Office of the Mayor City of Los Angeles

BUDGET FAST FACTS  Total Budget: $7.7 billion (General Fund = $4.872B, Special Funds = $2.816B)  Eliminates a previously projected deficit of $216 million with over 2/3rds on-going budget balancing solutions  No Layoffs & No Furloughs  Sets aside Cash Reserves of $292 million o Proposed Reserve Fund: $255 million (5.24% of GF) o Budget Stabilization Fund: $16 million o Additional $21 million Reserve for Economic Uncertainties PUBLIC SAFETY  Reopens the LAFD Drill Tower to begin the recruitment and hiring of 140 new firefighters  Provides funding to upgrade 25 basic ambulances to advanced life support  Provides funding to replace old LAFD vehicles and Fire Engines  Provides funding for a new Fire Station Alert System  Continues police hiring to attrition and maintains the size of the LAPD at 10,000 officers  Provides funding for critical technology upgrades for the LAPD, including Dispatch Center equipment and software licenses  Provides funding to replace 533 old LAPD vehicles and motorcycles  Provides funding and new staffing to support Animal Care Center Operations and maintains the night shift  Maintains funding for Domestic Abuse Response Teams (DART)  Maintains funding for the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program  Provides funding to maintain the City’s comprehensive Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) program

RECREATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES  Restores seven-day service at the Central Library and eight Regional libraries  Provides funding for Library books and materials, including educational, literacy, language, homework, career, parenting and recreational resources  Provides funding for the Neighborhood Council Spring 2014 Elections  Provides funding for recreation programming and maintenance of new, renovated and expanded recreation facilities and outdoor improvements  Increases funding for the Graffiti Abatement Program  Provides funding for renovation of Lincoln Pool and Celes King Pool  Provides funding for preservation of the City’s iconic Watts Towers  Provides funding for a Citywide Mural Program  Provides funding for capital improvements at Vision Theater  Maintains funding for Homeless Shelter Bed Program.  Maintains Senior Meals Program JOBS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  Creates a New Economic Development Department focused on small business support, workforce development, job creation, and local economic growth  Lays the foundation for the consolidation of various development services into a new, centralized Department of Planning and Development  Provides funding to support the Housing Foreclosure Registry  Provides new staffing for a Sign Unit in the Planning Department  Continues funding to re-write the City’s 75 year old zoning code  Increases funding for the Youth Employment Program  Maintains 1% of the City’s Hotel Occupancy Tax for arts and culture  Provides funding for two new downtown Community Plans CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT, PUBLIC WORKS AND TRANSPORTATION  Provides funding to maintain the street resurfacing program at 800 miles  Maintains funding for 350,000 pothole repairs  Provides new funding and positions for Bicycle Planning and Community Outreach  Increases funding for tree trimming  Provides new funding for side walk repair  Maintains Funding for transportation traffic signal synchronization  Maintains funding for LED light conversion program which replaces existing street lights with energy-saving LED units to reduce energy consumption.  Increases funding to LA River Revitalization projects, which includes bridges above LA River and its tributaries; recreational bike paths; river system, restoration, etc.  Provides funding for Asset Management Strategic Planning  Maintains funding for Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan; a critical component for achieving the City’s zero waste goal by 2025. 2

LABOR CONCESSIONS, REDUCTIONS AND EFFICIENCIES  Proposes the elimination of 5.5% pay raises scheduled for January 1, 2014 for 60% of the City’s civilian workforce  Proposes that all civilian City employees cover 10% of their health benefit premium costs on an on-going basis  Reduces funding for the Mayor and City Council budgets by 10%  Completes the Human Resource consolidation initiative  Realizes $1.3 million in savings from the consolidation of telephone and data lines, the renegotiation of telephone contracts, and the reduction of hardware and software maintenance costs  Realizes $240k in savings from the phase out of General Fund support for Adult Day Care Centers due to efficiencies implemented by the Department of Aging  Provides funding to implement the first phase of a Performance-Based Budgeting system  Provides funding for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve the City’s 311 system and make City Hall more responsive  Recognizes $5.5 million in new revenue from the implementation of a Tax Amnesty Program which allows businesses to seek relief from penalties from outstanding account balances ###