Hermann Göring Division Generalleutnant Paul Conrath Division HQ Brigade HQ (for special employment) 1 Panzer Grenadier Regiment Panzer

Regiment HG Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion Panzer Pioneer (Engineer) Battalion Panzer Artillery Regiment HG Flak Regiment HG(-) Anti-tank company Supply and Service units Attached units: 115th PzG Regiment - (Schmalz) 2 infantry battalions (Arrived on 11 July) 3rd Parachute Regiment (1st Parachute Division) - (Schmalz) 4th Parachute Regiment (1st Parachute Division) - (Schmalz) remnants Fallschirm Engineer and MG Battalions, Signal company (1st Parachute Division) - (Schmalz) Tiger tank company, 215th Tank Battalion Fortress Battalion 904 - (Schmalz) Fortress Battalion 923 - (Schmalz) Fortress Battalion ‘Reggio’ - (Schmalz) Flak Catania


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