April 23, 2013


: Our beloved Governor Edgar M. Chatto

FROM: Arnulfo Y Laniba & Jun Guerrero RE : Partnership with Multi-Level Marketing (Networking) Groups in the Province Dear Bay, I have thought of an idea which is always “win”, whatever will be the outcome of this election, win or loss. This idea is always “win” (advantageous and beneficial to a very high degree), yes, even if you lose the election… because this idea will benefit you both during the election and after it, as I’ve said, even if you will lose the election. If you will win the election, then, the more “winning” is this idea that I am going to share to you. This idea will greatly increase your chances to win the election and also after the election, it will greatly increase your chances of getting richer and more powerful. Therefore, this idea is 100% worth adopting. There is no reason whatsoever why you would reject this. So listen my friend: There is a very fast growing sector in the province, and in fact, the whole nation and world today, which if you can befriend them, they can help you in your political career too, especially in this crucial election period. It is the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing or Networking companies. Please do not mistake them as Pyramiding. Pyramiding is about giving money without products. MLM is about buying products and receiving discounts or deals (e.g., 10 + 2) and becoming member to a computer-aided system of bonuses from sales made by your downlines, from 1st level of downlines, even up to 12th level. The result is a huge bulk of commission, aside from your profit if you sell the products. This bulk of commission is what makes ordinary tricycle drivers millionaire in just a few years, never seen, never heard of and not possible in honest conventional/traditional business!

The same occurs with other minerals.What is becoming attractive to many people. like zinc. etc. that’s the time a useful substance can turn into harmful toxin! That’s where man is entering the forbidden region only God has the right. especially in what follows). bay.yes. Photosynthesis. People we classified as "no hope to become wealthy" under this present system. and a few brand new cars. bottles. It’s the place where man can change the creation or even create something out of existing atomic-element materials. Janitors too. there is no business that is making super rich those who are “in” than the health industry (or more correctly. I have sent a copy of this to Rene. the sun is cleaning the toxins of the minerals passing through the lead to become ultimately a part of the fruit (food). That’s where usurpation of God’s authority and job happens! And is happening! Please note the basic difference: what is “God-made” is photosynthetic. in every networking company. as well as remove the many layers of middlemen present in traditional business. built a house worth P7 million. It’s the photosynthesis that is doing the job. 2) The products are about wellness and are God-made. strictly speaking means: light synthesizing the already cleansed elements (including the formerly toxic minerals) into food – health- . do not be surprised that there are points that more directly concern him than you. in just 6 years more or less. the sickness industry). magnesium. sub-atomic. you’ve heard it right: the brilliant ones in our society are moving towards this sector – because the advantages are the following: 1) These companies can afford to give fat benefits to the members because they cost-cut (read: do away with) the costly ads. Here. silver. That is why. the poisonous iron mineral in the soil (dark earth) will become the beneficial dietary iron once it is in the fruits. teas and capsules without affecting or altering the original chemical make-up or arrangement of the nutrients or atoms – read: at the atomic. For this reason. (Note: Bay. molecular or genetic-DNA levels! The moment a chemist alters or manipulates a seed or a fruit or a vegetable or a vitamin or nutrients at these levels. undergoing the process of natural photosynthesis. including the intellectuals or brilliant ones -. we are not surprised that a tricycle driver is able to purchased a lot worth P2 million. And so. inside the leaf. And in today’s supersick world. The right term for the cleansing job of the leaf and sunlight is: photochatarsis. calcium. "Godmade" is defined as repacked into sachets.

