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but Esau have I hated. This gospel will help the entire world and make all people joyous. that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law. If you happen to be one such person who is afraid of being hated. Wherever you go to. and be rejected of this generation. and they will normally go to any length to win the friendship of their enemies. in fact. relax and stop bothering yourself. People fear being hated. It is in fact a very handsome young man. Hatred has been and shall continue to be in existence." Golden Text: Romans 9:13 "As it is written. the gospel I am going to reveal to you is hidden to mankind." Second Bible Lesson: Luke 17:25 "But first must he suffer many things. It does appear that the only thing the world regards as the greatest evil is hatred. They hated me without a cause." Brethren. including the angels.LOVE AND HATE: MANIFESTATION OF GOD'S WORK First Bible Lesson: John 15:25 "But this cometh to pass. The joy will extend to all creations. It had been made by God to be so. You do not have to be afraid of hatred . you will have to meet hatred and experience it. Jacob have I loved. the revelation of the kingdom and glory of God. It is.

and it is the Father Himself who does all things. you will not be bothered or affected. Of itself. air. God in his infinite wisdom created a man and a woman. These two phenomena. They do not prevent you from carrying out your own assignment either. Therefore if you perish. it is not hatred that has caused you to perish. and it does not disturb or prevent you from carrying out your assignment and being yourself. Without them there is no life. These creations are made and kept there in their places to fulfill their various purposes. work together for good. water. It is a necessary formality like any letter of the Alphabet. knowing fully well that it is the Father's work they are carrying out. the moon and the stars. and if you are saved.because it does no harm to you. and so it cannot hurt. etc. . animals and trees. Love and Hatred. Start from this day to overlook that thing called hatred. no debasement. ABC. Love and hate mean nobody any harm. no exaltation. They work together for the fulfillment of the glory of God. hatred or enmity has no life. and also make the kingdom of God enjoyable. and the same way was hatred created by God. So that you will not even appeal to them to cease hating you. It could rightly be described as a motion picture which is brief and temporary. your salvation cannot be attributed to love. and the rest of other creation. without those two elements there is no God. the sun. Hatred is created and maintained by God the same way as day and night. and in fact. fishes and water. I am explaining these things to you so that even if your family or village hates you. only occasional and seasonal.

you will pray to God to be hated. Conversely . and it is in fact. the same God. ALL THINGS ORIGINATE FROM GOD. Have you ever heard that death is sick? It is said that good health is no indication of the abundant life. ILL-LUCK. juju and all that! THAT IS NOT TRUE. The existence of Good and Evil is therefore derivable from the tree. If I tell you the advantages of hatred now. apparition. Hatred emanates from God.(Romans 8:28) I am particularly thankful to the Father for creating hatred. Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God shall never pass away without being fulfilled. As the rain carries out its specific assignment so also does the sun. AND THEY ALL COMBINE TOGETHER FOR A SINGLE PURPOSE. God also said that whoever eats of the tree of Good and Evil shall die. From the aforementioned. It is said in the scripture that the tree is a combination of Good and Evil. so is Love. AND THE REST OF THE OTHER THINGS. or tree. I have many things to reveal to you in the scripture from the first Chapter in Genesis in the Old Testament to the last chapter of Revelation in the New Testament. AND SO ALSO IS LIFE. Hatred and love therefore work together for the fulfillment of God's glory and will. It is the same thing as saying that death is caused by man. so that you know who God is. is death not from God? How come you say then that death is the handiwork of man. or mermaid or juju? Death is a very handsome young man bubbling with energy. That is why it is said in the scripture that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.Hatred is present everywhere. GOOD LUCK. and having it perform the wonderful works it does. hatred is. It is a very lovely phenomenon. DEATH COMES FROM GOD.

I want your mind to be free of fear so that you can go forth into the world boldly. It is one of the mysteries of life that I am revealing to you. so-called. That day also a good thing comes to you. or any negative phenomenon. Death.sickness is no indication or sign of death. Always have it in mind that the handsome young man. Do you now see the Word of God. how God does His work? It is out of ignorance and fear that you dread your enemy. How do I just love my enemy and pray for his good? It is the question agitating everybody's mind. hatred. death. but for now. know that it is from your so-called enemy. and pray for the good of those who despitefully use you. and serve God. Any day any evil arrives at your door. fearing nothing. . I have many of them. What I am giving you today is a summary of the lesson so that you can walk boldly anywhere. He also mentioned that it is from those who dine and wine with you that death comes unto you. one at a time. No problem whatsoever comes to you from your enemy. so says the Lord. The Lord also said that His enemies shall become His friends. He wishes and means you no evil. none of them can harm you or do anything to you for that matter. You should not rejoice because a medical doctor has certified that you are physically fit. All your troubles and temptation come to you through your friends. and having in mind that whether it be sickness. But that is the lesson the whole world finds very difficult to practice. and that was the reason He advised you to love your enemies. is there. Our Lord Jesus Christ had known this lesson. You have to love your enemies. know immediately that it comes from your closest friend.

