learned how to present myself. and got to know my strengths. developed my soft 49 . Besides the technical competencies that I learned in class.” Philipp Sauren Analyst.

San Francisco. and achieve their professional career goals. group discussions.Global Career Opportunities A Hult degree amplifies your career possibilities and accelerates your earning power. Professional Career Development Our Professional Career Development course is a two-credit class that provides students with the necessary skills to define. Corporate recruiting Hult has established relationships with top companies around the world and takes a multifaceted approach to maximizing recruitment opportunities for students that includes company presentations. and video conferencing for international interviews. Career Services Hult’s global Career Services has dedicated staff in Boston. interviewing. Our approach is detail-oriented and personalized according to each student’s needs. on-campus recruiting. set. and executives. networking. This course includes classes. London Master of International Business students saw the largest rise in their earning power in 2011. Overall. ensuring that the advice you receive is practical and realistic. so our Career Services team puts a huge emphasis on one-to-one coaching to help students create and execute a strategy tailored to their own ambitions. The Economist has year after year ranked our school as #1 for post-graduation salary increase. and industry insights. and Shanghai who work with you to prepare you for the job search process and the international job market. We publish a student profile book and provide employers with access to our online database of student resumés. Tap into the relationships that Hult Career Services and Corporate Relations have forged with companies. Dubai. individual advice Career goals are unique and personal. from Career Services to Corporate Relations to an active alumni network. 126% Master program salary increase 50 . #1 Post-graduation salary increase Hult graduates command higher earning power as a result of their degree. a corporate visitation program. Topics focusing on career decision marking. Hult Master students enjoyed an average of a 126% postgraduation salary increase. recruiters. We specialize in helping you secure job opportunities around the world. internships. Tailored. resumé and cover letter writing. Our global career services team offers a wealth of experience not only in career advisory work but also in corporate recruiting and learning and development. and salary negotiation skills equip students with the tools to both begin their career search and manage their career over the long term. London. personal branding. Teams of experienced professionals are at your service. special guest speakers.

Not adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).edu 51 . Post-Master Industry 12% Professional Services 1% Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology/ Healthcare Produts 4% Petroleum/Energy 12% Non-profit 10% Media/ Entertainment 3% Real Estate 12% Technology 13% Consulting 10% Consumer Products 18% Financial Services Top 12 employers • PricewaterhouseCoopers • Ernst & Young • Procter & Gamble • Accenture • Deloitte Consulting • KPMG • Philips • Santander • BNP Paribas • Credit Suisse • EF Education First  • EMC 1% Government 4% Manufacturing hult.621 Average starting Salary * 105.Master career statistics (Class of 2011) Post-Master Function 9% Operations/Logistics 23% Consulting 16% Finance/ Accounting 13% General Management 56.509 Top 10% Average starting Salary 34% Marketing/Sales 3% Information Technology 2% Human Resources 81% Employed within three months OF graduation * Not including bonus.

Your New Net Worth 52 .Broaden your horizons.

and cultures. You will have a lifelong network of friends and contacts that spans continents. Where do Hult graduates work? 53 .A Rewarding Future The value of your Hult degree continues to grow after you graduate. industries. languages. Join our international community of alumni with unparalleled global connections.

54 .

