Integrated Marketing

Heather Kennedy

Brands are less and less about what we buy, and more and more about who we are. That means your cola can't just taste good. It has to feel good, too. Fast Company, August 2004

What is a Brand? Consumer’s opinion of you based on every interaction with your products and/or company.

and unique associations to it. favorable. persuade. and remind consumers directly or indirectly can contribute to brand equity by establishing the brand in memory and linking strong. incent. allow marketers to inform.Role of Integrated Marketing Communications Marketing communications … It’s the “voice” of the brand and are a means by which it can establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers. .

Do your research Know your customer What do they want? Not just from your product but in general? Know your industry What are the trends? What’s the opportunity? Know your competition Who are they targeting? What is their position in the category? Know your potential What are your goals? .

Creating an Integrated Marketing Plan Identify your target Behavior and demographics Determine Business Objective Identify the Marketing Challenge What are you trying to overcome? Set Communication Goals Determine Tasks and Tools What you need to accomplish and the tactics to do it .

frequency. what occasion Loyalty What they want from the product Who they are! Psychographics Values Opinions Activities and Lifestyle Demographic Income Age Sex Race Family circumstance Where you find them Geography International Regional .Segmenting Your Market Behaviors Usage of the product How.

Shopper Target Define the consumer by behavior Best way to connect with your business objectives – when someone does something Behaviors define the consumer Attitudes and lifestyle describe Demographics and geography tells you where they are New users? Are they familiar with you? Warning! Don’t try to cover everyone in your target .

Targeted messaging does not mean alienating other shoppers. Secondary Target: Who we would like to reach as well. Helps focus messaging.Target Key Target: Who we would ideally like to reach and understand their needs. Opportunity: Broader group we would ideally like to Reach. .

margin Increase household penetration (new users) Increase basket size/buy rate (more volume from current users) Increase trial or usage . share.Establish Objectives Business Objective – what measure are you trying to impact and track? Volume.

Establish Challenges/Goal Marketing Challenge Behavior you are trying to change Communication Goal Central organizing theme behind marketing activity What do you want your target to do? Identifies what all communication must do to address the marketing challenge .

How do we accomplish the goal? Tasks: The Goal divided into chunks of action Should not sound like the marketing objectives Tools: The broad “hows” you will use to complete the tasks Identifying the tools/tactics best suited to accomplish the goal .

Gardenburger has many loyal vegetarians 10% of “healthy eaters” have tried meatless frozen products Have a 50% repeat rate with those that try Healthy consumers that eat meat believe meatless products don’t taste good .Meatless Burger MB has about 25% of the category behind Gardenburger. which has 50% The category is growing As first to market.

baked rather than fried.For example… Meatless Burger Business Objective: Grow share of the meat substitute category Increase household penetration among those who substitute healthy alternatives for some of their favorite foods…i. frozen yogurt instead of ice cream… Marketing Challenge: Our target consumers don’t even consider meatless products Communication Goal Get them to take the leap with Meatless Burger .e.

Meatless Burger Tasks: Help them believe it tastes good Incent them to try it Help them find it in the store Make sure they come back .

Tools/Tactics What’s the best way to communicate each task? Advertising Email Newsletters Website In-store POS Coupons/FSI Sampling Public Relations Word of Mouth/Buzz Blogs Packaging Direct Mail .

Tool Grid Adverti sing Help them believe it tastes good Incent them to try it Help them find it in store Make sure the come back Yes Yes email Web Instore POS Coup ons Samp ling Yes Blogs PR WOM Pack aging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (coup on) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (coup on) .



"We have invested in research to help us understand and meet our consumers' desire on two levels: provide great tasting." "Boca is working on awareness and getting the consumer to try the product. like chili or spaghetti. meat alternatives that taste and perform like the real things. They can easily add ground burger to familiar recipes. and offer more product varieties beyond burgers. Our ground burger product provides an easier way to get consumers to come into the category.Quotes… Kraft Foods reports that the meat alternative category has grown by 12% over the past year…." Boca is currently introducing Boca Rising Crust Pizza Supreme utilizing rising crust technology from the pizza division .But how do you get meatloving consumers to choose a meat alternative as part of their healthy eating lifestyle? First by creating awareness and then delivering taste.



Whole Baby Newly expecting Mom’s are suddenly concerned about what they consume They do a ton of research Online Magazines Ask other mom’s Natural Baby sampling kits do not currently exist There are not many places other than mags to get info on natural childcare Whole Foods is a trusted resource .

Whole Baby Case Study Target: Newly expecting first time mothers in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. they don’t know what they don’t know Communication Objective: Show women it’s easy and beneficial to live a natural lifestyle Tasks: Be a resource Make it easy to try natural products Introduce them to our vendor partners . increase category as % of store sales Marketing Challenge: New Mom’s are intimidated by our store. secondary target: Any pregnant mom Tertiary target: Moms with infants to toddlers Business Objective: Grow the Natural Baby Care category.

Task and Tool Grid Sample Kits Be a resource Make it easy to try natural products Introduce our vendor partners Yes email Web Instore POS Yes Coupo ns Partner with an expert Yes Blogs PR Video cast Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (coup on) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes .


Program Elements Educational brochure Top 10 Power Foods Vendor Coupons Shelf talkers Only all natural baby sampling kit 250.000 to Child Birth Educators Videocast Educational information on website .

One Room Test: Demonstrate a clear commitment to a target “I can see who you are talking to” Evaluating Integrated Brand Communications Captures a fundamental insight into the consumer “You seem to know who you are talking to” Calls forth the essence of that person. not just a demographic Reflects a deep understanding of the brand “You really know who you are” Conveys the brands essence and why it is relevant to the consumer Points of parity and difference .

visuals and attitude of all the elements Vehicles maximize the purpose of the communication “These are the right places to talk to me” When the person is most receptive to the media The fit with the creative idea and the media .Evaluating Integrated Brand Communications Conveys a singular creative idea that is genuine to the brand Shows insight into the brand experience and the person Communication elements look like the came from the same mind/hand “I’d recognize you anywhere” The spirit of the brand comes through in the tone.

Keys to Your Success Strong Fundamentals Target Goals and Objectives Create a cross-functional team Core and extended Extended team brainstorms and provides input Core team evaluates and approves Ensure all disciplines that may be impacted by your program are included in your extended team .

Keys to Your Success Spend time on your communication goal Like the positioning statement. it can take some time to create No more than 4 tasks Prioritize Be realistic Your consumer can only take in so much Determine the best metrics Not always quantitative .

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