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How to made Ardunio Board Connection

Ardunio Comman Board It is avr microcontroller based development board equipped with many on-board peripherals that makes it suitable for developing various autonomous robots, electronic projects and other embedded system applications. With In-system programming facility it becomes a very easy and handy tool for any developer. PCB Assembling Enlarge PCB Layout and Part List has given on the following pages. Procedure: 1. Check the compoent part list 2. Select the component accordingly 3. Place component over PCB using PCB Layout 4. Carefully solder all the Components 5. Clean the PCB completely before start testing Things to remember: First solder jumpers wire(jumpers are small piece of wire shown as red wires in PCB layout)

2. Take care of LED polarity, cylindrical capacitor polarity. 3. You can use kerosene for cleaning the flux over PCBs 4. Dont over solder any component, it could remove pad from PCB. Things youll need: 1. Soldering Iron 2. Soldering wire 3. Flux 4. Sponge or damp cloth 5. Soldering stand


Soldering of pin header Step 1:-> Now Solder the Male Pin head connectors on the board . Where you find these type of Symbol on layout.

Step 2 -> Solder the female pin head connector for the to attached LCD.

Soldering of Microcontroller Section

Step 1:-> Solder the IC1 base on the PCB board as given direction.

Note :-> The atmega8 IC notch should be same as IC base.

Step 2:-> Solder the crystal on the Board. It have no polarity so you can connect in any direction. It have frequency 16 Mhz.

Step 3 :-> connect the 22 pf (c1- c2) ceramic capacitor near the crystal it have no polarity. So solder it any direction.

Step 4:-> Solder the .1 f multilayer capacitor near the microcontroller at pin no 20 ,21.

Note:-> There is no polarity so connect it in any direction. Step 5:-> Solder the 1 k resistor near the microcontroller.

Serial Communication Section

Step 1:-> Solder the IC3 16 pin base to attach the MAX232 IC on the base.

Step 2 :-> Now Solder the electrolytic capacitors of 10 f on the board. Solder

these electrolytic capacitor (c22, c20, c21, c23) on the board.

Note :-> Remember these time you should care about the polarity of the all


+ -

Note :->Connect the capacitor as given above or connect the long lead on (+) terminal and small lead on (-) terminal. You can connect 10F capacitor (from 16 v to 63 volt) .

Step 3:-> Solder the DB9 female connector near the MAX232 IC base.

Outside the board

Motor Driver Section:->

Step 1:-> Solder the motor driver IC base of 16 pin on PCB board.

Step 2 :-> Now Solder the multilayer capacitor of value (0.1f) on the board. It have no polarity.

Note:-> You can solder all the multilayer capacitor without any headache of polarity.

Step 3:->Now connect the 3mm led on the board at near motor driver IC.

Note :-> Remember the polarity of led at the time of soldering.

_ _

Step 4 :-> Now solder the diode on the board.

_ +

Step 5 :-> Now solder the 10K resistance across the led.

Note:-> You can solder the resistance in any direction because it is bidirectional. Step6:-> Now solder the relay on the board k1 and k2 same as in given direction.

Switch Section Step 7:-> Now solder the Switch on the board. Connect all four switch on the board n.

Reset Section on Board: Step:->1 Solder the switch (s1) on the board.

Step 2:->Connect the .1 F multilayer Capacitor on the board.

Step 3:-> Connect the 220 Resistance near the capacitor.

Power section Supply on Board

Step 1:-> Connect the Push on-off Switch for power supply.

Step 2:-> Solder the 3 mm led by take care of polarity.

_ _

Step 3:-> Solder the 220 on the board.

Now soldering of power circuit

Step1 :-> Solder the jumper wire on the board that red color display on the board. Step 1 :-> Connect the transformer Secondary wire on the male connector by fly lead. Note:-> First solder male connector on given red circle.

Secondary Wire of transformer

Step 2:-> Solder the diode 1N4007 on the board. Solder the diode in the same way as given in the block digarm.

_ +

Step 3:-> Solder the 1000f electrolytic capacitor on the board.

Step 4:-> Solder the 7805 ic on the board. Be Take care the pin of 7805 IC.

Step 5:-> Now Solder the resistance of value 220 value on pcb board.

Note:-> Solder resistance in any direction because there is no polarity. Step 6:-> Solder the power switch on the board.

Now in these way you can solder the pcb board by your own.