enabling you to hear world leaders speak. The 2012 Global Alumni Summit was held in Bali. Scan this barcode with your mobile phone to see Hult’s Global Alumni Summit in Bali. Free electives for the rest of your life Keep your knowledge at the cutting edge with free electives for the rest of your life at any campus you have a valid visa for. Hult has welcomed more than 250 alumni to the Executive Speakers. and featured a keynote speech from Madam Mbaranga Gasarabwe (MBA Boston 1991). and business opportunities. share information. Richard Reed. Hult LinkedIn The Hult Alumni LinkedIn group allows you to connect with members around the world. provides excellent access to international contacts in a wide range of industries and functions. Madrid) • Bidding Strategies (Brussels. From Tokyo to Caracas. (All you have to pay for is your flight and accommodation costs. hult. run by a committee of past graduates and current students. Indonesia. Steve Forbes. available for Hult graduates only. Global Alumni Summit Every year. Azran Osman-Rani. open to Hult alumni only. connect with former classmates. Electives can be compressed over a long weekend. reconnect with former classmates. Alumni Chapters Hult Alumni Chapters help you connect professionally and socially with other graduates.Global Alumni Network Join Hult’s alumni network of our 8. alumni from around the world come together in chapter-led reunions to celebrate their graduation. including Jimmy Wales. continuous learning. social gatherings. Master classes in alumni cities Unable to join for an elective? We bring Master Classes to our alumni worldwide—free of charge. Munich) • Entrepreneurship (Abu Dhabi) Hult Connect App Hult Connect is an iPhone/iPad and Android app designed to access the Hult alumni database. reunions. letting you return to the classroom without interrupting work. Frankfurt) • Social Media (Milan. UN Assistant Secretary General for Safety and Security. and post job offers and relevant business news. Locate alumni on its worldwide map. All Hult alumni can take one elective per year at no cost except the course materials fee (USD100 in 2012) and flight and accommodation costs. offering a support system for networking. On-campus events and Executive Speakers Alumni are welcome back onto campus for our high-profile networking events. The Hult LinkedIn group is an exclusive online forum to network with high-profile senior executives. makes announcements. Our alumni engage in discussions. and keep their skills up-to-date with a pocket MBA. The Alumni Association. Hult manages this group. and follow school news.) Classes offered this year included: • Leading in Multicultural Organizations (Moscow. and events using this innovative app. and Nalya Al 55 . and posts invitations to events.000 professionals around the world. there are active Hult Alumni Chapters in 26 world cities.

Your fellow Executive MBA peers are drawn from a wide cross-section of industries. are able to recoup their investment in a little over a year. or San Francisco via Dubai or New York. and over half of our students spend time on more than one campus. or study monthly. Students could begin in Boston. on average. During your MBA you can start anywhere and go anywhere. we have a schedule that suits your needs. Executive MBA A part-time MBA designed for professionals who seek to enhance their credentials and knowledge while gaining an international perspective. and Shanghai with rotations to New York or São Paulo Our Executive MBA program is offered at Hult in London. or Shanghai with the option to pursue your electives on any one of our other campuses including New York or São Paulo. and learning from faculty with American. then travel to Shanghai via London or São Paulo. with classes taught over four consecutive days a month. Start your Executive MBA studies on a home campus in London. gain valuable credentials. Global Campus Rotation Hult offers students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study. Build an impressive network Successful professionals have extensive networks. Whether you are based in the same city or region as our campus or need to take the time out to travel. understand cultures. Offered in London. top-ranked. identical to Hult’s fully accredited. Study weekly. taking into account the needs and constraints of our students. Why do students choose the most international MBA? Unrivaled global perspective Today’s global economy rewards people who can traverse borders. and operate in international contexts. Highly flexible part-time program available weekly or monthly Hult’s Executive MBA offers an unusually high degree of flexibility. full-time MBA program. Hult’s global Career Services teams are experts on identifying and securing job opportunities for global professionals. there is no better place to study Acknowledged as #1 in International Experience and #3 in International Business in the Financial Times (2012). and meet a diverse and impressive group of international business professionals. and emerging market expertise. from time and location to financing and program length. including social media utilization workshops and in-person networking opportunities. and our students. 56 For exposure to international business. Hult currently ranks #1 in post-graduation salary increase and #1 in return investment by The Economist. Dubai. In the Global Campus Rotation. nationalities. Almost 90% of our students choose Hult because they are interested in this option. Hult provides you with the specific training integral to building your own network. You’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastestgrowing economies and examine international business practices close-up. . Our Executive MBA curriculum. European. allowing busy professionals to continue working while they pursue their degree. In addition. and Shanghai. This is an invaluable way to establish international business credentials. and quicker re-entry—with an MBA salary. with a tremendous amount of business experience.Other Hult Programs Top-Ranked One-Year MBA Hult is ranked #1 for International Experience and #3 for International Business by the Financial Times. Study in one of the world’s biggest economic hubs on Hult’s well-located central London campus. and functions. Dubai. with classes on weekday evenings and limited weekends over a 24-month period. Equipping yourself with a Hult degree in 12 months results in lower cost. you can pick your home campus and then spend up to three months studying at two others. Hult students graduate with the ability to thrive in international business and adapt rapidly to changing global environments. less time away from work. Hult gives you unparalleled opportunities to utilize new business tools. working alongside peers from 120 nationalities speaking 105 languages. Fastest return on investment Our 12-month intensive program results in the fastest return on investment compared to higher-priced two-year MBA programs. Hult’s one-year MBA provides you with an unrivaled global experience. is delivered over two years instead of one. Dubai.

