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.............................................. 3 Crimes in Tourism Destination ....................................................................................................................................................................Table of Contents Introduction ............................................ 3 Conclusion .......................................................... 5 References & Bibliography ..................... 2 Mauritius as Tourism destination ..........102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 1 ............................................................................................... 6 Josian Troubat ...

This act is in fact one of the greatest threat to the Mauritian's tourism industry. The words of the husband inspire more sadness saying “She was my life” (The Guardian. many articles were made by local and international press. July 2012) reassure the Irish people that no stone will be left unturned to solve this case and had even invited the Police Service of Northern Ireland to help in the investigations. During the past six months from the time of the murder and the acquittal sentence. March 2013). local newspaper namely l`Express. Mrs Harte murder had certainly caused an immediate impact on Travel and Tourism industry Government of Mauritius has taken additional measures and has adopted strategies to minimise the damages caused to the global tourism image of Mauritius. A police enquiry and trial was held during the year 2011. The Prime Minister of Mauritius. several articles and news broadcasted on Television. Mauritius is a famous worldwide known destination for weddings and honeymooners. as sensational news by referring to the murder in Mauritius. This event has caused a havoc in the country. This news was broadcasted a few hours only after the crime had been committed. Mrs Harte was on her honeymoon trip in Mauritius when she was murdered.Legends Hotel & Spa in Mauritius. on several channels under the “Breaking News” titles and had it “Murdered honeymooner Michaela McAreavy (Harte) was strangled over a purse containing a small amount of cash. This was broadcasted around the world this had a negative impact on Mauritius. is one which may be said to be unforgiveable. Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam (The Journal. In view of these articles. and on internet. press release. Josian Troubat . Most of the articles described the murder of a 27th year old Ireland spouse murdered in a luxury 4 Star Hotel in Mauritius. July 2012). where five employees working for the Legends Hotel were arrested and two of them were finally brought to trial to the Juries Tribunal in May 2011. This crime is detrimental for its tourism industry. television. This acquittal and unresolved murder would have an impact on the Tourism Sector in Mauritius. Harte being killed in her hotel room at the LUX Grand Gaube. It is also important to point out that on one of the most famous social network Facebook page (Facebook.Introduction On the 10th January 2011. for a couple of dollars. where millions of people around are subscribed. when being on honey moon. Le Mauricien and le Défi Media Group (January 2011).ie. as referred to an article in the Daily Mail reporter on the 12th January 2011. The media was very quick at propagating the bad news and bad press and such publicity is not what a tourism destination wants. Mrs Michaela Harte body was found dead by his husband in their room at the LUX Grand Gaube ex . a special page was created to boycott Mauritius as a Tourist destination. namely Avinash Treeboohun & Sandip Moonea. has been blamed to be a black dot for the Irish people.102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 2 . The case of Mrs. Mauritius who recon to be a peaceful and secured destination. A verdict of acquittal was pronounced by the juries against the two employees that were formally accused of murder.

Tourist Arrival in 2011. social. their sense of well-being. The host country will thus be badly marketed and tourist arrivals will decline as supported by Ntuli (2000).6% 4.340 - 0.182 30. According to Cooper et al.102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 3 . Reference has been made to other authors who suggest that crime increases relative to the increase in population density.economic. Tourists who were anticipating of getting married in Mauritius have surely cancelled their reservations as soon information about this misfortune spread around the whole world and this is witnessed in Ntuli (2000) who found that nowadays. it has contributed enormously to cause economic growth and development in Mauritius. crimes committed against tourist is becoming more and more detrimental to the tourism industry of a destination. as well as social order”.620 2012 87.of the host community.Mauritius as Tourism destination Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. World Bank:2011 ). because a negative perception of tourists at a destination is often reported in the media or even tourist themselves to friends and families and this causes a negative word of mouth being spread as it is actually the case for the death of Mrs Harte. Crimes in Tourism Destination Ntuli (1998) described crime as “a universal social phenomenon in that it threatens the safety and security of the people. Tourist arrivals have been constantly increasing over the past years and the country is expecting to welcome about two million foreign visitors annually by 2015 (Ali Jafar. (2005). As mentioned earlier.0 2011 88. Travellers and visitors consider the island.648 29.2012 from United Kingdom including Ireland Country United Kingdom Other European Table 1.2% Source: Central Statistics Office Mauritius (INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & TOURISM Year 2012) With regard to the figures on table 1. set in its turquoise sea. and supported by Giddens (1990) who stated that crimes committed to travellers has an impact on many categories of people. but there are not enough evidence that can stipulate that tourist from the United Kingdom and Ireland did boycott Mauritius destination. it is difficult to establish a link between tourism and crime. there had been a decreased in tourist arrival from the United Kingdom.0. Tourism causes changes in almost all spheres. but whether crime can be associated with tourist activity is extremely difficult to establish. property. Since 1970s. It is normally referred to as the rainbow nation. political or environmental. Tourism is a major pillar of the Mauritian economy. the other element to be considered is also the global economic crisis. as an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the Indian Ocean. cultural. Josian Troubat .