giving food. The minerals from the ores contain poisons. or you stop immediately the old system. these too become corrupted. may I cut you Bay. in as smooth a manner as possible. God is love Bay. I chose parallel run because my bakery is the goose that lays the golden egg. Why? Two reasons: 1) most have built-in poisons or carrying poisons. become harmful. to the using of 11 chemicals for flavoring. that gives you an overview about God-made and man-made products and their difference. synthetic or chemo-synthetic (chemically synthesized) capsules. To return to the right way. That will mean casualties because many of us will have to swim the dark . 2) when a photosynthesis-fruit or food is processed using chemicals. resulting to corruption and making the original friendly substances into radical ones. I as a bakery operator. This you can do too. – Bay. not chemical plant (factory). Opps. there goes my entire livelihood. I know this can send you a shrill in your shoulder because this can pose a big threat to the chemically processed products that you are presently distributing. is also in the same boat as you are! But I am working at the transformation – shift from chemical to natural. pesticides. In my own case. He will not favor that we shift to the other side by burning the old bridge before a new bridge has been made. That’s the basic property of the elements still deep inside the dark earth: they contain poisons which under God’s system must be removed during photosynthesis in God’s plant. to the removal of 28 nutrients from the wheat kernels out of the original God-placed 30 nutrients in each wheat grain when they refined the flour (refining means removing the nutrients-filled bran and germs of the seed). coloring. to foaming chemicals. On the other hand. etc. because in man’s chemical plant or factory. of both old and new systems. He allows us time to make changes. or any synthetic product is poisonous – contains poison. etc. What I can tell you is this: So do with me! Your processed products are as harmful as my bread! Trace the beginning of bread as a wheat grain. If I kill it. food or substances underwent chemical alteration. as what we systems analysts call it. if you can afford it. Either you do a “parallel run”. and start counting the chemicals used from GMOhybrid seeds. teas. It is man’s alteration of God’s creation that is responsible of the many terrible diseases and sufferings we did not have epidemically long time ago. thus very harmful to human health. since in most instances the atomic-molecular-genetic-DNA level is affected – changed – disordered! Bay.. then.

we have to make bridge. and they. their parents). and that in the near future.. We are not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg as long as there is no alternative system-business-product already installed. that is. why didn’t you do something to help the shift to . as you know my sincerity ever since.). This Bay. And because I first saw the implication. but not yet a very long while – just enough time to see things clearly. I am therefore inviting you to join us… with the confidence that nothing harm shall be done to ourselves. This is happening to the bigger world already. “Pa. including my bakery. It is worth examining. The more involved we are in this. our children will surely confront us. being of more alert and inventive minds as you can observe in their adeptness to computersinternet where hidden formula and technologies are lurking – these lads will be able to shift from man-made to God-made sooner and faster than we can! They are our kids now! So before they can blame us or put the whole blame in us. literally and figuratively. etc. The Wellness Networking system is one of the new bridges. Take the fossil fuel as an example..deep waters. left abandoned by customers. That tsunami I am referring to is the uncontrollable movement of the people from synthetic products to natural (photosynthetic) products. deuterium. I am sincere in saying to you. namely: that we are harming ourselves and our children. as the new generation becomes more aware of environmental issues as well as health implications at a very personal level. And it is worth examining – by us who have the brilliant minds. To my knowledge. the better we can prevent our existing businesses from being swept by a swift tsunami. solar. I repeat: The more we can share the control of this fast growing industry. it is just a matter of time when the fossil fuel camp will suddenly fall like a house of cards. Wise guys all around the world are focusing at renewable energy (water. wind. we better help build the bridge while we have the strength to do so. in many aspects and areas. I am not hiding that I too am still part of the old system. I have been here for quite awhile. the more we can help ourselves not being swept by this tsunami. So. realize that they are the ones suffering the most as a result of the negligence of the previous generation (we.

this is more important than any plataforma we can ever make. It contains the nitrates and nitrites residue that are the ingredients of breast cancer.wholesome natural products from the harmful chemical products? Why did you allow chemicals to harm us? Look. Nitrites or nitrates + our own body’s fat which is amino acids = NITROSAMINES. nitrosamines which is oily or fatty likes to accumulate inside the breast! It is their favorite rest house!! This leads me to cry inside my heart at the face of increasing breast cancer incidence and the increase of young children getting cancer. I cannot say we assign the cause totally to chemical fertilizers but also to other sources of . Pa. I can tell you of my heart’s desire and dream I have already for a long time. “Nitro” + amino acids = Nitrosamines. is the answer. This is not going to be partisan or polarized. and they saw LOTS OF NITROSAMINES! Bay. Nitrosamines is the most deadly carcinogen ever known to man! In Germany. please realize the implication. not faultfinding or blaming one another. A smoother transfer from the old harmful ways or business to the new harmless beneficial way of the new era. I beg you. Nitrosamines = cancer! Bay. where no one gets hurt in the shift. Helping one another is the best course of action. We are all involved in this and it is teamwork. That is. What is happening when the breast – the milk – of mothers are full of nitrosamines??!! Is not breast cancer? How about the breastfeeding infant? And please connect that to the present happening now: children getting cancer at very young age! Is not your heart being pricked? Ha bay? Can you imagine children sucking milk with nitrosamines? And the fact is: likes like their likes. they look inside the breast of women both with cancer and without cancer. since the breast is fatty tissues. namely: That we help everyone make a smooth shift. This I realize when I and my wife were discussing about the harmfulness of chemical fertilizer. can we afford to hear those words straight from the mouths of our beloved children? Can we? That is why bay.” Bay. As a matter of fact. this cancer that I am suffering is the result of your negligence.