It is not of the earth. so also does anybody's hatred do you no harm. They therefore do not disturb or prevent you from carrying out your own duty. As one's love does you no good. Hatred is only a hiding place. and they do just that. But I believe fervently that the Father has given you the ability to put this gospel into practice. as a vibrant young man knows his work. That thing you call hatred does not come from man. people grumble and show resentment over the rains. the gospel you are hearing is a very great and a tough one. you cannot believe in this gospel. pray for the good of your enemy. the rains cease. the good things that go along with hatred. seen. and it is also intangible. But hatred. you will pray to be hated. seen. Both of them have their various assignments too. and give him water to drink when he is thirsty. Apart from the fact that the weather is always wet and cold. love cannot be touched. Brethren. or sensed. where to go and when to go there. YOU HAVE TO PURSUE VIGOROUSLY YOUR OWN ASSIGNMENT. it is not even from this earth. and clothe him when he is naked. Equally. and the dry . AND CARRY OUT GOD'S INSTRUCTION. it cannot be felt. WITHOUT FALLING BACK. feed him when he is hungry. As time goes by.That is the reason Our Lord Jesus Christ tells you to love your enemies. LOOKING STRAIGHT ON THE CROSS. let alone practice it. or sensed. Except the Father gives you the ability. That is the reason I told you that if you were to know the advantages. but it is the recondite wisdom of God I am revealing to you. the heavy rains carry with them certain diseases and other inconveniences. You are living witnesses to the fact that once the rainy season comes around the rains fall heavily and persistently. It is not of the earth.

It is the same mother who begets the false prophet who also owns the true prophet. It is also said that where there is plenty of evil. including human beings. Evil is itself as energetic as a young man.season sets in. LOVE AND HATRED. where good things abound. the weather becomes dry and the atmosphere very dusty. No person should in fact say anything against evil. AND OTHER PAIRS. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND SERVE HIM. Every body is complaining that there is plenty of evil in the world today. Why then do you get yourselves bothered about these phenomena? These things were created by God and they have their specific objectives to fulfill. and it has its own assignment that he set about fulfilling. This season is also not without its diseases and set-backs. During this season. Insomuch as you cannot prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. Both conceptions are not true. GOOD AND BAD. you should not allow yourself to be . DAY AND NIGHT. Others say that it the men. The mother who gives birth to the rich man. also gives birth to the poor man. The sun become so hot that it scorches the earth. On the other hand. good things abound there also. HAVE YOU NOT HEARD THAT AS IT WAS THROUGH ONE PERSON. Some people say it is the woman who has spoiled the world. THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS VISITED BY EVIL. MAN AND WOMAN. The man and the woman work together actually for their good and the fulfillment of the glory of God. SUN AND MOON. there also will evil flourish. SO ALSO SHALL SALVATION AND GOODNESS COME TO MANY THROUGH ONE PERSON. GOD CREATED ALL THINGS IN TWOS: RAIN AND DROUGHT.

On the other hand you may be so loved by someone that you lack words to express the kind of love both of you have for each other.disturbed by them. Know immediately that your turn has come around to welcome that young man. hatred. there will be no cogent reason. If therefore you have been alleging that somebody hates you for one reason or the other. in fulfillment of your assignment. If you ask somebody why he hates another person. The Lord has said these things I am telling you when nothing has happened so that when they shall come to pass you are not taken unawares. You do not even know when you have hated or loved somebody. All of them are so temporary in nature. Love. This they shall do because they do not know the Father and the Son. You so love the person to the extent you are ready to surrender your life. your allegation is false. The Father alone knows when you have loved or hated somebody. If you are being hated you should not bother yourself to seek for some solutions. What you should understand is that you are taking your turn to experience the arrival of that young man. the recondite wisdom of God. You are living witnesses to the fact that there is a time you will so love a particular person so much so that you even wonder and think you are charmed. There is no reason for being hated. they are visitors who leave your domain. But all of a sudden you begin to dislike and hate the same person you . once they have accomplished their respective assignments. Do not wonder or want to know the source and purpose of such love. A time is coming when you shall be persecuted and killed by people who think they are serving God (John 16:2). It is a hidden treasure.

