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he will think only of his man needs. But first. he will not sense why you sought him until it is too late.” her mother had explained. “And when the devil man sees you in a cloud-like gown. her ebony hair flowed down her back instead of being caught in its usual braid. ground-length cape she wore over her gauzy dress. At her mother’s prompting. she shivered.” Casting aside soul-deep uncertainty.Chapter One Ancient Somerset The woods closed in around the young Quantock witch Demelza. Demelza turned her thoughts to the terrible burden and responsibility that had brought her to this foreboding place. Rendered stupid in the way of most males. “Loose hair makes you appear innocent instead of what the spirits made you. She was here to kill. she had to seduce the dark and deadly man who lived with the creatures everyone called the devil dogs. Despite her quick pace and the hooded. Holding . She’d do so by offering her hot-blooded flesh to him.

she’d learned calming chants and prayed she could reach the hellhounds like she could human hearts. she pondered what she’d have to do to keep the devil man’s frightening companions’ fangs off her throat. But if the beasts were immune to her spells.” Strengthened by the wispy. I will remember that he is evil and must be destroyed. but she’d never heard anything like this before. “You have long guided me and turned my hands into healing tools. she’d grant herself full release. The harsh yet seductive note circled around her and ignited her nerve endings. Make me strong for what I must do. And when she and the stranger had finished turning their bodies into one. place your wisdom and courage in my blood. Aware of the deep shadows and fast-dying day.2 Vonna Harper nothing back. her body melting . With each step. a spell-spinner. she reminded herself of why she was here. “Please. stay by my side today. fear diminished and her determination grew. Morning Ghost. At her witch-mother’s side. The man I seek is not human.” The howl grew stronger. the quiet that was part of the wilderness. Guide me and give me courage. There was no alternative. No matter what he looks like or how his hands and body might feel against mine. Her muscles became taut as bowstrings. she’d bury her knife in his heart. Stopping. The only sound to reach her was the strange distant howl. she forced herself to walk in the direction the howl had come from. I beg of you. spin and twirl. seduce and enchant. tree-cast shadows and nearly lost herself in the sensations. deep sound tore at her thoughts. she listened.” she prayed. should be immune to it. smoky essence that was her spirit guide. And if she failed… A low. “Hear me. She smelled bark and earth and saw dense. She could dance to the deep sounds. she’d have no choice but to slit their throats as well. She. Sensing Morning Ghost’s sunlit presence beside her.

she stared. surrender. only a woman. She’d never heard of a huge white dog and certainly had never seen one this size. At least. the wolves were beautiful and compelling. Seal her aching body to a stranger’s. Although she remained wary and alert. her soul had no room for fear because. because maybe they couldn’t understand spoken words. “Are you ruled by the white beast or the human?” “What does it matter?” came the response. she didn’t dare! Wouldn’t! The howl had been coming from a part of the forest so dense. Surrender yourself. But what did it matter? Nothing like what now threatened her people had ever happened before. Another dog joined the first and then a third.” . in their own way. But she was no longer a child. Her breath caught.Devil Man 3 with each move. Movement! Stopping. As she pushed her way into the vegetation. that’s what Nyghal had told everyone as he lay dying. Demelza didn’t feel apprehension so much as the conviction that her life had never had greater purpose. White? The devil man’s companions were all black. There were no guidelines for what she now must do. Then. Her heart raced. Nyghal had been right about one thing. she asked the same question in her mind. A snow-white dog nearly the size of a pony stepped from behind a thick tree. No. reminding her of smoke.” “You think we are nothing. this potent. and she had to fight the urge to run back to her mother’s arms. Most of all she could cast aside her deadly task and become a woman. she’d never been there. take and give. “Because I want to speak to your leader. not those who follow. either. The motionless animal regarded her with bloodred eyes. no nightmare could equal the impact of this beast. “Where is your pack leader?” she finally thought to say. impotent? Come to us. just her witch’s heart and courage. The newcomers were winter-night dark and moved like spirits.

ever! Instead. born of earth’s center. she relished the opportunity to pit her witch gifts against worthy foes. wind.” she answered and gathered her witch gifts around her.flow through my veins. “Can a child speak with her mind or touch from a distance?” Giving weight to her words. Those gifts protect me from all evil.warned. “The ancients’ spells. . the black beasts shuddered. Just the same.” “Surrender. Yet.4 Vonna Harper “No.” “I am no child. I draw endurance from the immense fires that dwell deep beneath our feet. and spring’s growth. Soon. Yet more of my strength comes from the sun. she ran imaginary fingers from their heads to their noses and from there to their gaping mouths. From you. the creatures all but turned to stone.” Sensing hesitation and question in the response. “I am not a simple and foolish woman. Even as she acknowledged the warning. “I will not surrender. As one. She brushed a fingernail over sharp fangs.” “Why should --” “I wrap power from the ancients around you”.” As one.she couldn’t tell which -.” Determined to prove herself. she folded her arms over her breasts. “Ancient powers borne of my witch parents -. “Become one with us.” one of them -. winter storms. Believe. are inescapable. she interrupted.” “Do more than sense.” the hounds repeated.” she retorted. once again touching their heads. mentally cursing her slight build and height. Soon she’d do more than freeze canine muscles. she knew she didn’t fully control them. “We sense… father is dead -. she mentally stroked their broad heads. Feel my strength!” “Strength from a girl? Do not make us laugh. she told herself. that is my command to you. “Careful.

Lightning and thunder lurked in its deep-set eyes. Larger than the others. and hesitation when the white dog slowly and laboriously separated itself from the shadows and started toward her.Devil Man 5 Unless the devil man commanded all her attention. admiration. She was still tamping down on her excitement. she relaxed her control over the creature. Fear. but the open mouth and killing fangs kept her on her feet. “Magnificent. it carried itself like a lord. “Magnificent?” . Instead of stripping its strength from it.” she whispered. She was tempted to drop to her knees in surrender. and awe licked at her. despite its struggle to move. anticipation.

Became real. because that was how he’d appeared to Nyghal. Just the same. she ceased to concern herself with the dogs. Demelza stared in the direction from whence the word came. If he sensed her primal reaction. The newcomer carried a silver sword strapped to his side but otherwise appeared unarmed. There was nothing soft about . After what was both a lifetime and a blink of the eye. but he was on foot. His glowing eyes made her think of morning embers waiting to be blown into flame. if not superior. appeared well made. his equal. Well-worn cloth clung to his hips and caressed his solid. He had to see her as strong and powerful. a man eased himself from his living shelter. At that moment. his body hard and well muscled. although dirt caked. dark hair framed sharp features. Long. What would it take for them to rage? And if that rage was aimed at her. From the waist up he was naked. strong-looking legs. Apparently. he might use it to his advantage. would he kill her? The question helped her battle her fear into submission. His boots. She’d expected her foe to be on horseback. fear jolted her system. she’d entered his territory/domain without even knowing it.6 Vonna Harper Chapter Two Whirling.

“Because you live among . but against all reason. she’d never wanted to touch a man’s flesh as much as she did at that moment. Know. Drawing a deep breath. when perhaps she shouldn’t have.” “That’s what you think?” “More than think.Devil Man 7 him. she embraced the challenge. She should be fighting the impulse to run. girl! I grant you this single warning and no more. He glanced at the dogs. “I should fear you more than the beasts?” If her question confused him. What --” “My doing.” she told him. “My mother used her witch-knowledge to study you for several days. threatening to burn her. His body was male. maiden.” “You… Listen to me. “Are you the danger?” she challenged. As it had been when she faced down the dogs. His voice commanded. I take no responsibility for what happens.” “What is going to happen?” “What are you. heat radiated from him. Despite the fifty-some feet between them. soul-deep loneliness. not them. “If you want to live. nothing more. then frowned.” I’m not sure I ever was. “Then you are mindless.” he said. “Run. run. I do not want to risk being attacked.” His voice put her in mind of a trumpet in the hands of a master. he gave no indication.” “You know nothing of me. a foolish child? You don’t see their fangs?” “Of course I do. Beguiled. Except for an undeniable. Seduced. but I’m no child. she vowed to show no weakness. make the coming battle everything my life has been about. If you do not heed it. This is between you and me.” Meet me strength for strength. “They are frozen.

His soul entered mine. when maybe you have never truly been one?” Instead of responding. he ran a broad. My prayers guided him to the spirit world.” he said.” “How can… If you saw his wounds.” “At least I am not like you. forcing home the knowledge that not all battles pitted muscle against muscle. guarana. Although her fingers closed around the dagger hidden there. “His soul entered… You speak nonsense. Even more unbelievable. Folds of rough fabric hid her . his tone cold.” “Devil man. who’d once ridden alongside his king as a trusted knight. I do not see how that is possible” Kevern of Wessex. devil man. I am that. all instinct. and cardamom. the time to turn killer hadn’t come. you are beyond foolish. Held him as he died. “Yes. courage wrapped her in its strength. looked down at the fawnlike creature who gazed up at him.who orders -. “I loved the innocent old man your beasts attacked.” “I know.death without reason.” His head snapped back. willing to lay down his life for his lord. long-fingered hand down his chest. The place between her legs heated. you believe everyone is like them. a human beast who allows -. Do you have a soul? Knowing what you did.” “Never. aloe. “I worked to keep him alive.8 Vonna Harper animals. she slid her hands into the pockets of her cape.” “Do you think I want to be?” “Then why are you? A promise you made to some old man? If so. Dressed his wounds with a salve made of damiana. Her heart jumped.” His deadly beautiful eyes flashed. as if she’d slapped him. “you know you should not be here.” Fighting her reaction to his primitive sexuality. How can you look into a human’s heart and mind. She hadn’t expected that from him.

” Maybe. Perhaps loneliness would seep from him. “Heed my words. “Careless human. and he’d become human again. a helpless child. She is not what she seems. and then knew. reminding him of what passed for a life these days.” “She does not belong to you. but her features were delicate.” he retorted. their great heads lifted and fangs exposed. “She is not yours. he studied the woman before him.” the white dog continued. “And even if you capture her and force her to worship your body. glossy black hair alone cast a spell over his sex-starved body. “I claim her. part her legs. It was no child who stood before him. Had the dogs deduced more than he had? Was this female creature what he’d worked night and day to strip from his thoughts? He squinted. Do you want to risk death?” “Would you want my life?” The white dog didn’t answer. Still barely believing his eyes that a woman -.” he told the hellhounds. Maybe.stood before him. deadly power. maybe she’d surrender to him. Kevern’s cock twitched. How long had it been since he’d allowed himself to think of his childhood and the innocent he’d once been? The dogs that now were his only companions watched silently. a scent that took him back to when his mother and sisters prepared the family’s meals.” Rocked by the statement. warm form. “What do you want with her?” the white one asked. he breathed deep and caught a whisper of cinnamon. belatedly remembering what she’d said.a beautiful and brave woman -. If he touched her sleek flesh with knowing fingers. There is power inside. you would be a fool to trust her.” “It does not matter.Devil Man 9 shape. her loose. Under the cloak lay a woman’s soft. and welcome him into her secrets. “Are you a healer?” . “Nothing does except mating. “You tried to save the old man?” he asked the woman.

” . “I wish to know who I have come to see. The thought of housing his cock in her depths caused it to swell even more. and I have no wish to die today.” “Not a virgin?” Her gaze remained steady. “No. if the fire within him raged beyond his control. Or maybe the truth was he’d learned that only pain accompanied thoughts that went back to when he didn’t sleep alone.” She shook her head. maiden? You wish a swift death?” “My name is Demelza. even though you knew I am with these creatures? What is it. so close.” A lifetime had passed since he’d touched a woman. dog-man. “You sought me out. “You seek me?” “Yes. His memory of their beguiling bodies had faded.” “Then you are slow-witted.yet. I am not an innocent.” she said. and had forced those thoughts from his mind. How long had it been since he’d witnessed a woman’s smile? A lifetime? “Call me what you wish. he hadn’t fully become one -. “Tell me. I would not be gifted with healing skills. with me? “Married?” “No. Death might be better. But close. pin her to the ground and mount her.” she said. What is your name?” “Why do you care?” He could easily break her fragile bones or. but although he lived with beasts. her sleek hair dancing with the movement and threatening his fragile grip on sanity. that you want sex.” What are you telling me. Believe me.10 Vonna Harper He couldn’t be sure but thought she smiled. “If I was.

