The Jewish Question

Ask not whether I am antisemitic -- ask only whether I am right. --John 'Birdman' Bryant If you want to know where the power lies, then ask whom you cannot criticize. --Kevin Strom 'Antisemite' used to mean someone who hates Jews. Now it means someone whom the Jews hate. --LA Rollins Antisemitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews. --Edgar J Steele Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world... the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity... --- Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier's Magazine, November 26, 1938 Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it. - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. "I've never seen a President — I don't care who he is — stand up to the Jews. They always get what they want. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms."— Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1970-74 "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." --Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574 "When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right." --The Jewish magazine Sentinal (Chicago), 8 Oct 1940 "Decent, ordinary Americans are forced to begin to question whether Jews are bad for this country. I realize how inflammatory this statement is ... I do know that I am not alone in this concern ... -- Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "America's Real War," Multnomah Publishers, Oregon, 1999: 41 One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail. -- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [Source: N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1]

The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. --US President Harry Truman, who presided over the end of WWII and its aftermath: From Truman's personal diary, 1947 They [Organized Jewry] use every dirty trick in the book, pull wires behind the scenes, smear people left, right and centre, and employ violent thugs and agents provocateurs at street level with the rationale that in the struggle against eternal anti-Semitism, anything goes. Their definition of an anti-Semite is of course far broader than yours or mine, namely anyone they don't like, or anyone who is in the least bit [un]sympathetic to their aspirations to ride roughshod over the rest of mankind. They keep up this pressure until their victim accuses 'the Jews' of being out to get them, or of conspiring against them. And as soon as you use the words 'conspiracy' and 'Jew' in the same sentence, you can be dismissed as a lunatic fringe nutter or conspiracy crank. This is what they have done to most people on the extreme right and on the anti-Zionist left; even the likes of Noam Chomsky have claimed this, and surely he can't be an anti-Semite. I didn't realize it at the time, of course, but I'm older and far wiser now. --Alexander Baron, The Churchill Papers: Revising the Revisionists, Unmasking Irving, London: Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, 1994: 71 "Israelis and American Jews fully agree that the memory of the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon -- one that must be used relentlessly against their common enemy ... Jewish organizations and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the world of it. In America, the perpetuation of the Holocaust memory is now a $100-million-a-year enterprise, part of which is government-funded." --Israeli author Moshe Leshem, Balaam's Curse, p. 228 Much of the literature on Hitler's Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud. ... Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics. --Norman Finklestein, The Holocaust Industry, pp 55 & 68 Hitler's worst mistake is that he did NOT gas the Jews. --James von Braunn, "I do not believe that telling the truth about Jews -- even the ugly truths -- is something that 'promotes hatred' of Jews -- at least not among intelligent people. If, for example, we point out that most Jews believe in and promote the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust, we are not claiming that they are evil any more than the many non-Jews who believe and promote the same story -- we are only saying that they are misguided and need to be properly informed. This, of course, does not keep believers in the Orthodox Jewish Version -- whether Jews or gentiles -- from hating US when we point out its falsity, and indeed, this is what they often do; but that only means that the worst we could be accused of is that, in telling the truth, we promote hatred of OURSELVES." --JBR Yant "Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate-healthy, virile hate-

for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German." -- Jewish Nobel Peace Prize Recipient ELIE WIESEL, Legends of Our Time, Chap. 12: "Appointment with Hate,"Avon Books, New York, 1968, pp.177-178 The Holocaust may be the biggest single tool that the Jews have used to rob, roust and ruin the gentiles, but it is also the biggest single weapon that gentiles have to use against the Jews. What I mean is that the Holocaust is a provable lie, and the more that people become educated about this fact, the deeper it will dig the Jewish grave. The Jews will try to survive it, but they simply cannot. I say this not merely because it is such a powerful weapon, but also -- and especially -- because it cuts to the heart of what the Jews think of themselves. It absolutely kills the notion that they are morally superior, and it kills this notion in the very place where it does the most harm, namely, in the Jewish soul. Oscar Wilde said that each one kills the thing he loves, and we see that Jews are killing the thing they love most -- themselves. More power to them! --JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 12 Every writer, who, like yourself, is oppressed by the subject of the present and embarrassed by his anxiety for the future, MUST try to elucidate the Jewish Question and its bearing upon our Age. For the question of the Jews and their influence on the world - past and present - cuts to the root of all things, and should be discussed by every honest thinker, however bristling with difficulties it is, however complex the subject as well as the individuals of this Race may be. ... There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. ... There is no doubt that the Jews regularly go one better or worse than the Gentile in whatever they do, there is no further doubt that their influence today justifies a very careful scrutiny, and cannot possibly be viewed without serious alarm. The great question, however, is whether the Jews are conscious or unconscious malefactors. I myself am firmly convinced that they are unconscious ones, but please do not think that I wish to exonerate them on that account. ... We (Jews) have erred, my friend; we have most grievously erred. And if there was truth in our error 3,000, 2,000, nay, 100 years ago, there is now nothing but falseness and madness... a madness that will produce an even greater misery and an even wider anarchy. I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, and with a sorrow whose depth and pain an ancient Psalmist, and only he, could moan into this burning universe of ours. . . We who have posed as the saviours of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it "the" Saviour; we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners. We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in leading you into a new Hell. . . There has been no progress, least of all moral progress. . . And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and -- what is worse -- which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours. . . I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . . --Dr Oscar Levy, Dearborn Independent, 30 April 1921;

there is no page -. 1971 "These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. CATTLE AT BEST. p 15. and instead to strengthen ourselves so we will not be vulnerable to exploitation by either Jew or gentile. CODOH and IHR). the Zundelsite.which has attempted to view Jewish behavior from the perspective of an overall assault on America and the West in the context of both history and current events. OTHER RACES ARE BEASTS AND ANIMALS. OUR EARTHLY KINGDOM WILL BE RULED BY OUR LEADER WITH A ROD OF IRON. working with people like [Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur] Burns and the rest. Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. THE MASSES WILL LICK OUR FEET. and it is this latter perspective which we attempt to give least to my knowledge -. IN FACT. And they all—they all only talk to Jews. COMPARED TO OUR RACE. . OTHER RACES ARE CONSIDERED AS HUMAN EXCREMENT. WE ARE AS DIFFERENT FROM THE INFERIOR RACES AS THEY ARE FROM INSECTS. --Voltaire "OUR RACE IS THE MASTER RACE. As I have said before. then. "Our fault. dear Brutes. The solution. -Birdman The purpose of this lengthy section on Jews is not merely to raise the reader's consciousness about the danger of establishment Jewry. you know. but in ourselves". just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. and while there are a few others devoted to digging up the ugly facts on Jews (eg. In particular. VITAL ESSAYS ON THE JEWISH QUESTION 1. AND SERVE US AS OUR SLAVES. July/August 1997) In spite of their shortcomings. lies not in our Jews. quoted in Journal of Historical Review. the Jews have one important virtue: Their exploitation of whites has shown white men their vulnerabilities. WE ARE DIVINE GODS ON THIS PLANET." --Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister. "They justify everything they say with facts and figures. 1996." (Newark Star-Ledger. the removal of Jews from the white racial sphere will not solve the fundamental problem besetting whites: It will only open the field to white men who wish to exploit the very same vulnerabilities. while the bulk of the websites critical of Jews are devoted to the Holocaust controversy (eg. 1977-1983) There’s a Jewish cabal. but to fill an important gap in the treatment which this subject receives on the Net. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people [Jews] some day became deadly to the human race. OUR DESTINY IS TO RULE OVER THE INFERIOR RACES. jewwatch. The material on the Mensa Flap is included not merely for the edification of Mensans and to show how high-IQ people can be royally stupid when their preconceptions are challenged. July 24. --Richard M Nixon." says Steven Some. running through this. but as a very palpable demonstration of the corruption of Jewry and its liberal allies and their determination to suppress criticism. Accordingly. adlwatch). Oct 23.They are all of them born with raging fanaticism in their hearts. is to stop blaming Jews for the white man's problems.

Birdman discusses .it is a deliberate lie concocted for political and financial gain. Updating the List of Jewish Crimes . This is a much-improved version of an essay sent to 3500 people on the Mensa email list. (Don't believe it? The proof is RIGHT HERE.The Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust is not only false -. Why is it that 'Jews' always seems associated with such things as 'cowardice'. the later of which has so far brought us two real wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) and a further shredding of our Constitution. Jews have been chipping away at the pillars of Western civilization. in act after act after act. best-documented and longest essay on the Jews.For more than a century.Jews continue their assault on the white race and Western civilization by laying the foundations for World War Three. which resulted in more than a hundred yelping and snarling responses -. read this tightly-written piece. 'suppression'. Conspiracy Theory. The New World Order: An Analysis .contrary to Ms Sontag -. Holocaust Revisionism in One Easy Lesson .Henry Ayre. 'censorship' and 'lies up the tush'? Understanding the Big Picture . the Uno Hooze and their shabby goy gofers promptly got Birdman's ISP account canceled.Why Criticize the Jews? An Open Letter to Jews A Challenge to Jewish Readers The Jewish War Against Gentiles .This essay focuses on making sense out of the NWO and clarifying many misconceptions about it. 'underhandedness'. Here's proof that the cancer of history -. kindly described this exploration of the Jewish-NWO link as 'A learned and remarkable piece of writing'.The smartass Jewish leftist author Susan Sontag called the white race 'the cancer of history'.The Birdman's rather to be found among Sontag's brethren and sistren. If you are serious about knowing the facts. Only an idiot would think that this long train of abuses was just a collection of 'isolated incidents'. in an October 2006 open letter to the president of Iran.which might not be so bad considering that there were 3400 people who didn't complain. who put this essay into HTML format. Liberalism and the Jews . Here.) This was the Birdman's 2003 letter to Mensans. and here is the indisputable proof The Case Against the Jews: A Documented Critique of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior . and. 'hypocrisy'. as usual. for it is Jews who are almost certainly primarily responsible for 911 and the bogus 'War on Terrorism'.Find out why people who actually bother to read revisionist literature almost always become revisionists themselves The Holocaust Is a Jewish Big Lie: Birdman's Not-Quite-95-Theses on the Holocaust The Historical and Scriptural Origins of the Six Million Number .

but a lot of it is stupid or ill-informed. there are some.Correspondence with Maynard . Exploitation Versus Trust: The Difference in Jewish and Gentile Worldviews . Call it Conspiracy Or Call It "Working Together".There is plenty of criticism of Jews around. y'know The Real Jewish Question . Whichever You Prefer .Confronting the problem of seeing Jews as a collective versus judging them as individuals On Liking Jews -.the list of 'incidents' which have occurred during only the last century and expresses a chilling fear of where they are leading. Or. except for Jews. "The Maven": The case against the Jews in poetic format . Why the Blindness Toward Jewish Behavior? The Danger of Mistaken Criticism . ever the egoist. Birdman.One of the readers of Birdman's Weekly Letter thought this essay was so good that he implored the Birdman to post it permanently. let's be tolerant of cultural differences!) Notes From the Jewish Underground: Correspondence With Righteous Jews .A general lesson taken from the Birdman's Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy. found it difficult to refuse the request.People who write the Birdman hostile letters usually end up shooting themselves in the foot.maybe to get that 'Holocaust with gas chamber' effect (Hey. who seem to prefer pouring gas all over themselves and then lighting it -. but especially applicable to the Jewish Question Letters From Judah: A Holocaust of Self-Immolation .Modeled after Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven' "I Was Only One Man": Updating the Rev Martin Niemoller.not that it makes the evil any less evil Our Ally the Jews .Why the Birdman continues to like Jews as individuals in spite of the behavior of Organized Jewry. and this makes serious criticism look like it comes from Redneck Central .For a touch of the risus sardonicus Does Jewish Evil Come From Jewish Good? .One theory for giving Jews the benefit of the doubt -.Hey.In a more positive vein Should We Blame the 'Bad Guys' for Our Problems? .

nor is there the least reason to do so. More than that. The problem is rather the chauvinistic. have had Jews as best friends and lovers. and whom they are very much endangering by their policies and standing up to the Jewish establishment. Another of my reasons for criticizing Jews is that it is forbidden.most of them badly need the criticism. So maybe I'm just egotistical. and the courage to support it with your John Hancock.I grew up with clobber criticism wherever it may arise. and having been the victim of Jewish thuggery. Another reason is that the Jewish assault on American and Western culture is not merely serious. paranoid.are sufficient to more than bear me out. I can assure you that the cold hard facts -. But being justified in my criticism. There's no way I can put that behind me. While this may have the sound of overblown alarmist rhetoric. Many of these facts are discussed in the essays on this webpage. have always been in my sights.many of which have come to light in only the last few years -. Or to put it another way.among other things -. But don't get me wrong -. I believe this attraction is based on a certain macho element -. but life-threatening. By John "Birdman" Bryant I've spent a good deal of time in life criticizing others -.I attack whoever I consider to be guilty of error. religion or any other form of invidious distinction. ugly and overwealthy Jewish establishment. but I had never really given them that much attention until I published an essay critical of Jews in the Tampa Bay Sounding. but of ordinary Jews. Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa. and I am ineluctably drawn to doing what is forbidden. I show people that I have the cojones that a lot of other folks do not.or at least I don't believe in my heart of hearts that they are. the local Mensa magazine for which I had written a column for almost two years. like any other group. but form a powerful network ready -. and I am always happy to give it. aggressive. but I want to be seen as honest and courageous. standing up to the Jewish establishment requires both honesty and courage -. are not the only reasons I criticize Jews. and I take special pride in what I am doing when I see everyone else running for cover while I and only a small number of others are standing alone against the Jewish onslaught. the bottom line was my personal discovery that Jews are not just another ethnic group. which is not only the bane of America and Western civilization.Why Criticize the Jews? 1. whose arms they continually twist for contributions. Another reason for criticizing Jews is that it is an intellectual and moral challenge -- . Jews.the honesty to recognize the truth. and do not pull my punches on the basis of race. That's because 'Jews' aren't the problem -. and in general have learned to cherish and respect these beautiful and talented people. While the full story of this episode is told in my book Political Correctness. I've been pretty much an equal-opportunity criticizer -.

On my website. and eventually brought them to an end. with a low rate of crime and a high rate of prosperity. I'm talking about the Jewish effect on the very medium in which all this occurs -. freedom of association. My final reason for criticizing Jews is that. because it presents a phenomenon which is multifaceted and difficult to comprehend (to say nothing of resolve). but it is a list which provides ample . Here in America they have a long history of opposition to all our fundamental and Constitutional rights.most importantly -. If everyone else is dishonest or cowardly or ignorant.thebirdman. and Jewish behavior in other countries seems to be exactly the same. nor does it cover such peripheral yet important abuses as the shakedowns of Holohoaxomania or the strangulation of our freedoms thru Jewish domination of the media. I have tried to lay out in detail exactly what Jews have been doing to Western civilization. the free market and representative government. I have had a good life. the free market. By John "Birdman" Bryant Let me get straight to the point. the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.Western civilization. Yet another reason for criticizing Jews is that I see it as my responsibility. the strange and ugly fact is that a careful examination of these problems leads to but a single conclusion: Most of them have an intimate relation to Jews. while there are many other political and social problems which might seem to be far more pressing than anything relating to Jews. and -. honest money. which is to ask you a question: Is it rationally possible for gentiles to think of Jews as anything other than a very negative influence on Western civilization? Sure. The list given here is by no means inclusive. that gives me the obligation to stand up and be counted. and the latter because it involves important ethical issues that few appreciate or understand. including freedom of speech. But I'm not talking about such things. and Jewish accomplishments in many fields are outstanding. the right to keep and bear arms. The civilization of the men who wrote the Magna Carta.the right of the white race to survive. www. I also know that Jews generally behave as good former. The civilization built by men who were for the most part white and gentile. equality under the law. It seems to me that there is no other way to describe it than to say simply that Jews have opposed the fundamentals of Western civilization in every way possible and by all means possible. The civilization of the men who freed the world from the notion of 'the divine right of kings' and championed the individual against the State. and I have an obligation to give back some of the good that I have received. I know Jewish intelligence is superior. The civilization of the men who disliked slavery and torture. limited government. The civilization of the men who created and implemented the ideas of political freedom. An Open Letter to Jews 1.

to help people see exactly what Jews are doing. But the ugly fact is that. Maybe only a few. not all Jews are guilty of opposing Western civilization. I have lived with Jews. or psychic. if only he is pointed in the right direction. I see no Jewish organizations fighting for freedom.or rather privilege -. the ACLU or the NAACP. Maybe it's cultural. And making some pretty big holes. But I am not stupid. you see Jews doing their best to bring down this or that feature of Western civilization.for the enemies of Western civilization: The ACLU is best described as "The American Communist Liberties Union". sure. OK. That. seeing Israel rather than America as their homeland. or genetic. No one in his right mind can ignore what is going on. I have loved Jewish women. and I long thought it absurd that people would feel negatively toward them. Let me make a confession: I like Jews. and they think of themselves primarily as Jews. No one can ignore that the foundations of Western civilization are surrounded by Jews. but even this organization seems more for the purpose of protecting Jews against gentiles who resent their assault on Western civilization. while the NAACP is simply an organization which boosts blacks and attempts to put whites and their culture six feet under. my best friends have been Jews. Again.reason for whites to feel justified in looking for some kind of Final Solution. is one of the functions of my website -. and they use the freedom which has been granted them as a weapon to deny freedom to the rest of us. They behave as aliens and outsiders.for example. at least on a personal level. and probably always will be. with the single possible exception of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I really do. But the 'freedom' that these organizations seek is freedom -. I wish I were wrong. Maybe it's not a conspiracy. or even supporting it. That's where my heart is. I never heard an anti-Jewish remark till long past adulthood. most do not do so actively. they support liberal organizations (and especially Jewish organizations with liberal agendas). Yes. I can see what is going on. not all Jews. And that is the very reason I am writing -Somebody please prove me wrong! My heart is not and can never be in any crusade against the Jews. I am not blind. all chipping away with their little hammers and chisels. indeed. In fact. Here's the bottom line: Let the Jews withdraw from their chiseling at the . and probably do not even think of themselves as part of such opposition. rather than as members of the larger society which has granted them the political and social freedom which has allowed them to prosper. Maybe it's just the Rothschilds and their paid Jewish agents. But my brain is a different matter. But opposition to Western civilization is the effect of their behavior: They vote as liberals. But it sure as hell is something. In fact. it is true that there are 'freedom organizations' which Jews have founded or in which they play prominent roles -. wherever you turn. so can anyone. whether it be sending all Jews back to Israel or something much less pleasant.

Let their champions stop promoting anti-freedom and anti-Western notions and policies. and saying that you denounce the Jewish leaders. of course. except as a comment on the character and intelligence of my enemies. let them oppose anti-white measures such as affirmative action and Turd-world immigration. organizations and fellow Jews who endorse and support the Jewish threat to America and the West. let them become funders of genuine freedom-loving organizations.purely from the standpoint of your own self-interest -.after all. Let them put themselves solidly behind Western civilization.) On the other hand. are not. Let them stop the Holohoax shakedowns. if you are a patriot and lover of Western civilization and values. I will try to publish all such reasoned arguments. Could Hitler just possibly have been right? I hope not. A Challenge to Jewish Readers 1. Let them withhold their contributions from such Western. But I am waiting to be convinced. I will keep a record of all the Jews who send me such a note. are threatening America and Western civilization -. and I will publish it here.hating and Israel-first organizations as the ADL. then I ask you to send me a note saying so. the AJC. the Simon Wiesenthal Center. it seems pretty clear -. then I hope someday to have the pleasure of seeing you hanging from a lamppost. By John "Birdman" Bryant If you disagree with the tenor of my remarks on this webpage -. by means of their organizations and leaders. (There is. updated periodically. I am going to have to keep asking myself. And above all. But as long as Jews continue in their predominant role as the enemies of Western civilization rather than its friends.that Jews.that you ought to check out the statements on this webpage and determine the truth of my assertions for yourself -. another alternative: That you neither agree nor disagree with me because you "don't know" whether my assertions ar true. and the whole rats' nest of others. I will believe.then send me a reasoned argument in support of your position. you don't want the behavior of your fellow Jews causing you to end up in some Aryan 'gas chamber'. and publish the number of such individuals contacting me on my webpage. as a Jewish chauvinist. now do you? Which . if you agree with me that the Jewish establishment is engaged in a war against gentiles and the West. When I see. But in that case. as a patriot and lover of Western values and culture. Instead. and will respond to each. or that you. are glad about it.I will not publish smears and other garbage. (Please note that I say reasoned arguments -.Foundations. If you are a Jewish chauvinist. On the other hand. as time permits. then there are two possibilities: Either that you.

they say that. So I want to see how many Jews will actually say so. even tho it is only a small number of Jews who are leading the effort. and that the swamp-drainers are right. Now what I'm trying to do is to prove that I am right. I will raise the minimum number to need to get one "real quick". and put their names on it -. then -. because in order to solve the mosquito problem. you know that I believe that it is the Jewish establishment -.a procedure intended to prevent anyone having to 'stand alone' or with only a few others. If I get a lot of Jews who say so.) Here's what I am trying to do: If you have read this webpage. But there are others who know the same types of things I know about Jews. and that the "swampdrainers" are wrong. which are notable for .com. Their attitude is the same as toward mosquitoes: You can kill individual insects. It's up to you. PS: If you fall into the patriot category and are willing to have your name and email address published. Jews have to be physically removed from Western society in one way or another. I will publish this list only if I have at least 100 Jews willing to put their name on the list -. I will add this information to a document I plan to post on this webpage entitled "Honor Roll of Courageous Jews Who Publicly Reject and Denounce the Jewish Establishment's War Against Gentiles". And if I only get a few.the Jewish organizations and leaders -who are responsible for the Jewish war against gentiles and the West. if not publicly. Are you patriots.privately. Write me at my dear departed mother used to say -.The most sacred scriptures of Judaism. then it will make me suspect that I am wrong. others would arise to fill their shoes. then that will give me confidence that I am right. The Jewish War Against Gentiles By John "Birdman" Bryant Tora! Tora! Tora! --The Japanese war cry during the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor Torah and Talmud -. I am trying to prove that ordinary Jews (or at least ordinary Jews without a reasoned argument against me) reject the Jewish war on gentiles and the West.) The War That Dare Not Speak Its Name: 1.means that if you don't have an opinion. Jews. and not ordinary Jews. but who say that all Jews are responsible -. you have to drain the swamp where they breed. (If I can't find 100. in order to resolve the Jewish Question. but doing so doesn't make much difference. or are you parasites? Let's hear what you have to say. Which in the case of Jews means that. if these leaders were eliminated.

consider the fact that Germany and Japan were our "enemies" in WWII. hip or halt. both rapidly became our allies. or JWAG for short -. the SWC. but that. the Jewish establishment. and other similar isms.while these groups may supply the front-line troops -. This must be qualified. not merely because no one ever thought of opposing them until recently.the war is being directed and fueled by a single political minority. 'lookism'. But there is another reason the gentiles cannot name this war. 'sexism'. however -. 'discrimination'.their chauvinism and their many expressions of extreme hatred for gentiles The last half-century has been witness to one of the most deadly wars in history -. the AJC and others of a similar bent. pedophiles and other that it is rarely recognized. or at least not yet -. the Jews. 'handicappism'.after all. the supporters of political liberalism. indeed. conspiracy theorists.hatted Jewish-fueled liberalism contending -. 'antisemitism'. namely. and that is because its battles are presented to us as morality plays. but because anyone seriously thinking of championing an opposition to them before the present day would have been regarded as out of his mind. namely. they cannot fight back.a war for the soul of Western civilization.but rather the 'head' which directs this body. It is deadly not because it is a shooting war -.but rather because it is a war whose purpose is the destruction of Western culture and the genocide of the white race. This is an important point because so few seem to understand its full implications. 'homophobia'. 'xenophobia'.the ADL. because as long as gentiles cannot name it.what I shall call the Jewish War Against Gentiles. 'racism'. to wit.not against the white race or Western civilization directly -but rather indirectly against 'bigotry'. it is rarely spoken of for fear of encountering the 'usual epithets' ('racist'. and in the few cases where it is recognized. etc) and other similar forms of condemnation normally reserved for flat-earthers. are probably not aware of it -. it is the 'Jewsmedia' which controls what is regarded as true or false. however. tions. that is. ethnic and sexual minorities of the planet which are overrunning national boundaries and cultural institutions and are outbreeding and downbreeding the white genome. and phobias which represent one of the most amazing collections of alleged evils ever assembled. once the hostilities were over.itself almost entirely liberal -. This is not really surprising. but -. It is a war ostensibly being waged by the various racial. good or bad. 'weightism'. The reason for this is not because we suddenly changed . and more specifically by the ethnic group which isn't. The unique thing about this war -. antisemite'. by saying that it is not the body of the Jewish people who are waging this war -. To illustrate.funds and has significant control over this political minority.most Jews. with white. and it is not in the Jewish interest that the war be named (much less discussed). the worldwide collection of Jewish organizations which acts in concert to promote liberal/Jewish goals worldwide. 'bigot'. A third reason the JWAG cannot be named is because people intuitively understand that it makes an unfair generalization about Jews by seeming to hold all Jews responsible for the offenses of the few -.

technocracy.a principle which has been at the root of the Western democratic ideal.conservatism.the fact remains that liberalism is contrary to the most basic principle of the American Constitution -. what motives do Jews have for wishing to destroy the white race and the civilization established by that race? We will attempt in the paragraphs below to answer each of these questions in turn: Explanation of Jewish liberalism: The reasons for Jewish liberalism are at least three in number: First. 'gun control' gives the government power to restrict the right to keep and bear arms. sexual harassment laws. freedom of association. 'limited government' is essentially a synonym for 'political freedom'. their governments. why are the Jews such enthusiastic adherents of liberalism.was not the Germans or Japanese as people. 'hate speech' laws and their ilk give the government power to attack freedom of speech. the right to keep and bear arms. namely. Jews have been outcasts for many centuries in all parts of the world. that some Germans and Japanese were killed in the process of doing this. In identifying the JWAG. A third reason for Jewish liberalism. of course. populism. a free market. and third. freedom of religion. In fact. at least in the sense of explaining their support for leftist governments. minimum wage laws. property rights. simply by being minorities. Instead. and this has undoubtedly given Jews a sympathy with minorities who.from hating Germans and Japanese to loving them. but rather the organizations which determined their behavior. While it could be argued that liberalism is as legitimate as any of a great many other political positions -. what is the evidence demonstrating Jewish responsibility for a war against gentiles.or at least attempted to destroy -. but rather that we never hated them in the first place. But almost every liberal program is an attack on political freedom thru an enhancement of government power: Affirmative action and welfare give the government power to suspend the free market and equality before the law by making some groups (minorities and 'the poor') more equal than government -. and so forth -. protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. thereby leading Jews to support liberal policies. forced bussing and 'anti-discrimination' . and not an end in itself. three questions naturally arise: speech.this success has led to a feeling of guilt. what we "hated" -. monarchism.are essentially limitations on government power. particularly in regards to the minorities whom they champion. because Jews have generally experienced an outstanding level of financial success -. It is true. fascism. for virtually all the freedoms Americans supposedly enjoy under the Constitution -. etc -. have generally been underdogs. and thus a factor in causing Jews to be outcasts -. 'workplace safety' regulations and affirmative action give the government power to regulate the (formerly) free market. the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one's peers. second. equality under the law. Second.a likely source of envy among gentiles. but this was only a means to an end. is that the centralization of power which is an intrinsic part of such governments is a means of realizing power for Jews generally and Jewish leaders in particular.

and the goals of the major Jewish organizations worldwide reflect this liberalism in their policies and political activism. But even if liberalism and its more extreme variants of communism and socialism are in fact contrary to the Western democratic ideal. the evidence for (2) is discussed in Motives for Jewish behavior which follows the starred paragraphs: Jews as a people are overwhelmingly liberal politically. but could be explained in various ways. and continue to promote it precisely because they approve of its effects. China. social security. government health care. plus zillions of others) -. farm subsidies.can only mean that Jewish leaders -. from scrutinizing our bank accounts and telling us how to use our sexual organs to prescribing what medicines we may use and what substances we can enjoy. as a need on the part of Jewish leaders to showcase their liberalism to the gentiles in order to be better able to use it against them. And while it is true that Israel itself adheres to liberalism in the economic sphere (but not in the racial.the most intelligent men of an outstandingly.from the numerous communist and socialist regimes around the world (the Soviet Union. and in general the pro-tax-and-spend policies of liberals give the government power to spend 40% of our incomes. the fact that liberalism has been a failure in every instance where it has been tried -. which we have already noted is contrary to the basic principles of Western life.know perfectly well the effects of liberalism. or as an experiment in command and control of their own people in order to facilitate using it against the West. or as merely the effect of the Jewish hoi polloi believing in liberalism without their leaders believing in it. plus all the other programs we have already mentioned. eg. the likelihood that liberalism is merely 'innocent Jewish idealism' seems unlikely in the extreme. and in the process to do virtually anything it wants. Jewish intelligence is significantly above the white. The evidence for (1) is summarized in the starred paragraphs below. North Korea. the question remains as to whether Jewish support of liberalism is not simply a manifestation of Jewish idealism which is innocent of any intent to destroy Western culture or the white race. Thus even granting the possibility that the Jewish hoi polloi are idealistic liberals with no intent of trashing whites or Western civilization. public housing. and so on) to every particular program where it has been tried in the West (welfare. To begin. this is not a refutation of our position. Evidence for Jewish responsibility: The evidence of Jewish responsibility for the intentional destruction of Western civilization and the white race consists of two parts: (1) the Jewish support of liberalism. and (2) the negative attitudes and motives which Jews hold toward whites and Western culture. and in fact is as far above the white as white is above the black. Cambodia. . (about 15 IQ points). ethnic or sexual!).intelligent race -. While virtually anything is possible in this crazy world of ours. VA hospitals. according to Prof Kevin Macdonald. urban renewal.laws give the government power to violate freedom of association.

the people of the West have been persuaded to abandon ideas which they had held for centuries in favor of precisely the opposite ideas -. has brought it about. And since whites are their major competition. Jews as a people regard themselves as competing with gentiles. open immigration.those of liberalism. etc. even tho liberalism is unpopular among the American people (it has been estimated that only 17% of Americans consider themselves liberals. gun control.has an overwhelmingly liberal bias (for example. affirmative action. Their past persecution has given Jews not only a negative attitude toward white gentiles. about 90% of the senior media staffers voted for Clinton in 1992). gun conjunction with their 'eye for an eye' and 'never forgive. The major media -.Virtually all of the liberal social movements have been initiated and led by Jews -communism. if not exactly justified: The Talmud. intermarriage. veritably bristles with hatred for gentiles.) Motives for Jewish behavior: Besides the love of all things liberal. immigration.) This clout does much to explain the emergence of liberalism as a formidable political force. central book of the Jewish religion. The destruction of the white race and its culture ostensibly serves both these purposes. at least in the sense of preferring their own people rather than gentiles to succeed and hold power. In attempting to deal with the JWAG. television and movies -. Jewish contributions and fundraising have a major impact on the political process.newspapers. and Jewish influence is dominant in the media. and while the majority of Jews are not religious. the labor movement. it is hardly surprising that Jews have supported integration.nurtured by centuries of persecution and refreshed with memories of Nazism -. and with this control goes tremendous political clout. The result of this control is that. what better way to foster the desired success than to literally destroy the white race and its culture? In view of these a significant part of the Jewish psyche. And the fact that this abandonment has happened all over the Western world simultaneously is further evidence that the international network of Jews. feminism. there are two . but a desire to protect themselves from further persecution and -. in only half a century. civil rights. and every other program whose effect is to dilute and destroy the white genome. 'hate crime' laws. which may be found on the National Vanguard website. there is little doubt that this hatred -. by their media influence. as has been conclusively demonstrated by Dr William Pierce in his essay "Who Rules America". hate crime legislation. Jews have certain motives and attitudes which make hostility to Western culture and the white race understandable. never forget' mentality -a taste for revenge. (Popular columnist and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan once characterized Congress as Israelioccupied territory. and the civilization for which it is responsible.

or the moderate approach of neutralizing hostile Jewish organizations and their leadership while leaving 'the Jew in the street' alone. if for no other reason than that it would be more acceptable to the population at hanging from a lamppost. But if we reject hatred of 'the Jews' as unfair on the assumption that it is only some Jews who are responsible for the JWAG. while moderates may feel no hostility to Jews.who. and Catonian and Voltarian echoes of Juda delenda est and Ecrasez l'infame! may ring in their that religion has been a primary source of hostility to Jews. but not without force -. if they only understood how their leaders were endangering them. Those who favor the hard-line approach regard Jewish hatred as likely to be intractable. since hard-liners will see moderates as impotent or worse. such fantasies are at best useless. but unless there are some really big changes in the world. they generally require a great hatred of the enemy. Visions of gas chambers may dance in hardliners' heads. A final question which needs to be considered is whether a focus on the evils of liberalism rather than on 'Jews the destroyers' (to use the phrase of the Jewish author Samuels in his book You Gentiles) might not be a more effective 'war strategy'. and at least of dubious morality. The argument in favor of the moderate position -.important questions which must be dealt with: (1) What if Jewish hostility to gentiles is either genetic or so culturally ingrained that destroying Judah's hostile organizations and neutralizing its leaders will only succeed in bringing to the fore new organizations and new leaders with the same intentions and behaviors? (2) Because wars require great effort and sacrifice. It is of course easy to imagine that such widely differing viewpoints could spark conflict in spite of shared goals. they stay an arm's length and a country mile away from anything sounding like Jewish conspiracy. and may indeed like and admire individual Jews. but as acting to alienate whites' most important ally -the Jewish people themselves -.imperfect. as 'the king of conspiracy . Jews 'do not get along well with others'. in the long run. as I do. while moderates will view hardliners as not only unnecessarily extreme. and should at least be pursued until the point where it shows itself unworkable. but because. would not hesitate to elevate those leaders in the only way they deserve to be elevated -. and that now that the Western world is largely secular. I think it is less effective: We cannot fight a war when we cannot identify the enemy. how is it possible to prosecute the war? What I am getting at is that there are basically two approaches to dealing with the JWAG: The hard-line approach of forcible separation of Jews and gentiles (or worse). and are thus eager to encourage hatred of Jews while being likely to hate Jews themselves. The argument against the hardline position -. but reject it not only because it is less honest.besides appealing to the view of most people that Jews are 'just folk' rather than 'evil' -.according to the Jewish report card. I admit this possibility. with the result that the JBS. In this regard it should be noted that the John Birch Society seems to have taken this approach: While their excellent scholarship has given considerable credibility to their conspiracy theory of liberal 'Insiders'. as demonstrated by the fact that they have been expelled from almost every Western country at some time or that no other means of dealing with the 'Jewish question' is really practicable. The argument in favor of the hardliners is historical -. religious antipathies no longer function to divide Jews from gentiles.

as the 'Insiders' supposedly are. That is. and men who are bound by blood. The importance of this in the present context is that. In conclusion. But of course the Jews have already provided 'a light unto the nations'. and the only way to stop liberalism is to neutralize Jewish power. but has certainly been caught with its pants down. who determined that the principal founder. or whether they believe that liberalism is just a prescription for a better world. perhaps men will arise who have the courage to fight it. In sum. formidable Jewish political power. or they may be evil. Prof Revilo Oliver. was secretly controlled by Jews (and who could therefore be said. It is dedicated to Lawrence Nevers. Worse than this. is that the JBS has apparently been co. may not exactly be parading around naked. are far more likely to make such sacrifices than are men acting from purely selfish motives. Thus the only way to save Western civilization and the white race is to stop liberalism. an important deficiency of the 'Insider' theory is that blood is thicker than power hunger. the latter of which is the supposed motive for the 'Insiders' banding together to create a New World Order. that it really matters much. the fact remains that the end result is the same: the abolition of human freedom. Indeed. I could be wrong about Jewish intentions. to have 'Welched' on his supporters). By John "Birdman" Bryant From the book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews But Were Afraid to Ask Because You Thought You'd Be Called 'Antisemitic' Note: The original version of this essay was written especially for fellow Mensan Max Loick. for their support and encouragement of liberalism from the Bolshevik revolution onward has made it possible for the rest of us to see what horrible and unforgivable things men will do when animated by good intentions. for whether it is the intention of the Jewish establishment to impose a totalitarian New World Order on the rest of us for their own power and profit. I am not sure. by making no objection to the Birchers' very able promotion of the 'Insider' conspiracy theory. in his superintelligent and openminded way. in spite of the arguments I have given here.turvy. nor can it be disputed that these three things have combined in a successful worldwide effort over the last century to turn the world's thinking topsy. then Jews will be just that much harder to stop because of their zeal in pursuing a 'righteous cause' in which they provide 'a light unto the nations'. however.theory'. let me state plainly that.opted by establishment Jewry. now that the Jewish War Against Gentiles has been named. How about you? Holocaust Revisionism in One Easy Lesson 1. The intentions of Jews may be good. establishment Jewry regards such an attack as sufficiently off-target to be largely harmless to the real enemy -. but the only difference is that. who declared. however. a fact unearthed by one of the JBS founders. . Robert Welch.themselves. that he wasn't going to read it. like the Jews. and overwhelming Jewish media influence cannot be reasonably disputed. no doubt. if they are good. whose scholarship on the Jewish Question has been both an inspiration and a critical help in writing this essay. an organized effort generally requires individual sacrifice for the 'common good'. The facts of thoroughgoing Jewish liberalism.

The subject which has attracted the most attention in historical revisionism. The following is a list of the major ones. and a more objective attitude" in his words (Barnes Review Oct 94: 3) -. which altogether totals 7. after the crime was committed. University of Ulster . vengeful Jews were largely in charge of these trials. more properly. of the 3000 persons on the trial staff.rlynn. The generally-accepted version of this event -. however. this NON-event -. ie. In this mass of writing. As it what I call the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust. and that of Kurt Gerstein. noted that historical revisionism -. and which provided the major basis for the 'six million' figure.) Two confessions were particularly egregious: That of Rudolf Hoss. * 'Confessions' used in the trial were highly dubious.) Adding to the problem was the fact that (1) there was no historical precedent for war crimes trials in which only the vanquished were called to account for their the examination of the supposed genociding of Jews in the Third Reich. published from 1948 to 1959."The effort to correct the historical record in the light of a more complete collection of historical facts. the six volumes of Churchill's Second World War total 4. (According to Louis Marshalko in his book The World Conquerers. more than one hundred German defendants had their testicles beaten to a pulp by 'interrogators'." a "genocide" of the Jews. . there are numerous problems with the OJV. As it happens. Professor Emeritus. which was (among other things) written in a language he did not even understand. both among scholars who contribute to the revisionist literature. and those who are interested in the results of revisionist work. however. since many were extracted by torture or or other unethical means. is Holocaust revisionism. or OJV for short. and de Gaulle's three-volume Memoires de guerre is 2. but were heavily influenced by the biases of the institutions which underwrote the "Court Historians" responsible for these versions.054 pages. such as threatening the families of the accused (According to British scholar Vivian Bird. the dubiousness of which was the subject of a French doctoral ---------The term 'historical revisionism' was first used to apply to the work of historian Harry Elmer Barnes and his associates. and (2) these trials violated the fundamental principle of fairness that no one is to be tried for violating a law that was instituted 'ex post facto'. 2400 were Jews. one will find no mention either of Nazi "gas chambers. commandant of Auschwitz.or. whose earliest historical work was motivated by the belief that the generally-accepted versions of events of the First World War not only harbored serious errors. Barnes. * The 'evidence' for the OJV consists primarily of the records of the court proceedings of the Nuremberg trials.http://www.448 pages.************ Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages. ie.was itself an activity with a very long history. which holds in its present version that the nazis killed 'six million' Jews in 'gas chambers'.061 pages (not including the introductory parts). a more calm political atmosphere. going back at least as far as the exposure of the forgery of the "Donation of Constantine" by Lorenzo Valla (1407-57). --Richard Lynn. however. or of "six million" Jewish victims of the war.