what would have been the source of salvation unto mankind? How in the first place would He have been revealed as the Savior? THAT IS THE REASON I SAID THAT IT IS YOUR ENEMY WHO EXALTS YOU. and as there is love so there is hatred. First Bible Lesson: John 15:25 "But this cometh to pass. What offense did He commit for doing all those things? If therefore the whole world had not hated and persecuted Him. for it is those two young men. They hated me without a cause. Nobody hates you because you cursed him. the blind to see. Love and Hate that are at work. Yet if you are asked to say why you have hated the person. Once one finishes his duty. and his/her presence upsets you and the mere mention of his/her name makes your stomach ache. AND GIVES YOU GLORY. so do you have night. the dumb to speak. you will no longer worry yourself about hatred. you have no reason to give. and why you are hated.had loved so dearly. that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law. One is incomplete without the other. What did Our Lord Jesus Christ do to be hated by the entire world? He raised the dead. . made the lame to walk. and he cleansed the leper. Let the First Lesson be read. I hope that from today henceforth. It is the handiwork of God that signifies the arrival of that young man. They work hand in hand and in shifts. Welcome and contain him as you go about doing your own business." Brethren have you heard that? Hatred has no reason. Take your rest and do not worry yourself. or got angry with him or refused him what he asked of you. the other takes over from there. As you have daylight.

A whole community. there is a season. At a particular time. you are perished too. it will not reverse his hatred for you. this is somebody who is a thief. In fact the more you are benevolent and kind toward him. and a time to every purpose under the heaven.. Love and Hate." Why do you not accept these things. the more he will hate you. know that you are lost. know that God is absent in that place.. It is either one or the other at a time. No matter what presents and favor you will do for this fellow. with the exception of one person.. how you could love somebody whole heartedly and do all sorts of good things for him yet the person would hate you to the extent of not wanting to see your footprints. Brethren. If in fact you are loved by everybody. In another instance. a swindler and a . The one person could so love you that you feel fortified and you lack words to express that kind of love. remember that it is the will of God that it should take place. and it will never happen that you are hated and loved by everybody at one particular time. It is very surprising to people what I am telling you now. may hate you. These things are made so by God. certain people will hate you. On the other hand another person may hate you to such an extent that you feel very insecure and you would want to flee the area.It is said in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: "To every thing. And whatsoever happens to you is for the manifestation of the glory of God. some people will love you. and know that God is the essence of them all? At no time will everybody love you or hate you. Any place these two things. at another time. Whatever happens to you should not be attributed to anything else. and if all persons hate you. are not found. But ironically it has never happened.

. Do not be surprised any longer when you see these things. Chieftaincy titles are conferred on him. the existence of hatred at any port of call is temporary. yet he is loved by the entire community. or a murderer. and therefore. are untrue. When your enemy is hungry feed him. Because it is written in the scriptures that they hated Him without a cause. we should not seek for reasons we are being hated. and he is also declared a hero.. fornicator. What do you think also of the statement that he shall see . That is the reason you are advised this day to love everybody equally. All of us have to be hated without a cause too. embrace him. your excuses or reasons are mere suppositions? Neither hatred nor love comes with a cause. What reason is there that the same person you have condemned is being loved by another group of persons despite the fact that he is notorious? Do you not see that these things.murderer. these excuses are only flimsy and untenable. therefore hatred started right from the time of Cain and Abel. Hatred and Love do not come from man. What exactly did Abel do to Cain that the latter decided to kill his brother? If you have been giving the reason for hating somebody as being because the one is a thief.. Do not allow hatred to bother or prevent you from discharging your duties at any one time. You should know that as a visitor and a stranger. They hated me without a cause. Know each time that it is nature's design at work. You have heard it read in the Scripture that "." The reasons given that it is because of one thing or the other that is why you are hated. that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law.. welcome him warmly and give him water to drink.

