Subject (1) Candle Workings Candle: Medra (powerful is the light of the candle, all inspiring, true to the light

and shadow it shows, the candle serves only one purpose, to heat and thats what energy or magic(k) is an act of heating, but heating in a way to awaken the heat of the soul, and that being abit more mysterious in its powers, because this heat has no light inside the body, but when fully awakened not even the body can contain its light) The power of the spirit, is the refined yet un-seen image of the 5 (pentacle/pentagram) is the tool......the charging of the body is the key, the color the memories set, but in the end all is white......or apart of it...(try this candle lit ritual) Candle working light Ritual : (moh hou shem) Psychic will spell: set in an comfortable, Indian style position and prepare ( needed ) candles of color ( any color will do ) : you will find that the flame of the candle will do most of the work, while sitting , in the right hand place the candle and with the left light it or do as you see fit ( once the candle is lit stick it about half of an arms length from you comfortably and make sure it is centered ) then draw in the flame with your gaze not pushing or pulling but more of basking in the glow of it until, you feel it draw you in, a tugging or pulling will occur with your body and mind, as if you are going to sleep, but your awake, ( some call this the trance state ( a form of mind control or hypnotic's ) but u will with this tugging dive deeper then that to the dream level, where the body and mind work as one, and here you will just bask ( truthfully u haven't gone anywhere, but you will feel as if u did ) Candles have always inspired and overwhelmed the average man/woman because they add light to that which is dark…… Scale of Candles: (information alone for now, the candle for the ritual above is white) Red : light or dark serves to create power and energy Blue: serves to create a connection in emotions Yellow: serves to block and to disconnect from the emotions Green: light or dark serves the material things in life

White : to empower with all energies of the body and mind Purple: given to serve controls the self or others actions ( the mixture of color adds the control to more then one line of energy pattern ) such as Gold,Silver,Pink Black: power booster to the advanced students of magic, nothing to the Basic persons………of life Candles serve as a reminder of what is inside yourself and the first tool in workings as a beginner, adept and full. This is the keeping and the high magic pattern as referred to as Candle Crafting. The nature of this is heat and light ( in old magic "occult" this is called facing the light ) In truth the practices of magic users believed in the beginning that no real doorways could be established in the un-known and there were demons and beings of great dark power that came from this un-known to block you if you could travel….and that if given form would destroy all they come in contact with. ( all ancient candles being white of color was the prime use before candles of color was born) Candle Anointing : The working of candle and self as in Oath or Ritual , allows anointing (to mark or set aside from another) of the self and the making of a ritual is all who are non magickal but seeking of the other forms of magick ever see, however this satisfies only their ego, and not the truthful energy of nature and the elements (needed for the real magick to happen) To be wanted into the keeping of natures secrets you must chose to share that part of yourself you would dare share with no other and offer it in a honored ritual....or rite...(more about that when your ready.....(practice your candle rite) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elemental Magick Design: Truthfully there is no such magick, ....forces yes..magick no... (the spiritual design based on this internal power is more mysterious then its main parts) which in time you will see just how....mysterious.... Here is your start though: The Elements : 4

Fire,Earth,Water,Air ( most think this is mere psychology and personal being, but it isn't, its a truth greater then the truth of magic(k) itself...The elements form the balances or chaos needed to transend the walls or gates of the above (thought/dreams) brief introduction: The body is the field of energy used to tap into the 4 based fields each field controlled by a key, and controlling sygil that the spirit has in it catalog of secret messages, that once drawn on the person will awaken their physical magickal aura)..... Once opened forever will it remain open... Fire: This Greek form of math and mathematics defines the nature of the mind in a simple rooting and pattern though the reasoning of this is more of an inner PSI " Psychic Sensory Imagery " to key into the direct psychic being and controls the directing of emotion in Thermalization and touch… Water: This Egyptian, and Ancient symbol is the key to the greater aspects of insight and the keeping of the vessel known as the soul , It is the eye symbol.... ( the design of inner sight into and the ability to blind or cover as if able to not be seen…. Earth: The symbol of the Grave stone castle or standing stone arch the reasoning behind the Vibratory Energy link of Foundation and stone, Seen as An ancient and mysterious image. Set up now in Rune and Norse like patterns…. Spirit: The mysterious union of this symbol comes from the growth of a relationship and the seriousness of Nature's justice a story told as old as a folktale In more of whispers ( The Woodman's ax ) a story of how the witches spirit truly is…… Air: The symbol of air has been mixed with the water of the years as The mystical swirl , this is the action of forces on water, and that is what air is, Force , it is the key and the tuning of the natures of Fire and Water and can hold it's own against Earth…..the presence of Air, is the workings of the un-known and key to the Outer aspects of a mages growth…….. Self: Delta , the triangle and the 3 set way or root of cause , effect, result Is the next of the mystical symbols, and the basis behind the cabal (ancient

design of a tree that has mystical insight) and the growth of the mind/body/spirit ideals…. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spell rules: A Spell is created from the memory that is focued on by a candle, However there must be a living example of the reason for this spell to work to its finiality "as in the emotion/energy or disruption". Spells only last to the length of the personal power of the user, or field envoked as charged beforehand, another example of its farther influence is having it done near the personal power (birth) day of the user.... Types of Spells: (all known spellcraft forms come from these types, example : love/vengence/reflection/thought/money..ect) Binding: Energy Fields are designed to degrade or condense opon themselves, these spells help do that, Binding is the third power in the material use of spells and its controlling force is the element of Air... Bending: Energy Fields can be strengthed or dampened, this allows for an Outside energy to transend it... As to allow the use by others or holes. Bending is the second power in the material use of spells and its controlling force is the element of Fire... Crossing: Energy Fields are designed to Impact on other energies and fields, this allows for the mutual exchange of gifted Auric energy that can be enhanced or diffused. Crossing is designed to block or counter the field it Encounters. The controlling force is the element of Water.... Reflecting: Energy of this type as of self/physical can be sent back at the one using (shielding or mistuning it) it is mainly used as protective walls and designed mainly as a shelling effect... (Blocking is the power it can have however it is more Direct.(when your ready we will cast direct..not now...) Naturally used even if you didn't know you are...You need not study magick to direct this type of spell at just takes study to direct it well or in the right moment...The controlling force of this is the element of Earth... Enchancing: Energy forms create fields in this spell that helps amplify the

users gifts or natural existing aura by collecting from other fields/auras walls and psychic channels at will. The energy of enhancing is natural and will grow even on its own, even without your knowledge....The controlling material force is the elemental carrier Spirit... Waring with spells never works, nor can (Last.) In the world of magick, it creates holes in the material world that sets free a secret energy that has no other choice but to diffuse them... Spell lore: Spells don't automatical break or bend, they must be challenged. Spells can't be used on one whom is knowing of the one whom the spell is set...(the fear factor) Spells progress over time and will not weaken until the user does... Spells create energy fields of open pockets of emotional energy that when a spell is cast it can be traced.. Spells have no evil in them even if they are cast for an evil purpose...thats (lore from fools) evil as in mentally is a mind set not a spell Anyone can Cast, you need no insight only the will, desire or have the will.. All the tools used in spellcasting make no diffrence, it is the field or pocket the energy forms in the psionic range that creates the bridge to make the spell effective and if your only a person with rage or love then thats what you can cast and no more.. Was you hoping i would teach you some spells... , sorry i will not because a spell is just one example of magick and that is that, not because we aren't as magick users to show stuff..that is a false thing these sellers of books madeup to have them not questioned and respected,...(lol) Spellcraft is the 5th art of Witchery after herbal lore, the 3rd art in Mage, after the dream reading nomally and the 4th art in Druid, the 2nd art in Paganism/Shaman and the 1st art of the False.....magicuser..(so know where one is respected and another abused) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scrying: (subject 2)

Mirror, Mirror on the floor....why not the wall because your legacy of scrying will be water until i show you otherwise..... The mirror: Symbol of the gypsy and inner sign of Egyptian beauty, often used as the idea altar, scrying (a basic skill to any of this direction ) but the mirror adds more to witch.... However it isn't the real art of the witch its a "simple skill any can be taught" Gypsy magick, you heard me "gypsy" (the Abulity to see is a gift the witch/magic users "real ones" are given at the age of awareness, this age depends on the skill of the soul...believed to be the work of the greater fate/destiny, these gifted ones gathered to them the abulity to tap aura, transend the skin, and even open gates.... Caldron: A scrying tool to the non witching world, and a tool of some not so real facts, witches as of such didn't use this tool, however gypsy and shaman did, they used it to draw up potions and to cook meat and have tea, The reason this became a tool of "not real witches" was because of the need to have a witches idea, so as a woman of the past what did you do..laundry in pots and food and at times sit by the fireplace......(the abyss thing in the pot and fertility junk was just madeup to go with the story...of womanhood...sorry) To scry (see by vision) the water you need only let go until the water seems to reflect a message or a word or at times it will refect a letter, the design is all in your head and the water is merely the focusing lense....(you will see more then you ever known, but remember it has to be trained at, or you might be seeing what you will never forget....) only scry when your heart says its time to, otherwise you could get on to it like an addiction and your life has become a wishing well....and not a fountain of visions.. (there is magick in this even more then i show in this book, but thats us wizards always out doing the ancient toys....) and this is the oldest.....the next most known was crystal scrying....(which is fun but not really worthy of our time) but you will learn it anyway as you enter wizardry... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nature of Magick: Mastery of the un-seen is not the true nature of magick, mastery of the seen

but not said be honest magick exist as we allow it to even though it does exist even without us as well, it still is limited by the need to feel its power, Example : ocean air blows and you smell it and you know your near an ocean but to feel it and not ask for it is the true gift. (so the same is true for the power of natures magick, you have to want its messages and its connection then the real fun begins........the old powers had mages protect these secrets..... Magickal fundimentals are the 4 base elements and they played the basic design in ALL forms of known and un-known magick, those that say they don't use any designation of magickal element are just fooling themselves into a form of self forfilled design and not the nature of the Universal Truth.. Magic(k) serves everything, light/dark/sun/moon... everything and it has no sides nor will it ever, the nature of it is its own known balances...and they are balances but not laws or rules setup as of our will or makings...(they shift as we act) History records dabblers as more the missing record then the right to the art...(so try not to just dabble) ---------------------------------------------------------------------Herbology: is the design of the auric energy exchanger not the alchemist form of social botony (this here is a list of these herbs, you will get to know the special magic(k)s they can produce but its the fact you don't know that will make your research into it that much more fun...(because as the wise like me say "Its not what you know its how you manage to make it work") HERBOLOGY: is a solid and founded art but not in magic(k) its the fact that you seek to discover like the ones before you that will make your alchemy the true magic(k) to compliment your arts.. Herbs & other Plants
Acicia - dreams and love Adam & Eve Roots - mysteries and communication Adders Tongue - Passions African Violet - Spirituality, Protection Agaric - double sight