A professional atmosphere with highly experienced classmates During your Hult IE-MA. an IELTS score of 6.000 1. including applying your English skills to solve a Hult business case. Hult’s IE-MA is offered on our Boston and U.500 13. 2013– August 16.accredited Master degree. Insurance 400 6 months Tuition fee 57 . Program Start and End Dates: 3 months: May 27.and 6-month formats. one-year Master degree program through a simplified “Single Application Process.600 350 14. attending project presentations. and the case study method.K.100 each 12 weeks in length. 3-month Advanced Skills IE-MA Program This course has been specially designed for students with intermediate level English skills who may lack a number of the more advanced English and communication tools needed to be successful in the Master program. the Hult IE-MA curriculum is designed to give you the other relevant skills required to complete a graduate degree in English. apartments.800 175 n the event that the class size is below six people. (Cambridge and London) campuses. Small class size for personalized attention The Hult IE-MA course is taught by an expert English instructor in a small class setting (maximum class size of six people1) to ensure you receive the individual attention necessary to maximize your language learning. building your vocabulary in specific business disciplines. 2013 6 months: March 4.000 175 3 months USD GBP Tuition fee 12. The Hult IE-MA is offered in both 3. 2013– August 16. The program is composed of three major building blocks: basic language skills. including networking with talented Hult Master students and alumni from around the world.K. and getting to know your professors.5 or eqivalent is required for entry into Hult. 2013 Boston Cambridge London GBP 8. hult.” allowing you to take your career to new heights in the shortest possible time. etc.250 7. you are granted unlimited access to self-study content from the world’s most flexible online English school: Englishtown. you may I be placed in class with other non-IE-MA corporate language students at your level. business English.500 Living expenses2 3. You will learn as much from them as you will from your program. plus an optional module to prepare you for the GMAT. Apart from traditional classroom training. Access to the Hult Master community from the start One big advantage of doing your pre-Master language training at Hult is that you will have a head start in getting acquainted with Hult’s Master community and establishing yourself at the school. The Hult IE-MA will also get you direct access to Hult’s top-ranked.000 350 Insurance 800 2 Student Service Teams in Boston and Cambridge are at your disposal and will assist you in finding the accommodation arrangement you may need—student residences.100 2. and giving a full business report.100 Living expenses2 6. A curriculum that combines intensive language training with graduate degree preparation Alongside language learning. Key Benefits Single Application Process A single application for both the Hult IE-MA program and the Hult Master degree program ensures a smooth transition into your career.3 Comprehensive 6-month IE-MA program This course has been specially designed for students with lower level English skills who require some of the basic building blocks of the language before moving on to more advanced English training.-bound students who need a student visa. The program equips you with business fluency and the Master foundation skills needed to succeed in a competitive Master degree program taught entirely in English.S.000 3. Students in the 3-month program will be placed in the second term. 3  For U. writing a presentation.Other Hult Programs Intensive English Master (IE-MA) Program Hult’s IE-MA is designed for candidates with suitable business experience and qualifications but who have insufficient English to pursue a top-ranked U. Your classmates come from a wide range of industries. you will study with a group of mature and experienced young professionals. You are welcome to participate in some of Hult’s student activities. depending on your language needs. Upon successful completion of the course. Living expenses listed above are estimates and may vary according to accommodation type and other factors. hotels. A small class size also guarantees that your individual language needs are addressed. you will take an exit examination and receive a language competency profile and certificate showing your participation in the course and level of English proficiency. 1 The 6-month IE-MA program consists of two terms.