It is said that. Your problem is that at all times you are fighting against the will of God. BOTH OF THEM DO THE SAME WORK TOGETHER TO MANIFEST THE WILL OF GOD. MANY PEOPLE OBJECT TO BEING OFFERED THE LEFT HAND TO SHAKE OR GIVEN ANYTHING BY IT. We shall be okay if we like all things. who do you attribute your hatred and tribulation to? Is it your parents. friends or relations? If it has been written that you shall be treated the same way Our Lord Jesus Christ was treated. It only comes as a visitor. THE LEFT HAND THEY SAY CARRIES BAD OMEN."In the beginning was the word.great tribulation and shall be rejected by the people finally? If therefore Christ was being hated and derided. do you not think it is the word and the will of God that is fulfilled? If you were to believe truly in today's Gospel you would not have your minds troubled by any hatred and tribulations. you do not quiver. If hatred arrives at your house welcome it and give it water to drink and food to eat. and accordingly. EVERY PERSON WANTS THE RIGHT HAND. and it shall leave in due time. Disabuse your minds from today against certain likes and dislikes. We have to like and appreciate whatever things that are created by God. It is the Father who worketh everything for the glorification of His kingdom. the word was . WHAT I AM TELLING YOU NOW COULD BE COMPARED TO THE RIGHT HAND AND THE LEFT HAND. This gospel is given to you to strengthen your faith and open your eyes so that if you find hatred or sickness or anything whatsoever at your doorstep. these things come to pass. and He suffered many tribulations from the hands of people. and even more. WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE EVIL IN THE LEFT HAND? WHETHER IT IS THE RIGHT OR LEFT HAND.

Your duty is to continue to love all things so that the will of God will fulfill. it is said. sealed and delivered. including Peter. HUNGER OR DEATH AND THE REST OF SUCH THINGS." Without Him. sickness. It has been prophesied in the scripture that the shepherd will be slain and the sheep shall scatter. and the rest of such things. HATRED. all the disciples. denied the Lord. BRETHREN. Peter. their Master. WHEN YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY. IT IS ONLY WITH GOODNESS THAT YOU CAN OVERCOME EVIL. he. Is there any person who is capable of preventing it from materializing? When Christ told His disciples that night that they shall all deny Him. hunger. Cease offering prayers to God requesting Him to forbid and remove from existence death. (Matthew 26:31) That statement was spoken by the Lord and written down. DO NOT WORRY YOURSELF ABOUT SICKNESS.with God and the word was God. hatred. The other disciples echoed Peter's statement one after another. Peter replied that even if the rest of the disciples would deny Him. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THROUGH WHICH YOU WILL OVERCOME THE WORLD. Do not even say that you are being hated because of . And to fulfill what has been nominated in the Scriptures. WHEN HE IS THIRSTY GIVE HIM WATER TO DRINK. would not. the night he was arrested. GIVE HIM FOOD. He is the originator and creator of all things. CONTINUE TO LOVE ALL PERSONS. THE GREATEST LESSON WITH WHICH WE SHALL OVERCOME EVIL IS NOT TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE OVERCOME BY EVIL BUT WE SHOULD RATHER USE GOODNESS TO CONQUER EVIL. was not anything made that was made.

and starved. and love all things so you can overcome. and yet. Another point is that never you say that this thing comes from God but the other does not. What I have brought to you is to regard whatever comes your way as being well and good. That is the only weapon with which you will overcome.(John 9:2-3) Have you heard that brethren? Our Second lesson shall be read so that from today. but that the man was born blind so that the will and glory of God might be fulfilled. Is that true? What error or offense has he committed which another person has not committed. . learn how to contain and accommodate any evil. he is absolved? What did Christ reply when His disciples asked Him whether it was because of the sins of that young man or those of his parents that caused his blindness. He replied that it was neither because of the sins of his parents nor his that caused him to be blind. where then does it come from? Some people say that one's mishap is as a result of his error or evil. You should not also say that it is because of your righteousness and goodness that you are being loved and held in high esteem. You rather will. that comes your way and know fully well that both of them walk hand in hand for the fulfillment of the will and glory of God. from today. you cease to question and wonder why you are hated. If you say that something does not come from God.your sinfulness. and even more. Welcome whatever phenomenon. persecuted. derided. A worldly song says nobody should laugh over some other person's mishap because ill events are not limited to a particular person. whether love or hate.

