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Professional Self-Assessment Form

Teacher Candidates Name: Nakita Manigault Date: April 17, 2013 Mentor Teachers Name: Ms. G. Kennedy School: Whittaker Elementary School Grade Level (s)/Subject Area(s): 4th Grade English Language Arts ______________________________________________________________________________ Instructions to the teacher candidate: Please reflect on your professional performance, and respond to each of the following prompts. 1. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional strengths? How have you built on these strengths so far, and how do you plan to do so in the future? - Over the past few weeks, I have greatly improved on each of the APS standards. In my opinion, I have specifically improved on APS 3, 5 and 6. I have learned how to assess students comprehension, both formally and informally to determine whether or not students grasped what was taught during the lesson. In the beginning, I struggled with checking for understanding. I asked questions that were only recall, or I asked very vague questions. I have learned how to ask more specific questions that require students to think critically. When planning and creating assessments, I have learned how to use what I know about my students to make sure I am meeting individual needs. During my lessons, I now use many different strategies to teach students to ensure comprehension, tying in real world scenarios to help make concepts concrete. In the future, I plan to keep challenging my students by asking higher order questions to engage them in critical thinking. I also plan to continue assessing students using different methods to ensure comprehension, and making sure individual needs are met. - I also believe that my Classroom Management (APS 9) has greatly improved as well. I now comfortably manage the students both in and out of the classroom, holding them responsible for their actions, and following through with consequences. In the future, I plan to make sure I keep the flow of the classroom together by making sure there is a task being done at every point of the period, or day, and making sure students are being held accountable for their actions. I also plan to continue being firm but loving to help my students understand that there is a time for work, and there is a time for play. - I have also improved in APS 10: Professional Responsibilities. I still show initiative around the classroom and the school. I participated in the most recent honors and awards ceremony. I gave the opening comments for the 4th grade Honors Presentation, and read the names of the students who earned Principals List medals.

Now that I am further into the semester, I was a lot more comfortable speaking in front of the students and their parents. I plan to continue taking initiative by seeking to do things that I know needs to be done without having to be asked. 2. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional challenges? How do you plan to meet these challenges? - Although I have improved on APS5, I still believe that I need to properly manage my time. I have gotten much better with making sure I complete the entire lesson, from agenda to closure, however, there is still room for improvement. My biggest issue is trying to fit in time for guided practice, as well as student comments. I took Ms. Kennedys advice and organized my materials to fit the flow of the lesson; however I still need to work on keeping a specific time for each section of the lesson. In the future I will try to find methods to help timing become a routine. I could try to use a timer to help me keep each section of the lesson completed in a timely manner. 3. Describe your students overall progress and achievement. What insights have you gained into ways to improve student progress and achievement? - During my time in Ms. Kennedys class, students performance has fluctuated. Every lesson I taught was a review. The higher level students were fairly consistent; however there were a few lessons where they didnt perform to their full potential. Other students (mid-level to lower level) performance heavily fluctuated. Students performed well on most of the class work, making simple mistakes, or rushing and not completely checking over their finished product. The issue was with assessments. The grades showed that most students did not study at home and did not perform well on the test. Overall 75% of the students perform well, and with the other 25% it was clear they hadnt studied any of the notes they received. - In my classroom, I would try to have a time set aside specifically (at the beginning of the day, or at the end of the day) for students to study any notes they have. This will give students optimal time to study if they didnt at home, and it will give them extra study time if they did. This study session will most likely happen once a week to hold students accountable for studying at home, and not waiting to study at school and cramming information. 4. How will you use the knowledge you have gained through this professional selfassessment to promote your continuous professional growth and collaboration? - This experience has been one of the few moments in my life that I will always remember. I was placed with an awesome teacher, and I feel as though I have learned so many things from her. Being a reflective person, and overly critical of the things I do and say, I will always strive to do my best and be the best. I will also try to make sure I continue to seek out new ways to make learning easier, more interesting and more effective in my classroom. Additionally, I will be an advocate for my students both in the school, and

outside of the school, ensuring they receive the best education regardless of circumstances or situations.