“Hot-blooded. however. Something clawed at his heart.Devil Man 11 His throat tightened. he stood on slightly spread legs muscled by a lifetime of battle and training. “When the need for sex overtakes me.” “Then what are you?” “Alive. “And what are you?” “That is for you to discover. Take her hard and hot. and then he’d fuck her. “Are you a whore?” “No.” Hit with the challenge from the small. The faint sound swirled around him and fueled inner fires.” She paused.” she whispered. and she faced him again.” “Why not?” Her head came up.” What a mystery she was. He’d expected to have to battle the beasts’ instinct to tear the outsider apart. making him wonder if she’d deliberately chosen the words in an attempt to drive him into madness. Kevern stepped closer. Was that why she’d frozen the dogs. misty creature. so they couldn’t come to his defense? Had she created the unique aroma to entice him to his death? Beyond caring. If only he’d stopped them back then… But had he wanted to? “Demelza. Intriguing. the musky scent of a woman. The dogs remained in place. Maybe she’d succeed. I find a man willing to satisfy me. Maybe dangerous. The sensation that had . as did his cock. knock her to the ground. He fought the need to tend to that part of his body he had no control over. “But none has asked to become my husband. and cover her.” he echoed. His greater strength would part her legs. “Because of who I am. she stood fast.” She dropped her gaze. prompting him to again acknowledge her powers. He expected her to bolt like a frightened deer. If she did. he’d charge. Instead of running. and he now smelled more than cinnamon. as they’d done to the old man the other day.

“You cannot know what lies in my heart.” Those remarkable eyes of hers asked why he no longer was. he’d soon strip the unwanted garment from her. Surely that would frighten her. she jerked back. Her gray eyes took in his form from head to worn boots. A woman’s body weakened a fighter. of war. He.” My heart? How can she know what I lost.and endless. but her cape hid so much. and battle.” “Do I?” “Yes. “You carry yourself like one. For the first time in many moons. more like a caress. lonely tomorrows.” he told her. but she remained silent.” he belatedly thought to challenge her. .” she said at length. If he ever allowed himself to relax his grip on his defenses. as it did every living creature except for the dogs. the pain I live with? Unnerved. And then? “You are still a knight. Then why do you do what it takes to stay alive? a voice inside asked him. No matter. wanted nothing of gentleness.” He placed a hand over a breast. who’d known little except the taking and giving of blood. and he didn’t want this life. A familiar heat warned him that his eyes were becoming inflamed. revenge.12 Vonna Harper touched his heart a few moments ago returned. What are you waiting for? For your lord to return and forgive you? For the woman whose body you couldn’t resist to slip into bed next to you? Neither of those is going to happen.except like this. he killed the space between them and grabbed her shoulders. “Those who once spoke to me called me Knight Kevern. He wanted to do the same. studying him. he was aware of his ragged clothes. But he was no longer a fighter. not for the first time. How wise she’d been to call him devil man. “Just as I cannot feel yours -. “You are a knight?” “Once. it felt less like punishment. it might mean his death. then stood her ground. There’s only today -. This time. Eyes wide. but I’ve never seen a fighter with such sorrow in his heart.

” She spoke calmly. Determined not to let her control him. Even stronger than the pain. warned him to release her. he slipped a hand beneath the cape’s front opening. Despite her admission of lovers. “Can you control it?” “What do you want me to say?” “The truth. A brief. “are on fire. he knew he shouldn’t have. was the hunger tearing through him. he closed his fingers around the full. holding her in place.Devil Man 13 Immediately. though.” She continued to stand her ground.” “Why?” Tell her nothing! Remain silent.” she muttered. And if she did. A lightning-jolt hit his fingers.” he said. Only her head moved. ravish her. he waited for her to bolt. you will never again experience life’s blessings. Just the same. Except he couldn’t. nodding slowly. and leave her ruined. “Emotion. “Unless you free yourself. When I touch you here. The other hand remained fastened to her shoulder.” Determined to cast off her words before he became tangled in them. He could force her to accept what it was to be a woman.” “The truth! Why should I tell you anything?” “Because so much is tangled within you. awaken her. “Answer me this. At least for a short while. as if his outburst had had no impact on her. . what do you feel?” “My pulse races. which he did. Instead of acknowledging her honesty and courage. he guided his forefinger over her collarbone. what then? Should he let her go? Could he? “Your eyes. his fury satiated. surely someone as young as this female who called herself Demelza had scant understanding of her body. fleeting contact with this creature would never be enough. high breast.” “Yes.

” “Why should I?” “Because you are afraid of revealing yourself to me. His captive muttered something he didn’t understand. maybe because she didn’t want him to read her expression. he drew her breasts into his grasp and lifted them. at least not yet. his companions stopped. No longer rooted in place. Her cape had fallen back into place. she leaned forward to gift his palm with her fullness. . knight. worshipped. He tried to capture her small.” “Feel me.14 Vonna Harper Before self-hate stalked him. “Not yet. fangs exposed. so he couldn’t see what his hands held.” Smiling faintly. but his fingers kept sliding off her gown. they were creeping closer. “No. Although they trembled.” “Me.” “You lie. Kevern released her shoulder and claimed her other breast.” “Might? You don’t sound as sure of yourself as you did a moment ago. Knight. but he didn’t need to. but his fingers on the filmy fabric over her breast distracted him from the dark mood that had been his hated yet familiar companion for so long. afraid of you? Never. he forced his attention on them. frightening him. loved. but you might soon be. Like a starving animal facing his first meal in years. “Do you hear my heartbeat?” she asked. The burning sensation in his eyes intensified. They’d been made to be fondled. Warning himself not to frighten her with his ferocious hunger.” she said in response. Her breathing quickened. She lowered her head. As one. Spotting the dogs out of the corner of his eye. none moved so much as an inch. hard nipples between thumb and forefinger.

but approach and learn all you can about her. “Don’t!” His fingers clenched. Sudden anger flowed through him. he yanked the heavy fabric off her shoulders and threw it onto the ground.” “Why not?” “The woman. turn her into a whore. his only companions! How dare she try to steal them from him! Releasing her breasts.” If she did. Her strength overpowers us. “You won’t like what you find. .” “What about her?” “She has stripped our muscles. although he’d already suspected that.” Hate? Unnerved by her perception. then she would know more about him than he did. drag her to the ground. If she ran. This was his pack. if that’s what it took to exert his authority! And if he couldn’t face himself after he’d finished -No! He’d remain in the moment and live only to satisfy himself.” he ordered. he yanked on the cords at her throat that held the outer garment in place. Then he stepped back so he could study this woman who’d come to him. Standing tall and steady. he’d pursue her like the animal he’d become. Was it enough? It had to be. He’d strip her.Devil Man 15 “Come.” “Just because you hate yourself does not mean I will feel the same way. a thought that chased a brand of fear he’d never felt through him.” Deeply shaken. “Do not harm her. reduce her. he returned his attention to her. she studied him. “I am trying to understand you. “What are you thinking?” he demanded. untying them.” “We cannot.

not that he’d cared. his cock aching. just as he’d learned to cast off regret. Touch and take me. These moments were about self-pleasure. a glimmer of cloth that slid over a young. Give her full reason to loathe him. mist. it would have hung in a straight line. ripe body. who’d been condemned to hell. and he intended to take and use. a slight. He. but he pushed it away. and he’d be safe. The woman from his past who’d been his undoing had dressed in garments that seduced and taunted. and yet no man seeks to marry you. Nothing else. and her dress provided none.” “Why?” “Because I am a witch. Be changed by me. “The men of Quantock Village where I live.16 Vonna Harper mount her. pale figure with ebony hair. his hands fisted by his sides to keep them off her. but safe. Imprison her. But her curves gave it life and issued their own challenge. First. She wore fog. as well as the men from neighboring villages. Panic assaulted him. See all of me. Once she did. had been given a gift. “Why do you speak in riddles?” “Not a riddle. though… “You say you are not a whore. Demelza’s form needed no concealment. The fabric hugging her form was worthless as warmth and protection. the garment seemed to be commanding him.” She’d glanced down at herself when he first undressed her but now stood as if her body meant nothing to her. With a shake of his head. In contrast. are afraid to share their huts and beds with me. Isolated. once she’d filled him with passion. They’d been made with gatherings and ties that lifted her heavy breasts and hid her loose belly -. she’d stop trying to probe his layers. he tried to cast off the thoughts that had been with him since he’d first spotted her.” .” he said. If not for her breasts and hips. Her unwavering gaze feasted on him. She was indeed small. Remove me.

” He’d been off by himself watching a couple of playful fawns when he heard the howls that day. watching dogs. Because we can.” he admitted. “His wounds were terrible.” she went on. but by then the dogs had surrounded the old man and were taking turns leaping on him. In many ways.Devil Man 17 A witch. Her fingers fisted as his had. “His name was Nyghal. His time on earth was coming to an end. “No. ruled by instinct. isn’t it?” He indicated the waiting. The attack had happened. the seasons he’d spent in their company had made him one of them. After commanding the fawns to run for safety. who should not have come to a violent end.” “Can you stop their hearts from beating?” “No. How brave she was. I would not. but what held his attention was the moisture that had gathered in her eyes. some of it violent.” “Why not? After what they did to that old man --” “They are animals. Death came to all things. “That is how you stripped the strength from the pack. “A farmer with a gray-haired wife. they’d replied. he’d headed for the sounds. His eyes narrowed. Did you order them to attack?” No! “What does it matter? He was ancient. perhaps deadly strength. the damage had been done.” She spoke in a near whisper. Why? he’d demanded of his companions. Powerful. And even if I could. breaking into his thoughts. “Yes. a hard-working man. By then. Or by you. they wouldn’t have listened. courageous in the face of danger. three grown daughters.” “Do you know anything about him? Do you?” Her question and fierceness set him back. . He was good and pious. and numerous grandchildren. He raised sheep and a few goats. Although he’d wanted to strike down their savage reason.

” Why? She gave him a questioning look. “The attack was savage and should have killed him. I’m trying to learn the truth. “Perhaps I wanted to send a warning to your village. You are why I’m here.” she told him. Where --” “Snow-hound does not always travel with the pack. “He said he’d been attacked by the hellhounds of legend. not the white one. he is different.” “Yes.” . Don’t you understand that?” Who are you? What drives you? “Tell me.” he warned before she could speak. “But he spoke only of you and black dogs.” He should throw her to the ground and force her legs apart. “One that says you and your pack have claimed these woods. so she’d stop talking.” “Are you? You are human. “My pack? I am not their leader. “I cannot. and my people no longer have any right to them.” He jerked his head at his silent companions.” he said. I am one of them.” Creases formed between her eyes. he guessed she’d heard every word. Tell me. Maybe those words had found their way into her dreams and brought her nightmares. What happened? “Don’t ask. No more. did you let Nyghal live?” “What makes you think I had a say in what happened?” “I don’t know.” Hadn’t she already said that of him? “Once. you would leave the forest to me and them.” An eyebrow rose.” “Risking death? Walking alone and unarmed? If you were wise. filled with thought and not just instinct.18 Vonna Harper “He spoke of what had happened?” When she nodded. it is. although that was only part of the story. “My story is none of your concern. Like me.

