10 Keys to Effectively Using SAP Service Market Place Are you new to SAP?

If so, you are going to want to know about the SAP Service Market Place. What is it? It is, quite simply, one of the keys to success for both SAP Customers and SAP Consultants. It is also where you will find access to the SAP Partner Portal, and to the SAP Community Portal, which will get you to SAP Developer Network, which is a world unto itself. What are the Keys to the SAP Service Market Place?
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Access is your first key. You will need to get a user ID for it, which is granted to Customers and consultants (who obtain a coveted “S” number). Navigating around it is the second key. Depending on your role, you may see different views of the marketplace. SAP Employees have a completely different view of the content than either a customer or consultant. Learn to search for an use OKP or Online Knowledge Products Effective search strategies. To leverage the SAP Service Market Place, one of the keys to success is to understand how search works here. All I can say is that practice makes perfect, but if you find something you need or like and may want to return to it, bookmark it. Pay attention to the dates of any search results you may find. If it is more than 4 years old, it most likely is out of date. Not everyone in SAP post documents to the SAP Service Marketplace, so if you know someone inside SAP that you think may know or have the information you are looking for, ask them if you do not find it. Quicklinks. There are already many ‘booksmarks’ which are called Quicklinks. Advice here is if you find one you want, bookmark it, as the quicklinks do in fact change, a lot. Due to the shear size of the SAP Service Market Place, if you find something you truly can’t live without, download and add it to your personal SAP library. When creating your SAP personal library, use names that make sense to you. Don’t try to stick with SAP’s as they change. Be very clear that what is in SDN is different from what is in the SAP service marketplace and is curated differently.

TOP 100 SAP Service Marketplace Notes
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105736 - Deleting S-User IDs and Contact Persons 446069 - How to change the last (family) name? 1099660 - Reassigning S user training certificates 586111 - User Admin - User administration by SAP 604303 - Deleting S-user ID in SMP/OSS (CSHME role in ISP) 918106 - Partner User Admnistration 657260 - Request for the password reset 767439 - Unable to assign authorizations to a new user

No info user for SAP Service Marketplace 81069 ./user 639683 .Resetting the S-users' password 743532 .Access to SAP Service Marketplace (Collective Note) 1043511 .S-user ID was deleted by 'Leaving' or 'SAP' 583674 .How to assign authorizations for another S-User ID 1515127 . Import ERRORs 316802 .How to copy a user's authorization profile to another user 1611969 .Browsers supported by SAP Service Marketplace 422409 .Authorization objects 567751 .Reactivating a deleted S-user ID 561181 .Missing authorization for creating development requests 358115 .Assign User Authorization 1576714 .SN-PUBLIC Solution Composer 124743 .Duplicate user requests .SN-SMP How to logon to SMP with S-User-ID? 604836 .How to reset a user's password 1575434 .How to add a new user to your account 1575430 .Information about accessing SAPNet via extranet 482138 .User cannot be deleted from Service Marketplace due to special roles 1503745 .How Super-Administrators can create S-User IDs 1573641 .Authorization object B_:SMP_CIC & B_:AP_HOT 1500217 .Unable to access SAP Service Marketplace .C user access to customer messages on SMP 372199 .Contact Person details for an S-User ID cannot be changed 1511008 .SAPRouter: Cannot install new SNC certificate.What does 'Super-administrator' mean? 566715 .SAP Service Marketplace: Proxy addresses 1288562 .Automatic password reset request in SAP Service Marketplace 540508 .Assigning full authorization to initial S-users 1438819 .Non-super user can view all document drafts 615881 .Assigning new authorization objects to Super-administrators 567807 .How to update personal data on the support portal 1575731 .Unable to logon with the same password 155954 .SAPNet links of the Workplace do not work 619491 .Recovering the authorization for reactivated inst.No e-mail domain registered 323711 .Role definition in ISP 540240 .Unable to delete an S-user ID/contact person (internal) 663646 .Procedure changes for development requests process 504772 .Unable to create a new user ID due to authorization error 548937 .600049 .How to assign User Authorizations in the Support Portal 1576723 .What PRM_CP and PRMUSR means XX-SER-SAPSMP-ACC 1471006 .Unable to reset S-users' password 547474 .User Admin .Access .Info User .How to assign a substitute for myInbox 1575830 .YMKISI02 583679 .Unable to change the S-user authorization objects 799149 .Unable to update e-mail address 875211 .Log tables about User Administration 526488 .

Request Certificate .Info user request .Software download authorization for S user XX-SER-SAPSMP-CON 766035 .Communication Error 778294 . SMP or SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) 660391 .SAP Tutor Personal Player 523449 .Problems with General Search .Customer messages .A Communication Error occured.Alias is not available 1290781 .SAP Service Marketplace access with https 606070 .Downloading files from SAP Service Marketplace 871680 .Buisiness/Service Case Builder 751055 .S-user ID request from a student (Diplomarbeit) 650595 .Accessing SMB Portal 486669 . requests in SAP Service Marketplace 145162 .Access to CTC TechNet in SAP Service Marketplace 416917 .No Group is assigned to a new S-user 624624 .Error Message .System News in CSN.Unable to pass the 'Terms and Conditions' page 519053 .Request for the password reset 540240 . SAPNet.How the customer can search old cases from PeopleSoft on Service Market Place? 487366 .SAP Catalogs/Shops (collective Note) 526582 .Alias is not available 606919 .System News about SMP/OSS downtime 190081 .Default language of Info users 572025 .Error messages of SAPNet Web servers 482195 .Services with your e-mail address 120164 .SN-SMP Object deleted in SMP but not in SAPNet 600056 .Accessing SMB Portal 508140 .Empty user certificate list during logon to SMP with IE 166362 .How to order items when SAP Shops are not available? 702473 .Multiple Password-Prompts while logon 441972 .Info Object invalid! or ObjectID not existant 754198 .Hotline numbers in Marketplace 425239 .Customer feedbacks 660402 .423982 .Displ of dev.Error Message .Automatic password reset request in SAP Service Marketplace 1037574 .Infoline mails support 666499 .Personal Certificate warning 444042 .S-user ID for Business Analysts 671547 .Re-direction with the browser 660391 .Error with Netscape: "No user certificate" 442389 .The specified data was not sufficient 563582 .U SAP Certified consultants 648195 .Access denied (ODBC) 516439 .Access denied (ODBC) 606070 . 799507 .Development requests in SAP Service Marketplace 191197 .Accessing Partner Information 495500 .Newsletter displays wrong 'To Do Items' 753265 .Customer logon data 657260 .

