Como agua para chocolate Like Water for Chocolate Laura Esquivel (Mexico, 1989; trans.

l992) Part cookbook, part fiction, this best-selling work retells the story of the De la Garza family with a specific focus on Tita de la Garza. Every chapter begins with a recipe, and every major event in the story has a direct tie to food and food preparation.  Laura Esquivel was born on September 30, 1950, in Mexico City, Mexico, to Julio César Esquivel and Josefa Valdés. In addition to being a novelist, Esquivel also taught kindergarten and wrote screenplays for children's television in her native Mexico. She is one of four children. Esquivel's most noted work is the novel and cookbook Like Water for Chocolate, which details the life of the De la Garza family during the Mexican Revolution. Similar to Isabel Allende's works, Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate uses magical realism to depict a realistic yet fantastical world. Esquivel's other works also focus on Mexico and women. Frequently, her works blend two separate genres. For instance, her novel The Law of Love blends science fiction and romance, while Like Water for Chocolate combines food and magical realism. In 2009, Esquivel won the candidacy for Mexico City's Party of the Democratic Revolution. She remains the candidate for this party. Esquivel is currently divorced and lives in Mexico City. What to watch for as you’re reading: the use, over-use, misuse, of traditions the extra-literary elements present in the novel (think of how Carpentier used sounds in Reino de este mundo/Kingdom) the importance of food and cooking the types of love and who represents them symbolism life on the Mexico-Texas border the use of magic realism how this will be filmed (hint—the screenwriter and director was, at that time, married to Esquivel.) 

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