000 48.000 6.900 29.000 40. if applicable Special notes about GMAT and TOEFL Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score report: • Official results of the GMAT must be sent directly from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Hult International Business School. June 23.500 N/A 14.000 6. May 5.800 350 2. Estimated Tuition and Living Expenses Master of International Business (MIB) Master of International Marketing (MIM) Master of Finance (MFIN) Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) San Boston Francisco London1 USD USD GBP Dubai Shanghai AED CNY Hult Programs Campus MBA Executive MBA San Boston Francisco London1 Dubai Shanghai London1 Dubai Shanghai USD USD GBP AED CNY GBP AED CNY Annual Tuition Fee Erika Medical Insurance2 AETNA Medical Insurance2 Estimated Expenses Housing Living Books Computer Application Fee (in USD)3 Confirmation Deposit Installment Plan Fee Additional Programs Project Management Specialization (9 credits) Intensive English 3 months Intensive English 6 months 39. the Admissions Office may require the applicant to take an Intensive English course. or equivalent score. Hult’s institutional reporting code is LJZ-DX-29.700 125. photocopies or faxes are not sufficient to complete a Hult application.400 8. 2012 • Round 2 Deadline: Sunday.000 12.500 6. if applicable Master requirements Hult International Business School seeks students with proven leadership ability and potential. 3 All in USD.000 4.600 9.200 700 4.400 8.950 1. students need to complete and submit the following before the application deadline: • Application form • Current resumé • Statement of purpose • Application fee of USD150 Additional application requirements: • Two letters of recommendation • Official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended • GMAT score (MFIN only) • TOEFL or IELTS score.600 2.100 N/A N/A 21.000 7.200 1.900 39.000 25. 2 Subject to change. 2013 • Round 7 Deadline: Sunday.200 N/A N/A N/A 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 3. 2013 • Round 5 Deadline: Sunday.000 1. Your GMAT score must be less than five years old to be considered valid.200 750 4. 2013 • Round 6 Deadline: Sunday.000 12.500 3. 2013 Apply now and receive an exclusive Hult Acceptance Pack.200 700 700 400 2. Information and registration forms are available from TOEFL Program.500 900 Your official TOEFL score must be less than two years old to be considered valid. institutions.500 N/A 14.Application Information How to apply for the Master degree Start your online application at hult.500 1.500 10. To apply to the program.900 6. Dec 9.500 900 5. is a nonprofit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.200 7.500 2. July 28.200 150 150 150 150 150 2.200 7.. Rosedale Rd.100 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 21.000 N/A N/A N/A 1. Feb 3. Please remember that only official results will be accepted.950 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 13.200 750 4. Score reports may be ordered online at mba.) and Electives and Other Fees (due to Hult International Business School AG. or equivalent score. March 17.250 N/A 8.500 2. The department code is 02.200 16.500 22.950 1.800 N/A N/A 700 4. New Jersey 08541 U.200 1.400 1. Oct 28.400 N/A N/A N/A 1. 2012 • Round 3 Deadline: Sunday.950 N/A N/A N/A 13.000 7.000 N/A N/A N/A 10.800 45. 58 .edu/apply-now. photocopies or faxes are not sufficient to complete a Hult application.000 N/A N/A N/A 12.000 12.200 1.000 48.000 10. Princeton.500 1.200 1..500 10.500 N/A 44.e. 2013 • Round 4 Deadline: Sunday.800 22. Citizens of countries where English is not an official language must also provide: • TOEFL or IELTS score.000 54. Application deadlines • Round 1 Deadline: Sunday.000 11. Switzerland).800 443. Please remember that only official results will be accepted. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score report: • For students who do not meet GMAT or TOEFL proficiency 147.400 7.700 230.000 11.000 16. Our institutional reporting code is 3015.800 65.000 4. or other colleges).500 1.600 1.100 N/A N/A 65.250 N/A 8.000 25. those given by language training programs.100 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 The Total Program Fees are split between Core Courses Tuition Fees (due to Hult International Business School Ltd.S. • Official results of the TOEFL must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS).200 12.200 243.800 287. Educational Testing Service. if applicable • Certified translations of official transcripts.200 N/A N/A N/A 1.200 3.800 22.000 44.200 12.600 4. U.000 40.100 N/A N/A 700 4. We will not accept institutional TOEFL results (i.K. Inc.000 54.000 16.700 23. or toefl.