Agrimony - wane of death Ague Root - hunger Alfalfa - communication,Attract animal spirits Alkanet - Purification, Prosperity Allspice - Money, Luck, Healing Almond - teaching Aloe - thought Aloes, Wood - Love, Spirituality Althea - Protection, Psychic Powers Alyssum - Protection, Moderating Anger Amaranth - animal caller Anemone - Health, Protection, Healing Anise - adoption with others (makes stronger) Angelica - dark spirit silencer Apples - Healing, Love, Garden Magic, Immortality Apricot - lust Arabic Gum - Purify negativity and evil, protection Arbutus - language teacher (learning aid) Asafoetida - Exorcism, Purification, Protection Ash -reminder Aspen - Eloquence, Anti-Theft Aster - Love Avens - Exorcism, Purification, Love Avocado - finding objects Bachelor's Buttons - Love Balm, Lemon - Love, Success, Healing Balm of Gilead - Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing, Mental Powers Bamboo - Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes Banana - Fertility, Potency, Prosperity Banyan - Luck Barley - Love, Healing, Protection Basil - early warner of houseguest Bay - Wisdom, Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strenght Bayberry Bark - vechicle safty Bay Laurel - Divination, Purification Bean - Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliations, Potency, Love Bedstraw/Fragrant - fate Beech - Wishes Beet - Love Belladonna - Astral Projection *DEADLY POISON!! and ghost primer Benzoin - Purification, Prosperity, Business Bergamot, Orange - find keys

Be-Still - Luck Betony/wood - Protection, Purification, Love Birch - Cleansing, Protection, Exorcism, Purification Bistort - hearth, homecleaner Bittersweet - Protection, Healing Blackberry - Healing, Money, Protection Black Cohosh - Relationships, balanced sexual energy, Sleep Bladderwrack - Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, Psychic Powers Bleeding Heart - Love Blessed Thistle - gate protector Bloodroot - Love, Protection, Purification Bluebell - Luck, Truth Blueberry - Protection Blue Flag - Money Bodhi - Fertility, Protection, Wisdom, Meditation Boneset - Protection, Exorcism Borage - Courage, Psychic Powers Bracken - Healing, Rune Magic, Prophetic Dreams Brazil Nut - Love Briony - breathing Bromeliad - Protection, Money Broom - Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination Buchu - Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams Buckeye - Very Lucky, Money, Wealth, Divination Buckthorn - Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters Buckwheat - Money, Protection Burdock - Protection, Healing Cabbage - Luck Cactus - Protection, Chastity Calamus - Luck, Healing, Money, Protection Calendula Flowers (Marigold) - Protection, Legal Matters, psychic powers Camellia - Riches Camphor - Chastity, Health, Divination Caper - Potency, Lust, Luck Carawy - Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-theft, Mental Powers Cardamon - Lust, Love Carnation - Protection, Strength, Healing Carob - Protection, Health Carrot - Fertility, Lust Cascara Sagrada - Legal Matters, Money, Protection Cashew - Money Castor - Protection Catnip - Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness

Cattail - Lust Cedar - Healing, Purification, Money, Protection Celandine - Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters Celery - Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers Centaury - Snake Removing Chamomile - Money, Sleep, Love, Purification, Calming Cherry - Love, Divination Chestnut - Love Chickweed - Fertility, Love Chicory - Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors, Frigidity Chili pepper - Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love China Berry - Luck Chrysanthemum - Protection Cinchona - Luck, Protection Cinnamon - Spirituality, Success, Healing Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love, Cleansing, Business Cinquefoil - Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep Citron - Psychic Powers, Healing Cloth of Gold - Understand Animal Languages Clove - Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money, Cleansing, Mental Powers Clover - Money, Love, Luck, Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success Club Moss - Protection, Power Coconut - Purification, Protection, Chastity Cohosh,Black - Love, Courage, Protection, Potency Coltsfoot - Love, Visions Columbine - Courage, Love Comfrey - Safety during travel, Money Cornflowers - Protection, Love, Fertility, Divination Copal - Love, Purification, Spirituality Coriander - Love, Health, Healing Corn - Protection, Luck, Divination Cornflower - Psychism Cotton - Luck, Healing, Protection, Rain, Fishing Magic Cowslip - Healing, Youth, Treasure Finding Crocus - Love, Visions Cubeb - Love Cuckoo-flower - Fertility, Lover Cucumber - Chastity, Healing, Fertility Cumin - Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism, Peace Curry - Protection Cyclamen - Fertility, Protection, Happiness, Lust Cypress - Longevity, Healing, Comfort, Protection Daffodil - Love, Fertility, Luck br> Daisy - Lust, Luck Damiana - Lust, Love, Visions Dandelion - stranger alert

Datura - Hex Breaking, Sleep, Protection Deerstongue - Lust, Psychic Powers Devils Bit - Exorcism, Love, Protection, Lust Devils Shoestring - Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment Dill - Protection, Money, Lust, Luck Dittany of Crete - Manifestations, Astral Projection Dock - Healing, Fertility, Money Dodder - Love, Divination, Knot Magic Dogbane - Love Dogwood - Wishes, Protection Dragons Blood - Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency, Purification Dulse - Lust, Harmony Dutchmans Breeches - Love Ebony - Protection, Power Echinacea - Strengthening Spells Edelweiss - Invisibility, Bullet-Proofing Elder - Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep, Purification Elecampane - Love, Protection, Psychic Powers Elm - Love Endive - Lust, Love Eryngo - Travelers Luck, Peace, Lust, Love Eucalyptus - Healing, Protection Euphorbia - Purification, Protection Eyebright - Mental Powers, Psychic Power Fennel - Protection, Healing, Purification Fenugreek - Money Fern - Rain Making, Protection, Luck, Riches, Eternal Youth, Health, Exorcism Feverfew - Protection Fig - Divination, Fertility, Love Figwort - Health, Protection Flax - Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing Fleabane - Exorcism, Protection, Chastity Foxglove - Protection Frankincense - Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality, Peace, Purification Fumitory - Money, Exorcism Fuzzy Weed - Love, Hunting Galangal - Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, Hex Breaking Gardenia - Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality Garlic - Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Anti-Theft Gentian - Love, Power Geranium - Fertility, Health, Love, Protection Ginger - Love, Money, Success, Power

Ginseng - Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Lust Globe Amarath - Healing, protection, invisibiltiy Goats Rue - Healing, Health rGoldenod - Money, Divination Golden Seal - Healing, Money Gorse - Protection, Money Gotu Kola - Meditation Gourd - Protection Grain - Protection Grains of Paradise - Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes Grape - Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money Grass - Psychic Powers, Protection Ground Ivy - Divination Groundsel - Health, Healing Hawthorn - Fertility, Chastity, Fishing Magic, Happiness Hazel - Luck, Fertility, Anti-Lightning, Protection, Wishes, Mental Powers Heather - Protection, Rain Making, Luck, Conjureing ghosts Heliotrope - Exorcism, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Wealth, Invisibility Hellebore,Black - Protection *POISON* Hemlock - Destroy sexual drives *POISON* Hemp - Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation Henbane - *POISON* Not used Henna - Healing Hibiscus - Lust, Love, Divination Hickory - Legal Matters High John the Conquerer - Money, Love, Success, Happiness Holly - Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magic and Balance Honesty - Money, Repelling Monsters Honeysuckle - Money, Psychic Powers, Protection, Mental Powers Hops - Healing, Sleep Horehound - Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing Horse Chestnut - Money, Healing Horseradish - Purification, Exorcism Horsetail - Snake Charming, Fertility Houndstongue - Tying Dogs Tongues Houseleek - Luck, Protection, Love Huckleberry - Luck, Protection, Dream Magic, Hex Breaking Hyacinth - Love, Protection, Happiness Hydrangea - Hex Breaking Hyssop - Purification, Protection, Money Indian Paint Brush - Love Iris - Purification, Wisdom Irish Moss - Money, Luck, Protection Ivy - Protection and Healing

