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Activity Reports - 7
Report Assigned Detailed Login Report Login Count Login Status Login Summary Report Never Logged In No Login During Specific Time Period Vendor Interface History Tracker Tickets (Ready to Verify) Workflows - Complete Employee Workflows - Complete Manager Workflows - Complete Manager - Detail Workflows - Incomplete Employee Workflows - Incomplete Manager Workflows - Incomplete Manager - Detail

Payroll Deduction Changes Payroll Deduction Report Retroactive Billing Report Retroactive Billing Summary Billing Suite 2.0 Bulk Forms - 2
Enrollment Confirmation Form Total Compensation Statement

Benefit Reports - 32
Audit Report - Child/Spousal Life Benefit Administration Beneficiary Designation Report with ID

Administrative Reports - 42
Report Assigned Application Height/Weight Status Application Status Audit - Administrative Audit - Benefits Audit - Coverage Tier and Covered Dependents Mismatch Audit Report Census (EE & Dep.) Census (EE Only) Company Assets Company Profile (With HR Managers) Company Profile (Without HR Managers) Deleted Dependent Listing Deleted Employee Listing Demographic Data (EE & Dep No Codes) Demographic Data (EE & Dep.) Demographic Data (EE Only No Codes) Demographic Data (EE Only) Dependent Listing EEO - Vets100 EEO-1 Email Notification Email Notification (All Users) Emergency Contact Information Employee Education Employee Experience Employee File Documents Employee Listing Employee Skills Full-time Student Listing LOA Status Mailing Labels New Hire Listing Newly Added Employees Terminated Employee Listing Tracker Tickets (All) Tracker Tickets (Closed) Tracker Tickets (Open)

Change Reports - 44
Report Assigned Address Changes Address Changes (ONLY) Age Change/Birthdays Age Change/Birthdays (No Ages) Age Change/Birthdays (turning 65) Age Change/Birthdays Multiple Anniversaries Bank Info Changes Beneficiary Changes Beneficiary Changes with ID Benefit Class Changes Business Unit History Change to Not Covered COBRA QE Changes Compensation Changes Compensation History Confirmation Statements Custom Bonus History Custom Employment Field Changes Department Changes Department History Dependents Ending Coverage Division Changes Division History EEOC History Emergency Contact Changes Enrollment Changes (EE and Dep) Enrollment Changes (EE Only) Enrollment Changes - Age Change/ Reduction Enrollment Changes - Life Event Enrollment Changes - New Hire Enrollment Family History Job Info History Job Title History Location Changes Location History Name, SSN, DOB Changes

Beneficiary Designation Report

Benefit Credits Benefit Elections (EE & Dep. No Codes) Benefit Elections (EE & Dep.) Benefit Elections (EE Only No Codes) Benefit Elections (EE Only) Benefit Plan Participation Detail Participation Summary by Dept/ Class Participation Summary by Tier Benefit Questions Coordination of Benefit Dependent Has Different Last Name Domestic Partner Listing Employee Insurance Profile Enrollment Totals Incomplete Enrollment (EE & Dep) Incomplete Enrollment (EE Only) Ineligible Zip/Location Enrollments List of Possible COBRA Eligibles Never Covered No Beneficiary Assigned No Longer Covered Overage Dependent (Full-Time Student) Overage Dependent Listing Premium Reconciliation Report Standard Benefit Eligibility Report Standard Benefit Eligibility with Waives Terminations Report Waive Coverage Detail

Billing Reports - 11
Billing Report - List Bill Detail Billing Summary Consolidated Billing By Plan Consolidated Billing By Vendor Imputed Income List Bill Detail with Waivers

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Change Reports - 44 cont.

New Dependents Covered Position History Region History Retro Enrollment Plan Change Spouse Birthdays (turning 70) Spouse Birthdays Multiple Tax Info Changes Time Off Class Changes Tobacco User Changes Upcoming Reviews

Role Permissions Termination Rules Zip Table Listing

Custom Reports - 11
Comprehensive Snapshot Comprehensive Snapshot Comprehensive Snapshot Changes Comprehensive Snapshot Changes Confirmation Statement Confirmation Statement Benefit Changes List Bill Detail Payroll Deduction Payroll Deduction - One EE Per Row Payroll Deduction Changes Payroll Deduction Changes - One EE Per Row

Pending Time Off Negative Pending Unverified Dependents Proposed Changes Rejected Pending Enrollments Rejected Pending EOI

Time Off Reports - 5

Approved Time Off Pending Time Off Rejected Time Off Time Off Summary Total Days

Configuration Reports - 38
Alert Page Text Assigned Reports Auto-Waive Rules Benefit Class Change Rules Benefit Class Mapper Benefit Plan Custom Text Benefit Plan Type Options Client Contacts Client Entry Text Client Info Client Options Client Page Text Company

Enrollment Reports - 19
New Hire - Enrollment Complete New Hire - Not Yet Complete Employees in Open Enrollment Open Enrollment - Enrollment Complete Open Enrollment - Not Yet Complete Special Enrollment - Enrollment Complete Special Enrollment - Not Yet Complete Enrollment Form Enrollment Status Enrollment Worksheet New Hire Enrollment 5.0 Complete New Hire Enrollment 5.0 Not Complete Open Enrollment 5.0 Complete OE 5.0 Not Complete OE is Partially Complete Special Enrollment 5.0 Complete Special Enrollment 5.0 Not Complete Transitional Enrollment Complete Transitional Enrollment Not Complete

Admin Listing Cost Update

Cost Update - Failed Users Costs by Benefit Class/Tier Custom Pay Schedules Employee Benefits Summary Field Options Glossary Terms and Definitions Group Structure Library Documents Assigned Life Event Enrollment Rules Navigation Report New Hire Enrollment Rules New User Options Plan Assigned To Class Plan Rules (Commuter) Plan Rules (EAP, Wellness, LTC) Plan Rules (FSA Health & Dependent Care) Plan Rules (HSA) Plan Rules (Life and AD&D) Plan Rules (Retirement) Plan Rules (Tier-based) Plan Rules (Vacation Account) Pre-Election Credits Rate Bands by Plan Re-Hire Enrollment Rules

Pending Reports - 14
Approved Pending Enrollments Pending Bank Info Pending Credits Awaiting Approval Pending Election Questions Pending Enrollments Awaiting Approval Pending Enrollments Awaiting Approval (No EOI) Pending EOI Pending Tax Info Pending Time Off Awaiting Approval

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