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Coach Horn has invested a great deal of time and effort in the volleyball program here at Prosser. His reputation definitely precedes him, with the many city championships he already has under his belt! Hopefully he can bring a ship back to Prosser. If not this year, then the next!

Water Polo
The boys water polo team has won an amazing four matches this year! Their next and last home game of the season is on April 24th at 5pm. Make sure youre there to pack the balcony and cheer on your Prosser Falcons.


Sports Updates

Coach Murray ended the season with a record of 15-15. He has an extremely young team and is excited for the future.

.500 batting average. Their record is currently 2-3, but soon to change. The JV Lady Falcons are currently 22, kicking butt, and taking names! Come cheer your Lady Falcons on April 22nd, 23rd, and 29th all at Prosser at 4:00 pm!

The Falconer
Spring 2013
Issue 4 Mr. Kenneth Hunter, Principal

Varsity Captain, Casandra Miranda, has been crushing the ball with an over

April/May 2013
14 15 DePaul Univ School Visit 22 16 TOMS Walk for Soles Service Project 23 ACT/PLAN/ PSAE TEST 28 29 30 17 Wright College New Stud Orient 18 No School/ 19 Rep Card Day Glass Slipper Boutique 26 20 ATG 8 -11 am Student Comp Classes 27 ATG 8 -11 am Student Comp Classes 4 SEEDS Service Learning ATG 8 -11 am 9 10 11 ATG 8 -11 am Student Comp Classes 18 ATG 8 -11 am Student Comp Classes 25 ATG 8 -11 am Student Comp Classes

Extra, Extra, Extra Curricular Activities Blossoming

Under New Management
The Recycling Team Smiling and Ready
Ms. Ware, Ms. Litowsky, Mr. Weeks, and the remaining Recycling Team is happy to serve the school in an invaluable capacity. - AP


25 24 ACT All High School TEST 1 MAY 2

8 HALF DAY NCLB PAC 6:30-7:30

12 Mothers Day




16 TOMS 17 Walk 3:30 pm

I was thinking... Why doesnt our school have an Anime Club like other CPS schools? So I asked one of my teachers if we could have one. ~ Stephanie Garcia
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Prosser Career Academy, 2148 N. Long Ave., Chicago, IL 60639, (773)534 -3200, Mr. Nick Guerrero, Acting Editor in Chief (Ms. CCV)

Girls Water Polo

The excitement has been overwhelming for girls water polo especially for this being their first official year as a team. The boys already had their turn, now the girls are ready to show what their all about! But like any other team they have had their goals, challenges, and accomplishments. For the girls water polo team, striving to develop the skills that they need and coming together as a team are their main objectives. The girls are going to have to catch up to the boys with their four wins already. Lets hope that the girls can have enough determination as the boys to advance to those higher divisions. Ms. Walach, the head coach of water polo, has had to deal with the multiple personalities on the team. She is challenged with having to deal with the skills and abilities that the girls have because some members may have their strengths that may be anothers weak points. Ms. Walach has to balance all of that out. Our biggest moment was when we finally had the pool balcony cleared and had over 150+ fans in attendance during our match against Mather, stated Ms. Walach. So why dont you get your classmates and yourself to go out to one of their meets one day to help support another win for Prossers water polo teams! The last match for the boys is going to be at Prosser April 24th @ 5 p.m against Mather once again! So show your support. Go Prosser Falcons!

Boys Volleyball
This year, the boys volleyball team seems much more pulled together. A senior by the name of Jovan JoJo Morris has taken us all by surprise by waiting to join the team until his last eligible year. His skyscraper like height and ferocious power in those spikes he throws down has been a boost the team has needed. The rest of the team is also doing well. The boys are much closer and have a great relationship with one another. Whether it be hanging out in the halls or grabbing a bite to eat with one another after school. They also seem to be having fun when competing against other teams. Coach Horn is definitely responsible for the mutual respect the students have for one another. Building team camaraderie as well as hard work and dedication is all part of his forte. As of right now their overall record is 2-4. Overall the boys are great players! They show hard work, determination, and leadership. Make sure to catch their next game on April 15!

