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Free individual travelers Company guest Travel agents Walk in By sales and marketing office By tour operators THE RESERVATION IS FIRST RECORDED ON RESERVATION FORMS , WHICH CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING DETAILS.





Letter . A confirmation letter stating the reservation and mode of settlement or payment has to be send by the person who is making the reservation . . This transfer helps in rechecking if all the important details are obtained.P list is made which states the arrivals for the next day. Executive housekeeper . Then these copies are distributed to General manager . Lobby manager . Front office manager . These details can be cross checked from the registration card in case of clarifications.PASSPORT AND OTHER DETAILS ARRIVED FROM : PASSPORT NO : REG. telex or fax depending on the urgency confirms every reservation inturn by reservation department.: PROCEEDING TO : DATE OF ISSUE : NATIONALITY: PLACE : BILLING INSTRUCTIONS : CASH REMARKS : RESERVATION REMARKS : The information is fed into the system . Executive chef and security incharge. Cashier . The next day arrivals . reservation forms and letters are placed in a follow up file in an alphabetical order. This is the most important to provide the guest service to the best of his satisfaction. Guest relation executive . Which takes care of all check in / check or etc… CASHIER : Situated in lobby next to reception which takes care of all guest resident and non resident bills. Every day . V. The duty manager authorizes this. These reservation forms with the corresponding letter is filed date wise for the current month for the following month . THE FRONT DESK HAS FOUR MAIN SUBSECTION :   RECEPTION : Situated in main lobby. NO .I.

 STEP 2  STEP 3  STEP 4  STEP 5 - Allocate room. Complete check in. This is referred as Check – in process :THERE ARE FIVE STEPS FOR CHECKING – IN PROCEDURE :  STEP 1 – Receiving and Registration. Information service. However . Travel desk : It handles of guest transportations according to the guest request like airport pick up and drop etc… PROCESS FOR CHECKING IN AND CHECKING OUT A GUEST  CHECKING IN A GUEST Some time normally elapses between making a reservation and his actual time of arrival in the hotel . During this period the may deal with hundred of other visitors .  CONCIERGE : It is the desk for handling all guest baggage’s . mails and other extra services. there must be a room ready for him and there are various necessary formalities to be gone through when the guest arrives . Receive a guest in front of house. Secure advance payment. . the hotel must be ready to receive each and every guest an the day and time of arrival . Registering of guest.

Number of baggage’s to be brought down.CHECKING – OUT A GUEST : When a registered guest leaves the hotel room he has rented . Would the guest need a transportation to be arranged to take him to airport / railway station. Front desk assistant has to obtain the following : 1. 2. If the key is in the slot. after settling his bills . THE FOLLOWING ARE THE PROCEDURES INVOLVED IN A CHECK OUT :   Guest calls to inform he is checking out to front office. If yes .  Then inform the bell desk: 1. Sign departure card after checking. What time the guest is checking out. Would he need a bell boy to carry his baggage. 2. Then the check out procedure is complete.   Inform cashier to close the bill of the respective room number. 4. 1. However . how many pieces of baggage. 3. If the cashier has signed ( proof of settlement ). Then inform the bell boy to arrange the baggages in the respective transport vehicle. Room number of guest 2. if the . If the group happen to be a large number of guest with individual bookings just happen to arrive at the same time then the receptionist will have to process eacg guest in turn as quickly as possible. 3. GROUP CHECK IN PROCEDURE The arrival of large groups of people at the same time will always mean there is pressureon the reception staff to get all guests checked in as quickly and efficiently as possible. the guest is said to be checking out.

with large groups this could cause chaos.. If the amount involved are likely to be substantial. HANDLING RESERVATION The reservation section works only between 9 :am to 6 : pm . GROUP CHECK OUT PROCEDURE : If a group of people check-out at the same time . A list of the group members names .g. a tour group . A standard procedure for the registration of group might include :    Group members can register in the usual way by each individual completing a separate registration form.group arrival is a tour or a special partythen the receptionist will know in advance of the arrival and can plan accordingly. Individual registration forms can be given to the tour operator for completion by the guests en-route to the hotel. e. preplanning and special procedures will ensure that the operation runs smoothly. During other times the reception has to take down the reservation. Group member are informed via the tour leader of the procedure for paying extras charged to individual room accounts.  FIRST SHIFT ( 7 am to 4 pm ) As soon as the morning shift personnel reports to duty at 6:45 am he / she has to check the following before proceeding further:  Check the log book for any important work pending. However . find out in advance how each person will be paying and the required authorization can then be obtained in good time. The reservation slip as simply handed over to the next day to the reservation personnel. The general procedure for handling a group check-out are :    Set aside an area for the luggage to be left before it is loaded into the coach. The procedure remains exactly the same as for reservation staff except feeding into computer system. nationality and passport details could be given directly to the hotel by the tour operator. On arrival the receptionist has only to check them and file accordingly. obtain any necessary authorization from the tour leader in good time. If the main bill for the group will be sent to the tour operator for paying . .

The print out of this is taken on a . 6. The staff is required to have a personal proper grooming .The first shift assistant has to handover all the details of the shift to the second shift for a smooth transaction. Room occupancy. Request for the early release of the room from housekeeping for early morning arrival. The duty manager gives the staff special instructions if any. 5. Number of departure. Occupancy percentage. Check the computer system for the V.I.P and Handle with Care guest name and room number. apart from that the person is required to know :    The general lay out of the hotel to guide the guest. Average room rate. shift. Check the arrival list and note down the following : 1. 2.P arrival for the day. locations and timings.  NIGHT SHIFT ( 10 pm to 7 am ) The following are the main task :  To print registration card : The computer lists all next days arrivals with details . The cuisines and timings of different food and beverage outlets.  SECOND SHIFT ( 1 pm to 10 pm ) The second shift works remains exactly the same as the first . 4.  Check the function list to get the information regarding the various functions and conferences taking place in the hotel .   Then the Duty manager takes the briefing of all the front office staff in morning shift . Room position. Number of arrivals. 3.I. V.

These cards are segregated according to room wise. 3.  Helps in compiling the night manager report : he has to find out the following for compiling the report : 1. 5. 6. V. skipper and missing keys . 4.formatted registration card .I. Sleep outs. If the check out guest takes the key he has to be contacted at the earliest. 7. Skippers. The arrival list details of guest name . 2. Extension provided. category of room booked and special remarks if the guest is frequent to the hotel. arrival time and flight details . Allowance passed. .P and Handle with care guest. Total occupancy. Key count.  Key count : The keys have to be count in order to find out sleep outs .  Arrival list : The next day arrival list is taken from the reservation department .