Beyond this. and -. It should also be noted that Zyklon B. there was a special court. Furthermore. The idea of 'gas chambers' evidently arose from the fact that all the clothes of arriving inmates were disinfected in a kind of gas chamber in which Zyklon B was used to kill lice which were feared as disease vectors (Lousy Jews?). show that only about 74. The nazis were desperate for labor. such killings would have been impossible on the scale claimed by the OJV because cyanide is so dangerous that the bodies would have had to lie for hours before they could be safely removed. * While there were Allied spies in most camps reporting on camp conditions by radio. In fact. under SS Judge Konrad Morgen. the German camp records were not admitted into evidence. with only about 30.* Many of the atrocities that were seriously alleged at the trials are now rejected by even establishment historians as false. sent a memo to all camp commandants stating that inmate deaths must be reduced 'at all costs' -.hardly something one would expect to find in a 'death camp'. none of these spies ever made a report about mass killings or 'gas chambers'. and in addition were often given poor food. In particular. as alleged at the trials. as from the . as revisionists have noted. the most prominent of which are the stories that Jewish bodies were made into soap and their skin was made into lampshades. * Auschwitz was not a 'death camp'. cyanide gas is explosive. but a large industrial complex in Poland. deprived of sleep. the form of cyanide supposedly used to kill Jews. even by those wearing protective clothing and gas masks. Evidently such stories were created as war propaganda.000 people died at Auschwitz in all the years of its operation. and the inmates were forced stated earlier -. most from typhus. but rather for the sanitary disposal of the bodies of those who died from typhus. Beyond this. * The defendants in the trials had no opportunity to gather evidence in their defense. and equally irrational for them to have mistreated inmates or underfed them. so that any little spark.) In addition.often brutally beaten. and were evidently deliberately changed to cover up embarrassing facts brought out by defendants in their trials. the crematoria were intended not for the 'killing of Jews'. were far too small for killing people. the Auschwitz death books. subjected to freezing weather without proper clothing. Heinrich Himmler. particularly in the numbers posited by the OJV. and would probably have vindicated many of the defendants if they had been. * The printed trial transcripts often do not match the trial recordings. (The irony of Germans being accused of killing Jews by an instrument which they (Germans) used for preserving Jewish lives should not go unnoticed. it should be noted. who held principal authority over the camps.000 of them being Jews. but inappropriate for the instantaneous killing that was supposedly done in the "gas chambers". And while it was alleged at the trials that 4 million Jews were 'gassed' at Auschwitz. just as were similar stories in WW1 about 'Huns' who were 'bayonetting babies'. These delousing chambers. those who were condemned to death had their sentences postponed until they could be carried out on the Jewish High Holy Days in a sort of 'blood libel' celebration. Furthermore. so it would have been irrational for them to have 'gassed' anyone. was in fact a special form of slow. to try complaints against camp personnel for abusing inmates.release cyanide which was appropriate for de-lousing clothing. which were released by the Russian government about a decade ago.

"Holocaust Is Undeniable -. but rather many years later by Fred Leuchter. who took samples from the walls of supposed 'gas chambers' at several camps and found that there was essentially no cyanide residue -. . altho there is an internal memo of a phone conversation with Hitler signed by Hans Lemmerer of the Ministry of the Interior showing that Hitler wanted the solution of the Jewish problem SHELVED until the end of the war. In particular. Barnes Review Oct 94: 27)). as from a cigaret. Walter Luftl and Germar Rudolf.But Should Be Debated". These reference works also demonstrate that THERE WERE NOT EVEN SIX MILLION JEWS IN NAZI-OCCUPIED EUROPE DURING THE PERIOD. (Altho Leuchter's work was flawed. no 'Hitler order' (or order from anyone else) has ever been discovered. his conclusions have been confirmed independently by two other experts. and thus that in the Orwellian Kabbalistic mathematics on which it is based. * Jewish population numbers published in standard reference works both before and after the war do not show a decrease of Jewish numbers. Beyond this. "No holes. the (false) allegations about the Wansee Conference notwithstanding. in spite of the known German propensity for extensive record-keeping. would have caused any 'gas chamber' to be transported to the place where it was supposedly sending Jews. reported at length on the 'holocaust [of] six million Jewish men and women' who were dying due to the 'awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood' during the 'Great War'" (Irena Zdiarska. no Holocaust!" * There is no good evidence that nazi references to the 'final solution to the Jewish question' referred to anything other than removal of Jews from the area of the Third Reich. the 'six million' number has never changed. an American engineer and execution expert. in a major Albany speech in October 1919 [that's TWENTY YEARS BEFORE THE START OF WORLD WAR TWO. The first investigation of this problem was done not for the Nuremberg trials.friction of shoes on the floor. and in particular is the number of Jews who are said to be required to die before Israel can be re-established. * The 'six million' is a mystical number derived from Jewish scripture. in spite of the formal reduction from 4 to 1. and that Allied aerial photographs of Auschwitz during the war showed no holes in the roof of the supposed 'gas chambers' which would have allowed the introduction of Zyklon B -. or any flame. the nazis actually cooperated with the Zionists under the socalled Transfer Agreement ("Ha'avara") to train Jews for settlement in impossibility if the rooms had been used as alleged. but rather an INCREASE.a point made by Holocaust revisionists in their oft-repeated challenge. the fact that the doors of the 'gas chambers' opened from the INSIDE. This accounts for why "New York governor Martin Glynn. and the training camps for Zionists were the only places in nazi Germany in which the flag of the Zionist state was allowed to fly.1 million of the number of Jews claimed to have been killed at Auschwitz (see pix of Auschwitz plaques below). six minus three still equals six. no means for heating the Zyklon B discs for proper dispersal. for all you who are a tad weak on dates]. * Revisionists have proved that the rooms alleged to be 'gas chambers' could not possibly have served this purpose.) Other problems posed for the OJV by the alleged 'gas chambers' involve such things as no air circulatory system for dispersing or ventilating the gas. It also accounts for the fact that.

and surviving inmates are seen to be little more than walking skeletons. altho this does not keep Jews from continuing to hold burial ceremonies for newlydiscovered bars of old Reich soap (we don't know whether they have also done the same for lampshades. the laws forbidding 'race hate' are increasingly being interpreted as forbidding such expression. It has gotten so bad that Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein calls it "The Holocaust Industry" in his book by the same name. and in fact actually refute the notion of "gas chambers": If Germans were gassing Jews by the millions. it is the fact that it is illegal to openly express doubt about this story in most countries of the Western world. according to scholar Michael Hoffman). have profited in numerous ways and by billions of dollars in playing this scam. including an unending number of Holocaust movies (more than 400 at last count.* The OJV has changed significantly over the years. gas vans (using the exhaust). it should be noted. 'foreign aid' and other 'guilt money' showered on Israel by Germany and the US. the German supply lines had broken down. as the "walking skeletons" and emaciated bodies of the dead obviously were doing. and burning in pits. Holocaust museums (popping up everywhere). then Jews simply would not be around long enuf to starve.) Another feature of the original OJV that has now changed was the allegation that Jews were exterminated at the camps in Germany as well as Poland -. and Canada. the Holocaust received its name from the latter allegation -. 'survivors' by the millions -. Yet another abandoned allegation is that mass killings were carried out by means of steam. Austria (of course!).all pensioned by the German government. and the photo at the left is a picture of one of those inmates. Australia.only falsehood does. We have already mentioned that the 'soap' and 'lampshade' allegations are now rejected by even establishment historians. 1. including Germany (of course!). etc. The point here is that truth does not require the support of legislation -. was simply a reflection of the fact that. But in fact these admittedly-shocking films do not make a case for German atrocities. one should not think that there is anything unique to Germany about "walking skeletons" in "concentration camps": Exactly the same thing happened at the Andersonville prison during the American Civil War. and food was not getting to the camps. France. * If there is any one thing which is a clinching argument to the matter of the OJV. nor does it take a rocket scientist to figure why cases of 'Holocaust denial' are so vigorously prosecuted: Jews. And of course it does not take a rocket scientist to figure who is behind this illegalization. shakedowns of companies which supposedly profited from 'slave labor' or were otherwise tinged by Third. The starvation. And above all. and in those few countries in which it is not illegal. and particularly Israel. Holocaust books (Elie 'The Weasel' Wiesel has written more than 30. electricity. Israel (of course!). Swiss banks). and of course the billions in 'reparations'. and in fact. Spain. IBM. toward the end of the war. The Diary of Anne Frank is a perennial bestseller. . as the OJV alleges.yet another irony of this congeries of lies. * The one thing which has done most to convince people that the allegations of German atrocities are true is the film clips we have all seen of the liberation of the concentration allegation which has been abandoned for some time.Reich-related activities (eg. in which bodies are shown piled high. TV dramas (the airing of "Holocaust' in 1970 is when the scam really took off). where he quotes his mother as asking. etc). etc.

"Truth is the first casualty of war. I think. The general answer. while another part of the story will be found in Jewish author John Sack's book An Eye For an Eye. as Walter Sunning has demonstrated. The English forged a great many claims of German atrocities during the First World War. How could the Germans have killed the number of Jews alleged when most had already been removed? The conclusion must be that the intercepts are either forgeries or that the kill totals are interpolations." * The only facts that come within even a country mile of supporting the contention of nazi extermination of Jews are reports of the shootings on the Eastern front of communist partisans. The first is British intercepts of captured German anti. Before considering these two sources it is necessary to realize. and which predated by some six years the beginning of military conflict. it was the Allies. why there is a saying among Jews that "There's no business like Shoah (Holocaust) business. particularly in view of the almost desperate attempts of the Japanese government to surrender well before those events.partisan radio decrypts claiming huge numbers of Jews executed during Operation Barbarossa. and a similar effect was produced by Gen Curtis LeMay's firebombing of Tokyo. then where did all the 'survivors' come from?" No need to explain. And then there was the Allied treatment of Germans and their allies at the end of the war . One suspects that the numbers in the field reports are considerably lower than the numbers claimed in the easily-doctored-after-the-war Berlin reports. The following is what Lawrence Nevers has had to say on the subject: "The notion that the Germans were 'exterminating' the Jews in Russia rests on two sources. the OJV is wrong in so many important respects. we should ask why this came about.a curious replay of what happened at the end of WW1. but worse: Much of the story is recounted in James Bacque's books Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies . The RAF's General "Bomber" Harris' terror firebombing of Dresden. then. The second are the Einsatzgruppen reports of executed partisans sent back to Berlin."If Hitler killed so many Jews. The field reports from the units to their commanders in Russia have conveniently disappeared. personal communication) If anyone were guilty of "war crimes" during WW2. The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki may also be mentioned. the reports still extant are only the reports to Berlin. as Harry Elmer Barnes remarked. is that. which they did shortly after Hitler came to power in 1933. What is there in those diaries which the Israelis do not want the rest of the world to see?" (Nevers. caused the deaths of some quarter-million civilians." This point is of special interest here because it was actually the Jews who were first to declare war on Germany (in the form of an economic boycott). as the revisionists allege. a city of no military importance. many of whom were Jews. And guess what: The death rate for Allied prisoners in German POW camps was lower than for the Allied civilian population as a whole! But if. that between one-half and two-thirds of all the Jews in European Russia had been deported into the interior of the Soviet Union by the largely Jewish commissars ahead of the German advance. But if Jewish hatred of Hitler . Why would they not have done the same a second time? With respect to the Einsatzgruppen reports. The diaries of the German police chief Heinrich Himmler have been in Israeli hands since the war.

a set of documents on which the OJV is significantly based. * Ernst Zundel was charged with 'hate crimes' and 'reporting false news' in the Pimple Republik of Kanada for publishing revisionist writings. as he was hounded out of Canada by one of these tribunals. who -. (Jews accuse Hitler of using the Big Lie technique -. In fact. but altho the doctorate was awarded. Holocaust. deaths under the communist regime in the Soviet Union totalled some 60 million. in spite of being deluged on an almost-daily basis with Holocaust mythology. er. Dugashvili. that Jews were looking for a devil to take attention away from the atrocities committed by the regime of 'Jewish Bolsheviks' in Russia.) Among the best-known of these are the following: * Germar Rudolf. and then kidnapped in the US and -after more than a year in solitary confinement in Kanada. * Henri Roques wrote his doctoral thesis debunking the 'Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein. namely. was extradited to Germany where he is still a citizen and where he will probably remain incarcerated for the remainder of his life. because of his revisionist Rudolf Report which concluded that gassings were 'irreconcilable with the laws of physical science'. means 'son of a Jew' in Georgian). as Robert Conquest and other scholars have discovered.deliberately starved millions to death. and also from Zundel's personal standpoint. particularly those of Stalin. both of which far outnumber anything Hitler was ever accused of.but in reality this was a lie. * Revisionist scholar and "Shoah Constrictor" Robert Faurisson. and sent other millions to the Gulag. this victory has now been largely nullified. there is yet another factor whose importance may be considerable. which they have certainly done with the Holohoax. And yet we hear little or nothing about "communist atrocities". Unfortunately. and in China some 80 million. won a stunning victory. * Fred Leuchter. now known to be a Jew (his family name.with his right-hand man the Jew Kaganovich -. but. was denied his PhD and fired from his job at the prestigious Max Planck Institute. after protracted battles which twice went all the way to the Kanadian Supreme Court. . the execution expert who did a forensic examination of the 'gas chambers' has been hounded unmercifully. As a final important point. it was later revoked because of pressure from the Uno Hooze. author of Are the Diaries of Ann Frank Genuine? (It turns out parts of the diary were written with a ballpoint pen which was manufactured after 1945) was beaten almost to death by a bunch of Jewish thugs. both from the legal standpoint which allows Kanadian 'Human Rights Commissions' staffed with easily-offended minorities to pass judgment on 'hate incidents' and which have formally declared that 'truth is no defense' against minority offense.were a major factor in the lies of the OJV. it should be noted that a number of men have had to suffer considerably for daring to speak out about the Jewish 'Big Lie' of the Holocaust. and was forced to leave Germany in order to avoid a 14-month prison sentence. and in particular was required to fight an artificial charge in Massachusetts of "practicing engineering without a license". for it was Hitler that accused the JEWS of using the Big Lie technique.telling a lie so big that it is believed because no one could conceive of such a lie being told unless it were true -.

in virtually every case where there is opposition to establishment Jewish interests.5 million . The Holocaust Is a Jewish Big Lie: Birdman's Not-Quite-95 Theses on the Holocaust Modern-Day Diet of Worms Intended to Give the Holohoaxers and Their Jewish-Asskissing Retinue of True Believers a Bit of Indigestion 1. it is at least as tragic that the organizations which are supposed to stand up for free speech have had a severe case of weak knees in the case of revisionism. but since that time has not to my knowledge offered any help to the 'hate community'. And with these organizations in the lead. which supposedly supports 'prisoners of conscience'. But if the cases of the men whom we have mentioned above are tragic. some might say that the Jews and their friends are trying to suppress revisionism because they think it is false. and that is exactly what 'hate speech' is in the present day.most probably the Mossad (the Israeli equivalent of the CIA). except among those who dare to do it and be damned. The Incredible Shrinking Holocaust Top: This was the plaque on display at the Auschwitz camp until 1989: note the "4 million" victims. 1984 by an unknown group -. These particularly include Amnesty International. the ACLU became infamous among its liberal clientele several years ago for supporting the free speech rights of the 'Skokie nazis'. A . the Electronic Frontier Foundation. and for that matter. anything the Self-Chosen do not like) do not qualify for support. Bottom: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002) .5 million. Question: Does 'Six Million' minus 2. In conclusion. will not touch 'hate speech' with a tenfoot pole. But it is of course precisely the most unpopular speech that requires defense.5 million still equal 'Six Million'? Answer: Probably. Likewise.* The revisionist Institute for Historical Review was burned down on July 4. As a third example. there is virtually no support at all for real free speech. but seems to think that those who engage in 'hate speech' (ie. but my suggestion is that they are trying to suppress it because they know damn well it is true. the premier organization supporting free speech on the Internet.a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.note the suddenly reduced number of victims to 1.

By John "Birdman" Bryant Note: Recently there has been an essay making the rounds of the Net entitled '95 Theses on the Holocaust'. organize orchestras. have a camp hospital. films. if not inventing. and lampshades from Jewish skin. Israel's national Holocaust museum. And yet in spite of these grudging admissions. Reason 1 the JBL (Jewish Big Lie) continues: The Holocaust is a cash cow for Jews and Israel. speaking tours and the like. then Jew-Deism -. you can't stop without admitting that you were lying. As JBR Yant remarked.actually The SELF-Chosen -. have admitted that some of the most important features of the OJV are false. tho I have chosen not to bore the reader by trying to round out a count of 95 by digging up a bunch of marginal ones. but they told another one when they invented the Holocaust. the Jews will become the Frozen People. as well as Canada and Australia. and for this reason I have created my own list of Holocaust Theses. ******* The notion that Auschwitz was a 'death camp' is ludicrous #1: You don't build swimming pools. but what Hitler actually did (in Mein Kampf) was to accuse the JEWS of using it. the Big Lie technique. In spite of this. have laws against denying the OJV (Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust). and has provided large incomes to individual Jews who have capitalized on the Holocaust with their novels. and instead of the Chosen People. the falsehoods remain firmly in place because Jews suppress the findings of Holocaust revisionists. 'memoirs'. Only lies need such support. I believe that the 55-or-over theses that are found here will keep the reader sufficiently entertained to justify his lucubrative effort during that period while he is trying to get the prunes and bran muffins to work. and preventing criticism of Jews. including the story that soap was made from the fat of Jewish Jews and Christian idiots will collapse. There can be only one reason for these laws: Supporting a lie that is a cash cow for Jews. It may be truly said that the Holocaust is the golden calf on the gentile leg that the Jews have been pulling for more than 60 years. If the OJV were true. and if the Big Jews do that. Reason 4 the JBL continues: Once you start lying. however. print camp currency and establish a . And of course Hitler was right: Not only did the Jews tell a Big Lie when they accused Hitler of doing so. plays. Reason 3 the JBL continues: The Holocaust is a secular religion in a secular age that keeps Jews drawn together and makes them easier for the Big Jews to manipulate. False sympathy for Jews has given Israel hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and the US. Reason 5 the JBL continues: Jewish scholars such as Yehuda Bauer of Yad Vashem. it would not need legislative support. there is nothing so inspiring as to see a good thing done poorly. Jews accuse Hitler of using.the worship of The Chosen . Reason 2 the JBL continues: Many countries in Europe.

1 million deaths rather than 4 million. the Six Million is a notion originating in Jewish mystical texts which has no basis in reality. Shipping people to an industrial center in order to kill them is the height of absurdity. ******** The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #1: The nazis were desperate for labor. The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #5: The World Almanac gives Jewish population figures over the war years which show an INCREASE OF JEWISH NUMBERS. The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #3: A calculation of how long it would take to incinerate such a mass of bodies would have made the operation last well into the next century. 6 million minus 3 million is still 6 million. ******** The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #1: Zyklon B could not possibly have been used to gas anyone in the slow-evaporating form that it came in. those big numbers can be tricky! The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #7: On two different occasions long prior to WW2. The notion that Auschwitz was a 'death camp' is ludicrous #2: You don't hang guards for abusing prisoners who are going to be killed. The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #4: There weren't even 6 million Jews in Europe at the time.brothel for inmates who are going to be killed. Hey. the plaque outside Auschwitz was changed to read 1. declaring that the death rate in the camps 'absolutely' must be reduced when the inmates are there to be killed. The notion that Auschwitz was a 'death camp' is ludicrous #3: High nazi muckamucks don't send around memos. The notion that Auschwitz was a 'death camp' is ludicrous #4: Auschwitz was a huge industrial center which manufactured products critical to the German war effort. Lice spread . so why would they kill the very thing they were desperate for? The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #2: The ashes from such a huge collection of bodies would have inundated the surrounding countryside. It would have taken HOURS. Clearly. Organized Jewry claimed that '6 million Jews' had perished due to 'evil gentiles'. like the one Jeezez did with the loaves and fishes. but according to Jewish mathematicians. right? The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #6: In 1995. The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #2: Zyklon B was in a form intended for use in clothing de-lousing chambers. as the nazis did. as Himmler did. Hey. but it's an old Jewish trick.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #6: Nothing about 'gas chambers' was ever mentioned in the memoirs of any of the participants in WW2. The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #8: The pictures of emaciated corpses which we have all seen are not products of gassing. O Yahweh!) The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #3: Zyklon B could not possibly have been used safely to gas Jews -. De Gaulle and Churchill. (Did somebody say that Ike was a war criminal? Why. or any of the other amenities that are standard in Anglo-American law. but it is specifically banned by the US Constitution.the revisionists just deny that 'all this' proves that the nazis were in the extermination business. The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #7: Arno Mayer. declared in his book Why Did the Heavens Not Darken that evidence for the existence of gas chambers was both 'rare and unreliable'. access to documents. 'all this' proves that the nazis WEREN'T in the extermination business -. and the spark from a match or cigaret would have blown the 'gas chamber' to smithereens. and yet an American Supreme Court justice (Jackson) was the chief prosecutor. even in such strained circumstances. The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #5: The 'gas chambers' which have been shown to tourists for years were built by the Soviets.starvation which occurred because there was no food for the laborers toward the end of the war. In this context it is notable that. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #2: Nazis were treated brutally and often tortured to get 'confessions'. you don't build housing for them and then wait for them to starve to death -. and this de-lousing saved the lives of many lousy Jews. Eisenhower insisted that the liberators 'get it all on film' because 'someone in the future would deny that all this happened'. The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #4: The idea that Jewish 'trusties' pulled Jewish bodies apart after gassing is ludicrous -. the walking (and non-walking) skeletons that populated the Camps -. and put them in an open enclosure with no food or water. when the camps were 'liberated'. nobody denies the existence of 'all this'. you do like Eisenhower did to the surrendered German soldiers. (Did I say that? I must be an ANTI-SEMITE! Forgive me.if you are going to exterminate people. and the head of the Auschwitz museum admitted this. And is an explosive gas.typhus. Needless to say. they were still sometimes able to put American prosecutors to . including Eisenhower. but STARVATION -. that's heresy!!!) ********* The Nuremberg trials were a farce #1: The Nuremberg laws were ex post facto laws. but ex post facto law is not only grossly unfair. They were not allowed reasonable legal counsel. a big killer in war.the gas trapped in the clothing would have killed the trusties in about 30 seconds. generally accepted by establishment historians as the premier historian of the Holocaust. namely. In fact.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #5: The nazis were condemned. a book written in the WW2 period by a Jew named Kaufman. yet no one other than nazis were tried for 'war crimes'. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #4: A trial is supposed to be unbiased. the nazis were not allowed the 'tu quoque' defense. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #6: Julius Streicher was condemned to hang by the Nuremberg tribunal. altho it is well-documented that Hitler said that the final solution to the Jewish Question should be postponed till after the war. The result is that Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg has claimed that there was a 'meeting of the minds' on the Holocaust without there ever being any specific declaration. the hangman who dispatched the condemned nazis and a probable Jew. Jews denounce the presumed genocide of Jews by the nazis. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #8: No Hitler order or anything of the kind has ever been found for extermination of the Jews. and popularized by the sycophantic praise of Jewish book reviewers. I guess all those cartoons of big noses really get to the Jews after awhile. as detailed by James Bacque in his chronicle of Jew Eisenhower's postwar internment camps. but returned to Germany in order to get revenge on the nazis. it is the Jews. Most of the 'Americans' were actually European Jews who had gained American citizenship. the transcripts of the proceedings were often doctored to cover up embarrassments. They also advocated it in the book 'Germany Must Perish'. and yet are busy doing exactly that to the Palestinians. insured that the hanging would be brutal. as Goering did. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #7: Wood. and yet Streicher was not even a participant in the nazi government. and many hanged. but he made the holes in the floor so small that the faces of the hanged men would be mauled as they dropped thru. His 'crime' was to publish a crude antisemitic newspaper and be an early supporter of Hitler. ie. ie. the Third Reich accomplished its alleged 'extermination' via TELEPATHY! ******* Jews denounce the presumed genocide of Jews by the nazis. and yet Jews practiced genocide on the Germans. It is a psychological truism that guilty parties often accuse others of exactly what they (the guilty) are guilty of. Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis.. The Nuremberg trials were a farce #3: Following the trials.shame. Not only did he make the ropes short so that the condemned men would strangle rather than dying by neckbreak.. But hey. as proved by the inconsistency of the audiotapes with the transcripts. and yet the major acts of brutality in the Camps . Furthermore. not allowed to defend themselves by bringing up the fact that they did nothing more than what the Allies did. If anyone deserves to be gassed. but there was nothing unbiased about the Nuremberg trials. for acts for which the allies were also guilty.

Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis. For example. along with others about boiling and electrocution. Elie the Weasel denounces the Germans for their behavior. to have walked around Babi Yar where he saw the ground spurt 'geysers of blood'. Jews make much of the 'blood libel' which accuses Jews of killing gentile children and using their blood for cooking -. Several similar cases of Jews killing their own for political purposes in WW2 have been reported. whose speaking fee is $25. however. Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis.were carried out by kapos accusation which is not without evidence. but rather to go west in the company of his captors. Somehow. he chose not to wait for the Soviets. As it happens. altho the influence of the Jewish lobby and such 'legal experts' as Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz has virtually legalized it in America. and yet when he was liberated from confinement in a concentration camp.and in particular disguised the fact that -. Jewish guerrillas sunk a ship which was full of Jews bound for Palestine in order to blame it on the British and create more sympathy for Jewish immigration to Palestine. this story has now been quietly forgotten. Jews are never ending in their condemnation of 'hate'. One of the greatest Jewish Holocaust legends of WW2 was the story of Anne Frank.far from 'hiding' from the nazis -Anne's father was actually making a good living by supplying the nazis with food goods. yet during WW2. in favor of 'gas chambers'. and to have been knocked a full city block by a NY taxicab. particularly as represented by the Holocaust. Hey.000 a pop plus limo. ********* The books of Elie 'The Weasel' Wiesel provide much of the fodder for the OJV. and yet Elie the Weasel has claimed in one of his books that every Jew must hate the Germans. I guess he must have really loved all that torture. her 'diary' upon which the legend was based was of questionable authenticity -. and yet this slick Jew. a break from all that fatty American food was just what Our Boys needed! Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis. is a notorious liar. .Jewish trusties whose position gave them the power of life and death over inmates. and yet Israel is the only 'Western' country that permits torture. the scion of a rich Dutch Jewish family. Elie the Weasel was responsible for the 'Holocaust' moniker as a result of his claim that he saw Jews being thrown into pits and burned was at least partly written by her father -. but deaths among American POWs held by Germany in WW2 occurred at a lower rate than in the American population as a whole. an area which was then under British control. Anne died in a concentration camp of typhus -. For her part.probably one of those lousy Jews. but Jews have in fact engaged in the greatest of all blood libels by accusing Germany of the Holocaust. he claimed to have been liberated from more than one concentration camp.

The only nation which has forbidden marriage between Jews and gentiles besides nazi Germany is Israel. Jewish zionist guerrillas offered the Third Reich a military alliance during WW2. and Jews were given special financial privileges in the matter of taking their wealth out of Germany. but we are subjected to a never-ending stream of weeping and wailing over a false one? The only real holocaust in Germany was the firebombing of German cities by the British. and in fact the grandson of a Rothschild. or Transfer Agreement. the Holocaust couldn't have happened -. Isn't it funny that we never hear much about this very real holocaust. because the Holocaust is both the key and the Achilles heel of Jewish power over gentiles. 'Bomber' Harris incinerated Dresden. a city of no military importance. and which supposedly identified Jews for extermination. If the Holocaust Lie collapses. Hitler himself was one-quarter Jewish. ******** Jews had a significant role in building the atomic bomb. In particular. Many Jews fought for the Third Reich. Zionist newspapers were allowed to be published. which Jews were required to wear in Germany. The Third Reich was the recipient of significant financing by Jews. Gentiles will stop telling unpleasant truths about Jews when Jews stop telling unpleasant lies about gentiles. It is essential that the truth about the Holocaust be known. The notorious Yellow Star. then so does Jewish power. If Jew Churchill had accepted.******** The Third Reich cooperated with Jews to get them to emigrate to Israel. special areas were set aside in Germany to train Jews in the skills they would need in Israel. By 1. was actually something proposed to the nazi authorities by the Chief Rabbi of Berlin. History & Scriptural Origin of the Six Million Number 1. including 70 generals and many lesser types. Hitler made a good offer of peace to Britain in 1940.not that it did. and under the Ha'avara. but one filled with civilian refugees. INTRODUCTION John "Birdman" Bryant . which killed upwards of a quarter million people. which was then used to create a genuine holocaust of Japenese victims.

six million is the number of Jews supposedly killed by the nazis in 'gas chambers' during WW2. In particular. however. In short. But there is more to the matter than this.this for a calamity that never happened to a state that did not even exist at the time -. as many have pointed out.has been equally generous to the Jewish state. therefore. the Holocaust lie has been both the spiritual and financial wellspring of modern Jewish power. is that -.) In particular. is not to review this information. as indeed are all of the essential components of the generally accepted version of the Holocaust. and second. if not moreso. but a deliberate lie. and independent of. the German government is still paying 'reparations' to Jews -. The most important point to be understood here. which I refer to as the Orthodox Jewish Verson. The purpose of the present article.those who dare to question any aspect of the OJV -. however. 'antisemitism'. other historical and forensic considerations -. anathematized as 'antisemites'. even 60 years after the end of in most Western countries except America -simply sent to jail. In fact. but is rather to investigate the probable origin of the six million number with a view to understanding how and why it became a key point of the Holocaust Big Lie. the Holocaust has actually become a sort of civil religion. this is false. and thus so is the OJV. and the six million claim in particular. and not merely false. whose entry into WW2 sealed Germany's defeat. in which the Jews are depicted as the Eternal Victims. Our proof that the Six Million number is a deliberate lie consists of two parts: First. a good overview of the falsity of the OJV is found HERE. has been so thoroughly proved by historical and forensic investigation as to barely deserve mention. and in fact must have been chosen as a way of seeming to fulfill a prophecy of the Jewish scriptures in order to justify the existence of Israel. Additionally. however. because the Holocaust is not merely a religious dogma intended to weld the Jewish community together in much the same way that the old-time Judaic religion once did. and whose highest legislative body has often been referred to as 'Israeli-occupied territory' -.the material in this essay demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that the Six Million number is a lie. ("There's no business like Shoah [Holocaust] business" is a common saying among the Jewish set. or else -.are either shunned as kooks and crazies. or OJV for short. but for those who are interested. an explanation of how this number originated in Jewish scripture. and where anyone who opposes Jews or the Jewish Establishment becomes identified as a vector of what has come to be regarded as the ultimate evil. The falsity of the OJV in general. in which heretics -. we shall show that the origin of this number is probably scriptural. because the Holocaust and its 'Six Million' victims has become the central organizing feature of Jewish life in the modern world. and for this reason it is clear why the Jewish Establishment holds onto this lie with a tenacity bordering on insanity. a citation of the several places prior to WW2 where the Jewish Establishment claimed that there were 'six .As everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows. particularly in the Articles of Others section under the subcategory Jews.completely apart from.and the United States. but it is also a fabulous cash cow which has placed billions upon billions of guilt-money into the hands of both the Jewish Establishment and individual Jews. But this is still only half the story. As it happens. copious discussion of virtually every aspect of this matter is found in the several collections of articles on the Holocaust posted on this website.

. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. Systems related to the Hebrew implementation of gematria are still used. an Israeli historian. (b) how Jews themselves were responsible for the Holocaust. a religious scientist. as Hebrew does not have any numbers. page 3. "You shall return minus 6 million. To these points will be added observations about several related matters. 2.the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes. Ben Weintraub. according to prophecy. the prophecies have now been "fulfilled" and Israel can become a "legitimate state".html Here are the relevant quotes: [Quote 1] Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must "vanish" before the state of Israel can be formed. [gematria] is a traditional system of associating numbers with Hebrew letters for the purpose of discovering hidden meanings in words. Robert B. which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. and which is described as follows: "In Jewish mysticism. As a matter of fact. . including (a) the many holocausts for which Jews themselves have been responsible. Those six million. This is accomplished by systematically associating letters with numbers and then finding other words with similar numbers. Washington 1995. The prophesy then reads: You will return. had to disappear in "burning ovens". --A Correspondent . but with 6 million less.million' Jewish victims. exaggerated to the point of ludicrousness -. The meaning of these quotes is made clearer if one understands something about Gematria.themystica." That's why Tom Segev. These latter words are regarded as comments on the original words. The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. on the return to the Promised Land. I suspect that their ultimate source is the book The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism by Ben of which serve to establish that the leitmotif of 'Jews as Eternal Victims' is really a sort of bizarre comic opera of Wagnerian proportions that has gone on thruout Jewish history. See Ben Weintraub: "The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism". which is discussed have verified by rabbinical far unsuccessfully -. the letter V stands for the number 6." -http://www. there would be no Jewish State. The Jews must. --Unknown [Quote 2] Regarding the 'six million' number you should know the following: In the Hebrew text of the Torah prophesies. Cosmo Publishing." A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the "burning ovens" (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings). without the Holocaust. one can read "you shall return". the Kabbalistic practice of interpreting texts by associating words and numbers. learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing letter means the number is '6 million'. Goldmann writes: ".in fact. be clean -. declared that the "6 million" is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. SCRIPTURAL ORIGINS OF THE SIX MILLION NUMBER The quotes below are from unpublished sources whose content I have tried -. therefore. and (c) how various historical accounts of attacks on Jews have been wildly exaggerated by Jewish writers -. In the text the letter "V" or "VAU" is absent.

FOUR EARLIER REFERENCES TO 'SIX MILLION' 1. In the American Hebrew Magazine of October 31. there appeared an article entitled "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" (note the Christian symbolism) by Martin H Glynn. and consist of references to (1) the Herzl diaries. Obviously the Zionists. felt a need to attract orthodox Jews to their cause.In short. question the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust] without penalty. already spoke in his first diaries of a number of six million Jews who were allegedly threatened in Europe and that. and added that he was sure that the last . the so-called Jewish state would only have a chance if there was a disaster for these six million European Jews. chief Rabbi of the Orthodox anti-Zionist Jewish Community in Vienna. C. This is a matter of some importance. p 582. The article was published approximately 20 years before the outbreak of WW2.. 1919.. This article begins. and (2) British and Bolshevik propaganda in WW1. whose work in establishing Israel began in earnest at the end of the 19th century. and perhaps this was the reason why the earliest reference to the 'six million' which has so far been discovered appeared around that time. these words appear in the last paragraph of the left hand column of the image reproduced HERE (it takes a while for this file to come up). A.". and in fact there are many religious Jews who actively oppose the Israeli state. On page 482 of the article on 'Antisemitism' in the the 10th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1902) is found the words: "While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded. but Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman. An image of the complete article is HERE. 3. because religious Jews are deeply divided on the scriptural legitimacy of Israel. We do not have first-hand references. it appears that the six million number is some kind of scriptural or kabbalistic justification for the establishment of the state of Israel. As the reader can see. In his address to the conference he stated that the founder of the Zionism. six million men and women call to us for help . but we expect that scholars familiar with the literature would have little trouble digging them up: As a gentile European I may not ask these questions [ie. B. Theodor Herzl.. former governor of the state of New York. "From across the sea. as well as that the Bolshevists and the British government already used the six million figure in their war propaganda against Germany during the first world war.. Austria." and subsequently tells us that "six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate". He further talked about the collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists. The remaining two pre-WW2 references to Six Million are referred to in the following quote. This reference preceeds references to the Six Million of WW2 by approximately 40 years. according to Herzl. did not prostrate before the God of Zion and did not hesitate to attend the [2006] Tehran conference decried by the Muslim American Society as immoral and motivated by racial hatred.

5. This is reinforced by the fact that. Sahib M. even ONE event involving as many as six million deaths is itself difficult to believe without extraordinary proof. 4. if I may be so bold as to say so. or perhaps he is trying to place on others the blame for his own crimes. and in fact.that Jews themselves were responsible for the Holocaust. suggests strongly -. And that. country. let me put it bluntly: If there is a seemingly-factual claim of 'six million Jewish deaths' (or near-deaths) in four entirely different historical contexts.were .that great cheerleading squad for the promotion of Israel -. --Dr. EARLIER EXAGGERATIONS OF THE NUMBERS OF JEWISH VICTIMS BY JEWISH WRITERS In his book The Hoax of the Twentieth Perhaps the mechanism at work here is that the accuser is attempting to make himself seem less guilty in the eyes of others. Bleher.flyingimam. but rather four cases of people 'crying wolf' in order to gain attention and sympathy.word about the real or actual number of the victims had not yet been spoken.without consideration of any other historical facts -. Mathaba organization. Now in case the logical implications of the above material have managed to escape the reader. then. mentioning that in 1990 the number originally specified of four million victims of Auschwitz had been reduced to approximately 900. Jews have been expelled from virtually every western city. but whatever is happening in the case of Jews. 6. where it is additionally noted that the Bolshevists and the British government already used the six million figure in their war propaganda against Germany during the first world war. THANK ZIONISM FOR THE HOLOCAUST Many commentators have noted that antisemitism does not exist in a vacuum. at one time or another. who has argued that the Zionists -. "Iran Revolution ends the 'Holocult'". is irrefutable proof of the fact that the 'Six Million' is a lie. then this is simply too big a coincidence to be believable -. 2006/12/17 Rabbi Friedman's address is also described at http://www. each of which involves six million Jewish deaths (or near deaths) is wildly improbable. because it is a psychological fact that those who make accusations are often guilty of the very crimes of which they accuse others. but instead is a result of the behavior of Jews themselves. HOLOCAUSTS CAUSED BY JEWS On my website there is an entire subsction of the section on Jews in Articles of Others devoted to Holocausts Caused By Jews. it is clear from the historical record that they carry a considerable burden of guilt. state and principality. This. This is more than simply ironic.four events within a half century. This theme has been elaborated upon by Canadian Jewish Professor Henry Makow. Thus it is clear that what we have in the 'six million' claims are not four factual reports of historical events.1 million whilst the six million figure remained unchallenged. An article with this material is found HERE. Prof Arthur Butz cites several victimological exaggerations of Jewish scholars.000 to 1.

'You really must have a glimmering of the true extent of Jewish hubris in order to appreciate their belief that. michael responds [intervening correspondence was omitted as irrelevant]: ok. 1919 and 194x. POSTSCRIPT: There is a curious theological aspect to the OJV. Rabbis that wouldn't talk to me might be willing to talk to you.far from being Eternal Victims -.themselves responsible for the Holocaust. if they got the whole world to repeat their 6million lie. do an Edit/Select All in Internet Explorer).the Jews are actually ETERNAL VICTIMIZERS. åÌ÷ÀøÈàúÆí ãÌÀøåÉø . it comes from some AUTHORITY. CONCLUSION From the above considerations. first you should know that weintraub is a pseudo nym for the real author. You just might be able to uncover the Story of the Century if you could crack this nut. 7. particularly if they see you as a fellow Jew. but have either been ignored or have received denials. I have already asked several rabbis for comment. the ugly fact is that the Holocaust story is a lie used to promote Jewish interests and pick gentile pockets. The big question is where. and since you have contacts among Jews.1902. Fooling the stupid Goyim was only a side issue. the Jews had no compunctions about pedaling the Six Million lie because it was all for the noble cause of fooling their stupid God. second pp. As Ed Steele put it in one of his essays. Appendix: Birdman Corresponds With Michael K on the 6 Million Number Birdman writes (excerpt): Now this is the deal: The 'six million' number came from SOMEWHERE. We have confirmation of this theory with Weintraub [The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order by Ben Weintraub]. Furthermore. Makow's article is HERE (to make the type visible. and to cover up the fact that -. the verse with missing VaW appears in Leviticus 25:10: é åÀ÷ÄãÌÇùÑÀúÌÆí. then God would be fooled into allowing them to enter the "Promised Land. possibly kabbalistic. the conclusion is obvious: While the Jewish Establishment spends millions and billions of dollars promoting the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust. which we can only appreciate if we know that religious Jews regard their best rabbis as able to outsmart Yahweh. you are in a position to investigate this. because it was used THREE SEPARATE TIMES IN MAJOR EXPRESSIONS OF JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT THOUGHT -. àÅú ùÑÀðÇú äÇçÂîÄùÌÑÄéí ùÑÈðÈä. however strange he may be. That means that the chances are very good that it is scriptural. i've made some good progress with the weintraub book.5-6 entitled "Secrets of Rabbi Benjamin Blech" have the important information. Since you know Hebrew."' Or in other words.