Jasmine - Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams Jobs Tears - Healing, Wishes, Luck Joe-pye weed - Love, Respect Juniper - Protection, Anti-theft, Love, Exorcism, Health Kava-Kave - Visions, Protection, Luck Knotweed - Binding, Health Lady's Mantle - Love Lady's Slipper - Protection Larch - Protection, Anti theft Larkspur - Health, Protection Lavender - Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace, Healing, Mental Powers Leek - Love, Protection, Exorcism Lemon - Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship Lemongrass - Repel snakes, Lust, Psychic Powers Lemon Verbena - Purification, Love Lettuce - Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep Licorice - Love, Lust, Fidelity Life Everlasting - Longevity, Health, Healing Lilac - Protection, Beauty, Love, Exorcism Lily - Protection, Breaking Love Spells Lily of the Valley - Mental Powers, Happiness Lime - Healing, Love, Protection Linden - Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love, Sleep Liquidamber - Protection Liverwort - Protection, Love Looestrife - Peace, Protection Lotus - Protection, Lock-Opening Lovage - Love Love Seed - Love, Friendship Lucky Hand - Employment, Luck, Protection, Money, Travel Mace - Psychic Powers, Mental Powers Maguey - Lust Magnolia - Fidelity Mahogany, mountain - Anti-Lightning Maidenhair - Beauty, Love Male Fern - Luck, Love Mallow - Love, Protection, Exorcism Mandrake - Protection, Love, Money, Fertility, Health Maple - Love, Longevity, Money Marigold - Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Business or Legal Matters, Psychic Powers

Marjoram - Protection, Love, Healing, Happiness, Health Master Wort - Strength, Courage, Protection Mastic - Psychic Powers, Manifestations, Lust May Apple - Money Meadow Rue - Divination Meadowsweet - Love, Divination, Peace, Happiness Mesquite - Healing Mimosa - Protection, Love, Prophetic Dreams, Purification Mint - Money, Love, Lust, Healing, Exorcism, Travel, Protection Mistletoe - Protection, Fertility, Healing, Psychism, Love, Hunting, Exorcism Molukka - Protection Moonwort - Money, Love Moss - Luck, Money Mugwort - Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Astral Projection Mulberry - Protection, Strength Mullein - Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, Exorcism Mustard - Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers Myrrh -summoning tool, protection Myrtle - Love, Fertility, Youth, Peace, Money Nettle - Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust Norfolk Island Pine - Protection, Anti- hunger Nuts - Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Luck Oak - Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility, Luck Oak Moss - Luck, Money, Protection, strength Oats - Money Olive - Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust Onion - Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Lust Orange - Love, Divination, Luck, Money Orchid - Love Oregon Grape - Money, Prosperity Orrisroot - Love, Protection, Divination Palm,Date - Fertility, Potency Pansy - Love, Rain Magic, Divination Papaya - Love, Protection Papyrus - Protection Parosela - Hunting Parsley - Love, Protection, Purification Passion Flower - Peace, Sleep, Friendship Patchouli - Money, Fertility, Lust Pea - Money, Love Peach - Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Fertility, Wishes

Pear - Lust, Love Pecan - Money, Employment Pennyroyal - Strength, Protection, Peace, stops quarrels, prevents seasickness Peony - Protection, Exorcism Pepper - Protection, Exorcism Peppermint - Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers Pepper Tree - Purification, Healing, Protection Periwinkle - Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Money, Protection Persimmon - Changing Sex, Healing, Luck Plot Weed - Protection Pimento - Love Pimpernel - Protection, Health Pine - Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money Pineapple - Luck, Money, Chastity Pipsissewa - Money, Spirit Calling Pistachio - Breaking Love Spells Plantain - Healing, Protection, Strength, Snake Repelling Plum - Healing Plumeria - Love Poke - Courage, Hex Breaking Pomegranate - Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility Poplar - Money, Flying Poppy - Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility Potato - Image Magic, Healing Prickly Ash - Love Primrose - Protection, Love Purslane - Sleep, Love, Luck, Protection, Happiness Quassia - Love Quince - Protection, Love, Happiness Radish - Protection, Lust Ragweed - Courage Ragwort - Protection Raspberry - Protection, Love Rattlesnake Root - Protection, Money Rhubarb - Protection, Fidelity Rice - Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money Roots - Protection, Power, Divination Rose - Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection, Fertility, Peace Rosemary - Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth Rowan - Psychic Powers, Healing, Protection, Power, Success Rue - Healing, Health, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Love

Rye - Love, Fidelity Saffron - Love, Healing, Happiness, Wind Raising, Lust, Strength, Psychic Powers. Sage - Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes, Healing, Money Sagebrush - Purification, Exorcism St. Johns Wort - Health, Power, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination, Happiness Sandalwood - Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Spirituality Sarsaparilla - Love, Money Sassafras - Health, Money Savory/Summer - Mental Powers Scullcap - Love, Fidelity, Peace Senna - Love Sesame - Money, Lust Shallot - Purification Skunk Cabbage - Legal Matters Slippery Elm - Halts Gossip Sloe - Exorcism, Protection Snakeroot - Luck Money Snakeroot/black - Love, Lust, Money Snapdragon - Protection Solomon's Seal - Protection, Exorcism, Purification Sorrel Wood - Healing, Health Southern Wood - Love, Lust, Protection Spanish Moss - Protection Spearmint - Healing, Love, Mental Powers SpiderWort - Love Spikenard - Love Squill - Money, Protection, Hex Breaking Star/anise - Psychic Powers, Luck Stillengia - Psychic Powers Straw - Luck, Image Magic Straw Flowers - Luck, Protection Strawberry - Love, Luck Sugar Cane - Love, Lust Sumbul - Love, Luck, Health, Psychic Powers Sunflower - Fertility, Wishes, Health, Wisdom Sweetgrass - Calling Spirits Sweetpea - Friendship, Chastity, Courage, Strength Tamarind - Love Tamarisk - Exorcism, Protection Tansy - Health, Longevity Tea - Riches, Courage, Strength

Thistle - Strength, Protection, Hex Breaking, Healing Thistle/holy - Purification, Hex Breaking Thistle/milk - Snake Enraging Thyme - Health, Healing, Sleep, Psychic Powers, Love, Purification, Courage Ti - Protection, Healing Toadflax - Protection, Hex Breaking Toadstool - Rain Making Tobacco - Healing, Purification Turmeric - Purification Turnip - Protection, Ending Relationships Uva Ursa - Psychic Workings Valerian - Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection, Peace Vanilla - Love, Lust, Mental Powers Venus Flytrap - Protection, Love Vervain - Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep, Healing Vetch/Giant - Fidelity Vetivert - Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Money, Anti-Theft Violet - Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing, Contact Animal Guides Wahoo - Hex-breaking, Courage, Success Walnut - Health, Mental Powers, Infertility, Wishes Wax Plant - Protection Wheat - Fertility, Money White Willow Bark - Healing, Protection, Love, Love divination Wild Cherry Bark - Protection, Love Divination Wintergreen - Protection, Healing, Hex Breaking Winters Bark - Success Witch Grass - Happiness, Lust, love, Exorcism Witch Hazel - Protection, Chastity Wolfs Bane - Protection, Invisibility Wood Betony - Protection, Purification, Love Wood Rose - Luck Woodruff - Victory, Protection, Money Wormwood - Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits Yarrow - Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism Yellow Evening Primrose - Hunting Yerba Mate - Fidelity, Love, Lust Yerba Santa - Beauty, Healing, Psychic Powers, Protection Yew - Raising the Dead Yohimbe - Love, Lust

Yucca - Transmutation, Protection, Purification -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Subject (3) (Shaman wisdom:) In the fire you will see the passions of the times yet to be at your very steps... The road of the shaman is a road of pride and self reserved mastery over the elemental powers in the natural beastial or social manners of working animal relationships.....each animal called a (totem) is used to identify the methods of emotional balance in other things....(it is in this wisdom that you will learn how nature effects its enviroment (the nature here: being your own will) Animal relationships: Alligators/Crocodiles: Fighters of nature, guides of the lonly. Aggression, survival, adaptability
Antelope: psychic, more of a discoverer Ants: limiting flowing in an order, hunter Armadillo: guide to lost places, soft side to life Ass: friendly, wanting to know the world Badger: Keeper of stories, write things down, sees beneath the surface of all things and people, Bat: Guardian of the night, cleaner, Teacher of the dark Bee: queenly, strong willed and season reader Beetles: transformation, metamorphosis, Bear: Prophecy, Transformation, Beaver: challenger of fate and a rebel Bison/Buffalo: travels, freedom seekers, hard pressed people Blackbird: Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call. Bluebird: warner of storms, silent and teach seeking. Blue Jay: Knowledge survival, proper use of power, Bobcat: playful, hunter by nature, guide to the mystical Bull: cultivated, trialed, dedicated to winning Butterflies: lightness, and change in life, guides to the beyond. Cardinal: strong in family, a good friend, and self important Cat: Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality, Mystery, Spirit detection. Cheetah: teacher of fate, motherhood Chickadee: mind mysteries, joy, fact finder Crab: helpful, lusting, social Crane: Justices, longevity, quick thinkers Crow: Life, death, rebirth, transition magic,

Cougar: Leadership, courage, hunters of darker answers Coyote: mystery by a given source, teacher by by another, Deer: Gentleness, Love, Alertness, Intuition, Dreams light. Dog: protective, self guiding, close connected Dolphin: Dimensions, Understanding, Love, Calm, Eloquence, Freedom, Emotion. Doves: reminders, guides to the heart, seasoned poeple Dragon: Passion, Depth, Connection, Power, , Vitality, Transmutation. Dragonfly: mystical field guide, passion, and jumpy Ducks: Emotional comfort and protection, Eagle: Understanding, Courage, Healing, Creation. Divine spirit, Elephant: Power, Strength, Warrior, Memory, family. Elk: Nobility, agility, freedom, power and meditative Finch: friend finder, not satified easy Flicker: activated, perceptions changes Fox: Cunning, student of the way, seeker of love Frog: mysteries of a dual world, and sight Giraffe: patience and magiesty in ones own. Goat: strong willed and a person who like to press buttons Goldfinch: dreamer,into the spiritual Goose: follower, person of voice Grasshopper: person of great mind, seeks fortune, debt collector Groundhog-Woodchuck: a future thinker, and a dedicated one at that Gulls: teaches to read people more effectively Hawks: Messenger of the sky, observer, Perception, Focus, protection Heron: mobile person with many challenges Horse: Horse is love and devotion, loyalty. Hummingbird: Knowledge, Contradiction. optimism and sweetness. Jaguar: seer, shamanic wisdom, focused power Kingfisher: healing and doctor like Ladybug: guide of passion, and someone who doesn't wish to be caught Leopard: intuition, instincts, Perseverance, Dignity, Aggression, Boldness, Visions, Lion: Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Assertion, Strenght, Courage, Energy, Lizard: dreaming teachers Lynx: Secrets, Knowledge, Clairvoyance, Meditation, Patience, Achievements. Magpie: popular in circles, tends to voice when not wanted, Meadowlark: Cheerful journey into the self, Mockingbird: guide to danger and the un-known Moose: Headstrong, unstoppable longevity. Mouse: interconnected , spiritual void and malice Oriole: healing bird, seasonal challeger Otter: Creativity. Laughter, curiosity, mischievous. Owl: Detachment, Wisdom, Change, Omens. Mystery of silent wisdom, vision, Owl is the totem of clairvoyants and mystics.

