ZIFF presents a workshop on The AD- The Assistant Director
Being an Assistant Director is a career objective in itself; it is a highly revered, lucrative position with excellent benefits that enjoys considerable status in the industry. The 4-day workshop to be held during the ZIFF festival will be led by Gabrielle Heberling, Film and TV series Director from Germany. What Are Assistant Directors? Assistant Directors are responsible for the assembly of all the elements needed for filming and for the daily operation of the shooting set. Their objective is to provide the Director with everything he or she needs to put his or her vision on film. Their duties are supervisory, organizational, administrative - and multifarious - they make schedules, attend to the cast, direct extras, oversee the crew as each shot is prepared, create detailed reports of each day's events, among may other things, and are looked to by cast and crew to solve the many problems that continually arise. The First Assistant Director is the Director's right hand. Assistant Directors are not Directors in the making. Although some Assistant Directors have become Directors, the managerial/administrative road more often leads to becoming a Production Manager and/or Producer. In fact, being an Assistant Director is a career objective in itself; it is a highly revered, lucrative position with excellent benefits that enjoys considerable status in the industry. ZIFF presents this workshop as a response to industry expressions in the need to professionalize film production in the Bongo Movies Cinema.

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Film Production workshop
In a collaborative program with the Goethe Institute, Dar Es Salaam and GIZ the Film Production Workshop will take an innovative approach. The concept for this workshop involves the professional training of a group of up-coming filmmakers through working with a core group of professionals as these make a short film during the festival. The Professionals (Producer, Director, Cameraperson, Editor and Sound person) will work on a script specially written for the workshop and a limited number of participants (10) will assist as the film gets made. Nicholas Stampe, is the Chief trainer. He will lead the team in a guerilla film-making production style while applying skills learned during the workshop itself.

The training will focus on aspects of low-budget film-making involving: Scriptwriting, Pre-production, Production and Post-production. A call is made for participants from around the East Africa region to apply for the workshop. ZIFF will cover accommodation costs of 5 selected participants but all the other costs will have to be borne by the applicants. Deadline- 30th MAY 2013 Send you application to or



Submit your script TODAY
ZIFF 2013 is introducing a Short-Film Script Competition as an extension to our Film W orkshop Program. Filmmakers from East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi) are invited to submit their scripts which shall evolve around aspects of the East African Integration process.

Entry Regulations DEADLINE: APRIL 30TH, 2013
Entry is FREE! You will need to provide the following: A short Bio and Filmography 500 word motivation statement, saying what you think about East African integration.
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Only East African nationals are eligible. Submit through our submission page online through or The script should be written in English for a film of between 10 and 15 minutes


Creative scripts are encouraged to showcase dramatic storytelling abilities.

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