Furthermore. or general allusion. it shall be a jubilee unto you. 60.000 or 600. then there is a subtle allusion of the idea of some value of 6 Jews “missing” in the return of the Jews to their ancient nation of Israel. I have enlarged it to explain exactly the analysis. the 6 mil number was mentioned twice BEFORE the Holocaust. This is called an asmachta. and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof. as in the last letter of the word: åÌ). [His book. Furthermore. ìÀëÈì-éÉùÑÀáÆéäÈ. they then see in this verse in Leviticus an asmachta or allusion to this in the missing VaW. (Normally this sound would be formed by another Hebrew letter Vaw. how they were able to make this number an icon among all Jews. åÀàÄéùÑ àÆì-îÄùÑÀôÌÇçÀúÌåÉ úÌÈùÑËáåÌ. It could be any number of Jews between the total world population and any number of Jews that haven't yet been 'eliminated'. not the number KILLED. This could be 6. The missing VaW appears in red as: åÌ this is what a certain Rabbi Benjamin Blech calls the missing Vaw. then let me lay out again my concerns to you about why I think more work needs to be done on the matter. [Birdman replies:] OK. 600. That. since they believe the holocaust number of 6 million to be true. That then means that we are left with the task of identifying WHY some Establishment Jews latched onto 6 mil.000 would have been a lot closer. and ye shall return every man unto his possession.áÌÈàÈøÆõ.000 rather than 6] He wants to then say that. The three slanted dots under the ùÑË are pronounced oo. since the gematria value of the missing VaW is 6. appears at the following amazon site: http://www. In other words. while we may have identified a number beginning with 6. The four green Hebrew letters spell the word: úÌÈùÑËáåÌ TaSHuVu The dots form the vowels. úÌÄäÀéÆä ìÈëÆí. an idea that is considered messianic in both Jewish and Christian theology. of course. 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year. and since the verse in Leviticus 25:10 is speaking about the Jubilee return of men to their possessions. åÀùÑÇáÀúÌÆí àÄéùÑ àÆì-àÂçËæÌÈúåÉ. úÌÈùÑËåÌáåÌ. so it is clear that the 6 mil number was an outside belief imposed on the Holocaust story. which must mean a missing 6 million Jews. we haven't definitely nailed down that it is 6 mil. Indeed. to an existing reality. and you tell me what you think: First. éåÉáÅì äÄåà. and ye shall return every man unto his family. The Secrets of Hebrew Words. and who they were. and had no relation to what happened in the Holocaust itself. if rabbinical scholars were looking for a '6' number that actually had some relation to the Holocaust. if we assume that the reason for the number (in all three usages) was . The relevant word is the last word in the verse.000. would be the number who DIED.

it would be much more fruitful. The only person I see capable of that is you. you could become famous. this would have great theological significance. the rabbis wont be able to answer this for you. We need this for a full explanation. so maybe the 6 million number is an illuminati concoction. including definitely nailing down the 6 mil number. If you grab the opportunity. A Documented Critique of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior By John "Birdman" Bryant 1. particularly among the rabbis who were hoodwinked.000 primary jewish souls. which was just shortly after the Basel Zionist conference (1898?).000. Mortal Words v 8 America needs more Holocaust museums. Or maybe just satisfied that you did your duty. The question is only whether I am right. It is notable that the first appearance we have so far found of the 6 mil number is in 1902.000 adult males that left egypt under moses. [End of relevant correspondence] The Case Against the Jews: 1. because there were 600. which apparently is the same surname as the rothschilds. But the information about this hoodwinking has so far not been forthcoming. you're right about the VaW implying any possible multiple of six. there is a lot of info missing from the story. why do they have an a priori assumption of 6 million? i dont know. so even to kabalists 600. now that we have come this far in figuring out the fraud. But instead of museums depicting false atrocities perpetrated against Jews. why they insist on 6 million is a good question. in my opinion. the proceedings of which the Protocols are said by some to represent. another interesting point is that if the number of jewish dead in wwII is really 600. Opening Quotations The question is not whether I am antisemitic. -JBR Yant. In short.000 should be much more significant than 6 million and could be the symbolism of the missing VaW. it needs museums depicting the real atrocities . to ask illuminists than rabbis.ultimately to legitimize Israel. but i can tell you that the head of the yad vashem israeli holocaust museum (the mother of all such museums) is named yehuda bauer. and the only way I see to get it is to consult with rabbis: My guess is that someone may wish to make a clean breast of it. [michael responds:] look. and in kabala it is accepted that there are 600. what seems to have happened is that some small group of Jewish scholars was trying to hoodwink a larger group of Jewish scholars who would then have their concerns about the legitimacy of Israel removed.

We are subverters. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people. Hate is the essence of communism. and impossible equality. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx. "Bolshevism. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development. He refused to read it. as on . We are intruders. -Rabbi Lewis Browne in his book How Odd of God We must hate. Feb 1928 The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. has so ably shown. 8 Feb 1919 The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism. but of every other major revolution in your history. Mortal Words v 8 In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century. saying only that he was "content to remain ignorant of that topic [Jews]. your ideals. We have taken your natural world. Rosa Luxembourg (Germany) and Emma Goldman (United States). No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. and played havoc with them. 8 Oct 1942 We intend to remake the Gentiles by doing what the communists are doing in Russia. at the arrival of the Messiah. the promise that the Jews. --Marcus Eli Ravage. A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People". -Chicago Jewish Sentinel. London Illustrated Herald.perpetrated by Jews. --Baruch Levy. all will fall without difficulty into Jewish hands. who will administer the state patrimony everywhere. -Le Peuple Juif. Bela Kun (Hungary). It played. We have been at the bottom of not only the latest great war. of envious malevolence. in a letter to Karl Marx. 1 June 1928 You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. Prologue The essay which follows was sent to a highly-intelligent friend of long standing. and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.. . your destiny. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. --Vladimir Lenin 2. that is. Private property will then be strangled by the Jewish directors.. This movement among the Jews is not new. a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. 8 Feb 1920 The governments of the peoples included in this world republic. --JBR Yant. Thus the promise of the Talmud will be fulfilled. and down to Trotsky (Russia). --Winston Churchill. published in the Rothschild-controlled La Revue de Paris. Century Magazine. Mrs [Nesta] Webster. with the aid of the victorious proletariat. Jewish writer. will possess the key to the wealth of all the peoples of the earth. as a modern writer. has been steadily growing. We are still doing it.

and when all the pasty-faced intellectuals have run for cover. . For us. truth is the goal. Now most people don't give a tinker's damn about intellectual freedom. intellectual freedom is almost as vital as breathing. And it is to be conceded that this approach sometimes works -. half the population -. no matter whose ox gets gored. And make no mistake: The usual epithets applied to those who break the Great Taboo -. because of the Great Taboo on even discussing it.and 85% of blacks -. intellectual freedom doesn't usually mean much because their minds are so fossilized with conventional ideas that the chance of a new one finding an entree is about as likely as the chance of finding a negro competent in brain surgery. and it is precisely this fact which the present essay seeks to demonstrate. the only ones left to join in battle are those who think with their abdominal structures. and there is only the thin blue line of civilization which stands between the truth-seeker and the barbarity of most other men.have an IQ below 100. "bigot". or whose sacred cow gets turned into shishkebob. the importance of the Jewish Question is significantly similar to intellectual conundrums like the Paradox of Irrelevant friend is getting on in years. and he may well end up as food for worms before the Jewish Question -. however.99% of the things in this world".it is simply too frightening for most men to risk jobs or social disapproval over an issue which seems so far removed from their everyday concerns. in a way in which other vital problems are not. But even for most of the more cerebral types. the Jewish Question has become a sort of a benchmark of intellectual freedom: Whenever there is an inability to fully and freely discuss this issue. intellectual freedom has been severely compromised. can be a risky business -the history of mankind is littered with the corpses of dissenters and heretics.are powerful anathemas which only the strong can endure. do I wish to excessively denigrate those who break the Great Taboo out of hatred. even tho I am not one to share that hate: It takes guts to break a taboo.after all. Lest I be misunderstood. Truth-seeking. It is what I call the HITS (Head-In-The-Sand) reaction -. if any -. This importance is due to the fact that the investigations of both the Jewish Question and intellectual conundrums such as the PII represent explorations at the frontier of man's capacities -.the hope that all will be well if the problem at issue can just manage to be ignored. Unfortunately. which I have recently spent much time discussing with a gaggle of Mensans and other high-IQ types. Besides the issue of intellectual freedom."hater". whose ass gets kicked. which is hardly surprising since most people don't have much of an intellect to be free with -. Nor. for that matter. however. however. the ugly fact is that the Jewish Question is one of the most important issues of the intellectual frontier in the case of the intellectual conundrums. "antisemite" and the like -. I do not wish to excessively denigrate those who are unwilling to break the Great Taboo -. and an emotional and social frontier in the case of the Jewish Question.ever substantively arises in his life. For the small remainder of us. For those of us without one foot in the grave. there is nothing at all unusual in my friend's behavior. The Jewish Question is important. In fact. the question of what dangers are posed by Jews to America and to Western (gentile) civilization generally. it is to be in spite of conceding that "tho of course it must contain much truth". in spite of the fact that those who hurl such epithets are usually far better described as bigots and haters than those whom they seek to harm.

but a .there is no greater taboo in American society (and for that matter. The writer Emile Zola made the case a cause celebre by publicly defending Dreyfus with a series of articles entitled "J'Accuse!" ("I accuse").but I believe revealing -. but rather than attempting to present detailed research (which would require at least a book) I have chosen rather to highlight a number of major points in a rather summary can only hope. Jews and gentiles have been in a state of conflict for the last 2000 years -. and the rational from the rationalizers. with the result that there is not only a profound ignorance concerning the Jewish Question. In the sense of the evolutionary struggle for "survival of the fittest" there is nothing obviously wrong with such a conflict. including well-educated ones. of course. was wrongly accused of crimes by fellow officers allegedly jealous of his success. in a more important sense the effect will be to unmask the extent of our own sordid and egregious ignorance. the Jew-gentile conflict -. there seems to be a great deal which is wrong. have a more intense rivalry among themselves than they do with others more alien.has now become a problem of the overweening influence if not virtual dominance by Jews of gentile institutions and culture. Western society) than the criticism of Jews. If the reader detects a bit of table-turning and offer the possibility of opening up entirely new vistas and perspectives. as well as an extensive bibliography where a great deal more information along these lines may be found.even if only partially true -implies quite simply that we are all immersed in an ocean of lies which significantly skew our perspective and leave us out of touch in a major way with what is really happening in the world. he may be right. that it does not catch up with you. The Essay: J'Accuse! Note: One of the most famous cases of antisemitism (tho it was not actually understandable if unfortunate circumstance. according to Oliver (1981).Explorations at such frontiers often demonstrate interesting and unanticipated things. is that -. but was made to seem so as a pretext for an attack on French culture by social revolutionaries) was the so-called Dreyfus affair which occurred in the latter part of the 19th century in mentioned earlier -. if for no other reason than that religion has simply ceased to play a major role in a society in which only a century ago it was the dominant force. But if religion provided the basis for most of the Jew-gentile conflict in historical times. And while in some sense the effect of the present essay will be to unmask the hidden activity of organized Jewry. like brothers in a family. a Jew and member of the French General Staff. The purpose of the present essay is to make just such an inspection. You can run from this essay. the assertions of this essay will still be difficult for many to believe because the material is generally terra incognito to most people. is that they will never have the chance to evaluate material which -. The tragedy of those who.the "Jewish Question" as it is sometimes termed -. like my friend. are comfortable with the HITS posture. While I have provided documentation for many of my assertions. Capt Dreyfus. like my friend. The reason for this. it no longer does so. 3. Instead. but you cannot run from the truth it represents -. but when the details of this conflict are given a careful inspection. since brothers in religion or other ideology. But at the very least such explorations separate the scientific from the sciolistic.

profound unwillingness to believe that there could possibly be anything worthwhile to learn. While I obviously cannot pry open those minds which are closed on this subject, for those individuals with at least a rudimentary curiosity I hope I will at minimum stimulate a desire to verify or refute the assertions of this essay. In my view there is simply no issue more important to Americans or white men generally than the Jewish Question, as those who dare to read this essay will shortly understand. I hasten to add, however, that there are no easy answers to the problems which are raised here, and those who believe differently have simply failed to grasp the complexity of the issues. While Jews and their critics are often in disagreement, there is one point on which many on both sides agree, to wit, that Jews and gentiles should live separately because of their mutual incompatibility. This, it may be noted, was the theory behind the ghetto of historic times, which was sometimes imposed on Jews, but often embraced by them. And it was the theory advanced by the original Zionists, who saw Jew-gentile incompatibility as the principal wellspring of antisemitism and sought to solve the problem by creating a Jewish homeland. While I am not an adherent of the incompatibility theory, an objective consideration of the facts demonstrate that a strong case can be made for it, particularly from the gentile side. Or to put it slightly differently, it may be said that gentiles have some very good reasons for being unhappy with Jewish behavior. I should hasten to add, however, that this is not to argue that such behavior cannot in some wise be "justified", since the conflict between Jew and gentile is a very ancient one, and thus -- much as in the famous feud of the Hatfields and McCoys -- to say what is "justified" or not in such a conflict is probably quite impossible. But "justified" or not, and ill-intended or not, the question remains as to whether or not Jewish behavior is so contrary to gentile interests as to be intolerable to them. The remainder of this essay is devoted to outlining some major aspects of this behavior. These are discussed in the starred paragraphs below: * Communism was an essentially Jewish phenomenon. Not merely did the Jew Karl Marx develop the ideas, but the founders of the seminal Russian variety were practically all Jews (this is amply documented by Britton (nd)), as were most of the major figures in communism everywhere in the West. Furthermore, the Russian revolution was financed primarily by Jewish bankers in New York, and specifically by Kuhn Loeb & Co, one of whose partners, Jacob Schiff, was said by his son to have spent the then- inconceivablesum of $20 million for this purpose (see Sutton (1974)). Schiff was apparently acting out of enmity to the tsar, an antisemite, whom he had also attempted to overthrow by financing the Japanese in the Russo- Japanese war of 1906; and from this it is no surprise that the very first law passed by the Bolsheviks when they took power was a law against "antisemitism". Bolshevism was responsible for more than 50 million deaths, many of them caused by the most fiendish tortures. Worldwide, Jewish-inspired communism has been responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people. "Jewish bolshevism", as it was frequently called in its early days, came close to achieving world hegemony, and -- in its more subtle forms of liberalism and socialism -- may still do so. * Most Jews are liberals, and Jews have been prime movers in all of the major liberal social phenomena in America (Dershowitz (1997: 269), MacDonald (1998)). For example,

Jews were founders of the NAACP and have served almost continuously as its principal directors and legal counsel; Jews founded and dominate the ACLU; most of the major feminists have been Jewish women (eg, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem); the civil rights movement -- including SNCC and Martin Luther King -- was dominated by Jews and/or communists; Jews comprise more than 50% of all appointed positions in the flaminglyliberal Clinton administration; Jewish senators and representatives have been the major forces behind gun control legislation (Schumer, Metzenbaum, Feinstein, etc), and so on virtually ad infinitum. What goes unstated in all this Jewish liberal activity, however, is that, as early as the late 1920s the (Jewish) leaders of international communism seized on the race issue as a means of tearing apart the world center of individual liberty -- and thus their mortal enemy -- America; and the subsequent Jewish/communist promotion of "civil rights" -- a notion which has now spilled over into feminism, gay rights, children's rights and all sorts of other Balkanization schemes to set groups against one another -- has been so successful that many Americans are now talking openly of racial warfare and the breakup of the country. * The Jewish role in South Africa is notable, and contains a chilling lesson for the societies of the West where the liberal/Jewish establishment is promoting immigration and exalting the multicult. During the apartheid era, South Africa was wealthy and flourishing -- unlike black Africa, which was backward and poor -- and as a result, blacks poured into South Africa seeking economic opportunity (so much for the 'horrors' of apartheid). But, with the success of 'civil rights' in America, liberals and their Jewish masters took up the antiapartheid 'cause', the major effect of which was -- by means of boycotts and other forms of economic pressure -- to cause a near-collapse of the South African economy (so much for the principle of self-determination), and was the major reason why South African whites committed cultural suicide at the ballot box by voting in one-man-one-vote 'democracy'. But it was not just the effects of a Jewish- dominated liberal crusade against apartheid which put South Africa six feet under: The African National Congress, whose political agitation, murder and brutality was a major problem for the white-dominated South African government, was a communist terrorist organization, and the communist party in South Africa was headed by Joe Slovo, an immigrant Jew and intimate of communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. Since the arrival of 'democracy', South Africa has virtually collapsed into a state of chaos: Corruption is rampant (overseen by a police force in which corruption is now the norm), utilities and other government services are virtually nonexistent, white areas have been turned into fortresses, the once-beautiful city of Johannesburg has become the rape capital of the world, one in every three South African white women are now victims of rape by blacks, farmers and their families are killed on a regular basis by marauding blacks, and things are so dangerous that it is common for cars to be equipped with devices which can spray fire on anyone who tries to gain access to a car without the driver's permission. But the Jewish role in the destabilization of white South Africa goes back at least to the Boer War, which was instigated over South African minerals, and which resulted in Jewish domination of South African mineral industries. As put by H. H. Beamish in a speech given October 30, 1937 in New York,

"The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals." It has become a cliche, but only because it is so true: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And, I might add, regret it. * Jews were responsible for getting the US to enter WWI on the side of Britain, which they did in exchange for the promise of a "Jewish homeland" in Palestine, which Britain then controlled. This promise was rendered in the form of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, supposedly written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to the chief representative of the Jewish community in Britain and head of the famous banking family, Lord Rothschild, but actually written collectively by major Jewish world leaders. (It may be noted that the interest in Palestine of Lord Rothschild and the other Zionists was not purely nationalistic; for a report prepared for Lord Rothschild in 1917 estimated the value of potash and other minerals in Palestine's Dead Sea to be in the order of "several thousand billion dollars" (John (1997): 10).) Beyond this, the Jews may have had a hand in actually beginning WWI, inasmuch as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, which set off the war, was carried out by men which two sources I am now unable to locate claimed were Jews, but in any event were members of the Freemasons, an organization which "has long been linked to international political manipulation, and has been alleged to be the conduit for the intentions of a number of elitist interests, including the (Jewish) House of Rothschild and their international banking connections." (Keith (1999): 30) * Jews played a crucial role in getting the US involved in WWII. For one thing, the treaty of Versailles was heavily influenced by the Jewish advisors of the major participants at the conference (Wilson, Clemenceau and Lloyd George); and because the treaty was so abusive to Germany, many historians believe that this treaty made WWII a virtual certainty. Just as important as Versailles, however, was the attempted takeover of Germany after WWI by Soviet-financed Jews (the best known are Kurt Eisner and Rosa Luxemburg), whose social disruptions, violence and mass murder during the 1918-19 period left a lasting impression on a young soldier named Adolf Hitler (Barnes Review, March 95: 25-8). Another Jewish connection to the cause of WWII is our Jewishdescended president, Franklin Roosevelt (whose name is derived from the earlier family name Rosenveldt ), along with his advisors (52 of 72 were Jews (Marshalko (1958): 236)), who was itching to get into the war, with the result that he placed extraordinary economic pressure on Japan in hopes that it would attack the US, which it did. Beyond this, when Hitler came to power in 1933, the world Jewish community under the direction of Samuel Untermeyer declared war on Germany by means of a worldwide economic boycott, an event which transpired a full six years before any military aggression by Hitler (After such a declaration, as Carl Hottelet (Barnes Review, Dec 94: 23) has pointed out, is it any wonder why German Jews ended up in concentration camps?) While the ostensible motive for this boycott was Hitler's antisemitism, it has been alleged that the real momentum of the boycott -- and the war that followed -- was Hitler's use of barter in international trade,

eg.given to it as America's "ally" -. whose leader. More than this. for Jewish spying has been such a continuing problem -. Martin Sobell. And yet. Jewish organizations and the nazi government actually cooperated with one another in helping Jews immigrate to Palestine under the Ha'avara. Beyond this. and Propaganda Minister Dr Joseph Goebbels even commissioned a special medallion commemorating Zionism (Nevers (1997): 9). In fact. Israel has aggrandized itself by selling secret American technology -. actually made a formal proposal to the nazi government to fight on the side of Germany in exchange for German cooperation in forcing German Jews to immigrate to Palestine. but an act which infuriated the world's (largely-Jewish) banking elite because it bypassed the need for bankers' gold (and thus the need for paying the bankers interest) with the result that Germany rapidly became economically prosperous. later became Prime Minister of Israel. the CIA identified Israel to the Senate Intelligence Committee as "one of six foreign countries with a government-directed or -orchestrated clandestine effort to collect US economic intelligence" (Mann (1997).to China and other unauthorized governments. what he actually did (in . In particular. a Jew. for example) in order to obtain "confessions". * What I have called the "Orthodox Jewish Version" of the Holocaust (OJV) was set in legal and historical cement at the Nuremberg trials after WWII. the Nuremberg trials put the official seal of approval on the greatest of Jewish Big Lies. The nazi-Zionist collaboration was so close that one of the Jewish underground military organizations in Palestine (the Irgun).something necessitated because Germany had no gold (it had been taken as reparations under the Versailles treaty). the Jonathan Pollard case -. * In spite of the tension between nazi Germany and the Jews. but an act of Jewish revenge in which a large majority of the participants on the American side were Jews. was only the beginning. for example. Purim (16 Oct 1946). and what is now the Israeli flag was the only national symbol besides the hakenkruz which was allowed to fly within the German Reich. at this writing. the Holocaust "genocide" (While it is commonly believed that Hitler developed the "Big Lie" technique. Menachem Begin. Specifically. is Sandy Berger. This. These trials were not a legal proceeding. Germany allowed the setting up of camps on German soil for the training of Jews in agricultural and other skills needed for emigration. Theodore Hall. many articles appeared in the German press praising Zionism. which oversees all national security matters. in which lies which persist to the present day were presented as evidence-supported "truth".were responsible for passing on American atomic secrets to the Soviets (Lorden (1997): 9). some of these scientists (particularly the communist-associated J Robert Oppenheimer) along with other Jews -. however. the chairman of the National Security Council. Harry to cause the recent release of a widely-reported official statement from the Pentagon (soon afterward hushed up) concerning the untrustworthiness of Jewish scientists and technicians in handling classified information. Klaus Fuchs and Julius & Ethel Rosenberg -. and which was so inescapably Jewish that the death sentences of the defendants were carried out on the great annual celebration day of Jewish revenge. * While Jewish scientists were prominent in developing the atomic bomb. in which the Germans on trial were treated with great brutality and often tortured (dozens had their testicles crushed. or Transfer Agreement of May 1933.

the story of soap made from Jewish fat and lampshades made from Jewish skin have been acknowledged as fabrications.which might perhaps be said to be a sort of nonstop Grateful Dead concert. virile hate -. for example. but in any event.on 6 May 1996. Or to put it another way. and even the fabled "six million" Jewish deaths has now officially (if indirectly) been acknowledged as false.Mein Kampf) was to accuse the Jews of using it). since the Jewish dead would surely be grateful that their racial brethren could make so much hoopla and moolah out of it. and that all the song and dance about the Holocaust has been a superb disguise for this fact. somewhere in his being. when Wiesel spoke at the University of Washington at Seattle. should set apart a zone of hate -. or how he managed to survive after supposedly being knocked a full city block by a NY cabbie. August 1996: Editorial). but quoted 'eyewitness accounts' concerning which he apparently exhibited no skepticism). but was actually a reversal of what actually happened: At all concentration camps there were "gas chambers" in which cyanide gas was used to decontaminate the clothing of new inmates which often contained lice. and an excellent medium for carrying the whine -. Not only has there never been any good evidence for nazi genocide (tho there was mass killing on the Eastern Front for reasons other than genocide). the reality is that they have far more often been the victimizers. The true number of Jews who died in the camps -. while Jews have whined incessantly about being "victimized". tho the real figure is actually much less (Barnes Review. Worse than this. tho there are still occasional stories in the media of Jews holding burial ceremonies for ancient bars of soap. As to the notorious "gas chambers".1 million.most from typhus and other diseases -. because there were not even six million Jews in Europe during the WWII period. The numerous holocausts . it seems clear that the OJV is not so much a Big Lie as it is a Big Joke. The reason is that. including whether he still maintains that "geysers of blood 'spurted'" from mass graves at Babi Yar in Ukraine (Wiesel didn't actually maintain this. but the (in)famous story of the "six million" Jews supposedly killed by the nazis was in fact an anti-German propaganda story originating in the First World War (The "six million" story was actually impossible. The Holocaust lies continue to crumble in the face of revisionist scholarship -. 1996: 4f). and whether he still believes that "Every Jew.000 (Douglas (1997): 28).with the publication by Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum of Franciszek Piper's research in 1991 -. students handed out or posted hundreds of leaflets containing 15 "interesting questions" about Wiesel's activities.has now been shown from the complete file of the German concentration camp system recently released from the former Soviet Archives to have been approximately 400. the lies of the ignoble prizewinner and greatest of all Shoah (Holocaust) business promoters Elie "The Weasel" Wiesel are beginning to come home to haunt him in a big way -. these insects being the principal vector of typhus which was the major killer in the camps. the camps' "gas chambers" were actually intended to save Jewish lives.the supposed death toll at Auschwitz has been reduced from 4 to 1. since -.for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German" (Smith. Too bad they didn't ask him how he managed to get liberated from two concentration camps. as an account published in the Christian News states he has maintained.healthy. the story was not only another case of wartime propaganda. and where is old lefty Pete Seeger to sing us a song about "Where Have All the Bodies Gone?". * The claim that the nazis were guilty of a "holocaust" and "genocide" against Jews has a special irony. as discussed in a recent Smith Report .

the post-WWII Polish Office of State Security massacres of German civilians (60-80. But if demanding ex post facto prosecutions and falsely accusing others is not sufficient.felt obligated to set Demjanjuk free (New American (1996): 12f). the Ukranian holocaust of 1930-33 (7 million starved to death). Qana and others). or the larger communist movement's 100 million. Jews have made a virtual industry out of prosecuting (or rather persecuting) old men as "war criminals". Jews have allowed Israel to become a haven for Jewish criminals escaping justice in other countries. the "attacks" on Jewish facilities and individual Jews which are periodically reported in the media often turn out to be perpetrated by the "victims" themselves.000 deaths. Italy. One might even argue that the various racial policies (immigration. Furthermore. not a single Jew has ever been prosecuted for any of these least from the Jewish point of view -. while there is never a reference to Jewish Bolshevism's 50 million. Significant in this context is the 1941 book Germany Must Perish by Jewish writer Theodore Kaufman -widely publicized at the time -. This mirror-image of nazi ideology which was published before the US entered the war may have inspired the post WWII Morgenthau Plan.which advocated sterilization of all Germans and the parcelling out of Germany to neighboring states (Weber (1996): 33). affirmative action. as the John Demjanjuk case so amply demonstrated: The "nazi-hunting" US Office of Special Investigations facilitated Demjanjuk's extradition to Israel by withholding exonerating evidence. integration. and the US. and so on (Fields (nd)). the various massacres of Palestinians (Deir Yassin. and of course Israel. irrespective of whether they are guilty of anything. the holocaust of Russian political dissidents of 1919-49 (12 million dead). But "war crimes" are not the only false allegations to which Jews are habituated. a plan which -. welfare. by having ex post facto ("after the fact") laws passed which allow such prosecutions. has allowed several extraditions of accused persons.and genocides of which the communists and/or Jews have been responsible include the WWII Katyn massacre in Poland (which eliminated 15. a fact which has attracted considerable public attention in the US in several notorious cases. "civil rights". while not carrying out any such prosecutions.under tremendous pressure to convict -. The total corruption of Jewish-inspired activities in this area is nothing less than scandalous. the Spanish Civil War massacre of Spanish Christians.was "aimed at the massacre. as Laird Wilcox has amply documented in his 1994 book Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in is OK for Jews to pass judgment . the massacre of the Christian Russian kulaks of 1924-30 (15 million killed). it is testament to Jewish media influence that references to "the Holocaust" and "the six million" are an almost-daily the words of Secretary of State Cordell Hull -. and which sends a clear message that -. for. which bore the name of FDR's Jewish Secretary of the Treasury Robert Morgenthau (tho it was actually written by Jewish communist spy and Treasury undersecretary Harry Dexter White). France. since the result of these policies is that whites are now projected to be a minority in their own country in only 50 years. suborning perjury and manipulating proceedings to such an extent that the Supreme Court of Israel -. enslavement and liquidation of the [post-WWII] German people" (Marshalko (1958): 111). etc) instituted by liberals (among which Jews are the most influential component) are actually acts of genocide against American whites. * Since Nuremberg. described in Sack (1993)).000 members of Poland's military and intellectual elite). including Canada. Needless to say. Such "prosecutions" have been carried out in several countries.

was Jewish. all his strategic decisions were known in advance by the North Koreans because this information was passed on to the communists by the UN Undersecretary for Political and Security Council Affairs. In addition. ibid). Henry Kissinger. who machine-gunned to death some 30 arabs at prayer before he himself was killed. (The no-win Korean war was an eerie precursor of another war fought against the communists only a few years later in Vietnam. It has conferred respectability to a host of radical leftist nonsense. and the Charter itself was a word-for-word copy of the Soviet constitution (Marshalko (1958): 229). Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid. the commander of the UN forces.a Jew and communist appointee -. embraces many of the famed kibbutzes (collective farms). Israel is the only state besides nazi Germany to forbid Jewgentile marriages (mixed couples usually get married in Cyprus). What is more. known as the Luxembourg Agreement. * The author of the United Nations Charter. which covered all Jewish war claims and which was paid by Germany long ago (Truth at Last #397: 9). and -. for any senator or representative daring to take a stand against Israeli "aid" is targeted by Jewish PACs for removal at the next election -and almost always is. This stagnation.and in addition. Altho the UN "sponsored" the anti-communist Korean war. As is well-known. for example. * The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is a sort of American Jewish secret police . and total direct and indirect US aid since Israel's founding in 1948 is approximately $200 billion (Barnes Review. Yet Israel is a socialist state in which taxes are sky-high. world dictatorship). and in spite of the fact that Germany and the World Zionist Congress signed an agreement on 10 Sep 1952.the economy is stagnant. there is a large public monument in Israel to Baruch Goldstein. Leon Pasvolsky. and brought to a similar no-win conclusion under a Jewish Secretary of State.) In the present day. as columnist Pat Buchanan observed. which are able to survive only because of government handouts.who was MacArthur's superior (Marshalko (1958).he was forbidden. labor unions are politically and economically dominant. environmental radicalism (and the totalitarian measures necessary to implement it). the UN has provided leftist nations with a propaganda podium for bashing the US and subverting democratic ideals. but not the other way around. and the stamping out of national cultures and differences. particularly such dangerous phenomena as the American Constitution and the ideas of individual freedom and limited government which it embodies. world gun control. world taxation. * The state of Israel -. (The reason for this largesse. March 1995: Editorial).center of world Jewry -. from bombing the bridges between China and North Korea over which the Korean army was being supplied -. Israel uses torture (so-called 'moderate pressure') and bone-breaking as an instrument of state in any socialist state -. incidentally. world press censorship.payments which continue more than half a century after the war. including world government ( a virtual textbook case of social sickness and political malfeasance. Gen Douglas MacArthur. which amounts to approximately three billion dollars annually (equivalent to a subsidy of about $1000 for every Jewish family in Israel). is that the US congress is "Israeli-occupied territory". Constantin Zinchinko or Zinkovich -. was constrained from taking the necessary measures to win the war (Stormer (1964): 205) -.) Israel has also received billions more from Germany as "war reparations" -.on gentiles. which was fought before Israel even came into existence.

the involvement of the House of Rothschild with the Balfour Declaration. Since the 1930s the ADL "has systematically defamed. We have already noted the deep involvement of Jews in financing the Bolshevik Revolution. plus the ever.a law which in Germany has resulted in the jailing of almost 7000 people. but received only the lightest of penalties and continues its operations apparently unabated. Denmark. according to scholar Michael Hoffman II) plus "Holocaust education" programs in Florida and several other states. libeled and smeared anybody who gained public prominence as an anti-Communist" (Editorial. including two American citizens (Gerhard Lauck and Hans Schmidt) who incurred the wrath of the German authorities by mailing material to Germany which is legal in America. combined with constant repetition of the Jew-as.crusader.a task made much easier with America's heavy Jewish media influence -.particularly by means of banking -.may have had the most profound effect. * Jews hold dominant and controlling positions in all the major media including motion pictures. tho it is difficult to judge to what degree the abuses of finance are due to Jews. * Of all the malignant influences on gentile society in which Jews have participated.death power over the American economy. For the last ten years in Canada Jews have been attempting to use laws enforcing "ethnic sensitivity" to silence OJV skeptic Ernst Zundel. In America. These include laws in Germany. of course. and has an annual budget of $40 France.or accusations of "antisemitism" (an effective measure for shutting most people up). and which is a cash cow for its stockholders with the privilege of both making its own money and profiting from the economic policies which it formulates (The story of the Federal Reserve is told in great . Jews have made major efforts worldwide to censor any information of which they do not approve. the wholesale purchase of the US Congress by Jewish PACs. Otero (1988): 642). which holds economic life-and. Austria. which has been controlled by Rothschild interests since its inception.mushrooming crop of "Holocaust museums".except. Holland. Beyond this. an essentially private organization whose charter was written in secrecy by New York Jewish banker Paul Warburg in conjunction with other mostly-Jewish bankers. England and Australia against questioning the OJV -. Several years ago it was convicted in San Francisco of various crimes in conjunction with its spying activities. a fact which has been extensively and conclusively documented by Dr William Pierce in his essay "Who Rules America?" which may be found on the National Vanguard Internet website (http://www. censorship takes the form of non-mention -. Its contributors' list "is like a rogue's gallery of the [Jewish] criminal underworld" (Piper (1997)).000 organizations and individuals. 1998). one of which is having an opening celebration in my own city (St Petersburg FL) on the very night of this writing (February 21. a case which continues in spite of two Jewish losses in the Canadian Supreme Court.htm). financial manipulation -. Its long-range goal is "to make 'hate' a federal crime" (ibid) -.which maintains files on some 12. for the kinds of hate it approves of. It is currently the defendant in a lawsuit over its spying operations brought by former congressman Pete McClosky. Resister. My own personal experiences with Jewish censorship are described in my book (Bryant (1997)).victim-of-the-Holocaust theme (there have been more than 400 movies to date on this topic. v 3 #1&2: 5. Belgium. liaisons with many police departments. and the attempt to reduce Germany to economic ruin by means of the Versailles Treaty after WWI and the Morgenthau Plan after WWII. To these abuses must at least be added the creation of the Federal Reserve.

perhaps. The "Jewish Question". the Panic of 1907 (apparently intended to spur adoption of legislation which eventually took the form of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913).and fear. and thereby avoid gentile resentment and possible retaliation engendered by their activities. however. 4. The difference between the short-term and long-term views.under pressure from the Rothschild. is not one of deciding whether Jews are "good" or "evil". the depression of 1920-21 and the Great Depression (both caused by an intentional contraction of the money supply). so it is said.of the right of the colonies to issue their own currency (Coogan: 181-5)). the American Revolutionary War (which. of ending up hanging from a lamppost.startling claims in such a brief essay as this one. they will be in a position to defend themselves. they will be less inclined to be abusive -. is the difference between the view of the (immature) child and the view of the (mature) adult. of course. And there are some people in this world who desperately need to grow up. To my mind. and as Jews themselves are made aware of these same facts. but are generally devastating in the long term. What we have said in the paragraphs above may be thought by some as unfair because we have made no mention of the Jews' many positive contributions to our culture -. by the Rothschild banking interests in 1857). used to say to his customers in reference to the family shield depicted on a flag outside his door: "One day this flag will rule the world!" (Marshalko (1958): 51). then. Epilog: The Final Solution? . 18th century eponymous founder of the world's most prominent family of Jewish bankers. it is equally possible to consider this essay pro-semitic in the sense that. make their peace with the overwhelming gentile majority among whom they live. since they obviously possess both good and bad qualities. there is no clear solution to this problem for the immediate future save that of education: As gentiles are made aware of the facts. by calling attention to contemptible Jewish behavior. it is rather one of deciding how gentiles can protect themselves from the types of abuse which have been discussed in the present essay. While it would be impossible to even begin to document these obviously. and the American Civil War (planned. then at least from shame -. tho documentation in some of these cases is incomplete and motives are not always obvious.detail in Mullins (1991). let me say that while some will consider the present essay to be antisemitic because it calls attention to various contemptible behaviors associated with Jews. it will help Jews to mend their ways.for example. while only a small minority worldwide. Jews have won more than a quarter of all Nobel prizes.) Other abuses of Jewish financial manipulation include (or have been alleged by researchers to include) the Panic of 1837 (intentionally caused by the Rothschild interests as retribution for President Andrew Jackson's failure to renew the charter of the Second Bank of the United States in the previous year).if not from guilt. to recall the French writer Jean Drault's assertion of what Mayer Amschel Rothschild. was principally spurred by the English Parliament's retraction -. according to Benjamin Franklin.controlled Bank of England -. Another way to put the matter is to recognize that those who view this essay as antisemitic are those who take a short-term view of Jewish good: Lies and other immoral behavior are often easier in the short term. In conclusion. It seems worthwhile in the present context. the reader is referred to the Bibliography below and to the works to which they refer as a starting point for digging out the appropriate information.

the domination of gentile culture and the promotion of liberalism -. if you prefer. and liberalism -. But in spite of the problems which Jews pose for gentile an obvious attempt to make (minority) Jews acceptable to the host populations. and that moneylending -.whose basic idea is tolerance (and ultimately embrace) of minorities -. And while there are many undesirable acts and behaviors attributable to Jews. As William Cowper might have said. is a visitation of the sins of the persecutors (ie. which has been a continuing problem for them over much of their history. What we are seeing from the Jew. References and Bibliography .has been so set in cement that. to quote the Second Commandment. has molded and winnowed them into a people of high intelligence with a strong ethnic consciousness and group orientation. a kind of final solution of a somewhat more benign nature than attributed to the Nazis is nonetheless visible at the end of the tunnel. I am not an adherent of the theory that Jews are "evil" (or. it may also be a product of the fact that many occupations have historically been forbidden to them. while the generally. gentiles) unto the fourth and fifth generation of them that hate Jews. but rather as a result of historical circumstances which have caused them to evolve into what they are today. meaning that the Jewish gene pool is rapidly evaporating.the most successful and remunerative Big Lie in history -. once it has been a bit better exposed (as is rapidly happening thanks to the revisionists). In particular. In particular. "bad"). dominance of gentiles is an obvious Jewish response to a (well-founded) fear of persecution. I believe that the persecution of Jews. since this constitutes a facile and simple-minded dismissal of a people. with the result that Jewish intermarriage has jumped from 6% to 50% in a generation. its wonders (and blunders) to perform. then. most of whom are successful and law-abiding.Whatever may be the sins of Jews against gentiles. and many of whose members have made significant contributions to society. As I put the matter in Mortal Words v 8: The "final solution" to the "Jewish question" will most likely be a combination of the effects of liberalism and Holocaust worship.both of which can be seen as a direct product of the historical forces which have shaped Jews. the bulk of them amount to one or both of the two basic Jewish "sins" -. Nor do I believe that the Jews have acted because of peculiar genetic or even cultural predispositions. and will abandon altogether any pretense of being spite of being denounced by Christians for so many centuries as "usury" -was one of the few things left for them to do. both of which the Jews have ardently promoted: Liberalism's anti-racism theology has caused mostly-liberal Jews to abandon their centuries-old racial exclusivity. evolution works in mysterious ways. while the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust -. Jews will be too embarrassed to be associated with it. Furthermore. 5. The situation with the Jews is a lot like today's hospitals -.the overuse of antibiotics has created "super-germs" which cannot be killed. since these are precisely the qualities necessary for a group to survive intact under such circumstances.acknowledged financial acumen of Jews may derive from their high intelligence and survival abilities. but which kill a lot of the people stupid or unfortunate enuf to go to hospitals.