Panther: Discipline, Control, Wisdom, Sensitivity. Peacock: endurance of spirit in sexual tones Pelican: messenger, figure who has more then one thing at a time going Pheasant: growth within family, closeness Pigeon: Home, love, security, family Porcupine: Good natured, curious, cautious, . Praying Mantis: inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, Quail: teaches how to elude problems, spot danger, safety Rabbit: Rebirth, Spirit detection, Transformation, Defense. Raccoon: explorers, curious, secrecy, transformation, courage. RAM: Strength, Power, Courage, Battle, guide to the harvest. Rat: follower of the needy, guide to the patient, seeing animals Rhinoceros: Wisdom, past life connections, brings energy in for one's own solitude, Raven: Protection, Magic, Shapeshifting, Creation. rebirth, omens, Robin: teachers of the past, easily hurt or insulted Salmon: Instinct, persistence, determination Scorpion: Power, Intuition, Sensuality, Leadership, Dreams. Seahorse: Confidence, grace Sea Lions/Seals: Love, Longing, Dilemma, Movement, Skunk: Teacher of the protective nature of life, and cavern deweller. Snake: Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, Wisdom, Transformation, Healing, Sparrow: teachers of the stubbron, and humble but lazy Spider: guide to traps and social ends, teacher of the patterns of making Squirrel: Activity, preparedness, awareness, sociable, playful, Balance. Starling: needs to be clear, sensitive to others words Swan: inner beauty of others is reflected in you, balance, innocence Tiger: Power, devotion, tact, skill, adventure, passion, Healing, Sensuality. Turkey: gatherer of others things, and a pain in the ass Turtle: Longevity, endurance, survival skills, patience, Vulture: Purification, death, rebirth of the soul, changes internally, physically, conscious of transformation Warbler: expression of ideas/self, center and focus your energies, socialize, enjoy life, movement, progression Weasel: Sly, mastering type, handy, mysterious and one sided Whale: Awakening, Creation, Movement, Imagination, Inspiration. Wolf: Intuition, Learning, Shadow, Guardianship, Ritual, Woodpecker: Rhythm, fertility, earth's heartbeat, Zebra: finder of the un-seen, hunter of self ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Arts of the occult: Symbolism

Symbolism plays a big part in the mysteries being revealed in a safe and hidden fashion, the nature of the symbol is developed from an external image based on its workings (how it is used) many try to find their symbols in dreams or others hidden message of their tranditions, this is more not help then help, however you do find the basic of what not to try later.... (defining the reality of value of a symbol of magick is the heart of a mage or magus that is Educated)

Pentagram : is the basic form of self and has only two energies it controls red: emotional and connective and blue: kenetic and spiritual white is its basic frame : meaning it is the self of (i know this, i am this, that is the focusing power) accepting of the self's physical energy (orginally designed after the nazarine star (look up story of the 3 magi) but then defiled from the 6 and 8 point design it was orginally part of (the star)...not the pentagram...(penta means 5-pointed)

Reversed Triangle: is the design of inner nature and is colored green cause it is the force that one connects to the material desires of the self, (regret, fears, doubts, memories, dreams(fantasies) and has read at its source because it draws from that band of energy to maintain its connection with earth(green) its design is in white do to awareness... (the triangles are references of the Egyptian: thebe) ideal, however in the elements only cabalic records have any symbolism based on this design...(those now of the Modern take it as historical..which it wasn't.....only self forfilling)

Triangle: is the design of the self as in growth and connection to the psychic will its center is blue: spiritual, inspirational, psychic, however its borders are yellow: self ,ego, and need and grey: change, acceptance, or conformity this is the way this energy is directed, this icon is used in the growth of magic as a teaching tool....

6 pointed star: (star of david): remarked as the hebrew cross it is more of a difinitive puzzle in the balancing of the two triangles, reversed and not... color green: material, knowledge, understand, trial it is the heart of this design with two borders (yellow and red) yellow: self, ego, need and red: emotion, energy it should be viewed as a mirror of ones desires and memories the way into an enlightened state.... (David's shield is the main design, then taken as solomon by rights of the occult, the real sygils that solomon had taken opon himself wasn't physical.....(many of the occult spiritual controlling) comes from the reformed works of the (claiming) Solomonic......of today...)

Reverse Pentacle: The energy of this is clearly of the self, yellow is the heart and blue its border, the blue is more of the spiritual venturing one tries to encounter when one goes on self discovery with no limits, this is the shelling energy of the revered design, and grey is its undertone, to show change does happen..... (the greater good which is love under the law) lol a quote from the working of 2 famous mis-mages, Anton Le vay and Aliester Crowley (two aconites) who wanted to bet high and win big, and now have only their memory as their legacy and its all due to a twist of this symbol and a mythos about it... (seen as the symbol baphomet "real wording" (baptismal-metron) bath by fire.....

simple huh, (well its more complexed then that but you get...the idea) As a user of magick begins to links on to one frame (empathic) of the heart of (auric) color they can touch on any who have the same frame of (auric shell or source) this is what is meant by the method of a linking chain........ The Universe has a different chain when it comes to the nature of circle energy, that is more advanced and deals in the fields of what is summoned and why....(more about this as we go farther). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Universal Occult symbolism ranges from planetary design, to Greek and Egyptian theology to a vast range of mental and spiritual design symbolsm but they all go back to the Star design.....the greatest of all designs is the (oroubus) the Figure 8 in greek is the symbol: infinite (infinity) (more as your body and mind develops...) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Math of the Beginning: As zero is off and 1 is on in binary, so is the nature of the universal math it is based on points on the object that is being explored.....(the basic being 0-10) and the non (11-15)... 0: space ( the circle as in the first of 2 circles) 1: line (lone , single or path 2: cross (good defeats evil always, mixing 3: triangle ( cause affect and result ) 4: square ( material , elements ) 5: penta ( star ) ( body,skyclad self ) 6: star of david ( reflection ) 7: the rule ( reflection of evlolution and involution 8: infinity ( the universe ) 9: judgment ( the rule of 3 ( 3-6-9- ) reflection 10: perfection ( patterns that mark other patterns ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------11: workings (5+6) ( the mixure of the two)

12: balance (2+1) the true nature is a 6 pointed star 13: time (3+1) the mirror of space 14: gravity (4+1) the gateway of the number 2 15: retro pentacle (5+1) the shadow of the mirror --------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (4) Witchcraft: its true nature) What is Witchcraft? Who are these Witches anyway? :Witchcraft is the Working and Practice of using magick as taught or learned by one whom is called a witch... Witches in general are a semi social group of female magick users with a bit of oral lore/mythos as to their beginnings they share in common tools that help them develop this lore and workings as one. They can be of many shades however they know one witch from another by their aura and magical fields that they make..being a witch is more then just believing you have a gift or are special it means joining an endless ring of clarified and un-seen workings that became your art from times long ago..There aren't any real rules about being a witch or using your magick nor will there be in the years to come...Witches have nothing direct as in family trad or special design, they only have what they bind to as you as a future seeker of witch will as well... (pagan/shaman/druid/other) are just the shades that copy in this arts mysteries..... Q: Are witches good or bad? That can only be shown by your deeds and what attracts to you...The cool thing is you can call yourself bad and you do good and you can be quite good and do what art do you understand...and what accepts you... Q: Do Witches worship Satan? Witches don't worship anything however they know by using magick it can bend the walls of things so they can view more then just simple information and as one who taps you do run into the un-seen and it knows you....(Goth/Tan-tic) witchery does deal in the idea of that being a form, however overtime it has changed so many spots that its not even a leopard anymore its a Q: So why do you use that "Satanic" symbol?

