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 Reserving the Group Study Room  Two new additions to the Linscheid Library Staff  Poster Printing by Media Services  More room for studying on the second floor  The successful change to a new Integrated Library System  Interesting finds in the Special Collections

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Room—which is always open whenever you don’t need it—to find that someone else has camped out in it and shows no signs of leaving before May. The group grumbles and dissolves, leaving you no closer to getting your project done, and you silently curse the library for not helping in your time of need. The library, spearheaded by Reference and Instructional Services, has created an elegant solution where you can find out when it’s free, reserve your time in the room, and see what others are using it for. Visit the brand-new reservation site groupstudy to reserve the room for yourself, or go lo-tech and simply ask to make a booking at the Reference Desk. All you need is a working email account to confirm your room reservation. Use this information well, and you too can be the hero of your next group project. Don’t feel left out, instructors: you can reserve the room for small classes, too. Contact Chelsea Baker, Instructional Services Librarian, for more information.

Group projects can sometimes be a headache. From wrestling with others to do their portion, to waiting until a week before the due date to work on it, to only finding one time on everyone’s schedules to work together in-person, the stress can be nearly unbearable. The icing on the cake is when you’ve assembled your group at the one time that you can all meet and you head to the Group Study

New @ The Library: Mica Meier
Mica Meier is Linscheid Library’s new Instructional Services Assistant. She earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice from East Central University in the Summer semester of 2012 through the Collegiate Officer Program. Prior to returning to college in 2010, she worked in web and graphic design for a local printing company. While attending East Central University she also worked as a student assistant in the library. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, horseback riding and cooking. Mica is thrilled to be returning to work at her alma mater. New Instructional Services Assistant, Mica Meier

the University of Central Oklahoma had the honor of hosting the reports and poster presentations. Some of the most notable posters include a mathematical analysis of the spread of a zombie apocalypse. Patrick expects the numbers to pick up as people get used to the spring format. Make something you’d like to show off with the template @ http:// ecok.PAGE 2 New @ The Library: Wendy McKibben Public Services welcomes its newest staff member. but its move to spring this academic year has caused an upheaval.A. she’s been a student worker here since May of 2012. Research Day is a yearly event put together by a consortium of higher education institutions. With a shorter time between the start of the semester and Research Day. and the constant smell of ozone to produce some of the best-looking posters seen at Oklahoma Research Day’s poster presentation . This is her alma mater already. Wendy McKibben. the amount of people participating has dropped on the ECU campus. Attendees have complimented ECU for the unity of their posters. Media Services Librarian Patrick Baumann teaches classes about effective poster creation and consults one-on-one with people who want extra help on their posters. In her spare time she likes to cook. She’d eventually like to teach at the college level. New Night/Weekend Circulation Assistant Research Day Report Media Services has proudly gone through toner. as well as the establishment of the state Undergraduate Research Week. saying that they can look down an aisle and know exactly which posters are ECU’s. This year. She’s pursuing her Master’s in Education here at /researchposters LIBRARY NEWS . and she believes she’ll handle the responsibility of being the night supervisor well. Wendy isn’t exactly new to the library. in English with a teaching certification before going on to teach secondary school in Tecumseh for eleven years. Poster printing for the event was down from 70 last year to 34 this year. The event is recognized with a proclamation by the Governor each year. He’s also created a poster template with an eye-catching banner easily identifying every ECU poster as part of the university community. This event has taken place in the fall in past years. and a critical take on The Yellow Wallpaper. the use of technology in the classroom. Wendy McKibben.libguides. Even so. having earned a B. She’s very excited to be working as the ILL supervisor. or perhaps even become a librarian herself. foam core board. read and go for drives with her family.

has the create reserves. meaning that they fold out lengthwise and must be unfolded to be read. They feature a 1” x 3” book featuring an original poem with hand-sewn binding. What it does do is make it easier for your library team to change item details. The library is so cutting-edge with More Study Space on the Second Floor Students can study in quiet relaxation in a new space on the second floor. Sierra’s new look their conversion that other Oklahoma libraries will be looking to Linscheid Library as a model for their migrations. Students can now talk (quietly) to their heart’s content without worrying about disturbing masses of other users. the library has created a new area for study carrels. our online catalog. Sierra is a brand-new system introduced by Innovative Interfaces. Furniture was moved from library storage and other places on the floor. Eight rows of shelving. Student assistants have repeatedly praised how easy it is to use. This move will be welcomed by students looking for a place to hold conversations on the second floor. and library staff love the customizable interface. By clearing out unused bookshelves. To see these art books. meaning that any sound made there carries up three floors. This change may not have been noticed by users of the CatPac. and library all check out books to aflutter you. as it means there is more space for the ever-popular study carrels and for reading the materials in the stacks. totaling about 1000 linear feet of unused space.LINSCHEID LIBRARY PAGE 3 Sierra Migration Complete Technical Services is proud to announce the implementation of the Sierra Integrated Library System. It Came from Special Collections This month’s Special Collections highlight comes from specialty art books. One features a poem written around a stone in the center of the book. while another features no text at all. The current group study tables are underneath the overhang. only miniature prints of artwork. A notable book has ceramic covers in the shape of a dress. and show off the ways that books themselves can be used as art. ceramic dress book and hand-bound book . These items are diverse in size and type. and presumes to be a recording of what the mother of the groom says at a wedding — the book is then intentionally left blank. were cleared out by brave Circulation and Collection Services student assistants over Spring Break. Collection Services is excited about the move. Stone concertina book. Others that are concertina-style. These books were collected by a former ECU librarian. sofas and work tables for groups or individuals to use. just ask to see Special Collections at the Circulation Desk. because it doesn’t change anything in that system. Inc.

in any of its policies. .  Patrick Baumann.Connect With Your Librarian Did you know that all departments have a librarian assigned to them? Liaisons can help faculty and students find information best suited to their area of study. Media Services  Dana Belcher. disability. staff. or status as a veteran. Within its service area. East Central University provides leadership for economic and cultural enhancement. we’re more than just books— check out all our digital resources and research strategies Photo from http://www. Instructional Services Librarian  Biology  Chemistry  English & Languages  Physics  Sociology Librarian  Cartography/Geography  Communication  Environmental Health Science  Family & Consumer Sciences  Human Resources  Theda national origin. The librarians are your guide to the best facultyandstaff. color. Assistant Director & Collection Services Librarian  Accounting  Business Administration  History  Mathematics  Nursing  Political Science/Legal Studies  Chelsea Baker. Though libraries have classic style. 04/13. but is not limited to. or one-on-one help if you’re a ppl_ri_images/4019185469/ In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Technical Services Librarian Art Computer Science Education Kinesiology Music Psychology  Katherine Sleyko. if you’re faculty. East Central University has printed 0 copies at a cost of $0. faculty. handicap. East Central University does not discriminate on the basis of race. Find yours below or at http://ecok. and community interact to educate students for life in a rapidly changing and culturally diverse society. tion Act of 1973. and other federal laws and regulations. employment. Public Services Librarian  Not yet assigned Contact your liaison librarian for classes and materials you’d like. practices or procedures. This publication is issued by East Central University as authorized by Title 70 OS 1981.libguides. financial aid. Executive Order 11246 as amended. This includes. admissions. age. sex. and education services. Section 3903. religion. so make sure that you use them. Sections 503 and504 of the Rehabilita- East Central University’s Linscheid Library East Central University’s mission is to foster a learning environment in which students. Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972.

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