I do not want to be. what has always been ours. Leaning into her.” . heat coursed through his veins.Devil Man 19 “The woods help sustain my village. I am no longer human. She. Roughly grabbing her wrists.” she said. The path he was on is the only link between the two villages. doing so.” Humanity? What was that? Just some emotion that had been stripped from him. Nyghal was attacked coming back from visiting his ill brother at another village. “Many creatures that provide meat for us live in it. “You are right. He felt no need to warn her when he reached for her. Yet. like so many other things. and women have long collected seeds and berries and dug for roots and other foods. You and the devil dogs cannot ask us to give up what we need. He’d held off as long as he could.” “Then I feel sorry for you.” “That isn’t my concern. If she indeed was a witch. despite his anger at her for forcing him to face things he didn’t want to. he forced her slim arms behind her. he brought his teeth within inches of her throat. she’d sense what was coming. filled him with a power he believed he’d lost when he’d been forced to surrender his knightly weapons. You have lost your humanity. seeming not to have heard his sharp tone.

he spoke to her on a base level she found compelling. She fed the hard hunger by pressing them against his . Instead.” But he was more than a monster after all. The wisp of clothing she’d agreed to wear rendered her next to naked. Despite their fierce appearance. “His death may mean freedom for our people. More than that. Accustomed to a life of relative physical ease. she felt drawn to the animals. She’d never felt physical confinement in her life. and yet what Kevern had done to her didn’t frighten her. As for the man…he was more complex than she could have imagined.” she heard her mother command. “Remember your task.20 Vonna Harper Chapter Three He cannot control his fury and the fire in his eyes? Those things exist beyond his command? Do they also match the scars on his soul? Despite the frightening questions. her gift. she wasn’t as physically strong as many of the village’s women. because her value came from her mind and soul. Her untouched breasts ached. But strength came in many forms. And overwhelming. Demelza didn’t panic. she longed to explore the heat spiraling throughout her body. female to his male. as were the beasts he ran with.

but even as she did. sliding over the back of her thigh.” he muttered. not from silencing the crawling. determined not to let him know what she was thinking.” she retorted. but by teasing the sweet sensation while her body shuddered and wept. And if she didn’t. Could she control it? Could he? And if he turned out to have command over her. What she hadn’t anticipated was how quickly this man’s presence ignited the crawling. she made no move to flee. She shuddered but didn’t try to break free. she’d learned that the greatest pleasure came. forcing a long. she wondered if she spoke the truth. “Tell me this. It brought with it a closeness she didn’t experience when she was alone. Back when she’d started experiencing the crawling. her mother had encouraged her to satisfy the sensation by slipping her fingers inside her sex opening. “Where is your power now. your spells?” “There is more than strength of the body. yes. I know. he loosened his grip on her. The thought frightened her. witch.” After a moment. A man’s cock provided the same delights. smooth moan from her. would she survive? Still holding her wrists. Dangerous. he reached behind her and pressed his other hand against her left buttock. bringing her crotch closer to him. Over his shoulder she saw that the watching dogs had formed a semicircle. but like flying. The rough contact brought new life to the space between her legs. Just the same. Over time. she increased the contact and widened her stance. she could no longer concentrate enough to keep all the strength from their .Devil Man 21 naked chest. “More than spells and magic potions. she answered her internal voice. Be careful! Your task is to seduce him. would it extend beyond her body? Maybe he knew how to tap into her emotions. but with a single hand now. His fingers traveled over the swell of flesh to the joining between ass and leg and then inward. With him controlling her. Captured by energy. not allow the same to happen to you.

was what kept her near him. the massive white dog glared at her. bringing her back to reality. “This is between the man and me. he was incredible! Like an ancient oak. Going by what little he’d told her.” he said. Our time will come. he’d stood up to more than one storm in his life. “Stay where you are! This is between the man and me.” . he seemed capable of weathering fierce storms. Later. But these woods provide many hiding places.” Lifting its great and deadly head.” When the creatures continued to stand where they were. “Can you be certain?” “Does it matter?” By way of answer. “This matters to you?” “Yes. “If we remain on the move. Fear. they might attack. “Travel is a way of life for us. more than living up to her vow. she sensed that the last thing he expected from a human was curiosity. That. Does that surprise you?” Although she couldn’t be sure.22 Vonna Harper muscles blocked as she’d done earlier. If they perceived her to be a threat to their human companion. she turned her attention back to her captor and the question of whether he was more human or animal. By the spirits.” “Is he human?” the white beast demanded. but his muscles no longer trembled. no one can stalk or surround us. and his rough sexuality. He continued to regard her. Watch. the white beast flicked his tongue over his fangs and then closed his mouth. you and I will learn about each other. we feel no wish to leave. if that’s what it was. “Good. “What brought you and them to this forest?” she asked. but nothing else. certainly. I pray. and what the answer meant to her survival. nothing more. Maybe getting past his barriers. “No!” she commanded.

“You are not simply a killing beast. you call no place home?” He looked down at her with eyes that burned even brighter than before and yet chilled her soul. “Is that why the dogs accept you?” “They see me as one of them. and although she might never fully comprehend what separated the two of them from everyone else.” Damn her.” “Human?” he challenged. You are human.” If her hands were free.” .” Although he straightened so his body no longer blanketed hers. all right. right now. a man. he made no move to release her. her entire existence. his presence had become everything. “If you think I owe you an explanation. but I want to. I have become instinct. I promised to protect them. she’d stroke his cheek. In truth. “I want to remember as little as possible. a soul mate. “You are mortal. She did nothing to try to break free. being in his grasp was all she could concentrate on. “I do not know. like me. “These woods are vital to my people. “Why?” So I know who I might be forced to kill.” “I cannot believe you have not asked yourself the same things. Instead. “There is so much I want to learn about you. not reason.” she admitted.” “Are you sure? You can see into my heart?” No. she shook her head. not one of them.” He was right.Devil Man 23 “So for as long as you’ve been with the dogs.” “You have no knowledge of how this union with them began?” “Why are you asking these questions?” he snapped. you are wrong. “We are both more. so I can understand your suffering.

stripped reason from her.24 Vonna Harper “With the strength of your great muscles?” He gave her a small sneer.” “I…” “No response. reaching her opening. “I was sentenced to this hell life because I took liberties with a woman I had no right to. “I made that woman sing for me.” Do not leave me. “I do not care whether I live or die. he ran his hand over her rounded flesh in back. He’d captured her.” he continued in a tone that slid over her like a hot summer wind. a woman who danced with my cock inside her. “It was easy. finding her sex lips and parting them. but that cannot be!” “No? Would you want this existence? To know you’ll never again feel human touch unless you force it?” No. Before her brain registered the act. But did she want to be free? Perhaps she’d spend the rest of her life like this. no daggers here. He stopped with a finger nestled in the crack between her ass cheeks. hardly more than what I’m doing to you. “Perhaps you have hidden weapons in your gown with which you will slit the dogs’ throats? Maybe you have vowed to sever mine as well?” He yanked the fabric up over her buttocks and made a great pretense of looking. “A witch does not need sharp stone.” Wadding the fabric just below her waist.” “Listen to me. of course not. witch?” His finger was on the move again. “No. and her thoughts spiraled.” “So you say. witch.” . What mortal would? “What did you do? What crime could you have committed that --” “My crime?” The fire in his eyes raged. I need… “Why?” “Why did I seduce her?” “Yes. her flesh settled around his finger. She was forced to clench her teeth to keep from moaning. she willed herself to stand her ground.” Shivering.

” “I am sorry. that I had placed a spell over her. “She could have walked away if she wanted to…just as you can.” he said after a short silence. “her lord and husband. But she and I knew it was a lie.” she told him. tone. a fool? I do not…” By the spirits. she attacked me. A youth enticed by wisdom of the body. she struggled to keep her feet under her. To herself.Devil Man 25 “Because I was a fool. forcing her to wait. scratching and screaming. The song did not last. “She told her king. “Why?” “To save herself. His finger bore deeper. “What queen would not?” “Queen? You fucked --” “Yes!” His all-powerful invasion kept her silent and waiting. Her mind began splintering. accompanied by an even deeper assault on her core that forced her onto her toes. yes. and eyes.” he said bitterly. she was falling apart. Her flaming body was responsible.” “How? Your strength --” . perhaps. or perhaps the truth is.” Concentrate. Scared. she never heard it. “Where is she?” “I do not know. “I do not care. when the truth was she could barely make sense of his words. and blind passion. “Sorry?” His muscles tightened.” You have me! Just like that.” His breath started.” Lost in a swirling whirlpool of sensation. stupidity. That. The invasion took her even further into herself. he ran his damp knuckles over her buttocks. finished. The touch stole her breath and kept her at the whirlpool’s edge. “When we were discovered. rendering her helpless. you hold the power. despite what she told me. “As for my reasons.” “You. “She was untruthful?” “To me.” Drawing out his finger. yet feeling so much more. No words sorted themselves out. somehow. between his touch. snagged.

A wild flame seared her senses. that. as if he’d seen into her thoughts. and was driving her backward. To stop being a woman and become an animal. little witch. Fear nibbled at her nerve endings. “How weak you are. To become something she’d never been.” Shaken by his ominous tone. She stopped struggling. but it swiftly returned. The whirlpool had faded while she was struggling.” he muttered. “It is a good thing you are a witch. but even as she tried to convince herself she wanted none of his manhandling. .” He raked his teeth along her shoulder blade. It would be so easy to step into its depths. restrained them as he’d done before. Demelza sank into something dark. and filled with raw energy. she tried to break free. If not for the tree behind her. she arched her neck and increased his access to her. “It makes me feel like what you called me. but he easily held on to her wrists with a single powerful hand. To surrender completely. he released her wrists. “It would be so easy to kill you. stung.” he taunted. “Stop! Please. and she ached to explore and be explored by this complex man.” “Too late. gliding his fingers along her veins. He was more than a simple oak or whirlpool.” she muttered. “I would already be dead. “So fragile.” Embracing the danger inherent in his rough fingertips. Don’t give up so easily. stop.” “If that had been your intention. But a heartbeat later.” Her attempt to kick him earned her a sharp slap to her buttocks. Show me some of your power. His free hand pressed against her throat. little one. Rough bark raked her ass and thighs.26 Vonna Harper “Yes. he’d repositioned her arms in front. because you are useless for anything else. warm. a devil. Before she could guess what he had in mind.” “Does this make you feel like a man?” she asked. Go on. she might have fallen.

Knowing someone cared about him would test his self-imposed isolation. Whatever I want. just do it. This was floating.” “Don’t!” he snapped. and she imagined herself walking behind him along a leaf-carpeted trail through the woods. Another rope circled her throat. But if he’d decided to remind her of her role as his possession. and he stroked what he’d nearly punished a moment ago. . and he held her leash. If he was in a mood to grant her pleasure. “Your skin is like morning mist. had burned her clothing. which he might or might not grant. He’d tied her hands behind her. The shadows caused her to shiver while his occasional glances at her breasts or sex turned embers into instant flames. “If abusing me gives you a reason to live. she’d beg him for mercy. “I feel sorry for you. ensuring that she’d always follow in his footsteps. But unlike the mist. pulling her into the swirling water. she’d lose herself in thoughts of what the night would bring.” The fingers on her throat relaxed. have you help me give my life meaning.” “Yes.” she blurted. I will. He’d announced that he’d keep her naked. By the end of the night.Devil Man 27 “What are you --” “Do it. determined to distance herself from her thoughts. drifting aimlessly in a heated sea. All because she’d lost command of her body. Watching the fine play of his flexing buttocks and thighs ahead of her. he might secure her to a tree with a teasing rope against her pussy. and to that end. where she’d ride it until they both climaxed. Turn you into my slave and captive. little one. he’d order her to crawl onto his body and lower herself onto his rod. “I want no one’s sympathy. his hand harsh again. I can keep you with me forever. But what he clung to and what she believed he had a right to lived in different worlds. you will not disappear.” Disjointed images spun off his words. explore your secrets.” Of course he didn’t.