will be denoted on his or her transcript. however.K. or other multiple sharing rooms. Withdrawal Policy A student may withdraw from the Master program at any time upon giving written notice to the School’s Registrar. Hult Investments FZ LLC (U. be reduced to a standard formula or ranking.E. 2. For students on a student visa at their campus of study. and does not cover the elective modules. totaling these figures. Hult International Business School attracts students from around the globe to its business education programs and makes various other services available to its students. return of all library materials. (iii) Liability and Legal coverage. Individual grade breakdowns (participation. The Faculty uses the following grading system to evaluate participant performance: Points Grade Performance 4. the participant’s sponsor will be notified. Hult reserves the right to cancel or move any offered program or specialization to another campus location. and (3) to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in need of such assistance. who has not paid their fees or whose legal or medical problems hinder satisfactory performance. a degree will not be awarded to the participant. as appropriate. and. Participants must complete 39 credit hours of coursework to be eligible for the MIB. but in the event enrollments for a specific program are deemed not sufficient to viably run the program. 2. 1. Graduation Requirements 1. Those who satisfy all program requirements (including participation in all courses. which contributes towards the tuition price.60 or above for any Module are named to the Hult International Business School Dean’s List for that Module. under which Hult International Business School AG is the only policy holder. D. United Arab Emirates. San Francisco. The Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) was established by the California Legislature to protect any California resident who attends a private postsecondary institution from losing money. the student will be entitled to a full credit refund of any paid tuition and other program-related costs. If the notice of intention is received before the first day of Toolbox. Electives for each program will be offered only at campuses where each program is hosted. and completion of all evaluations).67 C- Low Marginal 1. Grading Standards Course instructors will evaluate and assess participant performance. all students must meet with the Dean prior to withdrawing. will determine that student’s liability for tuition and other program-related costs. Career goals 5.S. He or she may use any unexpired refund credit (see “Refund Policy” below) toward the receipt of educational services or materials. Not all electives will be available on all campuses. and award grades. • 33% of the total fees (less deposit) are payable 90 days before the start of the program. Admissions Policy The admissions policy of the Hult International Business School is intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit from an intensive graduate business education in a culturally diverse institutional environment. Medical Insurance All students are required to have adequate medical and accident insurance coverage as defined by Hult.33 B+ Very Good 3. Methods of Payment The Application Fee and Confirmation Deposit can be paid: • Online. 2. its mission and purpose. They may not. and London locations.” providing they have no Honor Code violations on their records. if a student prepaid tuition and suffered a financial loss as a result of the school closing.00 B Good 2.67 A- Excellent 59 . In such cases. that accommodation is always shared in twin.00 D Unsatisfactory 0 F Fail The Registrar releases official final course grades at the end of each module. Honors are recommended by the Chief Academic Officer to the Faculty and Board of Trustees and awarded by a vote of the Faculty and the Board. by credit card. be subsumed to a standard formula or ranking. The School will endeavor to relocate any student who fails to meet the payment deadlines.S.Terms and Conditions Payment Terms and Deadlines • An application fee of USD150 is payable at the time of the application submission. Entrepreneurial skills 3. Undergraduate transcript 4. in which case Hult will endeavor to provide other suitable insurance coverage options. Data Protection Any information provided to the School may be held on computers and shall be used by the School and its authorized agents in accordance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act. Financial need 3. whether rotating or not.33 C+ High Marginal 2. • The School reserves the right to assess a late payment surcharge of 2% per month. (2) Primary Personal Factors. whose conduct constitutes unacceptable professional behavior. MIM. prorated over five modules as follows: Withdrawals before: First day of Module A First day of Module B First day of Module C First day of Module D First day of Module E Credit refund will be net of: 100% total financial aid received 75% total financial aid received 50% total financial aid received 25% total financial aid received No refund will be due In accordance with Department of Education regulations. Basic Requirements Participants must complete 57 credit hours of coursework to be eligible for the MBA degree. The date on which the notice of intention to withdraw and not re-enter is received by the Registrar. and ethnically diverse student body. who have no outstanding Honor Code issues. and who have a final GPA of 2. With the participant’s approval. Resource and Capacity Constraints Global Campus Rotation Program The Global Campus Rotation Program is subject to capacity constraints. Evidence of • Leadership • Professional promise • Motivation and drive • Overcoming adversity. Specialized knowledge. Every letter grade denoted on the transcript will be factored