than limiting growth Employment rate in Tourism sector expand. antagonism. the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (2012) makes direct reference to the murder. with the little planning launching of National Carrier-Air Mauritius for air access Apathy Visitors are taken for granted and 1970-1990–Booming of Tourism industry contact becomes more formal emerged as a 3rd Pillar of economy.” But as when travelling anywhere you should remain vigilant and exercise caution. In its advice to citizens. Business etc.000 to nearly 750. Tourism reputation of the resort employment becomes a redundant. there is no such reference to Mrs. Thus.102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 4 . DOXEY`S IRRIDEX MODEL (1976) Development stages of Mauritius destination using Doxey`s Irridex Model Stages Social Interaction and relationship Mauritius destination Euphoria Visitors are welcome and there is 1960-70-After the sugar boom. where robbery. Interestingly. When looking closely at the Doxey’s (1976) ‘Irridex’ model suggests that communities pass through a sequence of reactions as the impacts of an evolving tourism industry in their area become more pronounced and their perceptions change with experience. Most developing countries are considered inherently more dangerous than developed nations. an initial euphoria is succeeded by apathy. Planners attempt to control via Eco tourism. Crotts and Hollinger (1996) make mention of the fact that foreign embassies routinely furnish residents intending to travel abroad with safety advisories and warnings. Harte’s death in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs online advice (2013) to those travelling to the island.000. Tourism development came all across the best beach of the island creating annoyance among host population Antagonism Open expression of irritation and 2010-2013 – Due to economic turndown. Tourism grows increasing infrastructure rather from 240. ERS. As per this references Mauritius as developing country have not been yet considered as a travel and destination which is dangerous. violence and murder against tourist. diversification implementation of IRS. planning is remedial yet promotion the tourism sector stagnate even is increased to offset deteriorating promotion campaigns are done.Schiebler. This model is the host approach towards visitors. Host community attitudes changes towards the tourist. “Mauritius is a country with low levels of crime and instances such as this are very uncommon. annoyance and eventually. private investment on hotels are allowed to achieve economic growth Annoyance Saturation is approached and the 1990 – 2010 – Tourism sector began local people have misgivings. Source: Keyser 2002 Josian Troubat .

we may believe that the destination may have attained the antagonism stage. Tourists are considered to be susceptible to victimization of crime due to varying behaviour patterns. we can say that there had no real negative impact in medium and long term effect on the destination. that she had in her purse. no evidence was really made that the two suspects had murdered her besides stealing her money. 24 hour security control through CCTV camera with infrared. carrying large amounts of money. February 2013). bike patrol surveillance. There is no comparison with the above cases discussed and the act of murder of Mrs Harte which was a one off tragedy after the existence of a paradise island trust destination. lack of familiarity with their environments. where during the trial. monitored electronic locking room access control. UK. and lastly screening of employees who need to produce a certificate of morality and character. where tourist arrival is having an adverse impact on host community. July 2012). 2007). motion detector surveillance. 1996). March 2002).102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 5 . where more than one hundred tourists lost their lives and in February. (Défi Media Group. digital safe in rooms. and they also tend to look different. standing out in a crowd (Pizam & Mansfeld. In fact it was the only reason that the investigators could made as no other link could be assumed. Conclusion Security and safekeeping of tourists is an absolute principle for a successful tourist destination (Yϋksel & Yϋksel. dog handling services. The Government of Mauritius through the Ministry of Tourism & Leisure have set regulations to prevent and to enhance tourist security across the country. this year one Belgian tourist was shot dead while lawbreakers was stealing his luxury car and six week before seven Spanish tourists were raped in the same city of Diamante in resort city in Acapulco (Fox News. Still the Doxey’s (1976) ‘Irridex’ model confirms that it is based on conjecture not on detailed empirical research. Josian Troubat . The important additional enforcement security measures taken are. The murder of Mrs Harte was supposed to be essentially because of money. In a link with the Bali bombing in 2002 (BBC News. The authorities had taken adequate measures to prove that Mauritius is still a safe destination.Whenever crimes on tourism happened in a hotel.

Uk Keyser. C. H. (2002). Hollinger (1996). “Florida Tourists Vulnerability to Principles and Practice. 3-28. Giddens.). 2nd Edition. Blackwell. A. Tourism Development. Gilbert. University of Zululand Jan. Crotts. 2000.html#axzz2PIAVM12t [accessed on the 26th March 2013] Josian Troubat . C.caribbean360. S. and R. South Africa. Fletcher. A. Schiebler. The Guardian. 5.business2. (3rd Edn) Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. J. edited by A. Impact of Criminal Victimization on Tourism in St Lucia. University of Zululand. and International Security Issues. Unpublished dissertation. Pizam and Y. pp. A. TG (1998). D and New York: Wiley. Cape Town. Ireland Correspondent. (1990): Sociology. S. J.. Publishers. of Social Work. vol. Fyall. (2005). 1.php/news/bahamas_news/579230. Henry McDonald (July 2011). Mansfeld. [ accessed on the 24th March 2013] Pizam.INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & TOURISM Year 2010-2012 Cooper. Cambridge. 'A framework for monitoring community impacts of tourism'. Ntuli TG (2000). 37-50. Oxford Southern Africa http://www. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Ntuli.” In Tourism Crime and International Security Issues. C (1997). Dept. B & Tideswell. Y. pp. & Mansfeld. From http:// www. Impact of Crime on Socio-economic Development at Somopho.102122 BTHM10B/PT Page 6 . (1996). no. Faulkner. Tourism. Crime. C. Tourism.. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd . (Eds.References & Bibliography Central Statistics Office Mauritius (2012) .

Josian Troubat .com/latino/news/2013/02/24/belgian-tourist-murdered-in-mexican-pacificresort-city/ http://siteresources.html [accessed on the 20th March 2013] http://www.foxnews. satisfaction and expressed loyalty [accessed on the 26th March 2013] A. F.defimedia.lexpress. Tourismécès-de-michaela-harte-l’époux-relâché-après-avoir-été-longuementinterrogé-par-la-police [ accessed on 7th March 2013] http://news.worldbank.pdf http://www.stm Yϋ Shopping risk perceptions: Effects on tourists' emotions.html [accessed on 7th March 2012] 28(3). (2007). BTHM10B/PT Page 7 .uk/foreign-travel-advice/mauritius [accessed on the 20th March 2013] http://www.. & Yϋksel.aspx?id=8577 [accessed on the 21st March 2013]

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