Can you now realize that there is no word of God without power? Is there any person who can contest God's plan and obstruct suffering from coming to Christ? Is it also possible to please this generation. or till date be able to. and change their minds to love and accept Christ? That is the reason Christ called the people . if He happens not to be rejected by this generation. everybody is gazing into the sky gasping for Christ. prevent the fulfillment of that promise. can you comprehend Nature's work? That promise goes to fulfill the statement that the stone which the builders rejected has become the corner stone (Psalm 118:22). and finally be rejected by this generation.Second Bible Lesson: Luke 17:25 "But first must he suffer many things. for the fulfillment of that promise. If the same people turn around and reject Him in their deeds. who is to blame? It has been written that many things must He suffer. the Comforter. not even the Lord Himself. the Lord is rejected? And on the other hand. Whose responsibility is it if." Brethren. has the will and word of God not fulfilled? Brethren. have you heard that? It has been written that He must first suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. It is not because of anybody's cause. is it because of his own sin or that of his parents or what? It is merely the revelation of the glory of God and the fulfillment of His will. That was a fore ordained promise of God. If He has to suffer. There is nothing that happens without a reason. and be rejected of this generation. the express rule of God. In the world today. Nobody on earth was able to. the Savior.

or Holy Spirit or even Jehovah God and His Christ. read the passage which says that Christ shall suffer many things and be rejected by the people of this generation? Do they understand that passage of the scriptures? Who can contest and obstruct that promise from fulfilling? If you resist that promise do you not know it is the will of God you are resisting? And who is he who is capable of standing in the way of God and oppose Him? It was not written that when that person talked about shall come. and is finally rejected by the people automatically is the one written about. mercy. The person who comes and suffers many things. and the rest of the good virtues of God. waiting for the time and day Christ shall descend.disobedient and hard hearted children who continuously resist the will of God as their Fathers and great-grandfathers had done. love. where do you expect them to be taken to? And the good things you want to flourish around you. Is it not surprising to you and everyone else that despite the fact that you have heard and seen the truth. When you pray God to forbid one thing or the other. was it not meet that Christ should suffer and then graduate into His Father's glory as was predestined about him? Have all the people and church denominations who gaze into the sky. humility. patience. it will be written on His face "The Prophet of God" or Messiah. IN FACT YOUR PRAYER SHOULD BE THAT THE WILL OF GOD ALONE BE DONE. He added that those who believe not what the prophet says right from the time of Moses. . That is the only way to identify whom those things are referred to. so that His glory may be manifested. who is the person who does not deserve them too? Give whatever comes to you a chance to stay.

and total rejection? Is it because of the . When He raised Lazarus from the dead.yet none of you has the ability to forsake sin? How many of you have refrained from sin? If all of you accept Him and forsake sins. raised the dead and did many other wonderful things. cleansed the leper. Therefore if you find somebody on whom all these things are fulfilled does it not occur to you that the person is the one talked about? Brethren. the entire people and the high priest rose up against Him that He had introduced strange things and teachings. Can the people indeed be held responsible for their action? The answer is. so a prisoner and a woeful sinner. tribulations. and the plan of God be made manifest. and complete rejection of Him by the people. He was called all kinds of strange names. hatred. was released and set free. and do all sorts of evil things so that His many suffering will come to pass. opposition. The things written about Him are the many suffering. they all shouted Barabbas. No. Andrew told Nathaniel and Peter that he has seen the person about whom the scriptures have been written. how then will He suffer many things? How will the will of the Word of God manifest? That is why you have to stay here and fight. among them Beelzebub and demon. quarrel. The reason is that they were merely enhancing the fulfillment of the Word and Will of God which has been written. and delivered about Christ. to merit such hatred. What evil thing did Christ do. after all. and He had contravened their laws and customs. you will remember that Christ healed the sick. But ironically when Pilate asked the people the person they wanted to be delivered unto them. fornicate. backbite. sealed.