Black History Month at Prosser

The Gospel Foundation graced Prosser with their presence during Black History Month. The assembly took place in the auditorium and consisted of an informative presentation as well as a performance. The group shed some light on how songs tie into Black History Month. Slaves used to sing in order to communicate with one another. It was also a means for them to keep their owners from understanding the slaves messages to each other. The Gospel Foundations presentation was a huge success, and we hope they will return next year. - NICHOLAS GUERRERO

And They Are Off!

What exactly does it take to become an athlete that is constantly making progress? It takes hard work, commitment and the positivity of others. Prossers Track Team ended the outdoor season with a message that was clear to their opponents, Weve entered the sprinting world and we arent leaving until we destroy all of our competition. The track team came to the track meet held at the University of Chicago with two goals in mind, winning and dominating the competition. Kwan, Giovanni, Darryl and Deondre lead the boys 4 by 400 to victory, winning first place. Jasmine Smyles dominated the 200 meter dash, taking first place. The track teams fans screamed, Go, and pump those arms. Go you guys go! You could see the tension in every sprinters face as they gave absolutely everything they had within themselves to cross the finish line first. Hard work, dedication, patience, belief in self and team work are all the qualities that allow for an individual athlete to be successful as well as their team. Great job track team cant wait to see you in the outdoor season. -TONI LYMAS



Spring shows what [can be done] with a drab and dirty world. ~Virgil A. Kraft

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do Mayflowers bring?

Page 2

Ans: Pilgrims

Boys Basketball Team getting some nourishment before a game. Page 15

Girls Softball
To the schools dismay, the Junior Varsity girls softball team was able to score a new couch and his name is Mr. Nick Guerrero. He is currently a studentteacher this semester and is very excited to start the new season. The 2013 season officially started March 4, and Coach Guerrero could not be more pumped! Coach Guerrero has been practicing with the girls indoors the past couple of weeks and is anxious to finally get out on that field with the Lady Falcons. Since the season started, the Lady Falcons have not been able to play their first four scheduled games of the season. Due to the crazy Chicago weather, all four games have been cancelled due to rain, snow, or low temperature. It was not until last week that the Lady Falcons were finally able to practice outdoors. Coach Guerrero has high hopes for the upcoming season, but above all wants the Lady Falcons to primarily have fun. Building and developing their skills as softball players is key, but having fun is a number one. The Lady Falcons have about 20 games this season and Coach Guerrero hopes to win a great deal of them. Coach Guerrero has helped out other programs, such as baseball in the past, but this is the first time he is the head couch of a team and is taking an optimistic view on things. I didnt know what to expect, but the girls are great. They all work hard, they all try their best, and most of them show up ready to play every day. They work as hard as any other team I have been a part of.

Anime Club
Anime is a form of Japanese animation, not just for children, but for teens and adults as well. Anime originates from Japan and incorporates movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme. Stephanie Garcia, a junior, decided that Prosser needed an anime club, took the initiative, and went ahead and started it up! Anime club allows for students as well as teachers to socialize with their peers and colleagues who share this same interest. Stephanie Garcia stated, I was thinking, why doesnt our school have an anime club like other CPS schools? So I asked one of my teachers (Mrs. Rivera) if we could have one. Anime club has a variety of students from different years that all get along and share a common interest. They discuss anime that they have currently watched, read mangas, and just hang out and have fun. They have even started fundraising to go to an anime convention in May. Anime club meets on Mondays after school from 3:30-5pm. So, stop by and learn about a fun exciting hobby! -DEJAH PRICE