into the calculation of the student’s overall GPA. D. Electives Electives are subject to capacity and scheduling constraints. (U. not required for MIM and MSE. or national service 7. the amount of any credit refund will be net of such aid.). U. multicultural understanding. Entrepreneurial skills 6. They will be considered in conjunction with all other admissions criteria and factors. business education in the Unites States. the amount of any refund will be based on the following schedule: Withdrawals after: First day of Toolbox First day of Module A First day of Module B First day of Module C First day of Module D Will receive a credit refund for: Tuition for Modules A. less the program deposit. They may be weighed differently. Dean’s List Participants who earn a GPA of 3.S. They should be considered in light of the School’s admissions criteria. evaluate participant performance. including disabilities The above criteria are not exhaustive. The Erika Insurance Ltd group policy may not be available at all Hult campuses. Primary Personal Factors 1. Every Hult student is entitled to know the manner in which his or her course grade was calculated. and thereby given the following benefits: (i) protection against expenses incurred through accident or illness. is payable within 14 days of acceptance into the program and will hold the student’s place. Copies of these refund policies are available upon request from the Financial Aid Office. See pricing table on page 58 for details. Course choices and study program will be subject to space and scheduling availability and relevant visa rules. They may be weighed differently. and ethnic diversity 2. and E Tuition for Modules C. Cancellation or Changing of Programs. Graduation with Honors Participants graduating with a cumulative GPA at or above 3. Career goals 2. priced at the rate prevailing at the time of re-entry. skills. or by bank transfer/wire • By the PaytoStudy payment service or The remaining Fees can be paid: • By the PaytoStudy payment service • By bank transfer/wire (ACH. for example) are available only from Instructors. Free Accommodation When there is an offer of free accommodation to students.).67 or better are granted the appropriate degree. C. federal student aid. the Dean will notify the participant in writing. it is a California State requirement that the School collect $2. The Instructor has full authority and responsibility to establish performance criteria. and Locations All programs and specializations are offered in good will receive their degree “with Distinction. or the maximum allowed by law. Consistent with these objectives. Professional certifications 2. Students who do not want to be a beneficiary under the group policy are obliged to obtain alternative and adequate insurance coverage and provide a copy of the insurance policy to Hult. Specializations. Dismissal from the Program The School reserves the right to dismiss any participant at any time whose academic performance is unsatisfactory. Hult has set forth the following guidelines for the awarding of bursaries. and E Tuition for Modules D and E No refund will be due 2. and (3) Secondary Personal Factors. Bursary Policy The Hult Bursary policy is intended to advance the School’s mission to deliver a useful and enduring business education to international professionals. It is based on the following objectives: (1) to promote a nationally. The School is very pleased to offer this achievement award and hopes this award will serve as added incentive for all participants. the student must meet full-time student residency requirements of the campus host country. Tier 4 students must also have an exit interview with the ICS team. including disabilities Secondary Personal Factors 1. citizens and permanent residents receiving U. English language proficiency hult. See United Kingdom specific Terms & Conditions for details of the services supplied by Hult International Business School Ltd (United Kingdom) and Hult International Business School AG (Switzerland) for Hult programs in the United Kingdom (these Terms & Conditions are available in the online application portal for London-bound students) Hult Shanghai Campus Hult International Business School does not accept Chinese citizens into its Shanghai campus as per local regulations. Grading Procedure 1. preferred but not essential for MIB. and insurance fees. It reflects a holistic approach to application review based on (1) Basic Admissions Criteria. They may not. and the supply of the iPads will therefore be subject to availability. Federal Student Aid is available for students who qualify at Hult’s Boston. Two letters of recommendation 5. up to five years after original enrollment. in collaboration with Hult International Business School. which are non-refundable. The California Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) For California residents attending the San Francisco campus. It does not grant cash refunds. The student must schedule an exit interview with Student Services prior to his or her departure. • A non-refundable Confirmation Deposit. 