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Every day, many animals look in vain for food, water and proper conditions because Earth's temperature rises. Polar bears are probably the most affected, they can not find places that are cold enough, and have trouble finding their food. But you can help the animals in Greenland, and elsewhere on the planet, by thinking of the environment, make the effort. Just a little improvement, could save many animals.



5 ways to reduce carbon footprints

Walk or take the bicycle
You should walk or cycle to school / work instead of driving a car. If there are 2 miles to get there, you will emit 150 kg CO2 less per. years, and your parents can save 1,800 per year on gasoline consumption.

Turn off the switch

Switch off your TV, stereo and DVD instead of leaving them on standby. You do this by turning off the switch on the wall. By doing this, rather than having everything running all the time, you will derive 75 kg CO2 less per. years, and you save 250 per. years. Buy any. one AutoPowerOff that can turn off all connected devices at once.

Young people says.

15-YEAR CHRISTOFFER SCHELDE ANDERSEN "If I eat something, so I'll put not waste on the street but in the garbage. When I'm at home, I am not thinking about my consumption of power and water. I use it just. But I remember to turn off lights and computer when I go out. All year I ride the 4-5 miles to school each way. I think it's great to get some fresh air before school starts. " 15-YEAR LALAHE OLCHAKAY WHICH IS MAASAI-WARRIOR IN NORTHERN TANZANIA: "There have been major changes. There is now much less water. There are fewer grazing land, and there are fewer trees. It rains not as much as before, so in the ponds and water holes are not nearly as much water. " MIRA LINDER ANATERRE. 15 YEARS "I throw my garbage in the garbage. And then I helped to plant 500 trees in the school. My best advice is that you should think about what to do. If it is something that can harm us in the future, then you should not be. "

Driving in a good way

When your parents are running wild and exciting, they use more fuel than is necessary to get ahead. Speed increases example. 100 to 130 km / h, increases fuel consumption easily by 20%. Tell your parents that they save approx. 1,000 per year for each km, the car lower fuel consumption. By tanks 0.5% biopetrol instead of regular gasoline will average motorist also reduce its CO2 emissions by 100 kg per year.

Remove your mobile charger, from the slot

A mobile charger pins power when the switch is on - regardless of whether the phone is in or not. You should take mobile charger from the outlet (or turn off the switch) when not being used, you save the environment from emissions of 10 kg CO2 per. years. It gives yourself a saving of 30 per year.

Turn the heat down

Find the slippers up during cold weather. It is not a natural to go barefoot indoors when it's cold outside. Screws just one degree down on all radiators in the house, you save cunningly 110 kg of CO2 a year. It is 6% of your heating bill.


- Each person in the world emits 4.7 tons of CO2 through their lives - The Greenland ice cap is melting up to 25 cm per day - Within a year the temperature will rise by 1 degree Celsius - Animals in Arctic die of too high temperatures, caused by global warming