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is the mass media from which most people draw their information and opinions. tho not quite the way it is usually taken. Like anything else. so it is safe to assume that men who have already amassed considerable power may do more than dream in this regard. it is little wonder that most people's beliefs strongly reflect the media slant. men strive for power over their fellows and have been known since time immemorial to ally themselves with others in hopes of obtaining this power. Beyond this. and who then had the Hebraic chutzpah (Roosevelt was from a Jewish family) to call his coup a 'day of infamy'. While this may not always quite rise to the level of 'conspiracy'. it has always been the facts -. and it is usually not much of a stretch to describe such work as 'conspiracy' even in cases where the work is not -. both historical and contemporary. the man who arranged America's entry into WW2 by clandestinely waging economic warfare against the Japanese (and military warfare against the Germans) in hopes of provoking them. But just because a particular theory is wrong is not evidence that there is not a conspiracy.human nature . The case which Roosevelt made for conspiracy theory was his declaration that "In politics. it is up to the conspiracy theorists to prove their case. Indeed. More specifically. and perhaps often so.critics who are invariably far too busy calling their opponents 'conspiracy theorists' to bother studying the facts. it remains an unfulfilled dream of every man -.illegal. True. Rather it is an attempt to connect the dots which tie together a lot of events. But if this is the theory behind conspiracy theory. More to the point. but the fact is that there is already a strong case for conspiracy theory which was made by one of the greatest conspiratorial plotters of all time. But conspiracy theory is not just a way of tweaking the Establishment's nose. which it certainly was. it is conspiracy theorists who invariably have a much better grasp than their critics of the facts about any given event for which they postulate a conspiracy -. immoral or fattening. Franklin Roosevelt.tied together in logical ways.conspiracy theorist or not -to rule the world. conspiracy theories are sometimes wrong. nothing happens by the words of Alexander Woolcott describing his favorite activities -." But there is yet another and even more powerful reason for recognizing the general validity of conspiracy theory -. it is only reasonable to recognize that its principal foundation is fact . that at first seem to have no connection. of course -- . it is clear that most efforts to obtain power involve work 'behind the scenes'.

I acknowledge that this view has merit.are either the working-out of natural events which no human effort could stop. Now as the reader undoubtedly knows. namely. John Kenneth Galbraith. and thereby subject to control by a centralized elite.which have been the greatest recruiters for the conspiracy theory cadre.intentionally or not -. to 'connect the dots' so it becomes clear that events which many regard as isolated and unrelated are actually woven together into a tapestry which -. and its conclusion is that Perpetual War and other Great Projects are a necessity for keeping a nation united. dismissing conspiracy theory as the offspring of crackpots is little better than insanity. or else are simply the efforts of a liberal political establishment to execute its appointed ignorance which the major media cultivates with the care that dirt-poor Afghan farmers cultivate their opium poppies in hopes of obtaining maximum payment from the CIA. for it resides in one form (" Novus . In short. who has asserted that he is one of its authors. whose provenance has often been said to be a spoofer. I refer. it will most likely be judged to be so because its opponents will argue that the programs which it regards as conspiracies are principally liberal rapidly becoming a shroud for Western civilization as a result of its effect of smothering the ideals of freedom and individual responsibility which the West has nurtured for so long. and that such programs -while embraced and advanced by many people -. and indeed is intimately associated with the establishment of the American republic. the Report is an effort to plumb the requirements of stable government. but whose text is far too detailed and credible to support such an assertion. Very simply. But if conspiracy theory is wrong. and whose authenticity has been verified by a major Establishment figure. This phrase has been around since the Enlightenment. here we have men at the highest level seriously recommending planned catastrophes in order to keep their buddies and themselves in power. or NWO for short. to a little book entitled Report from Iron Mountain . and indeed I do not necessarily reject it. there is a name for this tapestry -the New World Order. of course. and from this it follows that 'conspiracy theory' is at worst nothing more than an innocent product of 'working together'. and thus the only thing which prevents conspiracy theory from spreading is ignorance of those facts -. Under such circumstances. but what I am not willing to reject is what conspiracy theory admonishes us to do. But there are facts other than those about particular events which make conspiracy theory more than just a theory.

the Seneca Falls feminist conference (1848) and the abolition of slavery in the civilized world (Britain and its possessions (1840s). and ever since this period -. to move from the condition of a centralized power controlled by an elite to a decentralized power controlled by the individual. ie. While the historical role of this phrase has been regarded as sinister by some. and America (1860s)). the elevation of scientific investigation over religious revelation (something still resented by many present-day 'conservatives') and the world's two major economic theories. human rights (ie. including The Wealth of Nations (1776). the current president's father and a man associated with many sinister events. because as we noted above. and it was as a result of the Enlightenment -.the period of history beginning about 1648 with the publication of Copernicus' earthshaking work -. the American Revolution (July 4. So what then separates 'good' liberalism from bad? To answer. There were numerous major benchmarks for the influence of liberal ideas in the century following 1776.and particularly as a result of the wealth generated by the Industrial Revolution and the opening of the Americas -. democracy (ie. there have also been contemporary connections of a sinister nature.Adolf Hitler and George HW Bush. the Revolutions of 1848. and not by the 'divine right of kings'). capitalism (first ideated by Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations ) and socialism (a bastard child of 'equality'). and thus appears on the back of our one-dollar bills where the Seal is depicted. the Communist Manifesto (1848). limitation on government powers: The notion of 'unalienable rights' also appears in the Declaration). that rulers should rule at the pleasure of the people. 1776). the programs of the NWO are primarily liberal ones.liberalism has flourished. tolerance (free speech and different religious practices were given an imprimatur by the First Amendment).ordo seclorum ". 1776). the founding of the Illuminati (May 1. These include equality (the phrase "all men are created equal" appeared in our Declaration of Independence). or 'New order of the ages') on the Great Seal of the United States. it is necessary to realize that liberalism began as an effort to provide what in the modern-day idiom would be called 'power to the people'. The connection of the NWO and the Enlightenment is not accidental. inasmuch as the phrase has been used by -. who believe it is part of an conspiratorial Masonic influence. Russia (1850s).that liberal ideas began to develop. Now it is apparent from the above discussion that -.however much liberalism may be involved in ushering in the NWO -.among others is certainly not all bad. the French Revolution (1789). We can see this .

Likewise. Present-day liberalism is opposed by libertarians and (occasionally) conservatives. democracy. both of these (and especially socialism) were intended to avoid the power of an elite: Capitalism by spurring self-responsibility and individual initiative that spring from the incentives of a free market. and see this as a blessing because of their belief that centralized power is more effective in solving society's problems. Unfortunately. and this means that the Marxian theory which claims that the elite will 'wither away' is not merely false. and which either bankrupt or merge with their big competitors in order to control the supposedly-free market.while not necessarily 'intending' this -. but is basically a set of programs either requiring centralized power for their execution. and socialism by legally forbidding an elite to develop. but while liberal efforts have been useful in raising awareness of . Ironically. but the reality is that a 'diverse' society will either homogenize -. which was to keep an elite from emerging. so that while the economic landscape may begin as diverse and decentralized. in which case it will no longer be a society. Accordingly. liberals have hijacked the concept of diversity by speaking of a multicultural society as 'diverse'.has the effect of undermining the religious elite.or else it will fractionate. In fairness is should be noted that liberals have attempted to preserve diversity in at least one way by preserving animal and plant species.something which is of course the exact opposite of what liberal ideas originally intended. however. or else intending to institute or aggrandize centralized power -. As for capitalism.manifested in the ideas of liberalism discussed in the last paragraph. but the very existence of such an elite automatically defeats the purpose of socialism. liberals are advocates of Big Government. individuality and cultural diversity. equality. but a fraud. Marx observed that this system tends toward monopoly. socialism and its variants constitute a system of control by a centralized elite for the purpose of preventing the emergence of monopoly. both capitalism and socialism contain within themselves the seed of centralized power and elitism. it invariably becomes pockmarked by large corporations which gobble up their small competitors. What is known as liberalism in the present day retains the motive of 'power to the people'. and indeed a cover for the elite which wants to remain in control. and the elevation of science over religion -. human rights and tolerance are all intended to avoid dominance by a political elite.a fear induced by a desire to preserve freedom. who see Big Government as a threat because of its actual historical record. and who in any event fear the social homogenization which centralized authority brings which case it will no longer be diverse -. As to socialism and capitalism. For example.

So what then is the Plan of the NWO -.of the NWO are the liberals. Racial Integration * Ostensible good purpose: To give blacks equal educational and economic opportunity. and the actual bad effects. the liberals have come across as absurdists in their attempts to preserve such species as the spotted owl and snail darter. they decreed affirmative action. It is clear from the above centralize power in the hands of a global elite. I consider the NWO a severe threat. Result: Resentment of blacks by whites because of undeserved . rather I am saying that these are the bad effects (or some of the major ones). which are either ecologically trivial.or.or secret agents -. For this reason. Still. the probability of these types of situations is remote. and an object worthy of every effort to defeat it. and second. where a Klingon culture bent on conquest may require a central authority to oppose it. what are the programs which liberals are working together to bring about. but only postponed. that the NWO is just another name for the effort -. blacks remained -.either intentionally or unintentionally -. race-norming and other race-conscious 'remedies' which raised undeserving blacks into otherwise-unachievable positions. who used a two-pronged attack to 'equalize' whites and blacks: First. then. and that the cheerleaders -. and that such effects at the very least fairly scream for a serious re-thinking of these programs. Please note that I am not saying that all the effects of these programs are spite of integration -.low on the educational totem pole. * Actual bad effect: Because blacks are inferior in intelligence to whites. In fairness it should be pointed out that centralization is not totally without merit in the case where there exists a planetary threat. Another and perhaps more likely threat is one from outer space. if you centralized control and a totalitarian world government? Below I offer a list of the principal ones.whether 'conspiratorial' or not -. and thus on the economic one.the encroachment of man on natural habitats. This was unacceptable to liberals. as from fanatical muslims with nuclear devices who are determined to either convert the world to their brand of Islam or else convert it to cinders. and thus the justification for a centralized world authority is less than justified. noting in each case the ostensible good purpose. and which will almost certainly lead -. or else are on the verge of an extinction which cannot be prevented. at least based on the facts as they have been presented to us. they lowered educational standards.

Third-World Immigration * Ostensible good purpose: To help needy Third-Worlders and to provide America with 'diversity'. downbreeding of average Western intelligence. Women's Rights/Feminism * Ostensible good purpose: To open options -.of interracial crime.primarily employment options -.superior to all others in virtually every way -. thereby helping to destroy white culture. and the qualities of creativity and initiative which go with it. thereby exacerbating male-female tensions and making it more difficult for men and women to have successful marriages and raise children. * Actual bad effect: To displace the white population and its superior culture with less intelligent minorities and their Turd-World cultures.for women in jobs that have been traditionally held by men. * Actual bad effect: To intrude the government into family matters. Race-Mixing (Encouraged by both integration and immigration) * Ostensible good purpose: To break down what liberals regard as an artificial barrier between people and to allow nonwhites to enjoy the benefits of white excuse blacks readily accepted to protect their egos from the ugly facts of inferiority. and the tensions which invariably accompany it. increasing the opportunity -. * Actual bad effect: To upset the traditional and biologically-determined male-dominant/female-submissive sex roles and to encourage women to work.race-based rewards. and the unique culture -. with the result that the latter lose their means of livelihood. to raise the crime rate to monstrous proportions and make whites fear for their safety. It also has the effect of making people less competent in life. * Actual bad effect: Extinction of the white gene pool. and subject to being more easily manipulated by their 'leaders'. to put families at risk from 'tips' submitted to the authorities by nosy . and resentment of whites by blacks who were assured by liberals that they were 'equal' and were being held back only by 'white racism' -.and hence the incidence -. Children's Rights and 'Family Services' * Ostensible good purpose: To keep children from being abused by parents. to fill America with people who are easier to control and are willing to accept lower pay than native-born Americans.which whites have created. Lowering educational standards has the additional effect of making people ignorant of their history and traditions.

to make it possible to break up families at the whim of caseworkers or because parents resist intrusion or are 'odd'. thereby putting heterosexuals at risk. spreading sexual deviance. Result: Every kind of personal relationship. from marriage to business contract. thereby making them easily corruptible. and society gradually erodes. particularly by restricting the reporting of such diseases to authorities. * Actual bad effect: To undermine traditional morality and leave people without clear moral principles. rather than the basis for the monogamous long-term relationship required for raising a family and finding complete emotional fulfillment. Result: Marriages fall apart or do not take place.which they entail. thus creating a nation whose citizens' creativity and hard work are smothered by a fear of rules and regulations and the expense -. Politically-Correct Censorship * Ostensible good purpose: To protect people's feelings. children receive lifelong emotional scars as casualties of broken homes or uncommitted parents. emboldening deviants and thus exacerbating conflicts between deviants and normals. Religious Liberality * Ostensible good purpose: To avoid the mental straitjacket of foolish and narrow religious dogmas. Sexual Minority Rights * Ostensible good purpose: To free the sexually deviant from arbitrary restrictions.neighbors. to create so many laws and regulations that it is virtually impossible to keep from breaking them every time one turns around. to extinguish privacy and dissent. to allow people to profit from their own reflection and study.both emotional and financial -. Sexual Liberality * Ostensible good purpose: To remove unnecessary barriers to sexual fulfillment * Actual bad effect: To make people think that sex is merely casual recreation that may be engaged in with anyone without restraint. * Actual bad result: Spread of serious diseases by homosexuals. especially . becomes unpredictable. The Nanny State/Extinction of Privacy: * Ostensible good purpose: To make the world safer and fairer by keeping tabs on everyone's behavior * Actual bad effect: To inject the government into citizens' personal lives.

Environmental Laws * Ostensible good purpose: To preserve the natural world.minorities * Actual bad effect: To insulate minorities from proper criticism. to make ecological preservation less likely by substituting command-andcontrol laws for private economic incentives. to engage in great projects that benefit society. to discourage self-responsibility. to keep people poor.yet not being held accountable. Cancer. * Actual bad effect: Higher prices for animal products with the ultimate goal of outlawing them. and thereby to lessen envy and the conflict which it engenders. and thus to rob society of the benefits they could provide. Smoking. War on Poverty. Government-Funded Science * Ostensible good purpose: To encourage scientific discovery by means of funding that only the government can muster. * Actual bad result: To inhibit politically-unacceptable scientific . High Taxes/'Soak the Rich' * Ostensible good purpose: To make incomes and property more equal. and thereby provide renewable benefits to society. to prevent necessary political debate. and thus keep them from having resources to challenge a tyrannical government or even to reflect on their treatment. to raise prices of trees and other natural products. and to frustrate and enrage whites who see minorities getting away with murder -. to make great projects difficult or impossible. because of the natural inefficiency of government. etc * Ostensible good purpose: To eliminate various bad things from human experience. * Actual bad result: To waste large amounts of taxpayer money via government inefficiency. Animal Liberation * Ostensible good purpose: To treat animals humanely.literally -. * Actual bad effect: To discourage productive people from making use of their talents. * Actual bad effect: To improperly restrict the use of private property. to penalize harmless or helpful activities which the government does not sanction. Drugs. to tar environmentalism with preservationist absurdities.

etc. to make people think they have an influence on their government when it really doesn't matter what candidate is elected. oldies. fatties. etc. National or World Bank * Ostensible good purpose: To make currency uniform and thereby facilitate national and international trade * Actual bad result: To give the bankers the right to print their own money without restraint on a worldwide basis.and especially minorities -. Group Conflicts Generally * Ostensible good purpose: To give every group their 'rights': racial. dummies. animal rightists. and thereby to increase crime. to change America from a nation governed by laws to a nation governed by mostly-unelected judges.have their say in who they are governed by. namely. Voting Rights * Ostensible good purpose: To make sure that 'the people' -. to cause inflation in scientists' salaries. Gun Control * Ostensible good purpose: To make things safer. sexual. and since votes are probably manipulated by computer. * Actual bad effect: To keep groups fighting among themselves so they will not see who the real culprit is. smokers. religious. to eliminate financial privacy and tax havens . shorties. since all are pre-selected by the ruling elite and are all purchased by the special interests anyway. to pressure scientists to conform their conclusions to political dogma. * Actual bad effect: To encourage people to vote by race. etc. to make it much more difficult for citizens to resist tyranny by leaving arms only in the hands of government. The Constitution as a 'Living Document' * Ostensible purpose: To keep the Constitution up-to-date by Supreme Court 'judicial lawmaking'. liberals and (ultimately) those behind the NWO. * Actual bad effect: To render our Constitution meaningless and our Constitutional rights null and void.projects. thereby helping to centralize power in a major way while allowing the bankers to confiscate other people's money thru inflation. * Actual bad result: To disarm law-abiding citizens while having no effect on criminals. cappers. and to stage booms and busts that allow them to confiscate other wealth.

the Masons. and that group is a racial one -. the Council on Foreign Relations. who have the wherewithal -.the Illuminati. as a group. to wit. the Jesuits. the Bilderbergers.worldwide.which may well be also a racial fight. it is a fight against that group -. the Round Table. It is not just that Jews are almost entirely liberal (as I understand it.or at least its leaders -. however. the Vatican.and this clearly puts them in the forefront of movement toward the NWO. to eliminate the different preferences of different peoples for different types of government and culture. and hence decrease its responsiveness. because the fight against liberalism fight this battle successfully. the '300'. It is interesting. From the above points.both the intelligence and resources -. United Nations/World Government * Ostensible good purpose: To enforce peace * Actual bad effect: To eliminate national diversity. 85-90% of Jews vote Democratic) or that their leaders are and have always been the leaders of the liberal camp. and thus the West. This is because it is only whites. the Skull & Bones society. If this fight is to be successful. however. All this is not to say that the Jews or their leaders are ultimately responsible for dragging us into the New World Order -. it is also that they command tremendous resources. it is clear that the fight against the NWO involves a fight against liberalism and liberal programs. namely. the fight to preserve the white race. there is yet another fight which must succeed. This is nothing less than a stranglehold on America. the Trilateralists. as some have called it -for there are several other groups -. It is rather to say that Jews are the wellspring of liberalism and the dominant force in the world's greatest power center -. to increase the distance of government from the people who are governed.who are the engine of the liberal juggernaut. tho the Jews are almost as strong in other countries as they are in America. to create a cashless society where all transactions can be tracked and dissenters can be stopped by canceling their bank accounts.which is likewise critical to te fight against he NWO -. aka 'Jewsmedia'. including the principal funding of both major parties and the domination of the mass media. to make world dictatorship and tyranny possible while reducing the chance that any nation would have the means to act against it. that the fight to preserve the white race is so critical to the fight against the NWO. In conclusion. it is notable that an essential part of the liberal program . Opus Dei.or Jew World Order . and probably many other groups -.the Jews.Washington DC -.

it is just a confession of the system's vulnerability. ie -. Perhaps we are fated to repeat an infinite cycle of buildup and breakdown of civilization on the order of Spengler's Decline of the West because there simply is no solution except periodic revolution of the kind that returns society to Square One.) One answer is to throw the Jews out. But whatever the solution. and it has the additional disadvantage of denying us the benefit of Jewish competence. Perhaps now it is clear why. I don't even know if there is one. then how are we going to change the system to keep this kind of thing from happening again? (Don't say 'Enforce the laws' -nobody is seriously claiming that Jewish dominance is the result of lawbreaking. this doesn't really change the system -. tho of course some of those are dominated by Jews. So what then are we to do? Frankly. what has happened with Jews could happen with some other to encourage group conflict. It may also perhaps be found by utilizing some of all of the many suggestions I have put forward in my book Handbook of the Coming American Revolution . capitalism. it will be found in the direction of using technology to make people or small groups self-sufficient and thus impervious to dominance. Epilog: Quo Vadis? There is one thing we must concede about Jewish dominance of Western civilization: The Jews are dominant because they learned how to work the system better than anyone else. But even if this were politically possible.the Jew-gentile conflict. I don't know the answer. etc.the big corporations being the most obvious example. the problem is this: As we have already made plain. every liberal reform has been undertaken for the purpose of avoiding dominance by an elite. as has so often been done by European countries. that if there is a solution. More generally. etc. it is a problem that deserves the attention of the best minds without delay.but every liberal reform has failed: socialism. Or to put the problem another way. And in fact there are other groups which have learned to work the system -. however. but it is also notable that there is one group conflict that liberals never encourage -. bring 'power to the people' -. . etc. I suspect. So the question then becomes: If we don't like Jewish dominance. energy and achievements.

from leveraged buyouts of major corporations and the power-grabs of the federal government to the attempts at regional and world government. and will act in concert with other men to aggrandize their power. The result of this has been to . since none of these possibilities is likely to change their opposition or their tactics. They also note that technology has caused the world to 'shrink' as a result of the increase in 'connectedness' which has been brought about by the technology of communications and travel. one can argue that the movement toward a NWO is natural. Ultimately. and only realized after completing this work that it did not represent the way in which I wished to treat this topic. the naturalists explain this as an increased understanding by people at all levels of sophistication that the phenomena of the world are not controlled by a string-pulling god sitting on a throne in his heaven. explain these developments by observing that men naturally seek power. Here. * The breakdown of religion: While conspirologists often attribute this to 'the communist conspiracy'. a 'working together'. it is still of some interest. I must emphasize that these arguments are irrelevant to my thesis in the main essay. In fact. and therefore does not require a conspiratorial explanation for its existence. and I present this Appendix merely as a sort of thought exercise. and of course the League of Nations and the United Nations. the question of whether the NWO is a conspiracy. and for this reason I present below an assemblage of arguments on this topic as they apply to many of the aspects of the NWO previously discussed. or merely the inevitable working-out of natural social forces. Conspirologists have seen these events as a conspiracy of the rich and powerful to extend their power over the entire globe. including military alliances such as NATO and SEATO. however. but are the result of natural laws that govern all phenomena. and this enables powerful men to extend their influence to regions which were once inaccessible due to cultural isolation and physical distance. however. then. Naturalists. But even if the question of conspiracy vs naturality is not of vital importance. at least given the current state of knowledge. 'Godless communism'.Appendix: Is the NWO a Conspiracy or a Natural Event? As I noted in the essay above. are the arguments of conspirologists vs naturalists on a clutch of topics: * World Government: The last century has seen a significant centralization of power. economic alliances such as the European Union. is not of primary concern to those who oppose it. I would probably have never bothered to assemble these arguments except for the fact that I began my approach to the topic of the NWO in this way. ie.

abuses which we rarely see today. as well as a means for helping Jews to seize power. few philosophers have addressed the question of a nonreligious basis for morality. conspirologists have an excellent reason to attribute its widespread popularity to the 'communist conspiracy'. Edward Bellamy. One of these is a revolt against the abuses of capitalism.undermine Old-Time Religion. naturalists argue that the development of reliable contraception and venereal prophylaxis in combination with the failing power of religion to compel adherence to restrictive sexual norms has removed the principal barriers to promiscuity. which indeed preoccupied Marx and many of his contemporaries. * The rise of liberalism: Since liberalism is just a softened form of communism. Thomas Hood. Robert Owen. but also because politicians are. Law. and Jews may well see this as suitable revenge for their many centuries of persecution by whites. "our only native criminal class". not merely because the Jewish establishment has pursued liberal programs with such single-minded least so far -. however. and the consequent displacement of religious faith with a faith in 'the miracles of modern science'. in Will Rogers' words. whose central belief was an omnipresent and omnibeneficent personal god who was continually looking over man's shoulder. with the exception of Yours Truly. and the result -. Jane Addams. is a poor substitute for morality. George Bernard Shaw. Naturalists. however. and thus an attempt to break down society. Naturalists. * The breakdown of morality: Conspirologists have attributed the lapse in moral standards over the last half-century to 'the communist conspiracy' aka 'Godless communism'. and this has quite naturally resulted in a great deal more of it. and occasionally intervening in our affairs if we prayed hard that morality has been put into the hands of lawmakers by default. argue that there are two major forces which have helped bring liberalism to the fore. and communism has posed as an enemy of religion. In particular. As an aside it may be noted that. but because liberalism is wrecking American and Western civilization. Naturalists. argue that the Sexual Revolution is a product of two major forces: the withering away of religion and the advances of technology. argue that the breakdown of religion has come about because of the rise of science. * Sexual morality: Because the Sexual Revolution is usually associated with the political radicalism of the 60s. including Charles Dickens. not merely because it is unsystematic and often contradictory. conspirologists often see it as a leftist attack on marriage and the family. but which were . since morality has traditionally had a religious basis. and many other thinkers and activists of the period -. however. however. There is also ample reason to attribute liberalism to organized Jewry.

Aldous Huxley described a futuristic society which was dependent on an all-purpose ataractic-cum-analeptic drug called soma . who seem particularly prone . and this explains the seeming contradiction of mostly-wealthy liberals turning the poor and oppressed into what black libertarian scholar Walter Williams calls their "mascots". including feminism -. This perception has been shared by the CIA and other government agencies.and welfare -. and evidently perceived their potential social impact. which have experimented on people using these drugs. the more guilt they are likely to feel. family breakdown has been exacerbated by certain liberal programs. A fourth natural factor in the breakdown of the family is industrialization. Furthermore. whose work was influenced by this event. thereby destroying agricultural jobs and forcing many young people to move away from their extended families in search of work. but drew the family together by means of a mutually shared endeavor. but also has created industrial jobs in urban areas which have acted as a further magnet to draw away the members of farm-based extended families. conspirologists have good reason to lay the breakdown of the family at the feet of liberalism and the communist conspiracy. naturalists argue that family breakdown has been a natural product of several modern phenomena. and the guilt feelings which invariably accompany it: The greater wealth which people possess. particularly in the present day. and has thereby freed them for extrafamilial sexual pursuits. The second force fueling liberalism. A second is the impact of television. * Breakdown of the family: The elimination of the family unit was one of the social restructuring goals of the French Revolution.which has denigrated housewifery -. is abundance. however. Clearly. and which have produced a 'generation gap' of profound proportions. which has become the principal source of information for children in their formative years. which not only has permitted farmers to increase their productivity significantly. with the result of diminishing parental responsibility and influence. then. the economic participation of all family members was not only a necessity. whereas in the 19th and early 20th century when most families engaged in agriculture.which has removed the necessity for men to support the children they father. which have resulted in older people being 'left behind' by new developments with which they are constitutionally unable to deal. In real life Huxley was an early experimenter with psychedelic drugs. One of these is the increasingly rapid changes in society.widespread 150 years ago. * Drug abuse: In his dystopian novel Brave New World . included it in the program of his Communist Manifesto. and Marx. In contrast. and seem also to have engaged in a program of breaking down black society by encouraging drug use among blacks. A third is the fact that the family is no longer an economic unit.

as it used to be called. then. however. has its roots in liberalism which itself has natural causes as well as artificial ones.which seeks to make students equally dumb when they aren't equally smart. and the search for enjoyment in a time of (often-boring) abundance and leisure. hence in some sense oppressed. liberalism -. however. particularly in the context of a New World Order which is looking for something to make its minions more obedient. however. and thus a desire in at least some women to be 'liberated'. however. Naturalists. today's work is principally information processing rather than physical work. can argue that recreational drug use -. but it is not beyond liberal sentiment to do this kind . have argued for other causes. which the conspirologist would naturally label as yet another attempt to break down white Western society and America's culture of individual freedom. Naturalists.itself partly natural -. Clearly. and therefore were appropriate grist for the guilty liberal do-good addiction because of their limited intelligence and self-discipline and inability to control impulsive behavior. but since it is rooted in liberalism. In particular. and since this is something which women in general can do as well as men.itself attributable in part to natural causes -. is a plot by the Jewish establishment to destroy the family and exacerbate the tensions between men and women in view of the fact that virtually all of the most influential feminists have been Jewish. argue that dumbing-down is a natural result of liberal sentiment -. * Educational dumbing-down: Conspirologists argue that the dumbing-down of public school students is an attempt by the New World Orderlies to make their minions less able to resist their power. of course. is a complete perversion of the educational process. This. Beyond this. that racial equality. Naturalists. * Feminism/Women's liberation: Conspirologists have argued that there is substantial reason to believe that "women's lip". like feminism. The racial equality impulse would of course include Third-World immigration. Naturalists have pointed out. it opens up opportunities for women. recreational drugs represent a feather in the conspirologist's cap. * Racial integration and legal equality: Conspirologists have noted that as early as the 1920s the American communist party adopted a program of racial equality as a way to break down American society with racial strife. so there is little question that integration and legal equality for blacks was a plot against America. this also gives it natural causes.and abuse -. particularly to such things as the search for enlightenment in a nonreligious age.may be seen as a source of the feminist impulse in that women until only recently were a legally inferior class.can also be assigned to natural causes.

* Government science: Conspirologists would argue that the fact that most scientific investigation is under the control of the government because government makes most of the grants shows that government wants to control scientific outcomes for political purposes. and their dominance is not a plot however much it may reflect their worldview. * Concentrated media control: Because the major media are largely in the hands of Jews. as indicated by the liberals' interpretation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. * Wars and Great Projects: The Report from Iron Mountain expressed the belief that. . the Vietnam War. * Too many laws: Conspirologists argue that the overabundance of laws along with their complexity and vagueness is intended as a snare to be used against anyone who will not dance to the establishment's tune. so the overabundance. A naturalistic explanation. whose purpose was to give blacks and whites legal equality. but a naturalistic explanation is that they are the product of liberalism's nanny state. * High taxes: The conspirologist argues that high taxes grow out of an attempt by the NWO to keep people poor so they cannot resist their rulers.of thing. A naturalistic explanation would hold. and lots of other recent money-eating and largely-useless endeavors. that (a) the older a system gets. the Balkans War. conspirologists would argue that this constitutes a Jewish plot to brainwash the populace and bring it under Jewish hegemony. but which has been perverted by liberals into giving blacks special protect the interests of the American people. which seeks to be all things for all men and redistribute income. the Korean War. is that government funds science because science is extremely important for a nation that wishes to be world leader. since laws of this nature can be used selectively against whatever target the prosecutor chooses. however. complexity and vagueness of our laws have other explanations than a conspiratorial one. however. and conspirologists would certainly argue that this is the main reason for our government's pursuit of such things as the War on Drugs. however. Naturalists argue. there need to be wars or other Great Projects. however. in order to keep a society from breaking apart. that Jews happen to be good in the entertainment and media fields. would count these things as being exactly what they ostensibly were -. the War on Cancer. and that private money simply cannot fund the programs that the nation needs. (b) the more complex a society gets. the more laws it will create. space exploration. the more complex its laws must naturally become. A naturalistic explanation. and (c) vague laws are just one of the human failings of lawmakers.

The instruments of the lluminati are not happy. I am as critical of the Jewish role as >you are. I am >>sending you an article on this general subject which I very recently >>prepared and which you may find of interest. and am on YOUR side. especially the Nazis ones.[Birdman writes to Henry Makow:] >>To: Henry Makow >>From: John 'Birdman' Bryant >> >>I put a permanent link on my website today to your excellent article "Is >>Iraq the Start of the Third World War?" which deals with what many call >>the New World Order. > >Thanks for putting up a link to my article. They are using the >Jews who are as deceived as anybody. I am doing >my best to learn about the Illuminati threat to all mankind and wake >people >up. [Henry replies:] On 10/9/02 at 8:56 PM Henry Makow wrote: >John. A lot of people have been deceived. We can >defuse them by refusing to hate. I appreciate the recognition > >I'll just comment on the part of the article that jumped out at me. I have been reading >David Duke's book and identify with a lot of it. Isn't that what . The Jews who belong to the Illuminati >and pull the strings are all Satanists. Better to direct the blame at the >Illuminati than at the unwitting instrument they use. But he is making the same >mistake you are. I am using it as this week's >>Weekly Letter. The same applies to >their other non Jewish instruments. never much liked it (so far). Because of your interest in this subject. and your comments are solicited. The key >is to convert the Jews to Christian values by loving them. I believe. I am not afraid to expose it But let's blame the people who are >actually doing evil. Let's not blame people like me for example who was >born Jewish. >They want us to blame the instrument and foster conflict and hate. I am >just beginning to get a look at the Illuminati and I think you might be >surprised that your views about the Jews are similar to the Illuminati >leaders. > >It's great to have a debate with a white supremacist.

which a careful reading of my page should correct. But I am glad to see that we hold some major views in common. What do you think!? > >Henry [Birdman responds:] Henry: Thanks for your response. -j [Henry replies:] John. I believe we are all equal in God's eyes. AIPAC and Israel. I should have remarked on it earlier.) As for 'converting Jews by loving them'. Henry [Birdman responds:] Henry: Your letter below. we don't even know for sure whether they exist (yes. That's just a recipe for conflict. well. it is less clear in the case of the CFR/Bilderbergers/Trilateralists. plus your earlier remark that 'It's great to have a debate with a white supremacist" indicate you have me mischaracterized. I don't believe in white racial superiority any more than I do in Jewish. Mossad.. I will include your comments in my weekly letter. I just want to add that while I think that whites have as much right to maintain their racial /cultural characteristics as Jews if they so wish. but .-j [Henry replies:] . God loves humanity and wants us to love each there. God is >better than Satan. is rather uncertain when we get to the Jew in the street. My take on your criticism is this: We have to oppose those we actually see doing bad things. let me just say that I think the situation requires something a bit more complicated than that. We can see this in the case of (for example) the ADL.. there's an Illuminati website. well.>Christianity is about? Human brotherhood? Evil doers are not happy.. and as for the Illuminati.

I think it would be improper to compare white and Jewish culture. I don't use these terms to describe myself because 'superior race' is ambiguous. > >"Actual bad effect: Extinction of the white gene pool. and the unique >culture -. Both these are to be distinguished from saying whites have a superior CULTURE. but parasitic (I am using 'culture' in the broad sense which includes economics and government). I was not aware that anyone would disagree with that (ie.of interracial crime. as 3% of the population but winner of 25% of the Nobels. We could even say that Jews do not have a culture (in the broad sense) because they are not a nation or group of nations. but the Izzy culture is inferior -. for example.On 10/10/02 at 9:32 AM Henry Makow wrote: >John. We could compare Israeli culture with white culture. and that is what I am saying in the quoted paragraph. and the >tensions which invariably accompany it. and the >qualities of creativity and initiative which go with it. art. and with an average IQ 15 points higher than whites. .it isn't even self-sustaining. as I understand it: (1) To mean that whites are a 'superior race'. "My Awakening" ? > >Henry [Birdman responds:] Dear Henry: 'White supremacist' (or 'supremist') is used in two ways." > >Can you elaborate on how I have mischaracterized you? What do you think of >Duke.and hence the incidence -. or (2) to mean that whites ought to be dominant over all other races BECAUSE they are a superior race. might rank as a superior race by some standards (if you called them a race).superior to all others in virtually every way -.which whites >have created. We could compare Jewish and white culture in the narrow sense (eg. because Jews do not have a single culture. Jews. downbreeding of average Western intelligence. that white Western civilization is superior to all others in virtually every way). increasing the >opportunity -.

are the conspirators. intellectual advancements.. By John "Birdman" Bryant Western civilization and the race which created that civilization -.. traditions. but rather have imitated whites. a late model cruise missile did the job.) On another topic. demolition charges did the job.S. So who. deadly serious for our elected leaders WHO KNOW WHO'S GUILTY. but no Jew has ever written any music to compare to what Heifetz plays. even tho this conspiracy (if that is the proper word for it) is embedded in the activities of a much larger population of 'useful idiots' who aid and abet it. no one plays violin better than Heifetz. but whether whites or Jews are superior in this sense is perhaps more a matter of taste than anything.literature. (For example. which is not to say I am not skeptical of the Duke in some ways. and an Arabian Nights charade for Mom and Pop in Littletown. Many would say that the cultural destructiveness of Jews would make it inferior. tho there is much room for interpretation on this point.the white race -. the Twin Towers DIDN'T collapse due to heat (impossible). I enjoyed 'My Awakening' and thought it was good in virtually every way. which we will simply call the . I hope this clarifies my views.This has been a Zionist WAG THE DOG operation from the start. music). Constitution.! So let's start figuring out what we can do about it! henri@alaska. -j [Henry did not reply] *************************************************************************** ********** LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES! 9-11 was a Zionist spanking on our collective American bottom! A Boeing 757 DIDN'T pierce through six walls of the Pentagon (impossible + no aircraft debris). as well as being mass murderers. or 'working-together-ites'. others would say that Jews have not produced much in the way of could be merely a 'working together' for mutually shared goals -. and has been going on for some time.are being destroyed in order to create what has commonly become known as the New World Order (NWO).net The New World Order: An Analysis 1. and the Zionists/Judeo-Christians now in control of the United States are traitors to the U. This destruction is deliberate.but it has at least sometimes and in some ways functioned as a conspiracy. then. and in the present day there is much evidence for its conspiratorial nature. This destruction is not necessarily a conspiracy -.A. perhaps as long as 200 years. U. there were NO Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically).S. and possibly even longer. tho usually without understanding the real nature of the conspiracy or the implications of what they are doing.

arose not from God's handiwork. 1776 -.the day following Walpurgis Night. but rather from purely mechanistic physical processes that reduced man to just another inevitable event of biological determinism. many people -. First Copernicus quashed the notion that the Earth was the center of the universe -. which began about 1550 with the publication of Copernicus' heliocentric theory. it is revealing that many critics of the NWO speak of it in terms of a 'satanic' or 'Luciferian' conspiracy. as some have alleged? To answer these questions. the Witches' Sabbath -and later banned when its secret revolutionary purposes were revealed to the authorities by accident. for Lucifer means 'light bearer' (as does 'Illuminati'). But no matter how wonderful all this sounds. Beyond this. where did the desire for a NWO come about. encompassed Galileo's path. and finally. the apple of God's eye. we need to realize that the desire for a NWO is a direct product of the historical period called the Enlightenment. Due to the possibility that NWO machinations will cause a cutoff in supplies. after all. but rather as simply a group who were responding to the revolutionary spirit of the 'enlightened' age. As should be evident on reflection from our brief description. But in humbling Man by showing that he was not. the notion that it initiated an intergenerational 'conspiracy' that has come down to us in the present day is almost certainly gravely mistaken.New World Orderlies. for in assembling the wonderful machines made possible by science.have viewed the Enlightenment as a period which brought about development of a 'world conspiracy' which originated with the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt. it seems reasonable to view the Illuminati not so much as 'conspirators'.) While we may acknowledge that the Illuminati existed. man became not just a Creator. my wife and I keep a barrel of fresh water in our home which we have nicknamed "the Abbe" in honor of the latter author. but was set on a course to become Master of the Universe. Indeed. saw the Industrial Revolution and its invention of vastly advanced labor-saving devices.and Man the apple of God's eye. More particularly. the Enlightenment was a period of change from a theistic (God-centered) or religious-mystical worldview to a humanistic (human-centered) or scientific-rational one.and life generally . and ended in the 19th century with the publication of Darwin's evolutionary theory propounded in his Origin of the Species . (The two prime contemporary sources on the Illuminati are John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy and the Abbe Barruel's Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism . the Enlightenment showed the way for Man to become a god himself. and it is the Enlightenment which has borne the light of science and rationality to men who have been kept in the dark of ignorance by religion and superstition. Darwin delivered the coup de grace by postulating that man -. and that it spread ideas of a utopian and revolutionary nature which were hostile to the Church and the political establishment.breaking scientific work and Newton's Principia . and what exactly are their goals? Furthermore. an organization founded on May 1st.and particularly religious people -. and is probably the result of the simple fact that the replacement of the religious-mystical worldview with the rational-scientific one seems like a conspiracy to religious-minded folk who cannot comprehend that their treasured dogmas are being abandoned in droves because they are being replaced by better and more credible ideas. then Newton quashed the notion that God ruled the heavens and kept the heavenly bodies on their courses. it is possible to explain exactly why the Illuminati took the form of a conspiratorial-appearing secret society which later went on to 'infect' another . and is it evil or 'satanic'.

