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Battery Recalibration brecal_18_5_d050612.exe c:\util2\brecal Executing "setup.exe" no
Bluetooth Switch bluesw_18_5_d050681.exe c:\util2\bluesw Executing "setup.exe" yes
Bluetooth Stack,Wireless
Switch Utility
When Wireless Switch Utility
is installed, please uninstall.
CF-VEB181 LAN Driver pr_lan_18_5_d040686.exe c:\util2\drivers\pr_lan
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
' [Other devices]-[USB Device] ) no
CPU Idle Setting cpupower_18_5_d030520.exe c:\util2\cpupower Executing "setup.exe" no
In the state of factory
shipment, it has only put on
(Installation is not done.)
Display Rotation Tool disprot_18_5_d030650.exe c:\util2\disprot Executing "setup.exe" no
DMI Viewer dmi_18_5_d050004.exe c:\util2\dmi Executing "setup.exe" no
GPS Registry Patch gps_18_5_d030324.exe c:\util2\gps Others
Run skipenum.reg
*How to uninstall is as follows.
Run enablenum.reg
In case of the model with
integrated GPSmodule, the
installation is necessary.
Hotkey Appendix hkeyapp_18_5_d050640.exe c:\util2\hkeyapp Executing "setup.exe" yes
Hotkey Driver,Hotkey
Hotkey Driver hotkey_18_5_d051107.exe c:\util2\drivers\hotkey
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Other devices]-[Unknown device] yes
Hotkey Settings,Hotkey
Hotkey Plus Driver hkeyplus_18_5_d030420.exe c:\util2\drivers\hkeyplus
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Other device]-[Unknown device] yes Hotkey Plus Manager
Hotkey Plus Manager hplsman_18_5_d050589.exe c:\util2\hplsman Executing "setup.exe" yes Hotkey Plus Driver
Hotkey Settings hkeyset_18_5_d030477.exe c:\util2\hkeyset Executing "setup.exe" yes
Hotkey Driver,Hotkey
Icon Enlarger ienlarge_18_5_d040234.exe c:\util2\ienlarge Executing "setup.exe" no
LAN Driver lan_18_5_d040122.exe c:\util2\drivers\lan
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Network adapters]-[Realtek RTL8139 Family
PCI Fast Ethernet NIC]
In the state of factory shipment,Select
Setting of [Link Down Power Saving] is
"Enable" In pre-installation.
Loupe Utility loupe_18_5_d040758.exe c:\util2\loupe Executing "setup.exe" no
Modem Driver modem_18_5_d050529.exe c:\util2\drivers\modem Others
Run setup.exe.
In the state of factory shipment,Setting of
Automatic Start for LtMoh is "OFF" to the
countermeasure of EMI in pre-installation.
Right click icon "V92.Modem On Hold App"of
the task tray and uncheck "Start
OS INF File Driver inf_18_5_d040580.exe c:\intelinf Executing "setup.exe" no
Panasonic Hand Writing writing_18_5_d050611.exe c:\util2\writing Executing "setup.exe" no
PC Information Viewer pcinfo_18_5_d050621.exe c:\util2\pcinfo Executing "setup.exe" no
SD Secure DLL sda_18_5_d040777.exe c:\util2\drivers\sd Others
Make SDA folder and copy
"C:\UTIL2\drivers\sd\sdpabus.dll" in
yes SD Utility
SD Utility sdkey_18_5_d050595.exe c:\util2\sdkey Executing "setup.exe" yes SD Secure DLL
Smart Card Driver smartc_18_5_d040284.exe c:\util2\drivers\smartc
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Other devices]-[RICOH Bay8Controller] no
Software Keyboard meiskb_18_5_d060019.exe c:\util2\meiskb Executing "setup.exe" no
Sound Driver sound_18_5_d040820.exe c:\util2\drivers\sound
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Other devices]-[Multimedia Audio Controller]
Specify "\WDM" folder and unpack the
compressed file.
Touch Pad /Touchscreen Driver mouse_18_5_d050515.exe c:\util2\drivers\mouse
Executing [Update driver..] in the
device manager
[Mice and other pointing devices]-[PS/2
Compatible Mouse]
* Settings of touchscreen model is as follows.
After re-start, execute a calibration settings
in mouse property.
In the state of factory shipment,Icon "Switch
to Secondary Button" on task tray has always
been displaied in pre-installation.
Select [Taskbar] tab of Taskbar Properties
and click [Customize] button.
[Switch to Secondary Button]-[Behavior] is
set up "Always show".
TPM driver tpm_18_5_d051137.exe c:\util2\drivers\tpm Others
1. [Security] is selected on the "ROM-SetUp
screen" of BIOS.
2. "TPM" is changed to "Enable" pushing
"Enter" by "[Enable Embedded Security
3. Run update driver at [Other devices]-
[Unknown device] in the device manager.
Video Driver video_18_5_d050424.exe c:\util2\drivers\video Others
1. Run
"C:\util2\drivers\wlan\proset\iSetup.exe", it
2. Reboot the computer.
In the state of factory shipment,Check below
is removed.
Selecting the [Devices] tab of [Graphics
Clicking [Power Schemes Settings].
Check of [Intel(R) Display Power Saving
Technology] is removed.
Wireless LAN Driver wlan_18_5_d051021.exe c:\util2\drivers\wlan Others
Run "c:\util2\drivers\wlan\proset\iProInst.exe
Selecting installation.
Setup Type selects "Typical (standard)".
Reboot the computer.
In the state of factory shipment,turn off
Selecting the [Device manager]-[Network
adapters]-[Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 2915ABG
Network Connection]-[Properties]-
[Addvanced] tub.
Check of [Use default value] is removed from
[Property]-[Wireless Mode].
Setting inside the list to "801.11b and
In the state of factory shipment,Set of
[Proset]-[Wireless Off].
Wireless LAN
Switch,Wireless Switch Utility
Only wireless LAN model can
Install only one either of
Wireless Lan Switch or
Wireless Switch Utilty.
Wireless LAN Driver (Update) wlan_d080215.exe Others
Wireless LAN Switch wlansw_18_5_d051081.exe c:\util2\wlansw Executing "setup.exe" yes
Wireless LAN Driver,Wireless
Switch Utility
In the state of factory
shipment, it has only put on
(Installation is not done.)
When Wireless Switch Utility
is installed, un install.
Wireless Switch Utility wswitch_18_5_d051120.exe c:\util2\wswitch Executing "setup.exe" yes
Bluetooth Stack,Bluetooth
Switch,Wireless LAN
Driver,Wireless LAN Switch
In the state of factory
shipment, it has only put on
(Installation is not done.)
When the Bluetooth Switch or
the Wireless LAN Switch are
installed, un install.