JROTC Students Heading to WestPoint

How amazing would it feel to come to school and have your teacher tell you, Pack your bags, you are going on a trip to New York! Pretty awesome, right? Well for four of your Prosser students that became a reality and they are taking advantage of the opportunity. Luis Cantu, Crystal Burke, Pedro Gonzalez, and Cynthia Arrellana are all a part of Prossers JROTC program and will be attending the fieldtrip to West Point Military Academy. Out of the 40 students who participated in the application process, which required the students to write a 500 word essay, only the above four were chosen. When asked how excited they were about the trip and opportunity, the students were over flowing with enthusiasm. They mentioned how they will be attending the United Stated Military Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, and lastly a trip to Boston. One of the most exhilarating experiences they will have is attending where the Battle of Bunker Hill had taken place. The students mentioned how they will complete a battle strife which is a reenactment of the battle. During this segment, students will be allowed to give feedback and implement their knowledge and strategy of what they would have done differently. The students ship out March 23rd and return March 28th so be sure to ask about their experience! -NICHOLAS GUERRERO

Basketball at Prosser on the Rise

The Prosser Falconers are a young team, but still a good team, nonetheless. The basketball team is in a rebuilding state seeing as how many of their players are young. Coach Murray has high hopes and the future looks promising for the team. The Falconers finished this past season with a 15-15 record which is pretty phenomenal since most of their team was comprised of sophomores and freshmen playing at the Varsity level. Coach Murray said, This was most definitely the hardest challenge we had to overcome this season! The team was lead by seniors, I was really Kinsell Winston, Arian H., and Derrick Brownley who happened to be the playing for only three seniors who played and stuck with the program. With the hard the future work and effort given by all the play-COACH ers on the team, Prosser was able to stay in the Red Division, which is one MURRAY of the hardest divisions in the CPS for basketball. The sophomore team was also able to win conference which was really promising for their future. Coach Murray ended with, I was really playing for the future, but the team shocked me at how good they were. -NICHOLAS GUERRERO

Saint Patricks Day

Every time Saint Pattys Day comes around, everyone celebrates the Irish culture and enjoy having fun on this day. Everyone dresses up in vibrant colors, green being the most common, and spends time with family and friends. St. Patricks Day is a day for the Irish and it was in Ireland when it first began. It became a holiday and was made around Christian season. Where did this holiday come from? Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick s Day? Its a culture and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March. It has been around for more than 1,000 years. It falls during the Christian season of Lent, some Irish families go to church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. The first Irish parade was held to honor St. Patrick, but it did not take place in Ireland, it actually took place in the United States. It was a Christian feast day and it was the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In New York, Irish aid societies decided to unite their parades to form one official New York City St. Patricks Day Parade. This celebration involves public parades and festivals, wearing the color green or shamrocks.



April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go. ~Christopher Morley
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"They who meet on an April night are forever lost in love, if there's moonlight all about and there's no moon above."
~E.Y. "Yip" Harburg and Fred Saidy

Service Learning Opportunities

I am so excited to invite you all to Prosser's first march for A Day Without Shoes! On Tuesday, April 16th Tom's Club will be hosting an event starting at 3:30pm in the auditorium. The event will open with some awesome information and a video about the Tom's project, and then the students will be asked to take off their shoes and march to raise awareness about a "Force for Good. This march will begin outside of the main entrance of the school and, depending on weather, will continue around campus on the sidewalks. We may cross through the park and loop around. (The distance has not been determined at this point. The students will also not be barefoot the whole time.) We would love for everyone to get involved! Faculty and staff, we will need chaperones and helpers. Please let Lindsey Richards know if you are available to help. The meeting and march will all take place at Prosser and only take about 1.5 hours. So, seniors who need the hours, take off those shoes and march. Teachers and staff who are looking for a way to give back, sign up. -LINDSEY RICHARDS