A: Anton le vay and others use there version of symbolism to relate to his new religion, knowing that the image of this icon of the wiccan/cult design in the beginning was influencing the ones who thought they had an idea of witchery wasn't fully filled in... Like hitler using the swastiska of the buddist, as his personal gain an influencial image... Witches of the old didn't wear symbols...some don't to this day, but they do have base icons which describe workings, like you have a ring to tell your married or Q: Do you do blood sacrifice? A: The answer is yes, we use to as in a form of joining, like kids do with pinky swaring and wearing the same clothing, but as to offerup another life, no...witches don't care about the living or the dead, they just can read them... Q: Do Witches cast spells? A: All Real Witches Do, it is why you as a future witch came here to learn the skill, if you come for spiritual release go be a buddhist because your not being a witch in any way shape or form...sorry...(spells are mixures of the secrets of symbol thought and abit of luck, the rest is the effect) Energy isn't needed in a spell energy only add the abuilty for the spell to last... like you only need electrical charge to get a car stated but after it only runs the instruments until it is off... Q: Are Witchcraft or Wicca cults? A: Wiccan can be if they are dirrected by just one direct learning and the learning allows for no room for growth unless your the head, then it is a mock cult...As with many groups there is a fine line between seeking and being directed, its the control factor that others fear, and so they created wiccan offshoots to make it seem more available, however it is still just a beginning into the idea that one trad or existance is allowed, A thought on the other hand is a question with a reasoning and that being the case it isn't cultish it is being more formal...( Is wicca a cult, no..but it can be made by books picking on other designs, as they do...) Is Witchcraft a cult? No it was a fad turned a market, which brought in the writers which brought in the new designs based on what they claimed as pagan, if anything i think the artist of the books are cultish, (The Art of the witch named "witchcraft" not "wicca" is beyond most these artist anyway...)

Q: Do you have ritual orgies? A: Thats Rome of the day, Witchcraft has only its magical working side, which isn't sexual, and it physical channeling side that can be, the power related in the real verses the failing is that it is generated not for the self but for the one who is to be. When one enters a circle of the witch they are part of its design without knowing it because all known energies are generated to be held, copied or applied in the circle...(It's the nature of having one) A coven that is sexual isn't a witches design, witches do like most females have a sexual side, however that isn't aided in the circle, only truth of the energy gathered or exchanged can be there..(Orgie, also means party:) And witches baring themselves having or not having as in the sexual title "love "parties"...(but naturally the answer is no...they don't) Q: Why do all Witches wear black? A: Witches don't because the earlier practice was at night the idea was seen as to match the night, it leaned as a esoteric design in the 60's as a colorband its faddish design took hold... (Witches who wear black are gothic in their design a new art that was created due to vampire lore of Ann Rice and others...) Q: Aren't all Witches Women? A: Witches are however the knoweldge of witchcraft can be given and taught to Males, the image of witchcraft is based on the history of the bewitching woman, as far as history has set it, these things revolved around loose women. Which is most incorrect... The design was to be connected to the living form of nature as "nature" to nurture was the idea that the "goddesses healed the hurt"....Witches of the day however could be both, your fiend and enemy...but it depended on you... Q: Why would anyone want to be a Pagan, Witch or Wiccan? A: Because being connected to something more appliable then yourself has tempted the modern frame of all who call on or use magick..Eternity in a bottle, Gold at a touch, and hex them to Hell, the design of the fruit of life... Q: How do you convert new Witches/Wiccans/pagans? A: Witches do it by "you" wanting to be them. You!! wanting to know them, you wanting to question them.. the rest is you... (coverting) is done by those of fad not fact...

Q: So what do Witches/Wiccans/pagans DO? A: Witches do Witchcraft, teach witches to be witches, the rest in the knowing that more then themselves validate that they are what they claim... Wiccans: Read books do self designed rituals and validated by other wiccans that study the same material that they know the suject and can fit into the idea of what the author has written... (by mocking nature by hoping they know how to contact another to feel close, but yet be in the rain but not feel what the rain does.) Pagan: Try by the example of Shaman/eso (esoteric) to understand and connect to life, and they get it they walk with the idea of totems and workings of the older groups, no wonder they are one of the most written forms of seen perposed-magic... -----------------------------------------------------------------------Circles and there workings: introduction A circle though it is a spiritual place to come and develop, it is held by the workings below... Walking the Circle : ( tes madu shem arii ) First there are 3 circles : self , fire , stone The nature of the circle is to house or gate energy, this being the purpose of circle magick in general. The key to this the matter of the mind concept : The mind can create without the conscious mind walls that even the soul will Limit itself to this design, sigil, or mental image…Magick may start out with The actions of control of the mind but becomes only to this state to foster : Assist in the understanding of it, then like a Tornado it will just sweep you off your feet, and control of will is what others use to hold onto the fear of being themselves and are blown away by the experiences that follow….. They try to hold onto their small controlling view of life and design, But those who seek the richness of the universe don't yell at it they bask in its beauty otherwise don't travel…. A circle is just the design of math forming a matrix, but nothing more until u

are added to the equation Because we as living beings haven't been able to define ourselves, which adds to the math and miracle/mystery of why a circle works. The spirit is but the doorway into this unanswered truth and those who practice with the patterns of the circle tend to find what they have sought for so long. Something so simple and so easy to be apart of: Working circle designs Self : Personal ( this one candle design is made to free the mind and empower the body ) ( the nature of the candle what you wish to work with as charging or changing ) charging: to draw energy from changing: to remove, expel or bind Fire : Casting ( this three candle design is made to transfer or transmit energy this is the first design in casting in the outer circle the one that deals in the shadows and spirits with this circle the three basic elemental links are use described in elemental workings….. Stone : The Pentagram ( this five candle design is made to observe the workings of the five basic natures and how you fit as the sixth ( not mentioned by most ) the pentagram form is but a design to who and what your magic as given by nature to reach into the outer magic circles and the past and future…..

Finding the Hidden (covea dentru homen et ) Charging comes from the center of energy in the self to learn or master This skill might take a long time. The skill of Witch/magickuser has always been To be able to know by touch and emotion what others hide as secret. The key to this comes not from the witch , but the nature or natural gift given to a caring one….meaning witch of self or user of the design, The greater understanding that feeling you get when you know, but you don't exactly know how u know. This is the scope of the witches/magick users self as energy, because energy knows energy as truth knows truth. Now as you practice you will learn how to gain or advance your gift of this being ( touch of the soul ) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Latin Defining : (Sorry i'm not going to fillout a full file of latin occult formulation.) I'm just going to rate the full points...Latin has been the identity of the occult not because of the biblical passages but because of its secret working and phrase design, and the harmony it provides it is however only one of the 4 basic that are currently in use...(Para-scalion) as i like to call Latin is just the fruit of the gods method of wording, and my one day when it is reformed not as it is but that the mental tool it was, it will have a better modern occult arts.... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (5) (Stones) The Secrets of the garden: (you like the druids before you (must learn of the nature of simple stones: here is your secret lesson): Agates: mind stones Blue Lace Agate: gentle heart Moss Agate: releases depression Alexandrite: energy developer Amazonite: guilt teacher Amber: power stone Amethyst: psychic enhancer Aquamarine: deveoper of dreams Aventurine: bravery and self finding strength

Azurite: helps heal Bloodstone: warning teacher and heart stone Calcite: calming or sensitive nature Carnelian: guiding stone Celestite: mind stone (touch) Chrysocolla: reduce hunger Chrysoprase: reduce mental pains Citrine: mental stress reducer Copper: neo (positive/and negative charging) depends on your personal field Crystal: energy charger Diamond: mental teacher Dioptase: sleep helper Emerald: guide stone Fluorite: mental pain reducer Galixite: soft heart Garnet: teacher of a darker nature, or strength Geodes :Stone balls with crystal, amethyst or topaz centers. Others are a collection of mineral deposits that dazzle the eye when the stone is sliced. These are often called "thunder eggs" (depends on the stone) Gold: tunes your eating habits Hematite: blood thinner as well as mental psi blocker Herkimer Diamond : same as diamond....just lesser results Jade: bravery and truth stone Jasper: memory enhancer Kunzite: increses the flow in blood and body Kunzite (Pink Spodumene): special results Lapis Lazuli : ancient charger of the lone spirit Larvikite: jelious person stone Lepidolite: silenting stone Lodestone: blood and muscle Malachite: future teacher, dream basick Meteorite: living light stone Moldavite: friendship getter Moonstone: Teacher of the witches inner heart Obsidian: Teacher of the mages inner heart Onyx: Teacher of the Dark heart Opal: teacher of the angelic heart Optical Calcite: same as calcite just more faster acting Petrified Wood: several reactions, but all are gifts of the psi mind Peridot (Olivine): family stone

Pryrite : guide to the spiritual Quartz (Clear): psychic channeler Quartz (Rose) psychic love and lust Quartz (Rutilated) psychic but more empathic touch stone Quartz (Smoky) darkness alert stone Rainforest Rhyolite: kinda like onyx (just not as long lasting) Rhodochros: witch stone (ancient) Rhodonite: druid stone (simular) guiding stone Ruby: power of love and rages Sapphire: secrets of the body and missing things Serpentine: communicational stone Silent (Gypsum): longivity stone Silver: passions of the touch Sodalite: thinking stone Sugilite (Royal Azel): dual energy, dream stone Sunstone: family Tiger Eye: power and self worth, but is mystical as well Topaz (Gold) : Self defining stone Topaz (Blue) : defining others by shadow Tourmalinated Quartz : quartz design, but with a tourmaline working Tourmaline: mind eraser or visual tool Turqoise: ancient voices Unikite: secrets of the body....healing as well Variscite: bravery and family loss stone Zircon (Hyacinth): sleep stone, its weak though --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Staff Insight: Staff: Wooden about the length of foot to shoulders, type of wood doesn't matter, however it must be healthy, or scoled "in the form of decay" if (dark magus is your path) ancient powers flow from the earth to the air through the staff...with the keys or sygils used in the preparing of the staff or the sacred place that preparing takes place...(incense and oils add no power to the staff) (It is important): to know that a staff has no direct power (more about that later) Relationship: A staff is the partner of the magick user and without one it is more a lonly existance, it is more then just a sign of your position, there is an exchange of will and possession to the ones who are truely connected to the magickal sources, and your staff will act as a compass to track it as well as

