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Pocket Informant 8

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Zooming provides the ability to change the Month View from a 7 (Monday to Sunday) by 5 grid display to any X by Y display. For example, you can zoom to view only one week from Monday to Friday or view all Mondays of a month. This means that the days grow larger to ll the available space (a 5 by 1 grid will have much more space per box than a 7 by 5 grid) thereby displaying much more detailed detail bars. How to Zoom the Month View to display selected days To zoom, tap and select a rectangular set of days in the Month grid. When you let go Pocket Informant will zoom into that selected area. To restore the Month View, just tap on the restore icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Month View Detail Window

Tapping on a day will display that days appointments in a Preview Window. There are three ways in the Settings to display these Preview Windows (Anchored, Popup, and Inline). Popup Window The popup detail method allows you to have a detail window that oats over the main Pocket Informant screen, taking up the entire width of the screen when need be. This is useful if you have a lot of appointments with very long subjects and want to see them easily. The downside is to choose a different date, you have to rst close the window. Popup mode displays over the Month view like a popup window. It is not movable, but it is capable of using up the entire screen which is useful for those with very large and long appointment lists.

Pocket Informant 8

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Anchored Many users favor the Bottom Anchored Detail because it provides an all at once glance to the Month View without covering it up, yet provides the full width of the screen, though not the height. The downside is that the month view gets squished based on the number of rows you have. The detail window is dynamically sized depending on how many rows of the month you are displaying either the full amount or zoomed in. When in anchored mode you can tap on the double arrow on the very right of the date in the detail window which will make the detail window larger or smaller.

Inline Inline Detail is a unique method of navigating the days of the Month View. It is the most powerful when combined with zooming as described above. Inline Detail causes the day you select for detail display to expand and display the contents inline to the Month display. All other days get pushed out of the way - yet are still available displaying their time bars and letting you quickly navigate through your month. Pocket Informant is designed to fully take advantage of this powerful and unique tool. Inline mode displays the details of the day while still allowing time bars and dates to be visible. This mode is especially powerful when used with the Zooming feature. Coloring Specic Days Pocket Informant allows you to color a specic day in the Month View regardless of category, events, or appointments so that you can easily mark a date for easy visual identication. Just tap/ hold on a day within the Month View and choose Color this Day.