3. and for which a student has been assigned a letter grade. Federal Title IV funding for those who qualify All financial queries should be directed to the Hult Finance Department at hult. however. D. If the student is on a student visa at his or her campus of study. MSE. payment of all financial obligations. and past experience. Through its global reach. In addition to providing written notice to the Registrar. application fees. Grades are assigned according to the Instructor’s assessment of performance on the intellectual and professional criteria established for the course. for visa purposes. Inc. (ii) coverage for loss or theft of baggage and personal effects. however. whichever is lower. United Kingdom.) Ying Ai Fu Consulting Ltd (China). The withdrawing student may reenter the program at a later date. Evidence of: • Leadership • Professional promise • Motivation and drive • Overcoming adversity. and exam grades. Providers of the Programs Hult International Business School AG (Switzerland) is a world-recognized provider of business education providing. Extracurricular activities The above factors are not exhaustive.67 B- Acceptable 2. then dividing the sum by the total credit hours. Hult International Business School AG has negotiated and entered into a tailor-made travel insurance group policy with the insurance provider.00 C Marginal 1. or Dubai. Undergraduate degree 3. Satisfactory GMAT and/or GRE required for MFIN.000 of tuition on behalf of the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) at the time of first payment or after enrollment in the San Francisco campus. Students may choose to be beneficiaries under the group policy. Every course in which a student has enrolled. public. on all outstanding accounts. Dubai. and other forms of financial aid: All such awards should be based on the following criteria: 1. Hult will endeavor to offer any affected students other programs or specializations to attend. London.00 A Outstanding 3. be responsible for iPad availability. See pricing table on page 58 for details of all applicable fees. iPads Hult’s intention is that all students receive an iPad as part of their Hult program. and U. homework. The description of specific accommodation facilities is not contractual and is subject to change and dependent on availability. Degrees are recommended by the Chief Academic Officer to the Faculty and the Board of Trustees and awarded by vote of the Faculty and the Board. and/or expertise 4. triple. Honors and awards 3. Course credit is awarded for achieving a satisfactory grade on a course. (2) to encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the Hult Program. EDI) • Through U. Hult cannot.S. C. or MFIN degrees. Another 33% of the fees are payable 60 days before the start of the program and the remaining balance of the total fees are payable 30 days before the start of the program. Country of origin to ensure national. the student is entitled to claim compensation. After the first day of class in Toolbox or in any module. cultural. Students must be in good academic standing and be up-to-date on tuition payments to participate in this program. withdrawal from Hult will invalidate the student visa and immigration authorities will be informed. Community or national service 6. B. in light of the School’s mission and purpose.50 per $1. Membership in professional or business associations 5. Hult International Business School Ltd (U. and E Tuition for Modules B. or the date on which the student is informed of his or her dismissal from the School. Qualifying participants receive notification from the Dean with appropriate recording in the participant’s permanent academic file. Equal Opportunity laws. grants. In addition. In the case of a student who receives financial aid from Hult in the form of a scholarship and/or fellowship. fellowships.A.S. Grade Point Average A weighted grade point average (GPA) is computed by multiplying the numerical grade received for each course or module by the number of credit hours per course. marketing capabilities. • The School reserves the right to withdraw any previously confirmed campus seat should the above payment terms and conditions not be met. Erika Insurance Ltd. and other affiliated companies. and China. during the core modules. • Students have the option of paying via an installment plan. as set forth below: Basic Admissions Criteria 1. dismissal from Hult will invalidate the student visa and immigration authorities will be informed. special refund rules apply to U. The free accommodation is always only for the first eight months of the program. iPads will only be issued to students whose payments are up-to-date. Publications 4. Refund Policy The School grants only credit refunds that may be used within a five-year period for future educational services at Hult. Community. We invite Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s other campuses in Boston. formal announcement of this scholastic achievement will be made.

S. U. South Asia Dubai Internet City P.A. Hult International Business School is accredited by the British Accreditations Council of Independent Further and Higher hult. Hult is also ranked 1st in International Experience and 3rd in International Business by the Financial Times. Switzerland Tel: +41 41 417 45 75 Middle East. FL 33133.Accreditations & Rankings Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 65 business schools by the Financial Times. Master Degree Programs Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 20 business schools in the U. Tel: +44 207 341 8555 Lucerne Haldenstrasse 4 Lucerne. 666 Fuzhou Road Jinling Haixin Building Shanghai. Scan this barcode with your mobile to learn more about Hult’s Master Degree Programs. please visit hult.S. CA 94111. U. MA 02141. The Americas Boston 1 Education Street Cambridge. Box 502988 Dubai. 6006. Boston | San Francisco | London | Dubai | Shanghai | New York | São Paulo . Tel: +1 415 869 2900 Miami 3390 Mary Street Suite 250.E. China 200001 Tel: +852 2111 2399 Europe London 37-38 John Street London WC1N 2AT.S. U. Africa. Hult International Business School’s worldwide operations are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). U. Tel: +971 4375 3088 To apply. Coconut Grove Miami. Tel: +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco 1355 Sansome Street San Francisco. Tel: +1 305 648 9746 Asia Pacific 4F.K.S.O. and top 30 in the world by The Economist (2011). Hult International Business School’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

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