other fields of growth....for new footholes in changes.... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------With your sygil document of the staff sent with your course, you will begin to enter the fields i speak of......enjoy. Druidism: (the doorway) (So little is rested in the truth of druids as even being a real design...however this is what the pattern of discovery seems to reveal). Druids are lovers of the nature of time, keepers of the energy that binds time together as the seed grows into tree,so does time gather in age.... druids seek to perserve the nature of life in rock stone or tree they know the energy of these and for ritual by them, they worship no god or nature, but respect the truth of these in lifes timely circle.... Cool huh, druids as women would have sex with the male of their village and take the hand of both male and female and anoit a tree, it was to be reminded of their balance in nature as equals, and in this balance however, only title was given to men, not privliage or duty, for the secrets of the druids were totally women, again the rituals concisted of the herbs of 4 types, these herbs were used in many things, later a chapter of dark magick was made to protect those secrets.... Druids were then turned on as witches or such, and had to hide in outer terriorities to escape from being judged, they never went underground, or any such thing like that and they weren't the orginal keepers of stonehenge, it was in the travels they came to this structure and later added their wisdom to the night rituals...... (more later) ------------------------------------------Subject (6) Emotions: In the developing truths of magick, one will see the emotional connection to the body and spirit of another by color and by the nature this color draws it truth it will reveal the secrets of their mind and body but first you must practice the 3 workings to grow this awareness.... (the shaman tree) In nature there is an electrical charge, that as you get more intuned with the harmonic frequency of lifes secrets these start to develop waves in the balance and make your will visible....(this exercise teaches you that) First find a tree any tree will do, and place your hand near or on the tree and

try to feel the air about you, as you get better at this, the trees about you will move and be in a form of harmony with you, this is a simple exercise but a starting point is exactly that....a starting point.. (the silent river) The next exercise is to hear the rivers inner ripples, though this is more a mental thing, the gift will come with lots of practice, find a river of about semi big size and close your eyes as you hold out your hands (both of them) as though you wanted to draw from the river (palms up.) continue with your eyes closed until you can feel the river...(the purpose is to empower your body to feel) a key that will be required in the future.... (the loud mountain) True all the great things have been from feeling and desires, so now it is time to feel wise, j/k...wisdom is a mountian that you climb to know yourself... (so here you will do this...) Find a sacred place on a mountian or semi high hill and lay flat on the ground and just let yourself drift until your about to fall asleep, then raise yourself up just abit and begin to take 3 sharp small breaths...(now the magick begins) lay down again as you did and then close your eyes and call to the earth as in "saying" (tera visa shel shem adem) " and if your lucky the dragon will answer back, (don't fear but the earth beneath you will move) "The true dragon has now been awakened in your soul and your shell...(more about that when your ready).... "When you master them all then you will be hearing and feeling as good or better then your nomally ever see..." -------------------------------Psi and Duality: ------------------------------Psi: From the greek symbol for mind (In the mental gateways of the growing of a person from birth to death there are challenges of the mind to find answers to the world of the shadow, and this is the gateway....) empathy/telekenetics/Esp/and a lot more...define just the passions and ways to tune things...and put labels on them, our design here is to use them as you get farther in you will see that the science of the mind can't compare to the mystical of the doorway.....of the Magickal..... Empathy: This is a power similar to Telepathy but, instead of gaining

specific pieces of information from a person, only emotions are read. It is a common precursor to development of Telepathic ability. Abbreviated as "EP". Evocation: The external calling of an entity for requests, prayers, supplications, blessings, or such like. Compare with Invocation. EP: Abbrevation of Empathy.. Psychic energy as a vechicle flows from the spiritual to mental to astral to physical. The physical world is a projection (manifestation, reflection, or shadow) of the higherworlds. Our center of consciousness is generally within these higher worlds. There are many similar terms used by other occult groups. For example, 'astral light' is another name for astral world, although it may sometimes also refer to the entire non-physical realm sight, as may 'inner planes' or 'the invisible worldly power'. Planes are essentially the same as world at times. Vehicles or sheaths are the same as bodies. Some groups include an etheric or vital body between physical and astral: it is mostly 'physical' with a little of the lower 'astral' besides. And sometimes astral and mental are each divided into two parts (upper and lower). Duality: and Transferances In the direction one takes to develop the right tones in their magick, many seem to forget there are many tones and to each tone there is a side or action or outcome... the true design once it is mastered will be as easy as thought but it is difficult to master in a few lessons and perhaps will take years... Duality: as a nature is the otherside of a one sided thing, and its actions are dual as well, well know that thoughs in the name "grey" are active dual...opposite of their collection as a user of magick, grey is by universal design a form of seeing both sides but not commiting to either, so that is more a form of distraction then a reality of actional change....Power is either active or charging never will it fully standby, it can rest as in a person but as far as the has yet to be silent... Transferances: In the gathering of these secrets your body will go through changes and the power in its heart as of the nature you carry as your soul will show how it charges...(this is your frequency) a frequency changes don't think you can link in so easy...besides its not you that links anything to anything in this discovery....(as you will see) ------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (7)

Religion: (santification of the seen) (Religion is the state at which worlds are divided) Etymology: Middle English religioun, from Latin religion-, religio supernatural constraint, sanction, religious practice, perhaps from religare to restrain, tie back..... (but the idea of religion is based on the civil union of the church to create land powers aka (kings) and to save the soul, So magickal like forms of discoveries was considered the foe for them to preach the invalidation of....(unless it was used or debunked by the churches amazing inner godly wisdom)... meanwhile wanting to perform miracles so they can be the foundation of the mystical circle....(Freemason) was born.... "The nature of religion is to free, however the effort to be free has cost all who try it, its not the slavery of the idea or the work that is needed its the , Reward, As we learn easily rewarding forms of magick come direct from a source and simplistic design of use..., others want to argue the desity or deity angle, but we as thoughs who practice know its all in how you take part in this design that teaches you the mastery....(religion is just another word, like fate or social order) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doctrines of the Prime: Bible Ah...the bible, in here we will see the use of the word religion and term faith and deity, but what don't we see....(the way it aids as in a power to change, teach maybe but change it hasn't, only aided others to forfill their designs and whims...if you don't get caught by your own words...) The glory: is pride, the Heaven: truth of the freedom you will have, and brotherhood and sisterhood: merely messages to say if you see it our (but what about the divers craft "magickusers") truthfully nothing has ever been written about them only the idea of it re-spoken by those who are discovering an ancient tongue, then try to master its design...(The tongue) has always been the tool of the seer or the one who will divine for the group, and yet this is done by few and then they are called "Holy", and magickusers afflicted or practiced in the way of these works in a noble effort are seen as....non messengers..because they don't park their car at a church, or do mid afternoon praying.....(in the bible i will reveal as your course advances beyond these mere books...why the messages are and was mis-read, and the truth of a wizard is to fix that or just point it

"Move, therefore, and show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation! For I am a servant of the same your God, a true worshipper of the Highest!" (the secret words passed to (john dee: psychic, visionary,and i think goody gypsy) (Translated it is please in the name of the beginning send me thy awakened message) not angelic.....just well decorated)

"Solomonic, Chaldean, Theban, Dogmatic, Systematic, Utopian," and the many more..... but in this i perfer the Mayan...(because on the stone it is set the mayan calendar (it says in a form of joke, "all in the name of the beings that pass for we will return but not as we was") meaning if they survived the future that was literally written in stone...they might do it again just another way...) Do you get the joke? they mean even when they knew their end they was willing to try another way, even knowing that might be the same event as well..."brings me to the saying" (if you don't learn from the past your doomed to repeat it) and it seems even in the years ahead this saying is still coming to pass......) Kabalic Foundations: have been trying to write, read, and justify the mysteries of the aboslute since the beginning of the egyptian design of the (4 cups of life) designed on the very walls of the beginning.......and then modified by the numerical value of 10 (9 being the base) and 10 being the price, "you might not understand this until the kabalic design as (we wizards know of enter your very lap, then all is but a jigsaw puzzle...and a new view....(but time will tell if you see the tree or not... The scope of this design can be never ending if you split it up, but remember 3 plays apart in all your workings as you will see... The Secret Cavern: The ancients were also esotericists, writing only of the inner life and for intiated pupils. They wrote of inner things under an outer veil. They wrote of the Greater Mysteries which were never given out to the multitude, but taught in secret to disciplined students. Spiritual truth was not published in modern fashion. Whatever was written, was veiled under glyph and symbol. Mostly it was taught by oral tradition. From the history of man written thus in the constellation of the skies, the

early religious formulators transferred the record to earth and distributed the various phenomena and localities over the national maps in accordance with the heavenly chart! All nations tried to frame their own history and geography after the pattern of things in the heavenly mount. Mainly the Egyptians and after them the Jews made this transfer almost completely. According to this chart each nation was given an upper and lower section, had a river flowing from the upper down to the lower, had a lake or sea, a central city representing the Holy City, and a score of parallel features found in every case. There was first a division into seven nomes or districts, later into twelve. It might be asked, if we are ignorant, how can philosophy offer an approach to the problem of ignorance? The practice of philosophy starts with ignorance, or not knowing, and charts a journey through the intellectual domain to right opinion to understanding and to knowledge or wisdom; it moves as if by a flight of stairs, until one reaches that perfect learning called wisdom. Being ignorant is the state of mind when one's false beliefs about oneself and reality block one's own development. It has been demonstrated that since these false beliefs are irreconcilable with one's highest goals and aspirations that they are the inevitable cause of our failures and dissillusionment with our lives. When you learn the right opinion you have the right answer without understanding the reasons why it is a right opinion. The way to discover these reasons is, of course, the excercise of reason. Again, someone may ask what kind of reasoning and practice is this that can eliminate those beliefs that you never knew you believed? (collected from the value of the net....) but i accept it as fundimental wisdom in theologic dialog....) Wisdom may find root in religionism but by the law of (Why?) its domain must act purely to satify the truth as it is prepared in viewing by action....not philosopy or theo-genic right.... -----------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (8) Cultures in magick: Summarian ( the upper meso area filled with waring bands of diffrent cultures using ritual tools and statues and ceremonial fires ) ( deism: The main daemon was Baal/bel/anot and using certain blood markings based on