“I tried not to look into my horse’s heart. But this dark man had become a midnight storm. she lived in the moment -. Nyghal saw that same stallion. You were created by dark spirits to act as guardians to hell. Forgetting that would put her life at risk.28 Vonna Harper Tangled in her thoughts.” Will you do the same to me? “Why?” “He deserves to run with mares instead of being trapped with me. He longed to return to what he had before I .” “That is what your life feels like. she’d succeeded in commanding them to observe and perhaps learn about the female who’d entered their world. Right now. who is also a witch. there would never be anything gentle about the dogs. Whether he touched naked flesh or reached through the barrier of her gown made little difference. it was all good. dreamed of you. she was slow to realize what he was doing. but you do not live in that place. She should have been able to anticipate.his moment. And the man who’d claimed ownership of her body lived with them. “Look around you.” “My mother. a trap?” “What else would you call it?” She heard the vexation in his voice. lingering sound. In…in her dreams. See the beauty in the sun streaming through the trees. Gentle once more. but I couldn’t stop myself. he’d chosen to be gentle and that was the heaven and hell of it. a low. and with her senses under assault. all unnerving. wild and unpredictable strength. One of the dogs growled. along with remnants of her fantasy.” she said. Celebrate a soft place to sleep and cool water to drink. struggling not to be distracted by the rough fingernail now circling a breast. The beasts represented primitive life and danger. But at least for this moment. should feel her own power. you are astride a great stallion. In contrast. he explored her from her chin to the valley between her breasts. “I told you that already. Where is he?” “I gave him his freedom.

“What is it?” she asked. But was battle the only thing that existed between them? Shaking off the question. A measure of sanity had returned while she listened to him. Yet at the same time. Fucking.” “I see no hell here. that is all. she imagined herself leaping up and into the breeze. Her loins ached. Tense.” A moment of sorrow for everything he’d lost nearly swamped her. because men carefully . They’d become adversaries in a battle without rules. but couldn’t when she touched his sides.” Twisting her wrists. He wanted her. he yanked her hands off him and glared at her like a trapped animal would. For a moment. “You are afraid of me?” “I have forgotten what it feels like to be touched. he didn’t. Instead. Even in the act of sex. Make my people safe. his eyes flaming. she freed herself. Demelza pressed the heels of her hands just below his nipples. and his hold on her throat tightened once more. she seldom ever touched a man’s penis. Nothing else mattered at the moment. he studied her. “Because you aren’t looking at it through my eyes. he arched away. When she made a circular motion. He could just barely handle her fingers on his breastbone.” He shook his head. “Kill him. “I cannot change my existence. His nail pressed lightly against her pale. guided by something she couldn’t name. “Must I?” Denying her dark mission. but I had no right to condemn him to the same hell. Sex. keeping her against the tree.Devil Man 29 entered his life. When she went to a male patient with healing herbs.” she muttered. she stroked the taut skin over his ribs. she left that part of him alone.” She whimpered. floating back to her world. she set herself to learning what she could about his limits and control. full breasts to further tangle her mind and body. Whenever she did that.

Not stopping her. it was to seduce a stranger. yet. “Who dressed you to seduce me?” he demanded. “You are cold?” “No. of it swelling her sex and sealing their bodies together. Releasing her throat.” “I wore a cape. he lifted up on the nearly nonexistent fabric until the hem ended at her knees. It is insanity for a woman. and he drew it over her head. It had hidden nothing. . he continued to slowly disrobe her. When the garment reached her breasts. to walk nearly naked through these woods.” Laughing. “What?” he asked. Tell me! Who commanded you to try to seduce me?” “No one commands me. Was anyone part of your decision?” “Does it matter?” A sound akin to a wolf’s warning growl rolled out of him. “That is what you think?” “I am not a fool.” “Then what --” “Do you not understand?” Instead of explaining further. The dogs’ gazes fixed on her. which is now on the ground.” “And this time. “Perhaps not. even a witch. she now felt exposed and rawly naked. Instead of trying to respond to his comment. Thoughts of caressing this man’s cock. he captured the cloth over her breasts. she ran her fingers first over and then inside his navel. I do what I believe I must. “A cape. tearing it a little.30 Vonna Harper guarded their most precious possession. made her shake.” The quiet words swirled around her. she lifted her arms. she slid a hand under his ragged clothing and touched his navel.

She’d never felt this small. Her breasts felt tight.” With a hiss. “You want to fuck me?” he challenged. Unless you lack the courage. a stag. and wet heat moistened her outer sex. “That is me.” she snapped. no woman can resist you?” “I’m only interested in one woman. I will not stop. this delicate. she forced her arms to her sides and faced him. “Is that what you think? That you are so seductive. unable to lie. I cannot. a stallion. them and what lies between my legs. Fire raged in his eyes. huge. Now.” A moment ago. Draping it over his shoulders.” “What if I begged you to?” “Is that what you want?” . he went on. he fixed his gaze on the joining between her body and legs. She imagined them holding his sword or other weapons. witch. Her womb seemed to be melting. “Today is about life. moisture? Your body preparing itself for sex?” “Yes. he crossed his arms and studied her. Kevern of Wessex?” Cupping her breasts. When she nodded. Kevern stepped back.” Cocking his head a little. Trembling a little. “Why? Damnation. “What will I find there.Devil Man 31 “You aren’t standing with your feet in hell. I have not had sex for too long. Once started. “You ask too much of me. “You have seen a stallion go after a mare in heat?” he demanded. taking the fabric with him. “These are my gift to you. This alive. she’d been wrapped in strength born of her witch’s blood.” His hands became fists. she lifted them as if offering them to him. why?” “Does it matter. she couldn’t speak. You. taut. are you?” she asked him.

” Despite her promise to destroy the enemy. but it comes at a price. Continue your endless travel. too. “No. as she’d thought she’d have to do. I give it freely. she held up her fingers so he could see the moisture she’d collected. Turn them into equals.32 Vonna Harper Yes! She drew a deep breath. and with the gesture came renewed determination. take them far from here. “This. that I came here because my village’s survival depends on keeping the dogs from them. she’d face him as a woman faces a man. “You know what I am going to say. For both their sakes.” “What about me? Do I go with them. “Which do you want?” “You ask that of a sex-famished man?” . They will obey you.” “What price?” “In exchange for me. she had to try. Make me scream. If there was any other way to protect her people. You are one with them. She wouldn’t attempt to master him with her birth-given skills. is my gift to you. or stay and continue to feed off you?” Stay. she nodded. Please. Feed. the thought of silencing his heartbeat went against her soul. Instead. Sliding a hand between her legs.” Only his mouth smiled. “What else? Are you offering yourself to me in return for your people’s safety?” Unable to evade. the dogs must leave.

Starving. Leaving her instead of throwing himself on her had taken great effort. Time to anticipate. A witch. and his calf muscles still retained the aftereffects of standing back up. but he needed time to reach for a measure of sanity and self-control. . he could barely comprehend that this monstrous organ was part of him. but he’d been alone for so damn long. it felt as if it had taken on a life of its own. Her eyes darkened. The first woman he would have in ages. He smelled her arousal. he kicked off his footwear and reached for the tie holding up his trousers. Does it matter? Does anything? Risking what little self-control he maintained.Devil Man 33 Chapter Four Kevern looked down at the witch now lying on his sleeping pad. Glancing at it. Her gaze never left him. Kevern pushed his trousers down over his hips. The cock-heating scent made him long to know how best to acknowledge her condition. and she was a spell caster. Then he turned his attention to her. and her hands resting on her belly gave nothing away of what she felt. He had a faint recollection of depositing her on the leaf and bough mattress. revealing a cock so swollen and taut. He shook his head. He remembered picking her up and carrying her to the flat spot where he’d spent last night. Setting aside his sword.

34 Vonna Harper and her lips parted. surprisingly strong fingers biting into his muscles. hands. None other than his lord’s personal sorcerer had sentenced him to this hellish life. pinning her to the earth. he applied pressure to their . gently. Now he would have his revenge with a witch.” he ordered. but it will happen. she would have done so by now. a naked. but if that had been her intention. His cock needed one thing -. Instead of trying to free herself. “Look.” he told her as heat ran through him and flames all but blinded him. he closed his mind off from the allencompassing hunger. worked his hands up from her thighs. so wrong! Relishing his physical superiority. A sense of power. of rage even. filled him.” Then what? But he didn’t want the answer. At the same time. “This will fill you. and body. A wrong move on his part and it would explode. wouldn’t she? Perhaps she’d convinced herself that she could control him with nothing more than her voice. Now he saw her for what she really was. rendering him impotent.” “I…know.”! And yet. Prepare. he dropped to his knees beside her. “It will do you no good. she gripped his shoulders. Determined to have a goal beyond letting fire rule him.” “I did not come here to fight you. It occurred to him that she might cast a spell over him. she’d sounded confident. “You do not want to fight. hoping he sounded more in control than he felt. he slid a hand under his penis and cradled the throbbing organ. She continued to regard his every move. You may fight the invasion. slightly built young woman with a fuck-starved devil man standing over her and a pack of hellhounds that had followed them standing a short distance away. Overwhelmed by possibilities. Needing to further test her reaction. But she was wrong. he spread his hands over her thighs and pressed down. he slowly.

Embracing life. just as you cannot change what you are. At some point. Make her taste fear and anticipation. In his mind. Kevern. broad. he imagined himself stepping slowly and regally toward an unsuspecting doe. She was a flower bud about to blossom. “It is a woman’s scent.” What am I? Wondering if he had the courage to ask her the question. his superior . Because he’d expect her nerves to shortcircuit. the need to mate would override all other emotions. Her muscles would shiver.” “Not all women admit their bodies’ weakness. but because she was in heat. easily overtaking her much smaller form. she became a doe. she’d whistle a soft welcoming call. heavy antlers proclaiming his right to rule his herd and claim any and all females he came across. she nodded. He’d hold his head high. Her lungs filled with the scent of a male in his prime. Nervousness would continue to float over her muscles. especially with a stranger looming over them. one who didn’t yet know if she was being stalked by a stag or a cougar. spring and a hard wind all rolled into one. her tail twitch nervously. Instead of bolting. Supremely confident.” he told her. the red brown doe would sense his presence and lift her own head.” Gripping his shoulders. he turned his attention to thinking of her as his captive.” “I am who I am. He’d match her stride for stride. she’d sniff the air. Let her wonder. as she would in the face of a cougar.Devil Man 35 insides and opened her to him. “I smell you. “You do not deny --” “Why would I want to? The truth exists. he’d charge after her. he’d be ready when she whirled and bolted. Because he saw himself more as a stag than a predator ruled by the need to kill. he’d close in on her.

woman. thighs. Finally she’d stop. Although Kevern ached to rush the act he’d foreseen in his fantasy. his cock would slide between her legs and into her. he couldn’t help wondering if his lord’s sorcerer was responsible for this moment. because if he did. she whimpered. he lightly brushed his nails over her outer lips. Could an illusion make him bleed? As long as she remained on her back. Trying to put himself in her mind.36 Vonna Harper muscles and longer legs and swinging sex seducing her. but he had no intention of giving her the time. sides heaving and head sagging in defeat. more human than anything else. quick and harsh. she might no longer want him. After all. Even as he bit back a grunt of pain. hips. As he did. at least. barely suppressing a grunt of anticipation and gratitude when she lifted her hips toward him. And she was female. When he leaned forward and blew his breath over her moist flesh. Stab her. His every touch made Demelza shudder. he was human. Maybe she existed only in his tortured mind. or breasts. Surely she’d fight to break free of the hell-darkness he lived in. A reason to embrace life. he positioned himself in the space he’d created. and rested his forelegs on her back. Weakness! Do not risk… . he struggled to keep the journey slow. They’d mate. reared up. He needed her. He sensed her struggle to stay on top of the sensations his hands brought to life. she’d spread her hind legs and offer her core to him. Whether he stroked her belly. Arching his spine. Her eyes became smoky and her breathing harsh. But when he planted himself behind her. but he needed more than to control and rule. Her arms fell to the ground. and she clawed at his arms with sharp nails. She might disappear. Maybe this was a fantasy created to turn him into a madman. her fingers spasmed. drawing blood. she released him. Roughly forcing her legs wide apart. he had total access to her sex. or. streaming sweat and screaming their shared release.