Be a Homework Helper
The Community Schools Initiative, a part of Childrens Home Aids Clinical and Community Services, works to alleviate the barriers to learning created by poverty and violence for students attending struggling Chicago Public Schools. Through a competitive process, Childrens Home Aid was chosen by CPS to serve as lead non-profit partner in eleven schools, which lack the resources to adequately address the holistic needs of students. The students served come from Chicago's most impoverished, violent, and resource-limited communities, creating a great need for supportive services to help encourage students' academic achievement and social-emotional development. Since 2002, Childrens Home Aid has provided academic support, enrichment, counseling services and parent and community programs in a safe and supportive environment at its partner schools during the after-school hours The Community Schools Program Staff would like to provide more one-on-one support for students during the homework portion of the programming, and are counting on community members to step up and fill the gaps where there is not enough funding for staff. The schools would appreciate ongoing volunteers who could come one or more times during the week and be a reliable presence for the kids. If you are interested in the opportunity to help your community and get your service hours, please have go talk to Mr. Batey in the counseling office. -TERRY BATEY

Love at First Sight

Welcome Back Mr. Butler
Mr. David Butler took a leave of absence from Prosser to pursue work with Sports Administration, but now hes back probably because he missed us so much! Let us all give him a big Prosser welcome! When you left, where did you go? I traveled back to the office of Sports Administration How long were you one? I was away from Prosser from December 2010- April 2013 What did you do for Sports Administration? I was the supervisor for special event security. I always worked the sporting events. How long have you been in the security business? Security has been a huge part of my life. I currently have eight years of security experience under my belt. What has been the best thing about working in security all these years? The best thing about my security career has been working with kids. All the security details I have had have all involved helping and supervising kids. If you see Mr. Butler roaming the halls, be sure to welcome him back into the Prosser family! - TRAVIS DAVIS


Love at first sight is an extraordinary feeling if it happens to you. Not every person you meet will have such an impact on you, but when you see that special person you fall hard. Not only is that feeling rare, it is less likely to happen to you while youre in high school. If you feel as if you loved someone the second you saw them, how true could that love really be? How real can you feel towards a stranger? Love at first sight happens to very special people finding a very special person. However, in high school, kids have "O, how this spring so much going on that they fall victim to the typical relation- of love resembleth ships. The word love is supposed to be used towards the uncertain glory someone you care deeply for of an April day; and not as loosely as kids use it today. All around school, peo- which now shows ple will express there like or all the beauty of interest in something with the word love. Having people use the sun, and by and it for just about anything takes the sincerity and seriousness by a cloud takes all away from the word. away." 25 students from each grade level were asked to ~ Shakespeare take a survey with the following two questions on it. Can someone be in love at first sight? Is love at first sight true love? Most teenagers dont really know the strength of the word love and the results confirmed this. Over 50% of freshmen, sophomores and juniors answered YES to the first question suggesting that the younger you are the more gullible you can be when you first meet a person. Over 70% of seniors answered NO which shows that the older you become the more you think things through. Over 80% of all the students answered NO to the second question, which supports the feeling one will feel, but not the extent. After seeing the results of the survey, most students wouldnt consider their first meeting as true love. However, they will be taken back immediately and feel as if they are in love at that very moment.

Senior Announcements
* There will be a field trip to Wright College on Wednesday, April 17 th, 2013. Any senior that has applied to Wright College and has an interest in attending this field trip, should see Mr. Batey or Mrs. Schnur in the counseling office during your lunch period. * Seniors (and Juniors), if you are interested in taking college courses at one of the City of Chicago Colleges for free, please see Mr. Batey in the counseling office for the dual enrollment information. * Seniors, if you need service learning honors, please come visit the counseling office for service learning opportunities. See Mr. Batey or Mrs. Schunur during your lunch period. * Seniors, a graduation list has been posted in the counseling office. Please come during your lunch period to confirm that your name is on the list.
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No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~ Hal Borland

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Cheerleading at Prosser is back. The school has spirit once again. The Prosser Spirit Squad is run by Ms. Flaig, but Zoraima Cruz took the initiative to get it started. The squad practices on Mondays and Wednesdays, and cheers at all the basketball games. The team consists of mostly seniors and freshmen. We are We are working very hard and having lots working very of fun doing it, says Jaliyah Ramos, senior. The cheerleading sea- hard and havson only lasts as long as the bas- ing lots of fun ketball season does. doing it. The squad will be back -Jaliyah Ranext year. If you are interested in mos trying out for the upcoming cheer season, listen for the announcements next year.