the Enlightenment also brought a demand for a scientific and rational morality and polity to replace the religion-based morality and polity of the Old Order. including communism. the Freemasons. this is hardly to say that all of the Enlightenment's revolutionary ideas were good ones.has left men at moral loose ends. socialism. and of course world government. political correctness. while science has discredited the divine right of one today seriously defends the once universally-accepted dogma of 'the divine right of kings'. and some of his most important essays are posted in the Science.representative government. many of the problems of the modern world devolve from the fact that technology has developed faster than morality. www. the NWO may be understood as an . since it was precisely the Establishment against whom these ideas were and reason have not yet produced good replacements (or at least replacements which are widely accepted) for the things they have destroyed. peace and love are noble and universally-shared desires (or at least when they are properly qualified). immigration. and in fact have often undermined the very ideals they were supposed to support.communism. But if revolution was a natural consequence of the Enlightenment. and this is why the NWO has won wide support. As JBR Yant once said. From this we can see why many of the Founders were Masons. and have been reflected in many social movements and organizations. Likewise. and why many of the symbols of the nation they founded were Masonic in nature. etc -. however. (The author. disarmament. gun control. More particularly.knowledge which was used in the Masonic profession of architectural construction. and this has been the source of many bitter conflicts over the centuries. if in different ways. who have since been accused of promoting the same 'NWO conspiracy'. But the means that have been proposed to realize these noble desires -communism. while science has made mincemeat of religious dogma. liberty. From the above we see that. on a superficial level. a situation which is especially dangerous because men now have the power to cause death and destruction on a scale that might well be the envy of an angry god. we must realize that its impulse comes from many and diverse quarters. equality. The explanation is simply that the propounding of revolutionary ideas made it necessary for the proponents to keep knowledge of their ideas hidden from the Establishment. In particular. These impulses generally involve liberty.have often been less than ). equality. and love of one's fellow-man. peace. in ushering in the change from a theistic to a humanistic worldview. Needless to say. To understand the nature of the NWO. has contributed much in the area of morality. To this it may be added that it is no surprise that Masons were heavily involved with ideas of a scientific and rational nature. Religion & Morality section of his webpage. feminism. nor does anyone seriously believe that divine help is going to be more effective in war than big armies and superior weaponry -. integration. socialism.has proved just as flawed as monarchy. The basic problem is that. integration. capitalism and nazism. the system which has emerged in its place from the Enlightenment's rationalist thinkers -.important secret society. or democracy -. the disappearance of the old basis of morality in conjunction with the flawed or insufficient systems offered as their replacement in the name of science or reason -. because the Masons had evolved as a society which nurtured and protected the scientific knowledge of the age -. welfare. for example -. while the scientific worldview has been an excellent destroyer -.thebirdman. price controls.

equality. laws and other social structures whose effect is to provide social stability and help society defend itself against changes of the sort that the NWO is attempting to impose. But even if one does not accept Acton's observation. National Council of Churches. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. price controls give the government control over the market. said it best: "In politics. research grants. welfare and similar programs (social security. For example. but we can only guess as to where the brains or motive force of the NWO is located. and the like. somewhat after the fashion of a gang. customs. such as the Bilderbergers. so that no matter how idealistic the NWO begins. whose rhetoric is 'power to the people'. thereby keeping people poor and dependent on government good-will. one of the most prominent of the New World Orderlies. Fabians. [For the record." One of the most difficult problems in opposing the NWO is that we do not know for certain who is behind it. Club of Rome. because -. political correctness squelches free speech and increases intergroup hostility. but one which stands as a bulwark against tyranny by providing a mutual support network.and hence easily controlled by -.the government. which is society's most important social organization not only in being vital to the rearing of the next generation. however. Trilateralists. and various foundations. business subsidies. FDR. the answer doesn't matter. thereby in one stroke increasing the reach of the State's police power while keeping groups from working together against a tyrannical government. feminism throws a monkey wrench into the relations of men and women. Round Tableists. let me say that I do not believe that the Masonic organizations or the 'Illuminati' (whoever they might be) are involved in any significant way in the NWO. and thereby subverts the family. nothing happens by chance. A crucial question in discussing the NWO is whether it could be a worldwide spontaneous movement which is attempting to realize the ideals of freedom. and world government is of course the ultimate power grab and great desideratum of the NWO. the NWO may be seen as a movement shepherded by a small but powerful elite whose motive is the very un-idealistic one of concentrating power into its own hands. and we can also point to the politicians and other powerful people like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who lend their influence to it. as opposed to a conspiracy or working-together that is attempting to impose the NWO on world society. This. it may be observed. integration and immigration destroy the white genome and reduce the power of the race which originated the idea of political freedom and brought it to term. is the practical effect of communism and socialism. disarmament and gun control keep both nations and people from opposing those in charge of the NWO. but whose reality is 'power to the elite who are in charge of the the words of Lord Acton . In a way. albeit one which may have gone wrong in several respects.' Other NWO policies have the effect of bolstering a concentration of power by means of destroying institutions. corruption is inevitable.power corrupts. tho these organizations obviously played an important . etc) tend to destroy the work ethic and make people dependent upon -. Council on Foreign Relations. On a deeper level. it remains a fact that the various moves toward the NWO could never have happened 'by chance' or 'spontaneously' or even 'opportunistically': These are events which were planned in advance and financed with major capital outlays that could have come only from very wealthy and powerful men or organizations. It is true that we can point to certain influential groups that support it.idealistic or utopian movement.

is an 'open conspiracy' which no longer needs the protection of secret societies to nurture its ideas. I emphasize this point not merely because -.historical my view at least -.that the preservation of Western civilization is in the ordinary Jew's best interest. But if we cannot zero in on the NWO epicenter. I think it is important to mention a possibility that will probably be dismissed out of hand even by those who will go so far as to accept that Jews -. MJ-12 and other government-ET alliances. It would be pointless to attempt to argue the . I say this not because I believe it (or for that matter. disbelieve it) but because it is something that needs to be taken seriously. In but only makes it grow more. and so on. Jews. as noted earlier. films of flying saucers (or whatever you wish to call them). and my deep respect and love for these people as individuals. We have documented this role in our essay "The Case Against the Jews: A Review of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior" posted in the Jewish Question section of our website. Organized use HG Wells' phrase -. but it remains a fact that.and it is a fact -. but also because if whites insist on alienating ordinary Jews. geodesic domes on Mars. cattle mutilations. That possibility is that the real power behind the NWO is extraterrestrials.Jews will make a superlative ally. My reason for thinking this is that the NWO program -. The Jews as a people are probably not conscious promoters of the NWO altho they -. in creating and supporting most of the elements of the NWO. underground ET bases. since having no single person or group to focus our opposition upon means that the NWO becomes a bit like the Hydra of Greek mythology: Because it has many heads. or more properly. and it is extremely unlikely that many Jews are engaged in any kind of conspiracy or workingtogether to bring about the NWO as such . both historically and in the contemporary world. cutting off one or several will not stop it. But if I say that the motive force toward a NWO is significantly Jewish.thebirdman. Beyond this. astronaut observations of ET craft. I have seen absolutely no reason to think of Jews as any less than whites. Jewish organizations and individual Jews have played not merely a major role. we are saying that the Jewish element in the move toward a NWO is critical and overriding. whether morally. my inclination is to think that this is because such people would be outstanding in whatever they do. intellectually or any other liberals or leftists -. whether good or which I mean Organized Jewry -. www. Accordingly. and much reason to think exactly the opposite. and we urge the reader to review its charges carefully.are a severe problem for Western civilization. whose energy and intelligence is certain to make a vital difference once these Jews become aware of the fact -.] This is important. which supports the NWO). but an absolutely critical and definitive role. I also say that the only way to stop the NWO is thru an alliance of whites with ordinary Jews (as opposed to Organized Jewry. namely. To this I would add that my judgment on this matter stems in large measure from my lifelong and often intimate association with Jews. In particular. then Western civilization is in dire straits indeed. as so many in the pro-white community seem willing to do.generally support many of its programs. while it would be wrong to say we are alleging a 'Jewish conspiracy' to promote the NWO. while we have certainly seen Jews who are outstanding in their badness. it is nevertheless possible to identify one group which is the prime focus of NWO activity. crop circles. particularly in view of the many and continuing stories of ET contact.

) And it is the existence of this power which virtually cries out for discussion. and not just in America. (As nationally-syndicated columnist Joe Sobran once remarked. The Crimes of Jews: March 2003 Update 1. the grandson of a for the existence of ETs and to what extent. but virtually everywhere." In the campaign which I have carried on for the last decade to get Mensans to openly discuss the Jewish Question. This is a war that promises an end to freedom. The question of whether the hugely-unpopular Iraq war is being fought in the interests of Israel rather than America has been directly put to the President in a press conference. except that it will be run by Jews.documentation below).perhaps the most brutal and inhumane regime the world has ever known. with its estimated death toll of 60 million far exceeding the relatively pitiful (tho greatly exaggerated) numbers of those said to have been killed by Hitler's regime. but about the ill-effects of Jewish power on America and the world. but will discuss its inaccuracies in a moment). Dear Fellow Mensans: There is a saying of my own composition that I often quote to those who argue with me: "You can lead a horse's ass to 'oughter' but you can't make him think. to privacy. It has been slightly edited for this posting. There is of course nothing more taboo than to criticize Jews as a group. behind the Jews). By John "Birdman" Bryant In late March of 2003 the essay below was sent to all the members of the high-IQ society Mensa whose email addresses I have managed to acquire. and that he took many of the ideas for the Third Reich directly from the Jewish-created-and-dominated Bolshevik revolution in Russia -.old folks will almost uniformly be disbelievers. Jews are the only group powerful enuf to make you say they are not powerful -.a fact which Congressman Moran recently discovered to his great displeasure. they are affecting us -. And of course if it is ETs who are behind the NWO (and. that pretty much summarizes my efforts. to Western civilization itself. we might add. while young folks. but also that much more important. will be believers -. if any. Pat Buchanan is famous for his remark that Congress is 'Israeli-occupied territory'.but intellectual completeness requires that we at least mention this important possibility. It is what a recent writer has called 'the elephant in the livingroom' -. and now . the world's richest and most influential Jewish family . but the very existence of this taboo is itself proof positive of the enormous power that Jews wield. To which I might add that Hitler himself was almost certainly one-quarter Jewish (more precisely. but no one wants to mention it. to everything that America has stood for -indeed.everyone knows it is there. But things are starting to change. and this is but one of many cracks that are now appearing in a dam which is holding back not merely questions about the war. we may assume that the fight against it will be not only that much more difficult. And that's really a bit of too bad. most of whom have grown up on Star Trek and the X-Files. because now we are in a war that none other than the Jews have gotten us into (I use the phrase 'the Jews' advisedly. It is a war that promises to bring us a new Third Reich.

org/Index/Jews/Jews-CaseJews. but to the entire government.Other copies of either version can probably be found with a Google search using the title "Stranger Than Fiction" and the author "Dr Albert D. and indeed. something of which there just so happens to be a great abundance. it still represents a tricky question. and for which the Jews are almost certainly responsible: The 'terrorist' attacks of September 11.) I understand this difficulty because I myself found it a stumbling block early on. but rather an emergency of the first order.occupied territory' ring a bell with you? Hello? Hello? A very complete setting-out of the evidence for Israeli involvement in 911 can be found at the following locations: [Correction: 10 Jan 2004 . whose principles of freedom and justice have been subverted for Jewish interests.The two URLs below no longer work. and while it is equally clear that Washington was also involved (see below). and hopefully make you recognize that the Jewish Question is not some arid intellectual exercise of political theory which one can take up if no other matters are pressing. in whatever interpretation we may put on that particular phrase. and does the phrase 'Israeli. or involve myself in any of the other silly or dubious charges which have been made against Jews in the past. it does not cover the watershed events of the last year or so. If this is unsuccessful. Perhaps you will find this statement one wants to condemn (or seem to condemn) an entire people for what only some of its members have done.voxfux. In particular. but the evidence is overwhelming.we are seeing that it applies not just to Congress. To begin. complain about 'Christ killers'. let me say that I have attempted to set forth a detailed.html While this essay is excellent as far as it goes. Rather. dip into the 'blood libel'. Please be aware in advance that I am not going to talk about the Protocols .exactly how bad the situation is. (This of course is in addition to the fact that no one wants to violate the social taboo of discussing Jews critically. A new URL which works as of today for the shorter version is http://www. however. Pastore PhD". it does not cover the one event of the period which set the stage for the present war.htm . which we shall simply designate 911. but one which I shall postpone till I have cited precisely what it is that bothers me about 'the Jews'.] .thebirdman. rail against 'usury'.com/features/stranger_than_fiction.or show you how you can prove to yourself -. 2001. What I want to do in this letter is to prove to you -. nor am I going to cite Martin Luther's theological tracts. This task is complicated. these articles will probably be available by searching the Internet archives. to say nothing of the billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars shoveled into Israeli and other Jewish pockets. comprehensive and thoroughly-documented account of Jewish historical and contemporary misbehavior in my lengthy essay 'The case against the Jews' which is posted on my website at http://www. it is helpful to remember that 'Washington' is just another name for Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac. by the fact that it is so psychologically difficult for fairminded people to deal with -. my interest is in substantive charges supported by factual evidence.

and guess what nationality was involved? (Hint: It wasn't the Bantus. that is not a reference to Sonny. (who also canceled a NY trip).nerdcities.) Not to mention the Izzies caught with explosives. you can turn the American people against Araby.whatreallyhappened. laughing and shouting and having a good time. we present below several points which we think make a fairly decent argument. Point: Israelis were caught filming the WTC collapse. tho we have omitted footnotes. all the perps were 'sent home'. etc). Not to mention the Izzies caught in the Mexican congress with a fuckin' arsenal! But of course none of these gentle folk were put on trial. Cui bono? And no. maybe you don't remember all the bad press that Israel was getting before 911 for its treatment of the Pals. which included the Israeli Prime Minister (who canceled a trip to NY on account of it). the perfect flying by Arabs who had . insider option trading never investigated. It's "Who benefits?" And what was the benefit? Well. what better thing to do than demonize dem baaaad-ass Towelheads? That way. Dahling. We can clearly infer government involvement because there has been no serious investigation of 911 (tho much deliberate stalling. which was complicit with them. and get more aid to boot (What is it this year? $14 billion?) And maybe even get those stupid 'Mericans to do yr fighting fer ya! Hey. Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco. and a host of others. Groovy! Point: As we noted above. Now why does all this make me think of that Pentagon memo of a few years ago which said that Jews were security risks? Could it have been a fleeting memory of Jonathan Jay Pollard. and caught filming the Sears Tower and other potential attack points. and this in spite of the fact that a LOT of Israelis worked there. because Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac. the latter of which treats the subject in near-book-length thoroughness. Some Israeli firms even moved out of the WTC just before 911. there were all kinds of advance warnings. Beyond this. Jack. Beyond that. didn't want them on trial. the disappearing black boxes of three different planes. you can kill the muthas without anybody objecting much -. lest they expose the Conspiracy (Did I say that? Why I must be crrraaazyy!) Instead. or any resolution of the many indications that government agents were involved (failure to scramble air force jets promptly. And.(Shorter earlier version) http://www. the impossibility of the famous cell phone call from the and who is now an Israeli hero? Point: Like they say in Rome. hiding of data. All of which things are obviously random. the American government was also involved in 911 -.almost certainly at the behest of Jewish agents. as an added benefit. hey. But because there are some readers who would think the matter so incredible as to never bother to check this them into the sea and finish the job of stealing their land.htm (Complete later version) http://www. the biggest spy ring in the nation was exposed shortly after 911. who was said to have given Israel every American military secret worth having. links and other references which may be found in the longer document cited: Point: The number of Israelis who died in the WTC was ZERO.

and whose President is awash in a sea of Jewish advisers and their shabby goy factotums? But why. But what ethnicity is it that controls Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac. but hardly one requiring a rocket scientist. which may be found at http://www. I do this by noting that it has been Jews who have been the force majeure behind the following policies -.a fact which often leads to their being referred to as 'the Jewsmedia'.experience only in small planes. and especially its tradition of freedom. which will probably be staged for just that purpose. and by others more knowledgeable as the Jew World Order. and which will almost certainly be rushed thru Congress after the next terrorist act. and thereby removing from the world stage the great beacon of freedom which stands in the way of totalitarian world government. taking our country away from its native inhabitants. the sudden carting-away of the WTC rubble without analysis. thought-crime laws) ** Immigration (ie. That 911 was an excuse for shredding the Constitution is an inference.asp?essayID=982 But the importance of 911 has not just been to promote a war for American (and hence Jewish) hegemony. the just the last month or so -. whose central agency is 'Israeli-occupied territory'. While I have not had time to provide links which show the intimate connection between Jews and the implementation of these policies.policies which not merely shred the Constitution. is that the major media are in Jewish hands (or under heavy Jewish influence thru advertising) -. Earlier I promised to set out briefly my problems with 'the Jews'. of course. A good article on this subject to start with may be found at http://rense.appearing identifying passports. and filling it with .com/vnn/showEssay. since American troops might have qualms about doing this particular job but will not be a problem if they are safely overseas fighting the enemy-du-jour. This has been thoroughly documented in Dr William Pierce's extremely important article "Who Rules America". I have posted on my website various articles on all of these subjects which demonstrate this connection. have the major media not exposed this if it is true? The answer. which would finish the job. Arabs spending their last night violating their religion in a strip club. with the so-called Patriot act. etc. etc. but seem clearly designed to destroy America and Western civilization. etc). And there is no doubt that the Bush administration is eager to shred it. referred to by some as the New World Order.vanguardnewsnetwork. and -.the secret Patriot II. you might ask. And the concentration camps are already ready to receive dissenters -. It has also been to provide an excuse for shredding our Constitution.information on these camps has been available on the Net for some time.htm It has even been speculated that dissenters will be rounded up by the many foreign troops on our soil which are here for 'training'. ** Gun control (it makes totalitarian control easier) ** Anti-militia statutes (ditto) ** Hate-crime laws (ie.

which replaces legal equality. and Rothschild agent Nicholas Biddle. it has been responsible for all our depressions (by contracting the currency) and inflation (robbing our wealth) as detailed in G Edward Griffin's massive tome. Rothschild agent JP Morgan created the panic of 1907 which led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Roosevelt was Jewish: His original Dutch family name was Rosenveldt) ** Atomic spies for the Soviets (Rosenbergs. Jews founded the NAACP and headed it till the 70s.especially -. Andy Fastow and Ken Lay. destruction of the (white) race which produced Western civilization) ** Feminism (ie. which Jackson won only barely. but coming soon to a country near and dear to you! And of course if the OJV were true then they wouldn't have to make laws against questioning it. engaged in a long struggle with Andrew Jackson over money power. Martin Sobel. but since it is such a big source of shakedown money -. money talks. The Creature From Jekyll Island .questioning the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust (mostly in Europe. special privileges for minorities.) * * The Federal Reserve (Owned by the Rothschilds and their friends. and most historians agree that the conditions imposed on Germany virtually guaranteed another world war) ** WW2 (Churchill was paid off by is pretty clear why there is so much effort to keep Big Questions from being put in front of the public about this Jewish Big Lie. who were responsible for the largest bankruptcy in US history.the Swiss being only the most public example -. the 'freedom riders' were mostly Jews) ** The Bolshevik Revolution (60 million dead. The historical record is similar: For example. which makes totalitarian control easier) ** Civil rights (ie. the abolition of freedom of association. and guess what law was first to be promulgated by Lenin? Right! A law against antisemitism!) ** America's entry into WW1 (The Balfour Declaration was the payoff to the Zionist Jews for using their influence on President Wilson) ** The abuses of the Versailles treaty (More than 100 Jews were in the American delegation at the conference. male castration. and many other Jews) ** The laws against 'racism'.known Jews as Ivan Boesky and Marc Rich? And let us not forget the two major operatives in the Enron scandal. Theodore Hall.people who have no appreciation of the Constitution or Western values generally) ** Integration (ie. 'xenophobia' and -.) ** Assassination of JFK (Michael Collins Piper has made a strong case for Jewish . and miscegenation. and you can take that to the bank!) ** Most major contemporary financial scandals (Need we mention such well. who saved his Chartwell estate from the auctioneer. president of the Second Bank of the US. Jew Paul Warburg wrote the Federal Reserve Act) ** Control of both political parties (Hey. David Greenglass. ie.

you probably haven't had a clue as to what is really going on. and encouraged it as part of the largely-Jewish Russian revolution) ** Ecstasy (The trade in this drug is dominated by by the Church committee hearings in the 70s -. but then that is precisely why you should be reading my website.thebirdman. but Jews have long held principal sway.The reason for the hit was JFK's fervent opposition to Israel's nuclear arsenal) ** The Mob (Yes. as documented in Goldberg's The Jewish Connection and by several other authors (Normal Livergood. in . torture is defended by primarily by prominent Jews like Alan Dershowitz and CCNY Prof Michael Levin. with the Jewsmedia as your only source of information. too.) ** Attack on the USS Liberty ** MLK (His chief handler was communist Jew Stanley Levison) ** White slavery (The Jews love gentile women -. from Meyer Lansky onward. and experience has shown that rabbis make excellent Italy and Brazil) ** Torture (It's state policy in Of course. etc). www. who are far more brutal than even the domestic Jewish mob) ** Accusations against Libya resulting in the Reagan bombing (the accusations were the result of one of many so-called 'false flag' operations by the Mossad. and similar sites which cover these things. who was Nelson Mandela's handler.) ** And on and on. Italians have been significantly involved.has moved into standard English slang as chick ).shiksa -.responsibility in his book Final Judgment . and isn't it wonderful that Johannesburg is now the Rape Capital of the World and that SA is now a Turd-World cesspool?) ** Hitler (He was the grandson of a Rothschild. Certainly he had no problem with his Jewish bankers. and it won't be long before you. Ralph Epperson. can experience it if the Jews have their way!) ** MK-Ultra (This infamous CIA mind-control program -. as described by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception . it was used with great efficiency on German prisoners at the Nuremberg trials. and very possibly in league with them. and Israel is the center of trade in the sexual enslavement of white women) ** Kiddie porn (2 big Jewish rings recently exposed bed (so much so that the Jewish slang for gentile female -. literally.was headed by Jew Sidney Gottlieb) ** Cruelty (The quarter-Jew Yiddish-speaking Lenin praised Jews for their cruelty. We post piles of documentation every day for this stuff. where dozens of Germans had their testicles beaten to a pulp by members of the overwhelming Jewish presence there.) ** Destruction of South Africa (The South African Communist Party was headed by Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo. the Warburgs. and the problem is now even more acute with the importation of the 'refugees' of the 'Russian mafiya'. in America.

the shredding of the American Constitution. of which I am not a member. at a 50% rate. But it is not wrong to notice that the Jewish people are a seething nexus of crime against gentiles -. from the Jewish-led and Jewish-financed Bolshevik revolution thru political correctness. So what then is the matter with Mensa? What is the matter with an organization whose very purpose was to bring together the Best and the Brightest that they might discuss such Big Questions as these? The answer.will take the sting out of the Jewish scorpion and make him sufficiently domesticated to not require a Jewish Star on his sleeve. As for one that seeks to educate both Jews and gentiles on the former's nasty habits. as the lengthy collection of files on my site in the Jewish Question section demonstrates. then.are paralyzed by the threat of Jewish wrath and the meaningless yet anaphylactically venemous charge of 'antisemitism'. up from only 6% a generation ago -. The list could literally go on and on. maybe the last sentence is a bit hyperbolic.correct citizenry -. So what. even liberals can start to get the picture -. as so many countries have wished down thru the ages. of course. chewed. who simply desire that Jews be separated from gentiles. OK. and at the other. Under these circumstances it is no moral crime to be antisemitic. rather it is a moral obligation . chipped. US and Israeli war crimes and placing the world on the precipice of World War Three. I am not being quite accurate.the informationist crowd -. hacked and battered their way across American and European civilization. or separationists. after reading us for awhile. who believe that intermarriage -. at one extreme the 'gas all Jews now' crowd. even as the media -and indeed the bulk of its dumbed-down thoroughly-conditioned politically. There is. I have mailed my musings on the Jews during the last 3 years to numerous Mensans.both gents and Jews -. and as I have further documented in my book. hate crimes and the Holohoax to Palestinian genocide. In between these extremes there are of course the Zionists. if their minds haven't been terminally least sometimes. with the result that the few of us who have been screaming that the king has no clothes watch helplessly as our beloved civilization and its traditions of freedom and opportunity disappear with increasing rapidity down the gaping and unforgiving maw of the Orwellian memory hole. Another crowd -. am I getting at? Here is a paragraph I recently wrote on the subject: It is wrong to assign the blame for the crimes of individual Jews to the Jewish people as a whole.must do some serious thinking about the role of Jews in gentile society. and the statistics show that about 1/3 of them (mostly . with the hope of reforming and domesticating them while keeping the gents on their guard. 1997. Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa: A Case Study. is that Mensa is significantly Jewish. The 20th century has been replete with Jewish-led movements which wormed. Political Correctness. Socratic Press.addition to the many permanent posts. and while one swallow doesn't make a drunkard. but the point is that all of us -. and the remainder of it is significantly Ignorant. of course. I have not settled on any of these Final Solutions.a locus whose probability of producing any given assault on white Western civilization exceeds randomness by seven leagues and a country mile.sponsored torture. the miscegenationist crowd. State. but I do believe that they ought to be discussed. and the combination has attempted to suppress discussion of what is clearly the elephant in the livingroom.

OK. while I rarely speak about the subject. But go ahead -. means that there is a probable majority of Mensans who are interested in my message. even tho airport employees were required to undergo decontamination. First.brainy as they supposedly are -simply lack the courage to debate this matter. but 2/3 seem content to remain on my list and hear my message. I am including it now. * First. In conclusion. this elephant has been in the livingroom now for a loooong time. (You don't think that could parallel the present situation. in reading the Mensa Bulletin . Since it contains useful information. but did not get mailed for various reasons. that the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are interesting because. folks -. And there we have it. I find it much easier to believe that Mensans are just cowards. then. it was on Purim of 1991 when George Bush Sr ended his own little war on Iraq. one can argue forever about whether the Protocols are 'forgeries'. they certainly seem to describe what the Jews are actually doing. if you can believe it. while their provenance may be questionable.courage . This.women) ask to be removed from future mailings. I would like to briefly make three points. (The woman. how long do you think it will be before our next 'Ay-rab terrorist incident'? Huh? Huh? Till next time.prove me wrong.after all. and can you really say that intelligent people are not interested in all the damage it is doing? Frankly. as Henry Ford noted. but let's face it folks. was released. the yearly Jewish celebration of revenge which memorializes the tricking of a gentile king into slaughtering the Jews' enemies. I don't believe it. an Israeli woman was caught at New York's LaGuardia airport with a gas mask and a cannister of strange white powder which was 'at first' determined to harbor anthrax. But on the other hand. it is hard to keep from noticing that cracks are beginning to appear in the wall of silence that the Powers That Be in Mensa have erected .) So tell me. it is interesting to note that the President's announcement of a deadline for Saddam to comply with his 'final demands' came on none other than Purim. but one can't argue with the news stories that daily confirm the Protocols by fleshing out the image of the Jewish establishment as an 800-pound gorilla on steroids. Do you believe in coincidences? Do ya? * Just today. there seems little point in getting tangled up in a controversy over the Protocols -. Mensans -. Dear Fellow Mensans: There have been some new developments on the 'Jewish Question' front which I thought you would like to know about. it is a fact. but later was declared to be not so. * Second. some of them may simply not be interested. Birdman PS: The following letter was written for mailing to Mensans last fall. but most of them do not have the courage to band together and make the Jewish Question an issue in Mensa. do ya? Huh? Huh?) And as a further curiosity.

no fewer than TWO of which took a critical attitude toward the Self-Chosen. but I do know that this kind of tactic is guaranteed to generate a truckload of resentment when it is exposed. that they do not hesitate to use their money or power or connections to strongarm their way to dominance of our institutions and culture.seemed to be because people were hungry for honest discussion of the Jewish Question. that the Jewish establishment has significant control of our country. somebody will be building some REAL gas chambers. way or another -. Oh. namely. but rather that my letter somehow violated the policy of the ISP's phone company . But besides this. not by alleging that I had violated any policy of the ISP (I hadn't).including my website. and that my site was one of the very few where a forthright yet balanced discussion could be found. This letter. there is something else of significance that this little vignette shows. seems to have set off a grand mal seizure in the Mensa Censors.have not had a critical effect on this consciousness-raising. I described the fact that my website is now in the top half percent of more than 20 million websites worldwide as rated by Alexa. with the result that the phone company was threatening the ISP with cancellation unless my account was closed. The reason for this is quite simple: As the Jewish Establishment attempts more and more to dominate American and Western society. who succeeded in getting my ISP account canceled. and my wife had a long discussion of conspiracy theory and the Jewish Question with him over the phone. like many Jews who are not affected with the chauvinism of the Jewish suppress discussion of the Jewish I refer specifically to three (count 'em: THREE) letters in the most recent Bulletin (August 2002) on 'Anti-Semitism'. that the Jews and their shabby goy censors in Mensa are getting rather desperate in their attempts to shut me up. the ISP who booted us was Jewish. no matter what their feeling toward gentiles. It was obvious that he. . Do you suppose that they will be able to find another phone company that they can strongarm into pulling another event like the one they pulled last time? I of course have no idea. and continue to expose this kind of ugly Foreskinner behavior. and it is hard to believe that my efforts -. Now this is significant not merely by being an obscene exhibition of raw naked Jewish power.due purely to word-of-mouth -. they weren't rabidly 'antisemitic'. And that is not good for Jews as a whole. as I prefer to call them. namely. there will be more and more resentment caused.and my many letters to every Mensan whose email address has been published in the Bulletin -. because it means that this attempt of the tiny elite of a tiny 2 1/2 percent minority to dominate the other 97 1/2 percent might just mean that this time around. was not resentful of our message. or Jews. if for no other reason than that it is as much PRO-JEWISH as it is pro-white. and more and more people who will become wise to what is happening. so don't go away yet! In my last letter to Mensans.I shall continue these letters. and actually a rather nice fellow. As a footnote to the above. and that the Bulletin letters editor felt compelled by the pressure of numbers to publish what she did. But there's more. sure. but the point is that the fact that THREE letters were published on this topic almost certainly means that there were quite a few MORE than three received. which was put up in direct response to the censorship that Mensa exercised against me -. Obviously we are seeing a lot more consciousness of this issue. and that -. such as my letter to you. but also as a demonstration of the very things which I have been saying. and that this influence extends to the most minute activities. and that this popularity -.

and while we had significant disagreements. You can see the complete correspondence by visiting the Net Losses section of my website -. Well. Till next time. There is also good evidence -. So Read It While You Still Can!) To: Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad From John 'Birdman' Bryant (john@thebirdman.thebirdman. www. This is stuff of mountain-moving importance. www. over the last week or so. not by a long shot.thebirdman. and that we are not going away. He was author of one of the several letters published in the two. Rest in peace. my website. there was no hostility between spread of the March 2000 Bulletin devoted to denouncing me for my views on Jews. and I would hope that in death he would serve as a role model for other Jewish Mensans. overwhelming evidence -. will attack your country within the next month. continues to grow in popularity. details of which have been posted in the Daily Reads section of my website.with footin-mouth and head-up-butt. My point is not just that 'antisemitism' is becoming a moral imperative (yes. Date: 5 Oct 2006 Dear Mr President: There is good evidence to believe that my country.that the so-called leaders of our country -- .org. friend Gary.thebirdman. The wall of silence is crumbling. the United States. I might add that I have just concluded a correspondence with well-known novelist Tom Clancy on the Race and Jewish Gary was one of those truly intelligent Jews who could see that there is another side to the Jewish Question besides the Establishment one. and we had a long and generally friendly correspondence that continued right up until his death (He even subscribed to my Weekly Letter). and that Mr Clancy ended up like virtually everyone else who debates with me -.the Clancy correspondence is the last entry of the MissileAnus I shall not cease to inform Mensans of what is happening until the Jewish Question is discussed as freely in Mensa as any other. and you ignore it only at your peril. many of whom desperately need a role model in view of their obscene behavior as recorded in the letters posted on my ranking in only the last month or so. Jocko.As a final note. PS: Some of you undoubtedly knew Mensan Gary Eisler who recently died from cancer. Open Letter to the President of Iran 1. not long after the publication of his letter. Gary contacted me. Gary was a unique and specially valuable individual. nor anything inhibiting our airing of differences. www. but that the kind of material on my site appeals to a LOT of people. and indeed has significantly improved its Alexa. By John "Birdman" Bryant Open Letter to the President of Iran (But It's Really to You. fact. the politically (and SEMITICALLY) correct Mensa establishment is beginning to collapse. a MORAL IMPERATIVE).

especially Stalin.but after long study. And in a sense I still retain this feeling -.are in the thrall of Organized Jewry (more on this matter shortly) -.Paul Warburg & friends * Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent regimes. or at least prove it in the only sense in which proof can be offered. Let me begin by naming these cataclysms (or at least the ones I can currently think of). or else are simply ignorant of the facts. I am well aware that my saying all this will subject me in many quarters to the tired old smears of 'antisemite'. To this I would add that I do not make these accusations lightly. and also the Jewish Question section). and watching the Great Powers destroy themselves. or.IN FAVOR of Jews. 1905 (funded by Jacob Schiff) * 1906 attempted Russian Revolution (Lenin was involved) * Engineering of the election of Woodrow Wilson to get rid of Taft. by citing strong evidence. to which I can only respond that those who make such accusations are either liars. from the embers of which they expect the International Jewish Nation to arise and dominate the wreckage that remains.and that the intended attack on your country is part of a larger plan to destroy both Western civilization and Islam. I should add. including (in the words of the French ambassador to Great Britain) 'that shitty little country Israel' -.this prejudice in favor of things Jewish -.the subsections on Jews and Conspiracy Theory are the ones most relevant here. And furthermore. One observation which significantly bolsters my view of Organized Jewry is the fact that Jews have been behind VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR CATACLYSM OF THE LAST CENTURY. that Jews are killing our people and our culture. the Jew World Order. among more knowledgeable people.if that is the correct word -. I can PROVE it. namely.the Bush administration and the Congress in particular -. 'hater'. who was blocking the Federal Reserve Act (1912) * Federal Reserve (1913) . my eyes have been opened.60 million killed (Robert Conquest) * Getting America into WW1 (Balfour declaration) * 1919 depression * 1929 stock market crash (via contraction of credit) * Great Depression (maintaining contraction of credit) * Armenian Holocaust (by Judeo-Turks) . and as someone who has known and liked many individual Jews to the point of being very prejudiced -. and right now they are trying to do it by attacking your country. I am going to say that again for emphasis: JEWS HAVE BEEN BEHIND VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR CATACLYSM OF THE LAST CENTURY. creating a world war. Documentation for Jewish participation for most of these events will be found on my website in the sections mentioned earlier: * Panic of 1907 and other panics (to prepare the ground for the Federal Reserve) * Defeat of Russia by Japan. 'neo-nazi' and the like. Such facts. who was Jewish .by which I mean the small number of wealthy and influential Jews who direct the policies of the major Jewish organizations. as well as the equally tired smear of 'krazy konspiracy theorist'. rather I make them as a longtime student of Jewish behavior. are cited in abundance by the many articles from a wide variety of sources posted on my website (see especially the Articles of Others section -. in order that the world may be brought under their control in what is often called the New World Order (NWO). and I can see quite clearly from the Jewish behavior of the last century (see details below) which continues into the present.

creating an unending series of wars and conflicts via Jewish terrorism (bombing of King David Hotel.000 persons in Germany alone for the 'crime' of historical inquiry. including all the laws against Holo denial. etc etc etc * The Holocaust Lie and sequelae. Deir Yassin. I stated earlier that the Bush regime appears to be in the thrall of Organized Jewry -.The rise of Hitler was a reaction to the abuses of the Versailles Treaty (written by Jews according to Benjamin Freedman) and to Jewish revolutionary activity in Germany in the wake of WW1 (Rosa Luxembourg. and this for the simple reason that our survival may depend on doing so.The Jews also financed Hitler (Warburgs etc). and took its orders from Moscow . and Hitler himself was 1/4 Jew * American entry into WW2 (Jew Roosevelt was eager to enter. etc which continues to the present) . but it does show that there is a constant procession of evil coming from the Jewish quarter. where most of the Freedom Riders were Jews * Nazism . and that. assassination of Folk Bernadotte. which was mostly Jewish.* Deliberate fostering of American racial strife . with Jonathan Pollard. the 'Pentagon memo' concerning Jews.Throwing Arabs out of their ancient homelands. the funnelling of billions of dollars to the rogue state of Israel by the US and Germany * Founding of Israel .the problem continues. and made Pearl Harbor a sitting duck) * Creation of the Soviet atomic bomb (see The Diaries of Major Jordan) * Atomic and other spying . 'all Jews are created evil'.a force which apparently seeks the destruction of both the West and Islam as part of a plan . declared war on him (1933). from the Rosenbergs downward . including several of my friends. it is essential to consider the possibility of at least isolating this community from which so much trouble comes.continued thru the Civil Rights era. the prosecution of 100. making the US an enemy of Arabs. Larry Franklin. even if we reject the 'final solution' of the gas-all-Jews-now crowd.practically all were Jews.And don't forget the role of Jew Hitler and his Jewish regime which negotiated the Ha'avara (Transfer Agreement) (See Kardel's Hitler: Founder of Israel) * The creation of a Zionist Occupation Government in the US and most other Western countries ("Congress is Israeli-occupied territory") * Attack on the USS Liberty * Assassination of JFK (see Michael Collins Piper's books) * Nonwhite immigration (1965 immigration 'reform') * Antiwhite discrimination (1964 'Civil Rights' act et seq) * Hate crime laws (ADL) * Anti-militia statutes (ADL) * Feminism (Most major feminists are Jewish) * US attack on Libya (Ostrovsky's By Way of Deception) * Gulf Wars 1 and 2 * Hiring of KGB and Stasi chiefs for Homeland Security (Jew Chertoff = 'Devil') * Judaization of America and the world (all major media are in Jewish hands) * 911 and subsequent coverup (see my extensive collection of articles) * White slavery (Israel) The fact that Jews have been major players in all these events does not of course prove that.Policy of CPUSA. in the words of JBR Yant. et al) .