” To his surprise. particularly his queen. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Getting to know you. She imagined the devil man staring at her. he again crouched low. Demelza shuddered. but he refused to search for the answer.” “No doubts or hesitation?” “None. Her heart slammed against her chest while the forest winds cooled her heated vagina a little. into the trees that grew so . Like a seasoned buck. comparing her to other women he’d bedded. Walk away? What had happened to his mind? “Be still. the tiny clit barely visible. when she had nothing left to give him. you will spread the woman’s legs to be sure?” Something about her question caused his heart to skip. How could she. her tone breathy.Devil Man 37 Too late. We will fuck. not to torture her with his breath this time. he’d walk away. her eyes closed. Scooting closer. Surrounded by emotion. despite the conflicting emotions swirling through him. When he could eat no more. he couldn’t quite believe. “Close your eyes and anticipate. The vixen had foolishly come to him for reasons she’d barely explained. when anticipation drove her? He’d take her hard and fast. a yearling doe. but instead of simply watching her. she had no memory of those she’d allowed to bury their cocks in her. he intended to feed off her. although the sound reverberated as uncertain. Her sex lips were plump and dark. she chuckled. Her. anticipating him? Even though his nostrils had already brought him proof of the answer. he’d sense how his greater size intimidated her and use it to his advantage.” he snapped. he’d chase her. “If someday you think you see me again. To believe. she waited as he’d commanded. Moisture wept from the sheltered opening. The journey had begun. For her part.” he ordered. Almost against her will. Somehow. but so he could study her woman’s place. Now. animal to animal.

Had to. maybe a leaf or fern. stronger form. and she nearly lifted off the ground. she tensed.38 Vonna Harper close together. After an aeon of waiting. Back when she’d agreed to risk her life for her people. She’d become almost accustomed to the rhythm of his blatantly intimate strokes so that when the anticipated contact didn’t come. Casting aside caution and the instinct for survival. her blood would rage. After a moment he touched her clit a second time. she’d thrust her rump into the air. Desperate to experience fully. her master. Frightened and excited. shattering the images that had formed in her mind. In her mind she saw him smile knowingly as he teased her. and her breathing sobbed. the rough-soft item glided over her center. she couldn’t be sure. fought for a freedom she wasn’t sure she wanted. And he would. she’d stretch her neck toward him and touch her muzzle to his. She hadn’t expected the half human to be so knowing and strong. she couldn’t get through them. . But even as she shrank away. Juices flowing and legs dancing. he again captured her wrists and held them against her belly. Filling her with his hot seed. No matter that he fastened his teeth over her flesh. Something touched her clit. yet she’d take the chance. she’d force herself to face the larger. As he broke her down. Knowing she was trapped. In danger of exploding. she didn’t want him to stop. she’d surrender everything to the need for his seed. he ran a finger the length of her secret place. she’d convinced herself she’d effortlessly call on her soul and body to enslave the devil man. with what. she thrashed under him. she’d silently beg him to spear her. she reached for him. or for her to need him so desperately. But even as she fought his power over her. Again and again. Again and again. Grunting. Eyes downcast. the woman she’d turned back into waited for this man. He’d return the gesture. his blood-heated breath raging through her. because she was a female in heat. His massive cock might tear her apart.

she ground her teeth together. he stroked her inner sex lips. His grip on her sex was both gentle and firm. “Don’t struggle. The dogs? What did they matter? “You are hot.Devil Man 39 “No!” he commanded. Still immobilizing her hands.” Barely. Feel it. Can you?” She once thought she could. With each touch she shivered and ground her buttocks against his bedding but no longer tried to break free. “I am…human. “What is this?” he asked. suddenly more afraid of herself than him.” Yes. Do nothing else. “Are you afraid of speaking the truth?” “Don’t ask. now.” After blowing his warm breath on her breasts and belly. little witch. “I will not hurt you. Her legs shook. yes! “While you do what?” she asked.” “That’s what you think?” “Yes!” “Then the lesson continues.” Eyes resolutely closed.” “But later?” “I cannot say what the future brings. “What is it?” he asked.” “Don’t?” she gasped. she wasn’t certain of anything. at least not now. And hungry. . “What do you --” “Listen to your body. devil man! What I fear or don’t is not your concern. “Proof that you are more woman than witch?” “Human. a brand of imprisonment she’d never believed possible. He did so over and over again until she sobbed. he took hold of her labia while continuing to immobilize her arms. For me. He easily kept her legs splayed while exhaling on tissue that ached with each assault.” she got out.

” “Enough! I cannot take --” “Yes. he shifted his hold on her sex. only to quiet his movements just as she reached the peak. she let him draw her closer to the moment of ultimate weakness and release. just me. the current threw her toward the shore. Biting her lower lip hard enough to draw blood kept her from screaming at him. Again and again. force his fingers off her traitorous flesh. bringing her to the brink again and again. she couldn’t say. No. As for whether she trusted him. She didn’t trust him! But danger and threat were heady drugs.” “What do you care? This has nothing to do with you.” Captive? The word echoed as he repeatedly teased her pussy. the devil’s own. “I can only give you the truth. The devil man knew her body far better than she could ever hope to. nothing!” “Doesn’t it?” Alarmed. She became a leaf caught in a raging current. she tried to shake her head. surrendered.” she finally confessed. “We see your weakness and need. but would she survive if she succeeded? He seemed to know just how much she could handle without allowing her to climax. Fool that she’d become.40 Vonna Harper Releasing her wrists. she forcefully reminded herself as a finger slid into her.” the white dog told her.” she cried. stretching the heated tissue with one hand while the other danced over what he’d revealed. . but just barely. then stroked upward until he reached her clit again. only to snatch her back before she could escape. you can. because she couldn’t think of what to do with them. “No spirits. my little captive. She barely existed anywhere except where Kevern touched. Having back the use of her arms made no difference. she turned her being over to him. Like a careless child standing at the edge of a cliff. “We watch. “By the spirits. potent wine. He began near her anus. She should attack him somehow.

Too late. Struggling to step back from the precipice that would change her forever. why? “Because I can. witch. “Milking. But those images soon shattered and blew away.” he muttered. If she’d felt trapped by him before. why?” “Because I must. yet dangerous.” “Why? By the spirits. but even as she fought to ignore the shrill scream building deep inside. she knew she couldn’t heed the word. Her breathing sounded as if she was being punished. it was too late for anything except this. Mindlessly arching her back. His fingers. He was right. . I need. Because I must. In and out his fingers journeyed.” “Why?” By the spirits. The penetration deepened even more. Whimpering. she realized a second masculine finger had joined the first. Then he suddenly. and lifted her. “I am milking you. this heady. Her mind offered up flashes of her village and those she called her kin. Holding her off the ground. she silently ordered herself. roughly withdrew. she again lifted her pelvis off the ground in a determined. coated with her juices. don’t. the sensation paled before this new experience. desperate attempt to increase the contact. he pressed down on her mons. he slid his knees under her before letting her down so her ass rested on his thighs.” The explanation was beyond her. moved effortlessly within her. Moments later whatever it was filled her. I need… No. she froze.” “Too late. “No.” Must. gripped her hips. but she wasn’t. the watching dogs. At the same time. assault. lasted longer. in and out.Devil Man 41 Something pressed against her inner channel. the all-encompassing forest. Changed her.

but desperate to see this necessary task through. Calling on hungry. A hideous. “Our bodies exploding as one.42 Vonna Harper “Listen to me.” “And after we have fucked?” the Kevern in her mind asked. Gave herself over to him and her clawing hunger. No thoughts beyond this moment. he powered forward and against her. she bent her knees and planted her feet on the ground. “Maybe not.” “Surely you remember what it was to be human. melting together.” she told him in her mind. The moments of convincing herself that they were equals.” “You try to command me?” he shot back.” “Maybe. Do not treat me as if I am. Before she could block it out. waited.” Where was the humanity she’d convinced herself lived deep in his gaze? Right now. yours to claim. merging into a single. breathed. and she held onto his potent strength. His penis slid over her inner thigh. she didn’t dare forget why she was here. she struggled to say nothing. “I am not an animal. she loved him for the way he’d played her body. When he lifted her. she stared at the sky. . a buck. none! Can you do that? a part of her demanded. Flinging an arm up over her head. Yes! No! I don’t know.” he ordered. The animal in me will spring free. she saw only a stag. fiery light. “I will try to be gentle. “Have you forgotten how long I’ve slept alone? I’ve become more predator than human. her inner voice silently wailed. “Me.” Alarmed. desperate muscles. she handed herself to him. but the time will come when I cannot control my actions. Her other hand found his forearm. Although he’d aroused her and in some ways.” He shrugged. His next movement brought his cock to her entrance. man and woman. bloody image of her knife protruding from him invaded her mind and turned her veins to ice. claiming too-willing flesh and pulling her back to the present. were behind her.

They’d joined. Even as she shuddered. her inner muscles contracted. easing and drawing out her involuntary muscle contractions and lubricating both him and her. full member. she felt herself being sucked into a vast darkness. Then he was embedded so deep in her that she couldn’t tell where she left off and he began. killing her inner struggle. “Damnation. Instead of the witch-vision she’d become accustomed to. It didn’t matter.” “If I’m damned. “What?” she managed.” Mumbling something she didn’t understand. “Are you afraid --” “Silence. Fresh tension hardened him even more than before. At first. he granted her a little more of his hard. welcoming and resisting him at the same time. He might have called her a witch. sex to sex. you are responsible. Overwhelmed by his power and her need for that power. Whatever powers went with the word were lost. she couldn’t remember what that meant. hot. helping her remember other. Man to woman. Instinct took over. witch. hot hunger. I will have my way!” “This is not fighting. silence!” The words said. Distracted by the chill pressing against her forehead and the sides of her neck. but at this moment.” he whispered. her body didn’t protest but sucked him deep. “Do not fight. Sighing.Devil Man 43 He slid in. Then he stopped with perhaps half his length inside her. he drove slowly but steadily into her. witch. and her existence began and ended with the invasion.” “True. she struggled to make sense of what was happening to her. she dug her nails into his arm. distant times when sex became everything. all soft. This time. he pulled her closer and spread her legs even more. she . I…have no…” Hers became a woman’s body. “Damnation.

started to speak. and another rope circled her neck. Concerned. Who was the small. she floated toward the pair.” the white dog told her. he moved inside her. “This is mating. The faceless knight gripped the end of the neck restraint. Her grip on his arm relaxed. Demelza recognized herself. For gifting me with yourself. Quite the contrary. she lowered her arm from over her head and lightly touched her breast. and she comprehended the vast amount of self-control it cost him to treat her like a woman and not a bitch in heat. but before the words could reach her. hard. “Yes. she stroked what she might have punished.” He was trembling. the image disappeared. compelling her to massage it. As she did. quick thrusts that shook her entire body. Thank you. Would a true devil man be capable of this? Unable to find or face the answer. Ropes laced her wrists. Pressing down on her breast.44 Vonna Harper thought she was turning back into a doe being fucked by a great buck. her eyes conveyed. forcing her head upward. Reality returned. But although she was helpless. she smiled up at her lord and master. sending messages of domination throughout her system. “Now. Her nipple tightened. her shadow-self showed no signs of fear. who she had no doubt was Kevern. Everything about him inside her felt right. she blinked him into focus. and. but then the black lifted a little. Lost. “Now! Now!” Kevern yelled. and full her womb had become. but why were her arms behind her back. as if lost deep inside himself. The knight. and what made her cheeks bulge? Shivering. His eyes were nearly closed. she noted how soft. naked woman kneeling before a well-armed knight? Slipping closer. barely aware of what she was doing. warm. .” she bit out. her eyes saying what she couldn’t utter because his cock filled her mouth. she imagined that he was manhandling her there.