Congratulations to Ms. Shimon who was nominated for the Golden Apple Teacher Award! Your dedication and recognition makes us proud to be Prosser Falconers!

Februarys LUCKY STAR Winners

607 James Evans 612 Maya Ramsey 613 Eduardo Rosales 616 Silvia Salay 503 Konrad Majerczyk 515 Alyssa Xavier 511 Alejandro Chavez 509 Guadalupe Arrieta 416 Edwin Laboy 412 Brianna Smyles 404 Denzel Lee 409 Vanessa Hernandez 301 Marco Moreno 311 Jamecia Leverston 306 Fernando Cotto 312 Reshunda Bates

Go Prosser Go!
Coach Timothy Walsh, Prossers beloved Baseball Coach, hit a home run with his team this year. Starting out the year with a great team, Coach Walsh he asked some of his team members to said Come return from last season, making this out and try season even better than the rest. His love for the sport started in it... Even if Portage Park, and then he played in you dont High School. This wasnt his first career know how choice. His first choice was construction. He claims his favorite part of the to play, sport is the great game. He states Win dont be or lose strike or ball, its the game. afraid to His main goal this season is to put the grades before the batting cages. try! The conference is important, but the educations of his players mean more. The Coach is loved by many. Interested in joining the team? Coach Walsh said Come out and try it. If interested come see me. Even if you dont know how to play, dont be afraid to try!

Kudos to Stephanie Solis who has been selected by the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps (pictured below) to spend a month living and working in Yellowstone National Park this summer. This is going to be an amazing, eye -opening experience for her.


Applause goes out to Nick Perez who was offered a summer research internship with the University of Chicago in the biochemistry lab (pictured below). He will be working as a lab researcher and technician. This will be an amazing experience and a fabulous opportunity for him.

Visitors from Chicagos Sister City, Birmingham, England, UK


Will Kearn and Ken Lewis of Hunters Hill Tech College

I love playing this game and every spring training feels like the first. ~ Rickey Henderson
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Debate Team Coach Needed

If there is anyone interested in beginning a Debate Team that will compete, please let Mr. Martin Walsh know. He is spearheading the club and could use our help.

Having Chef Kulasiks lunch served by the IBCC students

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In the month of February, we had 339 students with perfect attendance!

Special Education at Prosser

Not only is Prosser Career Academy extremely diverse with the various ethnic groups that populate the halls each and every day, but it is also an institution where one can find students of various intellect abilities. Prosser Career Academy currently has about 200 students in the special education program. Of the following, only about 14 are part of the self-contained classroom model, while most of the remaining students merge into the inclusive population. Being in the special education program allows for additional help and care for students who display the need. The students, who are self-contained, learn daily life skills along with the regular curriculum. Needing additional help in regular classes may seem difficult and nerve-racking because asking for it might not be easy. However, the teachers are aware of the students abilities and work with them to up hold their status in the regular population of students. The students in the self contained classes not only stay in school a regular seven hours, they learn basic reading, writing and math skills throughout the day. Teachers base lessons on the speed and knowledge of the students at the time. Teaching basic life skills is very important for two specific reasons: It allows them to feel comfortable in the classroom since they are able to take the in and comprehend the information as well as utilize the information outside of school. The special needs program at Prosser Career Academy are knowledgeable life skills which have been implemented into the curriculum in order to offer aid to the students each and every day.