My reason for saying this is that there is simply no other reasonable explanation for the egregiously destructive behavior of Bush and his henchmen. On top of this. This is evidently being undertaken because traditional America stands as a significant stumbling block to the efforts of the New World Orderlies to enslave the earth's population in a NWO/JWO dictatorship. We can. * Prosecution of an illegitimate war in Iraq which was based on admittedly false information. is the Bush administration's egregiously destructive behavior -. however. The result is the evaporation of American jobs.a conclusion which is supported by numerous other observations including the kosherization of the kitchen at the White House and the large number of Jews who play or have played a major role in the Bush administration -. and a kind of genteel Third-world poverty imposed on American workers. the transferring of American industry and technology to foreign countries. a little-publicized but formally-acknowledged and rapidly progressing program which will bring an end to the unique American nation. raising crime rates in a major way. and those of us who are speaking out against what he and his cronies have done may not have long before the prison doors close behind us. Fleischer. Chertoff and many many others. Indeed. American authorities have actually arrested and prosecuted these volunteers. Not only has the Bush administration been guilty of malignant neglect in keeping an adequate border patrol force in place. along with property owners who have taken efforts to secure their land from the ravages of these parasites.Wolfowitz. and in the process destroy the tradition of individual freedom which makes America unique among the countries of the world. thereby insuring that American industries would go overseas in search of cheap labor. Zakim. unless we wish to invoke an even more exotic explanation. Feith. even going so far in the most recent legislation as to rescind the ancient tradition of habeas corpus and legalize the use of torture.behavior which is wildly contrary to the interests of the American people? Here is a list of some major items: * Allowing a virtually open border with Mexico which permits Mexicans and other Thirdworld residents to stream into the country by the millions. but has actually undermined citizen efforts to keep the border closed by alerting the Mexican authorities to the locations of these volunteer observers so that illegal border-crossers could avoid them. * Adopting 'free trade' policies which force American workers to compete with dollar-aday Third-world workers and Chinese 'laogai' slave laborers. strengthen our argument that Bush's behavior stems from an effort in behalf of the NWO/JWO by citing the research of author Texe Marrs. lowering Americans' wages by competing with the native population. * Enactment of the so-called Patriot Act and similar pieces of legislation which have ignored and thus severely undermined our Constitution and Americans' traditional liberties. who has uncovered documentary evidence that the Bush family is Jewish -. which was backed by a 'coalition of the willing' put together by threats and .for world domination. you may ask. * Arranging to merge America into a 'North American Union' with Canada and Mexico. Libby. as things now stand. such as that Bush is under the control of hostile space aliens. and 'reconquering' the American Southwest by demographic means. undermining American culture. Bernanke. But what. George Bush is effectively a dictator.

which continues apace in spite of its irrelevance and the exposure of its baselessness. the so-called threat of the probably-nonexistent Al Qaeda. and the other a former officer of the East German secret police (Stasi). indeed. which is irreversibly polluting the region with depleted uranium. no matter whether the behavior of the Bush administration and the Congress -and for that matter. too late because their guns and ammunition will have been taken away 'for their own good'. (Needless to say. And yet.payoffs. one a former officer of the Soviet Union's secret police (KGB). and which is permanently sickening our entire soldiery with irreversible diseases from exposure not only to depleted uranium. at the behest of the liberal (and ultimately Jewcontrolled) education establishment. * Responsibility for causing the attacks of September 11. the probably-long-dead CIA operative Osama bin Laden. virtually no critical faculties. like the hoo-ha over the so-called war on terror. the behavior of the several administrations before the present one -. they know what a map is.) More than this. too late because the Cassandras and other troublesome people like me will have been permanently confined in one of the 600 currently-empty-but-staffed-and-ready secret prisons that make up the American gulag. in spite of all this. had the purpose of whipping America into a frenzy of hatred for the Islamic/Arabic world so that war could be justified and civil liberties curtailed. Certainly Americans have forgotten our . and too late because we will have all been microchipped and can be controlled by punishment and reward signals generated by a computer at Homeland Insecurity. not much of the information which I have cited here has appeared on TV. but to dangerous chemical cocktails forced upon the troops in the guise of 'vaccinations' and other forms of 'protection'. in just the last half-century government schools have managed to dumb down entire generations to the point that most graduates possess little real information. and similar phenomena. but I think the matter can be traced to the following facts: * Control of information: Except for the Internet. the fact remains that it is part of a clearly and obviously deliberate program to destroy this nation. to say nothing of the population of the Islamic world. Americans will probably do little or nothing to oppose this madness until it is too late -. or whether it is the result of something more exotic such as the destructive influence of space aliens who are using Jews and others as their tools. and it has become a sort of psychological truism that 'if you didn't see it on TV. and why aren't there millions of Americans marching on Washington armed to the teeth and ready to put an end to this administration and stop the gathering clouds of WW3? There is no one single answer. currently headed by Jew-devil Michael Chertoff ('Chertoff' means 'devil' in Russian) and his two 'advisors'.is the result of subversion by Organized Jewry (or Organized Jewry in collusion with other groups). 2001. better known as 911.too late because they are too psychologically disarmed by the lies of the Jew-controlled mass media. and in this sense is wildly contrary to the interests of American citizens. Jews control the mass media. then it didn't happen'. an operation which clearly had the cooperation and participation of the highest levels of the American and Israeli governments and which. and generally cannot even find Iran on a map -. In short. which is largely irrelevant to American interests while enormously relevant to Israeli interests. But why won't Americans do anything? Why isn't there outrage all over America.if.

More particularly. feel guilty for the failure of blacks. the myriad array of government programs. ie. Christianity is on the skids. this has served to take away from both men and women the uniqueness . Christianity taught its followers to fear guilt and shame rather than death because there was life after death. which are increasingly in the minority). which is simply that black IQ trails white IQ by a substantial amount. and Christian faith provided a moral self-confidence that would not have tolerated the present Washington outrages.history. student loans and government grants. Likewise. and even those who call themselves Christian do not seem to take their religion seriously. but demanded that they be responsible for righting the wrongs of the world. The result of the guilt trip laid on whites is that they have accepted legal discrimination as a remediation for their guilt in the form of affirmative action. has created a network of dependence that makes many people unwilling to disturb the status quo lest they suffer financial harm. and which has been especially deleterious to our culture because it has attempted to blur the lines between men and women. this equality would be realized in fact. among whom are numbered racial minorities (except whites. religion has provided a basis for morality. * Loss of religion: Among most of mankind. and where the underlying assumption is that all people are equal. and in particular has attempted to make men into women and women into men. most Americans were farmers or artisans who were not dependent on the government for much of anything. Americans were largely Christian. but never to the real cause. and especially normal white men. but only regard their church as a sort of social club primarily useful for meeting girls. This not only made Christians willing to fight and die for their principles. tears and sweat by our patriotic forefathers. Today. and is a pact with those heroes which we violate by our failure to take and that if it were not for the 'oppression' forced upon others by sexually-normal white males. shape or form equal to whites. which is basically a special deference to women. and psychological trauma for the creative force of Western civilization. * Dependence on the government: As little as a hundred years ago. lowered income. Political correctness. homosexuals and the handicapped. white men have been made to feel guilty about the inability of women to be men. welfare and unemployment insurance to corporate welfare. a pathological sensitivity and deference to the 'disadvantaged'. but rather by women being 'discriminated against'. quotas. whose major instrument of implementation has been the Jewish-controlled media. toil. a failure which is wrongly attributed to 'racial discrimination' (all other American minorities have been 'discriminated against' -.but have succeeded within a generation or two). Today. women. from Social Insecurity. a fact presumably caused not by women being unequal to men. * Assault on America's white population: One of the great Jewish-led assaults against Western civilization is the promotion of what is called 'political correctness'. Only a hundred years ago. ie. * Manliness: An important part of the policy of political correctness is feminism. Irish. however. set-asides and similar programs. Jews -. has undermined America by making whites. and guilt or shame for failure to act rightly would result in an eternity of damnation. and particularly that the liberty we have enjoyed for the last 200 years was paid for in blood. Chinese. that blacks are in no way. leading to fewer jobs. Besides being the acme of absurdity.

meaning simply that lynching. and indeed. rested on the assumption that the Russians would have been man enuf to pull the trigger -. lawbreakers whose deeds were particularly egregious would be visited in the middle of the night by a posse of the leading citizens and summarily lynched. with the consequence that the very instrument that protects America from foreign wrong has been seriously weakened. normal men who have received instruction in manliness in the normal way would know how to deal with the abuses of George Bush and Company: There would be a spontaneous multi-million-man march on Washington. as they were known in less . Accordingly.of their gender. One can perhaps best appreciate the situation by considering the fact that women have for some years been admitted to the service academies: Their presence in the most masculine of masculine environments has resulted in the dumbing down (so to speak) of the rigors which officer trainees need to experience in order to properly prepare for their role as warriors. and in fact.hanging by their balls from DC lampposts. tho outside the normal channels of justice. Solzhenitsyn's observation. but it also happened to whites. Americans have failed in their responsibility to the rest of the world. the ratio of whites to blacks who were lynched was proportional to the ratio of per capita white to black crime that we see in the present day. and the upshot is that the government has ceased to fear the people. exactly like the government of the 'Jewish Bolsheviks'. is that the men who are willing to take the law into their own hands in cases of necessity have disappeared as a result of men failing to learn how to be men.more likely -. I say this not on the basis of speculation. In those days. we are completely disarmed mentally. As author JB Campbell has pointed out.the result of political correctness is that men have been turned into pantywaists by feminist propaganda which has effectively castrated them and removed them from the political equation. however. would all be in prison or -. But there is no doubt about it: Our assumption which may have been just as wrong for the Russians then as it is for Americans today because of a forlorn hope that the government is not as evil as the evidence shows it is. but one which has become difficult in the extreme in the context of hysterical feminist claims that the traditions of manliness are somehow morally wrong. As most people know. while men under normal circumstances would recognize that it was their duty to act against the tyranny centered in Washington -. along with most members of the criminally-complicit congress. this happened to blacks. In this sense. thus completing yet another part of the NWO program to destroy America and the West. with the result that we are likely to be disarmed physically in the near future by the drones of the New World Order without a shot being fired.a difficult enuf thing to learn in normal times. with the result that men have failed to learn how to 'be men' -. The latter remark calls to mind the observation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that the communist (read: JEWISH) terror in the Soviet Union would have been quickly extinguished if the population had been armed and those who received the proverbial midnight knock on the door resisted their would-be captors with firepower -. and the president and his henchmen. while we are armed to the teeth physically. As I suggested above.something which the communist authorities kept from happening by disarming the population 'before the Party began'. however. was at least racially fair. to themselves: They have not gathered in Washington for a lynching party because they have collectively forgotten how to be the risk of their lives if necessary -. as I have determined from historical statistics. The problem today. then. but on the basis of how things actually worked in this country before about 1950.

that violence will not be necessary -. and I only hope you can recognize the grave responsibility which that entails. their country. and sending it to my mailing lists with a request that it be sent to all those on the mailing lists of the recipients. But till that time. just seven years ago I predicted in the pages of the national magazine of Mensa. because of the temptation I know you must have to bring the war home to Americans by staging attacks like 911. But there is another reason that I am writing you. But it is a risk I feel absolutely obligated to undertake. would be a big mistake. each with a sign reading "Bush: TRAITOR" or "RESIGN!" or "RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION" or "NO MORE WAR FOR ISRAEL". . Mr President: By publishing this as an open letter to you on my website. my purpose has been to explain to you why America. and it has only been by virtue of tipoffs by insiders that these incidents have been aborted. is just as evil as it can be. of course. and Americans generally.and indeed ourselves -.politically-correct times. In writing this letter to you. with the hope that others will do their duty to stop the cabal of madmen in Washington and restore the Constitution. but is on the verge of becoming America's and the world's worst nightmare. because I am in a key position to act as a sentinel of the gathering storm. and for which I was roundly excoriated in an unprecedented 3-page denunciation published in the magazine's next issue. it appears that government operatives have tried to stage other 911-like events. the fate of the world may rest in your hands. and we may yet do so if we can get our message out to the couch-potato zombies who have been conditioned by the One-Eyed Jew In The Livingroom to hate themselves. Indeed.even something as simple as ten thousand pickets surrounding the white house. Mr President. It is my to survive. In closing. it gives me little consolation to note that. with your cooperation. I only hope that my fellow citizens. because it would probably have the effect of creating significant political support for a war against your country here in America -. Would that we could march on Washington. etc. for it seems only a matter of time before dissidents like myself are rounded up and dispatched. in spite of the fact that our socalled leaders seem determined to wage war on you. To this I might add that I am in a very real sense doing this at the risk of my life. are not your enemy. their race and their heritage. however. by violence if necessary. something must be done. It is important for you to understand this. Somebody is going to have to start doing some shooting. But whatever it takes. and they are going to have to start soon if WW3 is to be avoided. and done soon if our nation -. the prediction has not only come true.a situation which is not in the best interest of either you or us. the international high-IQ society of which I am a member. and all chanting slogans in unison might well bring the administration down after a few days. that the Jewish Question would be the most important issue of the 21st century -a prediction which cited many instances of devastating Jewish misbehavior. This. and getting more and more evil by the day. I am hoping to help awaken the slumbering American giant which has been hypnotized by absurd government lies and propaganda in service of the NWO/JWO. and yet only seven years later. but which would play directly into the hands of the traitors and fifth-columnists who rule the roost in Washington. may help lead America out of this lethal swamp before we are all eaten by alligators.

I hate and despise jews because they are trying to kill or genetically eliminate my race. So what happens is that they either react like liberals. thanks for the kind words. Mexicans. I have tried to deal with it before.mouth-frothing goose-stepping hood-wearing idiots. lived with them. I love your web site but I still cannot figure out why you are so fascinated with the jews. I want them eliminated because they are trying to eliminate me and my family (race)! It is kill or be killed! Maybe there are a few good jews but so what? The jews in power are the one's who are instigating the genocide program and these so-called "good jews" are not trying to stop them! Your seeming love of jews is the only thing I have against you and your web site. I could try to analyze why. It is an intellectual task that is simply beyond the capacity of most people. In particular. I have loved their women. You seem to love them. However. John "Birdman" Bryant . I have never. and Asians who have been very nice to me in all ways. and I will give it another try now. and scream that I am a bigot and a hater and all manner of evil stuff. but the fact remains. and I have spent a LOT of time trying to explain to people exactly what is going on. ever met a jew who was not arrogant and either stabbed me in the back or did it to one of my friends. None has ever acted improperly with me. And here's the rub: It is just very difficult for us stupid goys to see how such nice. The question you ask about my liking Jews is a very tricky and troublesome one.Respectfully and hopefully. I like Jews on a personal level. John 'Birdman' Bryant "Live free or die!" On Liking Jews: Correspondence With Maynard 1. and all the rest. intelligent and beautiful people like the Jews can -as a group -. as I have said many times before. Thanks. Maynard [Birdman responds:] Dear Maynard: First. First. I have spent many pleasant hours with them. But liking Jews as individuals is a far different thing from liking what their organizations and group behavior are accomplishing. danced their dances. I still do not want to live with them and I don't want them to colonize my country. I have met blacks. or else they end up behaving like the cartoon nazis and kluxers that Mo Dees shows on his TV programs -. And I am certainly not going to embrace a philosophy that says I have to hate people that I like. successful. By [Maynard writes:] tearing our culture and our race to shreds.

but there may simply be no other way. That doesn't mean 'gas all Jews now' -.maybe just send them to Israel and let them stew in the brew that their little Hitlers have cooked up so nicely. as I have said many times: If the Jewish swamp keeps producing mosquitoes that make us sick. But whoever the enemy may be. and one that developed from the Enlightenment into a rejection of kingly despotism and mercantilism in favor of government by the consent of the governed and Adam Smith's Invisible Hand of the free market. the Bilderbergers. They profit from Western civ just as much as we do. There are other powerful groups who are anti-freedom and antiWestern -. and I could never be that if I hated them. the big corporations (they make their money by manipulating government. however. and maybe never. then we have to think about draining the swamp.the freedom that had its beginnings in the Magna Carta and the English common law and Bill of Rights. and in doing so.that civilization is going to disappear. But let me say this. but they aren't what we need now. I said -. And if their little Hitlers have their way -. The war we are fighting is for the minds of men. the big foundations (Carnegie. and so they are our enemies. and nothing but Jews. alienating the very large mass of Jews whom we could recruit to help us. I have chosen to concentrate my attention on Jews because I see them as the most immediate threat. By now you may feel that my liking Jews is a weakness. too: Will things really change if we are judenfrei? After all. But I am not going to be dishonest and say the problem is Jews. And then there are the Really Big Jews -. I will say this.Now in saying all that. And because I like them I can kick their . I venture to say that we do not know who all of them are. Ford). We need to win these people over as well as our own's not just Jews. by showing that it is IN THEIR SELF-INTEREST TO SUPPORT US. namely. Yes. it is most of all an effect of freedom -.mainly the Rothschilds -. all Jews.who may actually be at the center of all this discord simply because they are so rich and powerful and can buy whoever and whatever they want.maybe not likely. and because their organizations went after me. Rockefeller. And that civilization is not just the cumulative synergistic effect of Western art and music and math and science. So if we could just reform the system. And the kind of gentile lowlifes that make up our representatives are not strong testament to our nation's moral fiber. by any means. but it is actually a strength. But if we know some of our enemies. the Ash-can-nazis -. and unless we can get it across that people who are nice individually can be devils collectively. Possible. I am a salesman for the point of view that it is in the Jews' self-interest to preserve Western civ. then we are going to lose that war.the CFR. it's possible that the Jews would work out fine. The Establishment Jews are the sworn enemies of that freedom. And one of the reasons we are going to lose is because we are going to have the kluxers and the nazis setting the agenda. or at least the organizations that claim to represent them can be. or even the majority. but who will prove a very formidable enemy if they feel threatened by us. the ADLpated. it may be unfair to all those innocent beings in the swamp who aren't bothering us. the Mossadomites. the Jews became a problem because they learned to work the system better than anyone else. the Trilats. from Big Drugs and Big Banks to Big Agriculture and Big Military) -. and we need to do it by one very simple means. The weaknesses of the system are still there and have to be corrected.the Weisenthralers. I am not saying that the KKK and the nazis didn't do some good and useful things.

I didn't realize [all this] at the time. and probably still are. please). One thing that attracts me about the Jewish Question is its difficulty -. Unmasking Irving.I have written a great deal on the subject. of course. Their definition of an anti-Semite is of course far broader than yours or mine. namely anyone they don't like. you find the greatest hate in the divorce courts -.after all. I very much expect that so do a lot of other Movement people. And as soon as you use the words 'conspiracy' and 'Jew' in the same sentence. -j . It is worth remarking in the present context that the Jewish Question is an extremely difficult problem. or anyone who is in the least bit [un]sympathetic to their aspirations to ride roughshod over the rest of mankind.I am just foolish and brash enuf to rush in where the politically-correct angels fear to tread. Another thing that attracts me is the forbiddenness -. In closing. It has occupied me as a philosopher for a very long time. They keep up this pressure until their victim accuses 'the Jews' of being out to get them. And it's more fun. Love and hate are not really opposites so much as they are mirror images -. London: Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. right and centre. and employ violent thugs and agents provocateurs at street level with the rationale that in the struggle against eternal anti-Semitism. and yet I am constantly coming across Gordian knots that need to be hacked apart. because I seem to have the field to myself -.collective butt all around the room and not feel guilty. even tho I am strongly drawn to working in other areas -. or of conspiring against them. logic and similar esoterica. (No cracks about Jewish divorce lawyers. What I am saying is that the real opposite of love/hate is indifference. This is what they have done to most people on the extreme right and on the anti-Zionist left. and once they get enlightened on this point. Right makes might.between people who were once in love. Movement people are starting to become aware of just how much they love Jews." --Alexander Baron. but just can't find a way to make it work. The Churchill Papers: Revising the Revisionists. and surely he can't be an anti-Semite. anything goes. 1994: 71 Thanks again for writing.paradoxes. pull wires behind the scenes. you could say. even the likes of Noam Chomsky have claimed this. both from a practical and from a philosophical viewpoint. you can be dismissed as a lunatic fringe nutter or conspiracy crank. But if I like Jews. and which makes plain the dynamics of how the Jewish Establishment is jerking us around serious philosopher other than myself is working in the area of Jew-criticism.very few serious philosophers have an audience as large as I do. too -. But this is a benefit of a sort. let me recount a quote which I plan to post shortly on my Jewish Question page. we will start to make some real progress. smear people left. but I'm older and far wiser now. which means I can do it better and harder.a quote which is important because I believe that you are a victim of the tactics it describes: "They [Organized Jewry] use every dirty trick in the book.

but whether a person finds it compelling depends solely on the particular person who sees it. then. By John "Birdman" Bryant We all know that there are those who have been given ample information about the Jewish Question and yet refuse to see Jews as a threat to America. in favor of attributing every instance of bad Jewish behavior merely to certain individual Jews. my conclusion is that there are two factors responsible for this blocking. It is thus reasonable to inquire as to what blocks such persons' ability to see what many of us consider to be little short of obvious. or the white race.including those who fail to draw the conclusion at all -can properly be said to be 'wrong'. and one could argue likewise for every other event or situation cited as evidence of the Jewish undermining of Western or American civilization. the position which one takes on the Jewish Question is a matter of belief. since it is not a logical conclusion that is to be (or not to be) drawn. . It is similar to the situation in which x happens. They include the taboo which surrounds the criticism of Jews -. The first factor is the reluctance to draw an inductive conclusion from the facts -something which might be described as acknowledging the existence of all the dots. but rather an inductive one. but no one -. This of course is not irrational. For example. In reflecting on the matter. but without a willingness to connect them into the Big Picture which the rest of us see. And they certainly include the many laws which have been passed against 'Holocaust denial' and 'antisemitism'. which force people to recognize both the considerable power of Organized Jewry and the fact that Jews fear the truth and thus wish to hush it up. one might argue that it was carried out by people who just happened to BE Jewish. we may nonetheless be happy that there are other factors which act to open people's minds. The second factor blocking the conclusion that Jews are a threat is the refusal to make generalizations about Jews. and smearing their opponents as 'evil racists' and 'haters'. They also include the fact that the Jews and their friends refuse to debate with those who set forth seemingly-rational arguments. Ultimately. particularly regarding the Holocaust. We can build a mountain of evidence.something which reveals the power and willingness of Jews and their shabby goy factotems to do harm to people who dare to criticize the Self-Chosen. the West. or the white race.Why the Blindness Toward Jewish Behavior? 1. y} have to occur before one concludes that x causes y? Some will draw the conclusion of causation more quickly than others. and then y happens immediately after: How many times does the sequence {x. rather than saying that the Russian Revolution was Jewish. And exactly what that person believes has much to do with the success of the mass media in painting the Jews as 'good guys' and 'victims'. But if this is disappointing. These include the many lies and exaggerations which Jews have been responsible for.

so by assuming the blame." -. the assumption made by many white liberationists is that Christianity is good. In the present case it is the 'evil Jew' who is said to be unable to do anything right or good. but because there are so many whose reasoning is infected by the DOYE fallacy. it must be bad. Whether such moves would lead to the institution of a Christian theocracy with George W Bush in charge is left unstated. a lot of people may just be angry enuf to insure that there will be some real gas chambers this time. it does make for a bit of frisson. if our enemies are doing it. The Jewish Question and the Danger of Mistaken Criticism 1. In my efforts at publicizing the Jewish Question. but is something which detracts from the impact of the valid criticisms by lowering the credibility of the one making the criticism. yourself. which have occupied a considerable amount of my time over the last several years. and when it does. so we should do exactly the opposite. whereas you DO have power over your own actions. let me say that much of the mistaken criticism made of Jews is fueled by a logical fallacy which I call the 'do the opposite of your enemies' fallacy. whereas in fact the Jew does a lot of things right. you merely guarantee that the problem will remain unsolved.Proverbial wisdom tells us that the truth will out. or at least goes in many right directions. and the abolition of legal abortion. you motivate yourself to find a solution from the only source from which a solution is likely to come. By John "Birdman" Bryant "Never blame others when you can blame yourself. but to the criticism of those acts. The reasoning is evidently that.JBR Yant 'Moderation in all things' is a bit of ancient wisdom which should apply not only to the acts of men. As a preliminary. these folks want a return of the Ten Commandments to the walls of the court house. the remolding of the Winter Solstice into Christ's Mass. since you have no power to make others act. In particular. namely. and to point out why they are wrong or counterproductive in the task of dealing with the Jewish Question. but which impedes the effort to publicize the real and important problems that surround and emanate from this tiny but powerful international nation. A good example of the DOYE fallacy involves Christianity: Because the 'evil Jews' are mostly atheists. . and therefore we ought to return the Old Time Religion to the place of prominence which it held in Great-Great-Grandfather's time. What I am getting at is that making a wrong criticism is not merely something which is wrong in itself. In the present essay I wish to discuss the major criticisms I have seen which are mistaken. Basically the fallacy is fueled by a lack of openmindedness which refuses to abide by the wisdom of 'give the Devil her due': Those given to the fallacy evidently hate their enemies so much that they simply cannot acknowledge that those enemies have anything good about them whatsoever. even if often going too far. but also a fair amount of criticism which is not only wrong. the reinstatement of Bible-reading in the schools. By blaming others. or DOYE fallacy for short. I have seen much good and useful criticism of Jews.

of course. at least some sects of Orthodox Jews are obligated to spit in contempt when passing a Christian church. however. Science & Superstition. and the progress which I have made on this score will be found in several of my books. I myself have been deeply involved in this struggle. Thus if we are to accuse the Jews of undermining religion. as reflected by Jewish objections to creches and crosses and Ten Commandment postings on government turf -. Christianity has been undergoing major deconstruction ever since the beginning of the Enlightenment. the warfare takes on a life of its own. it seems that this may well be interpreted as praise for helping to sweep away two thousand years of superstition. Indeed. and thereby left Jews with resentment against Christians and Christianity that has been passed down thru the generations. but we are at the same time struggling to replace the faith that has carried Western man so far for so long. and hence one that feels itself more vulnerable. The problem here is somewhat that of a Hatfield-McCoy-type feud -. where all actions are but reactions that invite yet more reactions while the original dispute is completely forgotten. as in the accusations of 'Christ killers' and what Jews call the 'blood libel'. the main conflict nowadays is not between Christians and religious Jews. Galileo and Newton gave the Church a body-blow from which it has never recovered. to destroy Western civilization whose moral moorings are anchored to it. and the fact that whites have not yet replaced their former faith with something that will stand up to scientific scrutiny is not . The promotion of the secular world view is yet another largely bogus accusation that has been liberally laid on the Jewish doorstep. Today we are still involved in the task of religious deconstruction. But if Jewish objections to such symbolism in both a secular and religiously-tolerant society are fully justified. The Most Powerful Idea Ever Discovered. where the theories of Copernicus. and Religion. the opposite claim that Jews have destroyed Christianity is not. Jewish hatred of Christians still seems to be alive and well: For example. the Talmud is full of hateful passages.once it gets started.Perhaps the strongest reinforcement of the DOYE fallacy is the well. that organized Jewry has attacked Christianity with the view of realizing the Jeffersonian notion of 'separation of church and state'. who proclaimed that she was able to believe five impossible things before breakfast.documented idea that Jews 'hate Christianity' and are trying to destroy it. tho Christian hatred of Jews still comes up for air from time to time. There is no doubt. While I believe there is some truth to this. however. and by so doing. In such a case it is not possible to assign blame for the conflict. and there are believable accusations that Jews have infiltrated the Church of Rome in order to neutralize and Judaize it -. but between secular Jews and non-Jews. but a sensitive point for those still adhering to the Christian faith in this secular age. inasmuch as the Church persecuted Jews in historical times. In any event.not a big deal in practical terms.but all this may simply be a product of the fact that the Jews are a small population. but even if it were. the Founders of our nation were largely atheists. In contrast. and in particular we are struggling to separate the genuine wisdom which the Church embraced from the nonsense so aptly characterized by the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland. there is also some justification for it. the real point is to stop the fighting by damping out the attacks on both sides. Christians no longer seem to hold a theological brief against Jews. including Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy. a fact which they disguised by calling themselves Deists and using frequent references to 'God' in their documents in order to palliate the still-religious masses who had not yet been brought up to speed in Philosophy & Religion.

birth control and venereal prophylaxis have a hell of a lot more to do with it than porn could conceivably have. The point I am trying to make in the above discussion is that people relish porn and therefore do not relish repression of it. society hasn't collapsed because of it. and like it a lot. because Islam is far worse than the Jews in just about every way you can name -. it is true that marriage is having its problems these days. since it is birth control and venereal prophylaxis which remove the immediate bars to casual sex. lest anyone hasn't noticed. is very bad reasoning. wring their hands unendingly over the unbearable crudity of sex on TV -.more usually -. while real enuf. Certainly . but in their making a very good business out of it. Repression is a feature of both the Christian and Islamic mindset. who are just as much at loose ends in the religious department as the rest of those who have not read my books. but never seem to realize that they could pretty much solve the problem by turning the TV off. This. another important example of this reasoning involves the Arab states and Islam.simply embrace all of Arabia and Islam as friendly. ought to make us realize that moral relativity has been around a Hell of a lot longer than Hegelians have been muttering and murmuring about the Absolute. Porn is merely a reflection of a more sexualized society. for many pornstars are themselves Jews. not a cause of it.or looks at it. but the fact that porn is everywhere shows that people like it. whatever that is. a primitive justice system. and to claim that ladies and gentlemen are any more willing to go at it today than during the libertinage of the 18th century is a dubious proposition indeed.they make their women wear burlap sacks and veils. for example. And what is more. and indeed. 'immoral' -. at least when they are not involved in humongous heaps of hypocrisy (Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Jim Bakker? Billy James Hargis? The huge porn collection of King Faisal? Etc. because they hate the Jews and their 'shitty little country' so much. a society in which the only fun a man can have is killing opponents of Allah and raping their women. and in fact not credible at all. Yes. Islamics are just as prudish as Christians.worldview.a sin which can reasonably be laid at the Jewish doorstep inasmuch as Jews are the dominant force in virtually every area of mediaship -and insist that it should be censored. however. The sexual liberality of Jews has resulted not only in Jews not objecting to pornography. Here the white liberationist DOYEns embrace the old Arab proverb that 'The enemy of your enemy is your friend'. to say nothing of the overt sexuality of all the Very Old Time Religions. and they have 'morals police' who patrol public places and whip anyone who happens to show too much calf -. etc?) is of course the same old nattering nabobbery of negativity when it comes to porn. And what with the orgies of early Christianity that went by the name of agapes. a crazy allencompassing religion. except worse -.a repressive society. and this has led to the wrongful blaming of Jews for their sexually-liberal -ie. Christians. Returning now to the DOYE fallacy. thereby telling us inadvertently how important oral sex is in their society.something which can be laid on the doorstep of Jews. or -. The attitude of Christians and Islamics. etc. Jewish tyranny. particularly as it involves sex. and that the accusation against porn that it has caused a fracture in society is at least unproved. but the idea that the cause can be assigned to porn is fatuous -. But it is not just Jews behind the cameras or the desks who have made porn into a major industry. is a breeze in comparison to this.

and 'hard work'. but if there is any sin in that. indeed. while the Jewish doctors are guilty of nothing more than making a buck by doing the work that others are unwilling to do. because (among other things) it ignores the real issues surrounding abortion.the parents or the State? In short. (3) Should we not use abortion and birth control to keep the lower classes from swamping the rest of us. Jews may be guilty of organizing gay anger and directing it against the institutions of prudery. that it held an honored place in the very cradle of Western civilization. Another dubious accusation against Jews which is closely related to the porn debate is that over homosexuality. as we are reminded with virtually every new day's news. The ugly fact which prudes and numerous white liberationists do not wish to acknowledge is that homosexuality has been around since time immemorial. the original 'staff of life'. if Jews love money more than they love art or music or women or spelunking. inasmuch as such repression. and (4) Who is a better judge of whether a fetus/infant should live -. and their accusers were just jealous of their success. 'initiative'. then where is the crime in this? Indeed. coupled with the ban on priestly marriage. then I will join my Chinese colleagues in helping to orally recycle a fetus. and it is Christians who are the ones opposed to abortion on the theory that they must 'save the souls' of the little ones. there is at least as much sin in the way prudish society has marginalized and repressed homosexuality. In my view. the Christians and their white liberationist friends are missing the important issues because of stupid Christian theology. Are Jews to blame for this? I don't think so. Another bogus accusation against the Jews which is sometimes embraced by white liberationists is the legalization and practice of abortion. we sully our legitimate accusations and make ourselves look like much so. money is the staff of life in a very real sense -. but lusting after the angelic little boys of their parishioners. that another name for money is 'bread'. This accusation seems to be based on the fact that it is Jewish doctors who are the most frequent practitioners in the abortion business. is a bogus accusation for two reasons: First.and not only gay. But here again the Jewish taste for money. however. This. but stupid. If this is something to criticize the Jews about. (2) Should we not employ eugenics to better the race. many white liberationists insist on accusing Jews of using porn to fractionate society. ancient Greece. in spite of the resounding Nixonian denunciations and those of others who did not like the Commissions' reports.the two Presidential Commissions on the subject found no problem with it. including (1) Should we not practice mercy killing of infants who would be a burden to others. So in making the inherently unbelievable charge that Jews are killing us with itself as gay as a San Francisco bathhouse -. it is that they are 'greedy'. when it is far more likely that the Jews were just trying to make a buck. the Christian position is not merely wrong. 'Being greedy' is really just a nasty name for qualities we admire in speaking of 'entrepreneurship'. In spite of this. And second.the Church of Rome -. If there is any one charge which has been made most frequently against Jews. however. has resulted in ensuring that a large segment of the leadership of one of the ostensible pillars and moral guides of Western society -. if it . and that generations of British boys who spread Western civilization to the far corners of the globe were raised on it in the 'public school' (PUBIC school?) system. Certainly the Law of Unintended Consequences has been fully at work in the process of homosexual repression.

Jews may 'exploit' nonJews. and the fact that the Jews are willing to take on such occupations -. to the fact that it is Jewish mobsters -. all these charges are bogus: What they really say is that the Jew is better at matters of money and finance than the goyim are. pecksniffs. What is more. Slavery. Beau Brummels.who have dominated the economic underside of society with -. however. many professions were forbidden to Jews. and that slavery had been traditional in the Western world for centuries. and what better way to do this than with money? Beyond this.their unflinching brutality (the 'Russian' mafia is known not merely for killing their enemies. the accusation might actually be made in the other direction. 'usurers'. in accusing Jews of white slavery.because Jews were the primary importers of slaves to the Americas -. to torture (allowed under Israeli bad. Likewise. the slave trade -.among other things -. in the case of slavery. But exploitation is a bogus charge for basically the same reason as greediness is. where generally-welloff Jews are found in abundance.and today's 'white slavery'. and particularly involves such occupations as porn. and all the rest of the folks who are afraid of getting dirt under their fingernails. 'usury') being forbidden to Christians. but non-Jews 'exploit' Jews right back. in historical times.may simply show that Jews are made of tougher stuff than the prudes. unlike all other Western countries). the latter of which has been of such frequent occurrence as to be enshrined in our vocabulary. This alleged exploitation is usually said to occur in the capitalist system. drugs and loansharking seem to fit comfortably under this rubric. At root.something not to be blamed on the Jews. because what we call exploitation is often that Jews -. 'banksters' and the like. 'speculators'. it is hardly a moral crime. Another charge which is closely related to the accusation of greediness is the claim that Jews do not do 'real work'. we do not account for the fact that the female participants are poor. 'moneychangers'.exhibit a greater willingness to do the jobs that ordinary folk won't do. because the persecution of the Jews by Christians has given the Jews a very hightened sensitivity for survival. But more to the point about exploitation. it may well be said that those who ACCUSE Jews of a moral crime are themselves guilty of a moral crime. but only act as 'manipulators'. must be laid at Christian feet. abortion. but for killing those persons' families).and provide the goods and services that are so eagerly accepted by non-Jews -. which flourishes around the globe. white slavery. literally or figuratively. Perhaps the knowledge that Jews have much expertise in the area of money should warn gentiles against playing in the Jewish sandbox. were a natural primordial soup in which Jews could develop their talents. disorganized and uninformed -. but the money professions (ie.just like KoreanAmericans with their shops in the black ghettoes -. but especially in Israel. porn. the accusation against Jews ignores the fact that whites were the primary purchasers of these slaves and the creators of the slave labor plantation system. and while this may not leave much good feeling in those who have been bettered by the Jew. but the best advice might just be for .not Italian -. A closely related accusation is that Jews are guilty of 'sharp practices' including 'jewing down' bargainers. Certainly this impression is reinforced by everything from chutzpah. In short. since 'exploitation' is a just a nasty name for what we praise in speaking of 'seizing opportunities'. and indeed. for which the Jews are famous. Closely related to the charge of greediness is the notion that Jews 'exploit' non-Jews.

gentiles to sharpen up their own wits so they will not get impaled by a long nose or any other kind. dollars are no longer 'backed' by silver. For all that. such activities are genuinely necessary in a complex society such as ours. The difference between my IOU and dollars (ie. however. Closely related to the above accusations is the charge that the 'Jewish banking system' is essentially illegitimate because it 'creates money out of the hard-money advocates seem to be saying under their breath -. that of CREDIT. This is what is now known as fractional reserve banking: The bank holds only a fraction of the hard currency needed to 'support' or 'back' the paper they have lent out as money. is basically a piece of redolent crap. fractional reserve banking has morphed into a slightly different animal. In short order. which Jack can 'spend' if he can find someone to accept it. US dollars were backed by silver. One could take 'silver certificates' to a bank window and receive actual silver coins in exchange. The reason for this is not merely that they are 'accepted'. to be paid back next month (for simplicity we will say without interest). which originated in Venice and Florence in the era of the Medicis during the Renaissance (c 1300-1500). Goldsmiths. I have 'created out of thin air' an amount of money consisting of $100. and the only way one can obtain silver for them is to go to a coin dealer. or at a slight discount. simply because people preferred to hold the receipts rather than the gold itself.that dollars are 'worthless'. as I have explained in my book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews . however. By writing this IOU. and so were known as 'silver certificates'. while partly true.quantity. or IOU. because they provide needed services (eg. That means that not only can I spend the money Jack lent me. My creation isn't as 'good' (ie. Jews. To explain. More to the point. except that loans were effected by giving the borrowers not gold itself. however. this 'accusation'. government IOUs) is that the government . namely. risk-taking and market-making) for others without which many economic activities would grind to a halt. began loaning out this deposited gold at interest. then. readily acceptable) as $100 cash. Here is the explanation: In the beginning of modern banking. but Jack can 'spend' my IOU. end up in these occupations for the simple reason that they are very good at such activities. So you see that I have 'created money out of nothing' by giving the IOU to Jack. then. In the present day. goldsmiths began acting in the role of bankers when gold owners began depositing their gold with these goldsmiths and accepting receipts in return. it may be noted. at least among friends. and for which I give Jack my IOU. goldsmiths discovered that they could 'loan out' much more gold than they possessed. In the present day.' Now as I have explained in several places in my writings. tho it may not be completely clear why dollars continue to be considered worthwhile. but also that they do represent a genuine -. suppose I borrow $100 from Jack. including my book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Economics .if in some sense insubstantial -. it is obviously completely wrong to say -. but receipts which could be exchanged for gold. Up until around the time of FDR. and any objection to such occupations can only mean that the objector is jealous of Jewish success and most likely incapable of earning his living in such professions. but among our mutual friends it would probably be accepted at face value.