Her flaming muscles clenched. concentrating on his body. “By the spirits!” she cried. muscles gone. not that it mattered. not allowing herself to be mastered. jerked. She went willingly. again. Kevern. and yet again. “Coming!” Caught in her body’s gift to herself. wave after wave of energy assaulting her. held her close and kept her from crashing to earth. he’d forced himself on her. she met equal with equal. eager to be consumed.Devil Man 45 Rolling her head to the side. What he said made no sense. she cared about nothing else. Pushing back at him. She hadn’t wanted this! Success hinged on remaining in control and mastering. she forgot everything except the earthquake shaking her. Long. Flames sucked her into them. her enemy. he’d rue this moment! The vast current grew. flung her into space. He’d pay! By the spirits. Swimming against the tide. His demanding cock. She embraced the sliding. he filled her. Again. Sweat filmed her skin. smooth movement shortened. as if he was looking inward. His hot eyes chilled her. Her fingers rode her breast and his arm. Her pussy heated and flooded. the sense of being one with him. They weren’t having sex! Instead. She didn’t trust him. His arms were everything. but still she tried to rein herself in. His eyes remained unfocused. so she returned her gaze to Kevern. propelled her to the summit. His legs. she spotted the white dog. “Coming!” He gasped. gliding friction. she could do the same to herself. she fought to remove herself from the mating. And the fire grew. . become self-absorbed and selfish. Catapulted into the sky. It was too late. hated him for his role in an old man’s death and her people’s fear. Yes. It pushed her upward. forced her body to turn on her. to be replaced by nerves and sensation.

hate you!” “I know. never to return. . killers with their souls trapped in hell. Then she faced reality. and blood seeping into the earth.” “I hate you. but once she returned to her village. the beasts would revert to what they were. its impact remained. but even as her nightmare faded. she had only one recourse. her mind refused to think beyond the sex they’d shared. Dogs howling. For too long. Women with hollow bellies and haunted eyes. “I will end this! I must.46 Vonna Harper Chapter Five Crying children. To destroy them and their human companion. If she couldn’t find a way to compel them to leave her people’s forest. “Your strength is nothing next to mine. Fangs tearing flesh apart. she studied the man stretched out beside her.” “How?” the devil man challenged. Hunters stepping into the woods. The devil man watching.” Demelza returned to consciousness by degrees. Opening her eyes. She’d learned that she could exact a measure of control over the dogs when she was near them.

“I do not understand this enemy.” she’d admitted. The man leads the beasts. our safety has been jeopardized by warriors from other tribes who fight with weapons similar to ours.” Although she didn’t want to. studying him. End him. In doing so. “I have no reason to hope it could be otherwise. Surrounded by those she both loved and felt set apart from. But how do I go to war against devil hounds and the man who runs with them? How does anyone confront those ruled by hell-spirits?” “Maybe with the weapons given to a woman who is also a witch. you have robbed the hellhounds of their leader.” her mother had replied. their fears had been replaced by hope. she’d looked at one face after another until their collective trust had settled in her heart. who had been standing on the stone reserved for the village chief. “No. “For as long as anyone can remember. Elderman Petrok.” Kill someone she’d just had sex with? She’d learned that he wasn’t their leader as much as their companion.” .” “Is that what your people call me?” “Did you expect something else?” she asked. “As does the devil man. she felt sorry for him. “The witch awakes.” “What were my options.” He drew out the words.” Kevern said and sat up. “You brought this upon yourself when you decided to run with the beasts.Devil Man 47 Back when she’d promised her people that she would do whatever she had to in order to ensure their future. witch? To walk alone?” “Maybe. but it is the only answer I have. had placed his hand on her head and led the prayers for her success. Not that it matters now. Only her mother knew her deepest thoughts. I don’t. “How I wish I didn’t have to tell you that.

I look at the world through the dogs’ eyes and see the powerful forces that made them what they are. “Weaker than when I was banished. no woman would welcome him into her home. regret. who had wanted nothing more than to be a knight. would the knots hold? Perhaps you have the power to untie them. Tell me something. I believe I understand what rules them.” Sliding a hand between her legs. “What are you thinking?” “Thinking?” He sighed and stared up at the hazy sky above them. Because I experienced the strength of your spell over me. hell’s guardians. For as long as he lived. he sheltered her sex.” “You have the power to do that?” “You doubt me?” “No.48 Vonna Harper “You’re right.” He rested a hand on her thigh.” Unwanted tears burned her throat. It’s too late to change anything. “Do you? Tell me.” he admitted after a moment. If that was true. “What happens now? Perhaps you have had your fill of me and want to go home.” “Would you try to stop me?” “I do not know. the same as his canine companions. . a killer’s heart might beat in his chest.” “Perhaps I will cause the ropes to burn up before they touch me. “Sometimes. what do you feel when you see and experience my spell-strength?” “Weak. “If I threw ropes over you. Anger. and no children would call him father. Do you want death? Instead of trying to stop me.” he said through clenched teeth. This man.” It was no spell. was now forced to live apart from human contact. perhaps you want me to release you from this hell. and loneliness had cast their spell over him and turned his heart into that of a predator.

Leaving her arms free. “Tell me to stop. His heart had beaten near hers. same as I’m the devil’s spawn.” Instead of responding. could only slip into heat and pressure. After all. The instant he did. By turns. she felt his pain. Once these creatures had been puppies. but love and understand. His buttocks rested on her hips. she turned her head to the side. “What would make you feel strong again?” she asked. playful and trusting.” “Are you sure?” “You feel nothing. she saw more than deadly fangs. They’d fucked. “You think I’m weak?” “Answer me. For the first time.” She thought he wouldn’t. her entire body awakened. Struggled to calm her breathing. “I love you. she lay there while he straddled her prone body. his heat had bled into hers. “Do you want their gift?” “What choice do I have?” Then.Devil Man 49 But it wasn’t that simple.” he taunted. he drew her breasts toward him or pulled them as far apart as the swollen tissue allowed. immobilizing her legs. “Is that what you’re trying to tell me?” “I tell you nothing. he closed his fingers around her nipples.” . “The dogs give me strength. witch. The dogs sat there again. he owed her nothing. Her nipples tingled. devil man. “Stop calling me that!” “Why? It’s what you are. Most of all. she couldn’t keep up with the constant movement. calmly watching. His cum still filled her passage.” Kevern interrupted her thoughts.” she told them. although she could have slipped out from under him.” he said after a silence. “No longer fear.

a slap to his cheek. one more sweet. might force him over the edge. Under his weight. They represented what was familiar to him.” No man had ever manhandled her like this. He’d kill her as mindlessly as the dogs had attacked a gentle old man. Had he forgotten the meaning of those words? Perhaps he’d never known them. no wonder he’d made the devil dogs his family. She had no doubt of the raw rage waiting in a dark corner of his being. shining sensation. And when she did. Her breath snagged. If only she could reach him before he decided to kill her. and how she’d win. her legs shuddered. In the meantime. Yes. If that was true. Honesty crying out. he’d been taught not to cry. Kindness. trying to close her legs. she’d strip the strength from his muscles until they became like water. “The truth speaks behind your silence. Gentleness. In a moment. Instead of outrage and fear. that was how she’d battle him. but she had no intention of remaining passive. He hadn’t come close to her limits or needs. Caring and tenderness had been declared forbidden emotions. she forced herself to focus on those whose welfare and very lives depended on what she accomplished. however. his savage potential rolled through him. One more moment. The wrong word. and she’d pull herself back together.50 Vonna Harper “Oh?” Releasing her. Shaking off the chill that went with the thought. If only he wasn’t too far gone to understand. witch. Maybe as an infant. The possibility that he’d been bred and raised to fight and defend distracted her from the rough way he’d pinned her shoulders to the ground. she came to life under his take-charge manipulation. so he could face death and take life without losing courage or feeling empathy. he pressed his palms against the outside of her breasts and forced them together. But there was another way to live. he was testing how far she’d allow him to go. Yes. When she closed her . None would have dared.

she covered his flesh and gently curling hairs there with butterfly kisses. he jerked free. she waited until he pressed on her shoulder blade and then again laid claim to his wrist. yet beautiful features.” she told him. I could kill you. the fire in them banking down a bit. It was as if they now breathed with a single pair of lungs. softly. Instead of heeding the unspoken rejection.” Alarm briefly contorted his rugged. as did she. She stared into his glowing eyes. she’d left no part of his knight’s hand untouched. Feeling in tune with his needs.” His gaze burned deep and low as he lightly stroked her from chin to breast. my witch’s fingers powerful. perhaps more so than he was. but died as she continued stroking him. When. “Then do it. bloomed with love? Was his soul open to either emotion? What about his fanged companions? Did they comprehend the meaning of love? Making every move slow and deliberate. she turned his hand around and slid her lips over the back. This time he held his ground.” . “This is your life force. “I could kill you. As he did.Devil Man 51 fingers around his wrist. she brought his hand to her face and planted gentle kisses on his palm. “Maybe you have become a bear or cougar. As the dense forest cast shadows over him and the watching dogs rumbled deep in their throats. she guided it to her throat and left it there. “What is it like to be a witch?” he asked. His eyes smoked. finally.” he muttered. something shifted between them. Had they ever danced with laughter. Slowly. “My nails are strong. she ran her knuckles along the vein at the side of his neck. His weight made her legs tingle from lack of circulation and served as warning that she couldn’t maintain this position indefinitely.

she couldn’t comprehend what he’d endured. When I tried to speak to men I’d once considered my brothers. One. only to discover that it had been destroyed. Is that what you’re saying?” His silence supplied the answer. his desperate loneliness. I remained an outcast. because I brought our king’s wrath to our family. “Someone practicing black magic banished you and compelled you to live with devil dogs?” she prompted.” His words were still settling in her when he lifted himself off her.” “Don’t be. Surely you know that. His taut. touch him. said he would kill me if I remained. after a while. My siblings never want to see me again.” “Choice? I am beyond healing.” “What did you do? What happened?” “I tried to return to my home. and heated her core. “Have you tried to fight the spell?” “Yes. a man whose life I’d once saved. Aching for him. she scooted closer and . she sat up. hips. I am a healer…unless I have no choice. I’d been banished. they turned their backs on me.” “That’s when you returned to the dogs?” “Yes. I am so sorry. and legs. “I have never used my powers to take life. tight body spoke of his deep pain. Struggling not to let the sensations overtake her. I am dead. I soon understood that although I’d left the pack. Life with no one to share it with? Even though all she’d done was look at him.” “No! Kevern. Whether I raged or begged forgiveness. Unrestricted blood flowed into her pelvis. In my father’s heart.” “Your family --” “My mother is dead.52 Vonna Harper No one had ever asked her that question.” “But first you tried surrounding yourself in isolation.

she was set apart. instigated.” Leaning forward. she was part of her village. then stopped. he met her tongue with his own. “Accept my gift. who’d never run her tongue over a man’s teeth. In her mind. These moments. Taut flesh stretched over muscles and bone. then moved to his chest. she took his face into her hands and kissed him full and honest. his mouth her womb. he kissed her back. Her heart caught and then resumed beating. Unable to remain still. his body froze. But while he’d been condemned to a solitary existence. neck.” she muttered. How could his king have been so cruel! Surely he’d seen the loyal and well-trained knight standing before him and not just a man who’d surrendered to his queen’s . Just as I want you to always remember this. A long shudder rolled through her to gather in her crotch. “Do not fear --” “I fear nothing!” Neither do you embrace anything.” Taking a shuddering breath. Then. Nothing else. Naked flesh kissed naked flesh. she touched her lips to his. Driven by a sudden. not he. except for her mother. her tongue became a cock.Devil Man 53 wrapped her arms around him. she stroked his arms. potent hunger for more. driven by instinct and need. sliding and pushing. she slipped between his teeth. She set the pace. His muscles still tense. shoulders. She. She had value and purpose. they were alike because. Moisture gathered in her eyes as she parted her lips and set her tongue to exploring. “You are not alone today…or tonight. he wrapped his arms around her. Growing even more confident. His breath snagged. Instead. In some ways. saying nothing. making her long to press her ear against him there and listen to his heartbeat. She. They remained locked together for long moments. giving him the opportunity to bite down. knight. did so boldly. taking not just him but herself beyond what had existed between them before. “I will remember that. she broke off the contact. taking her moisture and depositing his own.