PCA and History

Why do we study history? Considering most students dont know, history helps us understand world events. History gives you a visual of what happened on days that will remain important to America and the world for years to come. Mr. McKay says that history class gives students knowledge of their rights as well as their countrys pursuit of freedom. My next question for Mr. McKay was how his History class improves student learning. In History, students have constant access to opinions. True and false statements are identified in class. Opinions are shown and the students are entitled to choose what they think is true, and then a teacher will show the difference between biased opinions and factual statements. Standardized testing is scary to students, so I asked Mr. McKay how History prepares students for standardized testing. Even though History is not on most standardized tests, the students read and get an understanding of what they are reading. The students also practice vocabulary by learning advanced words that may be on a Reading Test. Some students have a love for history and are interested in events that happened before our time which is why I asked if it was easy to connect students to History. Mr. McKay responded by saying that History can be related to anything and the department does everything they can to get the students interested in History. Just the other day, Mr. McKay and his students connected Political Theory to Hamlet, a Shakespearean Novel.

Standardized Testing, Good or Bad?

Standardized Tests are tests that we take during the school year which consist of many different contents, such as math, science, and reading. The tests help the school determine where the students academic levels lie. Standardized tests take hours and hours on end and are extremely stressful for all students. Many seniors were polled and given their two cents on the topic. When asked, what is a typical testing morning like for you? Jeremy Hernandez responded, Like any other morning, but I do eat breakfast because if I dont it affects the way I am during the test. Like I get sleepy or my stomach starts growling. Teachers always say that eating breakfast is a very important and an excellent way to prepare for a test. Hernandez also mentioned, They arent that stressful just a little bit. Theyre like any other test and I just take it. Though the exams are constantly causing stress to many of our students, there are some great benefits to the tests. For one, the data received from the standardized tests can be used by teachers to change up their instruction if their students are not progressing. Another benefit standardized tests offer are the opportunity to compare the academic levels of students across various states and districts. The following data can be used to help struggling districts and inevitably increase the academic level. It is unfortunate that standardized tests cause stress and frustration for our students, but the facts dont lie. Standardized tests are helpful and do help schools and districts nationwide.

Glass Slipper Project

Prom is right around the corner and for many girls that means buying a dress that will be elegant and pricy; however many girls can't afford dresses whose prices range from $300-$500. Fortunately there is a solution to this and it is called the Glass Slipper Project. This is a non -profit organization that gives free prom dresses and accessories to high school seniors in the Chicago land area. Some dresses are brand new, while others may be lightly worn and have been donated and collected over the years. The Glass Slipper organization has helped more than 17,000 young ladies with their prom attire since 1999. This year's Glass Slipper project will be held at McCorkle School on 4421 S. State Street. The dresses are distributed at this boutique and each student that attends receives a personal assistant shopper that will help them shop for the perfect dress and accessories. The dates that one can attend are as follows: April 20 th, April 27th, and May 4th. The boutiques open at 9 a.m. According to board member Amy Ross, For students, we recommend early arrival prior to 8 am-- we have a limited number of volunteers each day, so early arrival is better. In past years, the limit to how many girls can enter the boutique each week is 500-600 girls on average. In order to attend this event you must bring a high school I.D in order to prove that you are currently enrolled in a credited high school. Students will be allowed to receive one dress, one pair of shoes, one purse, up to three pieces of jewelry and up to four pieces of make-up. It is recommended that you mark those dates on your calendar and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.
- LUIS LOPEZ Page 11




History Department
I met with History Department chairman Mr. McKay and informed that the subject of History is broken down into a few classes here at Prosser. History is important subject in our everyday lives because every day history is being made. Page 6

