Intelligent Dome (with preset setting and decoder)

please read these instructions completely 2. like car. tripod and support seat).Protect the power-supply line.Power supply 24V 2A.Avoid something gets into the machine. Before attempting to install. 17.Contact us in the instances below: A. and do not spatter the corrosive liquid onto the machine in case of any danger. or it may easily cause injury to personnel and destruction to machines. 13. with wet cloth.Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer or something With the same capability. 16. the machine shouldn't install at insecure Place. Do not install the machine at a place expose to the rain or at a place with high humidity. please contact us or the dealer when the electric source and voltage is uncertain. especially the soft line of the plug and video camera.Use the power-supply and voltage we recommended in our instruction. 4.Do not install the machine on unfirm bracket.Does not operate properly.To prevent from fire or electric shock. (Please take the matched special power-supply adapter).Dome system chart Display Precautions: 1. 9.Power-supply cord or plug is damaged. Heed all the cautions on the machine and the instruction. 14. 8. To prevent damage to the machine.Do not work properly after operated according to the instruction. don't use liquid or spray detergents. 5.Drop or damage of the cover. make the line not too long in case of over transistor loading. 15. Video output Power supply adapter video distributor monitor control keyboard Display 7. To prevent from falling off. Keep the instruction. Intelligent Dome 10. DIP1-DIP8 DIP9-DIP10 PORTOCL DIP1-DIP3 DIP4 Camera zoom lens Camera lens focalize Camera lens aperture RS485 input joint 12 1 . wall or roof. 3. Address/protocols codes chart A 24 ADDRESS Address code switches Choose address Choose baud rate Potocol code switches Choose Potocol Choose pan-tilt speed 24V Power supply input joint Camera 12V Power supply output Common lens B. 12. (Use temperature -20 ~+70 6. C. Do not install under over hot or super cooling condition. Do not install near any place with flammable or explosive gas and corrosive gas. Disconnect the power-supply before clean the machine. move the transit vehicle carefully. 11. unauthorized substitute may cause danger.Used the wrong power-supply or voltage. E. D.

b. anti-erode. Support integrated camera core: a. scan location is selectable.defend. which is d urable and no distortion. memory chip. acid rain . Horizontal 355 nlimited continuous rotation and rotation rate can be adjusted from 0 -25 per second. press it continuously until get ideal result. Cannot control Check the daaress of the decode board. 2.functioned by POWER and WIPER key separately. Also the video camera is very easy to install and maintain.defend. Hemisphere co ver is PMMA imported cover. pan-tilt motor is step Motor.control the pan-tilt by software or keyboard. RS485 serial control. simple operation and etc. press it continuously until get ideal result. 1. s done or whether is s self-check self-check ok. press POWER. support many integrated camera protocol (CNB. when functioning IRIS+. every scanning track include 2-64 optional preset points. Provides 64 preset points. b. which integrates universal gear change pan-tilt and multi-function decoder.(choose the right ball dome according to the size of the camera and lens). orientation precision is 0.kept on rotating to the left and right 1)As for its auto memory function. Integrate full-view rotary station a. Provide setting of scanning track. Integrate multi-function decoder a. hightemperature bearing. General failure table problem On power cannot problem Check power supply plug on decode board Check if the camera power supply line is connected correctly. Check lines in pan-tilt bracket is connected correctly Check if the line hindered the rotation of the pan-tilt Check the location of the camera. LG. ITEM Input voltage Input power Rotate angle Rotate speed Rotate Biggest camera +lens AC24V pan-tilt2AV Horizontal:0 Horizontal:25 INDEX -350 /1S Vertical:0 -90 Vertical:20 /1S (adjustable) Horizontal and Vertical adjustable 7 135X65X65mm 9 170X75X70mm Top cover:alloy Inner cover pan-tilt:alloy cover:PMMA optical material 12 238X80X75mm Structure exterior Basic function Refer to pic3 Preset points(most 64) Note:If change in the future. or it function IRIS+.we will not notice. SONY ) Remark: KODICOM monitor IRIS+ IRIS.I Function: Intelligent Dome Camera is an all-in-one high-tech monitoring product. b.This product furthest reduces the processes of connection during the installation and raises the system reliability. C. support data power off memory. After setting. CPU processor.setting of the protocol and baud rate Check the line of R485 Kept on Self checking 1)If the pan-tilt kept on self-checking when installing for the first time. Support horizontal scan between 2points.if the dome is at auto state before power off.5 3 High Intelligent rate: a.but can t finish completely 2 11 . c. scan speed is adjustable. when you are functioning IRIS-. legerity and convenience.please check the protocol whether it right After self-check.support common camera and integrated camera core. with features of water .Communication serial baud rate is adjustable from 1200bps to 9600bps.make sure there is nothing will block the rotation of the camera. Using the simple finger-switch inside the Dome device.then could cancel. high light permeate rate. suchas perfect shape. Top cover is made of alloy. should lock POWER. b. Vertical rotation range is 0~90 and rotation rate can achieve be adjusted from 0 -18 per second.will keep on at auto state. scan speed is adjustable. C. Dome address is 1-254. Built-in decoderconsists of multi-protocol andc ommunications protocol. has many features. the products can be compatible with kinds of systems and has very high commonality. time of stay is adjustable. dome could scan between two points more or less than 180 . 4.