'created it out of nothing' just for little old you. by that means. lest we fail to give credit where credit is due. Beyond this. Furthermore.if indeed it is they who are to be credited with it. If Sombart is right -.relief from TAXES.can create money out of thin air. we see why the government -. Let us just hope that they do not destroy it first. I stated above that fractional reserve banking had morphed into a somewhat different animal than its original form of the banker holding only a fraction of the gold which backs the gold certificates he has issued. ie. for initiating the Industrial Revolution and the modern economic biosphere. and ANYONE can have credit as long as they can find someone to accept their IOUs. and yet it emphasizes my point that banking is about CREDIT. in his studies of the monetary system. in hopes that you will use it and pay them for the privilege (Whether the company has given you ITS credit. the fact that dollars can be used to pay taxes is THE most critical thing in getting the dollar accepted as currency.leave no doubt that the denizens of the Federal Reserve and their cronies in Europe ought to be hanged by the balls. There is nothing to be minimized about this abuse. This is truly ethereal. there is no further need for the dollar to be 'backed' by silver. and one of their more memorable stunts was having an . albeit of a more substantial quality.or ANYONE -. but it is to say that those who wish to see my thinking on the subject ought to read my earlier-mentioned book on economics. then the credit card company has given you a thousand dollars worth of its credit. Indeed. the abuses that 'the banksters' have perpetrated with their power to create and restrict credit has succeeded in putting enormous wealth into Jewish hands which is now being used in an act of slow genocide on the white race and Western civilization. and that the 'accusation' that money is 'created out of nothing' is true in some technical or arcane sense. The new form of fractional reserve banking is that the banker holds only a fraction of the government IOUs which constitute backing for his own IOUs. for the ability to pay taxes gives it its essential value. But if it is unfair to call the 'Jewish banking system' illegitimate because it 'creates money out of nothing'. However. All this is not to say that there are not some substantive issues about 'hard money' (gold and silver) which deserve to be discussed. As a final point on the matter of exploitation. We see this fact illustrated in the credit limits on credit cards: If you have a limit of $1000. we see that. it remains to give Jews both praise and blame for their system -. the Bad and the Ugly. particularly in view of the ethereal nature of 'credit'). On the debit side. and the facts of history -. we must mention that Walter Sombart. because money is CREDIT. but is misleading and fundamentally false.investigated by Jews themselves. or merely acknowledged YOUR credit. To the epopt this may seem bizarre: The backing of bank IOUs are themselves IOUs. and which give the appearance to many of being junk. with the ability to pay taxes.and at least some critics have counted him as overwrought on the subject -.AND because their IOUs can always be used to buy a very important commodity -. believed that the Jews were mainly responsible for modern banking and. or my book Libertarianism: The Good.has a lot more 'friends' than I do -. we observe that from time to time we hear Jews accused of creating 'modern art' and other art forms which depart from the classical Western style. including Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard -. The Nazis were big on denouncing 'degenerate' art.then we may nevertheless owe to Jews a considerable debt for the modern world. is a matter that I shall not attempt to divine here.

it immediately identifies the person as an ignorant boob. it would be just dandy if the Art Nazis turned in their armbands and monocles. To this I would like to say the following: (a) 'Classical' style is basically what we might call 'photographic art': It seeks to reproduce scenes from the real world. or a Klee. there should be no argument about modern art. but the goys just might get richer. In short. to anyone with half a brain. (c) Altho it is not usually stated. but I do not presume to tell others what they have to enjoy. As far as I am concerned. If they buy a Picasso. and which was the civilization upon which Hitler modeled the Third Reich (the 'thousand-year Reich'). This is not to say. because they are not so much buying art as they are buying status .exhibition of modern art. . supposedly to show the people exactly how awful it was. of course.equipped with armed guard. the Jewish nose -. This is unobjectionable. and indeed leaves goys with paint on their face. or aquiline (eagle) nose was considered the mark of a patrician among those whose Aryan civilization lasted for a thousand years. ie. that immediately pegs him as being from Redneck Central. whose commissions were often from rich folks who wanted to be immortalized in oil. they are engaging in a game of one-upmanship with their friends and associates.Jewish noses! What in the WORLD does the Jewish nose have to do with the serious issues that whites must confront? Do Jewish noses look ugly? Well. Perhaps they have been 'hoodwinked'. I believe that one of the main objections to modern art is that -. or a Peter Max. and then turn around a few months or years later and sell their expensive piece of crap to yet a greater fool.which is not actually that common among Jews -. there are others that deserve at least a mention.and get their names in the Society Column. who may indeed be purchasing on the basis of what he read in the Society Column. the Jews may get rich. of course -. that we should not blame others when we can blame ourselves. and some of it as still irrelevant. or what appear to be from the real world. that the Jewish nose is not proper for a cartoon . These include the following: * One does not have to read white liberationist literature on the Jewish Question for very long to find mention one of the most absurd subjects in all Christendom (or whatever passes for it these days) -. so artists had to start doing something else to keep bread on the put it crudely -. I regard some of it as awful. but due to what is generally known as the 'greater fool theory'. and actually much worse than irrelevant because it plays into the hands of what liberated Jew Murray Rothbard used to call the 'anti-anti-semites': When someone talks about the (irrelevant) Jewish nose. particularly in light of the point made at the beginning of the essay. they may be able to have their dinner party to show off their painting -. But what the Art Nazis may be missing here is that the stupid goys actually WANT to be exploited. but again it is an argument that fails. but the camera made a real dent in the business of camera artists. since they could presumably not be 'exploited' if they had the brains to see what they were really buying. So stop complaining already! Oy! Now besides the improper accusations against Jews that we have already discussed.a bunch of Jews have gotten rich by selling junk to rich but stupid goys. (b) Since there is no argument about taste. It's the old exploitation argument again. maybe or maybe not: The Roman. But ugly or not. or to keep from merely imitating a medium that did something better in an instant than they could do in a month. but that is a different matter entirely from the Julius Streicher types who wish to invest the Jewish nose with moral significance or employ it as a sort of unbiblical Mark of the Beast.

A good example is the Net: Of the few people who do speak out. which Organized Jewry and its friends have largely succeeded in installing.though not popular. Instead. then.they are totally corrupt and hostile to our cause. James Von Brunn. the objection which white liberationists have is not so much that Jews have been revolutionaries. It follows. I would like to quote one of the finest. which you can sample at his website. or something pretty close. and yet the major problem Western society is suffering from today is that it is in need of a revolution.S. we have to create our own political parties. because we have become passive and somnolent in front of our TVs and are letting Western civilization slip from our hands -. and FAILURE to sign your name also sends a message. we give other people courage to do so. A core of dedicated and well-funded people will help us to attract others. to protest that it is happening. More generally. that the U. How many people are going to work for two cents an hour like I do? * We object to Jews as revolutionaries and 'world conquerers' who upset the applecart of civilized society. and racial behavior determines morals and laws! Ergo. O Lord.too afraid. but they are unwilling to give generously to change that. and the more we attract. It follows that Western Culture has . When we speak out and put our name on it. virtually everyone hides behind a false name like they are scared shitless. we seem to need the energy of the Jews. Or to put it another way. We are badly in need of courage Constitution and code of laws which were created for ONE race are totally inadequate for another. Beyond one's racial family the distinction between right and wrong vanishes. Anthropology and Genetics prove that Genomes program the behavior of each race differently. we need to create parallel institutions which bypass censorship and use cable TV. but also a reason to wish that the white liberationists might have a few Jews on its side to spawn a revolution and shake off the death grip of the New World Order. even. More properly put. we beseech Thee -. That is not to say that we should start to give money to the Republicrats -. This quote is from Jim's book "Kill the Best Gentiles!" . most courageous and most knowledgeable people on the Jewish Question whom I know. * White liberationists complain about how the Jews own the political parties. within a diverse society morals and laws cannot be legislated or encoded to categorically satisfy each race within that society. but they are not courageous enuf to speak out while they still have a chance. the more we WILL attract. the Movement is not going to go anywhere simply because -. tho a rather different one. until we eventually create a viable movement. Why? Because genes determine racial behavior.something certainly true enuf. How the hell can we have a movement if everybody is hiding behind a false name? Speaking out and putting your name on it sends an important message.people refuse to fund it. whose attitude toward the Jew is very like my own (at least in the quote below).* White liberationists object to Jewish assault on free speech.SEND US SOME GOOD JEWS! In closing. There is NO universal moral law or legal least at this juncture -. Here is the quote: "Aryan instincts regarding race are fundamentally sound . www. but that their revolution is bad for Western civilization -. films and other available media to get out our message. If my own experience is any indication.

even if the price is a little lower.) But it is within the power of government to reduce transaction costs as well.evidenced in America's moral-ethical collapse. CATHOLICISM/LIBERALISM teaches: "Love your enemy" and enter Paradise. if we wish to buy a used car. You excise them . Nature acknowledges none of this. In her pristine realm there are no morals! There is only the WILL TO SURVIVE. the effect of government is generally to raise transaction costs. To Aryans parasitism is pathological." Exploitation Versus Trust: The Difference in the Jewish and Gentile Worldviews whatever means is necessary. What law governs that? A PARASITE is one of Nature's many life-forms. Spencer. then this also becomes part of the transaction cost. there is an obvious motivation to reduce them. (Such costs are often 'hidden' in the price of the goods or services purchased. The transaction cost of a purchase is the cost over and above what is paid for a good or service in order to make the purchase is simply a biological fact. but in reality they are part of the transaction costs. and government laws make it unlikely that a businessman will dare to cheat his customers. Darwin. Negroes." The TALMUD teaches survival. What is ethical or moral to one race may be unethical or immoral to another. One of the most important ways which consumers have to reduce their transaction costs is to deal only with people they trust.disintegrated in direct proportion to racial diversity . anymore than one hates termites. It is absurd. as would be the case when government imposes taxes or costly regulations on businesses. Thus a man who buys a car from his brother is unlikely to feel the need to have a mechanic scrutinize it. and our payment to the mechanic then becomes part of the transaction costs. Mendelism teaches survival. Likewise. For example. Navy Seals teach survival. You simply don't allow them to eat the foundations of your home or hangout in your bedroom. vipers or bats. It is neither a moral nor immoral animal . Nature's Laws prevail! "It is apparent that JEWRY is the only race genetically programmed to subsist upon host races. By John "Birdman" Bryant One of the most important concepts to free-market economists is what is known as transaction costs . Hitler refer to culling the gene-pool as necessary to "survival of the species. we may decide to have a mechanic look it over. therefore moral. God/Nature teaches survival. Racial differences cannot be changed through legislation. . Carlyle. and a person who has always bought his cocaine from Hernando La Raza without incident is unlikely to want to start dealing with Kwame Mboonga. Green Berets. Because transaction costs can be large. to hate parasites. therefore immoral. since Hernando's stash has never required him to take a trip to the emergency room. As libertarians have often pointed out. as happens when government inspection guarantees the healthfulness of foods. To JEWS parasitism is a biological necessity. if we have to pay a tax on the purchase of the car.

From the last example we can see that transaction costs are not simply out-of-pocket expenses for a transaction, but also are potential costs based upon the likelihood of their being incurred. In the cocaine example, then, the transaction costs for possible emergency room treatment would be figured as the product of the probability that a given batch would send the user there and the cost of the emergency room, represented as P x C. Since Hernando's drugs have never been problematic, our druggie might calculate the probability, and hence the cost, as very small; while in the case of Kwame, he would not have enuf information to make a good calculation; so fearing that the probability is much higher, he would figure the cost is also much higher. A well-publicized effort to reduce transaction costs for Christians in recent years has been in the emergence of the 'Christian Yellow Pages'. The idea of this effort was to bring Christian businessmen together with Christian consumers, with the idea that each would treat the other in a 'Christian-like' manner, thereby greatly reducing friction, and ultimately, costs. I do not know how well the Christian Yellow pages idea has actually fared, either for their publishers or their patrons, but I do know that it early on evoked claims of discrimination by those who wanted to advertise but who were not Christian. PT Barnum, the circus impresario, was famous for his saying that "There's a sucker born every minute." The implication he intended was that there were always plenty of suckers around, and that a clever fellow like himself could make a lot of money by exploiting their gullibility, which he certainly did during his lifetime. He was not, of course, the only one to exploit the gullible: Stories abound of such famous cases as the man who passed bad checks written on "The East Bank of the Mississippi" and signed them "U.R. Stuck." In the present day we laugh at such things, finding it hard to believe that anyone could be so gullible; but what we forget is that gullibility is a coin whose flip side is trust , and trust is something which is in short supply in the present day, precisely because the gullibility of people has been exploited 'down to the bone'. Our situation then, is this: We Americans have moved from a condition in which trust/gullibility was widespread and transaction costs and fear of exploitation were low, to the opposite situation in which trust/gullibility is low and transaction costs and the fear of exploitation are high. One of the best indicators of our situation is that, in the 19th century, lawyers were relatively rare and going to court was relatively simple; while in the present day lawyers swarm like flies around every transaction of moment, and going to court is an affair of extreme complexity and considerable cost. The reason for this change may in part have to do with the decline of Christianity: Believers do not commit wrong because they believe God looks over their shoulder; but as the wrath of God has faded into the wraith of God, people become more willing to exploit any gullibility they perceive. There is, however, another explanation for the change, and that is that America -- and in fact, the world -- has become besieged by people who are expert in exploitation, namely, the Jews. In saying this, I am not necessarily using the term 'exploitation' in a pejorative sense: I could just as well say, "The Jews are good at seeing opportunities and making the most of them." But if Jews exploit the gullibility of gentiles, it is also true that they do not, as a rule, exploit the gullibility of their own kind, which is to say that the Jews have a high degree of trust among themselves. Accordingly, it might be said that the Jews have the

best of all possible worlds: They have trust within their own group (and thus low transaction costs), but are free to use their highly-developed skills of exploitation among outsiders. But if the problem of the exploitation of gentiles is due to Jewish intelligence and skill, it is also due to another factor: The failure of gentiles to be racially or ethnically aware. That is, for gentiles -- or at least the Christian West -- there is no 'outsider group' because of the Christian-rooted 'universalist' philosophy which declares that 'there is no race but the human race'; whereas for Jews, the outsiders are everyone who is not Jewish. The absence of 'outsiders' for gentiles, then -- something which has resulted from the philosophy of 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity' which has become dominant of late in the West -- has meant that not only Jews, but every other racial and ethnic group has been put in a position to exploit whites, while whites, who know no 'outsiders', are unable to defend themselves against such exploitation. It is of course Jews who have been responsible for imposing multiculturalism, but that is yet another story of the exploitation of whites by Jews. What I am trying to do in the present discussion is to contrast the time of 50 or 100 years ago with the present: In the older time, a man's word was his bond. A gentleman was a man of honor, and would defend his good name at the risk of his own life if necessary (in a duel). To be a Christian gentleman was the standard to which men aspired. It would besmirch a man's honor to lie or mislead. People could leave their doors unlocked, and they did business on a handshake. The frontier was wide open, and men with vision and energy could find their place in the sun. In contrast, today no one thinks twice about lying -- former President Bill Clinton can't open his mouth without lying, yet he is welcomed everywhere, and commands huge speaking fees. Honor is a thing of the past. No one would think of doing business without getting it in writing. People are tied up in knots for fear of transgressing some law or bureaucratic regulation. 'Gentleman' is a joke, and 'Christian gentleman' doubly so. Anyone who leaves his door unlocked is simply asking to be burgled. And a handshake has no more meaning than a milkshake. From the above, we can see that in the earlier days we were in some sense happier, and yet we were also ripe for exploitation -- by Jews and whoever else had the wherewithal to do so. Today we are more sophisticated, but our world is more tense. We would clearly do better by being racially conscious; and yet gentiles are so diverse that we have to wonder if there would actually be much improvement. We can lay the blame at the feet of Jews, but we can also lay it at our own, and that is probably the better place because there is little we can do about the Jews, but much we can do about ourselves. In a way, what we are experiencing is what could be called an evolutionary cycle: In the struggle between predator and predatee, the predator finds a vulnerability, which then wipes out those with that vulnerability, but leaves those without it to reproduce. Then the cycle starts all over again: First, vulnerability; then, elimination of the vulnerable; and finally, a new generation which is not vulnerable. And so on. It is clearly a warmer and fuzzier world if we can keep from being exploited; but that is nature's way, and we are just going to have to make the best of it. And if Jews have been responsible for speeding up

our evolution, let us at least make use of the lesson they have so painfully taught us.

The Maven
1. By

John "Birdman" Bryant
With apologies to EA Poe

Once upon a mid-day cheery When my brain was somewhat beery My computer raised a query That I'd never heard before. First I felt a gentle tapping, Then an increase in the rapping Till I'd passed the chance of napping From the shrill staccato roar. Pounding on my brain so furious Made me more than somewhat curious On such stuff that might well worry us, If not shock us to the core. It was essays from the Birdman -Call him good or call him Turdman -But it's plain he's got the Word, man, Snarling like the dogs of war. Raises he the Question Jewish; Makes he ones who are so shrewish Whine till faces all are blueish, But are much wont to ignore All the things their kind are doing That give whites a royal screwing -Makes whites feel it's their undoing -Makes them cry out "Nevermore!". Not just this but lots, lots more. Listed he by category Sins that make the Jewish story, Adding to the white man's worry Small yet overwhelming foe. Never citing points religious, Nor the Protocols suspicious, But a list with length prodigious That enlightened men must know. Delved he into every corner, Showing up who plays suborner; Acted he as lonely warner Of the vast imbroglio.

S. frying Of the so-called Holocaust. Used their cash to open doors. the Jews' Big Lie Provides huge quantities of pie While helping them to deify Their tribe and social standing: Billions from the Germans. And thus their case is left threadbare And with the words 'Big Lie' embossed. Took our wealth out in a gunny: .Here is what he had to show: Numbered first among their crying Seems to be no more than lying: All the gassing. For the things Jews cite as proving What they take to be so moving Seems to be a kind of grooving On an ersatz Pentecost. And billions from the Swiss cash cow. 'Unreliable and rare' Is all the proof their scholars dare. But the Holohoax is merely One thing which shows us so clearly Why the Jews cost us so dearly In the larger scheme of things. And Uncle Sammy's golden bough Will guarantee soft landing. now. Worse than this. two world wars. now. steaming. Bribing all from cops to kings. Bought the pols with Jewish whores. But if they maintain this masque. Answer is. Torture and the forced confession Shifted culture to regression As the rule of law they tossed. now. Brought the U. Why work at such a daunting task As scholars once begin to ask Their questions most demanding. Witnesses who hate the German -Want to make him seem like vermin -Want to paint him as a Sherman -Did their deed at deadly cost: Worried not by bad impression. they stole our money -Made the FED their pot of honey. now.

Shoulders they have got their chip on.Jew creation -Intellectual sensation! Problem is. Creates female despotism. not freedom. weak and weary. liquidation: See how Mammon pulls the strings! Communism -. For a race war it suffices -Watch the cities burn! Civil rights and Nine-Eleven. Multiculture balkanizes. Now I do not feel so cheery. Creates hate and makes for crisis. A time bomb's ticking on our clock. Hebrew racist stuff they're hip on. Will Earth become our urn? Here I sit now. it's just predation By the Jews' brigades: Under government control You do not even own your soul So banksters then can fill their bowl -Monopoly in spades! Jewish crimes appear unending -Culture seems to be descending Past the point of hope for mending. Blocked at every turn: Integration. . Gun control as Jewish leaven.Golden coins. Media they've got their grip on. Yet there's no concern. Congress turned to Hebrew Heaven. rings. Nazis stem to stern! Palestine and twice Iraq -They're gunning for the Arab flock. immigration -Sets whites up for termination. Can you not discern? Same for Jewish feminism -Puts the sexes into schism. Reading Birdman till I'm bleary. Makes men's stomachs churn. What is more they cause inflation -Steal the wealth of all the nation -Cause depression. Kills the race that built the nation.

and I did not speak out -." "I Was Only One Man": 1. Updating the Rev Martin Niemoller Or Call it Conspiracy Or Call It "Working Together". Stop the acts that so alarm us. Morrow. . But whatever fear I'm feeling -Matters not my mind is reeling -Whites must find a way for healing If we are again to soar. Then they came to establish the Bank of the United States and to put all the money under their control. Birdman warns us."Evermore. Birdman tells us That which surely most impels us. Then they came for the Jews. 1994: 536 First they came bringing slaves.Having landed on this shore. Then they came for the trade unionists. Then they came for me -.and there was no one left to speak for me. Stop the ones who would disarm us. but since I was only one man. Whichever You Prefer By John "Birdman" Bryant "First they [the Nazis] came for the socialists. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. "Let not bad news be what fells us From this large but unknown store. and I did not speak out -. and saved us from their clutches. so I did not speak out -. but I was only one man. What we can't help but abhor. "Spread the word -.because I was not a trade unionist.tho Andrew Jackson did. and I did not speak out -. Jewish Wisdom.because I was not a Jew. All must waken from their slumbers. We must stop the ones who harm us. I did not speak out. ed." --Rev Martin Niemoller. which they introduced to the New World.because I was not a socialist. "Whites must now step from the umbers.increase our numbers" -Quoth the Maven -.

Then they came once again to try to control our money by establishing the Federal Reserve System. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. Then they came to manipulate America into yet another world war with the object of crushing Hitler and putting an end to "Aryan superiority". Then they came to use blacks and the race issue as a wedge to cause social upheaval and make America ripe for a communist revolution. so I did not speak out. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. for which they laid the groundwork by causing the panic of 1907 and other panics. and particularly eastern Europe and Germany. Then they came to establish communism in Russia and tried to propagate it thruout the West. so I did not speak out. and turned Anglo-Saxon law on its head by using ex post facto laws to prosecute nazis for "war crimes". but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. which they knew could not be sustained and would lead to another war. and is equivalent to a subsidy of about a thousand dollars a year to every Jewish family in Israel. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. Then they came to fabricate tales of genocide and gas chambers under Hitler. but I was only one man. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. so I did not speak out. Then they came to establish Israel by engaging in massive terrorism until the British were driven out and the native Palestinians were run off the land where they had lived for hundreds of years. but I was only one man. Then they came to use their control of the media to begin a massive propaganda campaign to portray themselves as victims of what they claimed as the central event of WWII ("the Holocaust") in order to support their claims for massive subsidies to Israel and to absolve themselves of guilt for treating the Palestinians worse than Hitler had treated them. but I was only one man. who had seen what they did at Versailles and in propagating communism in Germany. Then they came to establish a homeland for themselves in Palestine by promising to bring America into the World War on the side of Britain in exchange for the Balfour Declaration. Then they came to crush Germany under the Versailles treaty. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. Then they came to crush Hitler. .Then they came to make a profit on the rift between the North and South by making loans to both sides. Then they came to use their control of Congress to bring about massive aid to Israel. an amount so huge that it is more than for all other countries put together. and who wanted to rid Germany of their influence. so they declared an international boycott of Germany in 1933.

a campaign intended to persuade white gentiles that they were guilty of a crime that had never even been heard of before -. so I did not speak out. Denmark.Then they came to get the Supreme Court to declare school segregation unconstitutional. as well as a program to undermine states' rights in favor of rule from Washington. England. but I was only one man. pay more than a billion dollars in . Jr. Then they came to begin using the media which they control to start another massive campaign to harm white gentiles -. this time to destroy white culture by pitting the sexes against one another with the accusations against men of "sexism". Then they came to pass the Immigration Act which opened up a floodgate of immigration by black and brown third-worlders. but I was only one man.something that made it one of the biggest lies of all time -. so I did not speak out. but only a name for the natural affinity and concern for one's kind possessed by any race. Then they came to use the media which they control to begin yet another campaign. but I was only one man. Then they came to pass the Civil Rights Act which the sponsors declared would never result in reverse discrimination against whites -. so I did not speak out. Netherlands. Then they came to begin a massive "civil rights" campaign led by their paid agent Michael "Martin Luther" King.but I was only one man. Switzerland. Sweden. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. Canada and Spain among them -. "male chauvinism" and "discrimination". and is thus a building which has no business being placed among America's most sacred and historical monuments. so I did not speak out. particularly the Jewish. Austria. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. and numerous others in other countries. Then they came to introduce mandatory "Holocaust education" in the public schools in hopes of conditioning young and impressionable minds in the mythology of the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust and the Perpetual Victimhood and purity of Jews. a law under which more than seven thousand people are in jail in Germany at this writing. so I did not speak out. but I was only one man. so I did not speak out. Then they came to use their political influence in most of the countries of the West -Germany. in which many of their number invaded the South much like carpetbaggers during Reconstruction. and which continued the white genocide they had begun in pass special laws against disputing the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust. Then they came to demand that a country. Then they came to use their Congressional influence once again to erect on the Mall in Washington a "Holocaust museum" which at best has to do with a European war that is peripheral to America's history. which saved many of their number from the nazis."racism" -. and thereby began a program of race-mixing and destruction of the white gentile gene pool. but which remained neutral during WWII. so I did not speak out. Australia. but I was only one man. France.when in fact it is no crime. but I was only one man.

a fact which has led both to their "clannishness" and to their favorable attitude toward socialism. Jewish Evil: 1. Jews have become successful and wealthy. Because of their high intelligence. So the question is. so I did not speak out. they have been burdened with guilt. Because Jews have been persecuted. Because of their high intelligence. and because of their power.or chutzpah ."reparations" for bank accounts "seized" from them whose existence has never been proved. The important thing to note about all of the above cases is that Jewish evil has been a direct product of Jewish good. ie. cultural conservatism. Jews have found it expedient to stick together. but in view of the above explanation we see that the paradox is not actually paradoxical at all. Jews have come to believe that their superior rationality will permit them to dispense with the wisdom inherent in tradition. they have managed to successfully impose much of their "Truth" on the rest of the world. in hopes that by raising the status of the underdog they will raise their own status. they have championed the underdog. Isn't it high time you DID speak out? Jewish Good. so I did not speak out.of believing that they are possessors of The Truth. Then they came to stamp out "hate" on the Internet. . hence their "progressivism" and "radicalism". but I was only one man. and backed up their demand with Congressional influence which promised to cut off Swiss banks from their US business. and minority dysfunctionalism. particularly minorities. liberalism. Because of their intelligence and energy. which is the name they give to the full and free investigation of the history of WWII ("historical revisionism") and other politically-incorrect ideas such as white racial consciousness. a fact which has led them to embrace the politics of guilt. but I was only one man. Superficially this is paradoxical. and because of their success and wealth. Jews have fallen victim to the hubris -. Aren't They Really the Same? By John "Birdman" Bryant The most important part of the "Jewish question" is what I call the Jewish paradox: How is it that people who are individually so often good are collectively so often bad? The explanation for this paradox is rooted in the following three observations: Because of their persecution down thru the ages.

which I shall call the separationists . the separationist solution is an impossible one. blacks are criminals far more often than whites. and antigentilism is an impolite request for antisemitism. In opposing the above view. however. For those of the first school. ie. and that this proves that it is Jews rather than gentiles who are at fault. there is no good evidence to suppose that there will be significant incompatibility between the two when antigentilism is not a factor. As to the first.along with their money and power -. powerful individual Jews and Jewish organizations with an anti-gentile agenda. as I have long maintained. It is undesirable not only because the only realistic way of carrying it out is by means of an authoritarian government which forcibly uproots the Jewish population. and those who see the problem as one of 'the Jewish establishment'.something which is not only grossly unfair (at least in my view). Furthermore. the purchase of politicians. I am convinced that Jews. But an even more important reason for adopting the nonseparationist solution is because antigentilism is not in the interest of most Jews. separationists will point out that antisemitism has arisen in widely differing populations wherever Jews have settled in significant numbers. but which is politically impossible because it will unite all Jews -. in the same sense and for the same reason that I am convinced that blacks are not: Behavior and intelligence. since gentile culture has provided the medium for Jews to prosper and flourish without any significant social difficulties. Furthermore.against gentiles. the only solution to the Jewish problem is separation of Jews generally from the gentile population. but merely incompatibility.even worse will not receive the support of the majority of gentiles because they do not consider Jews a threat and would in any event consider the extreme act of separation as unfair. In my view. In fact. antigentilism is not in the Jewish interest because Jews have seen how antisemitism puts them at risk and causes them social difficulty. the best long-term strategy for Jews is to oppose antigentilism by becoming the allies of gentiles in their struggle against antigentile organizations and individuals. it does not show fault. By John "Birdman" Bryant Among those who recognize that there is a 'Jewish problem'. as was the original Zionist/Nazi dream. . while Jews -in spite of such quarrelsome cases as banksterism. but also because it requires the labeling of all Jews as undesirables -.or the jealousy resulting from Jewish financial and other success. there is no good evidence that the friction arising from this incompatibility implies some character defect on the part of Jews: It may simply arise from such universal human fricatives as differences in religion -differences which have made for plenty of very bloody incompatibility between Protestants and Catholics ever since the Reformation -. and probably undesirable as well. on the whole. and -.Our Ally the Jews 1. junk bonds. In fact. while for the second or nonseparationist school. And since religion no longer constitutes an important difference between Jews and gentiles. are decent and moral people. there are two schools of thought: Those who regard 'most or all' Jews as the problem. the solution is to combat the particular organizations and individuals whose behavior is anti-gentile.

Antisemitism is nothing but a trap. it is intelligence which allows people to see the connection between acts and consequences. But just as I am convinced of the basic morality and decency of Jews. the Russian Mafya and Bess Myerson's shoplifting habits -.a fact amply confirmed by everything from their anti-gentile scriptures to their worship of Israel and their tendency to circle the wagons around even the worst of their own kind. he was also very wrong. inasmuch as intermarriage among Jews has jumped from six to fifty percent in only a generation. particularly in cultural life. chapter two) Birdman comment: Hitler may have been right.drugs and prostitution -.) Should We Blame the 'Bad Guys' for Our Problems? 1. so the Jew with average IQ of 115 can see them quite clearly. then what are they doing accusing the sellers of immorality? Isn't this just a case of the kettle calling the pot black? In fact. like a maggot in a rotting body.and count their contributions -. For these reasons. And we must unite with the best of the Jews to do what is best for both of us. So if the gentiles are buying. without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess. But does this really mean the Jews are 'dirty'? For after all.white slavery.every time we fall into it. By John "Birdman" Bryant Was there any form of filth or profligacy. you found.simply do not populate the criminal class to any significant degree. and no doubt were in them in Hitler's time. Take the two 'dirtiest' vocations -. But in preaching the multicultural philosophy to break down white resistance to genocide thru race-mixing. one can argue that the sellers are morally stronger than the buyers. We must stop harboring such ancient and destructive notions as that the Jews are 'evil'. because it is the buyers who show their moral weakness by coming to the sellers. who pays for drugs and prostitutes? Chances are it involves a hell of a lot of gentiles. those of us gentiles who value our race must not succumb to the siren song of Jew-hatred -. so I am convinced of their chauvinism and hatred of 'outsiders' -. My point: There is plenty to accuse the Jews of without making accusations that are unsound.a song that the Jewish establishment wants nothing more than to have us sing because it unites their people against us and makes it just that much more difficult for us to throw off the Jewish yoke. and just as the black with average IQ of 85 cannot see them except thru a glass darkly.Jews are in them now. (Thanks to R whose letters stimulated this essay. often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike! --Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf. and the Jewish chauvinists clap their hands -. As to the second. but if so. Thus Jewish liberalism has opened up a real possibility that the Jewish establishment can be beaten at its own game by destroying Jewish chauvinism and thus making the bulk of Jews receptive to the realization that they have the same interests as gentiles in stamping out the destructive and hateful behavior of the Jewish establishment's antigentilism. . their leaders have inadvertently sown the seeds of the destruction of Judaism as well.

while it may be objectively true that the Jews have subverted Western civilization. But who is 'oppressed'. The reason for this. Now that . But it leads nowhere except to a dead end. it is applicable to those who wish to blame some group for part or all of society's ills the real problem. is very simple -. Even horrible ole South Africa was getting its doors beaten down trying to accommodate all the blacks who were so attracted to 'oppression'. where blacks were thriving under 'oppression'. the reason for this rule is a bit deeper. and is the best device which the world has ever seen for covering one's arse. blaming himself when things go wrong -. really? Is it Mexicans? And what are they 'oppressed' by? The capitalists who give them jobs? Or the Catholic religion that tells them to breed like flies? Or the corrupt system that is sustained by a low-IQ people? Or maybe the Central American heat (the heat is oppressive there. it is equally true that Jews have merely exploited gentile weaknesses.Chinese. Actually. 'imperialism' and 'racism' -.and it's Central heat. but to larger social problems. In particular. I guess you don't much care for Colonial Africa. But at least in your case I have some idea of what bugs you -. the strength of the Jews lies largely in the persecution which they have undergone at the hands of Christians. along with 'racism' and 'imperialism'. imperialism and oppression. It is the socialist mindset which causes a person to blame others in place of taking responsibility for himself -. but gentiles themselves. but in ourselves. More particularly. The Blame Game is easy to play. do you think it is barely possible that we need more colonialism. which I have discussed at length in my book Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy.[Birdman writes in response to an unsubscriber's comments:] It is always a disappointment to get an unsubscribe request. But the above lesson is applicable not only to personal morality. of course. It makes us realize that. maybe with a little racism thrown in for good measure? ######### Perhaps the most important among all moral rules is the following: If you could have kept something bad from happening. but you can control yourself. while there is no logical objection to blaming the Jews. for example. and will thus sooner or later end up in the dustbin of genetic history. to paraphrase the Bard.the Jews. In my view. isn't it -. then don't blame anyone but yourself if it does.and it is the socialist mindset which breeds inaction and failure. the colonialists/imperialists/oppressors pulled out. it is easily possible to argue that there is something empirically wrong in the sense that those who fail to take responsibility for themselves are not evolutionarily are in love with the 'oppressed'. It is often said that whatever does not kill us makes us stronger. too!) But the real point is. This problem is actually embedded in an ancient philosophical controversy. And while it is impossible to argue that there is something logically wrong in blaming others rather than oneself. Gee whillikers. Polacks. Jews. Irish. how do you explain the success of all the 'oppressed' people who have come to America and thrived can't control others. lies not within our Jews. of course. and that it was not Jews who were responsible for those weaknesses. the socalled free will/determinism problem. etc etc etc? And speaking of 'oppression'.

] From: "Paul Levin" <> To: <john@thebirdman. I can honestly > say your easily the most arrogant of the Holocaust > reductionists bunch (those pompous quotes that I was > greated with at the top of your homepage. your > correspondance letters with your fellows Mensans). For one thing. the first site I frequented > today (Kevin Alfred Strom's. Letters From Judah: 1. it's theTurdman! > > Dear Jerk. let us hope that gentiles can become as strong as they have made the Jews. I think) provided a link > to yours.the shoe is on the other foot. the fact is that you've > spread some gross misinformation about the Holocuaust > I'll be damned if I sit back and let you get away with >> Sent: Sunday. but after having looked over yours from > top to bottom for the last hour or so. >> >> >> > > I wanted to see what the Holocaust reductionists > were up to (no doubt spreading their usual > misinformation) since last I'd checked on them. A Holocaust of Self-Immolation Correspondence with Paul Levin (paulev5567@yahoo. July 22. in all my years of fighting prejudice > on the internet I've come across some audacious > websites that boast about putting to rest the "OJV" of > the Holocaust. Now. I > don't care how many Nobel Prize winners liked your > books or how high your IQ ) [Birdman's note: All spelling and typographical errors are in the original. To > make a long story short. . 2001 7:56 PM Subject: Re: Hey. the > Death Books are not complete. > >I > You keep talking in your "Jewish Question" essays > about the "Holy Six Million" and how the Deaths Books > supposedly deflate that claim.

And > yet we hear little or nothing about 'communist > atrocities' in spite of being bombarded on an > almost-daily basis with the Holocaust mythology>> > > That's becuase nobody's > > attempting to deny those tragedies in an effort to > > sanitize the regime that parpetrated them. and in China some 80 million. both of which > far outnumber anything Hitler was ever accused of. the "4 > million" who died at Auschwitz was never used in the > calculation. or very soon thereafter. we now know that the deaths under the > communist regime in the Soviet Union totalled some 50 > million. And at > the very end you > > quoted David Puke: "and if the > > Holocaust > > killed so many Jews. As you > > well know. there is evidence to suggest that the > Nazis did indeed make soap from human fat at the > Danzig Anotomical Instisute.> > secondly. > > they are the records of REGISTERED who died. the > > > vast > > majority of Jews who died at Auschwitz were never > > registered into the camp. Also. then how come there are so many > > 'survivors?'" >> > > How many is "many"? Toss out a few numbers. and are not willing to acknowledge. I . > > > Here's something else you said I ain't gonna let you > get away with: > > <<In fact. Why do you insist on using the vaguest > > terms? >> > > As far as your attacks on multiculturalism go. but killed immediately > > upon > > arrival. > > Additionally. along > > with > > what it was they survived and we'll have something > > to > > talk about.

July 22. Moreover. it's theTurdman! Date:> Subject: Re: Hey. the Chinese. > Why should Canadians resist becoming a majority > non-white nation? Being reduced to a member of a > minority doesn't scare most white Canadians. 2001 9:46 PM Insult is the last refuge of the out-argued. white Canadians will still be. it requires you to explain why the meticulous German record-keepers would have meticulously recorded the 'registereds' but ignored the millions of others. PS: (1) You seem to be saying that the death books do not prove gassings did not take place because all the gassings were done on 'unregistered' inmates before they entered the> To: "Paul Levin" <paulev5567@yahoo. And even > if that should happen. Taken as individual groups.rr.> genuinely enjoy reveling in the cultures of others. But besides the fact that this does not refute the ample supply of other evidence for non-gassings. > by far. other > cultures (non-Western) have had their folkways changed > quite efficiently by western influcence (and not > necessarily for the better) without the need for > whites to physically take up residence with in their > borders. etc will be far smaller minorities in > the overall tally. > > Bite me > > Paul From: "Birdman" <jbryant9@tampabay. Erosion of privilege is not justification > for diminishing the rights of others. (2) You say the '4 million' who supposedly died at Auschwitz were not included in the '6 million'. Thank you for acknowledging my superiority. the > South Asians. the largest minority for some time into the > future. Somehow I thought Jews were better mathematicians than that. Everyone's a member of *some* kind > of minority. Or in other words. DOESN'T SOUND TOO CREDIBLE TO ME. DOESN'T SOUND TO CREDIBLE TO ME. .

