MAY 2013

Theme-Based Ministry Resource Flyer

UUofSCV Mission
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Clarita Valley enhances the lives of members through spiritual development and active service in the community. We offer a diverse, non-dogmatic spiritual home to all who share our values as defined by the Unitarian Universalist Association. We provide a liberal religious voice, a social justice presence in the Santa Clarita Valley, and a stimulating and supportive environment to help our members on their own spiritual journeys during all stages of their lives.


Artist: Bill Hallett

If  you  have  been  at  worship  services  these  past  several  weeks  when  I   was  in  the  pulpit,  you  may  have  noticed  the  incorporation  of  some  magic   tricks:    pulling  a  red  tissue  heart  out  of  mid-­‐air,  tearing  it  into  pieces,  then   causing  it  to  reappear  whole  and  linked  to  another  heart  through  a  string  of   smaller  ones;    pulling  flowers  out  of  “thin  air”;  etc.     These  effects,  if  well-­‐rendered,  are  intriguing  to  many  because  they   appear  to  be  “true”.    And  yet,  of  course,  they  are  “illusions”!    In  my  own   efforts  to  learn  and  share  such  illusions  appropriately,  I  found  myself  awe-­‐ struck  by:   1. their  ability  to  illustrate  truths  (such  as  the  love  that  connect  us  to   one  another  and  the  power  of  the  unexpected  to  take  our  breath  away)  ;   2.    the  human  tendency  to  equate  reality  with  that  which  is  visually   perceived.    And,    if  it’s  not  visually  perceived,  to  consider  it  something   other-­‐worldly...along  the  lines  of  a  “miracle”.     All  of  this  makes  me  wonder  how  much  of  reality  we  are  unable  to   perceive.    For  example,  what  “special  effects”  are  being  employed  in  the   media  to  shape  our  view  of  and  response  to  reality?    What  is  factual?     What  is  true?    What’s  the  difference  between  those  terms,  and  does  it   matter?    What  does  all  of  this  have  to  do  with  a  value-­‐driven  religious   identity?   The  4th  UU  Principle  our  congregaPons  covenant  to  affirm  and   promote  is:    a  free  and  responsible  search  for  truth  and  meaning.      As  we   round  out  this  year’s  theme  based  ministry,  shiRing  into  congregaPonal   focus  on  “truth”,  I  encourage  you  to  consider  what  truths  have  been   handed  to  you?    Which  have  been  rejected;  which  were  hard-­‐won?      How   do  you  know  when  something  is  true?    What  significance  does  truth-­‐telling   have  in  your  life?    What  truths,  if  any,  need  to  lie  dormant,  and  which  need   to  be  told?    And,  can  you  give  as  good  as  you  get?             In  Awe  &  Gratitude,  Rev.  Stefanie

What symbol do you associate with TRUTH?

Tuesday, May 7th, 7:00 PM “SHARING CIRCLE”: a
meditative evening of personal reflections on SALVATION. Invite a friend! Led by Gerri, at the Chalice Center.

Unitarian Universalists of Santa Clarita Valley

Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. 22900 Market St., Newhall, CA
The UUofSCV Chalice Center 22916 Lyons, Suite 2B (Check the calendar for hours)

The Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

MOVIES: • An  Inconvenient  Truth  (D) • Dear  Frankie  (PG-­‐13) • Madonna:    Truth  or  Dare  (R) • Beowulf  (PG-­‐13) • Carbon  Nation  (D) • Agnes  of  God  (PG-­‐13) • The  Awful  Truth  (D) • Diary  of  A  Wimpy  Kid:    The  Ugly   Truth  (G) • YouTube  Video:  TMI,  Don  McMillaN BOOKS  FOR  ADULTS: • Lundberg,  C.  David.    Unifying   Truths  of  the  World’s  Religions • Armstrong,  Karen.      A  Short  History   of  Myth • Campbell,  Joseph.    Myths  to  Live  By • Walter  Truett  Anderson.  The  Truth   About  the  Truth • Stokes,  Phillip.    Philosophy  100   Essential  Thinkers • Singer,  Michael.    The  Search  for   Truth BOOKS  FOR  CHILDREN:   • Braver,  Vanita.    Pinky  Promise • Berenstain,  Stan.    The  Berenstain   Bears  and  the  Truth • Rankin,  Laura.    Ruthie  and  the  (Not   So)  Teeny  Tiny  Lie • Breathed,  Berkely.    Edwurd   Fudwupper  Fibbed  Big


1. UUofSCV  is  part  of  the  San   Fernando  Valley  Cluster 2. The  seven  UUA  Principles  are   a  creed     3. Unitarian  Universalism  is  a   place  for  like-­‐minded  people 4. “Truth”  is  the  last  theme  for   the  2012-­‐2013  church  year (Answers:    1.  Yes:      along  with  the   churches  in  Canoga  Park,  North   Hills,  Studio  City  and  La  Cresenta;   2.  No:  creeds  are  unchanging   statements  of  faith  you  are   required  to  believe.    The  UUA   Principles  are  periodically   reviewed/revised,  and  they  reKlect   what  UU’s  covenant  to  afKirm  and   promote;  3.    No  and  Yes:    UUs  have   many  different  belief  systems,  but   they  share  a  belief  that  values  like   individual  worth,  reason,  freedom,   justice,  peace,  democratic  process,   etc.,  are  worthy;  4.  Yes:    the  next   round  of  themes  will  begin  in  

Quotes to consider:
Rather  than  love,  than  money,   than  fame,  give  me  truth.     Henry  David  Thoreau   Three  things  cannot  be  long   hidden:  the  sun,  the  moon,  and   the  truth.    Buddha   Everything  we  hear  is  an   opinion,  not  a  fact.  Everything   we  see  is  a  perspective,  not  the   truth.    Marcus  Aurelius   In  a  time  of  universal  deceit  -­‐   telling  the  truth  is  a   revolutionary  act.    George   Orwell   I'm  for  truth,  no  matter  who   tells  it.  I'm  for  justice,  no   matter  who  it's  for  or  against. Malcolm  X   The  truth  is  rarely  pure  and   never  simple.    Oscar  Wilde   There's  a  world  of  difference   between  truth  and  facts.  Facts   can  obscure  the  truth.    Maya   Angelou   Never  apologize  for  showing   feeling.  When  you  do  so,  you   apologize  for  the  truth.    

READINGS  FROM  THE  SLT   HYMNAL:    460,  500,  597,  671,  690 HYMNS  FROM  SLT  HYMNAL:    187,   190,  189,  293,  403,  297

1. How  do  you  know  when   something  is  true? 2. Is  it  always  good  to  tell  the   truth  (if  not,  why;  if  so,  why   and  how)? 3. Think  of  an  experience  you   had  that  can  be  described  in   different  ways,  and  still  be   true! 4. What  truth  is  reGlected  in   your  actions?


UUofSCV’s Theme-Based Ministry is a religious exploration program offering a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to engage with timeless theological themes - encouraging spiritual literacy, relationships, and a stronger sense of responsible personal theology. Over the past two years UUofSCV has explored: forgiveness, death, faith, hope, justice, love, brokenness, transformation, transcendence, unity, vocation, gratitude, peace, grace, prayer, letting go, salvation, and truth. Please do share your experience, questions, insights and ideas for additional resources and themes with Rev. Stefanie and/or the Committee on Shared Ministry: Sara Brown, Rick Kamlet, Gerri Brehm. The 2013-2014 themes, starting in September, will be: vision, evil, democracy, god, creation, religious authority, redemption, freedom, and mercy