1 PROPOSED BY-LAWS OF THE 2 MORA CLAN LEYTE 3 4 Whereas, there are numerous families of Mora in different municipalities of the

Province 5of Leyte even in some of the municipalities of the Province of Samar and even extend to the 6different places in the different places in the Philippines that do not know each other since birth; 7 8 Whereas, the late Rt. Rev. Msgr. Salvador Vicente F. Mora together with Rev. Fr. 9Ronnie Sotico C. Mora, Rt/Msgt. Emiliano C. Mora, Jr, Mrs. Angeles-Mora Cayanes and Mrs. 10Tita Mora-Obejas conceived and founded the Mora Clan Leyte. The First Annual Reunion was 11done last July 24,1994 at the residence of Mrs. Ageles-Mora Cayanes at Pio Pedrosa Avenue, 12Sta. Cruz,Palo, Leyte a day after the ordination of Fr. Ronnie to the Order of Diaconate. 13 Whereas, the founders direct the whole clan than: 14 1. Clan Reunion is important element a vehicle/instrument to know more about the 15 members of the Clan/Family/relatives. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
2. The fundamental task of Clan Reunion is to encourage family ties and more so promotes clannish behaviour. 3. The objective of Clan Reunion is for the members of the Clan to encounter, and to be in communion with each other towards a strong relationship among the members. Therefore, we are forming this Clan with the following purposes: 1. Promoting the family ties and clannish behaviour. 2. Promoting collaboration and strong relationship among the members. 3. Providing assistance to sustain and support the members who may have problems related to financial, spiritual, and other concerns according to the material goods of the Clan. 4. Bringing the members to live the Catholic faith not only by words but most especially by deeds.

28 29 ARTICLE I 30 NAME & OFFICE 31Section 1: The Name of this clan shall be MORA CLAN LEYTE from where the family name 32“Mora” originated. 33Section 2: The office of the Mora Clan Leyte shall be located in the town of Palo, Leyte. 34 ARTICLE II 35 MEMBERSHIP 36Section 1: The membership of this Clan shall be: 37 a) The members of the different families bearing the family name “Mora” whether direct or 38 indirect line or by affinity. 39
b) Those that are registered/listed in the Clan Book.

40Section 2: Termination of Membership. Any member of the Clan shall cease to be such upon: 41 a) Not attending the Clan Reunion for constructive 3 years without valid reasons.



51 52 53 54 b) A Php 10. c) A monthly due of Php 50. 73 ARTICLE V 74 THE CLAN OFFICERS AND THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 75Section 1: General Management. instead can be elected to a different position. 58Mary and Joseph. 2 2 . 71 72 b) The current sponsor/s shall join the said meeting to report the plan for the next Clan Reunion. can be re-elected to the same position for another One 79(1) Term but never for the 3rd Term. The 69 Clan President Shall convene the meeting with a written communication at least 70 a month before the said meeting. g) Paying member but not attending for five(5) consecutive clan reunion. 59 1. 61 1. f) A living co-founder has an absolute immunity of termination. Both Clan Officers & Board of Trustees shall serve One (1) Term 78equivalent to Three (3) years. e) Withdrawal from the Clan membership. d) Expulsion due to unbecoming behaviour by 2/3 vote of all the members of the Board of Trustees and Clan Officers.00 monthly for hospitalization fund. However. The Clan Annual Reunion is done every last Saturday of April.b) The Host/sponsor for the Annual Clan Reunion shall be voluntary or appointed.c) There shall always be reserved hosts/sponsors at least for (5) five years for proper 62preparation. 49Section 3: Assessment of Fees: 50 a) A Php 10.42 43 44 45 46 47 48 b) Not paying the registration fee for 3 consecutive Clan Reunion.00 is collected from every member of Clan Reunion upon registration. 60Can be individual or family. 77Section 2: Term of Office.00 is collected from the Clan Officers and Board of Trustees. 67Section 2: Clan Officers and Board of Trustees Meeting. d) Every member of the Clan shall give Php 5.00 is colleceted annually from every member of the Clan as the annual membership fee. 68 a) The Clan Officers and Board of Trustees shall meet at least once a year. c) Not paying the annual membership fee for 3 consecutive years. The general management of the Clan shall be composed of 76Five (5) Clan Officers and Nine (9) of Trustees. 55 ARTICLE III 56 DEVOTION & SPONSORS 57Section 1. 63 ARTICLE IV 64 GENERAL ASSEMBLY 65Section 1: General Assembly/Annual Reunion: 66 a) Annual Reunion. a) The Clan is entrusted to the patronage of the Holy Family of Nazareth: Jesus.