and rejected Him in the end. Jesus the Christ.dead he raised. you would have been angry and you would have cursed the whole crowd to die. Are . As for Christ. BUT IF ANOTHER PERSON COMES IN HIS OWN NAME. HE SHALL BE RECEIVED AND WELCOMED BY EVERYBODY.(JOHN 5:43) HAS THAT NOT BEEN FULFILLED TODAY? The adage says that if evil befalls somebody no one should laugh at him because mishap selects no quarters. and crying or fasting or pleading or prayers? Isn't it a thing of joy and gratitude? He said that He shall come in the name of His Father but no person shall receive and rejoice with Him. and he replied that his sight was restored by the Holy One of God. claiming him to be the only man of God. If you were Christ. Does that promise require lamentations. The prophecy saying that Christ shall suffer many things and be rejected was fulfilled with the Jews. persecuted and rejected Christ. and that the people were only implementing God's ordained plan. you would not have hated. they said they did not know from where He comes. they all bullied him and asked him to shut up!(John 9:24-34). Instead they wanted Moses whom they had not known and seen. And even when they went to that blind man whose sight was restored by Christ and inquired who restored his sight. Many of you today say that if you had been the Jews. and be rejected by the people. They meted great punishment on Him. If it has been written that He shall suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. mourning. the blind he restored sight to. or the sick he healed? He was destined to suffer many things. Christ did not do so because He had known the promise and will of God for Him. so He would be glorified.

Hold unto your goodness. and do not be angry with any person. That was the reason why when Pilate said to Our Lord Jesus Christ whether He did not know that he. Pilate. Even so. Know also that the fastidiousness of the goat cannot prevent it from being sold. to do whatever they found themselves doing. you are not hating Christ. They were only employed. Even if you go to Jerusalem today and request that you want to see the Family of Christ. AND THAT HE WAS A DEMON. and they never wanted to hear anything about Him. none of them is repentant. what sins did the Jews commit in persecuting and rejecting Christ? They have no case to answer because they were merely implementing the fore-ordained plan of God: that He will suffer many things in the first place. AND WAS HEALING THROUGH THE POWER OF BEELZEBUB. nobody will be able to show you because they do not know Him. THEY SAID HE DID NOT COME FROM GOD. persecuting and rejecting him? If the Jews knew what they were doing. THOSE WHO SPEAR-HEADED CHRIST'S DEATH WERE THE CHURCH DENOMINATIONS AND THEIR sure that even up till today. and for the manifestation of His own glory. Up till today. has power to release Him or convict Him. and then be rejected by this generation. I am telling you these things so that you will be careful of yourself. knowing fully well that everything happens according to God's design. Christ replied that he had no power to do anything except the power came to him . and cease speaking evil against anybody. why did Christ ask the Father to forgive them for they knew not what they had done? Our Lord Jesus Christ knew quite alright that there was ignorance on the part of the Jews regarding the whole episode involving him and the Jews. and though unconsciously.

What offense did Esau commit after all? He was the first born male child of Isaac. can you prevent that nomination from fulfilling? Jacob represented the whites. And He left some words of consolation that if the world hates you know that they first hated Christ (John 15:18). God declared that Jacob He . Esau it was who shouldered every responsibility about the Father's welfare and that of the family too. Listen attentively. but Esau have I hated. and hear the words of God. and He was mocked by rogues. Jacob have I loved. But. Isaac was blinded so that he will not bless Esau. It is the Father who does everything.from His Father. does it mean that He was unaware of what has happened to you? Our Lord Jesus Christ was slapped left and right. Therefore when something happens to you and you ask God to take it away. Do you know that they too were carrying out the will of God? It was so written that He will suffer many things and be rejected by the people. Let the Golden Text be read. The people who did this were even robbers. while Esau represented the blacks." Brethren. No person has the power to do anything. and he was also a hunter. and they spat upon His face. the world would have loved you. Do not blame the rogues. If you were of the world. Golden Text: Romans 9:13 "As it is written. after which He shall then pass into His glory. and because I have chosen you out of the world that is why they hate you. so that the will of God may fulfill.

.loved but Esau He hated. and he was the jackass who labored without rest. He liked and lived a luxurious life. Rebecca who had heard what Isaac said went immediately and contrived with Jacob and outwitted Isaac. Whatever happens to you is so made to bring glory to God. "The elder shall serve the younger (Genesis 25:23). it is for the glory of God. would he have been deceived by Jacob? Esau only labored while Jacob reaped the fruits of that labor. and thus would not have him blessed by Isaac. Esau was the man who suffered. little did Isaac know that he would be tricked.. She was only used as an instrument to manipulate the will of God into manifestation that. so he can bless him. Jacob I have loved. This proves therefore that his blindness and indeed every other happening in that episode was the handiwork of God. When his voice almost betrayed him. Jacob a smooth-skinned person was made to become artificially hairy skinned like Esau by covering his skin with the hides of a ram. When his father Isaac asked him to go and prepare him some food. as was the usual thing to do. Tell me. If you see. Can you now comprehend the glory of God? Know it right from today that if you happen to be blind it is for the glory of God. and obtained the blessing meant for Esau. if Isaac were to have his sight."(Rom 9:12-13) If Isaac was not blind that will of God would not have come to pass. Jacob told his father a lie that his voice had changed because of the stress of hunting in the bush. Rebecca. The two ideas were master-minded by their mother. All . but Esau have I hated. Jacob was all the time enjoying and relaxing with his mother.

