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Creative Media Production Risk Assessment Name Project Location Dan and Henry Vegetariana Italiana College


Person(s) / Equipment at Risk If a Bee or Wasp were to get into the classroom that we were working in, this may sting and injure us.

Risk Control Taken


We would have to keep all windows closed so no insects are able to get in, but if it is a warm day, we could possibly put insect Other insects like spiders repellent down on the may distract Henry windows to prevent them because he has a very from coming in. bad phobia of them. This As for the spiders, the only could then cause him to way to keep them away is jump back in fear and to clean the room possibly put the equipment thoroughly. at risk.

Confined Spaces

This would only be applicable if we were to be moved into another classroom from our original rooms. If the room were to be confined, for example, no windows, very small work space to work, no door to get out of in case of a fire, and very messy/dirty, it would not be a good idea to work in there. This can be bad for some people if they have a phobia of small and enclosed spaces (claustrophobic). This can make people feel nervous, anxious, and have the very wrong mind set for working, so this would mean not being able to work to the best of your ability.

To prevent this from happening, we could just not work in the confined room. if this wasnt possible, the room would have to be clean, enough space to work in, and some windows to let light in.

Creative Media Production If it is a small room with a lot of computers on, it can get really warm quite quickly, and with no windows to let light in, it is not a nice environment. If it were to be a dirty and dusty room, it can affect the computers in a bad way. It can slow them down, heat them up quicker, and also completely destroy them.

Fatigue/ long hours

Working long hours on a computer can make you perform a lot worse than what you do, which means not working to the best of your ability. Working on the computer for a long time could possibly make the computer over heat, and in the worst case scenario, the computer could blow up, but that is highly unlikely.

To prevent all this from happening, you need to keep yourself hydrated, and take breaks away from the computer to do other activities, whether it be just chilling and eating food, or going for a run. Within these breaks, you should turn the computer off to let it have time to cool down.

Eye Strain

Eye strain can be caused by concentrating on a small part of your screen for a long period of time. For example, if you were on Photoshop and using the polygonal lasso tool, you have to really concentrate on where you are clicking. This can be really strenuous if you are been very specific with this tool. This can then cause

To prevent this from happening, it is important for us to take breaks in between just like if we were working long hours. It is probably advised to take at least a 15 minutes break every hour and a half.

Creative Media Production dizziness and impaired vision and headaches.


Computers can blow and get very warm quite quickly which can make someone feel really uncomfortable. Leads can get in the way which someone can trip over and hurt themselves. Tables and chairs could possibly be broke and may possibly injure someone.

To prevent computers getting too warm and blowing up, you can take breaks away from the computer every 90 minutes. To prevent people from tripping over computer leads and over wires, you can keep them tidy and away from where people walk. To prevent tables and chairs from falling on you or you falling off them, you can make sure they are put together properly and see if they are sturdy enough to hold you and your computer.

What Health and Safety legislation might you need to consider in this project? The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 This regulation covers, strain injury, fatigue, eye problems and other problems that may occur whilst working in front of a computer screen. This also includes being able to have an eye test on request and being able to have a break every one hour and thirty minutes. To stick to this regulation, we will have to make sure all equipment is in work order, making sure we are sit at a right range away from the computer, and that it is facing towards us to prevent us from straining our eyes, and are entitled to a break every 90 minutes of working in front of the computer screen. Working Time Directive Regulation 1998 This regulation cover the maximum time a worker or student should work for at a time. This also entitles the worker or student to rest periods away from what they are doing. To stick to this regulation, we will just need to take a break from our computer every 90 minutes and making sure we are working a suitable amount of time a day. Controls of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation 2002 This regulation states all the things that should prevent a person from getting injured by any hazardous things in work. To stick to this regulation, we will have to make sure all the equipment is okay to use.

Creative Media Production