110 a. or causes to be given.4) exercises general supervision over the affairs of the Clan. a majority of the number of Officers and 97Trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business. 124c) Secretary. that purpose with Nominees. 99Section 8: Powers. Unless otherwise provided by law. Vice-President. 123 b. He/She shall have the following powers and duties: 125 c. 112 a.2) gives.5) exercises any and all other powers and dischargers any such duties as may be 108 specified for him/her in these By-Laws. 87Section 5: The Spiritual Director. Dagami and Julita. One (1) for Sta. by a majority vote of the remaining Officers and Trustees 93constituting a quarum at a special Meeting specifically called for. 90Section 5a: Replacement shall be determined by the Clan Officers & Board of Trustees. Castilla and 86Pastrana. resignation. the Vice 121 President shall automatically and officially assume the office of the President until the 122 next election.2) He/She shall perform duties assigned to him/her by the President necessary and proper 119 for the Clan. Clan Adviser & Chairman for Education are ex-officio members 88of the Clan officers.1) represents and acts as spokesperson of the Clan whenever proper and necessary. namely: One (1) for Abuyog. 94to serve for the unexpired term. 100 a) President.4) assists the President in all matters for the good of the Clan. 129d) Treasurer. and the decision of a 98majority of the quorum duly assembled as a Body shall be valid as a Clan act. 107 a. 91Section 6: Vacancy. He/ She shall have the following powers and duties: 116 b. One (1) Tacuranga. They are terminated from their 89offices due to health problem. 82Section 4: The Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees are the Coordination of the different 83group areas. all notices required by law or of the By-Laws of the Clan.7) presents a duly audited financial statement of the Clan every Clan Reunion.8) shall keep the Seal of the Clan. He/She shall have the following powers and duties: 3 3 . old age or death. They can also vote whenever are made. 103 a.3) After a week of incapacity.1) He/She shall be vested with all powers and authorities required to perform all the duties 117 of the President during the absence or incapacity of the latter for any cause. 118 b. 120 b. Any communication or document without the Dry Seal 114 and Original Signature of the President is invalid. without leave of absence or death of the President. 113 a. The replacement shall be selected by the remaining Officers 95and Board of Trustees from among the Nominees. resignation. One (1) for Cogon & Salvacion. Cruz and Naga-Naga.3) presides at all meetings of the Clan. 127 c. Treasurer and Auditor. 96Section 7: Quorum. 106 a.80Section 3: The Clan Officers: The Clan Officers shall compose of President.President.6) exercises such powers and discharges such duties as are customarily attached to the 111 position of President. 128 c. 105 a. or as the Trustees may from time to time fix or 109 delegate. 81Secretary. One (1) for Tanauan and San 84Joaquin. In case of death. One (1) for 85Cabarasan Dako.2) executes / implements the decisions and directive of the Officers and of the Board of 104 Trustees. One (1) for Cabarasan Guti and Camery. 115b) Vice.3) has the custody of the Clan Minutes and Record Book. or any cause resulting in a vacancy of an 92Officer or a Board of Trustee. The President shall be the Chief Executive Office of the Clan and shall have 101 the following powers and duties: 102 a. One (1) for Tacloban and One (1) for Samar.1) acts as the recorder of the meetings of the Officers and of the Board of Trustees and 126 keep full minutes of all meetings of the same and the Clan.