Thank you for making that possible. from the reports of Walter Duranty on the Ukraine holocaust (7 million starved to death -. Correspondence with Charles Freedberg (cfree@ix. Or in other words. ignorance and malevolence of my enemies. Which is yet another indicator of your carelessness and ignorance of facts. YOUR SITE IS COMPLETE BIRDSHIT! YOUR ANOTHER DOC. YOU DON'T SOUND TOO CREDIBLE TO ME. 2001 5:11 AM Subject: BIRDSHIT I HATE SPELLING MISTAKES. So if you still believe it. I will post your letter on my site as an example of the ignorance.netcom. I love letters like yours because they make it so clear who is in the wrong. YOU DON'T SOUND TOO CREDIBLE TO ME. Or in other words. (4) As to the far greater killings of the communists in comparison with Hitler. I believe that I have now spent sufficient time answering your ignorant and stupid ejaculations so as to demonstrate that this is precisely what they stupidity and mouthfrothing hatred which generally characterizes my enemies. post your letter and this response on my website as yet another demonstration of the stupidity. February 14.(3) Yehuda Bauer. I shall therefore refrain from answering any future letters of yours except in the briefest manner. the proper term is Holocaust REVISIONIST. (6) You term me a 'Holocaust reductionist'. Sent: Wednesday. PISS CLONE. . however. has acknowledged the falsity of the 'soap story'. head of Yad Vashem. (5) Why should Canadians etc resist becoming majority nonwhite? The same reason Jews like to live together in NY and Israel. I will.Duranty denied it) to the continuing attempts to deny that the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss were not guilty. [Birdman responds:] I see that you have written me a letter about birdshit. liberals have been trying to sanitize the commies for years. you yourself manage to make one ('YOUR' for "you're"). Not only is it incoherent (what is a DOC? Or are you referring to a DOC PISS CLONE?) but in complaining about how much you hate spelling errors. In fact. but the only birdshit I see is from the birdbrain that composed your message. contrary to your allegations. Which certainly explains why the commie killing machine -.has been ignored. YOU DON'T SOUND TOO CREDIBLE TO ME.the offspring of Jews -.

from reading that > much of it. it often has a serious > deficiency which keeps me -. Skolnick.An example of this is your Open Letter to > Coca-Cola Bottlers etc. Skolnick's Report www. CIA. then most of > them simply won't read it. CORRESPONDENCE WITH MARALYN LOIS POLAK (LANGWIDGE@AOL. [Birdman responds:] 'DOC PISS' refers to Dr Pierce? My g-d (my P-rce?) you would have a lot more readers.scolnicksreport. The problem is that the reader is often overwhelmed by a > mass of detail before he can ascertain what exactly you are talking > about or what your point is.and in fact > I only read a small partion of this long document. if people have to read thru a whole long > document to find out whether they are interested in > Dear Mr Skolnick: > > I admire your work very much. then say it.all errors in the original> Hi I am the author of the world net daily. . then say what > you've said".comcolumn. > > What I am getting at is. William Pierce your god. I do notwrite things for those with short attention span or who have no interest in details. but much more than > I would have if I had known what it was about. However. If you had just given a summary paragraph at > the beginning.what SUBTLETY! Or is it just another of your spelling mistakes? [Freedberg did not reply] CORRESPONDENCE WITH SHERMAN SKOLNICK ( REPLY FROM SKOLNICK: View my series "Coca-Cola.THE ALTOID CAPER.COM) <Polak writes . Best. So if you would follow the old rule of > "First say what you are going to say.[Freedberg replies] Doc.and the Courts".Our work that ended up putting almost 2 dozen judges in prison for bribery was not with ten-words-or-less explanations. it would have been a lot easier to read -.and probably others -. and would do the > country a lot more good. > > Thank you for your attention. Piss is Dr. the commentary. -John Bryant (www.thebirdman.

which is copyright to me, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, AS NOTED AT THE BOTTON Of the piece and you have violated this, you have published my piece without my permission, my knowledge, or my consent. copyright violation is a felony punishable by fine and imprisonment. either pay me a fair sum for posting my work for a specific length of time, or remove my work immediately from your site. i am a free lance writer and you are stealing my livelihood. please get back to me immediately, maralyn lois polak <Birdman responds:> Dear Mara Lyn: I'll be happy to remove your work from my site. I certainly don't want to post the work of a writer who is so stupid that it can't see the benefit of being honored and given public exposure without charge. Of course I knew you were stupid in your own way, but I didn't want to discriminate againt the febrile-minded, but I see that I made a mistake. Honoring the dishonorable is always a mistake. <Polak responds - all errors in the original> Thanks for your immediate attention to this matter. Please remove it. Here is how another writer put it:"everything herein is copyright (c) 2000 AnglweyGlenn, and can not be republished. Period." If you use a writer's copyrighted work we must to be paid. That is how we make our livelihood. When my work is in the New York Times, they pay me. I don't need exposuire. WorldNetDaily is the largest news site on the web. That is all tjhe exposure I want and need. <Birdman responds> Dear Mara Lyn: Inasmuch as I removed your piece at the beginning of the day, I am sure that you will not now have to pop that extra Valium or whatever it is that takes the edge off your edge. In passing I would like to point out a few things that have escaped your (in)attention. * By putting your article on my website, I am not -- as your first letter stated -- 'stealing your livelihood'. It costs you nothing to have your article posted, and in fact -- as I noted in my first letter -- is to your benefit because of the publicity. Perhaps you realize this, as you did not repeat the charge in your second letter. * Since you have no good reason to want me to remove the article, the only explanation left is that you have a BAD one, namely, the mindset of the socialist/redistributionist which holds that wealth is static, that life is a zero-sum game, and that whatever benefits X necessarily takes something away from Y. This, however, is a mistake, Mara Lyn. Life is not a zero-sum game, and giving someone else something may actually bring significant rewards. In fact, that is one of the great philosophical pillars of the Net -- albeit often unconscious in its users -- that by giving others information we have, we receive things in return -- goodwill, patronage, gifts, and the like. In fact, it is an old Christian secret - give and thou shalt receive. Of course the original idea was put in theological terms - give in this life, and you will receive in an afterlife; but the reality indirectly recognized by the

theology is that when you give, chances are you will receive in THIS life. * I am actually glad that you asked me to remove your article. If you search back into the depths of your memory, you may recall that a year or so ago we had an excchange of correspondence in which you got horsewhipped -- that's what usually happens to people who get into arguments with me. But the fact that I posted your article demonstrates the attitude I take toward my enemies (or, at least in your case, people who MAKE THEMSELVES my enemy): I showed that, in spite of your improper behavior, I was willing to give you credit for something good you did. (As it happens, it is the ONLY thing good I have found in reading several of your columns, which is why I no longer read them.) Needless to say, my atitude contrasts starkly, not only with your earlier behavior in our exchange of correspondence, but now, in your whining complaint of "It's mine, mine, mine don't yew dare use it!!!" Yes, Mara Lyn, there is a Santa, and his name is Karma. You have a very nice day, Mara Lyn. [Polak responds - all errors in original] <To my remark:> << * By putting your article on my website, I am not -- as your first letter stated -- 'stealing your livelihood'. It costs you nothing to have your article posted, and in fact -- as I noted in my first letter -- is to your benefit because of the publicity. Perhaps you realize this, as you did not repeat the charge in your second letter. >> <Polak responds:> if you post my work pay me for it. otherwise you are using my work without paying me for it. [What powerful logic!] knock off y0our sophistry. [Sounds like I'm getting to you, Mara Lyn.] i have been a professional all my life. [Did you charge your parents for your baby pictures?] <To my remark:> << * Since you have no good reason to want me to remove the article, the only explanation left is that you have a BAD one, namely, the mindset of the >> <Polak responds:> copyright violation is a felony punishable by fine and jail. you posted my piece without my permission, knowlege, or consent. thank you for removing it as soon as possible. [You didn't read my letter, did you, Mara Lyn? I ALREADY removed it. But then I guess that your reading, like your writing, is not one of your strong points.] <I conclude:> If there are any further comments you would like to make on this matter, then by all means send them. Our correspondence will be published on my site -- along with all your numerous errors -- in the section "Letters from Judah: A Holocaust of Self-Immolation". You can, of course, protest that publishing your letters is a violation of your copyright, your G-d-given rights, etc, etc, but then you didn't read the rules posted on my site that all letters are subject to publication, now did you? And anyway, if you protest, it will just be an admission that you got horsewhipped again, so maybe you don't want to dig yourself in any

deeper. Or do you? Have a nize day, Mara Lyn. [There was no further response]

To: Alan Caruba ( From: John Bryant Re: The National Anxiety Center site I agree with many of the positions expressed on your website, but disagree with others. The following essay about Michael Fumento [now posted on my website in the Net Losses section], whose site yours links, will give you an idea of some of my concerns. Fumento, by the way, did not respond to this essay, and it is my suggestion that he cannot do so. Your comments are invited, but my suggestion is that you can't respond either. [Caruba responds] Thank you, John. I visited your site and, since I am part of the Great Jewish Cabal to Take Over and Run the Entire World, I naturally take exception to your views about Jews. After 5,000 years of dragging the rest of the world to a point where some civilized behavior might actually prevail, Jews are a bit touchy about criticism since it tends to lead to the grave. So I will concentrate on your kind words about those parts of my weekly rants that you like and ignore all criticism, something I am sure you have long perfected as well. Feel free to make a really big donation to the Center. Regards, Alan Caruba The National Anxiety Center

Dear Alan: You are a puzzle. Here I write you about Fumento and overanxiety, with an eagerness to discuss, and you write me back about Jews with an eagerness NOT to discuss. I don't really care whether you are Jewish, but you don't seem to be able to discuss even your own subject of expertise without running a litmus test on the other person's politics. My goodness, you remind me what JBR Yant once said about antisemites -- that they had trouble making friends because they could never be sure a person wasn't Jewish. Is that why my friends keep telling me that Judaism is just another form of nazism? -j


Rather it is you who have chosen to be hostile. I have posted it on my website as the first letter in a special section entitled "Letters From Judah: A Holocaust of Self-Immolation". Herr Professor. and believe me. You see. having already said my piece. So be are going to have to stifle yourself. which I never mention or rely upon -jb] shall allow you to continue publishing your multitudinous books.or have you ceased to learn? And yes. but being a rather ornery fellow. Please let me dwell in my own ignorance. Thank you.To: Richard S Levy ( From: John Bryant As you are list editor of the 'History of antisemitism' list. If you are going to agress against me. and I dare say you've never read the Talmud. that you find my writing very painful to read. ever or for any reason. such as yourself. There's not a single original thought in your essay [sic]. tho I did of course intend to pose a challenge to you as an expert on antisemitism. -jb [Levy's response:] I have no wish to debate a person as intelligent as you claim to be. . but hostile behaviour has consequences. while enjoying my enormous power over the slumbering wise old Archie Bunker would say to Edith -. implications that I am not what I say I am. to wit. however. I have decided to dare to disobey your instructions. Herr Professor . and then to cut off the possibility of my responding to you in (un) kind by instructing me not to respond. Now I know you instructed me not to write you ever again for any reason etc etc etc. I thought you might be interested in my website. And I take it that those consequences are painful to you. then -. In return I and the Elders [the reference here is to the Protocols. this letter will also be posted on my website following yours. refrain from writing you AGAIN -. rsl [My response:] My DEAR Prof Levy: Thank you so much for your letter. just ask you politely not to write me again. I will. Maybe there's a lesson there for you. But things don't work that way. Skimming your piece persuaded me that you have US dead to rights and that you already know and have rejected everything I might offer as a feeble counter-argument. No. ironies. So if you don't want me to cause you pain by calling your bluffs. then by rights I get a shot at you. One final comment: I did not begin this correspondence with hostility to you. Your comments and criticisms will be welcome. and other assorted insults and fighting words. I fully understand your reasons for so instructing me. what you are attempting to do is to write me a letter full of put-downs.unless you are so brash as to write to me. particularly the section on the Jewish Question. I wouldn't dream of telling you to shut up. etc. but there I go falling into the trap set by smart people. But then I would have no reason to write you again.

censorship.htm and http://familydefensecouncil. -webmaster@jewsformorality. Rabbi Hirsch Meisels. porn). others I have important disagreements with you on ( From: John Bryant ( In respect to the satanic treatment of the Jews by the and I hope you will take a long and careful look. we rely upon such acknowledgedly righteous persons as Rabbi Michel Dov Weismandl.webprovider. the very significant hand which Jews have had in bringing America and the world to the conditions which you find so objectionable). cultural pollution.. as I have written much of it with a Jewish readership in mind. etc) I would very much like to see whether you folks have the guts to confront some very unpleasant realities. We can. who bore personal witness on the subject in books in the Hebrew language which they wrote after the Second World But the important issues are the ones you do not deal with (Holocaust revisionism.html distortions and outright lies predominate. therefore. I'd like to see a dialog between Jew and gentile on these issues. there are some y'know) To: www. have no doubt that on your page http://www. These issues are dealt with on my website. -Your smart friend John Bryant Notes From the Jewish Underground: Correspondence With Righteous Jews 1.Hey." See Many of the issues you discuss I agree with you on (eg antifeminism. may their names be blotted out.Have a very nice day. -j [webmaster responds] ". all of blessed memory. free markets). (Or at least those who are trying . Herr Professor. and Rabbi Ephraim Oshry.. And don't get your panties bunched.the very significant hand which Jews have had in bringing America and the world to the conditions which you find so objectionable. but most of the time people like me are just written off with the usual PC smears (antisemite. neonazi.

"Jews For Morality" MY ASS! -John Bryant PS: In accord with my long-standing published policy.[Birdman replies] Dear WebMaster@JewsForMorality. I will publish this correspondence on my website unless I hear from you promptly. 'intolerant'. It is easy to make a case against any group by selecting the worst people in the group and focusing on them exclusively. If you can find anything which is 'distorted' or in ANY WAY UNTRUE on my page. I may indeed have gotten some things wrong. [webmaster responds] Because of your in-your-face confrontational style. I do. I was tempted to write you off as just another Jew-hating Nazi kook. No one can dispute the fact that Jewish names are prominent among the leadership of the ACLU. you won't. in accordance with my published policy. 'racist'. particularly in the extensive section on the Jewish Question. 'hater' and of course 'antisemite'. however. But then is it not typical of the Jew to respond to arguments he cannot answer by namecalling? (The name-calling typical of your brethren involve such terms as 'bigot'. but to call me a liar is to attribute an immoral motive to me in making an error. 'neo-nazi'.) Therefore I say to you. on the other side of the coin. You see a pattern of Jewish participation at the forefront of attempts to tear down the white-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture that has sustained the freedoms and the success of this country since its inception. and (2) responding to my challenge to find error if you can. as I strongly suspect. Our website has confronted the "bad apples " within the Jewish community and criticized them. am I not then justified in concluding that it is you. See the essay "Why I Am Ashamed of My Fellow Jews. and the academia. object to your calling me a Thanks for your letter. I particularly direct your attention to my essay 'The Case Against the Jews'. In particular. Prove to me that you are not the typical Jew in this case by (1) apologizing. who is the distorter and liar? Or to put it another way. I will link ANY critique of this or ANY OTHER ESSAY on my site. But a review of your articles on your website suggests otherwise. rather than I. However. Jewish names are also prominent in conservative organizations. And since. which I have taken the trouble to thoroughly document. the news media. while ignoring the overwhelming majority of good people within that group." . then I would be DELIGHTED to be informed.

my POST-judice not so. women. and an essay "Holocaust Circus" that speaks to some of the questions you have raised. then those who so assert have the onus probandi. but there is a slight problem: Why are all these 'bad apples' directing virtually ALL the organizations which are said to represent Jews? The logical conclusion is that these organizations and their 'bad apples' do. I don't myself know what the real numbers are on the Holocaust. based on what I have read that you are sick-and-tired of pushy people like Alan Dershowitz and subversive organizations like the ACLU. with the aid of the Hollerith machines supplied by IBM. by far. is associated with the Holocaust: Not . About myself: My PREJUDICE was always in FAVOR of Jews. I say. Your theory is that Judaism has some bad apples. But there is far more in the Jewish Question than in dremt of in your personal tragedy. together with all my neighbors. which you (properly) reject or criticize. My grandparents were taken from their homes and sent to Auschwitz to be burned in the ovens. The biggest indictment of the Jewish people. indeed. Yes. There is much more. I believe. represent Jews. you can put it that way.We also have a link section devoted to the secular Jews vs authentic Judaism and a link section on the Lieberman hoax. I do know from personal experience that it was done on a large organized scale. My grandparents were not secular Jews intent on undermining the gentile culture. [Birdman replies] Dear Webmaster: Thanks for your thoughtful letter. The nazi SS people hunted them down like dogs. myself am a survivor of the Holocaust. As for Holocaust revisionism. They scrupulously followed the dictum of the Talmud to be loyal to the country in which they resided and to avoid any confrontation with the people of the land. To find out what I am talking about. and realize that this makes a profound difference to your outlook. and children were exterminated. We also have an essay on the ADL's exploitation of the issues. but you must at least read this. I understand your personal tragedies in the Holocaust. I don't think you knowingly lied or misrepresented anything. and that whole communities of decent men. we have a links section on the Holocaust. They were Talmudic scholars whose only desire was to pursue their learning. So if they don't. and you now view anything coming from the secular Jewish community with suspicion. I. I hope this answers your questions. The reasons? I have taken the trouble to discuss the major issues in a careful way on my page. with ruthless nazi thoroughness. by and large. you must do the work and read what I have written.

like Wendy Shalit and her neo-Conservative peers. inevitably. the gas chambers are virtually extinguished. Young people are abandoning this phony "Judaism" in droves -either moving over to Orthodox Judaism. -Birdman [Webmaster responds] The reason that most Jews in the U. Those ignorant secular Jews who remain know only the materialistic pursuit of "success" and the fear of "religious compulsion" by the Christian Right. There is much more: Read my page AND WEEP. which serves to fill the vacuum of spiritual content in their souls." The extreme nihilism of the corrupt arbiters of today's dominant media intellectual culture will. People who are ignorant of history do not know that the anything-goes immorality of Weimar Germany created the revulsion and backlash in the 1920's that greatly contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. -with impunity and with no adverse consequences to themselves as a miniscule minority. but far more important is the fact that Jews . Many pursue a Socialist utopia. then there ain't no such animal. on a platform of a return to the traditions and greatness of Germany. They are sadly mistaken. as you have observed. incredibly.S. If that is not a stab at the heart of Western civilization. Their ignorance of Jewish tradition and their wrongheaded leaders mislead them into thinking that they can wage a Kulturkampf against the gentile majority who founded and who sustain the U.only does careful investigation show clearly that the Orthodox Jewish Version is significantly hoaxy (eg. Hitler campaigned.000). or opting out of Judaism entirely.whether 'bad apples' or some other kind . and even the Six Million has been officially reduced to Three and is gradually sliding to its real equilibrium at about 400. and an immediate halt to the flood of pagan immigrants who are diluting the religious traditions of this country and making it increasingly difficult to return to those roots. Hitler campaigned on "family values". Yours in friendship.have made questioning the OJV a criminal matter VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE IN THE WESTERN WORLD EXCEPT AMERICA. The only solution to this unsolvable dilemma is a spiritual reawakening within the American people--a re-discovery of their Calvinist Christian roots. [Birdman replies] .S. provoke its counterpart -a violent counter-revolution. Newton's Law in physics postulates that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction. the lampshade and soap stories have fallen flat. are secular is that they are ignorant of their religion and its principles -kept that way by their Reform "Rabbis" and by their false secular leaders.

but may be a case of 'Qui accuse. I believe:] There are rumors circulating in the Egyptian press and in some parts of Russia that Jews use the blood of Gentile Children to prepare their Passover Matzos. Jacques.tongue in cheek. I believe it has some important things to say. the notion that Jews would use blood in their 'communion' (something which Christians do symbolically) is not only in conflict with the Judaic religion." And. because kashrut requires that blood not be eaten. They don't tell you that the truck is headed for the nearest Manischewitz factory. ie. it is unlikely to have ever been systematic. [Birdman responds:] Are we in bad taste here? Hey. only that. at worst. it is kind of funny to picture Jewish men with beards going around somewhere in Tel-Aviv. The problem is that if someone has a blood type that's incompatible with the blood in the Matzo. More wine. you probably expect that your donation will be used to help accident victims. a Jewish reader writes -.Thanks for your interesting letter. we Jews go directly to the Red Cross. please. -j ----------------------------------------------------------------------[On a different note. Bloody good."Blood is thicker than water." as we Jews like to say. [Birdman responds:] It has always seemed to me that. snatching children off the street for matzo blood. But you have to admit. But it is an empirical question on which I have no good info. But. But here in the US. since blood is 99% water anyway-with a few red cells thrown in for flavor-they can make that claim. and it does make for tastier more hearty fare. there could be a potentially fatal reaction. s'accuse'. To avoid such problems. they should mark the blood type in plain view on the box. -j [The writer replies:] The new libels are just a rehash of the old blood libels against the jews from the Middle Ages. I happen to like Manischewitz matzohs. PS I am not saying that some Jews have not engaged in the 'blood libel'. . I hope you will not mind if I post our correspondence on my website. the often-noted tendency of people to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty. When you give blood at the local blood mobile. The ingredients on the Matzo box (I have one here) say that it's made with "wheat flour and water only.

and that if Jewish evil is so profound as to be threatening the demise of Western civilization. and no denying that their contributions are significantly out of proportion to their numbers.if a swamp keeps breeding malaria. of course.however great it might be -. But there is also no denying that Jewish good must be balanced against Jewish evil. of course. if we cannot determine the individual's character.or in the case of Jews.may not really matter. no denying that Jews have made great contributions to the West. ethnic origin. but on the fact of what philosophers call emergent properties . by their ethnicity -. But in speaking of Jewish good and Jewish evil. we would be as foolish to refuse to make a probability judgment based on ethnicity as we would be to refuse to ignore the likelihood that a visitor to a casino is going to leave with his wallet lightened. to say that all Jews are bad. or that playing Russian roulette is likely to get you killed.The Real Jewish Question 1. which is composed of sodium and chlorine: While both of these substances are poisonous . Thus while skin color. or even most of them. Thus in spite of a moral preference for judging the individual rather than the collective. The classic example of emergent properties is salt. rather than judging them on their individual behavior. and thus makes possible a probability judgment. then no matter how many innocent beings the swamp may is another thing entirely to be able to know the content of an individual's character. The matter does not rest purely on probability considerations. are we not justified in draining it? There is. Accordingly. Jews will be held collectively responsible for the acts of Jewish use an unfortunate but apt analogy -. the fact that the group may exhibit properties which are not manifest in individuals. ie. or other group designator is a highly imperfect vehicle for judging character. But while it is all very well to aspire to judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin -. however. By John "Birdman" Bryant With correspondence and two additional essays on similar themes The real Jewish Question may be explained as follows: If there is so much emerging from the Jewish Quarter which is threatening to Western culture and to the white race which founded that culture. then the amount of Jewish good -. it is rather to say that -. then how can the West allow itself the luxury of retaining the Jews in its midst? This is not. the fact remains that. it nevertheless gives some information. as is their intelligence. to some degree or another. we seem to be engaging in the morally dubious act of judging Jews as collectively responsible for this good or evil.

so that your analysis of Jewish guilt will lose any rational basis. to this day. good citizens. the actions of Jews collectively. and if collective suffering can be assumed. This habit of yours probably garners censure. rather than its validity. While I can muse upon the malevolent intentions behind your decision to exhaustively consider the 'Jewish Question'. For every victim. I've noticed my own tendency to judge by speculating upon the motives behind a person's argument. so should collective guilt.separately. by and large. Correspondence with Nathan E John. and judge. Surely you will agree that it would be too easy for me to simply dismiss you as an 'anti-semite'. This sense of shared suffering and persecution is expressed on an individual level. I hope the collective characterisation of Judaism in terms of victimhood will cease. I've noticed that you consider. while questioning the validity of your own beliefs. there is a perpetrator. Best of luck in keeping your site online. Judaism is a topic you often write about. Nathan E [Birdman responds:] Dear Nathan: . hence the life-giving properties of salt are 'emergent'. I browsed your site this morning and appreciate your ability to voice an unpopular opinion. Likewise. their combination as sodium chloride is essential to life. The popular history of Judaism is punctuated by the narrative of victimhood. while isolated individual Jews are. rather than debate the substance of your essays. I'm saddened to realise that your essays would be considered logical had you replaced your critique of Judaism with that of the Christian European orthodoxy. You are not afraid to outline Judaistic perpetration. their combination as part of the 'Jewish nation' may give that nation an 'emergent' character which is lethal to the West.

and of course adds no weight whatever to any nutcase conspiracy theory that I might be inclined to propound. By conditioning dogs to expect food at the display of an oval and to expect punishment at the display of a circle. I had better not criticize them collectively. 2006 1. and I hope that the above-noted bit-chawing will not tempt you to change your mind.enemies and uncertainty -. In the early part of the 20th century.html The only time I can recall this matter ever being brought up was by some Jewish acquaintances of ours who invited my wife to a social event and then used that contact to warn here that. Pavlov produced in his dogs typical symptoms of psychological disease as he made the ovals more and more round in succeeding trials -. -Birdman A New Look at the Race War Birdman's Weekly Letter #389 .org/Index/Jews/Jews-TheRealJewishQuestion. while it was perfectly OK to criticize individual Jews. I do hope you will read more deeply into my site. That is to your credit. As to speculation about my motives. You might even tease out some of those mysterious motivations that are driving me. you clearly recognize this as a fallacious basis for attacking me.thebirdman. but kept them from knowing in advance which one. to lashing out at random and doing nothing for ourselves but making more enemies.August 15. either by conquering them or by making them our friends. or worse. because we know with certainty that we must crush them. tho I can also see that your approach is chawing at the bit of its intellectual limits. As to the measure of judging Jews collectively. Uncertainty Thanks Hengist73 There are two great beasts of life -. and we deal with this by . the great Russian behavioral psychologist IP Pavlov proved how difficult it can be to live with uncertainty. we are likely to be reduced to frustrated inaction.I can see that you take a detached and intellectually sophisticated approach to my page.and the greater is always uncertainty. In everyday life we are exposed to numerous uncertainties. but uncertainty is more difficult because if we don't know who our enemies are. waiting to charge me in a full frontal attack of naked hate. We can live with our enemies.a circumstance which made the dogs expect either punishment or reward. That was before I even started my webpage. I have directly addressed this question in the following essay: http://www.

but in convincing others that those beliefs are true. government-provided services of every form and description. government-provided medical care. based of course on the theory that if everyone else is jumping off cliffs. For example. the more secure (ie. under socialism. less uncertain) he is in his beliefs. while socialism may reduce uncertainty. so that at the 'end of history' socialism collapses in a scramble for scraps of the evershrinking socialist pie. how can it possibly be wrong? One of the times when uncertainty is most troubling is during wartime often has . it also kills the entrepreneurial spirit thru high taxes (needed to fund socialist programs) and the habit of dependency (on the government) which keeps people from enterprise of their own. and the fact that his beliefs protect him against uncertainty gives him a very strong psychological stake in not only maintaining those beliefs. and in addition kills the entrepreneurial spirit by a neglect of cultivating individual initiative and risk-taking which are essential for the creation of wealth. in automobiles we insist on certain safety features to reduce the likelihood of (and hence uncertainty over) accident or injury. More particularly. we see here that uncertainty also has a positive value in stimulating entrepreneurship and the creation of wealth. government roads. and in general. and socialism remains popular in spite of the fact that countries where socialism is at a minimum are far more wealthy: Most people seem to value security (ie. But in spite of most people's desire to reduce uncertainty. but is also for the purpose of forcing each partner to make a very public statement of his loyalty to the other with the view to reducing the uncertainty in each partner about whether the other will run off with the office Romeo or the joint bank account. where the certainty (so to speak) of dogma and revelation is allowed to replace the uncertainty of thinking for oneself. certainty) a lot more than they do wealth. Of course dogma and revelation are anything BUT certain. in looking for a job. We see this in the popular affinity for socialism which pervades the supposedly-capitalist West: Government pensions.only bureaucrats to write memos and bums to lean on shovels). The result is that. we prefer a longestablished company to a small one because employment is likely to be more stable and hence less uncertain. but the religious believer is somehow convinced to the contrary. government unemployment insurance. Socialism reduces the uncertainty of the common man's knowing where his next meal is coming from and how he will keep a roof over his head. wealth grows smaller as capital goods depreciate (there are no entrepreneurs in a socialist society to take care of things -. The reason for the believer assuming this 'missionary position' is simply that the more people there are who believe his dogma. But socialism is not the only case where men show a marked propensity for rejecting the benefits of freedom (uncertainty) in favor of increasing their security (ie. decreasing their uncertainty). government grants. A particularly important case of uncertainty reduction is marriage: The purpose of big weddings and vows of loyalty is not merely to show off one's parents' wealth and acquire gifts from one's friends. The case I have in mind is religion.attempting to reduce our uncertainty. and so on. The attempt to reduce uncertainty cuts very close to the political bone. in child-rearing we insist that children be home by a certain hour to reduce uncertainty about their being ok.

who are supposed to look out for the interests of their countrymen. others bad" (WIGOB).while rejecting many friends -. or else because they fear for their jobs and their lives. Another example which is especially important involves attempts by racially-conscious whites to reduce the uncertainty of who the enemy is in the race war they are engaged in. turning those friends into enemies. The basic problem here is that some Jews are friends and some are enemies. a WIGOB philosophy embraces white liberals as friends. the white race is GOOD for other races because of the many benefits it supplies to them.difficulty telling friends from enemies. (More precisely. who are largely responsible for promoting this war -.particularly including Jews. The bottom line. right or wrong -.have ganged up with minorities in an effort to accomplish what amounts to an act of genocide on the white race. everything must be black or white. preserving the white race and its great achievement. with the result that the nation becomes enmired in poverty. This kind of uncertainty has shown itself most acutely in the present race war in the West. since so many whites are liberals -. from inexpensive clothing (Gandhi was still at his spinning wheel till his death in the 1940s) to space-age computers.a fact illustrated so well in the case of my friend Wili. just as some whites are friends and some are enemies. 2. either because they have been paid off. more correctly. An example mentioned above is the attempt to reduce financial uncertainty by means of socialism. Let me explain my views more exactly. While this certainly makes clear who the enemy is. For them. the True Believers. have joined with liberals and Jews. Beyond this. The reaction of many racially-conscious whites to this inability to easily tell friend from foe. What is particularly unsettling is that government officials. We argued above that the attempt to reduce uncertainty often leads to undesirable consequences.or. the white race suddenly acquires a world full of enemies -. and often fears to speak or act lest an enemy be in his midst. is to slip into what I call the 'mantra mode' which disambiguates the situation by declaring "White is good. and therefore should not engender the hostility of any other race. The Swamp Thing . particularly whites of the lower classes who have a low tolerance for uncertainty. is that this is a recipe for racial suicide. never shades of gray. it has the problematic downside of embracing many enemies -. Western civilization. when these people are in fact deadly poison for our race. The uncertainty here is of course that raciallyconscious whites cannot tell who their friends are. And that's one thing you can be certain of. The weak cannot live with uncertainty. in my humble opinion.never in between. good or bad.) But with a WIGOB philosophy. but whose simple-mindedness and inability to tolerate uncertainty puts the rest of us at risk and makes it even more certain that our race is going to be wiped off the map.white liberals -. To begin with.something that can hardly be desirable when whites are only 18% of the world population. where liberals -. whose letter appeared on these pages describing her ordeal of being interrogated by the police for the sin of giving some prowhite literature to a pizza delivery boy. is not a program which threatens any other race. the seig heilers and hakenkreutzers who think they are purists and heroes. These are the religious nuts.

isolation. we must abandon thoughts of 'final solutions' that have failed. and we are starting to see a significant rejection of Judaism by Jews themselves in recoil against the lies of the Holocaust. A fourth solution is extermination. altho they are generally enthusiastic about letting certain of their fellow Jews perpetuate this running sore in the side of Arabia. but as students of history know. where Jews were required to convert to Catholicism in lieu of expulsion. it is time to 'drain the swamp' in some manner or other.) Many people now agree that. but which is actually on the verge of working. but -. integration and extermination. Even the fact that Hitler was himself one-quarter Jewish is a dagger that will penetrate the Jewish skull. interestingly. and that is what could be called 'education'. and even the stranglehold that Jews hold over America. The four answers I have in mind are expulsion. at no other time or place in history has there been such a widespread and serious knowledge of Jewish crimes (a knowledge which is now spread all over the Net). We of the Internet who seek to know and spread the truth about Jews are on a roll. because they will . by an ascetic monk. We are making Jews embarrassed to be Jews. in the case of Jews. Jews are now openly being questioned about their abuses. and showing them that it is they. as we know. and within half a century this had led to the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition -. Torquemada. What I mean is that. for so much that Hitler did is mirrored in what Israel has been doing since 1948.headed. and in light of their failures. who are the real nazis (in the worst sense of the word. who himself was reportedly 1/8 Jewish. the question of how it is to be done is another matter entirely. For this reason I wish to try to throw some light on the matter by examining four answers that have been attempted historically. does not involve 'collective punishment' of the mosquitoes or the other life in the swamp -. since ghettoes no longer exist and the majority of Jews seem to have little taste for living in the international ghetto that is Israel. the brutality of Israel. and I am at least sympathetic with this position. The isolationist answer -. Jewish hatred (of everyone. What this means is that we are in the process of KILLING THE JEWISH MINDSET. so there is little point in discussing it. and we must press our advantage at every opportunity. because the Jews eventually wormed their way back into the places they were expelled from. to suggest a fifth answer that I believe must be the ultimate 'final solution' if there is ever to be one. ie. and not Hitler's minions. that is). was ultimately useless.conventional historians to the contrary -. But even more important. The first was tried in many places but.was not much more successful. at what point do we feel we have to kill all the innocent other life in the swamp in order to get rid of our mosquito problem? (This. at what point do we feel compelled to drain the swamp. But there is a fifth solution which is not only workable.the one which put Jews in ghettos or inside a pale -. we may note. especially whites) and Jewish chutzpah ('God's Chosen'). However. many Jews did not assimilate but instead practiced their religion in secret. The integrationist approach was tried by Spain in 1492. but which is perhaps more correctly called 'killing the Jewish mindset'.it is simply a matter of deciding when we can no longer afford to rely on screens and insect repellent.this has never been tried.Thanks Joseph Keith On several occasions I have compared the Jewish Question to what may be called the Swamp Question: If we are being bothered by the mosquitoes that are coming from a swamp. and is unlikely to be (save perhaps in the fantasies of the seig heilers and hakenkreutzers).

and perhaps more importantly -. however. because while the elected representatives may 'rule' in some sense. for the Internet is ours. Responsibility and 'The People' Birdman's Weekly Letter #405 "Whenever I hear the word 'culture' I reach for my gun. 'the people' have demonstrated a remarkable indifference to corruption.only impede our progress and play into the hands of our enemies. We hear such claims in the case of whistleblowers and other complainers who seem to think that 'the people' are going to rise up and smite the evil-doers whom they have exposed." --JBR Yant There is nothing so frequently heard as generalizations about 'the people'. but the Jews have failed. and for one simple reason: The Jews are telling lies. to say that 'the people' are responsible for their corrupt government is to say that 'the people' 'produced' this government. If we are talking about a representative democracy -. There is. for just because evil (or whatever you want to call it) has been exposed. however. Indeed. The most that can be said about the people's 'rule' is that it is limited to 'ruling' who are to be the representatives. this does not in any sense mean that anyone is going to 'clean it up'. we need not be overly concerned that the Jewsmedia seek to suppress our message. Take. which is to say that such organs are themselves remarkably corrupt. Jewish propaganda has surely been guilty of attempting to kill the white spirit. It is also -. what we are really doing is attempting to assign blame by identifying a causal connection. This of course is a tragic observations about how 'the people' are responsible for the ills of their country and are therefore obligated to cure those ills. then. which holds that if there are bad guys in the group. and their failure will become more and more obvious as time passes. But it's not just representative government where generalizations about 'the people' are mistaken. and therefore are responsible for either cleaning it up or suffering condign (or maybe divine) punishment. and our audience grows daily by leaps and bounds. then it is the group that . This. while whites are telling the truth. the commonly-heard definition of democracy as 'a system where the people rule'. But even that is not a good description. But if. because the representatives are under obligation to their contributors and wish to continue securing those contributors' money so that they may continue in office. is what might be called the socialist theory of responsibility.then this is false in the sense that it is the elected representatives that rule." --Joseph Goebbels "Whenever I hear the words 'the people' I reach for my tranquilizers.a republic. and there is equally nothing so silly and ill-informed as such generalizations. for example. we are determined to fight a war of words. in technical jargon -. it is the men who have supplied large chunks of change to get the representatives elected who are the real rulers. a deeper question here: When we debate whether 'the people' are responsible for the ills of their country. while whites will continue their success in killing the Jewish mindset. In particular. most likely because the organs which would be expected to take care of such corruption are themselves remarkably indifferent to corruption.

in fact the matter is not that simple. In particular. it takes better information to identify the individual perpetrator of a crime than to identify just the group he is in. Similarly. reflects adherence to the socialist theory. as opposed to the Western approach of identifying the perpetrator by means of sophisticated investigatory techniques and then punishing that individual only. To some extent this is evident in American crime statistics. In contrast. productively and morally. as most readers undoubtedly know. In the case of crimes. ie. But with the present attitudes of the social zeitgeist that do not recognize groups. when a man is absolved of responsibility for his behavior.ought to be punished. is problematic in that it is often a difficult theory to apply in practice. While it would seem that the capitalist theory of responsibility wins hands-down over the socialist theory. his behavior tends toward the irresponsible. the socialist theory was abandoned by the Allies during the postwar war crimes trials. For example. Thus we see that neither the capitalist nor socialist approach was embraced entirely. the capitalist theory. but rather a sort of compromise was found between the two. more primitive societies will . but we don't know who. where blacks and hispanics are increasingly guilty of crimes against whites. which is (or used to be until recently) an ingrained part of the Western psyche. as he is (after a fashion at least) in the socialist system. and the present laws that demand the capitalist rather than socialist approach to criminal behavior. and the 'innocents' in the group should be left alone. we observe that the capitalist approach is becoming less and less applicable to the conflicts among society's members because the multiculturalism which Western leaders have inflicted on their populations increasingly produces conflicts of groups rather than individuals. where only the top echelon of the enemy was held accountable. in identifying talent. The capitalist theory. Likewise. which holds that the group bears the entire burden (or a large part of it) for the misbehavior (if that is what you wish to call it) of armed resistance. and likewise. The answer given to this question by the Allies in WW2 was that civilians were fair game. and the ones who DO know aren't talking. however. has worked wonders in the economic and other spheres: When a man is forced to take responsibility for himself by receiving rewards and punishments according to his own behavior. of course. it takes better information to identify superior or inferior individuals than superior or inferior groups. what this means is that the justice system in primitive societies may involve one family paying another family compensation for what a member has done. when we ask how much responsibility civilians bear for their army's resistance. American and Western society's hands are tied as far as solving the genuine problems which must be addressed. In our everyday living. Ironically. This. One thing that is useful to observe here is that the capitalist approach is one which requires much more precise information in order to be effective. as when we know that someone who was in the room during another's murder was the guilty party. then he tends to 'act responsibly'. if for no other reason than that bombing civilians was a way to undermine enemy army morale. A related problem arises in war. but such acts are only the premonitory symptoms of an all-out racial war which promises to turn skin colors into uniforms and crimes into enemy engagements. The problem is most obvious in the case of groups. the capitalist theory of responsibility is that the bad guys themselves should be punished. particularly in view of the fact that civilians are responsible for feeding and otherwise supplying that army.

In fairness. apart from the people who participate in the system. While I am not going to attempt to restate that book in 25 words or less. the responsibility of the system itself. however. this is because no one can be elected to more than local office without substantial funds. When it comes to government. and this means campaign contributions. we have observed that responsibility may range broadly in a socialist ethic or narrowly in a capitalist one. bribes which put the officeholder in the thrall of his large contributors. But money is also a problem because the government has so much of it: Money is an adjunct to determining responsibility -. The result is that the capitalist approach to determining responsibility must often be abandoned in favor of a socialist one. ie. is. Thus the most critical reform of Western governments generally. four. But if we have made some progress in analyzing the notion of responsibility and in identifying who bears it in various real-world situations.we have also observed that it is generally not possible to have good enuf information to justify the Western capitalist approach to judging vice or virtue. there remains one way of looking at this matter that is vitally important and yet rarely discussed in a sensible manner. Handbook of the Coming American Revolution. In attempting to find some sort of answer to the question of when 'the people' are responsible for this or that event. Needless to say. or at least most of it. In part. some important sense -. I would like to make a few comments that I hope will provide some enlightenment in the present context. six. To this should be added that obtaining more precise information for the purpose of judging virtues or vices may be possible in a given case. while the Right has not done much more than whine about the need for a return to Constitutional government. I think it may be truly said that money is the root of all evil. in spite of the scorn of 'enlightened' liberals who embrace the socialistic ethic at every point except when their beloved 'minorities' and other 'oppressed' mascots would have to suffer as a result of taking responsibility for their own atrocious group behavior. and certainly American government. discernment of individual talent can be apprehended by means of sophisticated tests. as Lord Acton famously remarked. power corrupts. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In all these efforts. is the system itself which has led to corruption. and. there does not seem to have been any serious attempt to specify what kind of system should be established that will actually avoid the problems of political corruption which are endemic in America and the West. etc). they merely reflect the different information available. to get the money out of politics .rather. whites are superior to blacks. it should be said that this matter has in fact been addressed after a fashion by those of various political persuasions.rely purely on group discrimination (men are superior to women. and American government specifically. or perhaps even monarchy or dictatorship. while in a more civilized setting. as when an employer attempts to find talented employees but decides to reject negroes wholesale on the basis that costs do not justify looking for needles in haystacks. none of these approaches is 'wrong' -. and which must be changed if good government is to be achieved. and which make the point that -. with the exception of my own efforts which appear in my book. Organize and smash the State". but the Left and the libertarians have given us little more than the old chant "Two. but may not be cost-effective. and -. eight. We have also observed that responsibility may have different degrees among those deemed responsible.

to reduce government corruption by the simple if crude method of sharply limiting government revenue. our friends and our countrymen generally not to let our nation down in time of need. or whether it is just the system under which they operate. Beyond this. the point is that the system itself breeds -and is thus responsible for -.that is done in Handbook -. . it doesn't really matter who is elected to office. we have a responsibility to our loved ones. but only the willingness of the participants to make the change. In WW2. however. Many men have given their lives to keep this nation free -.or at least they have given their lives in an effort which they thought would be useful for that purpose -.(I have explained how to do this in the Handbook). In the present context it is interesting to observe that most modern wars are not really conflicts between countries or people so much as they are conflicts between systems of government. And while millions of people were killed in this attempt to change governments. But irrespective of whether you think it is the bastards in Washington who are responsible for the abuses of our government. The answer to that question rests on many factors. The point here. No one can do everything. But saying we have a responsibility does not tell us what it is. or the numerous others which need to be made -. and second. and until the system is changed. the Allies did not go on to wipe out the people of the countries involved or destroy their infrastructure (tho there was some of this). from the value that one puts on living in a free country to the skills and time one has to contribute to the effort. but everyone can do something.corruption. and which caused the Allies to feel threatened. Italy and Japan as it was an attempt to destroy the system of government which had been put in place in these countries. I only hope that a few of you will see fit to help. and by combining our efforts. is not to discuss these in this sense we have a responsibility to them to see that their sacrifice was not in vain. Contributing to the upkeep of this page is one thing everyone can do.rather. but instead simply installed governments which were friendly to the Allies and would do Allied bidding. as the system itself keeps any serious change from occurring. we can see that not a single death is strictly necessary in changing a governmental system. we can make the difference between tyranny and freedom. it remains to answer the very personal question of what responsibility the reader himself has in keeping freedom alive and tyranny at bay. the war was not really an attempt to destroy Germany. More particularly. for example. once the Axis armies were conquered. and something that everyone who reads it has a responsibility to do.

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