organic wellness products. etcetera. This is to be the same thing to do with other businesses in the country today. I also love my relatives there in Philphos. Or if it does not agree to that. We are writing you because we want you and the industry to achieve mutual benefits.but as willing and loving participant of the team. 3) From the testimonies of those who got healthy or healed by the Godmade. Manage the shift of Philphos from being a maker of harmful fertilizer to becoming the maker of wholesome fertilizer. our country’s fertilizer maker. my bakery industry included. I've got the information that the trend is towards the FALL OF THE BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES all over the world. at least the Government will help the company shift to another product that is now harmless. or help each employee and executive makes a smoother shift from old income-source to new source. The time they set is: within 10 years. is towards organic. not as hinderers –not as obstacles -. you help them. taking the active part. from the same people who foresaw the fall of GM. That’s why we are torn between two lovers. natural. If possible. etc.nitrates/nitrites such as the nitrites in hotdogs. at Isabel. the Wellness Networking industry is going to be a big business in the coming years. photosynthesized products and far away from synthetics. This makes me sad because my brother-in-law is an executive of Philphos. Ford. But I am pretty sure that the fertilizer is a major contributor. As a matter of fact Bay. He is a manager there. Leyte. So. photosynthetic. they help you. where we need big force to shift to 30-nutrient whole flour from the present 2-nutrient refined flour! And in this not-so-easy task. leaders in our government. Chrysler. As we know. this is the “win-win” solution I am thinking of – have been thinking of. I envision you. What happens if Philphos suddenly falls down? What about the livelihood of many employees including my brother-inlaw’s? Therefore. not only because God commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. But that is another story. the trend of the people's realization or awakening especially in the USA today. but also because we know that we are all brothers under one heavenly Father. We love our fellow Filipinos. . the leaders! And we can start that in the Wellness Networking Industry bay. Levi's.

I am preparing to become a member of the remaining ones. and not to forget Aim Global). Having been a member of the 4 of them.g. join their meetings. and above all. especially that part of my time is already occupied with the first ones.000. and Jun will also enter in the first big two or three networks. Some of them do not require membership but you are expected to go straight buy their starting stocks of P8. right? The networking groups in the province are quite wide already. If you can set aside a budget of P15. Our plan is you enter many of them so you can have access of their help and votes. First Vita Plus. then. in addition to what we have already.00. Barley. I will enter into the other networks still waiting. One thing that slows me down is of course the capital.When do you need their help the most? Not later. If you will agree to meet us. half of that for him. for the purpose of accelerating their growth in Bohol. Their heads are our close friends. We have access to the heads of the 7 of them (Lifestyles. I am working with Igso Jun Guerrero to do this idea. e. WEI-Moringa. 3) The next plan is for us (Jun Guerrero and me) to enter as many of them as possible so we can work in your behalf inside their network organizations. we can do a lot of movements already with that amount. here is my requests for your approval: 1) That you prepare your own plans or list of assistance or benefits you are going to give to them. 2) That you prepare some money to become member of as many of them as possible.00 depending on which company you enter. product presentation. and to the rest. Usually membership is P2. half of which for me.00.000. We will spend this amount for membership but also consider that as already our . but before the election day.00. next.000.000. as well as the availability of sufficient time to engage in these businesses.. then. or me as their representative. because in 4 of them. with the head of each network company. even hold a meeting exclusively to present your platforms for them. and enter other big network groups. Wheat Grass. Dok Alternatibo. I am already a member. I am attending their seminars/lectures/orientations for ultimate membership. or P5. In this connection.

