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Office of the Mayor City of Los Angeles

BUDGET FAST FACTS Total Budget: $7.7 billion (General Fund = $4.872B, Special Funds = $2.816B) Eliminates a previously projected deficit of $216 million with over 2/3rds on-going budget balancing solutions No Layoffs & No Furloughs Sets aside Cash Reserves of $292 million o Proposed Reserve Fund: $255 million (5.24% of GF) o Budget Stabilization Fund: $16 million o Additional $21 million Reserve for Economic Uncertainties PUBLIC SAFETY Reopens the LAFD Drill Tower to begin the recruitment and hiring of 140 new firefighters Provides funding to upgrade 25 basic ambulances to advanced life support Provides funding to replace old LAFD vehicles and Fire Engines Provides funding for a new Fire Station Alert System Continues police hiring to attrition and maintains the size of the LAPD at 10,000 officers Provides funding for critical technology upgrades for the LAPD, including Dispatch Center equipment and software licenses Provides funding to replace 533 old LAPD vehicles and motorcycles Provides funding and new staffing to support Animal Care Center Operations and maintains the night shift Maintains funding for Domestic Abuse Response Teams (DART) Maintains funding for the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program Provides funding to maintain the Citys comprehensive Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) program

RECREATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES Restores seven-day service at the Central Library and eight Regional libraries Provides funding for Library books and materials, including educational, literacy, language, homework, career, parenting and recreational resources Provides funding for the Neighborhood Council Spring 2014 Elections Provides funding for recreation programming and maintenance of new, renovated and expanded recreation facilities and outdoor improvements Increases funding for the Graffiti Abatement Program Provides funding for renovation of Lincoln Pool and Celes King Pool Provides funding for preservation of the Citys iconic Watts Towers Provides funding for a Citywide Mural Program Provides funding for capital improvements at Vision Theater Maintains funding for Homeless Shelter Bed Program. Maintains Senior Meals Program JOBS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Creates a New Economic Development Department focused on small business support, workforce development, job creation, and local economic growth Lays the foundation for the consolidation of various development services into a new, centralized Department of Planning and Development Provides funding to support the Housing Foreclosure Registry Provides new staffing for a Sign Unit in the Planning Department Continues funding to re-write the Citys 75 year old zoning code Increases funding for the Youth Employment Program Maintains 1% of the Citys Hotel Occupancy Tax for arts and culture Provides funding for two new downtown Community Plans CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT, PUBLIC WORKS AND TRANSPORTATION Provides funding to maintain the street resurfacing program at 800 miles Maintains funding for 350,000 pothole repairs Provides new funding and positions for Bicycle Planning and Community Outreach Increases funding for tree trimming Provides new funding for side walk repair Maintains Funding for transportation traffic signal synchronization Maintains funding for LED light conversion program which replaces existing street lights with energy-saving LED units to reduce energy consumption. Increases funding to LA River Revitalization projects, which includes bridges above LA River and its tributaries; recreational bike paths; river system, restoration, etc. Provides funding for Asset Management Strategic Planning Maintains funding for Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan; a critical component for achieving the Citys zero waste goal by 2025. 2

LABOR CONCESSIONS, REDUCTIONS AND EFFICIENCIES Proposes the elimination of 5.5% pay raises scheduled for January 1, 2014 for 60% of the Citys civilian workforce Proposes that all civilian City employees cover 10% of their health benefit premium costs on an on-going basis Reduces funding for the Mayor and City Council budgets by 10% Completes the Human Resource consolidation initiative Realizes $1.3 million in savings from the consolidation of telephone and data lines, the renegotiation of telephone contracts, and the reduction of hardware and software maintenance costs Realizes $240k in savings from the phase out of General Fund support for Adult Day Care Centers due to efficiencies implemented by the Department of Aging Provides funding to implement the first phase of a Performance-Based Budgeting system Provides funding for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve the Citys 311 system and make City Hall more responsive Recognizes $5.5 million in new revenue from the implementation of a Tax Amnesty Program which allows businesses to seek relief from penalties from outstanding account balances ###