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~ Parents
~ Nurture your child's natural curiosity and joy of discovery as you explore, learn and play together. With special exhibits for all age groups, you will experience the pleasure of lifelong learning while gaining valuable insights into how your child learns.

~ Educators
~ As partners in science-learning, we provide an alternative space for curriculum-based activities. Petrosains is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and we provide ongoing programs for your professional development. Call us for more information.

School Holiday Programs
School holidays are for cool family fun at Petrosains. Take part in our interactive workshops and activities and discover the wonder of hands-on science.

Petrosains reaches out to communities beyond KL through travelling exhibitions and outreach activities.

Petrosains is an interactive science discovery centre for people of all ages. It engages you through sight, sound, touch and smell & all aspects of the sciences-from the microscopic to the cosmic; from fearsome dinosaurs to the fascinating world of petroleum. Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment for learning through hands-on exhibits, science shows, programs and film. Sit on our 'earthquake bench' for a body-shaking experience and ride a helicopter through a tropical storm.

Whether you are} 8,18 or 80, there's plenty to see and do.

A Place for Everyone
Our staff ensure that your enjoyment and learning experience are maximised. Talk to our more experienced Facilitators if you want to delve deeper.

with hundreds of interactive exhibits and programs which occupy two levels of the Twin Towers-that's over 7,000 sq metres! You will need to spend at least 21/2 hours here for a fuller, richer experience.

Baby-Friendly We provide baby strollers and a room for your baby's needs. Comfort for All Wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled are available on request. Plus special lifts and toilets. Our staff are trained in helping the disabled.

~" ~§ .~
We operate a time-ticketing system. Book in advance via our Info/Booking Line603-2331 8181 to avoid disappointment.
9.30am 9.30am

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." ~H


Dark RidesM Through forest, ocean and sky ... a ride

not to be missed, an experience not found elsewhere.

Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri Sat / Sun / Public Holidays

4.00 pm 5.00 pm

$ o
4;' !l;

Helicopter Flight Simulator & Oil Platform Brave a tropical storm to land on an oil platform in the centre of the city.


3D Teater Ungku OmarSIA True 3D films that will get you squirming and dodging every frame.


Geotime Diorama Travel back 200 million years in time. And discover more about dinosaurs, earthquakes and petroleum.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre'M Level 4, Suria KLCC, PETRONASTwin Towers, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Info / Booking

Line 603"2331



XPLORASpM A gift shop to bring out the creative talent in you. Lots of educational and intriguing games, toys, books and other unique gifts.
Memberof ASPAC ASTC-collaborative networks of science centres worldwide &



Check out our website for tips to make your visit more enjoyable! Continue your journey of discovery when you return home with surprising science experiments you can do in your living room. And pit your skills to win cool prizes as you check out the latest happenings.

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