they are wise and courageous. and not the so-called evil one. Esau arrived before his Father with the food he had prepared. He informed Esau that his brother. Isaac was very sad and sorrowful.things therefore are caused by the Father. there is a reason. whom Jacob represents. When Isaac had bestowed every blessing on Jacob. the blacks and the whites. For every action of God. and His glory revealed throughout the nations of the world. requesting him. unaware of that fact. are these people God? You have it written also in the Scriptures that the first shall be last and the last shall be first (Matthew 19:30). It was God who kept Pharaoh in the position he was and hardened his heart so that His will would be fulfilled. What do you understand by the significance of the two sons Esau and Jacob? They are twin brothers signifying two nations. Isaac. Esau. invariably representing Africa? As Esau was exploited and rendered . God needed somebody who will place His children in bondage so that they will later be exalted and His name be praised. for the whites. It did not go without reason that the whole blessing was bestowed on Jacob. and that none was left. ran out with his gun after Jacob whom he never found. to eat and bless him. In this circumstance who is he about whom it was written that he shall serve the younger? Is it not Esau. are today's super-powers. They invent virtually everything man-made. But the one thing God has denied them is the Holy Spirit and the ability to put the word of God into practice. If you claim to be hated and derided by your kinsmen and your community because you were born twins. Before this time Rebecca had instructed Jacob to flee to her kinsmen in her village. Jacob had received his blessing (Genesis 27:37).

The black man is suffering today from colonialism. SO ALSO SHALL AFRICA BE REMEMBERED AND RAISED IN THE END. Even the entire world is forced to believe that God loves the whites more than the blacks. A very little white man can command and toss about a battalion of Africans. . apartheid. THAT TIME HAS NOW COME! Whosoever hates you therefore is fulfilling the word of God that. No white man. he is never rich and prosperous. That is exactly what is happening to today. The whites are the wealthiest on earth today. THE FATE OF THE BLACKS AND WHITES IS NEITHER BECAUSE OF THEIR PERSPECTIVE RIGHTEOUSNESS NOR OF THEIR SINFULNESS. I AM TELLING YOU NOW TO WATCH WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. No matter how inept and corrupt a white man may be. What is happening today is traceable to Our Lord Jesus Christ who was revealed as The One to come and suffer many things. so also is Africa being exploited and made beggars by the whites. Ironical is the fact that whatsoever a white man does can never be seen as wrong by the black man. Africans are seen and regarded as subhuman." The whites just have no reason for hating the blacks. IT IS THROUGH GOD'S LOVE AND MERCY. a black man will always love him and call him the great. and then of Esau who was hated and exploited for no single reason except for the manifestation of the promise of God. regards an African as a human being. THEREFORE BRETHREN. AS ESAU DID NOT LOSE EVERYTHING THROUGH AND THROUGH.impotent. No matter how hard he struggles."Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated. no matter how useless himself.

All of you are therefore called upon to rise up and help yourselves by working with your hands. That is the way the glory which had been reserved for you will materialize. ALWAYS HAVE IN MIND THAT THE FUTURE IS BRIGHTER AND THAT HE WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS BEST. HATRED. AND ANY OTHER KIND OF TRIBULATION. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DEATH. THANK YOU HOLY FATHER REFERENCE: Everlasting Gospel By The Sole Spiritual Head. HUNGER. A stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on:LOVE AND HATE From: HERALD OF THE NEW KINGDOM . DO NOT QUARREL WITH ANYBODY. IT IS A WONDERFUL THING OF GREAT PLEASURE AND JOY THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS EMERGED IN AFRICA. Those who have ears let them hear. May God Bless His Holy Words. DO NOT HATE ANYBODY. THESE THINGS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY. I do not want to take you further. Amen. SICKNESS. NEITHER SHOULD YOU BLAME ANYBODY.



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