0 means OFF). contact the dealer if you have any question. Installation of Brace Installation platform size refer to pic3 a. twist to the left to unload it.Setting of decoder address(SW1): Every decoder must have exclusive address number to recognize. pic6 ? 4 Rotate the hemis-phere cover fasten it with the top cover. ADD.1 Before attempting to install. NO.Other installation according the circumstance of the place.3 Connect the machine and the bracket.Steeve install. Pic 2-2 Pay attention that the weight of the device is bore by the iron chain or cord. 3. Note: make sure the top of the bracket aim at the location of the flange Pic1 disk. ADD.Absorb ceiling install. NO. twist to the right until hear “ka”. NO .2 Hold the core disk with both hands. Built-in universal gear change pan-tilt( short as pan-tilt). could set up to 254 address. in case of hemisphere fall down. screw down the screw cap.(refer pic1). ADD. Pic2-1 then screw down the screw cap. 3. refer to pic6 c. II basic structure Intelligent dome consist of top cover. Address no refer to the pic below.fasten the top cover on the ceiling. III Installation 33. put it into the fixup disk. no brace( indoor Absorb ceiling style) 1 Bore on the ceiling. size according to pic5. (Pic6) 10 3 . ADD. b. hemisphere cover three main parts. screw down the screw cap. NO.(refer to pic2-2).(refer to pic4).(refer to pic2-1). Install iron chain or cord on the ceiling. ? 2 Put the whole machine in then rotate to the hatch of the hole. please read these instructions completely. change the 1-8 of the address could set the address of the decoder.( 1 means ON. screw ? 5 Finish the work before. then finished.

Support arm installation M5Screw Communications protocol settings(SW2) Unit:mm 1 2 3 ends choose decoder work under different protocol after change the PROTOCOL switch: Communications Baud rate No. 1 2 PROTOCOL On 1 2 3 4 Pan-tilt speed Horizontal control peed 0~25 o /S Vertical control speed 0~18 o /S Horizontal control peed 0~12 o /S Vertical control speed 0~9 o /S On 1 2 3 4 Baud rate setting(SW2) Change the No9 10 of the address could set the baud rate of the decoder: Setting Baud rate 9 ON 10 OFF ON 1200 2400 9 ON OFF 10 ON OFF 4800 9600 Setting Baud rate ” ” Pic5 Pic6 4 OFF 9 . PROTOCOL Protocol 1 2 On 1 2 3 4 Apply Area Chengfeng Monitor Kodicom Minitor PELCO series PELCO series Yaan Mainframe Preset Function Yes No Rm110 2400 On 1 2 3 4 KRE-301 PELCO-D PELCO-P 1 2 3 4 9600 Pic3-1 Steeve installation link disk Steeve 7 ” 9 ”” Link disk 3 4 5 On 1 2 3 4 2400 4800 4800 Yes Yes On On 1 2 3 4 YAAN Yes Pan-tilt speed adjustment (Sw2): Change the forth switch of the PROTOCOL could adjust the pan-tilt speed: Walls installation platform 7 ” 9 ”” racket Pic3-2 Pic4 Absorb ceiling installation hanging iron chain or cord top cover Ceiling No.