examine and verify the funds and all the financial transactions of the 148 Clan annually. 135 d. Officer or Trustee.4) renders a report on the financial condition of the Clan to the Officers and to the Board of 145 Trustees annually.e 143 the President OR the Vice-President AND the Treasurer. endorses and delivers all checks. whatever net assets 172 remaining after payment of liabilities shall be conveyed and transferred according to a 173 plan of distribution that may be adopted by the Officer and of the Board of Trustees in 174 the process of dissolution. drafts.1) He/She shall audit. 134 d. officer or trustee. It shall not be operated for profit. 157 158 ARTICLE VI 159 FINANCIAL 160Section 1: Nature of the Clan. 139 he/she shall make such payment only when the said expenditures have the signed 140 approval of the President or the Vice-President in the former’s absence or incapacity. 141 acting on the approval. The Clan is not an organization. has the custody of. and be 131 responsible for all the funds and properties of the Clan and keeps complete and 132 accurate record of receipts and disbursements and sees to it that all disbursements and 133 expenditures are evidenced by appropriate vouchers. 171Section 4: Dissolution. or on necessary occasion. Upon dissolution or liquidation of the Clan. 146e) Auditor. 144 d.3) signs. All checks and 142 withdrawals issued by the Clan must bear the signature of two authorized signatories. he/she shall do so only when said expenditures have the signed approval 138 of the President or the Vice-President in the former’s absence. 175 If the Clan holds any asset in trust. 152 f. 153 f. In cases of extraordinary. and no part of its surplus or net income shall accrue to the benefit of any 163 member. 149 e. The Clan shall keep and maintain such Book of Accounts and 166 Records of transactions which shall be open to all the members of the Clan for 167 transparency.3) acts as representatives of different area groupings.2) coordinates/ makes known all the necessary affairs of the clan to the members. that in cases of ordinary 137 expenditures. general or particular. 168Section 3: Funds. Donations and other Fund Raising 170 Campaigns.130 d. of the Board of Trustees. as such.2) deposits all funds in the name and to the credit of the Clan. 155Section 9: Compensation. 177 178 ARTICLE VII 179 ASSISTANCE 4 4 . 164 a) The Clan is non-partisan. He/She shall have the following powers and duties: 147 e. provided. The Funds of the Clan shall come from the members annual membership fee. 165Section 2: Book of Accounts. shall receive No Compensation for their 156 services to the Clan. Solicitations. bill of change and orders payment of 136 sum of money in the name and on behalf of the Clan. 151f) Board of Trustees. 161 it does not contemplate the distribution of its surplus shall be plowed into the operation 162 of the Clan. i. 169 Clan Reunion Registration fee. or on any occasion upon request of the same. it shall be disposed of in such manner as may be 176 directed in the trust instrument.1) acts as the voice of the area group/s members.1) receives and issues receipts for money paid to the Clan. 154 f.2) renders a report of his audit to the President of the Clan annually to be reported by the 150 President during the annual Clan Reunion.

10) The Clan cannot yet support a college student considering its limited funds.3) That he/she must pass the screening. 208Section 2: Calamity Assistance: 209 2.2) That the child is deserving and interested to finish schooling.8) A financial aid shall be terminated if a student receives a grade lower than 80% for the second time. 218Section 3: Hospitalization Assistance: 219 3.7) If a student received a grade lower than 80%.1) That parents cannot send their son/daughter to school due to financial constraint.2) If the Clan has no sufficient fund.4) A Screening Committee shall be created composed of Chairman and at least three (3) members. 1. The members shall be appointed by the Officers and Board of Trustees.1) The Clan shall appropriate Hospitalization fund determined by the Officers and of 5 5 . 211 2.180Section 1: Educational Assistance. 1.5 or equivalent to 80%.1) The Clan shall appropriate fund for calamity-stricken members determined by the 210 Officers and of the Board of Trustees.3) The collected donations from different group areas shall be given to the Treasurer 215 for proper recording and be given to the President for distribution to the calamity 216 victims. 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 1. 217 2. 1. the Board of Trustees of different group areas 212 shall go around the members of the Clan in their respective areas to ask for 213 donation. 214 2. 1. 1.5) A student must submit his/her Report Card to the Committee every after periodical exams. The Clan shall aid financially (minimal) a member who is 181 studying in high school with the following provisions: 182 1.9) The Clan shall give a financial aid to two (2) high school students until they finish their secondary education according to the DepEd Curriculum. 1. his/her attention and that of his/her parents/guardians shall be called by the Chairman of the Committee and must be given a warning.6) He/ She shall maintain a grade not lower than 2. 1.4) The collected donations shall be equally divided to the calamity victims. 1.

