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I greet everyoneour honorable judges, fellow contenders, ladies and gentlemena pleasant morning. Notwithstanding the privilege and honor of delivering a speech in front of you, I also consider this auspicious moment, as a youth, an opportunity to convey the message and challenge the theme, Home of Victors brings about today. To the Greeks, Olympus is the home of eternal victorsit, being a symbol of wisdom, beauty, skill, and strength. It is the home of all the twelve Olympian gods who used every ounce of everything they had to win over their opponent and to be in the place where they are right now. Friends, ladies and gentlemen, our college, the College of PESCAR of West Visayas State University is our Olympus. But we are neither immortal nor omnipotent. Our ideas and ideals, however, will make this institution a living epitomean exact archetypeof Olympus for us, students, to do what is right for our college to be fit to be called, Home of the Victors. Past students of our college have been Olympian gods and goddesses in their own ways by using all their wisdom, beauty, skills and strength for the good of our college. They have conquered every titanic perplexities, complexities and intricacies in their lives and made it an effective opportunity for them to do something great and worthwhile for our college. We may not be them but we can emulate their qualities. What then are qualities that will help us rear ourselves to be victors in our own ways; that will help us in the never-ending Trojan battle of wits and talents? Let me open the portcullis of knowledge and realization for you and let me state some of these ideas and ideals. I do believe that the future lies in our hands. A remarkable and significant change will definitely happen if it is done with sincerity and dedication. We, the youths, are standard bearers of truth and rightit is because we adhere to the idea that truth is humility, it always prevails and above all, truth will set you free. We are also a catalysts of change. Through youth mobilization, touching our lives for activism, will certainly effect change in our college. And it goes without saying that by so doing, victory will certainly be attained. My dear friends, I have confidence in the youths power to work for change. We, the youths are regarded as the virgin morning, the seed time of life; our passions are burning like fire. The theme, Home of the Victors, is a challenge to all young people like us, to do something for the pride and honor of our college. As Carlos P. Romulo, a strong believer of change, looks upon the youth, the young generation, and he says, This new world will be very much different from the world which my generation knew and deplored. Itll be a world of change; itll be a world which there will be greater equality among people, races and classes. Itll be a world in which the young will participate and will insist on participating as youth involvement demonstrated in national and international affairs. They will do so, not for the sake of doing so, but because they know that unless they do so, they will not change for the better or make a big difference. Leo Tolstoy once said, Everybody thinks of changing humanity but nobody thinks of changing himself. Thus, our advocacy for achievement is to create change which is like peace that surely be attained if we have to start it within ourselves. As the song goes, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for firmness, not indecision; for positive action, not passive debate. I call on you, therefore, to reexamine your values and reassess your goals. I call on the youths to get constructively involved in our advocacy for achievement of victory for the sake of our colleges pride and honor. For only in firmness, for only in concerted action, for only in purposive involvement can we, the youths, far and wide, be worthy of being tomorrows fair hope and of todays living reality. Let us live life to the fullest and not waste it in atrocious vices. But rather, let us do something that is worth remembering for. Let us be the catalysts of change and improvement that our college need so that five, ten or twenty years from now, College of PESCAR is not some petty old college of WVSU but an exact replica of Olympusthe home of victors. God bless us all and a pleasant day to you.

PESCAR: Home of Victors

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