the way of these beings working they can be summoned into the person, they and those other demons/daemons alike) from the pertained, designed tattoo's was made as a way to contrive order ) : Egyptian (didn't have witchcraft but a more social magic(k) based on ritual and massage which introduced oils,salts and water-inks for use in ceremonial practicing of ancient wisdom, mainly stuff about prophic design and transconfiguration of the spirit) ( card arts was used by the nomad ,coins used by the chinese that traded ,daggers of sacrifice used by the early roman ,mirrors used by the greek and the romanian ,and scents used by most all cultures) "isis/hekate/baste" was the faces of ritual goddess (prayer) magic(k) there, but not witchcraft : Greek/Roman magic(k) was based on two gods, of the people, helios and apollo both required orgies as a form of gathering and connection to the divine, however in the wrong context magic(k) was countered and transformed into hexes,spells, as robe design became more fitting it was the way of their identifying who was of what ordo or understanding, layland energies was used by the most wise to gather their secret energy on the foundation to build, too bad fault lines have the most connective energy... so divided social designs created groups, sygils, symbols, paths, wisdom of the sun and moon directions became the foundation of the secret arts now understood..... : Celtic/Norse a system of no magic(k) but more of folklore and deism, rituals of personal power and promise was created about marriages, the blances of oaths,and reflections of what the omens say... for which only few could read or make, these special women was called "witches" but was more like mages of the female design, they bestoyed... ) ( talismans to the wise or foolish , amulets to those of war or love, titles to the next chief or lord of a tribe, and codes of the gods... both she and them... ) : Welsh/Gothic/English/French/Chinese/Japanese and others ( a mix of cultures, that was added and removed due to understanding ) within is the energy otherwise it just becomes lost, like mythic places Atlantis and Lemuria and the ancient wonders of the past worlds..... Welsh druid, not witch (this is the foundation of the 13th century stone witchafter the druids added..) Gothic monks (not mages/witches) they was sages that was locked in rooms

to write and decipher ancient text that the churches or unions was using to boost their power as leaders of the occult stoppers or to gain the gifts written...(12th century) while transcribing the bible as well... English Dagoons (warriors who had their own code, so much that the leaders could kill if they wanted....) and later of the days become connected to the knights of the templer, which spawn the ordo of helios in england, and the mysterious hellfire (10th-16th century) Taoist chinese sages ( mixed with the indian secrets of the sand, the monks of this design used their prevailing rituals and secrets of the universal will to develop from the foundations of magic the yin-chi, and later the yang han-d ( with these secrets and uses of incense, physical art design and philosophy, they develop a priestly cuture called (shinto/chinto) buddhism (harmonic chant came from the tibetans) French witchery (claimed as the home of paganism, this witchery did take place however in diffrent to the pagan, un-brella design, the witchery happened in 3 spirts (10th-12) 14-16th) then again in the 17th but more in a mixure tone with the common ordo's (instutions of the day...) Panan (fagan) city/country dweller, is not connected to witchy design only an after though in the design of those that want a unified pagan hope, witchcraft is from the 10th-14th after that it is more a mixure of learning, but in all it carries the message.....pagan's as a term came of the 50's and not before.....the use of it came not before the 60's though...) voodoo : spell of the booker, the power of voo-do comes from the spell, symbolism as well as the alchemisty used, it is one of the most devote skills one can learn, voodoo like basic magic(k) has no sides, only the user of it, and the deity the one whom uses conjures too, the house of voodoo is in haiti, some believe its design come from the inner brazil/african land, but that is more of its roots, not the nature of its magic(k) (magic(k) can dwell in a place seperate from its roots) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gateway ideal: developing the door Circle (control, gathering and sending) Square (deflection, prophecy, and warding at home) Hexagonal (symbolism held, more a modern design but based in the mode of 3 and 4)

Star (more of a gathering, and a self collective as in a unifying body, it can also be used in warding) Triangle up (facing) (the art of the adept, few ever learn all its secrets but its refered to as "as above" Triangle down (facing) (from basic to mastery and beyond its more lower magick then high, and it is the frame of the universe of a beginner and a finishing magiester (confusing but true) "so to below" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dream reading: nature of the mystical Dreams are mechanical steps to our fate, they act as the building blocks of who we will be everyday and what we will eventually connect to, not known to much but when you sleep you use 100 percent of your brain (it reads as 10 because it is on an ultra-sonic frequency, and 10 percent of it is the main alarm clock to return us to the seen physical world....(reading dreams is just as interesting) A dream isn't as readable as most think because a dream might be saying something more then just what the dream shows, then again all dreams are driven by emotion and packaged in our upper brain. (the true nature of the dream is to teach, about life, time, and feelings) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(the mystical manifest in the mundane) Subject (9) Advanced Witchcraft: Soul Touching Witches have this skill to awaken and darkened the aura of the one they come in contact with its not a mystical gift but merely an advanced skill of empathy exchange...(though your not a witch) you will learn the secret gifts of others... To touch the soul is like to touch pure electrical energy at about 15 volts, the soul would rate much higher but your only touching what one could say the deep outer field, there are at least 15 levels to that field of energy and about 12 more to the center.....(levels as in coverings not mental doors)

The greatest gift one could possess is to know the nature of all things about them, and this is the duty of the soul, or learn...then possess...(must is still only in the developing states as the mind is explored as the link to the soul....) but i can tell you they will never find the switches you will possess in your body or skill) Used by witches this touch is tactile...(means with the hand) the outer first finger and the one next to it (when paired together they are the tool used) most beginner witches of spirit don't even know they can do this or do do this...automaticaly...(for use its different) we have to use the whole hand.....(as for why thats another story) First dunk your whole hand in water (spring will be fine) then let it drip dry comfortable like...then on the inner palm draw an ink mark of a triangle facing away from your fingers....(with this new hand light of a blue candle alone) and place it before the flame and practice having the flame bend to your thoughts (it might take some time) and channel it though your where else.... "the flame will respond but its nature will not, so if you move bigger fires it might be your luck not your skill" as far as the rest......(you now have the witches touch) Be careful how you use it: it got many burned and hung for using it un-proper like...) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (10) Hexing, Curses, Workings of Madness: (Though i would like to teach you these arts at this time, i can't...your not atleast 5 books in) Hexing: is more of a form of placing a controlling field of energy about your intended target but you need to harness the power of 3 special tool.. Hexing was actually a joke, that only granted bad luck to any gulliable to believe in its power, and was mainly a tool used by rogue gypsy after your money, not that the "real" Hexing isn't more factual...because it is very real, like curses...but unlike curses, hexing is more a personal power thing and the person who uses it need not have any special training, like dabblers with spells....however the witchcraft (population of Country folklore) created a form of safe magickal blocking that was believed to stop magick in the form of witchery...which it doesn't, not that folk medicine doen't have its roots, but if you looked at the hexing markers you would see they are more designed in a seasonal message and not in an occult blocking method...(more about hexing as your are ready.....(sorry)

Curses: The nature of curses are more a combination of serveral things, Religionism spellcasting, (yeah you heard me....Religionism) and connection to your spiritual roots, and then the final....a connection the cursed one, (a physical one,) Curses date back far before the start of the Egyptians...(the actual date might be a curse to well) But many social groupings both nomadic and civil as in City like...have had them passed about the most famous of curses was the 7 plagues in the bible... by moses...(who was merely a messenger to the powers of these) and not a trained or educated mage as most beginners of magick want to believe...(being ritualist) doesn't make your practices more then ritual...(now as we know curses of the past had also a bit of help) Alchemy and abit of a few other tricks....The power of them to shape things still starts to pull a few strings...(The most current balance in the nature of curses has been the visual discovery of Voodou.....) more about this as you pass into the grey book...(Mysteries of the Occult.) Workings of Madness: The gift of genius or insanity, Well... Madness happens when your paper is late, (just kidding) Truthfully as you explore the world of the Un-seen, many things will change in your life and others, however if you go at it "disregarding" all the warning signs, you have only yourself to blame.... The Power sign, comes with the saying " Absolute Power can corrupt....., and if you look at the famous ones who pulled most of the Occult strings you can see why...(its not because darkness has some plan for you, its just you had one too many drinks and didn't get a designated driver....) Many get consigned to Madness because they take leave of their rational mind by torment and in this state they give in or find and make it more real then the world they now are apart of.... How it happens is often a mystery, Possession and Loss of emotional control, has been blamed for this, "It was once believed that the devil drives you mad so he can possess your soul and then uses your body to get another and another and another....(not to own your soul but to spread this sickness) but we of the wise know it more to be torment of the self and validation to this torment, until that form of division of the soul is reunited....(mystically bound or not) Genius: to is a form of mental behavior that has its own rules and laws, however the scope of this madness is more accepted because of its intellectual property and the way it can seperate the user of this selective madness in elevation of ones social status....