in any offices. Cast your votes for his victory comes . and the best thing is: this MLM sector is more active than women's. Imagine one member texting to his cell phone list: "Hi guys. visiting house to house or having a meeting or texting their contacts.service fee or salary for this idea and service that we are offering to you. samplings. product presentations. he will set aside a budget for the snacks for us. because he sees us as extension educators --. let us put our trust to Gov Edgar. laptop and overhead projectors. Bay. all over the district and province!" "And he has added in jest: 'Besides meeting facilities like office or conference room. Remember. recruitments. During our second meeting. is required or encouraged to maintain a list of as many as 200 contacts in our cell phone.extension of DepEd. the seniors' because they are in the road every day. you will hear a lot of encouraging ideas that will inspire you to join us. Jun and you. I can tell you Bay that this is bigger than the fishermen's group. Only three of us. combined. because we who focus in health aspect of the teachers. it is both health and wealth. farmers' group. I hope you do not label as "money-getter" because of this. Potentially two of the best platforms a political leader for this new era can give to his constituents. but the best plan or one of the best acts you can do to get their standing ovation and their votes is this: Decide to become a member of each of them right away! But of course. One member. like me. etcetera. awareness. do not do that until you heard each of them explain the wealth presentation and the health presentation. organization meetings. pupils and families are and will be contributing to the health and I. of the children as well as to the wealth of the nation!" "So. or paper or Facebook or in all of these and other methods of communications. Our first meeting should be between us. good news! Gov Edgar has approached our MLM heads and promised to support every networking company in the province with facilities and also ordinances allowing them to freely conduct trainings. we have to do that in the remaining 3 crucial weeks! And consider this: you must present your plans for them. the disabled.Q.

So. They has as many as 500 or more friends. This is for the faster growth of the MLM industry here in Bohol.000 friends. albeit unintentionally you will get harmed. Imagine me asking their support for you. I want you to first see its value.May 15. My Facebook account is more than 3. I am also concerned of the benefits of my fellow networkers. let your full support for the MLM industry be one of those reasons! These contact numbers and names are not being activated and utilized as campaign tools until now because there is no relevant platform or benefits to sell to our friends. These numbers will be activated. some 500. and then. Do not think that this will conflict to your other business interests.a good idea -. I want you to win. take my case. That is why I am sort of "marrying" you to them.000 plus friends in Facebook who receives regularly my ideas and who has some degree of trust in me. for the rest of your business and political careers! It will not just be political career but also your business. we will campaign for you. This my colleagues will explain you very convincingly during our coming meeting. I have not shown this idea to anyone yet because you. I do not see any significant difficulty in your part if you decide to be active member of this fast growing sector after the election. In our cell phones. This is of course not to harm you. Some have 200. if there is something of quality -. I repeat. we have as many as 100. howbeit the act of seeing other political leaders can affect you comes election day. If you are not interested in this. . That is why I am fervent to let you see this as "mutual benefit" and as "benefiting you" first immediately comes May 15.a good plan or a wise promise -. I will move to the other party who maybe. I have 3. In other words. that is. my aim is the growth of the industry. being my friend and kababata. On the other hand. just maybe. will get the vision and support it with enthusiasm. Think of that Bay as another great technique to boost your chances of winning. Cheers to your health! Cheers to your wealth!" Bay. win or lose. To serve as reason why we are campaigning for you. Me campaigning for you! The same is true with other members of the networking sector.we can sell to them.

at 8 a. We will prepare our proposed platforms/ or requests from the MLM sector by seeing the heads in advance and asking their proposals. but many present millionaires who were poor janitors. Next. poor security guards. Okay? See you four days from now. Cocoy Laniba Systems Analyst & Strategist . Being an insider of the sector and having studied it for a very long time before I joined. because I have enough chance to see this sector already and I heard many testimonies of those who already have gone ahead of us. when I told you you can become a millionaire faster here than in any other business. I can substantiate that with living testimonies (life stories) of not just one. will see to it that all commissions due to you will be given you." The products are themselves very reliable and powerful at removing the substances that are causing us to become weak and sick.m.Yes. Wishing the best for you. I can tell you Bay. you will still win if you join the MLM sector. poor tricycle drivers before they joined the MLM industry! So. Igso Jun and I plan to see you this coming Saturday. their computerized system that tracks our sales. win or lose in the forthcoming election. April 27. By your very wide scope of organization/s. poor vendors. you will become a millionaire faster than as a politician or as a conventional businessman. "You will be in safe hands. and you will lay out to us your own plan for the industry. So. I mean it. That is already a huge benefit. if you are interested. Mark those my words. Your old-time friend.

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