The Prosser Fashion Trends

As spring is approaching the students in Prosser are becoming more expressive with there clothing. Both the male and female students are proudly wearing the bright neon as well as other colors in the halls! This form fitting clothing and fashion trend is quite reminiscent the 80s which seems to be making quite the comeback. The sweaters are being tucked away and the TShirts and layered clothes are coming out. Neon colors and combat boots are a few of the many new styles hitting all of the spring catalogs and everyone must have it! Youll begin to notice the Uggs boots being replaced with Toms and the Jordans being replaced with some Nikes. For males in high school, the styles typically change in the shirts as well as the flashy and boisterous colors. The basic T-shirts with a fitted hat is the go to outfit for most of the males here at Prosser. However, for the young, sophisticated Lady Falcons, it is quite different. Fashion expressions and statements are made on a daily basis. Hair colors become lighter, hair cuts shorter, shorts, loose T-shirts and a pair of flats makes up a wardrobe of a girl. Throughout the spring halls of Prosser, fashion trends make their first appearance as well as the fashion statements by your Falcons!

Chicagos 2013 Auto Show

This year, our senior Automotive Shop and Autobody had an incredible time in the 2013 Auto show. Everyone had a great time; they all enjoyed the new models and the activities and even the great food! The auto show first staged in 1901 and now has the title of the largest auto show in North America. The following has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year marks the 105th edition of the Chicago Auto Show. Many people were impressed with the latest models from the most expensive to more economical and newer versions. The car show had over a thousand brand new cars on display. Many people were amazed by the new police enforcement cars. They were computerized and modernized to fit todays latest technology. The show had over 1000 cars and trucks on display. They had test drive stations for different types of car models and many people were excited to try them. This years winner for the Best All-New Production Vehicle was the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the winner for Best Green Vehicle was the Fisker Karma. All students who attended had a great time and thanked Mr. Navarro and Mr. Sallas for taking the time to organize this amazing field trip. Allowing the students to experience an event such as this, brightened their futures if they are to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Good luck seniors!

Bless Me, Ultima Movie Review

Bless Me, Ultima was the story of a young Mexican-American boy, named Antonio, who is living in New Mexico. This story captured my heart as I watched young Antonio mature way beyond his years. Antonio witnessed and was a part of situations that most children his age couldnt handle. On Antonios conquest to find himself, he was guided by Ultima, a family friend who he thought to have possessed some sort of magical healing power. Ultima watched over Antonio and taught him things that no one else would ever be able to teach, the power to understand others as well as empathize with them. This movie introduces the audience me to many customs, beliefs, and ideologies which help to explain the Mexican-American culture. Antonio was faced at such a young age to decide who hed become in life and despite others decisions, it seems his future was set for him. The only decision Antonio had to make was whether to follow the path set or choose his own. At the conclusion of the film, many of the audience members were astounded. I recommend this movie to all people, no matter your ethnicity or your beliefs. The following film is one of all ages with a great central meaning and theme. Dont forget to check it out this weekend! Overall, we would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. The movie was full of imagery and plot, but lacked what most high school students are looking for in a movie, action. Both the senior and sophomore class seemed to have enjoyed it which made the field trip a success.

Is HVAC the Future of Our Lives!

HVAC could be one of the best trades offered at PHS. Once you graduate from the program, you receive four certificates and your Heating and Air Conditioning license. Mr. Gallas, the HVAC teacher, attended Washburn trade school to learn the trade himself and said he enjoys and loves teaching the class. 90% percent of the students enrolled in his class enjoy the class and are really involved. Mr. Gallas uses the HVAC book for reference only, everything else is hands on and real life skills. When asked how long hes been teaching, he stated, Ive been teaching HVAC too long, but not long enough. Influenced to HVAC by his father, Mr.Gallas liked the trade and then attended school for it. He said that his father started to teach him the trade on their spare time and he grew a love for it. Talking to him personally I feel that hes very passionate about his class and students. Previous seniors have been hired stated that they make 60 to 70 dollars an hour. Gallas would refer students after graduation to take HVAC as a trade because its enjoyable and well paying. HVAC could possibly be the best shop and the best paying coming straight out of high school!



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Sallas students working hard in Auto Body Shop

The Prosser Family

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