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Bernhard Bohnenberger World Tourism Forum Lucerne 18 April 2013

BRAND VALUES Responsible and Caring

Sustainable operations committed to preserving the environment. Caring for employees and local communities.

Sustainability key focus of Six Senses for over 22 years, long before it became fashionable !
Since the acquisition of Six Senses by Pegasus Capital Advisors in June 2012, this passion has been institutionalized due to the strong sustainability commitment throughout the portfolio of Pegasus companies We have since appointed : Sustainability Board including key partners and advisors of Pegasus who are seasoned experts in Sustainability Sustainability Ambassador - Costas Christ, one of the world's key sustainable tourism experts, who has advised National Geographic Society, the World Travel and Tourism Council, World Travel Market, and other leading international organizations on sustainable tourism best practices Vice President Sustainability

Examples of Development



Natural, locally sourced building materials treated with non toxic finishes

Elements of vernacular architecture and local wisdom Bioclimatic architecture and intelligent building layout and orientation

Energy management Water management The use of recycled and salvaged materials Minimize construction waste & reduce potential waste during resort operations

Edible landscaping and the use of native vegetation in landscaping

Examples of Sustainability in Operations

Sustainable Luxury Hour All resorts and properties observe Sustainable Luxury Hour (Earth Hour) by turning all lights off on the 28th of each month Little Green Book In all guest accommodations and raising awareness of property specific issues and efforts Marine Biologist & Geologists and Experts on Property All Six Senses properties have experts that guide us and guests on local issues SLOW Food All Six Senses Resorts have organic vegetable gardens, a maximum of food is produced in-house or sourced locally

Six Senses Drinking Water All Six Senses Resorts & Spas have replaced all imported drinking water with an in-house produced drinking water called Six Senses Drinking Water, creating environmentally consciousness and a public awareness of food-miles. 50% of the revenue generated from the sale of the Six Senses Wellness Water from each resort goes directly to the Clean Water Projects as part of Six Senses Wellness Water Initiative, enabling people without access to clean water get their essential need. Carbon Footprint By introducing a Carbon Calculator, we are measuring our footprint group-wide, continuously strive to reduce it and offset with local initiatives. National & Community Initiatives At the same time, Six Senses will aim to encourage and actively sustain the economic prosperity of local communities