Insanity: is the unsettling view of the world from a broken or mis-leading blank time elapsive space in the mental pattern one has got into because of the stress/pleasure/reality/social conflict of their soul and in this state they are trying to solve their reality to make it more real then the one that we as in the moderate of mind share...( TO TRAVEL INTO ANY OF THESE ) is a secret in its own right, we of the wise must continue to understand truth in any reality and offer not reason but purpose.. -----------------------------------------------------Subject (11) Dream Traveling: (here you will learn abit about dreams and the mind, then i will offer you a working to prepare your way to travel in dreams) not Obe "Outer body" or "Astral" (just a level in a few levels in the minds grand design) Shaman's Dream travel, its a power they use to release and reflect on the world, for this type of working the shaman would go into the woods and after washing his body and placing a gram of salt on both feet at the bottoms of them, would then walk and setup a fire (camp style) and bring with him the famous shaman pouch....(sacred dirt from a semi holy area (ancient) angelica incense but in a powder mixed with the earth, and abit of powder moss from after a late rain, (you need only do this working about 5 times then your senses will be tuned properly...(to do it as you wish without the powder)...(this is a simple mix compared to the stronger (mind altering) mixes they would use, you get the effect without the mental loss.... Now the Working: you know the items...collect them, the day of the ram is the best to do the you might have to wait between times... every 22nd.....of a month.... (any other time and you might waste your efforts) How did i get that time....? well its a shaman secret...and when your in the shamans book, we will chat about it... How long does it take? what should you be looking for? (do i need to answer these?) long as it takes and you shouldn't be looking but having it find you... (BUT) have a bright fire, to keep away the (Un-seen) and keep your smoke healthy don't try and choke yourself, so a little at a time...please... "if you do this well, the fire will speak to you" Enjoy....and protect this new but sacred gift...Please..and return the site as it was...after.

(Shamans trust)..... (master this skill and dreams you will walk) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shaman's Fire A shaman's fire is his or her bridge to the world beyond, oh some very educated shaman can use your very soul as a bridge, but its not allowed openly unless to heal or teach...and the lesson has to be more then just the A.B.C's....In the fire the shaman see everything if it is called "yes" (a shaman openly invites their circle and whatever comes, some mark the area to keep out the (great bad) another secret of the Shaman's world...named many things over the centuries, a shaman isn't limited by the tools of a culture...but if they wish to honor the ground that they step they touch on the tools of that ground and the workings...(dancing to call the spirits isn't shaman its primal, but not the shamans fruits) and that is what they are FRUITS: foundational rooting under intelligent teaching spirits... (with these the shaman becomes a teacher of the world between, not seer of the world between..thats a different gift..) (more about this as you gain the shamans tools as your own...) REMEMBER A SHAMAN ISN'T A YOUNGER WIZARD OR A WIZARD... (just because you gather their wisdom doesn't make you gather their design) ----------------------------------------------------------------------Calling on the Soul: Ah, the 4, (The 4 corners are more of a junior ritual of the tetra-gram-aton, and not the all seeing eye of the door, as the simple mages of the world have post it, even if it was not welcomed at the time...) but we are now going to the shaman's cavern......where you will wear the blanket in the cold and sit at an easy fire and read the wall of ice and rock that reveals the great secrets yet to be touched.... (the stone slab of rock and ice) is to translate Who are you? (sorry but i like the shaman stories....) now to the message... "The soul is a book, and that book has keys and it has very easy access once you learn how the messages was formed, not hacking but just as much

fun...." Which is greater the man or his memories.....? (In all the things you will learn you will find they share a great hand with the outside, more then the inner as most have wanted perception to show...and dictate....) (The soul once revealed don't get all utopian it is nothing more then anyone else might ever know your just more am i...) Your goal is to earn your way into the mysteries even if i was to hand you them on a silver platter they would still leave out much without guidance and patience... "Thats why it takes 30 books to get more then 3 lines correct about magick." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (12) Mirror Rituals: Time to play with the crystal and glass mirrors, but lets get a few things strait first, Mirrors open windows in the beware.... Any mirror and or physical tool like, can be use to project an image, the secret to this though is a hidden mystery of illusion and truth, the minds eye does see but what you don't know is that its not your eye....(adding water to a mirror) can make it easier to multi use the same object... Mirror magick isn't a magick but merely a higher form of psychic touch and a gift that only an awakened soul can use fully, the true power of this gift lays in the mental doors of the minds wishes, sorry to act so puzzle like but it takes a phd to even begin to explain the optical tools main design.. Simply put, a simple tool that wants to talk to you, and if you can manage to hold back the madness you will be free to feel the world of the dead and beyond.... (but again you have to wait, or have it happen naturally...because it will) --------------------------------------------------------------------Workings in the fire: Fire helps us explore the real side of our mortality, it teaches us resistance as well as consistancy these are the toys that bring the non educated to the eternally reflecting....The light shows us the 3 basics lights of transformation...

candles: represented as the self, no bigger than the fist. In three, five,seven and nine. Three representing the test of self, five representing the truth of nature, seven representing religion and spiritual outcome, nine representing the power of the circle, the flame of the universe. Though these symbols may be hard to understand in the beginning they are a representation of time. Fire:Camp fire: Known as the symbol of one designed to engulf rather than preserve this form of design is based not on the witch but on the truth of the shaman. The ancients burned, sacraficed and suspended tools in the way of material to appease, suppress or gain service of working spirits or entities that served under many gods. Circle Fire: Though it may seem strange that a simple fire can give so much truth, here is why. Taken from the symbols before merging candle and camp fire this magical design  is there to teach us about an outer that in its respects gains more truth about personal magic and the connection to the greater will and design of the universe "To become". Stars:North, East, Little dipper ect..: Ancient are these the teachers of our past, present and future. The great fires and the spaces between darkness.Though we may not know them personally we know not of there design other than our emotion to gather the greater truth to what keeps the universe from being empty. Simple spells and ancient tools help guide our insight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------The night fires and the lighting torches AERIAL SERVANT Ancient guardians who are much like ghosts.A.K.A. the witches guardian. About 4,000 years ago ceremonial and spacial magic(k) was born. Though it had older routes these beginning secrets had been restricted to few. As one who practices the magical way you will run into angels, demons and ghost alike, These things being of spirit or of the physical are great in there powerful skill or knowledge.They may at times serve you a one way ticket to oblivion

Angels: By nature angels are there to protect to teach or divine only to there own purpose.The aerial guardian is communicator between the world of the angel and the world of life. Demons: Ancient beings of great power and ego but do not serve mankind, they do not fight against angels or care about their presence. There nature is to exist and be left alone. When you have awoken one of these than it will communicate with your aerial guardian before it takes to you. Ghosts: Minor beings, creations of the mind, energy left over in spaces. They have no shape or form, light or color or any real purpose of being here unless bid by the mind of one who is unknowing of those secret potentials in the soul. Your aerial servant will let you know of these fields, energies or memories. Dragons:Guardians of time and space for who knows how long. They serve only the most powerful or potential. They seek to be the go between in all the dimensional spaces. They truely honor to service most magic users even when most never know or will ever know they offered. They are a great mystery and power of creation. if you have an aerial servant it would serve the dragons nature before it will serve you..(know this) ----------------------------------------------------------------------Astrology of the Stars: Etymology: Middle English astrologie, from Middle French, from Latin astrologia, from Greek, from astr- + -logia -logy Date: 14th century : the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects What is the Nature of the Mystical? gravity and time and light Astrology paves the way to find the harmony and frequency of the soul, and by the nature of the stars are they beginning to be learned.... (Not to fill your lessons with information you can find anywhere, most astrological designs are correct, so enjoy the information then learn this secret...( the universe is sub-divided by three's ) and the same can be said for fate and designs of the stars..... so when you try to find the harmony in anything look in it in the 3rd way up...( not a wiccan 3 return rule, but a

reality of the mystical ) When we talk wicca i will show you for your examples:) If you was born on the sun (early morn to late afternoon) its 3 months forward from your birth month is your real nature and if its moon (late afternoon to night-morn) its 3 backwards..... (this is called the Temporal chart...) a skill that few know, How did it come to be?, well....we wizards have little secrets about time...(but its actually formed from the living stones itself...) Example: november 5th (4:30pm) (in nov you would be: scorpio) but you have a moon design, so your high self is scorpio...but your low self temporal is.....aquarius (early because of the 5th) "So the person your dealing with is a great thinker and they tend to by the aquarius work hard but because they are in the ealy (they tend to be abit careless in how they work)" there is much more but i will leave you with this.....".......ENJOY (The planet design will be of the next study when we enter this subject again.....) You now need to Master the secret art of the temporal (time) astrology.... (you will be suprised what you learn) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject (13) Staff workings: as a future junior mage (Forget everything you ever known about magickal staffs and begin anew) otherwise..i can't help you though this minor but needed door...) Well first a staff is a luxury and not a demand for a beginner, it is more just going to grow with you as you grow, the nature of the staff is that much like a wand in the ceremonial design it finds you and it will find your true magickal frequency, as you get your staff it will well start to draw from you and become apart of your soul...(as will anything in power, it must bond to you for you to be able to call on it) but thats the easy part....(how to use it is another thing altogether)

Sure you have questions but they must wait.....and when your ready they will be more complexed in their explaining...(with the scroll that was issued at the start of this course booklet you have the design that is used to develop your staff (which i want you to do safely) you have to carve it into the staff you gathered.....(secret words) revealed later as you go on... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Temporal Theory: The symbol of the final mark your going to make as of your study is the Figure 8 (symbol of infinity) and is the key to the balances of all forms of social magick...(social magick is spellwork, and channeling, and tuning) "Time is but a door to the eye of insight and in this the great dragon of the beginnings will awaken and they will teach you the words of the stone and the river...." (Anoher great riddle of our the wise.) In the passions of the dimension of nature there are 12 and in these 12 they maintaining the balance in the 3 actions of control (mind/body/and spirit) Each is a link in a chain that will take you little time to master once you gather the skills of the basic 3 and then your on your way to seeing the world from more then just a sighted view.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Congradulations on your new road you will take into the next book......
and if you master the workings within this one your going to be quite ready to move to the 3rd... when it arrives.......

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