“Watch it. his gaze narrowed. he straightened and folded his hands over his belly. she closed her mouth over as much of him as she could.” she challenged. Another liquid wave swept over her. A bead of moisture formed in his slit. “What? You are afraid --” “No! Never.” Long and naked with dark hair shading his chest and navel. she closed both of her hands around the hard length and rested her lips on his tip. “Are you ready to surrender?” “You don’t…know what you are doing. do you?” “Strong enough. “You think you’re strong. Did that mean…? . and his knuckles whitened. The sweet.” he warned. wild taste feeding her courage. Continuing the risk. His jaw clenched. As heat sparked through her. beast man. determined not to give away her weakness. Giving her a sideways glance she couldn’t fathom.” “Aren’t you?” The blood in her temple pounding. She’d never done this before. hard nipple. he sucked in his breath. never been given the gift of a man’s most precious possession. his legs twisted to the side.” “Do you?” Not giving him time to respond. and she sucked it in. It wasn’t fair! He deserved so much more than what he’d been condemned to. she ran a reckless fingernail around his cockhead. prompting her to touch her teeth to Kevern’s small. she leaned over and ran her tongue over his pubic hair. when just looking at his swollen cock sent fire throughout her? But because she’d boasted of her power. she planted her hands on his chest and pushed until he was stretched out on his sleeping pad. he was magnificent! How could she have believed in her strength.54 Vonna Harper charms. “I barely touched you.

Instead of telling him that. Today.Devil Man 55 A harsh tug on her scalp stilled her question. tightening his hold on her hair. “Careful. “One wrong move and…” Men were so protective of their manhood.” he muttered. however. After a short while. she touched her teeth to his length. only that. see if he’d explode in her mouth. Thinking to . she released him.” he muttered. Satisfied that she’d made her point and not trusting herself to step any closer to the edge. she again drew his cock into her mouth. he did the same. low breath. he might accuse her of using her witch’s powers. and you are a man. For now. Concentrate on that.” Wondering if he had any idea how far removed she was from casting any spell. I am a woman.” “But not for these moments. he drew in a long. she lightly ran her teeth over him. to both of us. not an animal. Although he gripped her arms. she looked him in the eye. How much longer could he contain himself? If the need to have him inside her pussy again wasn’t so powerful. so insecure. Although it took a measure of courage. she took him deeper into her throat.” “A hunted man. Nothing else. This is my gift to you. he made no move to free himself. Although she hated doing so. she’d tease and tongue him for as long as he’d let her. His solid cock hardened even more until in her mind. She wanted him. she drew back until just his head and then only another drop of what she chose to believe was his gift to her remained in her mouth.” When he didn’t reply. Feeling reckless and wild. and she didn’t want that. If she bit down… “A spell. Condemned. “Not a spell. “The witch has cast a spell over me. You are a man. He’d taken hold of her hair and now gripped it much as a horseman might control his mount. Going utterly still. But if that happened. Kevern. it became a spear shaft in the grip of a warrior.

They’d become.” “What about you. felt small and weak and helpless as a result? Did he comprehend. “What?” she demanded. Instead of answering. “What is he saying?” she asked. open muzzle pointed at the heavens. beast man? Do you want me dead?” she asked around the knot in her throat. “Damn you.” she told the dogs. trembling.” . stood out from the shadows. but fused entities.” “We are monsters. Only the white one. Had he ever seen a mountain explode. not partners in sex.” Dismissing the creatures that were capable of tearing her apart. hard howl sliced the air. She was lost because of him. Kevern filled his lungs and howled. experienced the awful and exciting heat. she looked for the dogs. as she did. she slowly. She could barely see the others. A long. smelled the acrid stench.” “Yes. Moments later. “Do not hate me. So many experiences she needed to share with him. “They want you gone. damn me. “I love you for what you are. Shaken by the distraction. Lost. she closed her fingers around his cock while she straddled him. Or dead. He met her gaze with a fire-filled one that put her in mind of a volcano. Then she released him and positioned herself so his man-weapon settled between her sex lips. His cock invaded and expanded her and made her more than she’d ever been. numerous canine voices responded. Despite his ominous words. the image of a sheet of fire searing the earth still strong in her. she lowered herself onto him a fraction. that some forces were beyond human comprehension? So much she wanted to learn about him. steadily settled her body over his. The lingering note seemed to come from every part of his body.56 Vonna Harper keep him from feeling the loss.

Wanton and wild. something sharp grinding into her knee. yes! She dimly felt her straining muscles.” Fear at the thought of losing her mind and soul to Kevern made her tense. From forehead to feet she was on fire. The rougher his blows became.” he responded. “Come at me with everything you have. both of them breathing fast and hard.” “Not tears. Perhaps sensing her vulnerability. a volcano of her own making. she relished the sliding. Too late. Unless the beasts he ran with tore his humanity from him. Everything was him inside her. This bred-for-battle man understood his greater strength. Lost herself. became a whore. reasons to laugh and cry. Her swollen cunt wept and gave way before his power. Too late. her thoughts splintering. She mattered to him. Doing so caused her pussy muscles to clench and pull him in even more. The line between them faded. Leaning back. but even as she imagined attacking him with every bit of strength she possessed. Starved for his liquid offering and the promised release now tearing at her.” . “I’ll take your punishment and turn it into pleasure. slapping his chest and the sharp sting of his palms against her buttocks. a cunt. gliding sensation. Surrendering. the more she pounded him in return. I'll feed upon your energy and slight womanstrength and taste life. but those things were nothing. he arched upward so that his full length speared her.” “I give you life. she became one with the devil man. She rode him as he drove into her. He’d taken his measure of her.Devil Man 57 “Not to me. She lived only between her legs. she knew he wouldn’t do the same. Yes. “Never that. everything she’d ever wanted. feeling the air on her exposed skin. she closed down with every bit of strength in her core. and her asking for nothing more. Slick against slick. the still staring dogs. pleasure. heat building upon heat. We are one. assessed her smaller bones and weaker muscles.” he told her without uttering a word.

Only when she stopped screaming and sank.” It didn’t matter! A whirlpool swirled around her. Flying off in all directions and collapsing at the same time. pummeling the man’s cock with her cunt even as he did the same to her. The first time she’d seen deer mating.” . please! Have you made him one of you? He’ll never be free?” “No.” Familiar images of a rutting stag slamming into a doe in heat filled her. her body driving and breasts shuddering.” she confessed and squeezed her eyes shut against tears she had no control over. even fuck a human?” Instead of answering. drowning. She hadn’t just had sex with the devil man. onto him did she understand what had happened. she’d been alarmed by their frenzied fuck. “Tell me the truth. ears back. cunt still shuddering. cutting off her breath and taking away her need to breathe. “Maybe it is you who is lost. lifting her up and then pulling her down. For now. shared and swift. Then she was gone. “Watch us. “Why?” she asked them. Now she understood the potent instinct behind the act. “Are you determined not to let him do anything without you. The heat was everything. You have lost him. screaming. their mouths open and tongues protruding. “You can. expanding. they looked at each other. promising magic. only us!” “I want to believe you.” she ordered the devil dogs. the dogs who were his only companions had participated in their own way.” “Have we?” their leader questioned. “Understand that this man no longer belongs to you.58 Vonna Harper “Because you’re incapable of shedding them as long as the dogs --” “This is about us. Now she too became frenzied.

” With that.” “You mean it?” Her heart pounded so.” “Me?” “We love you.Devil Man 59 “No?” she repeated. “What changed your minds?” “You. “enough to leave you. “Why not? What do you hope to gain by --” “That’s not what we mean. she wondered if it might explode. horrified. He deserves his freedom. He has more than paid for his so-called crime. fear remained.” the white dog said. the animals turned as one and disappeared into the wilderness. but even as their final words sorted themselves out in her mind and she fully believed what she’d just heard. What would become of Kevern without his pack? .

Destined to travel alone. Human after all.” . Her mound still in his mouth.” “I wouldn’t be here. Kevern placed his mouth over her breast. not after his long. “What are you thinking?” he asked. Despite still being wrung out from their second and even wilder fucking. he lifted his own head. A solitary outcast. Before much longer. if you won’t let them. her womansoftness nestled against him in surrender and maybe. Although tonguing her nipple satisfied him. letting her breast slide free. if not for them. his inner conscious taunted.60 Vonna Harper Chapter Six Night slid closer. “Of the dogs. he reminded himself. the session wouldn’t be enough.” “Don’t! They aren’t everything. After a moment. trust. he limited their contact to that. they won’t be. at least. Her doing. she turned her head and studied him. painful abstinence. the sun would give up its weakening hold on the forest. He loved the feel of her next to him. Drawing the witch closer. at least briefly. She’d gone slack and boneless. Alive.

” “He won’t be the last. “Have you truly tried to be anything else since you were banished?” “You know nothing about me. but it has gone out. She remained on his sleeping pad.Devil Man 61 And the two of us wouldn’t have mated.” Rolling toward him.” “You believe that because of what happened to one old man. savage. The truth lives in your eyes. They destroy because they can. or… “You are responsible!” he accused and sat up. the same flames that exist in the dogs. Either that. You have no idea what my life has been like. Those killers --” “Killers? I am one of them.” “Because you are a witch?” “That is part of it. echoing his own doubts. He no longer felt the consuming heat that had become part of him and gave him identity. she kissed each eyelid in turn.” “Are you?” she asked. The fire became even more intense while we mated. “When I first saw you. he propped himself up on his elbow and looked around for the members of his pack.” She remained silent long enough that he knew she didn’t want to do this. along with hope. fire raged in them. her slight.” She was right! Wonder filled him. Shaken by the loss. But if she didn’t. “Speak your mind. sex-scented body vulnerable and exposed.” she said. “But these creatures are different. “What have you done?” They were the only contact I have with anything living! “You did not answer me. he’d have to. then. but the forest had swallowed them. knight. “Wolves kill to eat. Why did you live with them?” .” “In some ways I do.

a man I would have died for. I understand why you didn’t want to continue that way.” she said gently. They shared their strength with me. and I did not want her to. “I already told you --” “Not enough.” .62 Vonna Harper “I told you. you tried living alone. I wish I hadn’t.” Feeling as cold as death.” “They no longer accept or want you.” “You cannot know…” “Yes. I can.” “Until I came. do not think you know what I have endured! The dogs accepted my anger and hatred. please. “even after I could no longer see them. My king. People look into my eyes and see fire. When that didn’t work. hated and feared by them.” “He chose to condemn me to this living hell. My queen would not risk her life protecting me. he gaped at her.” “Why did he not kill you?” I wish he had. because he had no defense against the witch’s plea. you tried going back to what you once had.” he answered.” “The spell…” “Forced me to spend the rest of my life apart from other humans.” “More? Until you have walked in my steps. we continued speaking with our minds. She was lonely. “My king commanded his sorcerer to cast a spell over me. Kevern. They know a sorcerer has marked me. found out. They will not be back. connecting with your family. He did not want her. I’d slept with my queen. Kevern. but running with beasts everyone fears has made you even more of an outcast. that I’d had wisdom instead of a youth’s hot and unwise blood. Kevern. but he would not allow anyone else near her. and I took away her loneliness. Only devil dogs with eyes the same as mine allowed me near. “I watched them leave.