the Clan Officers.1) The Clan shall appropriate Livelihood Assistance to the members. 72 hours) 232 3. MORA 267 Clan President & Spiritual Adviser 268 269OSCAR LINDE ALICIA PARDINAS 270Vice-President Secretary 6 6 .e. 3 paragraph d. 243Section 5: Livelihood Assistance 244 5. the undersigned. the Board of Trustees of different group areas 226 shall go around the members of the Clan in their respective areas to ask for 227 donation.3) The application shall be approved by the Officers and Board of Trustees during their 248 annual meeting.5) The borrowed amount for Livelihood Assistance shall be returned by the borrower to 251 the Clan in Full or in Partial within the duration of six (6) months from the date 252 released with 0% percentage. II Sec. However.2) A member who avails the said assistance shall personally apply to the President 246 with letter of application.4) The family of the deceased shall coordinate to the Board of the Trustee in that area 241 and the said Board of Trustee shall coordinate with the Clan President for action. 240 4.3) A 10% Hospitalization Assistance shall be taken from the Php 5. 249 5. RONNIE SOTICO C. if the borrower cannot yet pay 255 after the grace period a 10% shall be added to the remaining balance every month. 253 5.3) The collected donations shall be given to the Treasurer for proper recording and the 239 President shall grant the donations to the deceased family. the Board of Trustees shall ask donations fro the 237 members of the Clan from their respective areas for the family of the deceased.5) Same coordination shall be done for Art. Spiritual Director and Education Chairman representing the Clan and 264voting in favour of the adoption of these By-Laws have hereunto subscribed our names on this 26527th day of July 2011. 221 3.00 monthly 224 contribution for Hospitalization Fund. 228 3. 230 3.220 the Board of Trustees. (Art.00 a month for an additional to the 222 Hospitalization Fund. 256 257 ARTICLE VIII 258 AMMENDMENTS 259Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended by the majority vote of all the members of the Clan 260 at a General Assembly expressly called for the purpose at least one month in 261 advance. FR. members of the Board 263of Trustees.5) The collected donations from different group areas shall be given to the Treasurer 229 for proper recording and be given to the President to be given to the family.2) Every member shall give contribution of Php 5. 245 5.1) A certain amount be taken from the funds of the Clan for the Arancel of the Funeral 235 Mass for a dead member of the clan whose family cannot afford to pay such Arancel. 238 4. 262 IN WITNESS THEREOF. 225 3. 233Section 4: Demise: 234 4.1. VII section 2 and section 3. 247 5. (i. 242 4.6) If the borrower cannot pay the borrowed amount for the duration of six (6) months. we.6) Hospitalization Assistance can only be availed by a member if he/she is hospitalized 231 for at least three (3) days.) 223 3.7) Hospitalization is only granted once a year. a 254 grace period of one (1) month is granted.4) Application months shall be from the months of January to June.4) If the Clan has no sufficient fund.2) In addition to the paragraph 4. 266 REV. 250 5. Clan Adviser. 236 4. bio=data and other necessary documents.

SAMUEL M. HERMOSO 290MORA 291(Tacloban) 292FELINO C. Cruz & NagaMARCELINO A. CANILLAS Education Chairman BOARD OF TRUSTEES NORBERTA MORA (Tanauan & San Joaquin) ANGELES M. PEDROSA 278Clan Adviser 279 280 281 282JOEY M. Dagami & Julita) 284 285MARILOU M. YOUNG 283(Abuyog.271 272CRISTITA MORA-OBEJAS 273Treasurer 274 275Ex-Officio 276 277MR. (Samar) EDGAR MORA (Cabarasan Daku) CARINA MOSCA (Cabarasan Guti & Cameri) 7 7 . MARGALLO 286(Cogon & Salvacion) 287Naga) 288 289LORGINA M. PAT M. MORA 293(Tacuranga) 294 295 296 297 EMILIANO MORA Auditor MRS. CAYANES (Sta.

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