Info Subscription 557179 .Installing the Web Intelligence key 1389546 .Download Center for Inst/Upgrade: Operating System Names 651147 .Business Objects Partners .SAP Support Package Stack Download 96885 .Newsletter subscription 778466 .How to download Productivity pack for BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2? 1271026 .Installing Business Objects Xcelsius Enterprise 4.Support for download issues on Software Distribution Center 1613994 .Service MarketPlace: Customer Download Restriction XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ 1258779 .License key request for SAP BusinessObjects 1347310 .Useful URLs in SAP Service Marketplace 540851 .How to download Data Direct Driver for Crystal Reports 2008? 19466 .641564 .System News in SAP Service Marketplace 546804 .<Product Version> <SPxx>: Release and Information Note 564050 .Downloading front end patches 883555 .> SP Stack MM/200x: Release and Information Note 661842 .Data Integrator License Key Installation 1554404 .iSeries: Additional import of a patch 1349508 .How to attach files within a customer message on the SAP Service Marketplace XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC 1266479 .Unpacking ZIP archives in Unix 911032 .Changing remote service/EarlyWatch Alert data *1246699 * .How to request a new license key or System ID for Remote Support Component 1434342 .Changing the host ID of Data Integrator 1337255 .Download Center: New Operating System Names 904699 .SAP Service Marketplace: Manager Self-Service links Repaired 539795 .System Data Update from SolMan / SMSY Data *702438 * .License key for SBOP Integration Kit 1409565 . Vers.<Prod.FAQ .System data maintenance (collective note) *169289 * .System data maintained incorrectly *742511 * .Delete Newsletter for S-users 1483682 .SAP Software Download Center FAQ 1546130 .Most common SAP BusinessObjects license key related issues 1567641 .Downloading SAP kernel patches 960755 .SMP: No access to SAP Best Practices Demo Offering PPt 779102 .SAProuter maintenance .Incorrect number of CAL .Request system and NFR keys 1566573 .5 1251889 .How to request a License Key for SAP BusinessObjects systems XX-SER-SAPSMP-SYS *172481 * .2 when it should be 10 1337402 .

APO Installation data cannot be displayed *578486 * .System Data Maintenance .Integrate service connectns in maintain system data *169298 * .Deleting S-User IDs and Contact Persons Truth about Kaspersky Are you Using KAV??? Then come and look here If you are using Kaspersky then you must know that there is virus which it can't stop.System data maintenance *169296 * .System data displayed incorrectly or incompletely *813750 * .Server data in the customer system data application *451397 * .System data correction for service connections *171783 * .*175497 * .inactive Systems 105736 .How to change the last (family) name? 105736 . To lets you know where the virus goes :HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\{2f47ad46-818a-11dc-85b4-001a4d72308d**\Shell\Auto\command HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\{2f47ad46-818a-11dc-85b4001a4d72308d**\Shell\AutoRun\command HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\AFCVirus2 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run You must Empty this folder C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch so the virus will have no source in your computer what does this virus is f**ks your CPU and Grow up in every folder and lower ur pc speed .Installation/System data (Collective Note) *731246 * .Changing SAProuter contact person *550683 * .Maintaining srvice connection in systm data maintenance *169293 * .Deleting S-User IDs and Contact Persons 446069 .Different display of system data in SAPNet R/3 Frontend *215363 * .Maintain Points of Presence in system data *934490 * .Not changeable data in system data application 169291 .System data contains several systems with same SysID *171569 * .Creating a dummy system ID: C1S for MarketSet products *1478740 * . Try to look if you are infected.

NC area. iSeries. support for all development testing and production environments. This person will administer existing SAP R3. AIX and various integration points. review early watch reports and address performance and system related issues Support SAP implementations as it related to weekend maintenance and on call duties Application of Support Packs/OSS Notes Requirements: BS/BA degree preferred 3-5 years of SAP R/3 Basis Experience including implementations and Upgrades 2+ years’ experience with R/3. Responsibilities: Support new SAP implementations of the Insurance Modules Development testing and Production environments Support application development. support application development. Please be sure to reference Job #1844. FI. Candidate will troubleshoot technical issues related to SAP. testing and functional teams. FI/CO.SAP Basis Administrator .pdf format and attach cover letter with Salary requirements and contact information. AIX and various integration points Review OSS Notes as necessary. iSeries. Will support new SAP implementations of the Insurance Module. CRM.(#1844) • SAP Basis Administrator is needed for our client located in the High Point. testing and functional teams Troubleshoot technical issues related to SAP. BW and CRM iSeries (AS400) and AIX operating systems administration skills preferred Experience with Solution Manager a plus Excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to interact and work with group settings Provide knowledge transfer and training to other staff members Weekend/On Call work required. please Email Resume in MS-Word or . PI and BI implementation. To express interest in this position. .

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