To secure the veracity of the preset points. no more adjustment is needed. camera will perform self-cruise between presets. video line and lens cable with camera as the build-in decoder drawing. Manipulator could conveniently save and transfer the preset position by use keyboard. screw down the bolt. to make pan-tilt performs horizontal scan automatically between limit positions at settled speed. like Horizontal angle. Move the pan-tilt to the right to the end point of the horizontal scan track by using keyboard or software. e. Leave factory No: horizontal 0°-355° vertical 0°-90° 2. Self-scan Manipulator could order pan-tilt perform self scan by keyboard and software. setting 101120 presets is to set the pause time of the presets. aim the fixing hole of decoration ring at the fixing hole of the top cover. so preset 120 100second. turn the first switch of the PORTOCL to ON before power up. horizontal and vertical limit position is set before leaving factory in general condition. 3. tilt angle and Video camera focus. so as to lower error of preset position. setting preset53 as right boundary of the horizontal scan track. point 102 10second. adjust the limit position. manipulator can use self-cruise of the software. Two kinds of adjustments: Horizontal adjustment refer to pic7 Vertical adjustment refer to pic8 Loose the screw cap of the vertical limit position ring. and then screw down the screw cap.Setting and transfer preset position: Preset means dome could save position parameters at current state in the memorizer. 64 preset positions is supported. 3.3 Installation of camera and lens: Fix the camera and lens on the steeve with special bolt English made according to the arrow of the steeve. Link the camera power supply line supplied in the cover. take pause time at point 101 5second.5 Name Fittings QTY 1 Use when Fixing 1 3 1 camera Use when Absorbing NOTE introduction English made bolt Self-tapping screws gloves ceiling 8 5 . 3. setting PORTOCL and address.g. Move the pan-tilt to the left to the began point of the horizontal scan track by using keyboard or software. dome performs a self-check. take the function of keyboard preset transfer to transfer preset53 to start horizontal scan. make camera automatically move ceaselessly according to the order and time interval preset. HD video recorder etc. Self-cruise: Take the presets needed into the self-cruise list in order. Vertical limit position screw Vertical limit position ring Pic7 Horizontal limit position screw Pic8 Installation of hemisphere cover: Wear glove along with the machine (in case of friction of hemisphere cover). Choose 102-164 presets by the keyboard choose the cruise track. setting preset52 as left boundary of the horizontal scan track. Insert preset point into the cruise track. in case of any collision or friction with hemisphere cover when pan-tilt is rotating. Other switches turn to OFF.4 Adjust limit position of pan-tilt Support adjust horizontal and vertical limit position Manually. Dome cannot memorize the electronical focus changes of lens of the preset points. could check these parameters and adjust the camera to the position. SCM will memorize steps of the course automatically.

rate scope 1200 9600. pan-tilt of monitor software. the dome began self check under power on. focus aperture by lens control function. address will only answer orders accordant to self address. PROTOCOL and baud rate. size of the image. connection. PROTOCOL and baud rate: Any order is based on target dome address. high speed. dome is perform self demonstrat-ion. 5 PROTOCOL selectable. could adjust the focus to change the view of the visual angle. low speed. pan-tilt rotate as fixed presets. Under certain circumstances there will be some special requirements and methods of operation. Different platform specific have Different methods of operation. Communication RS232 connection COM OUTLET COMOPUTER DEVICE Setting dome address. Setting refers to <installation instruction>. Setting dome address: RS232-RS485 transistor Dome signal line Built-in decoder function Setting dome address with 1st-8th switch on decoder board. In order to ensure the normal performance. address scope 1-254. not specific methods of operation. contact your dealer to obtain the necessary information.Functions.5 section< setting of decoder address>) Setting communication baud rate: Setting baud rate with 9th-10th switch on decoder board . If the lens customer installed is changeable. See below Note power of this machine is 24V 2A please choose power supply adapter along with the machine A+ B- Function: This section describes the main function of dome camera and the realized universal principles. When 4th switch OFF. When all PROTOCOL switches are OFF. and four PROTOCOL have presets (refer to <Communications Protocol settings>) Choosing dome speed: Select rotate speed of pan-tilt with 4th switch. from up to down. dome can be used normally. the system generally the system manufacturer's operating manual prevail. two speeds selectable. 6 7 . After the self-check. When 4th switch ON. tilt speed 25°/s. (Refer to 3.(Refer to <Baud rate setting>) Setting communication PROTOCOL: Setting PROTOCOL with 1st-3rd switch on decoder board. Object scout: User could tracking moving target or change field of vision by manipulate joystick on the keyboard . lens control function to control the rotation of pan-tilt. tilt speed 12°/s. Connection of cable Connect the cable of decoder or control device with cable of ball cover. pan-tilt will work from left to right.

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