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Name/Sec ___________________________________________ Constructing Concept A phrasal verb is a verb (go/look/be etc.) + in/out/up/down etc.

Class 5 English: Grammar Developing Concept : Guided Activities

Worksheet # 22

Activity # 1

Complete the sentences using the verbs in the list + in/out/up/off.

got looked turned went sat rode

Go in Anna opened the door of the car and got in. (= into the car) I waited outside the house. I didnt go in.

Look out


The car stopped and a woman got out. (= out of the car) I went to the window and looked out.
Fall off

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)

I went to the window and ________________________. The door was open, so we ________________________. He heard a plane, so he ________________________. The bus stopped and she ________________________. There was a free seat, so she ________________________. He got on his bike and ________________________.

Get on The bus arrived and I got on. Stand up He stood up and left the room. I usually get up early. (= get out of bed) We looked up at the stars. away or off Run away The thief ran away. (or ran off) Sara got into the car and drove away. (or drove off) be/go away (= in/to another place) Saad has gone away for a few days. over Climb over


Be careful! Dont fall off.

Fall down

down Would you like to sit down? The picture fell down. Lie down on the floor. back Go Come

Activity # 2 Complete the sentences. Use out/away/back/down/. (i) She heard a noise behind her, so she looked ________________. (ii) Im feeling tired. Im going to lie ________________ on the sofa. (iii) When you have read this page, turn ________________ and read the other side. (iv) We havent got a key to the house, so we cant get ________________. (v) I was very tired this morning. I couldnt get ________________ early.
Applying Concept : Independent Activity

We went out for dinner and then went back to our hotel. Go away and dont come back! be back:Ali is away.Hell be back on Monday. round (or around) Look Round

Activity # 3

Complete the sentences. Use a verb from the box + on/off/up/down/over.

slowed takes speak broke carried gave

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)

I tried to find a job but I ________________. It was impossible. This car isnt very good. It has ________________ many times. I told him to stop but he ________________. Perhaps he didnt hear me. I like flying but Im always nervous when the plane ________________. Its difficult to hear you. Can you ________________ a little? The train ________________ and finally stopped.

Turn over Somebody shouted my name, so I looked round (or around) We went for a long walk. After six miles we turned round (or around) and went back.

The wall wasnt very high, so we climbed over Turn over and look at the next page.

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