a responsibility.” . You have no right --” “Not a right.” “And my people are safe from hellhounds. because you are not one of them.” “Gone where?” “It does not matter. In fact. “You left me with nothing. gone. They understand that better than you do. You are human. he surged to his feet. But the white one stands apart.” “Where are they?” “I do not know. he stepped away but not so far she could escape. Barely able to control his fury. Their job is and will always be to keep the newly dead at the door to hell while their lives are judged.” “Human? I am an outcast!” Suddenly afraid of the rage boiling through him. he would flee. If he could. hauling her up with him. he pressed her against a tree. They told me about the dark spirits that ordered them to stand guard over the entrance to hell. I begged them to leave. but they never wanted you to join them in their task.” “Do it then. “Where are they?” “I told you. she’d twisted his life in ways the sorcerer had been incapable of.Devil Man 63 “That is how I always communicated with them.” “Why?” “To save you.” How wrong he’d been to have thought of her as weak and slight! Despite the physical difference between them.” “I should kill you. They understand why you are drawn to them. Grabbing her arms. The black dogs do not fight their fate. they embrace it.

or was it that he felt too much? -. He picked up the long. he went deep into his mind. Stepping toward him.” she said with her head held high and proud.” “I do not believe you. she draped the cape over her shoulders but didn’t tie it. “Stop them.” “No. influenced by her naked and vulnerable body. It slithered down her body. Still feeling nothing -. you do not care whether you live or die?” “I knew what might happen.” . hiding nothing. Did he truly hate her enough to end her life.64 Vonna Harper His thoughts. I was weak then. spring and sunlight. searching for his companions. if she allowed him to? “Because you believe you have fulfilled your task by protecting your village. the cape slid onto the ground. Make them return.” Instead of trying to deny it. I am the same. “Leave! I will not make my hell yours.he pointed the tip at her.” he said without emotion. Shaking. but after a moment. “The witch brought more than her body. loping along a stream bank. you are still human. he retrieved her clothes and threw them at her. They were indeed heading away from here. she returned his gaze.” No. “She also carried the means to kill me. she reached out. Then he saw the ghost pack with the snowcolored dog at the lead.” “Go! Leave me!” Instead. As she did. At first he thought he’d lost everything. Something caught his attention. Fighting her impact on his senses. You are gentleness and light. and him.” Her head snapped back as if he’d struck her. “That we might become locked in a battle only one of us would survive. she slipped into the gown. slender dagger. Kevern. “You should have used it while we fucked. splintered. you are not.” “Why not? You were willing to sacrifice a life that meant everything for your queen.

he’d learned how to hunt and attack. What other women take for granted. Her eyes were killing him. not caring. Not feeling. Not often. As a knight. He’d refused to allow himself to remember how it could be between a man and a woman. Instead. “What if I give this to you now?” he demanded in an effort to deny his emotion. What I want…” She looked down and stared at the ground. the isolation… I watch other women and envy their freedom. a devil man with a mortal’s seed and starving body. “What do you want?” he fairly shouted. their easy laughter. A foolish human’s weakness for her flesh. but what did he know of a witch’s power? Just the same. not needing made survival possible. there are times when I hate being a witch. she did nothing to try to protect herself.” “That is denied you?” “I am denied a man with the courage to put those babies in my belly. A baby at my breast.” Except for him. Demelza!” He touched the tip to the hollow in her neck. yes. Tenderness.” she said in a near whisper. he’d seen the enemy grovel and cry. he wanted her to cower and beg for her life. He indicated the dagger still kissing her flesh. said nothing. The responsibilities. “Answer me. the softness. “Did you intend to kill me?” “If I had no choice. “Kevern. “Children.” He could have pointed out that she had scant chance of besting him in a struggle. “Would you use it on me?” “I do not know anymore.Devil Man 65 She continued to regard him.” “You do not laugh?” “Sometimes. . Damnation! Because of the time he’d spent with the hellhounds.

Throwing back his head. driving. “Nothing I will share with you. making him feel as naked as she was.sons to follow in his footsteps and daughters he would die for. but no longer. he pinned her between him and the tree. Let yesterday die. the remnants of his rage and desperation driving him. she closed her arms around his neck. his cock had been limp. A howl rolled up from deep inside him. she rose onto her toes and tipped her pelvis toward him. “What are you thinking?” she whispered when he looked at her. Stepping toward him. then lifted her so she could wrap her legs around his hips.” “Tomorrow? I have none. Only nakedness. Instead of struggling. he slid into her.” “Then take today. . punishing. Pumping.” she whispered. He took her hard and hot. he lamented what he’d lost.66 Vonna Harper Until she’d tried to change everything. Pulling the heat around him. he thanked the dogs for leaving him with something after all. Hooking his hand under her knee. The dagger slid out of his fingers. I will have nothing left to call my own. Her breasts kissed his skin.” Animal heat flowed through him as he backed her against the tree again. No secrets. as if she knew what he was thinking. “Embrace tomorrow. he drove out the devil that had resided over his soul. exposing her core.” “Why not?” Because if I do. He had stopped fighting dreams of his own -. her eyes hot and bottomless. Little more than a heartbeat ago. Like a lost creature coming home. He didn’t take his gaze off her as she removed the gown she’d just put on and dropped it on top of the dagger. Opened himself to something he didn’t understand. The animal he’d been for so long behind his strength. he lifted. And me. She freely gave her body to him. “Look forward.

” he said. He remembered her teeth on his cock and wondered what words or spells she’d used to banish his companions. When he climaxed. Lowering her to the ground. because I am no longer here.” She shook her head so violently that her hair flew about. long and strong at first and then dying. Then he let go of the soft strands and brought his face within a finger’s width of hers.” With her words floating through him. the flame faded to be replaced by a floating sensation. She shared her heartbeat with him.” “No. “Do you want me to beg your forgiveness? If so. but I do now. I --” Grabbing a handful of her hair. I --” “I had no defenses against the sorcerer who stripped my life of meaning. Wondered how long it would take her to kill him. Tell them you have won. his legs trembling. he howled again. Understood how much she was like his king’s sorcerer. please. I --” “Silence! You took away the only thing I had left.” “But is what I want. “Have the courage to be what you’ve never been. emptied. He was being stripped clean. he stopped her thrashing.” “You’re wrong. “Done?” “Finished with you.” she whispered. Her smaller form blanketed his. It does not have to be like this. “Done.Devil Man 67 “Let it go. little witch. but you do not know me after all.” “What? No. Understand?” . You believed you were doing what you’d been sent here to accomplish. he stepped away. and her woman’s place cried in welcome and superiority. “I want nothing from you. Go back to your village.


Vonna Harper

Eyes shimmering, she dropped to her knees and touched her lips to his dying cock. “You do not want this? Do not want to make me scream again?” “I want to be free.” With that, he whirled away.

Devil Man



Demelza stood to the side, watching the women gathered around the central fire. Hunters had killed two deer today, and now their wives and daughters were preparing the meat. She wasn’t expected to help, and there were those who believed that neither she nor her mother should touch shared food, because they might taint it with their power.

What power?
Yes, she’d ended the bond between the hellhounds and the man, and the dogs had left the woods that sustained her people, but tonight, as every night since she’d fucked and been fucked, she fought regret. Her mother had offered sympathy and compassion, but she wasn’t ready to explain what had happened, not even to the woman who’d given her life. Instead, forcing emotion from her voice, she’d told the villagers that she’d used her witch’s strength to compel the dogs to go elsewhere. Her mother’s gaze revealed her concern for her daughter, but the others had been content with the incomplete explanation. How many times had she slipped into the forest in recent days? No matter how forcefully she ordered herself not to give into pain, the shadows had called to her. She’d walked endlessly while searching for Kevern’s presence. But she hadn’t found him.


Vonna Harper

Because he’d gone after the pack? Because he’d ended his life? Because he’d found freedom in his solitude and needed nothing else? It didn’t matter. She’d stopped her search, because being surrounded by cold, silent air hurt too much. Tears stung her as she slipped away. The other day, she’d asked a visiting trader if he’d heard anything about a knight being banished for sleeping with a queen, but the trader couldn’t answer, as he seldom got to lands ruled by kings. Too familiar emotions washed over her, and this time, she didn’t bother blinking back her tears. Maybe she should ask her mother for a spell to make her forget. Yet, even if her mind lost the memory, her body wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Recalling despite herself how Kevern’s cock had felt inside her, she lifted her skirt and pressed her hand between her legs. Thanks to the night, no one could see her and maybe, finally, somehow, she could silence the terrible ache. She didn’t believe herself. As she slid a finger along her labia, she sensed a change in the air. Thinking someone might be nearby, she shook her skirt back into place. The sensation intensified. “Demelza.” Even before her mind pulled out the truth, her body knew. “I am here,” she whispered. “Where are you?” “Watching you.” She turned in a quick circle but still saw nothing. “The dogs left me with something I didn’t expect, a gift perhaps.” Kevern’s voice was like mist sliding over her skin. “Their sight. Night means nothing to me.” Wondering if the demented red glow had returned to his eyes, she studied her surroundings, but when she finally spotted him, his form, not his eyes, was what held her

She was as weak as a newborn. I ran with the dogs of hell. and although she was still trying to make sense of everything. “Solitude embraces me.” He held out his hands.” “I looked for you. yes. Please.” he said.” “No one sees a devil dog unless he wants it.” His warm breath stroked her forehead.” Who was the witch now? Not her.” “I know. “Enough so I am worthy of a witch?” “You want…?” “You.Devil Man 71 attention. “When I saw what you were doing a few moments ago. she placed hers in them. her sex-need. she curled her fingers into fists to keep them off him. at least for me. Please. In seconds. “They taught you a great deal. I knew I had touched you. “I did not sense you. arms at their sides. I embrace it.” Just like that. Her legs unsteady.” Trembling. they stood close enough to touch. “Yes. “I was wrong. but my heart beat alone. and then I stopped. He did the same. she stepped toward him.” “Oh. Demelza. What about you? Do you want me?” . a spent doe. I had to be certain I was ready for that to end.” “Just like that?” “It is simple. her trembling quieted. “I did not want you out of my life after all.” He’d known she’d been trying to silence her longing.” “I do not understand. Not breathing. That I dared risk having my heart touched. and in turn.” was the only thing she could think to say. “I have been alone for so long.

A soft smile played upon her lips.” . “The devil man’s seed grows in the witch’s belly. she wrapped her arms around his waist for support and held his cock between their bodies. yes. Also…” “Also what?” As she started swaying. But not if my presence makes you an outcast. my people need and believe in my power. This village can become your home.72 Vonna Harper Want you? By the spirits… “You are the only man I’ve ever… You will stay here in my village?” Closing his arms around her. he held her against his heart and ready cock. she understood the other reason he’d kept his presence a secret.” “Because you order them to accept me?” “No. Because I am your woman. “With you. “Kevern.” Suddenly.

Vonna Harper Mild-mannered. Vonna has no interest in cities or panty-hose. mostly harmless. Loves mountains. The product of the ultimate in a rural upbringing. early morning walks. She's had over fifty books published. . with out-of-control imagination. Has no marketable skills beyond writing which is no problem because there's nothing else she'd rather do. but is passionate about plant nurseries and baseball.vonnaharper. all but one and “hot” books. her grandchildren. Visit Vonna on the Web at http://www.

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