Characteristics of a Teacher

Dr. Belinda Lim

Maam Sharon Lluch Sometimes her discussion is purely reading that’s why we can’t easily understand her lesson.

Sir James Margaja He explains his discussions very well and sometimes tells us stories that can relate with the topic. He is a smiling person but sometimes if he is disappointed, being silent is his answer. But if we have done something wrong he tells us what to do to make things right but he never shout or yell.

A good teacher should be She explains things very a good communicator. well so that we can understand.

A good teacher knows how to keep the temper such situations.

When she is really disappointed or angry, but we can really see that she is really mad at us. But there are really times that she’s like yelling and can’t keep her temper.

If she’s angry or disappointed, she just tells us what we have done wrong but I never saw her yell at us.

in check and act calmly in she just projects a smile,

A good teacher has good time management skills and always values the importance of time.

Although, she does have some absences (for important matters), she always makes it up for us. She sets makeup classes for us to catch up the lessons we have missed.

Sometimes, she comes in Starts the class on time class not on time. She also does have some absences but also sets make up classes for us. and ends it on time. He manages his time properly.

A good teacher always adopts a fair attitude.

Maybe she has her FAVORITE student. I am not sure if she has one. But, what I know is, if she like a particular student, this student does really

She is fair to her students.

He obviously has his FAVORITE student. Sometimes, neglect his other students.

a good leader and a good and also a teacher. He is a good leader. And we can also have some chitchat with her just like we are talking with a friend. She is very dedicated to help her students to learn more. A good teacher should be As a dean of our college. Noelle-Ann N.have the X factor. She is a good leader. say that she’s a good leader and a good provider of knowledge. he would easily tell us “Do this. And she immediately tells us her side for us to improve our work. Things should be in right place if he will be in charge of it. making it easier to talk to him and ask for info’s. but we can’t really have some long talks with her because some of us are scared that we just might be rejected or neglected. and when it is wrong. A teacher should be work. As a teacher. Do that”. wrong. I can friend. He jokes frequently in class making the class active. dedicated towards his/her her work and willing to Prepared by: Abelardo. A good teacher should be She always sees what is meticulous and have an eye for detail. I can see that she is dedicated and have the willingness to help her students. She is very meticulous. and our coordinator in our college. BSMT-IV PSTHE . she can easily see the things that make our works wrong. He is also approachable. He always wants our work to be perfect. He is very dedicated to his work and he is also willing to help his students to learn.

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