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List of Nominees for Committee Elections 2013 Ken Buckmaster Seconded by: Lee Daly

Skills and motivation: Having worked with the acting board of the Trust I believe in the objectives and long term plans for the Trust. The Trust has been set up and operated by the acting board in line with best international practice. To achieve its objectives and maximise its potential, the Trust needs a committed board with a range of relevant skills. Finance is one such area where the Trust needs experience. I am a chartered accountant working in practice and have ten years experience of working with a range of different clients both at home and abroad. This experience has given me an understanding of the importance of producing timely financial information to enable the Trust achieve its objectives on a sound financial basis. I have watched Shelbourne since the 1980s and believe the Trust is vital in securing the long term future of the club. I would be very pleased to take a role on the board should the members approve my nomination. Will Clarke Seconded by: Lee Daly

My background and experience is primarily in football however I have also worked in the insurance and backing sectors. I am currently Director of Football Performance and acting COO at St. Josephs Boys AFC Ltd. The club currently has almost 50 teams and I responsible for the strategic implementation of our Football Development Plan. On the commercial side of things, I am responsible for revenue generation and I also manage the income and expenditure of the club. I also currently sit of the board of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Local Sports Partnership which is a board run by the Irish Sports Council and is primarily concerned with the strategic development of sport for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Prior to working for St. Josephs Boys AFC, I worked for the Football Association of Ireland as a Development Officer for four years in the South Dublin area and was involved indirectly with Shamrock Rovers moving to Tallaght Stadium. I have also coached the first teams with Bray Wanderers, Shamrock Rovers & Longford Town in the League of Ireland and scouting for Liverpool FC and Celtic FC. Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Lee Daly Seconded by: Conor McManus

Having been involved in the idea of the Trust from the start, I would like to be able to continue on my involvement, subject to the approval of members. As a public relations consultant in my day job, I work with large multinationals and brands to communicate ideas and execute campaigns successfully. As the Trust will have to do the same to secure the future of Shelbourne FC, I feel my skillset would be well suited to that work. I also have experience of chairing and facilitating meetings, having been chair of a university society, and also been active in public speaking and politics. The Trust is well on it's way to become a fully fledged fans' organisation, in line with some of the best work done in Ireland and abroad. It's time to build on that success and see what we can do to aid our club and build it into a sustainable entity for years to come

Niall Farrell

Seconded by: Martin Grehan

I have served as acting PRO on the 1895 Trust committee since November. I am a freelance journalist and cover Shels matches regularly for, as well as national and local publications from time to time. I helped to set up and maintain the trust's website since its inception and have written on and represented the trusts in various media. I also have extensive media contacts and I am passionate about the trust and the future of Shelbourne FC. Martin Grehan Seconded by: Barry Worthington

My name is Martin Grehan and I intend to run for election to the Committee of Management of The 1895 Trust. I have been involved with the Trust since its inception over 6 months ago and hold a position on the interim committee. The reason I am running for the committee is that I am fully committed to the trust model of football governance. I truly believe that the future of football in this country is democratic, community run clubs and am determined to do my best to bring about fan ownership at Shelbourne FC through the mechanism of the Trust. I have years of experience of community activism, charity and volunteer work and am a qualified researcher and data analyst. I have put the latter of these skills to work on developing a fans' survey for the club in conjunction with others which will launch soon. Donnchadh Mac Aogin Seconded by: Anthony McCluskey

As a primary school teacher, I have knowledge and experience that I believe could be put to use in the community of Drumcondra and the environs of Tolka Park. As an assistant coach of the Shelbourne U18 this year, I have developed a relationship with the people involved in our youth development, as well as an understanding of how it is structured. I also share a good relationship with various members of An Briogid Dearg, Reds Independent, the Shelbourne Board of Management, The Aul Redscast and the Shelbourne amateur team among others. Coupled with my background in media and English (BA in English, Media and Cultural Studies) I believe I could be a more than adequate liason between the various strands that coexist within Shelbourne Football Club. I hope you will see fit to accept my candidature. Olivia Smyth Seconded by: Conor McManus

My educational background is in finance and more specifically tax accounting which gives me a good basis in which to help with the legal requirements that the trust will have to face over the coming year. I also run a successful business and therefore feel that I can bring a strong business and ethical understanding to the 1895 Trust going forward. I am not affiliated with any other organisation or group within Shelbourne FC and therefore bring an independent viewpoint to the trust which I feel can be very useful where corporate governance and transparency of the organisation is involved.

The last 4 months that I have been involved with the trust has produced some very good work and I would very much like to continue to work with the committee for the coming term.

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